Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Sneaking one in at the last minute...

Well, would you credit it, Mistress R was back in action earlier than expected so last night she got her 11th orgasm of the month (another new record!), so that's now 48 for her and 11 for me since April 1st.

Oh, and we should all spare a thought for 'm', who is currently battling through 'Owned' despite being locked in a chastity device and having had no relief for 4.1/2 weeks... lets just say he's a little 'uncomfortable'!

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

And another one...

August is already the best month for visits to my blog, and it hasn't even finished yet! We could be looking at 70,000 hits by the end of the day...

Far more exciting though, was that I got some lovely teasing last night (although sadly Mistress R is still out of action, but hopefully tomorrow or Friday will see me adding to her orgasm count!), personally I'd like to get her to 55 before I make it to twelve, that way she'll have had five orgasms for every one of mine! Although that might be a little ambitious... but not out of the question, 8 more to go, I could easily be made to wait another three weeks couldn't I?


A new record...

2779 pageviews yesterday... there's life in the old blog yet!

Monday, 29 August 2011

The poll...

So, obviously my poll was badly thought out since nearly half of you have voted 'other'?

Care to share the options I missed out anyone?

In response to Giles' comment...

Giles English said...

"the first thing I'm going to do is want to fuck her, I don't think it would take long for her to want to get that back under control somehow."

Curious! Can you expand on this please?

Well, it's just that, it's become fairly obvious that penetration is not something Mistress R wants as much as maybe I do, or as much as I thought she would...and I think that now that she has got used to being in charge of when it happens, I wonder how she would cope with me constantly wanting to fuck her? I suspect she might decide she liked it when she got to choose, especially since her character is very much that way... I could be wrong of course. But I think like perhaps a lot of women, it's not that they want you to want to fuck them, it's that they want you to show that you 'want' them. If they always know that you want to fuck them, they don't actually need for you to do it so much, does that make sense?

Ladies please feel free to comment....

Sunday, 28 August 2011

It never gets old...

Just reading a post at the Naked Husbands blog and a minor point he brought up gave me a bit of inspiration for a post...

I did wonder before this started if being teased and denied would get boring at some point, I mean, looking at it dispassionately, you might think so, mightn't you? Well, I can't say that it has for me yet, and I can't see it becoming so either. I think the most likely reason for that would be if you were in chastity but not getting enough teasing to keep you interested, and I'm certainly getting a reasonable amount (hey, there's always room for more isn't there?).
I was discussing the chastity thing the other day with Mistress R and I said to her that I couldn't see why she would ever want to stop since she can have whatever she wants, whenever she wants... whereas a guy might think, okay I've had enough of this I want to fuck/cum/wank whatever. Her answer was that the only reason really was that she might get bored of being the one making the decision all the time. Fair enough I guess.
I have my doubts though, think about it logically... say she decides we should have a break, the first think I'm going to do is want to fuck her, I don't think it would take long for her to want to get that back under control somehow.
Oh well, I guess maybe we'll find out sooner or later.

Thwarted by nature...

I really thought we were going to hit a new record for Mistress R this month, especially as she had her first interruption at the start of the month.... three days to go and it's here again - damn it!!! Still it's another 10 orgasm month for Mistress R, which is equal best.... and another two for me, mind you, Mistress R mentioned how often I'd been allowed to cum lately, so I reckon I'm probably starting a long stretch now... a week in and I reckon probably at least another two before I cum again, or maybe she's really going to make me wait this time, maybe even past the next Femdom Sessionm, that would be something wouldn't it?

New poll...

Tell us how you met your lover, club, online, work, friends??? Poll is back in the old place under the Keyheld banner.

21 weeks...

Unless I'm very much mistaken it's 21 weeks since I started my blog, and sometime in the next 24 hours it will reach a quarter of a million hits! Who would have guessed that would happen, certainly not I! I was over the moon when I got 300 hits in a day, never mind 2700! Of course since I got added to Keyheld, my stats have gone through the roof and this blog averages 12,000 a week now.
And of course, it's not only 21 weeks of the blog, it's also 21 weeks of being controlled by Mistress R. Which means of course that I haven't made myself cum for 21 weeks... in that time I have cum eleven times (about once every 13.3 days) while Mistress R has cum forty seven times (about once every 3.1 days).
I'm sure you guys have noticed that I don't have as much to say on here as I have in recent weeks, but for me that's a good sign, because it means things are running smoothly. We've had our fair share of bumps along the way, but I do find it quite incredible to see Mistress R as she is now, slapping my cock and denying me much more easily than she was in April.
The other night she said to me how cute I look after I've made her cum, because I always get this massive contented smile on my face. Finally she knows how much I love going down on her! What is it with women and receiving oral? At least she's stopped apologising for taking so long now, I mean, do I look bored???
Joking aside, Mistress R has definitely grown into her role and she has surprised me that even when things were difficult she didn't throw in the towel, and even though she has ensured the safety net of a 'break' if either of us should want it, she has shown no signs of instigating such a thing any time soon.
I still find it hard sometimes that I am not allowed to ask to be inside her, or to be allowed to cum... but I asked for control and this is what she wanted, so fair enough. I think that's something all you potential chastity slaves should think carefully about before you start trying to introduce this lifestyle to your wives. It's not that I wish things were different, because truthfully I don't, but you need to get into your head what is acceptable to you. Maybe you aren't prepared to give up the right to ask for penetration? Maybe you aren't prepared to give up the right to beg to cum? If that's the case then don't go around asking for her to have 'total' control, because you might not like what she decides on.
As it happens I haven't broken either of these rules yet (well, I broke the asking to cum rule once, right near the start...), not because I fear some terrible retribution, but because I want Mistress R to know that I respect her authority. If you ask your lover to control you and then you keep breaking her rules then you can't expect her to feel like she's receiving some wonderful gift of submission, can you?
One thing I have noticed about this whole thing, we are much closer now than we were when we started this, and we have always been close anyway. We kiss so much more than we used to, and I love that. I can't even guess how many times we kissed yesterday.

Poll is done...

Not particularly surprising that 52% of you only reveal your kinkiness to your lover. 23% of you reveal yourself to a few select friends, 18% to no one at all... 6% are out in the local scene and one of you tells EVERYBODY!
I fall firmly into the first category, funny I'm nearly always in the majority... I'm so average!!! Haha.

New poll will be up shortly.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Something I missed...

In my femdom session report the other day I forgot to mention that Mistress R used the paddle on my cock for the first time... that was quite novel, although one time she caught my balls with it and that was a bit of a shock. No lasting damage, as she wasn't whacking away with it, but a bit of a shock all the same. Actually it wasn't unpleasant or painful, I just wasn't expecting it.

Last night...

Last night Mistress R had me go down on her again and give her another very hard orgasm. I think, maybe, I'm being a little less gentle with her, and it seems to work! Like not right away, obviously, but when she's getting close, I seem to be a little less cautious and (for example) press her G-spot harder than I used to and it seems to make her cum harder... she certainly hasn't complained, quite the contrary, she keeps telling me what a great pussy licker I am! Well, what more can a guy ask really? Especially one who's cock is rather redundant these days!
For my part I had a little teasing, with some lovely cock slapping (I love it) truth be told I haven't been feeling that well this week and of course I came last Sunday so I haven't been feeling all the horny, of course my cock takes that as a cue to be as hard as steel at every opportunity. Ah the human body, what an annoying thing it is!!!

Thanks to everyone who has voted in this weeks poll, I thought it was quite a good one.

Sorry I haven't been posting as much as usual this week, I know how disappointing it is when I look at the sites I follow and nothing's been written (eh, Miss Christina!!). Hopefully things will be better next week.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

New poll...

So who knows youre dirty secrets? Everyone, no one, just your lover, or a few selected friends? Vote in the poll and we'll see...

BOOK REVIEW: The Hardness Factor by Dr Steven Lamm

Hands up all you guys who would like your cock to be a little bit harder, a little bit more dependable, a little bit more like you imagine it should be. Okay you can all put your hands down now...
I saw this book when I was looking around Eden Fantasys website the other month and so when I got my email from Kayla about my next item for review I picked this. Now to be 100% honest I haven't finished reading it yet, but I've read enough to realise that this guy knows what he's talking about and I will certainly be trying out some of the stuff in this book, particularly the exercises that are recommended for core stability and strength. 
The book promotes a six week programme for improving the quality of your erection and so I will revisit this in a month and a half and tell you what has occurred. In the meantime if you fancy it, this book looks like a good investment. Plus, and I've personally thought this for a long time, Dr Lamm's message seems to be, never mind warning people against the dangers of bad eating, smoking, drinking by telling them 'you'll have a heart attack when you're 50!', instead he prefers the much more alarming warning that your erection quality will suffer.
I think that wouldn't be a bad thing to teach in upper schools. Look after your body and you'll keep a good, hard cock! I probably wouldn't have been so fat in my late teens if they'd told me that. I've been fat and thin and fat again and I know my cock isn't as dependable or hard as it was, but I'm getting there, slowly...
Anyway, back to the book... Dr Lamm talks about all sorts of stuff throughout the book, such as the use of drugs like Viagra, and the possible final options for those who have let things get too bad. There's also advice on how to promote higher testosterone levels, to assist in in making your erection harder and also which supplements you might want to take to assist your body in putting the lead in your pencil.
As I said I haven't read the whole book, but I fully intend to and I will certainly be trying out the exercises, although I probably won't be trying out the suggested menus... my cock would have to be hopelessly soft for me to want to eat shellfish, yeuch!
So if you do have some concerns in this area (and let's be honest, an awful lot of us do at one time or another) then I reckon this is a good place to start addressing the problem. You can of course pick it up from Eden Fantasys website, which features a good range of erotic books and of course a huge range of sex toys.

