Monday, 28 April 2014

Slowly going down...

Two more positive comments on my Literotica page, what the fuck is up with that? Still just about clinging on to my 'HOT' rating as well, but it's slowly going down... ah well. Such is life! Mildly disappointed that I haven't been called a fag this time, guess I didn't put enough cucky badness in my story to really stir the nutters up.

Friday, 25 April 2014

First feedback left for my new story on Literotica...

What a super orgasm

OMG!!!! That was awesome and I had decided not to play with myself AT ALL while reading your story. I needed to stroke my dick but I had told myself not too. Oh man, I can ALMOST feel what Daniel was feeling, but I'm sure that I was no where near in agony as Daniel was.

As I finished the story, I couldn't help, but ........ yes, I had to do it. Cum everywhere. Ha! Ha! Seriously, your story had brought me to a state of dick was so hard I thought that my dick was going to blow up. What a climax to your story. FELT SO GOOD.

Oh, by the way....your story was awesome and of course, kept me hard for every minute that I was reading and being engulfed in your story and thinking that I had to figure a way to make it to the end and NOT CUM. Super good.


Five +!!

I wish lit had more stars to give! Great story. Such vivid detail. I almost wish I were him.... Almost LOL. I recently discovered your writing and I must say you are quite talented. Thank you for sharing!

Almost disappointingly positive!!! Where are the trolls???

Thursday, 24 April 2014

New Story is now on Literotica...

My new story has now been uploaded to Literotica (no hilarious comments as yet, but I'm sure there will be sooner or later), currently on a score of 4.20 / 5.00. If you would like to vote then click HERE and go to the bottom of the page... unless you didn't like it, in which case don't bother!

Monday, 21 April 2014

Daniel Strokes for his Mistress...

Daniel allowed his eyes to wander up the length of his Mistress’s silky smooth legs, right up to the point where her thin white robe contrasted with her lightly tanned thighs. He continued to kiss her well-manicured toes and instep, while being acutely aware of the fact that his cock was becoming uncomfortably constrained by his tight-fitting chastity device. He shifted his weight slightly, partly to give his knees a break and partly in the baseless hope that it might somehow alleviate the growing discomfort in his groin. Suddenly he felt the points bite and he remembered that Judith had inserted them into the device the previous night.

“I know you think you can worship my feet properly without fully concentrating Daniel, but take it from me… you can’t.”

Daniel immediately lowered his eyes and tried to concentrate on the task in hand. He had no idea how she had seen him peeking, she hadn’t lowered her magazine once. Perhaps she was just guessing?

He continued for a while then caught sight of the magazine being lowered, but resisted the temptation to look up. He felt her lean forward and her hand move towards his head. Her fingers slid through his grey flecked hair and tightened briefly as she moved his mouth to exactly the point on her foot where she wanted it.

“Are you thinking about last night Daniel?” She asked with a smile in her voice. “Or are you desperately trying not too?”

“I’m trying not to Mistress,” he gasped as he felt the points digging in just a little more.

“That must be difficult for you, I know how much you enjoyed it… well we both did, didn’t we?”

“Yes Mistress.”

Judith flexed her foot, spreading her toes as Daniel worked his tongue between them, dutifully licking and sucking each one in complete reverence. As she relaxed back into the leather chair she closed her eyes and remembered exactly what had happened the previous evening.


As instructed Daniel had been waiting for her at the foot of their Super-King sized bed with his hands clasped behind his head and his blindfold already fitted. Judith ran her fingers across his chest before pressing one of her long fingernails into his left nipple. Daniel barely flinched and Judith smiled to herself and grasped both of his nipples firmly between fingers and thumbs, pulling until he winced audibly.

“Would you prefer pegs on your nipples, or should I just crop them Daniel… or should I just peg them and smack them off with crop?”

“Whichever pleases you Mistress,” replied Daniel calmly.

“Maybe later,” she purred.

Daniel felt his wife move down in front of him until she was resting on one knee, her face level with his caged cock.

“I think we need to get this off,” she said as she gently slid the key on her necklace into the padlock that sat just above Daniel’s cock. She paused for a moment, just long enough to make Daniel think she was having second thoughts. She looked up at his face, partly covered by the blindfold and waited to see a nervous twitch of his lips, then carefully slid the padlock out of the device and began removing the various plastic pieces that kept her husband’s cock secure.

