Saturday, 30 July 2011

The aptly named KinkyWife....

...left this comment on my blog and I wondered what you guys thought about it, and if you might suggest the poll options since I could only think of three possibilities... I'm assuming that KinkyWife is talking about 'another' man's cum by the way...

Kinky Wife said...How about a poll where guys have to decide where they would take a load of cum if they had to? My hubby is reluctant but I really want him to try it.

Some of you may remember this post...

Which addressed the pathetic attitudes of the mainstream press when it comes to (so called) kink. Well, I'm afraid it's happened again! Yesterday I was flicking through Mistress R's copy of 'Easy Living' and the front cover promised 'Tales of 4 Women's Unconventional Sex Lives!'. Well, of course my first thought was, does one of them hold her husband's chastity belt key?
How could I be so stupid.
One of them is a virgin.
One of them is the managing director of (truly shocking that a woman should run a company that sells dildos I know, but the article actually revealed nothing about her sex life save for which was her favourite vibrator - one that vibrates to the beat of whichever song you play on your iPod or some such nonsense, presumably she switches the selection to 'Slayer' when she wants the big finish?)
One of them is a lesbian (pretty shocking in this day and age I know...!)
And the other one was a former erotic dancer who had been raped eight times. Which rather begs the question, how many times do you have to get raped before you realise that you are putting yourself in danger? I should have thought twice was enough. She even said that one of the times she had a knife held at her throat and she was convinced they were going to kill her. Mistress R was in full agreement with my observation and added that she thought there had to be a lot more to that story than was told.
Now I am not in the habit of trivialising rape, it is a terrible crime and I very briefly knew a girl who had recently been raped by her boyfriend... but my beef is with this appalling journalism. Does this story belong in a supposedly 'titilating' article like this, really?
And how is 'being a lesbian' in any great way 'unconventional' anymore, for God's sake even Mistress R's mother knows a lesbian couple and she's about as conventional as you could possibly get. I guess being a virgin is quite unusual, but once again it's the 'I sell sex toys' angle that really grates the nerve.
I have long read Mistress R's magazines, in fact it's something I would thoroughly recommend all men to do as it does (over time) give you an insight into how women think and to an extent how to have a long and happy marriage! You just have to pick and choose the bits that are worth reading and ignore the 'We're loving these (insert designer brand name here) candles - £78 per pair from John Lewis).
I guess the truth is that there's a gap in the market now, because once you feel like you are too old for Cosmopolitan (which is really aimed at the late 20's, early 30's market... and despite it's 'racey' image is actually full of articles like 'Why won't he commit', which is rather redundant since Mistress R and I have been marred since we were 23!) there's just not that much to go at, especially if you are not yet ready for the likes of 'Woman and Home' or any of the mags that tell you which is the best value for money stair-lift on the market.
Well, anyway... Mistress R said last night that she's going to write to them and tell them how pathetic their article was and that they should be telling their readers about the benefits of 'male chastity', which on one hand is laudable, but on the other hand I just know they will get it so wrong, and make us out to be spineless worms, and God knows what ill-informed fuckwit experts they will drag out to give their 'valued opinions'.
Oh who am I kidding, they are no more going to write about male chastity than... I'm going to start a blog about knitting. Not while there's still easy copy to be had from pointing at women who work in the 'adult online retail sector' and giggling pathetically.
Oh and chaps, if you do meet a woman who works in sex toys, apparently the biggest turn off is for you to say 'do you get to test them out?'. That's some pretty radical information right there!

The end of a twelve day stretch...

Mistress R and I have been at a family party since late afternoon, which is always 'fun'. Not least because there was four little kids there and Mistress R and I just lurve children (not). Mistress R wore some open toed shoes and I ended up sitting opposite her for most of the night (though sadly not her recently purchased slutty shoes), which was a bit of a perpetual tease for me... and when we got home Mistress R asked if I was ready for my reward (for another week of successful weight loss). Truth be told I had a bit of stomach ache, but I thought 'fuck it', if I don't grab my reward now then tomorrow I will be going down on her and she probably would tease me anyway, so the reward would effectively be lost!
So Mistress R had me sit on our new leather sofa and knelt between my legs to suck my cock. After a while she undid her dressing gown and showed me her gorgeous breasts and I started to hope that she might be about to let me cum on them. Well, not quite, but when I warned her I was getting close to coming she told me she was going to let me cum and that I should cum now. Well it didn't take too many more strokes and my latest chastity period was at an abrupt end. It was sooo nice to cum, even though it hadn't been all that long (relatively speaking), and seeing as I was feeling a little bit sick, I have to admit that in this particular instance I was quite glad that Mistress R didn't make me lick her hand clean (even though that is one of the things I'd like her to get used to doing out of the sessions).
Well, there you are, it's back to day one tomorrow, and that's my second orgasm this month (hands up everyone who voted in the poll thinking I wasn't going to get any this month, you were wrong!). All things being well, Mistress R should be enjoying her eleventh orgasm of the month tomorrow (a new record) which I am looking forward to enormously, but for now I really need to go to bed. Good night all.