Femdom session...

Well it's that time again, four weeks have passed and lucky me gets an hour of Femdom submission! Mmmm...
To be honest I entered this session convinced that I wasn't going to be allowed to cum and as it turned out that was Mistress R's original intention, but something happened half way through the session and that went out of the window.
I won't bother to relate every detail of the session because they don't vary all that much and I've reported on them in detail before, suffice to say that there was foot worship and face sitting and all that awesome stuff. I was given a whopping 30 paddle strokes (18 and then 12) for my 5 instances of touching - Mistress R is starting to get determined about stopping that it seems!
I was also allowed inside her a few times too, which was absolutely wonderful (her on top - even better!), and Mistress R was saying all the right things about controlling me and stuff, and then, unfortunately, she got a bit carried away and decided to ram this butt plug up my ass. Now I don't get stuff up my ass very often, once a month maximum, and sometimes it's easier than others, but the butt plug (not massive but not tiny either) needs to be inserted gently, preferably after something smaller has paved the way...
Well, to cut a short story short, it fucking hurt and I made it clear that it fucking hurt and we paused the session. She was a bit concerned and worried about hurting me, but after she removed it the pain subsided after about a minute and I was okay to continue. Fortunately the bulk of the session was over by this time as quite a substantial portion of the second half of the session is usually taken up with making her cum.
So she left me alone for a few minutes to relax and then when she came back she had me go down her. It was so nice to go down on her again (no pussy worship since Wednesday - what!!) and I really thought she was going to come in about three minutes! Fortunately I managed to keep her building her pleasure without letting her cum too soon and when she eventually did cum it was after about 20-25 minutes of pussy worship. She came super hard too, which was so good, and then she had me clean her up with my tongue.
Finally she tied me back down on the bed and allowed me to tongue her asshole while she wanked my cock. I think she must've been feeling guilty about hurting me and I was really surprised when she told me to cum while I tongue fucked her ass. I did, and it was great... of course I pretty much realised what had gone on there, and yeah it was a tiny bit disappointing... but at the same time, if Mistress R wanted to make herself feel better about hurting me that's cool, and I understand that. Besides, it was fantastic coming with my tongue in Mistress R's ass, so I really don't have too much to complain about!
So that's three times I've cum in three weeks.... I hope Mistress R starts to think about this two months of chastity she keeps threatening me with.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Session tomorrow...

Yep, it's come around again, in about 12 hours I will be at Mistress R's mercy once more! I very much doubt I will be coming though, since it's only a week since I last came, and that was only a week after the one before, but you never know... if that's what Mistress wants!
Today has been cool. When I came out of the shower Mistress grabbed hold of my cock and talked to me about something (no idea what, it might have been what film we should watch later) while she got me hard. Then she took my cock into her mouth for about three seconds and then walked off. Then she came back and stroked me some more, telling me that I would get my treat later for losing another pound this week.
A few hours later she had me sitting on the couch, and knelt between my legs, sucking my cock. Several times she stopped and gave it a few slaps (nice!) and she sucked me and stroked me for about ten minutes I reckon, and then when she'd had enough she kissed me and groaned into my mouth as she could feel my cock throbbing against her stomach... it was hot!
Mistress declined my offer of pussy worship last night as she wants to wait for Sunday, 'like you do' she said. Hmm, a whole four days! Wow, I'm impressed..... hahahahaha.
I can't wait for tomorrow, I just know it's gonna be awesome, even though I'm sure I won't get to cum.

Friday, 19 August 2011


So, as my regular readers will know, this whole 'penetration' thing has been bubbling under for some time now... and last night I talked it through with Mistress R and finally felt like we'd reached a proper understanding between us. As I had suspected, penetration is enjoyable for Mistress R, but the feeling of having me inside her is more important than having me hammering away at her for twenty minutes...!
I brought up the recent episode where she asked me to penetrate her and I had to stop because I was getting too close to cumming (very quickly), and she told me that she wasn't disappointed I had to stop, she liked to feel my cock in her, but she also liked that I was turned on so much by it... personally I would have liked to have been a little bit less turned on by it and at least been able to enjoy it a while longer! But still, I still have a feeling the cocksling was something to do with it. I've kind of got out of the habit of wearing it and so I think maybe it was just too intense, on top of being on top of Mistress (for only the second time in 4 months!) and what, 7 or 8 days without orgasm.
I decided to bring up the whole 'letting me cum if she wants me to go longer' and 'using a dildo on her if she wanted it' and all that stuff, and got a very positive response. Actually a much better response than I could have hoped for, since she finally came off the fence and gave me some clear responses about this whole issue.
Also we talked about the whole 'giving up control' but then not accepting what is happening thing. Which is particularly relevant to the penetration issue, because (as she agreed) it's hard for a guy to give up control and then when he realises that his wife isn't acting the way he thought she would (e.g. asking for penetration...) he feels the need to tinker and try and 'help'.
I wouldn't say this is topping from the bottom, because it's not that the guy is necessarily trying to get what he wants, it's more (certainly in my case) that he feels like he's given all the control to her and she's struggling with it, struggling to accept the control and decide what she really wants... (or at least, I felt like she had asked for penetration and I had been unable to really give her that, because my chastity was getting in the way), so that made me feel like it wasn't working because she wasn't 'making it work', if that makes sense.
The upshot being that, of course, it's not my place to be interfering. If she's not happy, she needs to change things or she needs to talk to me about what will work (if she can't work it out for herself).
Actually, sometimes it probably doesn't help that us guys in chastity are pretty sexually driven, since we are constantly thinking about sex, and so maybe we feel like, 'if I was given complete autonomy I would be doing this and that', for example I might think, 'well she can have whatever she pleases, surely she's going to ask me to use this glass dildo on her now', but she might not, perhaps because she doesn't want it or perhaps because  she's quite happy with my fingers!
It's hard for guys to understand this, because we feel like we are giving the keys to kingdom, but our wives are happiest staying in the house they've always lived in, because it's where they feel at home. Plus of course, us guys have fantasized for however long about the passing of control and what that's going to mean, the drastic changes that are going to occur, well... in our case the changes really aren't that drastic.
Anyway, we've cleared that whole thing up now and she knows that I am happy with whatever she chooses to do, or have me do for her.
This feels like a hell of a big breakthrough to me since really this has been the last major issue I had with this whole thing, and because I hadn't been able to get to the bottom of how Mistress R really feels about this I really didn't know whether this was going to work permanently.
Now I am confident that we are both on the same page and that we both understand the way forward, and yes I'm sure that does mean that penetration is likely to be sporadic, but I guess I should have guessed that long ago, when Mistress R asked me to agree to the rule that I wasn't allowed to ask for penetration.
Still, I am willing to accept that because I want this to work and I'm sure it will now. Another thing Mistress R and I discussed last night was how giving her the control meant that there was no pressure anymore. If one of you is willing to submit (doesn't matter which one really) then all the tension is taken away, because there's no awkwardness or 'should I suggest doing something' or any of that. If she's in the mood and wants me to pleasure her then she tells me, otherwise she won't. For my part, I am always eager and because all that pressure is off me I can relax and enjoy it. The same for her because now there's no pressure on her to have sex if she doesn't want to... perhaps they should suggest this to couples having relationship troubles, or performance anxiety troubles!

Anyway. Last night was great, we sorted out all this crap and it felt like a weight was lifted, finally, and we are now both committed to what we are doing. We stayed up pretty late and when we went to bed I got so hard that I asked Mistress R if I could touch my cock, which I haven't done for ages. She said yes, but only for three minutes, she stroked it softly a few times until the clock changed and then let go. I took over and after about two minutes she reminded me that I wasn't allowed to cum and that I shouldn't go 'too far'. When the three minutes were up she ordered me to let go and then we kissed goodnight. It took my cock a full five minutes (without stimulation of any kind) to soften after that, it was remarkable!!!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

A little bit of stat work...