Working quickly, to ensure he didn’t get too hard too quickly she slipped a simple steel cock ring over his cock and balls, ensuring his cock would stay as hard as possible (with the minimum of stimulation) for as long as possible.

Judith returned to her feet and watched Daniel’s cock slowly start to swell. She resisted the temptation to touch it and instead pressed her fingers between her own legs, gently pressing between her lips and grazing her clit.

Daniel heard her soft moan and his cock responded, swelling against the ring and trapping the blood inside his cock as it did so.

“Give me your hands,” she said.

Daniel unclasped his hands and felt his wife attaching the Velcro cuffs to his wrists. Then she reached down and slid her fingers carefully around his balls, using them to lead him around the edge of the bed before pressing down on his shoulders  so that he was sitting on the edge.

“Lay down and turn so that you’re laying down along the edge,” she said.

Daniel complied and felt her reach up and pull his hands up to the top of the bed, she secured them to something and then fastened another set of Velcro cuffs around his ankles. These were then fastened to foot of the bed.

Judith bent over him and dragged her naked breasts across his chest and stomach, stopping just short of allowing contact with his straining cock. It looked so hard now, the veins standing out as Daniel breathed quickly in and out, in and out…

He felt her lips press against his and her fingers sliding over his torso, moving down and down, but again denying him the pleasure of contact with his aching cock.

“I love seeing your cock like this…” she whispered. “So hard and desperate. I can’t imagine what it’s like to want to give your pleasure over to someone else to control… I don’t think I could ever do that, I love being able to cum when I want too much to even contemplate it.”

Daniel trembled slightly as her lips brushed his ear.

“But seeing you like this, aching, desperate, throbbing… you know, it doesn’t make me want to try it, it just makes me want to make you wait and suffer even more.”

Daniel’s cock pulsed intensely and he gasped as the cock ring suddenly seemed to fit even tighter than before.

“Your cock looks so desperate for attention right now… but I’m not going to touch it. Not even once. Tonight is all about me.”

Daniel felt her move away and then he felt movement on the other side of the bed. He turned his head towards the movement even though he couldn’t see because of the blindfold and sensed that she was kneeling next to him.

Judith slipped a finger between her legs again and gently circled it around, coating it with her juices. When it was sufficiently wet she held it just under Daniel’s nose so that he could breathe in her scent. He licked his lips expectantly and she pulled it away sharply.

“Keep your mouth closed!” She ordered firmly.

Daniel obeyed and Judith wiped her finger gently along his lips.

“Don’t lick them until I say you can.”

Daniel loved and hated this treatment. He loved that his wife was so confident and aware of the effect that every part of her body had on him that she could torture him with the smallest touch or deferral of pleasure. He ‘hated’ it because… she was so good at it and he felt completely helpless around her.

Judith lay down on her back on the bed and rested her head on his stomach, the large bed meant she had ample room to spread out and before long Daniel could hear her fingers inside her wet pussy.

“I hope you haven’t licked your lips yet Daniel,” she warned.

“No Mistress.”

“Good boy…”

Daniel listened as his wife pleasured herself with her fingers. Occasionally she would moan contentedly or tell him how good it felt to be able to touch herself whenever she wanted.

“I would never give this up Daniel, I would never let someone else dictate my pleasure. But I love that you love to suffer for me…”

Daniel’s cock was throbbing like hell, even though he knew there was no chance of relief or even contact with any part of her soft, smooth skin.

“Lick your lips now Daniel, taste my pussy.”

Daniel flicked his tongue across his lips, greedily enjoying the essence of his wife’s delicious juices. He wanted so much to be allowed to taste her properly, to sink his tongue into her slippery pussy and tease her clit until she exploded, but somehow he knew he wasn’t going to be allowed that pleasure tonight, which just made him want it even more.

“You love that taste don’t you Daniel?”

“Yes Mistress, I love it so much.”

“Beg me for more Daniel.”

“Please Mistress, please let me taste you again.”

Judith’s arm reached back over her shoulder and her slender fingers found their way into Daniel’s waiting mouth. His tongue and lips greedily stripped her digits of every last ounce of her flavoursome juices before she eventually pulled them away.

