Saturday, 31 December 2011

Out with a bang...

It's been a funny few days, I always find there's a massive post-Christmas lull after, er, Christmas... and this year has been no different. It's a shame really because up until the last few days Mistress and I had managed to keep up the momentum and enjoyed more pussy worship than any month before. At one point I even thought we were going to smash her previous record by getting her to 13 in one month, but alas it was not to be.
I always feel a little impatient after Christmas, I want to get to the new year and start my diet... convinced that this will be the year that I will finally sort myself out (2012 - it will!). The other thing is that my work closes for the whole of Christmas week which other people always think sounds great, but to be honest, I'd rather have three days off when I wanted them and go in to work. If nothing else it gets you away from the piles of food and the TV.
So all this, and the fact that I haven't so much as sniffed Mistress R's pussy since the 26th, has left me feeling a bit fed up with everything, and in the process wasting the time off I have, when I could be doing something useful like Fruity Looping or writing something. Actually I did look at Lulu's website (no not that irritating red haired bint, the self-publishing site) but it's just as baffling as it was last time I looked. Well, that's not true, it's not baffling as such, I just think it could be a little more user friendly.

Anyway, that's by the by. I think I will just have to bite the bullet and try a thin book first and see how it turns out, plenty of other people in the world can get it right so it can't be that difficult, can it?
So anyway, as I said earlier, Mistress R promised me some pussy worship today and sure enough we certainly had some of that, and it was bloody lovely. Mistress R enjoyed it too, very very much by the look of things! So that put a smile back on my face. She tasted so good and she bucked so much when she came, I loved every second of it.
Then it was my turn and it didn't take long at all for me to start fucking her hand as she teased me. A few gentle slaps followed and my cock was achingly hard. She continued to tease me, soft finger touches alternated with firmer strokes and a few more slaps. I wanted her to slap my cock much, much harder, but I couldn't manage to ask her somehow and then she pulled the sheets up and pulled me towards her, my throbbing cock nestling against her stomach as I kissed her breasts and thanked her for my teasing.
So that was it, the last orgasm of 2011. After we had been lying there talking for about a quarter of an hour I did offer to go down on her again, but she declined. Boooooooooooooooooooooo!
Then we started talking about the new year and she asked me if I wanted to continue as her chastity slave. I said that I did and she smiled and said 'Good, me too.'. Phew, had me worried for a second there! There then followed the usual New Year's Eve discussion about how I was going to lose weight, which I won't bore you with, suffice to say that January is going to be a short sharp shock to the system (see my weightloss blog for more details - if you're actually interested). All of which reminded me that I should post my aims for 2012 on this here blog before the year is out. Kind of New Year's Resolutions, if you like, though not exactly.

1) To lose weight, preferably about 5 stone.
2) To keep my hands off my cock unless I have permission to touch
3) To make Mistress R as happy as possible by giving her as much pleasure and as many orgasms as is humanly possible
4) To guide Mistress R towards a meaner demeanour when it comes to my orgasms and teasing.
5) To spend lots more time worshipping Mistress R's gorgeous ass.

Okay, perhaps five is more wishful thinking, but a guy's gotta have a dream right?

So there you are, 2011 is nearly done. What an amazing year it's been. I certainly can't think of another year that's been as good as this one for Mistress R and I. We are inseparable and completely devoted to each other and I am so happy with her and more than anything I want to make sure that I lose weight next year so that she can feel proud to have me on her arm.

Happy New Year to all my readers, followers, comment leavers, in particular: Harry Haversackers, Good Hubby, whichisnice, k, Q, LockedHubby, and everyone else I've forgotten, and in particular Miss Christina, I hope your 2012 is everything you hope it will be!

That's it for now, see you next year. 

A little teasing...

Mistress R granted me a very small amount of teasing last night, but she's promised that there will definitely be some pussy worship on the cards today. Which means that we will be setting a new record for her with twelve orgasms in a month. Excellent!


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Friday, 30 December 2011

What a brilliant idea...

Finally Good Hubby is back! And he's come up with a great idea which you can all read about 'here' on his blog! Giving up orgasms for Lent, or more specifically, the weekdays of lent with only ruined ones allowed for the weekends, genius! Hahaha.

Just made it....

Well, the blog has hit the half million hits mark just before the end of the year, of course it would have happened weeks ago if I hadn't split the blog in two (the Caption Blog has already hit 26,000 hits), but still... cause for a celebration I think!
Sadly it doesn't look as if Mistress R's record breaking 12th orgasm of the month is going to happen until tomorrow, since we've just had a big lunch and we have to be out the house by 6:30pm to meet a friend we haven't seen in a year.
Mixed feelings about that, it'll be nice to see her again and hear about her life in New Zealand, but the last time I saw her I knew that we wouldn't see her for a year (at least) and promised myself that when I saw her  again I would be a lot thinner. I should imagine I'm almost exactly the same weight as when we said goodbye, which is quite depressing actually. Nothing to do with her, just that a year's gone by and despite some good progress in the meantime, I'm back exactly where I was.
Still, at least some things have changed for the better during the last year, like the fact that Mistress R now controls my orgasms and decides when I get to cum and even touch my cock! Somehow I don't think we'll be bringing that subject up tonight, although I'm beginning to wonder if I'm that bothered who knows...
Sometimes I wonder how people would react, I don't think anyone would react 'badly' as such, in fact they'd probably think it was some kind of joke, or they simply wouldn't believe it.
Ah well, we'll probably never find out so it's really not worth expending the brainpower thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"Perhaps Mistress R should take her highest number of orgasms in one month and award you that many for 2012?"

I passed this comment on to Mistress R last night, and she gave me an enigmatic look, before replying....

"Hmm, so... one a month. Or maybe two a month and then six month's without any...."

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Mistress R has a cold...

Sadly, Mistress R has a cold and so isn't feeling like being worshipped today. Currently she has had eleven orgasms this month, which equals another month earlier in the year. I was hopeful that we would get to thirteen this month (especially if she plans to take on the idea that someone left her earlier!), but that now looks unlikely. There's a good chance that we will make it to twelve though, I'm sure Mistress R won't want to go five days without an orgasm unless she feels worse tomorrow and Saturday. Here's hoping!

You may remember...

That earlier I said that yesterday's post was coloured by some blogs that I had read and I wanted to post about... well, the blogs in question were 'An Obedient Boyfriend' and 'At All Times', and what I was thinking was the whole question of how pushing things to that degree affects how your partner views you.
For those not familiar, here we are talking about things like wanting to paint your Mistress's nails... shaving her and bathing her, things like that.
Okay so, in the case of 'An Obedient Boyfriend' he is actually encouraging her to cuckold him, because he wants that, but anyway, the point is, I think there comes a point where 'most' women will start to think differently about their partner because of their actions. Sure, there are doubtless 'some' women who would be quite happy with this, but I think 'most' women would find this much weirder than a guy who wants them to control their orgasms.
I can understand why some guys might wish to live like this. The female body is very alluring and I can relate to the desire for more and more contact with it. I honestly think though that most women (rightly or wrongly) would more likely see this behaviour as 'pathetic' rather than 'submissive'... I'm quite sure Mistress R would think I had lost my marbles if I told her I wanted to shave her legs, wash her hair and paint her nails.
I also think she would think it was a bit too much of an invasion of her privacy, actually.
Okay, so I'm giving my perspective, my opinion, which is all I can do really... just like everything else on my blog, I can only tell you my own experiences and draw some conclusions from others that I've read.
Either way, if you do want to end up living that way I personally think it would more effectively achieved over a considerable period of time. Having spoken to a good friend recently about their unusual living situation, it's clear that out of the ordinary lifestyles can evolve over time and one stage at a time. So perhaps you might occasionally run your Mistress a bath, and then start washing her back, and over time you might end up as her personal grooming slave. Whereas bluntly telling your Mistress you want to do these things for her all at once are likely to be met with a big fat WTF!
In any case there is a distinct possibility, however this point is reached, that your Mistress will eventually come to think differently of you. It seems to me at least, that more women would think it odd if you asked them to let you do their nails than fuck you with a strap-on. I think it's because it's moving out of the sexual activity arena, where everything can be broadly explained as 'kink'... where unusual behaviour is seen as adventurous rather than abnormal, but applying nail varnish is something else entirely.
I do think that in general, even women who control their men's orgasms would still want to think of them as 'manly'. Look at the reaction Celtic Queen gave to yesterdays post, she made it pretty clear that the notion of a panty washing slave is pretty unappealing to her, whatever happens between her and her partner she doesn't want him to stop being 'manly', probably because that's part of what makes him attractive to her.
Of course, I feel duty bound to repeat over and over again, everyone is different and someone is bound to read this and think 'my slave does my nails and I still respect him and don't think of him as unmanly', well that's great and I hope you're very happy. But the vast majority of women I'm sure would not agree...

Okay, so...

Perhaps some parts of my post yesterday were a little presumptuous. Celtic Queen has quite rightly pointed out that being in a FLR does not necessarily mean that the man becomes a sissy little, knicker-washing bitch. But at the same time it 'could' too. Just as being a chaste male doesn't necessarily mean you have a piece of metal or plastic wrapped around your genitals 24/7, but it could do...
However, I can accept that my choice of words pissed CQ off, just as I might if I were reading something wildly inaccurate about chastity play, written by someone who didn't know what they were talking about. So for that I apologize and I will take appropriate action.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A question...