Good day so far...

Today is my weigh day and I lost another two pounds... so that's 15lbs since the start! In addition to that, last night I was allowed to go down on my beautiful Mistress and make her cum again and then later I was very briefly allowed to worship her feet. Mistress also teased my cock a little bit, but last night I was so tired that I wasn't really fully into it... y'see about 5am yesterday morning our cat managed to get upstairs somehow and woke us up, and I never got back to sleep, and in fact I went shopping at 6am just to not lay in bed awake for another hour!
I'm still pretty sleepy today too, it's getting warm again (which we both hate!) the only upside to that is that Mistress R will be barefoot if it's hot.

Friday, 29 July 2011

After a slow start...

The 'pussy' option seems to be getting the majority of votes from both sexes. A third of men have still voted to cum in their ladies' mouth though, and every other option has at least one vote... but a massive 47% of the women voters have plunged for the 'he should be so lucky' option, which is perhaps not surprising given the nature of my blog.

Many years ago...

When I first started reading 'Forum' magazine, I read a letter that I've never forgotten. The gist of it was that this guy was 'caught' wanking by his wife (who was completely disinterested in sex by the way). She noticed that he was reading Forum and in particular that he was reading a letter about BDSM or some kind of pain play. So since she loved him she asked him if that was what he was into. The guy squirmed a bit and then said 'yes'. 'Is that what you want then?' she asked, and he replied that yes it was, although he wasn't sure where this was going.
She thought about it for a while and then said, 'Okay then, but on the condition that you never ask me to talk about it or it's finished'. The guy was confused but agreed and over the coming months his wife came up with all sorts of ways to give him painful orgasms, including wrapping toast around his cock and jerking him off, pulling out his ball hairs with tweezers while wanking him and turning her engagement ring around so that the stone was on the inside before giving him a handjob (ouch!).
She asked for nothing in return, she simply had no interest in sex and she was only doing these things to 'keep him happy' with the minimum of involvement from her, hence the no questions thing.
I gather this was pretty frustrating for the guy since he wanted to talk to her about things he'd like to try but had no avenue of communication to explore. It's a pretty fucked up story really, just thought I would share it with you all anyway...

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Always nice to read about someone else's happiness...

Came across this little comment this morning, gotta love it, don't ya?

"My wife and myself are new to the the whole male chastity lifestyle (only about 2 weeks in). We took the kids out for a family dinner yesterday and my 12 year old looked across the table and said, "Geez Mom, you don't usually smile and laugh this much."  We both looked at each other because we knew why "Mom" was so happy.
Just found out about the "ruined orgasm" thing last night. Wife said it was something she wanted to try....don't know if it's something I should be looking forward to or not! LOL. In 22 years of marriage, this past couple of weeks have been some of the very best we've had..."

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

BOOK REVIEW: Safe Word by Molly Weatherfield...

I'm not going to go into massive detail about this but I've just finished this book, which is a sequel to 'Carrie's Story' (which was reviewed previously). I was a bit suspect about whether to bother with the follow up or not, but I decided to in the end and actually I'm quite glad I did, because I thought it was a fair bit better than the first one. It's still a bit pretentious in places, of course... but it's that kind of book, and it doesn't detract from the story, which has a rather surprising ending. 
Of course, ponygirls aren't my thing, but this is well written and to be honest this works whether you are into that particular fetish or not. Overall, rather good.

A bit of disparity... the poll results so far. A third of the women would like to have their men cum inside their pussy, while only a quarter of the men would choose to do so. On the other hand nearly half the men would like to cum in their loved one's mouth, but not one lady has voted for that option. Meanwhile 2/3rds of the women have plunged for the 'he should be so lucky' option... hehehe.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

So close...