Then Judith’s movements became more vigorous as she started to stimulate herself much harder and faster. Daniel wondered how long it would take for her to climax and was astonished at how quickly she brought herself off. His cock practically slapped against his stomach as she groaned and convulsed against him the first time, but unusually Judith continued on, stroking her soaking pussy to a second and third climax.

Judith lay exhausted on the bed, her head just inches from Daniel’s neglected, aching cock. She lay motionless for so long that Daniel wondered if she had actually gone to sleep. For the sake of his sanity he allowed his mind to drift to other things and gradually he felt the cock ring loosen its iron grip.

When Judith finally stirred she rolled over so that she was facing him with her right ear against his stomach. The touch of her bare skin was maddening and Daniel wished she would remove the blindfold so that he could at least see her naked body, but he knew better than to ask.

“Did you enjoy that?” She asked sleepily.

“Yes thank you Mistress…”

“I bet you would have enjoyed it a lot more without the blindfold… but knowing you were suffering for me, desperate to see anythingmade it even better for me, and that’s what you told me you wanted isn’t it Daniel? You told me you wanted me to always maximise my own pleasure no matter how it detracted from yours isn’t that right?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“And do you still feel that way, even after all the frustration I’ve put you through tonight?”

“…Yes Mistress.”

“Oh dear, that sounded awfully like a slight hesitation Daniel… I’m afraid I’m going to have to punish you for that.”

Shortly after that conversation, Judith removed Daniel’s cock ring and refitted his CB device, complete with the fiendish ‘Points of Intrigue’, before untying him and allowing him up off the bed. She then removed his blindfold and finally allowed him to see her naked body, though predictably the resulting erection gave Daniel more pain than pleasure.


Daniel had been worshipping his Mistress’s feet for some time now and his lips were starting to get a tiny bit sore. But he knew a little Vaseline would soon sort that out, which was more than could be said for his tender cock.

Again he felt Judith move and lean forward to look down at him and he concentrated even harder on his task, determined to give her no cause for further punishment.

He needn’t have worried, Judith was in a very good mood.

“I have to say Daniel, I was very impressed with you last night. It must have been hard for you to lie there, listening to me cumming over and over, your poor cock throbbing and aching… and yet you didn’t once disturb or distract me. I was sure you wouldn’t be able to resist moving around or begging me to let you watch, but you behaved impeccably. Of course you had to be punished for your hesitation, but you’ve suffered enough now I think, so I’m going to release you.”

“Thank you Mistress!”

“Stand up,” she ordered.

Daniel rose unsteadily to his feet after spending so long down on his knees and wobbled slightly as Judith reached out to steady him.


Daniel slowly peeled off his T-shirt and folded it neatly before placing it on the chair to his right. He then stripped off the remainder of his clothes until he stood naked before his Mistress save for the chastity device locked around his cock and balls.

Judith leaned forward and once again inserted the key into the padlock, this time she slid the padlock away immediately and set about freeing her husband’s slowly growing meat.

“Back on your knees,” she said sternly.

Daniel dropped to his knees again, watching helplessly as his cock stiffened, almost daring him to stroke without permission.

“Your cock is so hard Daniel, you must really want to stroke for me.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“How long is it since I allowed you to cum?”

“Forty seven days Mistress.”

Judith raised an eyebrow and an evil smile flickered around the corners of her mouth.

“Really… not even seven weeks yet? I thought it was longer, still…”

Judith lifted her index finger to her mouth and licked the tip before rubbing it in a small circular motion on the tip of Daniel’s pulsating stalk.

“You may stroke it now Daniel, stroke it for your Mistress.”

Daniel exhaled sharply, he hadn’t even realised he had been holding his breath and he suddenly felt a little light headed. He grasped his hard meat and started to slowly stroke it back and forth.

“Because you behaved yourself so well last night, I am going to allow you a chance to cum. But it’s not going to be easy… you’re going to have to work for it.”

Judith couldn’t help smiling wickedly as she revealed her evil plan.

“We’re going to play a game, and if you play it well…or rather if you play it perfectly, you might actually get to enjoy an orgasm. On the other hand, you might not, or you might just have to ruin your orgasm. Do you want to play?”

“Yes please Mistress.”

“Good boy.”