I love getting questions, it gives me something to write about, and I just got one which I am going to do my best to answer.

Anonymous said...

I feel that any woman will grow tired of a female led relationship over time. Every time I read an article about why woman would love a chastised husband, I feel that the positives are about the endless orgasms and obedient, chore doing husband. Are their any that woman can say they desire a chastised first mate?

Robert, are you ever worried that the fantasy will ever come to an abrupt, yet understandable, ending? Have you ever thought about how that could effect your marriage? I apologize for my "curiosity," but you appear to have a REAL relationship going on making your experience and words incredibly valuable to all of your readers.


Well, firstly, you are correct about this being REAL, everything written on this blog is true and as accurate as possible. Now to your questions, I for one agree with you in some respects, I do think that a woman in a proper FLR would become bored of it eventually. Mistress R and I are not in what I would term an FLR though, outside of the bedroom we are equals, we have an hour a month when she is my 'Femdom Mistress' and if she fancies expanding on that at any time she can. Aside from that all that has happened really is that I have surrendered control of my cock and orgasms to her. She decides what goes on in that department, so she decides if we have penetrative sex, she decides if I get to cum, even whether I get touched at all.
If you have read my blog from the start (which I'm guessing you haven't) you will know that when I first suggested her controlling my orgasms I never suggested anything more than that, it was Mistress R who laid down the rules about not touching my cock, about not asking for penetration, and not being allowed to beg to be allowed to cum. She can change those rules if she wants to, but she seems to like things that way, knowing that these rules make me hornier for her.
I've never gone into this too much on this blog before, but I did have a couple of periods of erectile dysfunction some time ago. Sex was fairly traumatic for me because it became stressful, worrying if it was going to work, and if it did then it was a case of not enjoying it, rather concentrating and trying to stay hard. Fortunately for me Mistress R can't cum through penetration so that wasn't an issue (that would have been even worse frankly!) and we kind of fell into a pattern of me always making her cum with my tongue first, because that way if my cock was feeling truculent then at least it wouldn't spoil it for her, and actually making her cum was always more important to me anyway (it always has been if I'm honest). If I couldn't get hard it upset me more that the stress of it all meant that she probably wouldn't want me to go down on her after, which didn't help really since it just put more pressure on me to perform.
On reflection I think perhaps Mistress R was more upset over the fact that I wasn't aroused by her, or that there was something fundamentally wrong with our relationship rather than she was missing out on penetration. Which is understandable, even though I tried my best to reassure her that she still did it for me.
This all began about four years ago really, after I had an emergency operation on my back which left me with some nerve damage, this meant that sometimes I have limited feeling in my right leg and groin. It also seems that I am much more susceptible to cramp when I kneel down now, when my legs are at a certain angle. This is no problem when I am kneeling for Mistress R in a Femdom session, but for instance, when I am top it sometimes strikes at the worst possible time, I can tell you if you've never had cramp when you are coming, that's a really ruined orgasm!
Needless to say, having limited feeling in your groin on certain days, does inevitably lead to erectile problems, and slowly Mistress R and I both learned to accept that I was lucky to be able to walk and that we should enjoy my cock when it worked and if it didn't we should focus on her pleasure.
After trying a cock ring, things improved quite a lot and until I surrendered control full time in April we would use cock rings a lot, since they practically guaranteed a result every time. This continued once Mistress R began deciding when penetration would take place, and when she wants me on top (which is a very rare occurrence these days, I don't think I've been on top more than 3 times in the last 9 months) she will tell me to put my cockring or cocksling on.
For my part I love being on my back, I don't really miss being on top. Mistress R looks so gorgeous straddling me and I can reach up and play with her beautiful breasts as she rides me... and of course, despite the occasional upwards thrust, in this position Mistress R maintains total control over my pleasure. I also find that I can stave off orgasm quite easily when I am laying down, but when I am on top it's a LOT, LOT harder. But then that's kind of fun too... I'm sure it must amuse Mistress R a little to watch me straining to hold back even though I'm fucking her as gently as possible.
So this was a long answer, but there is a point to it...
Nowadays I have no erectile dysfunction. And (touch wood) Mistress R doesn't even bother with the cockring if she wants to ride my cock, since she knows I will stay hard. If she wanted me on top we would still use it because it helps me to stay hard if I'm suffering a little cramp or something...
I know it must sound a little stupid reading this, that it's kind of obvious that my operation fucked things up, but it wasn't so obvious to us at the time. When I say there's a lack of feeling in my groin, it's not like I'm numb, just that it doesn't feel right, it's kind of woolly. Imagine like if your wife was jerking your cock, but then she relaxed her grip by 80%.... the thing is it then becomes a mental struggle, and any guy will tell you that as soon as you allow doubt into your mind, you're fighting a losing battle.
Anyway, this reply is becoming way longer than I anticipated but still, I shall finish this if it kills me.
So, before I asked Mistress R to take control of my cock etc, etc... basically we were doing okay. We were using the cock ring as a matter of course, and 99% of the time that worked just fine. Sometimes I would think I didn't need it, but it had become a crutch, so I would use it anyway, because not using it just added that doubt, and if it comes to it, if it's a choice between using a cockring and spending the whole experience worrying that you might not be able to stay hard... it's a no brainer.
Plus, I loved how hard, veiny and brutal my cock looked with the cock ring on, and still do!
So... the point I'm trying to make here, in an extremely roundabout way, is that, with this back story in mind, it's not hard to understand why Mistress R is so happy now. Every time she touches my cock it responds much better than it ever did, and every little teasing stroke drives me completely nuts, which in turn makes her feel like the sex goddess she is!
Also, she has become much more relaxed and forthright about taking her own pleasure since she now,  finally, truly believes me when I tell her how much I love going down on her and how much pleasure making her cum brings me. I love this twofold, not only do I love that I get to go down on her more, but I also love knowing that she wants it and I would say that since she took control of my orgasms she is probably having me go down on her 33% more often, which is fantastic as far as I'm concerned!
So, to go back to the point (!) I don't worry that Mistress R will tire of this, what I do agree with is that if you are in a proper FLR then yes, perhaps the woman would get tired of it. I'm not sure how appealing having a full-time panty washing slave is, or if it is, how that will ultimately affect her view of her husband. I would think that voluntary emasculation will ultimately lead to the woman (in most cases) seeking some sort of manliness elsewhere.*
Fortunately, I have never sought this level of control and submission. All I wanted was for Mistress R to have control in the bedroom, and this has worked out brilliantly for both of us and made us even closer than we were before and I think it's safe to say, even more in love than we were before.
One more thing (honest!) that I think is important to state, and that is that Mistress R knows that she is more important to me than anything. All along I have said to her that if she wanted to stop this at any time she can, I honestly believe if you want to live like this then that is a very important thing for your wife/gf to know. The fact that she knew she could call a halt whenever she wanted meant that it was easier for her to relax about it and not feel pressured into it and I'm sure that really helped. After all it wasn't long at all from me asking her to have control, to her rejecting the idea, to her agreeing to try, to her adding her own rules... only a couple of weeks IIRC. And then of course that first month she let me cum four times, and since then it's never been more than twice.
I think I've said this before on here, but it bears repeating, if you want to live this lifestyle I think the best place to start is by ensuring that you have a strong relationship to start with. I know a lot of people bleat on that orgasm denial makes the man more willing to be a good husband, and that is true to an extent. But if you're not committed to each other and respectful of each other to start with I really don't think that it's going to work long term.

*Further to the comment left by Celtic Queen I accept that being in an FLR does not necessarily make you a panty-washing sissy. An FLR can mean whatever the people in it want it to mean/negotiate, and I accept that portraying it thus was unhelpful and inaccurate. RA.

You guys...

You guys really think Mistress R is gonna ration my orgasms pretty tightly next year huh?
Let's hope so, eh?

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

New poll...

Simple question, how many times do you think Mistress R will let me cum in 2012? I voted 15-20, based on the fact that it's usually once or twice a month at present, but who knows, maybe there'll be a real drought at some point, or maybe a total cum frenzy! That's the great thing about giving up control, you just don't know!

Some of you may have noticed that our ratio has slipped back under the 5-1 we achieved the other week. Well, I'm sure we'll soon get that sorted out, don't you worry.

Poll is finished...

So I asked, what is the most sexual partners have you enjoyed at one time... 54% of you (including me) said 'one', 28% of you said 'two' 11% of you said 'three', and 2% of you said 5+. That's just being greedy isn't it?

Okay, so once again I have to think of another poll question...

I can't quite believe this but...