So we are just one day away from 20 weeks of Mistress R having total control of my orgasms. In that period I have been allowed to cum 10 times, so that gives us an average of one orgasm every two weeks.

However, if we disregard the first month (April) the average falls from one orgasm every 14 days to one orgasm every 20 days!

Of those ten orgasms, only three have been inside Mistress R.

My longest wait between orgasms was 28 days, the shortest 6 (twice).

Over the same period Mistress R has enjoyed 44 orgasms!

The longest gap was 7 days, the shortest 2 days (many times).

The most orgasms Mistress R has had in one month was 10 (May and July), the most I have had in a month was 4 (April).

The least orgasms in one month was 8 for Mistress R (April) and 1 for me (June).

So far this month Mistress R has had seven orgasms and it looks very likely to be a new record. I have had one orgasm, and I wouldn't be surprised if my next one wasn't until September.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

6 out of 12...

Well, I don't know what's got into Mistress R lately but over the last 12 days she's had six orgasms! I can't remember her wanting so much attention in years. This is fantastic. And they are so 'hard' too. I love it! For my part I had a few more minutes of teasing last night, which left me very hard indeed... with the promise of more tonight! It's Thursday so that means 'pub' night, I hope she wears those shoes again, only this time I won't be such an idiot and let myself become a gibbering wreck worrying about everything.
Actually, if this past week has done anything it's made me realise that I can satisfy Mistress R pretty damn well, and my cock has nothing to do with it! Makes me feel pretty damn good.

New video added...

Cuckold Session - Katie Angel (20 mins). Find it on the 'VIDEO' tab.

Mistress Extreme by Alex Jordain...

Received my new book from Amazon yesterday, but I just don't have time to read it! First of all I've got Giles English's book to read, then there's Eden Fantasys book that I need to review, not to mention I've still not touched my own book for weeks.... bah!
Ironically I actually have the day off work today but I've got so much D.I.Y. to do that nothing else is gonna get done. I shouldn't even be wasting time posting on here, but, well, you know....

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Well, it seems...

The poll has revealed absolutely nothing, except that my blog is visited by all ages! Which is kind of surprising in a way, but kind of cool at the same time!

Lucky me...

Last night I got to go down on Mistress R again, that's 5 times in the last ten days! I am a happy camper right now, and so is she! Another very hard orgasm for her and a few minutes of very gentle teasing for me and then we spent the rest of the night cuddled together on the sofa watching TV.

Mistress R has had 6 orgasms this month already and with her 'interruption' already out of the way, this could definitely be a new record month!

Monday, 15 August 2011

New Milovana tease posted...

For those of you allowed to masturbate... you might be interested in the new tease I've posted at Milovana. It's called 'Spanish Cum Roulette' and you can check it out HERE.

The 'how old are you' poll...

Interesting, there's more younger people than I expected, and the most popular age range is actually 55-59! Excellent. I guess that makes sense actually, because chastity is quite beneficial for the older male...

Sunday, 14 August 2011

New poll...

So I've put a new poll up, a very simple poll, but one that I think will be quite interesting. I always assume that people who visit my site will be the upper side of thirty, as conventional wisdom suggests that kinky people are generally older, since they have become comfortable with themselves and branched out into what they want instead of what they think they should want, you know the schtick. Anyway, so I thought we'd test this theory and see how old you lot are.

The last polls were interesting, showing that piercing is actually less prevalent than I expected. 60% of both the men and women who voted had no 'sexual' piercings whatsoever, which maybe adds weight to my theory that my site is visited by slightly older people who missed the whole 'piercing' boom. Although Harry Haversackers obviously goes against the grain...

Voting is in the usual place!

Later that same day...

Yesterday afternoon, we did indeed have some pussy worship and Mistress R did cum really, really hard, and that made me SO happy. It felt like after that, everything was back to normal and we were happy again. So, crisis averted... we just have to keep going and I'm sure these little bumps will smooth out eventually.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Coincidence in the polls...

Of the men and women who have voted, in both cases approximately two thirds of you aren't pierced at all...

So I guess some of you might be wondering what's going on in my head today. Well, all I can tell you is that the situation has been diffused markedly. And now everything is pretty much back how it was. I am still in chastity, though I have been allowed to cum, Mistress R gave me a wonderful orgasm which was absolutely mindblowing, and she even swallowed most of it - she saved a little bit for me too....
Best of all, I will be going down on her later, that will help chill me out no end!

Friday, 12 August 2011

My head is a mess...

I feel like I'm at a HUGE crossroads right now. Things are just getting so fucked up and my mental state is suffering, badly!
We had such a wonderful night last night, and yet the result of that was me feeling like I'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown.
My self esteem is non-existent. 
I am truly coming to terms with the fact that I worship Mistress R and that is making me blissfully happy, but the flip side of that  is that it is making me even more insecure, because I feel like... 
Last night in the pub I just felt like she looked so amazing in her shoes, and I should be feeling on top of the world walking in there with her, like yeah, this is my wife, I'm the fucking man!
But I don't.
I feel like... totally insecure about it. Like she looks so much better than me, what the fuck am I doing with someone like that.
She looks so fantastic, that I'm having a problem dealing with the fact that I'm still so overweight.
That's the crux of it. It's not that I consider myself ugly or anything, because I don't at all, in fact I think I look quite alright, or I will do once I've lost the weight. The thing is, I've said this to Mistress R before, when you are overweight and you accept it it doesn't bother you so much.
When you try to do something about it you pay attention to it and, yeah I've lost 16 pounds, but I've got another 50 odd to go, and I hate it. I want it gone NOW. It makes me fucking miserable.
On top of this, I'm not even 100% sure if I want to admit to myself how I am. 
I'm not confident in admitting that to myself even though deep down I know it's true. Partly because I don't know if I want Mistress R to think of me like that. I know she knows I am, but I think my submission goes deeper than she understands.
I know she loves me but I don't know if she really wants someone who worships her like I do. You only have to look at her fantasy man list, Clint Eastwood, Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Rock... typical Alpha Males. 
I know that sounds totally stupid, but when I met Mistress R I was in really good shape, and just starting to benefit from my weight training and I let it slide.
What makes it worse is my best and pretty much only friend is a total Alpha Male, 6ft and muscly (he looks a bit like Mel Gibson too, bastard!) so the one person I compare myself to is like the epitome of what Mistress R's perfect man would be! It's not that I think that she would cheat on me with him, and I know he wouldn't anyway because I know another one of his friend's wives tried to and he was really fucked off about it and told her in no uncertain terms to piss off. But having that as your best mate is a bit tough when you don't feel good about yourself.
And the worse thing is, even though I'm finally starting to get what I've wanted for a long, long time, I seem to be making every possible mistake I can to fuck it up.
I know we are going to have to have a massive talk about all of this tonight because we cannot go on like this. 
And I really don't know what the outcome will be. Maybe she will want to ditch the chastity and femdom stuff to try and get things sorted. And I can't say I would blame her. This was all supposed to be about making her feel special, and all it has seemed to do is make things more difficult and fucked up.
Maybe I would be better off trying to be normal and loving my wife without wanting to worship her.
I don't know what I think anymore.
I really don't.

Thursday, 11 August 2011


This evening has been wonderful. Mistress R and I spent the evening in a local pub, which was really nice, just being alone with her. But on top of that she decided to wear her new shoes (the ones I bought her a couple of weeks ago). They looked super-sexy on her and before we went out she sat on the bed and had me kneel down on the floor and put them on for her. I really loved doing that, and taking them off later... she looked absolutely amazing at the end of the night, standing in just her knickers and those awesome shoes... OMFG!
Once her shoes were safely back in the box we went downstairs and Mistress R allowed me to worship her gorgeous feet for a little while. I loved doing that so much, she really does have the most kissable feet and suck-able toes.
This was just what I needed tonight. My other post is obviously still playing on my mind and I am feeling a bit weird to tell you the truth. I feel like by the end of the night I was tripping, in subspace, without having done anything really... but I feel, so... I feel completely lovesick to tell you the truth. I could hardly bring myself to stop kissing her legs and go to bed.
You know what, I feel like that time I've mentioned before in one of our femdom sessions, when she had me sucking her strap-on and I just felt submission wash over me and I felt like I would do absolutely anything for her, literally anything she wanted me to do. I've rarely felt like that before or since, and certainly not in what is really a pretty vanilla environment.
I love feeling like this, but at the same time it makes me feel very vulnerable, it's kind of scary... all I can think about is how gorgeous she looked tonight, and how silky smooth her gorgeous legs are. I just want to keep kissing them all night, and I feel an absolute need to taste her pussy and make her cum again.
Seriously... I feel like bursting into tears right now. I feel so overwhelmed by how I'm feeling. I genuinely adore my Mistress, all I want to do is give her pleasure.
Sometimes this is so wonderful and so hard, all at the same time.