Judith allowed her legs to open a little, giving Daniel just a glimpse of her shaven pussy beneath her robe. She allowed her hand to fall between her legs and gently teased her lips apart with her middle finger. After a few moments she held her finger out and allowed Daniel to lick it clean for her. She tasted divine and Daniel started breathing a little harder as his orgasm drew ever closer.

“That’s good,” she said. “Don’t fight it, I want you to get close for me. In fact the closer you get the more chance you’re going to have to enjoy it, if I let you cum.”

Daniel pumped his prick a little harder as she spoke.

“When you get as close as you can I want you to tell me Daniel, after that I will give you five more strokes to tip yourself over the edge. Do you think you can get that close without coming Daniel?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Well, we’ll see… Oh and just one thing Daniel, as soon as you tell me you’re ready… you have to let go until I say, then you can stroke it five more times. But don’t worry, I’m not going to be a bitch about it, it will only be for a few seconds. I expect the first two strokes will be wasted but you might start cumming on the third and enjoy a couple of firm strokes before you have to let go…”

Daniel grunted quietly at the thought of having to let go of his pulsating cock mid-orgasm, but continued to stroke.

“So you see Daniel it’s in your interests to get as close as you can, practically to the point of coming without even being touched, because you’re going to need to hold that edge for those few seconds when I tell you to let go, otherwise you’re either going to end up completely ruining your orgasm, or maybe not even coming at all, and we wouldn’t want that would we? I’m sure you don’t want to go back in the cage with your balls still swollen and full do you?”

“No Mistress, please…”

“Get close then Daniel, get as close as you can without coming. And of course don’t even think about going over the edge without my permission or it won’t just be the Points of Intrigue you need to worry about.”

Daniel stroked harder while Judith crossed her legs, allowing her left foot to dangle mere inches away from the tip of Daniel’s cock, just begging to be covered in his sticky ball juice. Daniel felt the orgasm rising from the base of his cock and declared that he was ‘there’ as instructed. He screwed his eyes shut in concentration, willing his body to co-operate in his attempt to stay right on the edge but without plummeting over and incurring his Mistress’s considerable wrath.

“Let go!” Ordered Judith, watching intently as he struggled to hold back even though his hand was now hanging loosely at his side.

The wait continued and Daniel slowly opened his eyes, the edge had receded way too far to get back to it within five strokes and Judith sat there smirking at him.

“Too long?” She asked innocently. “Why don’t you try again… and this time I want to see precum dripping from your cock.”

Daniel grasped his cock and squeezed it hard, a few drops of precum issued forth and coated the head of his dick, making it a little easier for his foreskin to move over it. He stroked again, staring lustfully at his Mistress’s beautiful feet. How he would love to stroke his cock hard and fast, coating her instep with his cum, imagining how it would drip down and how he would willingly lick it from between her toes.

The mental image was almost too much for him and all too soon he was back on the edge again.

“I’m there Mistress,” he almost cried out.

Again she kept him waiting way too long and he almost wept with frustration.

“Okay,” she said. “This time I promise to play fair.”

Daniel grabbed his cock once more and beat his aching cock to within an inch of its life and this time Judith was true to her word and only made him wait a few seconds before giving him permission to stroke again.

“Five strokes. Go!”

Daniel stroked as hard and fast as he ever had in his life but it was just no use, at the end of the five strokes his cock pulsed and strained in front of him, but he remained resolutely on the cliff’s edge. His breathing was heavy and laboured as the precum dripped out of his cock and onto her petite foot, but he just couldn’t tip himself over.

“So close Daniel, so close.”

Judith laughed as she lifted her foot to Daniel’s mouth and told him to lick it clean. His tongue flicked out and obediently wiped the clear liquid from her foot. He looked exhausted and defeated and that was when Judith decided to take pity on him.

“You’ve been such an obedient slave these past two days Daniel…”

“Thank you Mistress.”

“…so I have decided that I am going to allow you to relieve some of the pressure in your poor aching balls.”

“Thank you Mistress, you are very kind Mistress.”

“Take your time now, stroke to the edge for me and tell me when you get there.”

Daniel grasped his prick once again and pumped it slowly and firmly, his cock was a little slow to respond after so many close calls, but before long he felt his balls start to tighten and he gave the warning as instructed.