Last night Mistress R and I went to spend the evening with friends and had a great evening playing board games and then stayed overnight after a very late last drink. We both woke up about 7:30am (having enjoyed almost four whole hours of sleep), we were both very tired but also feeling very happy and I happened to mention to Mistress R that I was very hard. She looked so hot in just one of my T-shirts and her black knickers, I would have loved to have dived between her legs and given her another orgasm... but the bed was so fucking squeaky, so Mistress settled for teasing me instead. I can't quite believe that I only came yesterday, the drop off is like 'zero', and after a couple of minutes I was leaking pre-cum. I didn't actually realise that myself until she'd stopped, but I knew it felt bloody amazing! It was only when she'd got up and gone to the bathroom that I felt something wet on the back of my hand and realised that there was a massive amount of precum coating the head of my cock, and now the sheet (sorry about that friends!). I'm sure I never used to generate much in the way of precum, but I certainly am now, and just one day after a huge and very intense orgasm!
I can't quite work out why the drop off is so slight, but still, it doesn't matter, I love that I'm horny again straight away, and I'm massively looking forward to giving Mistress R another couple of orgasms before the year is out. Lovely...

Monday, 26 December 2011

Oh fuck yes...

Having established a couple of days back that Mistress R is anything but bored with being eaten to orgasm, this afternoon she enjoyed another wonderful and intense orgasm on my tongue... and she fucking loved it (even if I do say so myself!).
I didn't really expect to be allowed to cum just eight days after my last glorious orgasm, but I was hopeful. Even more hopeful when Mistress R started sucking and pumping my cock pretty fast right from the start! She did keep slowing down though, and she managed to get a few slaps in there (including one very light one to my balls) before I reached down and started caressing her gorgeous ass. I whispered to her that I wanted to tongue her ass so bad, but didn't expect anything more than a raised eyebrow in return.
However Mistress R was obviously very pleased with my pussy eating and obedience (still no touching to report!) and told me to move into the middle of the bed. I thought maybe she was going to straddle me and ride my cock again, but instead she straddled me and pushed her ass back in my face. As her cheeks parted I could see her beautiful, sexy asshole right there, just out of reach and I thought she was just going to tease me with it while she stroked my cock, but no, she scooted back towards me and even though she hadn't given me permission I decided that for once I was going to risk it and lovingly ran my tongue over her asshole.
As I did this Mistress started pumping my cock even faster and told me that she wanted me to cum for her. Well, this only made me want to lick her ass even more and as she jerked my cock hard and fast I licked and pressed my tongue into her delicious asshole as far as she would let me. Needless to say, about three seconds later my cock exploded and I writhed on the bed as I shot wads of cum everywhere. It was so intense, it was just totally amazing. Even after I stopped actually cumming the orgasm seemed to carry on a while and left me panting for about a minute.
Well, that's almost definitely my last orgasm of 2011, and it certainly went out with a bang. Mistress R is now on eleven for the month (equalling her previous record) and we reckon we can get it to thirteen for sure in the next five days. I'm certainly looking forward to that, and to focussing on Mistress R's pleasure throughout 2012 and the years to come! We are both so happy now, I wish we'd done this years ago.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

My weightloss blog...

Have started posting again, see the sidebar, under the caption blog update (for some reason it's not showing as updated at the moment....)

Merry Christmas...

Hopefully you've all got better things to do than read my blog this morning, so when you do get around to catching up with it, Merry Christmas!!! I haven't got time to do much today, as soon as my breakfast goes down it's back on the treadmill and then a shower and then I need to start the cooking... I hope you all got some great presents this morning. Mistress R bought me a really cool Oakley top which was a complete surprise, and it fits! Hurrah. So I can wear it out tomorrow.
Day seven today and I doubt very much whether I will be coming again this side of 2012, Mistress R and I wrote almost the same things in our Christmas cards to each other, thanking each other for such a brilliant year... no coincidence that most of this year has been lived under Mistress R's control I don't think, so I think this will be continuing for the foreseeable future. I certainly don't want it to stop, and I'm pretty sure Mistress R doesn't either now.
Who knows, maybe she'll want a break at some point, but if she does I don't think it will last very long...

Saturday, 24 December 2011

T'was the night before Christmas...

And Mistress R was enjoying her tenth orgasm of the month! Oh yes, and a lovely one it was too, nice and hard. As I was licking my own fingers clean, which I always do because I can't get enough of her taste, Mistress R wiped up some pussy juice on her finger from somewhere (I didn't notice where) and pushed it into my mouth. Mmmmm, lovely!
After that Mistress soon had me hard and set about my cock with her mouth and hand once again, jerking it fast and then slowing down and scratching my balls, making me throb all over again. Lovely!
Then she told me to move into the middle of the bed, straddled me and took my cock inside her warm, wet, silky smooth pussy. It's been less than a week since I was inside her but it felt sooooooooooooo good. I can't actually believe it's been less than a week since I came, it seems like so long ago. I can't understand why there's been almost no drop off in desire this time, it's a little odd. Great, but odd.
As she rode my cock, Mistress R reminded me that it had only been six days and mused that I, "Probably didn't even want to cum yet..." Well, as it happens I did. But I wasn't going to tell her that, so I managed to say 'Whatever pleases you Mistress' instead, since after all, that is exactly what I really want.
Mistress rode my cock for a while longer while I lay back and enjoyed the sensation and tried not to get too carried away as I reached up and played with her gorgeous breasts. Then she lifted herself off, leaving my wet cock throbbing, until she grabbed it and stroked it and slapped it some more as she kissed me, this went on for a couple more minutes until she finally let go and we cuddled for ten minutes or so.
As we lay there I enquired if Mistress R wasn't getting bored of cumming on my tongue, maybe she would like some variety. Not for my own benefit you understand, because I would much prefer to go down on her than use my fingers to make her cum, in fact as much as it's nice to make her cum with my fingers, every time I used to do that I was always wishing that I had my head between her legs, tasting her gorgeous pussy. Anyway, Mistress replied that she wasn't bored of it and asked if I was, I assured her that I most definitely wasn't! She said that if she does get bored of it then she will tell me. That's good, I won't be asking again, I'm blissfully happy as I am!
When Mistress R announced it was time to get up and get on with all the jobs we need to do before tomorrow, I asked if I could please taste her once more. I thought she would straddle my face, but instead she told me to sit up on the bed and she stood in front of me, presenting her neatly trimmed pussy for one more lovely taste. I made the most of that I can tell you, and it was soooooo lovely too, still wet and slippery and just delicious. Something I'll probably be spending an awful lot of time thinking about tomorrow (and looking forward to repeating on Boxing Day).
I've just written Mistress R's Christmas card and in it I thanked her for making this year amazing, and promising her that next year will be even better. I really am the happiest I've ever been I think...

Woke up throbbing again this morning....

Really, really throbbing.... until I had to get up. Still managed to keep my mitts off it though, fortunately we are planning a little session this afternoon, so that's a bit of relief to look forward to. That should make ten orgasms for Mistress R this month, putting us in line for a record 12 (or maybe even 13!) before the New Year. Wow...

Lots of things to do today, preparing for the relatives tomorrow, but still time for some pussy worship of course. You know, as it's Christmas Eve I thought I would open that tub of Celebrations that's been in the cupboard for a month or more, and I'm shocked to report that the Galaxy Truffle has been removed and replaced by the completely inferior Twix! Not only that but the Topic has disappeared (although that may have gone some time ago and I didn't notice).
Enraged by this act of vandalism I decided to count how many of each chocolate there was in the tub and was disgusted to find that while there were 19 Mars bars, 17 Milky Ways, 15 Bounty's and 14 Snickers, there were only 12 Maltesers, 7 Caramels, 6 Galaxy's and 6 Twix (well at least that's some good news!).

In the spirit of fairness of reporting I decided to conduct a similar test on the tin of Cadbury's Roses we have and (including the three that were without wrappers... and the ones that were quite poorly wrapped, quality control at Cadbury's is obviously on the wane since the buyout) I can report that overall there's a much more even distribution with most flavours having between seven and nine items. However, the exceptions to the rule are the Hazelnut Whirl (only four!) and the Brazilian Darkness (which faired slightly better with six).

Hmm, 'Caveat emptor' indeed!

Friday, 23 December 2011

A very nice surprise...