Going back to my 'conflicted' post...

I'm somewhat troubled by this turn of events. This is the first time I've had this problem. Over the last four months I've really enjoyed having sex without orgasm, but perhaps I shouldn't panic too soon. Firstly as I believe I mentioned before, apart from one time, every time I've been allowed penetration Mistress has gone on top, and the one time I was on top, was definitely slower and gentler, but nothing like last week's 60 second edge!
Secondly, the Oxballs cocksling felt unusually tight and this didn't help matters, I think next time I will try the old cock ring I used to use as it is not as intense.
There are two more things I am wondering about...
Firstly, is chastity cumulative? What I mean is if I go three weeks and then am allowed to cum once, how 'empty' am I, how far back do I fall? How long does it take to reach the same level of need, does it take another three weeks?
Okay I'm not explaining this very well.
Say I was in chastity for two weeks, then I was allowed to cum, then I had a break of two days where I came to my hearts content, and then I was back in chastity. Is it not reasonable to think that it would take longer to get back to the high level of need than if I was allowed to cum once and then was straight back into chastity?
Given that, and that I've been in chastity for over four months now, without a break, is the cumulative effect of that the result I experienced the other day?
Another thing, I'm wondering if my new healthier lifestyle is contributing to the problem. It's well known that people who are overweight have a lower libido, so given that I've lost a fair amount of weight over the last few weeks, could it be that my libido is increasing and so where before I was able to cope with being on top because my libido was lower, now I can't? I know that the idea is you get fitter and your stamina increases, but it wasn't long enough for my 'stamina' to come into it! I don't know, maybe this was a one off problem... I won't really know until we try it again.
Thanks to Harry for his comment, it's nice to know that others have experienced this too.
I don't really know what to think about this now... it could be that simply having Mistress R on top will solve the problem, I certainly hope so, because having sex without cumming is wonderful and even though Mistress R decides how long it lasts, I would much rather she jumped off after a minute and left me begging for more, than I had to stop because I was getting too close.
I am also a bit fidgety about this because it bothers me that Mistress R wanted me to put my cock in her and she got like a minute before I had to either stop or cum. That, to me, is a negative effect on her, when the major part of this for me was that I wanted to make sex better for her!
Hmm, I don't know. I guess if Mistress really wanted me inside her then she could allow me to cum and then a few hours later I should be able to penetrate her without a problem. But it's hardly spontaneous is it..
Right now this is looking like something which might change my mind about wanting this, I guess Mistress R and I will have to discuss this... and I guess it really comes down to how important penetration is to her, which is something I still don't really know.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011


I'm feeling a little conflicted about the whole chastity thing at the moment, simply because of what happened the other day. See, I was okay with it when I could make love to Mistress R and not cum, but the other day I couldn't take more than a minute without having to stop! That is not good. She asks me to put my cock in her and I have to stop after a minute because I'm going to cum, that's negatively affecting her, maybe we need to think about this some more.

Last night was wonderful though, Mistress R had a really hard orgasm on my tongue and despite being sleepy she still gave some wonderful teasing, just her hand this time, but still left me pretty desperate to cum I can tell you.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Feeling cucky...

I've mentioned on here before about how conflicted I feel about the fact that I get turned on by cuckolding stories... I know this is not something I want to do (and I know I couldn't cope with it), and yet part of me feels drawn to this. It fucks my head up big-time. About a year ago I read a story in a magazine and it made me feel dizzy, but also appalled with myself that it turned me on so much. I read the story several times back then and today I picked up that same magazine and read it again. It scares the shit out of me how hard it made me reading this, I genuinely wanted nothing more than to jerk my cock until I exploded... thankfully I resisted, but once again it made me feel dizzy just reading this, especially the part with Mike and Linda in the car.
So anyway, it took a long time to type it out, but I really want to share this with you because I know some of you are going to REALLY get off on this post. Plus if I ever lose the magazine at least I'll have it on here...


I have always found the idea of being cuckolded (the shame and humiliation) wildly exciting. I'd confessed this to my wife, Marie, but though she found it funny and liked to tease me about it, sometimes she showed no signs of wanting to make it happen.

It wasn't through lack of opportunities. Marie, I should explain, is absolutely stunning. Like me she is 28 and she really does have it all going on - long, slim legs,a perfect little arse, narrow waist and nice big tits just begging to be played with. Honestly she could have any man she liked if she wasn't so shy and reserved, just as well, or I wouldn't have had a look in.

Things started to change about a year ago when Mariestarted a new job. This is where she met Linda - a tall, slim, attractive blonde, maybe 4 or 5 years older than her. They quickly became firm friends though I couldn't really understand why. Linda is almost the exact opposite of Marie - loud, bossy, a bit wild and although she is very classy-looking, really she is a tart, constantly cheating on her long suffering husband. I really didn't like her or the obvious influence she was having on Marie.

Honestly it was all 'Linda says this, or 'Linda does that'. I began to notice a change in my wife. Her dress sense got more daring - shorter skirts and tight tops and she started going out more and more without me. Linda, for her part, clearly disdained me as a boring wimp, believing her new best friend could do so much better for herself.

One night I came home from working late to find Marie and Linda knocking back glasses of wine. Marie was giggling as Linda was telling her about her latest young stud - his name was Luke. He was 22 and apparently the best, most dominant lover she'd ever had. I listened as she boasted about his magnificent body, not to mention his thick, long cock.

I must admit it turned me on a bit hearing how this sexy, older woman was getting royally fucked by a well-hung stud. Marie and I knew the guy she was talking about, we had met him and Linda out together a few weeks before and he had blatantly chatted up my pretty wife right in front of me. I was used to guys hitting on my wife, but something about his extreme self-confidence , powerful physique and and good looks really intimidated me. Then there was Marie's reactions. She told me later she thought he was too full of himself and arrogant, but I could tell he interested her. I must admit the thought of them together had me beating myself off more than a few times.

Linda was getting quite drunk and began to tell us just how under the thumb her husband is. Apparently he knew all about her many affairs and put up with them. Luke thought this was funny and decided he would make him really suffer by forcing him to watch his wife being fucked. Since then he and Linda had come up with different ways to humiliate him, such as dressing him in panties or making him lick clean Linda's pussy after Luke had come inside her.

'The poor guy does whatever he's told', she said. 'He loves it as well, just wanks his little dick silly'.

Linda tried to explain why she treated him so badly. 'He's a wimp and he needs to know his place. His job is to work hard to provide for me and leave the screwing to real men who know how to please a woman'. She said that if more men accepted this there would be fewer divorces and everyone would be happier. 'Don't you think so Mike?' she said, fixing me with a hard stare. 'If you couldn't satisfy Marie, wouldn't you want some stud to do it for you?.

I blushed and caught Marie's eye, noticing her amused smile. Linda noticed how uncomfortable I was and moved in for the kill. She told me that Luke had really fancied Marie when we met.

'Maybe she will be his next conquest. Would you like that Mike? Would you like your wife to fuck a real man for a change? Does your dick get hard thinking about it?'

The truth was that it did and my cock was tenting my trousers. Linda noticed and laughed hysterically, even Marie was giggling. There was something arousing about having two sexy women mocking me and laughing at me as my weakness was exposed.

Just to get rid of her, I offered to run Linda home, but she started on me again in the car. She told me again how much Luke fancied Marie and how he was determined to get into her pants. She also told me that he always gets any girl he fancies eventually. Apparently as well as Linda he was fucking at least two other married women, plus a girl due to get married the following month.

I said that Luke was a bastard for messing with other guy's wives. She just laughed and said, 'Yeah, he's a bastard, but he's a bastard that's going to be having your wife. If guys like you can't keep your women happy, it's your own fault. You don't deserve a girl as sexy as Marie, so step aside and let a real man have her.

She went on to describe how good a lover Luke is, how strong his body is and how his big dick stayed hard for hours, treating any girl lucky enough to have it inside them to powerfully intense orgasms, and lots of them.
'Do you think you can compete with that, Mike?' she asked. 'Marie is next in line and it is going to happen. Your best bet is to accept it.'

Linda told me to pull over and leaned in close to me. 'Go home and tell Marie that you know what's been going on. Tell her it's OK. Deep down you want it to happen anyway, don't you? You're a nice guy Mike, but lets face it, you're a wimp. You know you've never really satisfied her, so let her do this, she deserves it.'
It was all true and I sat slumped and defeated.

'Just think about it, Mike,' Linda breathed in my ear, 'Your sweet little wife is going to open her legs for my young stud. He'll have her so worked up she'll be begging him to fuck her. Then he'll bury his thick, hard cock deep inside her. She will love it. He'll make her feel things a wimp like you could only dream of. He'll love it too, knowing he's cuckolded another limp-dicked loser. As Marie comes again and again she'll tell him that she loves him, that she will do anything he wants her to.'