“I’m close Mistress.”

“Good, keep stroking, stay right there…”

Judith uncrossed her legs and raised both her feet off the ground so that they were directly beneath Daniel’s cock.

“You know what you have to do now Daniel, don’t you?”

“Yes Mistress, I think so.”

“Good, ruin it for me then, ruin that beautiful, powerful orgasm all over my pretty feet and lick them clean.”

Daniel stroked a few more times and then let go, his cock twitched several times and then a slow, thick stream of cum drooled out of his cock and onto Judith’s gorgeous feet. It lasted several seconds and Daniel watched transfixed. His cock stayed hard even after the flow had stopped, but he knew better than to touch it again without permission. Judith carefully rubbed her feet against each other, coating both of them with Daniel’s creamy fluid before lifting them in turn to his mouth for him to clean.

As his cock softened Daniel could feel still more cum oozing out of him, but Judith was one step ahead and placed the foot that he wasn’t licking clean underneath him to catch every drop. He knew it wouldn’t be long until he was locked securely into the device again, but right then, with his mouth full of his own cum and his Mistress’s beautiful toes, he felt like the luckiest man alive.

Six new captions available...

Six brand new captions are available HERE.

In future all new captions will be posted on this page which can be accessed through the Captions Menu. They will be posted into the appropriate sub-category menus at the same time and each time a new batch is ready the previous batch will be deleted from the 'Recent Additions' page.

Erotica 2014?

Does anyone know what is happening with the Erotica show this year? The website is now password protected which seems a bit odd to say the least! It seemed pretty successful last year and I would have thought that things would be happening by now if they were going to happen...

20 Free stories...

Though I can't vouch for the quality of them (as I haven't read them myself) Femdom Cave have 20 free stories you can download without signing up to anything at all. Actually, that's not strictly true... I can't vouch for the quality of 19 of them, the other one is obviously superb - By Invitation I believe it's called!

Anyway if you love free stuff, go HERE and get clicking!

Speaking of writing, I am reliably informed that Stanley Jeffries has finished his new novel and submitted it to Pink Flamingo for publication. I've read most of it, in bits, but I'm looking forward to reading the finished article.

Also, hopefully by the end of today my new short story will be available as well.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Story update...

About half way done on the story, let's hope I get time to finish it tomorrow.

Also you might notice some restructuring in the caption pages, hope you approve.

Fuck yes!

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Saludos, Pozdrowienia, Saluti, Groeten, Grub, Salutations...

It's been quite apparent for a long time that a lot of my readers are from the United States of America, and of course a fair few are from the UK, but it never really occurred to me that people from Spain, Italy or the Netherlands would be visiting here...

But of course most European countries teach English in their schools whereas we Brits are predictably lazy about learning other languages. So a special welcome to all my visitors from non-English speaking countries, I would love to hear from you guys, don't worry if your English isn't perfect, it's bound to be better than my French/German/Italian/Spanish/Polish!

Hopefully tomorrow I will be writing my new story. I've sketched out the outline so all I really need is about four hours to hammer it out. Annoyingly I had a lot of dialogue in my head last night, but I had to go out and couldn't get any of it down on paper. Hopefully it will come back to me or at least something just as good. So expect a post either tomorrow or Monday.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Three hundred down...

Well would you look at that, Mistress R now has 366 orgasms to my 66, making me exactly three hundred down in just over three years! Actually, as I'm typing this I can still taste Mistress R's delicious pussy... and that's not all I can taste either. No I haven't been allowed to cum again, but after some pleading I was allowed to worship Mistress's gorgeous ass as she teased my cock. Truth be told I was throbbing before I even brought up the subject of being allowed to lick her asshole, so you can imagine how I felt after being given permission!
Well, it's Easter weekend at last and I'm looking forward to four days off work. I can't really claim to need a holiday as I've only just had one, but all the same, these last four days have seemed like the longest on record. Aside from all the fun things Mistress and I are intending to do together, I am hopeful of spending at least some time being creative this weekend. That means either writing music or writing porn, and I feel like the latter would be the better option. I already have an idea for a short story, so perhaps by Monday night you guys will get to read it. Well let's hope so anyway.
I actually looked at a couple of Literotica stories today and they were really poor. I mean, really poor. I actually left a comment on one because it started off promisingly enough, quite well written actually, but then it all went to pot. First the guy was a lawyer, then a former NFL player, then his cock was smaller than his wife's ex, then he was really well hung... I mean, for fucks sake! Mistress can't even abide punctuation misdemeanours (woe betide the author who brandishes a semi-colon inappropriately) so I can't imagine what she'd make of that.
Anyway, here's wishing all my readers a happy Easter.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

You're not a 'real' slave...