Unexpectedly, yesterday Mistress R informed me that her period was over already and she wanted some pussy worship! I of course, was only too happy to oblige and so it was that about 8:30pm last night Mistress R was in the throes of a lovely and quite intense orgasm. Absolute bliss for both of us!
Following this Mistress R gave me some wonderful teasing and totally conned me into thinking that she was going to let me cum. She devoured my cock right from the start, sucking it hard and teasing it with her teeth and tongue, jerking it fast, and then moving up to kiss me so that I could taste my cock on her lips and tongue (I fucking love that). And it wasn't long before I was twitching and starting to get a little close to the edge.
Thankfully Mistress R is getting so good at this that without even telling her she seems to know when to slow down, and when to administer a few nice slaps. Needless to say, despite my groaning and thrusting, she had no intention of letting me cum, and so we begin another day (day five already!) with full balls.
Once again Mistress R reminded me and reinforced in my mind how much better it is when she touches me than when I do it myself (still nothing to confess!) and she loves how hard my cock is getting for her these days.
I can't wait to eat her pussy again, hopefully we will be doing that again tomorrow. Mistress is already up to 9 orgasms this month, it would be awesome if we could get her a new record before the year's out.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

REVIEW: She's on Top (by Rachel Kramer Bussel)

Supplied for review by EDEN FANTASYS

After the slight debacle of the 'Anal Invader', when Eden Fantasys contacted me this time I decided to play safe and go with a book instead of one of their wide range of sex toys (well, it makes sense seeing as I don't need permission to read it). Eden Fantasys have a pretty good selection of erotic books and this one certainly seemed to fit the bill, indeed I already have another of Rachel Kramer Bussel's Femdom collections ('Yes Ma'am', although I haven't actually read it yet).
This is quite a good book because it does think outside the box a little bit, I must admit I was a little bit disappointed in the first story (Suit and Tie), partly I think because it's more about a fetish for suits than about Femdom, and I found the ending rather twee. But things improve from there and Krisitina Wright's 'The Mistress Meets Her Match' in particular certainly had my cock hardening as I read it. 
Debra Hyde's story 'By a Firm Hand' brought our good friends Q and 'k' to mind, with it's tale of domestic discipline and I could well picture 'k' in the part of 'Robert', with Q assuming the role of his wife 'Judith',  spanking his backside with a wooden spoon before having him go down on her on their balcony...
'The Inner Vixen' by Saskia Walker is the sort of thing that would get published in Forum (if it still existed), but it leaves me a little cold, that said it's at least an interesting take on the 'Femdom' theme even if it is a little too theatrical for my taste and fails to rouse my most easily aroused parts.
Fortunately Mina Rose's 'Waiting for Me' is a bit more like it, and when I read it I distinctly remember some major engorgement taking place. 
As ever books like these will be up and down, but then different stories will appeal to different people. This one seems to have a pretty good hit rate with me, and I would certainly be interested to see what else Kristina Wright and Mina Rose (among others) have written.
If you fancy checking this book out for yourself, Eden Fantasys can supply you a copy (click here) where you can also find a veritable smorgasbord of erotic fiction and sex toys of all shapes, colours and sizes.

It pays to follow....

When you follow my blog, I check up on you and if I like your blog I add it to my blog roll. Today's addition comes in the form of 'Journal of an Obedient Boyfriend' who's blog is quite different to mine, but with definite parallels. A comment he made in his post 'Final release and it's consequences' (read it here) struck me as quite truthful and observant.
He says... "I know the thing that turns her on most is the first moments of sex, when she gets stretched and filled for the first time". I'm sure that's not uncommon, and perhaps goes some way to explaining why many women aren't that crazy about penetrative sex all the time, but want it now and again, just to feel that stretching...

No regrets...

Well yesterday was the first time that the new blog has outperformed the original one, which is weird considering I didn't post anything (except a few video links). Ah well, I still think it's better like this, and to be frank, yesterday was probably the lowest number of hits this blog has had since May. I hope it's the time of year and not a loss of interest that's causing this dip.


I don't know why I said 'I hope this settles down soon' yesterday, because it's patently untrue... I hope it gets worse if anything, I love feeling so horny and desperate for my Mistress, and I certainly did again this morning. Last night Mistress R kept her promise with some lovely teasing and I was unbelievably hard, I mean so hard it almost hurt, and this was done without a single slap or real stroke, just light touches and a little bit of ball scratching. Absolutely incredible! And of course, this morning I awoke with massive tentage, so it was just as well that I wanted to get up a bit earlier, because I was throbbing like you wouldn't believe.
It does seem a little odd, considering that this is only day three of the current cycle. I mean I have noticed that after being allowed to cum I am quite horny, and then there's a bit of a lull before you hit the 7-10 day mark, but this feels much more intense than before. Perhaps going for 35 days and then only being allowed to cum once means that I haven't been set back to 'zero' and I'm starting from a higher point? If so then that's great because I could so live with this! Perhaps there's some cumulative effect also over the eight months so far, having only cum 17 times (and only 13 times in the last seven!)...
Well whatever it is, I am totally loving it, and I am totally on board with the not-touching thing now, even though I know it will get harder as it goes on. But I seem to have taken on board how much better it feels when Mistress touches my cock and even better when I haven't, not that I didn't know this months ago of course. I think it's really helping that Mistress R is asking me practically every day if I have anything to confess and praising me when I do manage to keep my hands off, I loved it last night when she told me how proud she was of me for not touching, that probably made me even harder!
Perhaps the fact that I know Mistress R is totally onboard with the whole chastity thing now is subconsciously allowing me to commit more effort to it, and I have to say the rewards are more than worth it!
I can't wait for the weekend, I am so missing the taste of Mistress R's beautiful pussy... sigh.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

New poll is up...

Thought I'd go with something simple this time, just what's the most people you've had sex with at one time.

Fidelity Poll is now closed...

Well, while it's quite hard to discern too much from the poll, it's easier to draw comparisons...

28% of men and 33% of women who voted claim have cheated on a partner.
31% of men and 25% of women who voted claim to have been cheated on by a partner

(This compares quite well against the poll I ran on a music forum where over 50% of people had cheated and been cheated on.)

57% of men and 56% of women who cheated confessed to their partner.
48% of men and 56% of women who cheated have been forgiven by a partner.

13% of men and 11% of women who cheated were not forgiven by their partner.

This is getting tricky now, because the votes might not work out, for instance I haven't been forgiven because I never cheated, but I never voted for that, so I'm guessing if you voted you haven't been forgiven, you meant that you had cheated and weren't forgiven, right?

64% of men and 50% of women who's partners cheated have forgiven their infidelity.
20% of men and 29% of women who's partners cheated did not forgive them.
17% of men and 22% of women who cheated lost their relationship because of their infidelity.

44% of men and 22% of women who's partners cheated saw their relationship ended because of that infidelity.

30% of men and 20% of women who voted are in some kind of ‘open’ relationship (one or two sided).

55% of men and 40% of women who voted have never cheated on a partner.
43% of men and 51% of women who voted have never been cheated on (as far as they know).

As I said it’s quite hard to glean too much from these results, for instance 64% of men have forgiven their partner, but then 44% of men claim that their relationship was destroyed by it. But that could be because although they forgave their partner their partner wasn’t happy and left anyway.

I’m mildly surprised by the high levels of forgiveness actually. I wonder how many of those that were cheated on went on to take a ‘revengefuck’, or at the very least told their partners straight up that they'd expect a free card to screw someone else one day in the future without any repercussions? Seems the least you could expect, although I guess it depends on the circumstances...


It's only day two, but I woke up as hard as a rock this morning, and then spent about twenty minutes tossing and turning, trying desperately not to touch my aching cock. I succeeded (just) but forfeited my lie in for it... I hope this is going to settle down soon, why is it worse now than it was before I was allowed to cum? Makes no sense.
Mistress R and I are going out for dinner tonight and she has hinted that there may be some T&D on the cards later, that would be wonderful....

Of course, when I say 'worse' I mean in a good way.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Nice ruined orgasm video...

Look on the other blog, under the Ruined Orgasm tab, or go 'here'

The sleeping blog awakes...

Finally, 'k's other blog has awoken from it's mighty slumber, and with a corking post as well go 'here' and read all about the fun he and Q had yesterday, you won't regret it!

Day 1...

And here we are again, back to the start, with empty balls... no regrets though, yesterday was spectacular. Not only that, but as I said yesterday, in the early hours of this morning my blogs reached half a million hits (I'm counting them like that because if I hadn't split them up then it would have happened now, as it is this blog will hit that on it's own before the end of the year). I think that's pretty incredible, I can still remember quite clearly starting my blog, and being excited when I got a hundred views in a day, well it was only 8 months ago!
I notice the blogging community seems to be winding down for Christmas now... which I guess is probably quite normal. I will do my best to keep posting regularly over the festive period, and I am currently reading a book which I need to review sooner rather than later for Eden Fantasies.
Congrats to our friend 'whichisnice' who managed thirteen days of self imposed abstinence before exploding in a fountain of cum yesterday. Hahahahahahahahaha. He has also sent me some captions which I will be adding to the caption blog later....

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Total happycat....