Well as anticipated, yesterday was indeed the busiest day ever on the blog! Just one page view shy of 2700 views! Amazing. Thanks to all of you you who visited yesterday and special thanks for all the great comments left yesterday too.
Right, back to work today - boo!

A new record...

We're three pageviews away from a new record with an hour and a half to go... awesome!

And another one makes 36...

As I said earlier, Mistress R gave me the choice of going to the pub or going down on her, and naturally I chose the latter! Once again Mistress R had a nice orgasm (so 36 plays 8 overall) and there was some lovely stroking for me too. I'm gradually allowing myself to relax a little more to get a little closer to the edge. The main issue for me is that if I get close and have to tell her I'm close then I doubt she'll wait for me to cool down and start again, so by getting myself edged I'm most likely to cut my teasing short, and that's the last thing I want. Tricky!
One thing that Mistress R is doing lately which I am absolutely loving, is that she is dragging her hand up from between my legs and pulling my balls upwards. It is so nice, but as ever I'd love her to be rougher sometimes... and maybe dig those lovely long nails into my balls at the same time, mmmm!

I managed to get about 3,000 words written today, which takes my total so far to 23,000 odd. Hopefully one day there will be a finished novel, whether it will be this side of Christmas remains to be seen!

If you are allowed to touch your cock...

Then you might like to play this game. Truly the best webtease I have ever seen anywhere - even better than mine!


To everyone that has voted, I left out 'mouth', which is just fucking stupid! So I've redone the polls, please revote, thanks! Oh, yeah I changed my vote to mouth too, hahaha!

Re voting in the poll...

If you vote 'other' in the poll, please leave a comment to explain your choice, thank you.

New poll, with thanks to Tim...

Thanks to a suggestion from one of my readers, we have a new poll! Guys, I want to know where you most like to empty your balls, and ladies, I want to know where you most like to receive your man's load, assuming you let him cum of course! Personally I voted for 'pussy', apart from anything else, cum tastes better when it's mixed with pussy juice!!!

Two Klixen videos added...

Two Klixen videos added to the video page, although of course I can't find that one anywhere...

A simple choice...

So last night I asked Mistress R if she wanted to go to the pub tonight, since she has arranged to go round to her friend's house on Thursday night (her usually preferred pub night), to which she replied:

'We could, or we could stay here and you can go down on me...'

Well, as you can imagine, that didn't take an awful lot of thinking about, so we'll be staying in tonight then!

What I really loved about it was that there was no mention of me being teased or anything like that, she knows how much I love going down on her and making her cum and she knew that given the choice of going down on her or pretty much anything else I would always choose the former. If she does decide to tease me that's a bonus, but she's under no obligation to... God I love being under her control.

I also love the fact that recently she seems much more proactive about having me go down on her, I'm sure she's having orgasms more regularly than she was before we started this, not massively more, but maybe 10% more, which of course is absolutely wonderful for me!

A massive...

...2438 pageviews here yesterday, and three new followers too! Welcome and thanks for visiting! Still doesn't quite break the record of 2586 pageviews in a day, but it's a new record for third busiest all the same! Definitely looks like we're over that dip in popularity of a few weeks back.

Q & k honour us with a special post...

I was most surprised to find a special post in Mistress R and mine's honour on k's site this morning (iHonorHer). What is truly amazing about it is that they have chosen to post a GIF made from the very video that started my interest in ruined orgasms, indeed if you have read 'Out of Your Hands*' you may recognize the video in question from the description I gave. But then it's perhaps not such a surprise, being that Klixen does make the best ruined orgasm videos! In addition to this 'Q' posted this reply yesterday to my comment about Goodhubby's 'accident'...

Q said said...
Please convey to Mistress R., that to watch her sub struggle to hold back, and then fail, only to have his semen simply ooze and spill out the tip of his cock is truly a fascinating sight to behold, and quite humorous to watch! And if she might follow my lead, punishment for an unauthorized orgasm might be applied immediately! See, the spanking is much more painful when the sexual tension in the male has been diminished by ejaculation. Just ask k!
Oh, and I would never on purpose build him up so close to the edge that he couldn't possibly hold his orgasm back, just so I could ruin it and laugh at his frustration, and then administer a painful spanking to his cute little backside for cumming without my permission now would I?