An anonymous comment left earlier today reads...

Why does Mistress R refer to you as slave? There are people in the BDSM community who consider this very bad form. You are sexually submissive, but you are not a slave and as far as I can tell you certainly haven't earned that particular title. I suppose at least you haven't taken to wearing a collar. That really would be taking the piss.

Now I don't know whether this person is male or female, for some reason I think it's a female, though the odds are stacked against it. But I think it's safe to assume they are British, as I'm not sure the phrase 'taking the piss' extends much beyond our sunny isles? Or maybe it does, I'm not the most well travelled of people after all.
But anyway... I am aware that there are some people who feel this way, but the truth is Mistress R has referred to me as 'slave' for a very long time indeed, our Femdom sessions have been ongoing for nearly twenty years after all, and way before I was aware that this was in any way 'controversial'. It was never meant to have any truly deep and meaningful significance other than being the obvious thing a Mistress would use to refer to her submissive, I mean I've never once heard of any Mistress referring to their submissive directly as 'Sub' (sorry... should be a small 's', obviously, but lets not get into that here).
Perhaps in your eyes we are merely playing at this, and that I grant you, because we are indeed playing at this compared to some. In all honesty I don't actually wish to be a 'slave' as you might see it. I don't really want to spend whole evenings kneeling at my Mistress's feet (lovely as they are) holding her drink tray in my teeth while she amuses herself by stubbing out cigarettes on my shoulders. If that's what it takes to 'earn' the title of slave then good luck to those who get off on it, but it's not for us.
On the other hand, Mistress knows she is at liberty to demand my submission at any given moment, merely by addressing me as 'slave'. In fact this is in our recently signed contract. Now, I concede this hasn't actually happened as yet, but I have done all that I can to facilitate that outcome. I am essentially Mistress R's 'submissive' 24/7, but only if she chooses to utilise me. That is out of my control. Maybe in another year's time it will have become normal for Mistress to have me stroking and edging my cock for her amusement, or worshipping her ass at a moment's notice, I certainly hope so... and rest assured if it is then I shall take great pleasure in sharing it with my readers.
If anybody else takes great exception to my/our use of the word 'slave', well I am sorry but we are kind of used to it now, so... whatever!

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Fifteen new captions for you...

Fifteen brand new captions - just click HERE

Mistress Marie's comment on my Femdom Session post...

Mistress Marie said: Another fun session to read about. Hey did you ever share the details of the new weight loss program you two are doing and what the rewards etc are?

No I didn't actually. Basically what happened was the group changed venues and the new venue was bigger and the seats there were really uncomfortable to sit on for an hour and a half. So I ended up just going to get weighed and I was fine with that, until the last week I went. I had been weighing myself at home and wasn't expecting much, maybe a pound, or half a pound off, maybe at the worst a maintain. But instead they told me I had put on four pounds and I was really pissed off. Mistress R didn't believe it either, so I thought, the only reason to go (and pay £5 a week) was because they were supposed to have really good scales that I could rely on, but that totally killed that trust I had in them. So Mistress R and I decided that instead I would put that £5 a week in a jar and we can use it to go out for dinner or something when there's enough in the pot.
So now basically Mistress R is weighing me every weekend and every time I lose 'new' weight I get to choose a treat. If you remember, last week I chose the cock whip, which was great. Unfortunately, this week I put on two pounds (we've been off work this week, although I was still expecting to maintain) so I didn't get to choose anything, and tomorrow is Mistress R's birthday so it's not looking brilliant for next week either... but still, I'm still about 2.5St (35lbs) lighter than when I first went to Slimming World and it was cool today being able to buy some cool new Oakley T-Shirts in the Oakley Vault. There's also some milestone rewards, but I'm not sure exactly what they are going to be yet, so we'll see.