She felt my shamefully hard dick, squeezing along it's modest length.

'Does that excite you then?' she laughed. 'Oh what a pathetic little cock. Poor Marie, no wonder she's so frustrated.'

She took my hand and planted it on my crotch and I started to rub myself.

'Get used to that,' she said. 'You'll be doing a lot of wanking soon. Once Luke has Marie you won't get a look in.'

I couldn't stop myself. I can't explain it but something about Linda's taunting made me want her to totally humiliate me and I took my cock out to openly wank in front of her. She was clearly enjoying herself too.

'Luke just loves fucking other guy's wives,' she taunted. 'Especially weak wankers like you. He'll love doing it in front of you so you can see how much Marie enjoys it. And the funny thing is you'll want to see it. You'll beg him to make it happen. You'll get down on your knees and beg and I'll be there to see it. I just love seeing you guys totally humiliated.

It was too much and I shot my load all over the dashboard. Later that night I told Marie that if she ever did have an affair it wouldn't be a big deal for me. She didn't seem surprised. A couple of days later she was dressed to go out and I asked her if she was seeing him. She just gave me a tiny nod and a sad little smile. I felt physically sick watching her walk away from the house looking more beautiful than I could ever remember, but admit I spent the evening wanking and trying to imagine what was happening.

Over the next few weeks, Marie went out two or three times a week, returning home late. We didn't discuss it, but it was obvious where she was going. One night she got home when I was already in bed. She jumped in beside me and after a few minutes I realised she was fingering herself, no doubt reliving the night's events. Without a word I crawled between her legs and started to lap at her pussy. It was obvious she had been fucked recently and that I was licking up Luke's cum.

We both knew how pathetic I was being, but I didn't care, it was my way of showing that I had accepted my place, a clear signal of submission to him and her. Mare held me tightly in place, moaning softly. 'Eat it, eat it all up,' she repeated over and over until she came.

I knew that if I tried to stop Marie seeing her lover she might leave. By accepting it, I knew she wouldn't. She could have it all, love and security from me, deeply satisfying sex from him. It sounds strange, but I felt a kind of relief. In my heart of hearts I knew I wasn't much of a lover and that there was often a tension between us. That was gone and I had to admit Marie was happier and more content than I'd ever seen her. She was nicer to me, though, as Linda had predicted, there was no sex for me. Instead I was wanking round the clock.

Things would have been fine if it wasn't for that bitch Linda. Hell bent on winding me up, she would phone me up regularly to tell me all the dirty things Marie and Luke were getting up to, things I had never done with her. I always tended to treat her like a Princess, Luke, by contrast treated her like a slut to do with as he pleased. It seemed she rather liked that.

It was through Linda that I learned that Luke had taken to shagging both of them together which made me more jealous than anything. What an ego boost to have two beautiful, older, married women to do whatever he liked with. I was told how they would fall to their knees either side of him and lick, kiss and suck his cock and balls in worship. When one was getting fucked the other one might suck his heavy ballsack or lick his asshole. Sometimes one might lick the spunk from the other one's pussy or tits.

Linda thought it would be fun to record some of their exploits on her mobile phone then send me the results. So it was I got my first look at my wife's infidelity. It was a short clip of Marie on her knees sucking Luke's impressive cock.

The second showed her down on all fours being taken from behind. It started with a close-up of her wet pussy being pounded, then moved under to show her big tits swinging back and forth. It finished with a close-up of her sweet face just as a huge orgasm engulfed her.

The final one had Luke fucking then coming all over her tits. When he was done she leant down to suck his cock clean, her big blue eyes gazing upwards to his handsome face as he gently stroked her long black hair. I wanked myself silly that night, watching those clips over and over again.

Linda phoned me the next day to ask if I had enjoyed the clips. Had I tossed off over them? I admitted I had. Did I now want to watch for real? Again, I said yes. She told me that I would have to ask Luke in person.

Marie was away working for a few days so I steeled myself and went to see him the following night.
It was simply the most humiliating experience of my life and inevitably Linda was there to witness it. For starters, I had to endure the taunts of cocky, arrogant Luke. He asked me if I enjoyed wanking knowing he was enjoying my wife's tight body. He told me he knew he would be having Marie as soon as he met us, one look at me and he knew she wasn't being properly satisfied and would be his for the taking. It had taken longer than expected, but that was OK. It just made the moment sweeter when it finally came.

He thought she was a bit stuck up at first, but this would be good too. He had enjoyed 'fucking the snootiness out of her' and making her his 'obedient little slut'. To prove just how much she was in his control he told me how he recently 'loaned' her out to his nineteen year old brother and some of his mates. It made me sick to think of Marie being used as a sex toy by a bunch of horny teenagers, but what could I do? Anyway, she hadn't objected and the boys had loved having a 'big-titted married slut' to play with.

Then there was Linda, clearly intent on making this as difficult as possible. I hate her but have to admit she sure knows how to push my buttons to make me truly submissive. She got me down on my knees, took out her mobile, switched on the camera and had me 'confess'. Hanging my head I found myself telling it all: 'My name is Mike and I am a worthless wimp. My wife is having an affair with a much younger man which I must accept because I am not a real man and I cannot satisfy her. I have a very small dick and I cannot keep it up. This is why my wife is cheating on me. I like this very much. It excites me to know a real man is giving her what I can't. I am here to beg him to let me watch him fuck her'.

Then I did just that. With Luke., strong and powerful, standing over me, I stayed on my knees and begged. I told him that he was superior to me in every way and had every right to fuck my wife. To prove I 'knew my place' I got right down on the floor and licked his boots, then licked Linda's for good measure. All of this was captured on video.

If I'd been told a few months earlier that I'd be grovelling at the feet of my wife's lover, begging for the privilege of watching him fuck her, I'd have laughed. Not even in my wildest fantasies had I done this, yet here I was, doing just that, and I was really getting off on it. This became obvious when Linda and Luke made me strip and laughed hysterically at my stiff little dick.

Linda gave me a pair of panties to wear, then took out a a bright red marker pen. She wrote the word 'cuckold' across my chest, then under it 'loser'. Finally she added 'small dicked wimp' across my stomach. I posed for the camera some more before she turned it off. She told me that if I didn't do exactly as I was told or if I ever tried to stop Marie doing anything she wanted in the future, she would make sure that everyone I knew would see this footage.

Then Luke and Linda fucked right in front of me, giving me a taster of what was to come. I'm forced to admit that Luke was magnificent and it was fun watching Linda being dominated and given so many orgasms. I'd no choice but to wank myself off over and over as I watched in awe. When Luke was ready to come he slipped on a condom which he filled with his cum.

'Get this on film, Linda' he said, stanidng over me and forcing me to lick clean his cock. Then Linda emptied the contents of the condom into my mouth and made me swallow the lot.

I thought I was spent but as Linda pointed out as she made me watch back the video clips, I got another erection performing this final indignity.

As I write this, the day I watch my wife being fucked senseless is fast approaching and I'm shivering in anticipation at what will be done to me. Linda has warned me that Luke will humiliate me so badly that any last scrap of respect Marie has for me will be shattered. She told me what had happened to her own husband recently.

After watching him fuck his wife as usual, he was taken out to the back garden, ordered to strip, get on his knees and lick out his wife's well fucked cunt. When he was done, Luke pulled out his cock and proceeded to piss all over him. Then Linda squatted over him and gave him another golden shower. They left him there shivering and covered in piss while they went back inside and carried on fucking by the window, in full view of him.

Luke truly is a cruel, sadistic bastard and I'm sure he gets as much pleasure from humiliating and destroying the husband as he does from fucking the wife. I have no idea what he has in store for me but I do know that I will have no choice but to submit.

Mike S, Edinburgh

Please vote again...

Polls have been redone to accept multiple answers, sorry to everyone who already voted, please vote again - thanks!

Oh nuts...

I messed up the polls again! Jeeezus. I meant to make them multiple options, because you guys might have more than one piercing! Damn. I will redo them, please wait and vote when the new ones are up...

My dusty DVD collection...

It's a peculiar thing, but I haven't watched a porn DVD since we started this... I have a few (okay more than a few!) and of course I have my favourites, these are all excellent!

In fact I can't remember the last time I did watch any one of these, it might even have been last year. I suppose the thing is that I regard these as things to jerk off to, and since I'm not allowed to do that anymore, well what's the point? 
As you know I have on occasion, erm, flaunted the rules on touching, but in that instance I tend to look to Milovana rather than normal porn, because it's more tailored to my needs: edging, etc...
I've watched porn since I was about 13, so for me to effectively give up watching these things of my own free will is quite amazing to me. I guess it's all part of this whole experience isn't it...

A quick comment about comments...