But don't expect this to happen overnight... sometimes Mistress R tells me that though she loves reading the blog, sometimes she feels like she is being pressurized into doing things that she doesn't really want to do... and this seems to be one of those things. On the other hand, I'm bound to cum without permission sooner or later and we'll just have to see what happens then. Like NW I'm sure Mistress R's first instinct will be to 'finish me off', but in all honesty I hope she doesn't.

*Unfortunately 'Out of Your Hands' is the one story I wrote that Mistress R really didn't like, and in fact didn't read that much of, mainly because it was written from 'her' perspective and that made her uncomfortable with it.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Too close to the edge...

Another great post over at Goodhubby's site today, in which he explains what happened when he got too close to the edge and fell off the edge. In his wife's words:

“It was really cool watching it ruin. Watching you swell, and pulse, the actual spurts.
Watching you consciously choose not to touch yourself.
It was hard to let it ruin though – my first impulse was to help it, to finish it.
But at the same time I didn’t want it to be a good one because I didn’t want you to come.”

I hope when it eventually happens, Mistress R is strong enough to let me suffer too. You can read the whole story here

Results of the anal sex poll...

Well, quite surprising to me at least, in that 40% of the women polled plunged for the 'yes please' option. An almost equal 35% said 'no thanks' while 17% had never tried it and 8% claimed to suffer it for their lover... seems a little bit odd to me because I would have thought most of the women visiting my site would tend to be 'dominant', still...

On the men's side, a whopping 60% of you voted in the 'yes please' category, and just 6% of you were not keen at all. 24% of you had never tried and 10% of you suffer for your Mistresses (presumably).

Right, now I have to think of another poll. Damn.

An interesting little exercise...

I notice Goodhubby has been noting the number of days when he hasn't orgasmed, I thought I would do the same thing. In the 116 days of full chastity so far, I've had 8 orgasms, meaning 108 days without, or 93%. That means on average I have been allowed to cum every 14.5 days, but since the last two times have been 28 and 23 days, I think it's fair to say the Mistress R's early generosity is skewing the curve...

I hardly know where to begin...

Mistress R and I got home on Saturday evening, but there was so much to do and then yesterday I was going to post here but by the time I got round to it I was getting tired and I really wanted to spend the last hours of the weekend with Mistress R. But now finally I am here (now that I've caught up with all the blogs I watch and Good Hubby's enormous posts...) and ready to tell you everything. You might want to get some kind of beverage as this could be the longest post ever...