Wonder if you can choose a good hard long ass fucking sometime :) That would be very hot indeed.

Yes, I've thought about that. But since I only get to choose one treat (or rather toy) at a time, I'd really rather have the glass butt plug first for a while. Maybe I need to discuss this with Mistress R to clarify...

I was thinking one night when you are done worshipping her feet, she could have you stroke while she watches and then make you ruin your own orgasm over her feet and suck them clean. Maybe making you actually do it will alleviate some of her feeling mean!

Thanks for this suggestion MM, I have read it out to her and she commented that it was an 'interesting idea'. I do love cumming on her feet (and licking them clean), and to be honest it would be easier for me to ruin myself onto her feet than for her to do it, getting my cum on her feet while she's stroking me has always been a bit tricky, lets hope Mistress follows this idea up soon!


Not much to report since the session if I'm honest. Mistress and I were away Friday and Saturday, a concert and a shopping trip meant two very exhausting days. I'm pleased to say that I didn't neglect my foot worship duties yesterday though, and I kissed her pretty feet for quite a while as she lay on the hotel bed yesterday! Right now Mistress has a bit of a problem with one of her eyes, I hope it doesn't spoil her birthday tomorrow.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Mistress Marie: How Do You Feel About Orgasm Denial...

Right now Mistress Marie (HERE) is hosting a little discussion about denial and she would be interested to hear your comments, this is how I answered her questions:

'How do you think you would feel if your Mistress said that you would not cum for a year?'

I would be extremely surprised for a start as that would be a massive jump for us... But as I'm assuming by that you mean I would only be getting ruined orgasms rather than no orgasms at all, I would be happy to go along with that. I find often that while orgasms after a period of denial are very intense and powerful - too powerful to be enjoyable sometimes - if it was truly my choice I would probably choose a ruined orgasm or denial over a proper orgasm, simply because the crazy feeling of being so desperate to want to cum is so much better than the post orgasm deflation. That said, these days proper orgasms don't seem to satisfy me as much as they used to, I mean they don't knock me back so far, so the desperation returns quicker than it once did. 

'Or that you would never cum again?'

I really can't see the point of that, because it's surely better to hold that power over the slave even if there is actually no intention of ever allowing a proper orgasm. It would be far better in my opinion to offer a date for possible release and then when that arrives, review it and give another date, and so on... false hope has to be more effective. Or don't offer a date at all, and every time the slave gets close to release tease him that maybe this time it will be the one... only to ruin him at the less second. Honestly, any Domme that would do this would be diminishing her own power for no good reason, unless her slave has expressed an interest in 'permanent denial', but even then once he has that fantasy fulfilled then what?

Do you think it would improve your service or have a negative effect?

Well, on the one hand it would keep me horny, but on the other no more so than unspecified denial. The only way it might work would be if there was a lot of verbal teasing about it, like when I was getting close if she teased me about it, reminding me that it doesn't matter how close I get, how much I beg, etc etc... because every orgasm I ever have for the rest of my life will be ruined. But even then I think the effect would wear off, whereas just never knowing and/or being teased about it would wear much better. For example, say I went a couple of years without a proper orgasm, or even four or five... there would still be hope which could be encouraged and crushed at will by the Domme, which is bound to have a greater effect than knowing full stop that there will never be another orgasm. I know a lot of people fantasize about permanent denial and I understand that, but I think what they are craving is not the knowledge that they will never be allowed to cum again, I think they want the reassurance that they will never have to suffer the post-orgasm dip again, which isn't really the same thing. But I could be wrong, no doubt there are some people who would genuinely get off on the idea of being controlled to that degree.

'What is the longest you have ever been denied?'

42 days, twice. I am hopeful of breaking that record sometime in the very near future.

'How long would you like to be denied if you were allowed input?'

I'm not sure exactly, but I'm sure that when I got close to it I would probably not want it to come to an end, so actually I would rather not have a date, or know when it is going to be. I love the uncertainty of being close to the edge and wondering... what I would say is that if I was given input then I would like a lot more ruined orgasms and a lot less proper orgasms. I would quite happily have single figure 'proper' orgasms per year, but plenty of ruined ones as I love it when Mistress makes me lick my cum off her fingers or especially from parts of her body, but like most denial junkies I hate the post orgasm lull.

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