Some of you may not know this, but beneath every post there is the facility to leave a comment. Bloggers like me love getting comments (especially from Miss Christina) as it motivates us to write more and to decide what is most popular among the readership. You can post anonymously and I can assure you that you will remain anonymous, if you do so I have no way of finding out who you are so you need not worry about that. So please comment, good or bad. Thanks.

Just click on where it says  '0 Comments'


Read a very interesting thing about the effects of testosterone during chastity this morning (some of you may have read it as it was briefly posted here earlier and then removed).
According to what I read, and part of it was written after some degree of consultation with a doctor, during the first month of male chastity, testosterone levels increase because the absence of orgasm means that they are not naturally depleted. After about a month, the body starts to scale back production and also starts to break down the existing testosterone to keep the level reasonable (although still somewhat higher than normal).
According to this then, us men are actually literally getting a natural 'high' and that's why we love doing this so much!
The author then went on to say that since she and her husband have been practicing male chastity, she's noticed that both her and her husband are losing weight, have more energy and are getting things done better.
She also claims that when women orgasm it stimulates production of testosterone in women also, and this leads to increased desire for more orgasms.
Since 'testosterone' is a hormone which promotes 'getting things done (hunt, sex, work, etc) it's easy to see why male chastity can produce positive benefits for both partners, and that anything which helps increase the level of testosterone production in the male (and the female) is a good thing.

Perhaps this is why my diet is working this time then?

BOOK REVIEW: Ron Jeremy - The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbusiness...

I've just started reading this book for the second time, and it is just as entertaining as the first time. Ron Jeremy has had a crazy life and I for one never knew he was a trained actor! This book is seriously funny, and a little sad at times, but Ron sounds like such a laugh you can't help but like him. I bought this and Jenna Jameson's book about the same time. Jenna's book was a depressing experience, and far, far, far too long. This one I can imagine reading over and over again.


So far it seems that we're not a very 'pierced' bunch then. I am actually quite surprised, I thought that kind of thing went hand in hand with alternative sexuality. Still, maybe it's because we're mostly older people? Perhaps my next poll will be a simple 'how old are you'.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Poll is over...

Well, I'm not to fussed about that poll, and it's nearly finished so I've cut it a little short, the results were as follows:

Confronted with a big hard throbbing cock, 41% of the women who voted would choose to suck it, and 59% to fuck it.
Placed before that lovely wet pussy that I posted, 87% of the guys would choose to lick it, and just 13% wanted to fuck it.

Anyhoo, so here's my new poll idea... Ladies and Gents, do you have sexy piercings? If so where? This poll was Mistress R's idea and she doesn't want to know about ears, noses or belly button's, just pussies, cocks, balls and tongues...
Neither Mistress R or I have any of these by the way.
Voting takes place in the usual place, under the Keyheld banner.

Three days in a row...

Well, Mistress R has just enjoyed her 40th orgasm since we started this, and I also got some lovely, lovely teasing too - that's three days in a row! I'm guessing there's no chance tomorrow now... Oh well, hopefully it'll be time for orgasm number 41 on Wednesday, I do hope so.
Mistress R and I are feeling totally loved up since we sorted out our problems and I'm pretty sure that I'm not gonna be coming anytime soon. In fact I would put money on not being allowed to cum until our next Femdom session, which is nearly two weeks away, and I'm on day 9 now, so it would be a 22 day stretch. But who knows maybe she'll make me go beyond even that.... I kinda hope so actually.

Of all the captions...

At this very moment, there are 259 captions on my blog. I would really love to know which one is your favorite, and since a 259 option poll is a bit ridiculous I would really appreciate it if you could leave a comment below, thanks!

About to hit the big 4-0...

Mistress R will be taken care of tonight, and that will be her 40th orgasm since the 1st April. That will mean she's had 40 to my 9 (and four of them were in April!). Even if she decides to let me cum tonight, which I doubt very much, she will still have enjoyed four orgasms for every one of mine since we started. And if things carry on as they are that imbalance is only going to get bigger. I hope eventually I will only be getting one for every ten of hers, that would be wonderful, whether hers become more frequent or mine become more scarce. If it wasn't for Mistress R's generosity in April then I would be a lot closer to that now. Still, I can well imagine that being more like one for every six by the end of the year, as the distorting effect of those early orgasms ebb away...

A bit of housekeeping...

The lovely Miss Christina has just left this comment on one of my posts and I just wanted to respond to it a bit.

Miss Christina said...
I have certainly never meant to offend your Mistress with any of my comments. I love to interact and get to know people and tease, and if something I share someone finds to be a good idea then great. I also tend to want to show some support to submissive friends, because I do relate to what you are going through. I think in the beginning sharing everything might have been good because she saw what you were posting on the blog and what comments were taking place, and this way she knew she had nothing to worry about.

Firstly Miss Christina I love your comments and I value your interaction and contributions to my blog, I know Mistress R didn't mean that she didn't appreciate your comments, it was just all getting too much, because I was giving her so much information (sometimes conflicting) every day and she just get fed up with it. It seems my thoughts about leaving her alone to grow at her own pace was correct because last night's teasing was sensational!

I think it is sweet she asks about me and Sam. I am also glad that she hasn't felt threatened in any way by us talking. I just hope that my comments have not made her feel bad.

It really wasn't your comments as such, it was just feeling like she was getting beaten over the head with too much She said to me that she felt like whatever she did was never enough, that I want this and then I want this and then that... (as you can imagine that made me feel like SHIT!).

I do agree though that going forward as she is growing more and more, she probably could start to feel you are topping from the bottom in some of what you write, even if you don't mean it like that.

Absolutely. I think that was necessary in the beginning, because I think left to her own devices she would have struggled. You can't expect someone to know what you want without giving them the information. But it's come to the point where it's time to stop, or to at least scale it back a long way. She knows broadly what I crave now and I think she's going to really take control now. I showed her the post I wrote last night and she loved it so much that she actually kept it... She never made any comment on the part I wrote in there about hoping to one day be more of a 'slave' than I am now, but I hope it sinks in because I would love that so much, one day.

Your love for her is just beautiful. Clearly she loves you very much too. Aside from the appearances when you are thinner and in better shape she can tease you longer and
harder too.

Thank you Miss Christina, I am very much looking forward to being thinner, fitter and harder for longer for her pleasure.  

Sunday, 7 August 2011

A great weekend...

Today has been a good day, Mistress and I went into town and then we came back and watched the awesome 'Tool Academy 3'. Just unbelievable trash-TV! Perfect for Sunday afternoon...
Anyway, a little later I came downstairs and asked Mistress R if I could please worship her feet. She said that I could and I lay on the floor and lovingly kissed her feet and sucked her toes for 10-15 minutes, it was so wonderful, I loved every single second of it. Mistress R really has truly beautiful feet, in fact it's not just my opinion, apparently the pedicurist said the same thing too! They really are gorgeous, perfectly proportioned and just so pretty. I adore them.
So after that, we lay together on our new long sofa. Me sitting up and Mistress R leaning back on me with my arm laying on her. after a while she turned over and started to rub my cock through my shorts, then she slid her hand up the leg of my shorts and started stroking my balls. Then she got up to go to the kitchen and when she came back she told me she wanted my shorts off. Well, she didn't need to ask twice and my cock was already starting to swell. I sat back down on the leather sofa and she knelt on the floor and started to suck my cock, which was Heavenly as usual. Then she surprised me by out of the blue giving my cock a few slaps, which made me harder still (I love getting my cock slapped) and then she went back to sucking and licking my cock, in a really hot way too, kinda slutty, which was pretty awesome!
Some more slapping followed and then she sucked my balls, which I don't know that she's ever done before, that completely blew me away, and then she started rubbing my cock with a featherlight touch, finally she leaned forward and I pulled her to me, eager to taste my cock on her breath. Then she sat back and gave me a few more seconds of wonderful teasing and then kissed me again, my cock throbbing against her gorgeous tits through her T-shirt. Then it was over and once again I was left breathing hard as I was denied once more.
This was my reward for losing weight again this week, and that just makes me want to lose even more next week!!!