It's been five long weeks since I last erupted (in our last but one Femdom session, as I'm sure you all remember...) and as I wrote earlier today, last night I was so ready to explode, I mean I was on a knife edge and I wasn't even being touched (or touching it myself!). This morning I felt a little more in control, and a little more relaxed and was very pleased that Mistress hadn't come on yet, as this meant we could have another session of pussy worship today.
In my heart of hearts I pretty much knew that today would be the day. Mistress R had already hinted at it although she certainly hadn't given any guarantees, but I knew and I was ready for it. One of my more eagle eyed readers has already emailed me to ask if I have any 'regret' at the end of my chastity period, and I honestly don't. If Mistress R would have teased me and denied me again I would have been perfectly happy, just as I was perfectly happy when she told me she wanted me to cum.
The pussy worship was lovely and resulted in a very hard orgasm for Mistress R which filled me with absolute joy. You know how it is when your Mistress has had a really good orgasm, it makes you feel like the king of the world, and that's certainly how I felt this morning after she'd cum. Just... wonderful.
After she had cum, she lay next to me and started stroking my cock and kissing me, she looked so happy and so beautiful with a beaming smile... my cock was al little slow off the mark but once it got hard it was really hard and the head was so dark it looked like it could explode any second, but I didn't feel like I did last night (just as well). Mistress didn't stroke it for long, after checking with me if I had anything to confess she gave it a few playful slaps and then got up on her knees and quickly straddled me, sinking her silky wet pussy down onto my straining rod. It felt wonderful, I've always loved being inside Mistress R after she has cum, I love the way her pussy feels after.
No sooner was she all the way down, with my cock buried deep inside her, she told me she wanted me to cum inside her, and fill her with my creamy load (her words, oh yeah! - fucking hot). To my surprise I realised I was nowhere near the edge and started pushing up, fucking her as she rode me until I felt the telltale signs of approaching orgasm. But this time there was no need to seek permission, it was already given, so I made no attempt to head it off, instead I thrust harder still until I felt the cum erupt from my aching cock. It seemed to go on for a long time and I felt myself go still as Mistress R proceed to squeeze every last drop out of my cock with her sweet, tight pussy.
She lay on top of me for a good minute or two, more than long enough for me to come back into the moment, and then she lifted herself off my cock and straddled my face. I didn't hesitate, I wanted to taste her cum filled pussy so badly. It has been 46 days since she had allowed me to cum inside her and I knew it would taste good. I wasn't disappointed. I'm long since past that awful indecision stage, that whole wanting to do it, but then losing it after I've cum... I love cream pies, it's so dirty and just... so hot. I'll lick my cum up from wherever Mistress tells me, it really doesn't bother me anymore, being allowed to lick it out of her is an absolute pleasure for me.
So that was it, thirty five days, culminating in a wonderful hour of sex. Mistress R and I have spent the rest of the day cuddling on the sofa and watching TV. We are both total happycats right now and yeah of course I'm eager for a new chastity period to start, but I certainly can't have any negative feelings about the end of this one. Thirty five days is a 25% increase over my previous best and the best thing of all is knowing that Mistress R is totally on board with this. If you could have seen her face after I made her cum, she was soooo happy. So I'm looking forward to beating this record at some point in the future, when Mistress R decides that she's ready. Could be that tomorrow will be day one of that new record or maybe not, I don't know. It's all in her hands.
After I'd cum she told me that cumming inside her was my reward for keeping my hands off my cock. I already told her that that would be my New Years resolution, and told her that I would like hers to be to be 'even meaner'. This prompted her to ask if I had any complaints, which of course I don't, but she could always be meaner. I'm sure you guys know what I mean. Don't you?

Sometime in the next twenty four hours...

My blogs will hit the 500,000 hits mark, pretty damn amazing.

Day 35...

Day 35! That's five weeks now.... last night I went to bed around midnight and read some porn before going to sleep (actually not just any porn, but the last few pages of 'Out of Your Hands'... and then some other very good porn), I woke up about an hour later when I realised that Mistress R was coming to bed, absolutely throbbing!
As it happens Mistress R got into bed and went to sleep, which was just as well because I think that if she'd so much as touched my cock it would have (quite literally) exploded...
I got back to sleep pretty easily, even with the unexploded bomb between my legs, and slept for hours and hours and hours, although I did wake up at 7am with the distinct memory of a dream where I jerked myself off twice and then sucked my own cock and came in my own mouth...

This could be the day though, Mistress R's period hasn't arrived as expected and she's keen for another bout of pussy worship before the day is out.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Day 34...

Yeah, I know it's confusing, yesterday's post said 'Day 32', but it wasn't really yesterday's post, it was done after midnight on Thursday. So yes, today is Day 34. Six days on from my previous record of 28. And here I was thinking Mistress R would only increase it by small increments of a day or two. Wrong!
I woke up achingly hard again this morning, and really wanted to stroke it, but I promised Mistress R I wouldn't do that any more and I'm trying really hard not too. Just the sheet brushing against it was pretty nice...
Yesterday was much the same, and also during my thirty minute (each way) car drive to work and back my mind wandered to the events of the night before leaving me hard and constricted inside my jeans. My cock also feels a little 'buzzy' too sometimes, and I now know what people mean when they say chastity feels like you're having sex 'all the time'...
I am quite surprised how long Mistress R has let me wait already, I thought the 28 day record would stand for quite a while, and then I thought she would definitely have let me cum this last week. Maybe she really is thinking about making me wait until Christmas? Not that I mind, of course - bring it on, I'm just really amazed that she would contemplate such a big jump.
And happy too. She is giving me everything I wanted and we are getting closer and closer all the time. Chastity really is all it's cracked up to be.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Caption frenzy...

Just to let those of you who are interested know, that there are a lot of captions scheduled for upload to the Caption Blog over this weekend, with a variety of themes. I hope you enjoy them.

Fidelity poll...

Thanks to everyone who has voted so far, I'm running a similar poll on a music website I frequent and the results are actually even worse there!

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Day 32...

I wasn't sure whether there was going to be any pussy worship tonight since Mistress hadn't mentioned it, but when I got home Mistress said she wanted me to go down on her because tomorrow might be too late! Well, I certainly wasn't complaining and around 9pm we went to bed. We started off with Mistress R on her back propped up against some pillows and me kneeling next to her, kissing her as she stroked my cock and softly teased my balls with her fingertips and nails. It was lovely and I started stroking her gorgeous, silky thighs and eventually started teasing her with the tip of my finger.
She pushed me away and I sighed loudly as I moved between her legs and breathed in her wonderful scent. She smelt so good and she tasted even better, it took quite a long time for Mistress R to cum, and she was apologetic, but I certainly didn't mind, my only concern was that she wouldn't quite make it. That's a very rare occurrence in this here house, and I'd like to keep it that way.
Eventually she did have a lovely hard orgasm and this made both of us extremely happy. We lay on the bed next to each other and she started kissing me and then her hand was stroking my cock and balls and I gradually got harder and harder and harder as she stroked and teased and stroked and teased... it was absolutely amazing. The feeling of her fingertips and nails softly stroking my cock and balls was driving me nuts over and over again, in fact at one point Mistress R asked me if I needed her to stop because she obviously thought I was getting too close, I quickly assured her that I wasn't and that I didn't want her to stop, please don't stop, please don't ever stop!
Mistress R teased me for quite a while and then she gave me a few nice slaps, which were mindblowing at this point, after all the soft and gentle stroking.
"That makes your cock soooooooooooo hard," she purred as she finished slapping my throbbing meat.
"How many days has it been now?" She asked.
"32 Mistress," I half whispered.
"I think we're going to be making 33," she said, pulling her hand away. "At least..."
I was so turned on, I really thought she might let me cum tonight, even though earlier in the kitchen we'd been kissing and she'd said, "Maybe you'll get lucky this weekend..."
But no, and now it looks like Saturday at the earliest which will be 34 days! Who knows when this is going to end, assuming it will end at some point!
Again she looked so happy and contented as she kissed me, her hand gliding over my straining cock and balls a few more times before she finally called a halt to proceedings, leaving me breathing hard, my cock twitching wildly as she settled down on the bed beside me. After a minute or so I rolled over, my cock still throbbing and hugged her and told her I want her to control my cock forever.
She smiled and said 'as long as you're happy with how it's going'...
I am happy... very, very, very, very happy.

Just filling in Mistress R's 84th orgasm on the 'orgasms' page, I notice it's now 46 days since I last came inside Mistress R, still a long way to go to beat the previous record of 76 days. It's hard to believe that I've only cum inside her five times in the last eight months...

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A small explanation...

Okay, someone left a comment asking for clarification on my last post, so here it is. In the cold light of day, I want this to continue, when I am hard and close I want to cum. That's the conflict. If Mistress R asked me if I want to cum right now I would say no, if she played with my cock for ten minutes and then asked me, well, it would most likely be a different answer...

Another great question from 'whichisnice'...

"What are you looking forward to most for when it does eventually happen? The physical contact from MR? The sensation of orgasm? Which of course you might not get if she ruins it. The visual spectacle of such a big load? The thought of possibly having to swallow some or all of it? And has your thinking changed as it has gone on longer and longer?"

What a great question... well it's not really the physical contact, because I'm getting that anyway. Not particularly bothered how big the load is, to be honest... though the thought of Mistress R making me lick her fingers (or pussy) afterwards is hot... Obviously the sensation of orgasm is probably the biggest thing.
As to how my thinking has changed, well that's perhaps the most interesting thing. The longer it goes on, the less I want it to end. Which seems counter intuitive... but I am enjoying this so much, and I feel so close to Mistress R when she leaves me hanging that, well... like I said earlier, I am starting to understand why so many guys get so far and then start wanting long-term or permanent denial.
That said, I'm sure you know how it is when you get close to the edge, everything you think changes, that's why we need a strong and determined woman to keep us in check!

New video added to video tab...

30 min video added, featuring Amber Rayne. Quite humorous, but also recommended for those who like ballbusting, femdom and cuckolding. Find it at the top of the list...

31 days...

Another lovely orgasm for Mistress R last night, and more lovely teasing for me too, but still no orgasm. I really thought that she was aiming for thirty days, but it seems not. I can't say I'm unhappy about that... I hope she makes me wait as long as SHE wants me to. And I told her as much too. Suddenly, 40 days doesn't look that far away... or unachievable. In fact nothing seems unachievable, if Mistress R decided that this was going to continue into next year (maybe even long into next year) I don't think I would object in the slightest. I am so content right now... it's weird. Like I said a couple of weeks ago, I'm starting to understand why people go a month or two and then start thinking 'long-term'. Even so, it's more for me about Mistress R deciding and if she decides to give me a week of orgasms, one a month for the whole of 2012 or even just one every few months, then as long as she's happy - I'll be happy too.
I think it really is safe to say that I can definitely stop worrying about Mistress R being too lenient with me now, she seems to be enjoying herself far too much to give in, which is a great feeling for me. Going back a year I never would have conceived that we would be in this position now, especially not after Mistress R's initial reaction. It really is quite incredible.

Thanks to everyone who's voted in the polls so far, I'm sure it will make for interesting reading later on, although I'm not sure quite how easy it will be to interpret the results.... ah well, I'll give it a go. It's interesting that in both polls the results say that more people claim to have never cheated than think they have been cheated on.

Needless to say, my diet blog will now be let alone until after Christmas, I'm adopting a holding position, and will embark on an intense week of abstinence next week to try and balance out the week that will no doubt follow, for all my good intentions we have four tins of Roses in our house right now, not to mention a couple of boxes of Raffaellos, Celebrations and God knows what else. Not that I'm intending to finish them up, indeed Mistress R and I have agreed a rule of no piggery until after 6pm. But, well, you know...

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

New poll....

Well, the music poll was really just a fill-in until I thought of something a little more relevant (Rock and Metal got the most votes which I kinda expected), so now thanks to a forum I frequent I have a new idea. This is going to fly in the face of anyone who is cuckolding or being cuckolded, but this new poll is about fidelity. There's one poll for men and one for women and you can select several answers.
Place you votes in the usual place!

Rightly or wrongly, for the purposes of this poll, we will assume that 'cheating' refers to something 'physical' and 'sexual' having taken place, so at least a finger in the pie or a handjob, blowjob any kind of 'job' really...

Sorry if this poll is depressing, I do find this a massively depressing subject myself. Even so I may follow this up next week with a poll to find out more...

30 days...

Well, today marks not only a new record for me (every day is a new record for me now of course), but also my first day in the 30's! To celebrate I've created a couple of captions which you can find on my new caption blog, which you can access via one of the banners on my blog or by clicking here.
The two captions are called 'Thirty Days' and 'Enjoy it, you won't be doing that again before February'.
Hope you all enjoy them.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Slow start, intense finish...

Yesterday was a bit shit. Mistress R and I were both a bit grumpy for various reasons and so I think we were both a little hesitant going into our session this morning. I also had a small cut on my cock, which was a little annoying, but thanks to lashings of Savlon and Vaseline it was all but healed this morning.

As usual Mistress R gave instructions on what I was to be wearing at the start of the session, so I started the session on my knees with my wrist and leg restraints in place, along with a rubber blindfold and the fantastic  Oxballs Cocksling (taking special care to ensure it was on straight and not folded over underneath). Mistress R entered and immediately started asking about my infractions, I confessed to five over the last four weeks and she told me to lean over the bed. She gave me fifteen lashes with the cat, which had me flinching well, counting and giving her thanks through gritted teeth.
After this she climbed on the bed and had me worship her beautiful feet for quite a while (which I loved, I so miss all the foot worship we had over the Summer), which made my cock stiffen a little in the cocksling. I didn't really get the feeling that Mistress was relaxed into the session yet, and when she told me 'enough' she got off the bed and retrieved the cat and also her crop (though I didn't know this at the time). I was then given a few smacks with the crop and then the number was made up to another fifteen with the cat. These didn't hurt as much as the first lot since now I was a little warmed up and the endorphins had kicked in, but they were still quite stingy!
Next I was on the bed on my back and Mistress restrained me (I remembered the cords this month!) before sitting on my face and having me lick her gorgeous pussy. As she rubbed her pussy against my face I could feel my cock getting harder and harder and harder in the cocksling until it felt like it was going to burst (seriously, the best £30 I've ever spent).
Mistress wasn't too wet to start with, which rather confirmed my suspicions that she wasn't relaxed from the start, but after a few rides on my face (interspersed with some nice cock and ball slapping) she was nicely warmed up. Next she had me suck her glass dildo and get it nice and wet for her before she pushed it inside her pussy, I could hear it as she pushed it up inside herself and my cock throbbed at the thought of being inside her too.
She had me lick the dildo clean a couple of times before more teasing, all the time berating me for my lack of will power when it came to touching my cock. She asked me who controls my cock, my balls and my ass. I told her that she did, and she said that it was time to display some of that dominance and I soon had a dildo inside me, I thought she might be using that as a warm-up for a good fucking with the strap-on, but it didn't happen (perhaps just as well, since I probably would have cum from that on it's own!).
Then she stroked and slapped my cock some more, wondering aloud how she was going to stop me from touching my cock, since she really doesn't want me in a device. She came up with the idea that maybe she should make me wait until I had managed to not touch my cock for two weeks before she would let me cum. I thought that was a brilliant idea, since every time I touched my cock I would effectively have to wait another fortnight, even if I was nearly there, it was sure to be a great incentive. She even went as far as pointing out that would mean that if I managed not to touch for the next two weeks then I would be allowed to cum at Christmas. Just when I thought that that was what she had decided, she added that she didn't like the idea, since she wanted to maintain complete control and she wanted to be the one who got to decide when and indeed 'if'! I guess that makes sense, this way she can make me wait until Christmas, next year or whenever she likes.
She sat astride me and removed the blindfold to reveal that she was wearing a black bra and a PVC skirt, and then sat on my face again, she was soaking wet now, funny how she always gets really wet after she's been abusing my cock! Then she span around and pushed her ass in my face, I desperately wanted to lick her asshole but I didn't want to risk annoying her, especially as she continued reminding me how much better it felt when she touched my cock then when I did it myself.
Then she crouched down over my rock-hard cock (still facing away from me) and slid it inside her, bouncing up and down on it a few times and giving me a wonderful view of the closest thing I'd had to 'doggy'style' since April. She got off and knelt beside me and started softly licking the tip of my cock, again reminding me how much better this was than touching it myself. I looked down and couldn't believe how hard my cock was, the tip was deep red and it looked like you could hammer in a nail with it. Seeing Mistress R's tongue flicking over the head was just about enough to put me over the edge, but I managed to keep control as she moved up the bed and kissed me.
Leaving the dildo inside me, she started stroking me with her fingertips which was unbelievably frustrating and intense, and I was starting to worry that I would have to tell her to stop or risk coming (incidentally, if any women reading this want to know the best way to ruin an orgasm I would say that this kind of teasing would be the best way to lead up to it, if you are stroking him hard then he's at least going to get a couple of strokes of pleasure before you even realise that he's coming, but this way you'd probably know about it before he did), thankfully she decided it was time to leave me alone for a while and left me alone for a bit, but not before attaching pegs to my nipples, which really hurt for the first minute but after that they were okay.
When she returned she removed the pegs from my nipples and untied me then told me to remove the cocksling (my cock was still hard even though I'd been left alone and there was an inch-long drip of precum leaking from the tip. Then she had me kneel up on the end of the bed. She slid onto the bed in front of me, her legs open and told me to worship her pussy until she came.
Well, I was only too willing to obey and feasted on her beautiful pussy for ten or fifteen minutes before she came pretty hard. She told me to lick my fingers clean, which I always do anyway and then stood up on the bed and had me lick every drop of pussy juice from her thighs and ass. I was hoping for a repeat of a couple of sessions ago when she told me to tongue her ass bit she didn't offer to let me do this, despite me licking some pussy juice from the edges of her ass crack.
Now she ordered me onto my back and she had me hard again pretty quickly. When I wear a normal cock ring it always seems a little harder to get hard again once you take it off, but the cocksling doesn't seem to cause this problem (yet another reason why it's the best sex toy I've ever had). I really wanted to cum now, I mean really wanted to cum! But Mistress R was glancing at the clock which suggested to me that she was just stringing me along until the end of the hour.
Again she stroked me softly and kept reminding me how much better it was when she touched my cock and how I must learn to keep my hands off my cock or risk losing all this lovely teasing she was giving me. And then she declared that the session was over... and I lay there, my cock throbbing and twitching, wondering how much longer I will have to wait until she finally lets me cum.
Well, you will remember I said a while back that I hoped that this would be the longest and hardest period of chastity yet, and it certainly has been so far. And although part of me really wants to cum soon, there's also a part of me that hopes she does make me wait quite a while yet, maybe even beyond Christmas. Still that's not for me to decide, so we'll just have to wait and see. But I will certainly be trying a lot harder to keep my hands off my cock in future, in fact that will make an excellent New Year's resolution for me won't it?
And I really hope she lets me worship her gorgeous ass next time...

A new record beckons...

So, this morning's session has passed without orgasm for me and it's extremely unlikely that Mistress R will let me cum this evening, so it looks pretty certain that I will be setting a new record tomorrow for the number of days without orgasm (29).

I will post about the session itself in a little while...

New poll...

How can anyone not love this, check out the singing snowman - brilliant!