It's funny, when we were walking this afternoon we were discussing why we thought my weightloss was succesful this time where so many times it has failed. We agreed that it was partly starting at the right time, just at the start of the better weather, partly the discipline of doing my blog every single day, the fact that I've exercised every day bar a couple of days (and sometimes more than once), and of course there was also the fact that Mistress R told me that if I wanted her to continue to control my cock, then I had to do it.
Further to that, I said to Mistress R that there's also another dimension to it, that even though I'm not really her 'slave' as such, I still do have something of that mentality. As such I really do want to be my best for her, I want her to feel like I am worth 'having'.
I am certainly not doing this with the view to being attractive to other women, I couldn't care less about other women. I would love for Mistress R to feel proud that she has an attractive husband, and even prouder that she knew no other women could ever tempt him away from her. I feel that Mistress R has put up with a lot over the last ten years, regarding my weight gain and I would dearly love to compensate for that by being as 'hot' as I can get.
I'm 41, so the chances of me getting back to where I was when Mistress R met me are perhaps a little slim, since I had a completely flat stomach (not to mention 2 feet of hair!), I mean I would love to be totally ripped because I know Mistress R loves that kind of thing (she loves Schwarzenegger, and the 'Rock'...) but that may be a little ambitious. Still, at the very least I want to be another five stones lighter and ideally with the kind of body that means instead of getting up early to go to work in the morning, she can't help herself spending the  first part of the day sucking my cock until I'm about to shoot... and then gets up and goes to work! Hahaha.
I know she loves me, but I want her to really 'fancy' me again too. She says she does of course, but if I was a stranger I know I wouldn't have a chance with her, and that fucking sucks!! Hopefully by Christmas I will be a lot closer to my goal and once I've shifted a lot of the weight I can concentrate more on weights and building my arms up and stuff.
Like I said, I'm not Mistress R's slave as such, but there is a part of me that would love to be more of a slave than I am now. This will take time I know, and that's fine. But right now even if she doesn't think so, I feel like I must be dragging down her own self-image with my weight, and that if I was in shape that would reflect on her too, like she would see herself as more attractive because she was with a guy who wasn't out of shape and whatnot.
I think Mistress R is absolutely beautiful and I want to be with her until I die, but like most women she doesn't see how beautiful she is. I want to do anything I can to help her see how gorgeous she really is, because I want her to be happy and also because if she gets to realise how attractive she really is then maybe. eventually. she will start to believe that she deserves a little more of a slave than she has now... and that would be a wonderful thing for both of us I'm sure.

Still buzzing...

Still thinking about yesterday, I can't believe how quickly I got to the edge... it was an amazing feeling being inside Mistress R and teetering on the edge like that, trying to fuck her so slow so that I wouldn't cum without permission was so hard, but so hot! I just wish it could have lasted longer. I just don't understand it, I'm sure last time I was much further into chastity and managed to hold off much better.
I really thought Mistress R would have told me to cum once I told her I was close, but she didn't and I'm so proud of her for that (she told me afterwards that she thought about it and then decided against it, which is even hotter!). It's one thing for her to be stroking me and then decide 'that's enough', but to have me inside her, ready to blow, teetering on the edge and still tell me to stop, that's quite something I think.
After all that, last night we went to a massive Fireworks display last night, which was fantastic, and then we came home and watched 'Tough Love' on the new 'Really' channel. Mistress R and I love that kind of crap, Rock of Love, Tila's Shot at Love, Charm School... and 'Tough Love' is another winner!
So around midnight we decided to go to bed, and I got into bed and started thinking about earlier and by the time Mistress R came to bed my cock was like an iron bar, much harder than it was earlier (without the flipping cocksling, how typical is that!) and when Mistress R got into bed I cuddled her and felt my cock nuzzling against her gorgeous ass (don't get excited, that's never gonna happen!) and I was seriously, seriously thinking about using my first chance to touch my cock. But Mistress R was obviously really tired and I didn't want to appear either selfish or ungrateful for earlier, so I turned over and let her go to sleep*.
Thankfully I went to sleep pretty quickly too, although not before I very naughtily gave my cock a very hard squeeze to take away some of the ache... I guess I need to chalk another one up on the old transgression counter then.

*For those of you reading this who are yet to persuade their wives/girlfriends to take control of their cock, this is the kind of thing that they should be hearing about, this is what male chastity really does for you, makes you a 'better' man... and makes you think about your partner more than yourself. Even though I was literally throbbing-hard, and really quite desperate for her to stroke me or for her to allow me to stroke myself, I was more conscious of the fact that she was tired and trying to get to sleep.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Who's a lucky boy then...

Oh my God. I've just crawled out of bed after an afternoon recess with Mistress R. First of all I worshipped her beautiful, freshly pedicured feet, then kissed my way up her legs and then began to gently worship her pussy. It felt like forever since I had tasted her (it was Monday...) and I wanted it so much. I used my fingers and my tongue to bring her off and at that moment I finally felt all the stress of the last week dissipate, it was so, so good to feel her bucking under me like that.
Once she'd finished she told me to put the Oxballs Cocksling on, which I wasn't expecting, since that usually means she's going to let me inside her. Well, that's exactly what it meant, and not only that she wanted me to go on top! Oddly, the cocksling didn't feel quite right, almost like it was twisted slightly and it felt like it was only letting a certain amount of blood into my cock, it felt like there was a back-up around the base, but it was hard enough even if it wasn't quite as hard as I would have liked.
I slid my cock inside Mistress R and began kissing her feet as I slowly eased my cock deeper inside, each thrust a little deeper than the last, it felt like the cocksling had sorted itself out after all, but now I had a new problem to contend with, I was getting close to cumming! I couldn't believe how soon it came up, because last time we did this with me on top I found it a lot easier to keep away from the edge...
Frustratingly, Mistress R seemed to be getting into it and all I could think was, oh shit, I am gonna cum, so I had to slow right down and tell her that I was getting close... that was hard enough, the temptation to fuck her hard and shoot my load in her was unbelievably hard to resist, but there was no way I was going to do that. I doubt that Mistress R would have been 'upset' as such, but I wanted her to control my orgasms and she doesn't want me to be allowed to ask to cum, so at that point my only option was to tell her that I was getting too close. Actually I really thought that when I told her that, she would just say fuck me, cum in me then, but she didn't!
I waited a few seconds, feeling my cock pulsing inside her hot, wet cunt and then slowly started gently fucking her again, but all too soon I could feel myself right on the edge again, desperately not wanting to have to stop, wanting to saviour every last rare second of being inside her wonderful pussy. And so I rode it, all the time conscious that I could so easily slip over the edge and cum without permission... until finally she pushed me back and told me to stop.
My cock was rock hard then and took an age to go down, gripped tightly as it was by the cocksling. It took quite a while for my breathing to return to normal too, and Mistress R and I laid there for a while before I took the cocksling off. I told Mistress R that I couldn't begin to tell her how amazing that was for me, and I'm sure she can't really understand it, but I know you guys can. It was sooo hot, and sooo amazing....
After we had finished and we were laying there, Mistress R asked me how long it had been since I had cum, I told her it was a week, which I assumed she knew since she had allowed me to cum after the 'wonderful' family party last Saturday night.
She said, "Oh, not that long at all then."
I loved that she said that, and told her so. I think she slightly misunderstood what I meant since she said, "Well, that's what you tell me, isn't it three weeks before it really starts to do anything."
Well, for me it's about a week before it starts to bite and then it settles down and then it's about three weeks before it really starts to kick in. But my point really was that to hear her say that was so nice, like a week was nothing at all for me to wait. Oooh, yes.
Mistress R decided it was time to get up, but graciously allowed me to kiss her pussy one more time, I can literally never get enough of her taste, ever, so I try to get as much as I can whenever I can! And here I am, typing this for you, with the taste of her still in my mouth and my balls still nice and full. And I feel GREAT!

I've just realised...

That maybe for a site like this, giving the ladies the option of 'suck it' or 'fuck it' are rather limited options, perhaps I should have made it more varied, like maybe....

Suck it
Fuck it
Kick it
Slap it
Bite it
Scratch it
Whip it
Crop it
Lick it
Palm it

That kind of thing...

Do you ever feel a little...


Of course, I know that my life is now kinda different and to a lot of people the fact that I now don't get to choose when to cum is pretty freaking weird, but then again, Q & k are off on holiday to some invitation-only nudist resort where they are going to do goodness knows what, and then of course there's my chief partner in crime, Mr Goodhubby, who's currently being punched in the balls every three quarters of an hour...

Makes me feel kind of, normal. Hahaha.

Just a reminder about the poll...

Since I've made so many posts this last 24hrs (and so these have moved off the first page), I thought I would repost the pictures which inspired the new poll...

Gentlemen, first thought - lick it or fuck it?

Ladies, first thought - suck or fuck?

200,000 hits (we already did it)

200,000 HITS!

Another massive day...

Over 2500 hits yesterday, but better than that I weighed this morning and (somewhat astonishingly) I lost another pound, which I didn't really deserve, but hey, there's been weeks I've felt cheated so what the hell. This means I am no longer 17St, but 16St....... Okay I'm 16St 13lbs, but I was 18St 1lb, so I'm feeling pretty good right now!

A marathon caption day yesterday, and believe it or not, this is my 700th post since April 4th. We should also be hitting the 200,000 hits mark later on today, which isn't bad for 4.5 months...

Well, Mistress R is off to have her pedicure done and later I will be taking care of her, after the week we've had I can't wait.