Okay, there is a (sort of) reason for posting this Christmas silliness, my new poll is going to focus on something a little different. A lot of people might assume that people who lead alternative sexual lifestyles might also have alternative tastes in music, perhaps the most obvious being Goth/Metal. So lets see what you guys like (you can select multiple answers), and we'll see how true this really is. Me, I've been a metal head since 1982, but I also like some electronic music too. 

The personal grooming poll...

Well the poll has finished and the results are:

42% of the guys and 44% of the ladies are shaved.
41% of the guys and 29% of the ladies are trimmed.
17% of the guys and 27% of the ladies are natural.

I assume since an awful lot of you guys seem to own and use chastity devices that does necessitate some trimming, if not total hair removal.
As far as the ladies go, I wonder if you are representative of the female population as a whole? I have read that the younger generation of women have adopted shaving as 'normal' practice, but obviously I don't really know how true that is since I am in my 40's. Perhaps someone a little younger could vouch for the truth (or otherwise) of this statement?

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Preparing for the morning...

Well, in about twelve hours I'll be entering Mistress R's lair once more for our monthly femdom session. I have a few infractions to confess to, so I imagine I'm gonna get my butt paddled again (not looking forward to that, but hey)... still, maybe I'll get to cum! But maybe not. Last time I was allowed to cum it was in our last femdom session, but I'm still pretty convinced that Mistress R would like to beat my old record of 28 days, so probably not.
Nice to see I'm still attracting new followers, that's most encouraging. The two blogs combined views are about the same as the old blog, so splitting them doesn't seem to have had too bad an effect...

Friday, 9 December 2011

What if...

'Whichisnice' said:
You must be living on a knife edge. What if you were to have a wet dream? Would Mistress R punish you for cumming without her permission? Or have you factored that in as a potential unavoidable scenario?

We haven't actually discussed what she would do if I came without permission, if it was deliberate then I guess she might decide that she doesn't want to play this game anymore, since what would be the point if she can't trust me (I really don't see her wanting me in a chastity device). If it was accidental then I would like to think she would ruin it, but I suspect she wouldn't... I don't really know what would happen after that, I guess it would depend on the circumstances.
I've never had a wet dream in my life, in fact it's incredibly rare for me to dream about sex, in fact I remember my mate pissing himself laughing when I told him that I'd had a dream where all these hot women were trying to get me to fuck them and I was like 'I'm sorry, I can't, I'm married!'.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Delayed from last night...

But worth the wait, Mistress had another lovely orgasm tonight, but not before she had almost edged my by rubbing my cock against her leg! After I had finished going down on her she started teasing me again and despite a slowish start (still rather sleepy) I was soon pretty damn hard. She stroked me all ways and slapped my cock a few times (a couple of fairly robust slaps to the balls as well, definitely the hardest yet - don't know if I would enjoy them much harder... maybe we'll find out, hahaha), and once again I really thought that she was going to let me cum, even though really it's pretty unlikely what with the session on Sunday.
But no, of course not. She left me so fucking hard though, and it felt wonderful. As soon as she finished I rolled onto my side, holding her as my throbbing meat pressed against her stomach.
So. Fucking. Hard.
So this was day... 25 and there's really zero chance of cumming before Sunday, but of course I don't think Mistress R wants me to cum on Sunday because I'm sure she wants to beat my 28 day record. The thing is, every day Christmas seems closer and closer, and I'm really starting to wonder if maybe she is seriously thinking about making me wait until Christmas Eve.
Which would be 41 days for me.
Which seems a lot!
Still, I voluntarily gave up control to Mistress R and I never set any limits (kind of stupid I know), so what will be will be what Mistress R decides will be, and that's all there is to it really. Maybe she'll at least ruin one before then, maybe?
Maybe not.
She looks so content when she leaves me hanging, it's scary and hot as hell all at the same time.

There's a whole lot of shaving going on...

At least judging by the results of both of the polls so far. An interesting comment left by another 'anonymous' reader, asking 'why anyone in a FLR would be allowed any hair below the neck'. I wonder too, how many of those shaved cocks are through choice or instruction?

Sadly there was no pussy worship last night, because Mistress R took one look at me and said 'you look absolutely knackered' and so it was decided to postpone it until tonight... which I'm sure was for the best, and look at it this way, in about five hours I will be tasting Mistress R's sweet pussy, can't complain at that!!!

A couple of new captions added to the other site this afternoon and one more scheduled for midnight.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

It's official, Nuts4Belle is a cumslut...

Just been reading a post on Nuts4Belle's blog (here) where he talks about the feeling of wanting to eat his own cum. It's a feeling I have known on occasion, and it's one that is a little hard to accept. After all, we grow up with this idea that it's 'gay' and unpleasant (which it can be admittedly) so when you find yourself actually craving the taste of cum it's a bizarre experience to say the least. I'm not suggesting that the taste of cum is pleasant, because it isn't (I don't think there's much of a market for cum flavoured milkshake, but it's generally fairly bland) it's more the psychological effect that swallowing cum has that I crave (and that's pretty much what N4B is talking about too).
Who knows when I will be getting that particularly craving satisfied though, it's day twenty-four today and I wouldn't think I'll be coming before Sunday's session, and maybe not then either. I convinced Mistress R wants to break my 28 day record now, but whether she really will make me wait until Christmas... I just don't know. That's a big jump, 28 days to 41, but at the moment I can't see why not. Funny really, I'm starting to see how people can go a month and then start thinking about going a year. What a strange life we lead, haha.
One thing though, Mistress R said she wants an orgasm tonight, so there'll probably be some more lovely teasing for me!

New panel added...

I've just added a mini-blogroll in the right side bar for my caption site, so you can see at a glance when there's something new to see (without trawling to the foot of the page). It's just underneath the picture of Mistress R's slutty shoes.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Actually it's not so bad...

About 1500 hits here and 700 hits on the other blog adds up to about 2200, which is not too bad really. I've picked up 4 or 5 followers on the other blog today, I think my not so subtle banner is working! Hahaha

Dying on it's arse...

Since the captions have been moved to another site the blog hits have plummeted to lows I haven't seen for months. And yet the caption site doesn't seem to be getting that many hits either...  oh well, c'est la vie. It ain't going back the way it was.

The caption site only has ten followers too which I find quite surprising. Perhaps people just haven't got the message?

Captions are HERE.

More stats...

Since Mistress R has made it to the landmark average of five orgasms for every one of mine, I thought I would have a look at the stats again, this time looking not at the time waited but the ratios for my orgasms in relation to hers.
The most orgasms that Mistress R has enjoyed between two of mine is 9 (twice: coinciding with my two longest waits of 28 and 27 days, predictably enough). Aside from that there's no particular pattern indeed my twelfth,  thirteenth and fourteenth orgasms were only separated by two orgasms each for Mistress R. Actually, it appears that there has been a leveling off because my 5th orgasm coincided with Mistress R's 15th, my 10th with her 42nd (27 more), and my 15th with her 68th (26 more)...
However, if we look at the ratios then that shows a slightly different picture, so when I reached my 5th orgasm Mistress R had enjoyed 3 for every 1 of mine, when I reached my 10th orgasm Mistress R had enjoyed 4.2 for each one and when I spurted my 15th load Mistress R was up to a ratio of 4.53. Now Mistress has just had her 80th orgasm and increased the ratio to 5-1 for the first time. These figures though are perhaps slightly warped by the first month when Mistress R was still finding her feet, certainly most months Mistress R has about ten orgasms and I have 1 or 2, so I expect the ratio to continue to rise even if nothing really changes. And of course if Mistress R becomes less generous then it will rise even faster.
I must admit I kind of hope so, though I'm not quite ready for Harry Haversackers territory just yet!
I wonder how many orgasms Mistress R will have had by the time I get to twenty? I would put money on it being over a hundred, but probably not one hundred and twenty, I think it'll take longer than that to get to 6-1, but then again, maybe not. If Mistress does decide to make me wait until Christmas Eve for my next one then that will certainly have a dramatic effect on the figures. Of course, Mistress R could always throw a spanner in the works if she wanted to, the thing she most loves about all this is that she has the power and if she wants me to cum every day for a week then she can make that happen. Mistress R is all powerful, but I think she's enjoying the teasing and denial far too much to want to do that... much more fun to leave me aching for it I think!

Good poll over at Locked Husband...

There's a good poll over at 'Locked Husband's' blog (here) which asks which is your favourite way to make your wife/GF orgasm. Perhaps unsurprisingly, oral is winning with 75% of the vote. I certainly voted 'oral', and indeed it's a long, long time since I made Mistress R cum with my fingers. Can't say I miss it, because I adore giving oral sex. It's not a recent development either, the very first time I went to bed with a girl the first thing I wanted to do was go down on her (which she didn't let me do incidentally) and since I managed to convince Mistress R several years ago that I really do love it, like really LOVE IT, she's been the happy recipient of my oral ministrations.
A friend I used to know once remarked what a chore he found giving oral. What an attitude. If I can learn to enjoy the taste of my own cum..... hahaha. Perhaps that's why he can never stay with one girl for more than a couple of years at a time. I'm sure if he hadn't eventually had a kid he wouldn't have stuck with the one he's with now, well kinda, since they got divorced and then got back together, mainly cos they both ended up broke I reckon!
I guess it's easy for me to say, I never had to 'learn' to enjoy it, I've always loved doing it. There's nothing like having pussy juice smeared all over your face and the gorgeous scent of a woman filling your nostrils, sometimes I kiss Mistress R a couple of hours after I've gone down on her and she says she can still taste her pussy on me, which I think is just damn hot!
Anyway, there's a couple of polls over at Locked Husband's blog, you might want to go and join in and have a read of his blog too, it's good stuff.