Friday, 5 August 2011


So I'm, painfully aware now that my polls are rather... non-inclusive! I'm sure there's lots of women out there looking at that pussy and thinking, 'hmm, I want to lick that!', and there's probably a fair number of guys who're looking at that cock and licking their lips too... maybe I should add another couple of polls for guys who want to be fucked by a cock or suck a cock, and for the girls who want to lick or fuck that juicy pussy!
Or is this just getting a bit silly?

A complaint...

'k' has alerted me that 'Q' is disgruntled... and that's not good! She is apparently unhappy that my poll is only aimed at guys, which is fair comment and when I set up the poll I was struggling with that, but I was in a bit of a rush, I also thought that if I asked the ladies to vote, well , that would surely sway the vote to the 'lick it' option, wouldn't it. Yes I know the ladies' first thought might be 'that pussy looks like it needs a dildo inside it', but as I say I was in a rush...
So, with this in mind, and because I genuinely don't want my lovely lady visitors to feel left out, I am adding another poll, and apologise profusely for my tardiness!

So, ladies, since I don't want you to feel left out...

I extend to you pretty much the same question, 'Suck it' or 'Fuck it'?

The exploits of Good Hubby...

Well, I don't know how many of you have already visited Good Hubby's page today, probably a fair few of you I should imagine... Therein you can find his account of the last couple of days, and it's pretty brutal stuff...
I really don't know what I think of it, I kind of admire GH for giving his wife what she craved even though it was more than he really felt comfortable doing, while at the same time knowing that I don't think I could do that myself even if Mistress R wanted me to (more likely to win the Lottery, seriously). At the same time, while I was reading it I was a little... engorged, shall we say (haha), which confuses the shit out of me.
Similarly, I don't know if you've noticed but if you look under the caption called 'Open Your Legs', you'll find a comment left by our good friend 'k'...

"Well that just made me hard, how sick am I?"

For the record, he's not the only one, and yet, really I have no desire to be kicked in the balls, and yet it is a fantasy which does arouse me significantly. I guess it's the power thing that gets me off, cos the pain certainly wouldn't.
But GH and NW are obviously wired-up differently... I just hope they aren't too sore this morning, since he whipped her pussy pretty badly and he in turn took several hard punches to his bollocks last night.... FFS!

Back on top...

No, not in the bedroom! Who knows when, or even if that will ever happen again (just ask our dear friend 'k'!) ... no, this is much more important.
Last night Mistress R and I had a nice night out at a local pub, just the two of us, it seems like weeks since we did that. Anyway, the important thing was that during the course of the evening I reassured Mistress R that I still wanted her to have control and whatever she wanted was fine by me, even if that meant that I would have to get used to only being inside her occasionally, when SHE decides that she wants it.
She asked me several times if I was sure about what I was saying, and that she still wanted me to be able to tell her if I wasn't happy. I agreed that I would if it was necessary, but most of all I just wanted things back how they should be, with her having the freedom to choose whatever she wanted to do and to grow at her own pace. I must admit, she looked really happy when I told her this, and that made me feel really happy too.
When we got home Mistress decided to tease me by sucking and stroking my cock wonderfully, she also gently pulled on my balls and gave my cock some really lovely slaps too (unbelievably hot!) while telling me that was just the start of my punishment for touching my cock without permission... I was very hard, and I loved every second of it. I was also briefly allowed to worship Mistress R's feet later, which I absolutely loved doing.
I still massively regret what happened but at least we seem to have gotten over this hump, now I'm looking forward to giving Mistress some proper attention as soon as possible. I am so desperate to taste her and make her cum now... I want that more than anything.

Speaking of which, it seems I'm not the only one with an oral obsession, given that 82% of the first forty voters in my poll have chosen the 'Lick It' option over the 'Fuck It' option... I didn't really expect that, but I can certainly understand it!

Thursday, 4 August 2011

New poll...

Ok, this poll is a little different, guys, when you see a picture like, say, this for example...

Is your first thought, 'Oh God I want to fuck that', or 'Oh God I want to lick that'?

Go here now...

A splendid brand new blog from one of my followers (Giles English), his first post is pretty damn smart and if you hurry you might be able to bag yourself a free copy of his book too!

Reblogged from Femdom Proper...


This is so cool... and so is this tumblr site, Femdom Proper.

Well, what a fucking idiot I am...

When I started this blog, I decided in my infinite wisdom to tell Mistress R what I was doing. My motto is that there should never be secrets between us and almost straight away I was proved correct because rather unexpectedly one of my first major commenters was a lady called Miss Christina, and never mind that she's on the other side of the world, never mind that she made no undue 'advances' to me whatsoever, I did not want Mistress R to feel that I was discussing our sex life behind her back and definitely not with another woman!
At first I got the distinct impression that Mistress R was none to impressed anyway, but she soon came to see that it was all above-board and no threat to her or us, indeed she now occasionally asks after Miss Christina and her slut Sam.
Anyway, what happened over the last four months is that everyday I would print out my blog posts and give them to her in the evening. She rarely commented on them, except when I was gushing about something wonderful she had done, but she gave me the impression that these posts were useful so I continued, even though sometimes I dreaded her reading them because I had posted something which I felt was slightly critical, but even then mostly it seemed okay.
But since the weekend something has changed. We had a shit weekend, a family obligation on Saturday put Mistress R in a bad mood which continued through Sunday (fueled by PMS and the wretched heat we've been having here in the UK), there was a momentary respite on Monday when I was able to make her cum, but even so my posts on Monday and Tuesday were perceived to be more critical than ever and I must admit that I was thoroughly fed up on those days and this obviously showed up in my posting.
Last night I gave Mistress R my post which went some way to undoing the damage done, but it was not enough and we had... well it wasn't a row, but it was certainly a heated discussion, with Mistress R voicing her intense frustration at the whole thing. She felt that she couldn't do anything right, that she felt like she had started a new job and was being told different ways to do things every day, by several different people.
In short she was up to here with the whole thing and was utterly confused about what I want, and indeed not even sure if I knew what I want.
As this barrage poured out of her I was pretty shellshocked. I could hardly speak for a while and as I sat there I remembered the post on AtAllTimes blog yesterday, the one where he received some pretty blunt advice from a reader. When I read it I thought, this guy has hit the nail on the head, although whether AAT will take his advice on board I'm not sure... and yet, suddenly it was pretty obvious to me that I had made the same mistake as AAT.
What a fucking idiot.
To her eternal credit Mistress R didn't tell me to forget the chastity thing, and I wouldn't have blamed her if she had. We cried (well I did), and held each other and I tried to explain myself, with some degree of success (I hope).
I said to her that, the whole point of this was to make her feel special and happy and that was what I wanted more than anything. We discussed this further and decided to continue as we were. She again suggested the idea of taking a break from this, which I didn't want to do but said that if that's what she wanted then I would be okay with it.
She explained that the fact that I had broken the rules and touched my cock had made her feel like shit, not because it was disobedient or any of that bollocks, but because she felt that she had neglected me to the point where I felt I needed to do that. She suggested that we scrap the rule about not being allowed to touch my cock and I did think about it, but as I said to her, the problem is that if I am allowed to do it as much as I want I know it won't be as special when she touches me, and I don't want that. But I explained that maybe I had underestimated the amount of teasing I needed to be kept satisfied... whether that will lead to an increase in teasing I don't really know, I guess we'll have to wait and see.
Right now I don't really care.
The most important thing is that Mistress R are back where we should be, close and happy with each other. We are an exceptionally close couple, ridiculously close some would say, and when things are not right between us we are both miserable. Fortunately this doesn't happen too often, but when it does half the problem is that I am shit at talking about it, and Mistress R has to batter me verbally until I crack and spill my guts.
Almost always this quickly results in resolution and this was how it was last night, just a half hour of talking and we are right as rain again, fortunately. The upshot of all this is that I am no longer going to print out my blogs for Mistress R to read, unless there is something specific that I want her to read, and that is not going to make her feel like shit!
And what this has really made me realise is that, in the beginning I wanted her to take control, to do what she wanted, when she wanted, and what her reading my blog was really doing was providing too much 'guidance' or perhaps more accurately 'interference' with that. So what I want to get back to is that basic idea of her being the one making the decisions regarding our sex life, and I acknowledge that isn't always going to be what I 'want', but that is the price I am willing to pay, because I believe what Mistress R needs is the space to find her own way, to sort things out for herself without me 'helping' her everyday with my blog posts.
Mistress R doesn't want me to stop blogging, because she knows how helpful it is to me and overall she likes the blog, she just doesn't need to read every single one of my thoughts every day, and of course I can see that now (too late).
So there you are. Crisis averted, and hopefully this has put us back on course for what we/I really wanted in the first place. If that means I only get penetration once a month, if that means she makes me wait too long or not long enough to cum, well so be it. I want her to be in control, and as such it's unreasonable for me to feel aggrieved if her decisions aren't the ones I want her to make.
Writing this post has been exhausting, thanks for reading.