Five to one...

Mistress R and I had an extraordinarily late night (I think we got to sleep just before 4am!) on Saturday night, and I stayed up until 1:45am on Sunday too so we were pretty tired last night, but we still made time for some pussy worship and teasing. I wouldn't say it was the best orgasm Mistress R has ever had, but she enjoyed it and even though my initial feeling was that having satisfied her I could quite happily shut my eyes and go to sleep (if only it was that easy) Mistress R wanted to tease me and naturally it didn't take long for me to come around, haha.
There was no harsh ball clawing, or cock slapping or hard jerking, we were both too tired for that, but it was wonderful all the same. Mistress R gently stroked my cock and balls for some time, which made me very hard and eventually had me arching my back and pushing my cock up, desperate for her to stimulate me harder. And the whole time she was doing this we were kissing, which made us feel so close... it was the perfect kind of teasing for that occasion. I did notice when we stopped that there was a tiny bit of pre-cum on the head of my cock and actually when Mistress R read my comment the other night about her excellent choice of words, she said that one of the reasons she stopped was because I was leaking pre-cum and she was concerned that I would cum.
Hopefully we can get some sleep and I can give Mistress R a really stupendous orgasm on Wednesday, because I think after that she'll want to hold off until Sunday and our next Femdom session.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot the reason for the title... last night's orgasm means that Mistress R has now had 80 orgasms to my 16 (since April 2011) which is a ratio of five to one!

Monday, 5 December 2011

The Solution (by 'whichisnice')...

One of our readers sent me this email, suggesting it was a way Mistress R could feed me another man's creampie, without technically cuckolding me.... I hope you all enjoy it, and thanks to 'whichisnice' for his contribution.

The doorbell rang. They had been planning this for months and now he was finally here. Rob opened the door.
"Have you got the paperwork?" he asked. The documents were handed over and Rob scrutinised them before letting him in. He didn't want to make too much eye contact or get too accustomed to him, knowing full well what he was here to do.
Waiting upstairs Mistress heard the front door and knew it was her cue.  stood up off her chair, slipped her feet into her new pair of black and silver high heeled mules, blew herself a kiss in the mirror and gently closed the bedroom door behind her. Both men looked up as they heard footsteps and watched in awe as she made her descent. She walked slowly and deliberately, placing one foot in front of the other, swaying her hips like Miss World coming down a giant staircase on a broadway stage. Rob momentarily looked across at their guest to see his jaw drop and whisper to himself "fucking hell".
With every step her legs caused her sheer black see through robe to flare open. She had deliberately left it undone to flow freely at her sides and each step revealed her pretty black silk thong and bra. "Well well, what have we here?" she asked with a twinkle in her eye as she surveyed the room.
"And why aren't you naked yet?" as she smiled at the stranger. "Let me get some drinks while you get yourself ready" as she motioned him to an armchair they had prepared especially for him. There were two towels, one for him to sit on and the other resting on the arm. 
Rob had been out that afternoon to get some beers so was surprised to see her come back in with a bottle of champagne and two of their best crystal glasses. As she handed one to the bull she snuck a peek at his growing penis and shaven balls.
"How long has it been?" she enquired.
"It's day 11" he said as he checked out her incredible body. He really couldn't believe his luck.
"Oh well done. Thats great. Thank you. Well I suppose we had better get started. Cheers" she toasted and raised her glass.
Rob wondered where his glass was. They had agreed beforehand that his wife wouldn't humiliate him but she didn't seem to be in the mood for his trivial questions. She let her gown fall to the ground before joining him on the sofa.
"This is it honey" she whispered in his ear and asked him to unbutton her bra.
As Rob did so they both looked forward and saw their new friend stroking an impressive erection. With one hand, Mistress squeezed her slave's balls through his shorts and cupped her left breast with the other. They were just big enough that she could lift them up to her lips and run her tongue over the hardening nipple. She felt Rob growing in her hand before leaving him to allow both her hands to run over her soft breasts and push the champagne glass suggestively up and down between them leaving drops of chilled water in her cleavage.
She could see their friend was enjoying himself as he wanked furiously. She slipped a finger underneath the thin elastic at the top of her thong and made a circular motioned beneath the black silk. The guest sat opposite let out a low groan and stood up quickly, grabbing the plastic cup on the table in front of him. Mistress watched him stroke the first two spurts into the cup before turning to Rob and feeling his shorts. She couldn't help but smile at him. He was rock hard. She stared at Rob as Rob stared at this man, sat naked on his chair, squeezing out a 5th, 6th and 7th rope of spunk into the cup. He really had waited 11 days. Or even more!
"Every little drop please" Mistress smiled as she took another sip of bubbly. He didn't need a tissue to wipe the tip of his cock, he had emptied himself dry into the cup. 
As he began to get dressed, she stood up and put her robe back on and tied it at the waist.
"Take these home with you as a special momento. And thanks, that was just perfect." she said as she slipped her hands up inside her robe and slid her thong down her legs and stepped out of them, passing them over to his grateful hands.
The door shut and Mistress led her slave upstairs to the bedroom. She pushed him to sit on the floor at the end of the bed and she sat down on the edge above him, one leg crossed over the other and a finger in her mouth in a pensive, thoughtful manner. 
"Uhm...I really don't know how to punish you today slave. What do you think? You know what you did wrong....dont you?"   
" Mistress" 
She laughed a pissed off laugh.
"Dont lie to me slave. You're telling me you don't know what you did wrong?"
"No Mistress. I mean yes. I don't know. I don't know what I did wrong" he snivelled.
"I felt you" she barked. "You were the hardest I've ever known. And you were watching him wank. You were turned on by it weren't you!"
"No Mistress" he lied.
"Are you calling me a liar slave? Are you saying you weren't turned on?" she questioned.
"Yes Mistress. I I'm not calling you a liar"
" you were turned on?"
"Yes Mistress. Sort of" he finally admitted to it.
"Well, then you shall be punished. Do you like worshipping my feet slave?"
He knew this was a double ended question and he would get it wrong no matter what he said.
"Yes Mistress, I love it"
"Then you won't tonight. Lick my heels. Suck them" she ordered and she dangled her mule off her toes, putting the stiletto heel above his lips. She kept bouncing her leg up and down and moving her foot so her heel continually moved, making it almost impossible for Rob to follow it with his tongue.
"I'm not impressed Slave. I thought you said you like worshipping my feet? You don't seem to be making much of an effort tonight" she shouted.
"But's diffi..."
She knew she didn't have much time and had to hurry things along.
"Shut up and get on the bed" she said. He did as he was told and she tied his wrists and ankles to the corners and stroked him hard, giving the occasional kiss to the pulsing head. It didn't take long for her to take him to the edge as his eyes stared at the ceiling.
She climbed up and sat on his stomach facing the bottom of the bed, laying her head back so that it was on Rob's shoulder blade next to his ear. 
"Do you want to lick my shaven pussy Slave?"
He blurted out his response quicker than he had even heard the question. "Oh God, yes please Mistress", his cock pulsing.
She leaned over to the bedside table and opened the drawer and pulled out her glass dildo. "I need to get myself ready first" 
She was so wet from the evening entertainment that her toy slipped in and out so easily, making her hole wider and looser with every thrust.
Rob could smell her wet pussy and was desperate for a taste but he daren't ask.
"Shut your eyes" she demanded, as she again reached over to the drawer. She pulled out a syringe and picked up the plastic cup from the floor by the side of the bed. Still managing to lay back on Rob's chest, she put the syringe in the cup and with two or three attempts, she sucked up the entire contents of spunk into the tube.
With one hand she parted her pussy lips and positioned the syringe at the entrance to her count with the other. Gently she pushed it as deep inside her pussy as she could, before pushing the valve closed, depositing every drop of semen deep inside her wet womb.
With the swiftness of a porn star, she moved up the bed and positioned herself above Rob's face and gently lowered herself onto his mouth.
" can open your eyes now"

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Restraint, the mental kind...

Just had an email from a reader complimenting me on my 'restraint' (you know, not jerking myself off because I'm too damned horny and Mistress R won't let me cum). The funny thing is I don't find it a massive effort after the first week or so, it's like I enter a mindset where this is just how it is. Mistress R has control and I am simply not allowed to make myself cum, whether I want to or not, it's simply not allowed!
Which kind of negates the need for a chastity device I suppose, but I suppose we'll really see about that when Mistress R starts making me wait longer, won't we...

- - -

Am feeling all pumped up again to start losing weight and all that jazz. Been on the treadmill today and yesterday and also did some weights too. Got a wedding to go to in about seven months, would be nice if my suit would fit properly by then, or maybe even a new smaller suit! Now that's optimism. Of course there's Christmas on the way and that's a tough time but I'm determined not to pile on the pounds over the festive period and undo all the good work I do between now and then.