So as you may or may not know, this last Sunday was International Femdom Day, which provided me with the perfect excuse for spoiling Mistress R and making her feel special. To this end I decided that I would take her away somewhere for the night (Mistress R and I are both very odd when it comes to going on holidays, we both love it for about 30 hours and then we want to go home, so one night is perfect for us!).
We went away a few months ago and we stayed near Bristol in a Doubletree Hilton, which was lovely, so instead of trying to think of somewhere to go I looked at where the Doubletree Hilton's are and worked backwards. Well there aren't that many of them, but there was one near Chester and I discovered that there was a Retail Outlet place nearby too (perfect!) and the plan was that we would go there on the Friday and then come home via Tatton Park (a huge stately home) on the Saturday.
Now of course all this was planned in secret, but me being crap at keeping secrets and Mistress R pretty much hates surprises (unless they are in little boxes) I eventually told her. Which was just as well as it turned out because Mistress R managed to find two crucial pieces of information. 1) She discovered one of the best restaurants I've ever been to within fifteen minutes drive of the hotel and 2) She discovered that Tatton Park was hosting a massive flower show! Now we wouldn't have minded seeing the flower show, but we both knew that the place was going to be rammed and we hate crowds, so we decided a change of plan was in order.
As it turned out the retail outlet turned out to be a lot better than we expected and we ended up spending about five hours there, which meant that by the time we got to the Hotel it was past three in the afternoon and it really didn't seem worth going in to Chester for an hour before it started to close. So instead we relaxed a bit in the room  which was easier said than done as it turned out because first I couldn't get the air conditioning to work so we had to get a man to come and show us how it worked and then we realised the fridge in our room was broken so another call to reception (we wouldn't have bothered but the room was so hot and we'd bought a selection of Lindt chocolates at the Retail Outlet and we didn't want them to melt) and fair play to them they brought us a new fridge and fitted it... by which time, we were a bit fratchety and my hoped for afternoon of pussy worship looked like it was going down the pan... hmm. At this point even the complimentary Doubletree cookie wasn't enough to put a smile back on my face (it was nicely cinnamony, but not quite as nice as the Bristol one somehow).
Mistress R was feeling particularly fidgety and she suddenly decided that we should go for a walk (because we'd only spent like five hours walking around the Retail Outlet, yes I know it's not exactly cardio-vascular but still, I have a bad foot!). So we walked around the hotel in about five minutes and Mistress R decided that we should go to the gym since we had the run of the place. Well as you can imagine, I was not best pleased with this. I had envisaged a lazy afternoon spent gently licking Mistress R's pussy and now I was going to be spending my leisure time on a fucking treadmill. Excellent.
But, this weekend was supposed to be about making her feel special so I bit my lip (to some extent) and we spent a half hour on the treadmills, which was fine actually, great treadmills they had there, much better than the one I had until fairly recently anyway, but probably a lot more expensive to be fair. So after thirty minutes Mistress R had had enough while I was in the zone and ready to carry on for another half hour. So we went back to the room and showered (Mistress R turned the shower on but couldn't figure out how to turn it off again so she called on my massive man-brain to figure it out for her) and then I read a bit of my book before, giving Mistress R one of the three pairs of earrings  I had bought for the weekend (she loved them all - but then I do have impeccable taste, haha) and then we went out to the restaurant Mistress R had found on the net.
It was called The Pheasant Inn and it was in a nearby village and it was quite the nicest gastro-pub/restaurant I have ever been in and the food was delicious. We left about 10:45 feeling very fat and content, and in Mistress R's case slightly inebriated (I rarely drink anything at all and of course I was driving). Despite this when we returned to the room Mistress R decided that it was time for my treat (since I had once again lost weight this week: another 1.5lbs, making a total of 13lbs in five weeks!) and had me lay on the bed and then gave me a lovely but quite gentle blowjob (it later transpired that my comments about her hurting me the other day had backfired on me and I had to reassure her that it was only that one thing she had done which had hurt and that if anything I would like her to be more rough with me generally).
Of course with our Femdom session looming on Sunday I knew that she wouldn't let me cum, whether or not she was going to let me cum on Sunday, but it was still lovely and I enjoyed every last second of it and afterwards I decided to give her the next pair of earrings (that I had originally intended to give her the next morning).
Feeling quite tired now we decided to call it a night, of course I was massively disappointed that I hadn't got to go down on Mistress R, especially as I knew she wouldn't even want me to do it the next morning lest it took the edge of the session on Sunday, but Mistress R doesn't find it very easy to cum when she's been drinking and I was stuffed full of Gastro pub grub. So we turned off the air conditioning (too noisy) and went to sleep.
Well, that was a mistake, the room was a like an oven (it wasn't even that warm outside) and I woke up about three hours later sweating like a bastard and looked over to see Mistress R laying on top of the bedclothes (which she never, ever does). There was a phone by her side of the bed which had a blue screen on it which somehow incredibly lit up the whole room and this blue light made her look like an erotic photo, I must have laid for ten or fifteen minutes enjoying the beautiful sight of Mistress R laying on her back bathed in this blue light, she looked absolutely stunning and I wished I had a camera with me so that I could take a photo, eventually I fell asleep.
Incidentally, when I write things like that Mistress R often comments that she's really not all that and I am misleading my readers. Well bollocks to that, she is beautiful and sexy as hell even if she doesn't see it herself. I wish she could see herself through my eyes and then she would realise how utterly gorgeous she is. It is one of my pet hates that women are manipulated by the media to think that they are unattractive unless they conform to the stereotypical images that they present, even though it's well known that even the women they hold up as role models don't actually look like that (have you seen Kelly Brook without the right lighting and retouching, hmm....). I find it deeply tragic and one of the things that I love about Femdom is that it gives the opportunity for the woman to feel like she is completely worshipped and treasured above all others.
One of the best parts of any day for me is first thing in the morning when Mistress R gets out of bed and literally the first thing I see is her naked, it's wonderful and yet frustrating because every morning without fail I want to grab her and pull her back into bed so that I can bring her to orgasm...
But of course, like every woman, she would point to bits of her body that she thinks aren't 'perfect' whereas all I see is one completely awesome and utterly sexy package of hotness. On the upside I do think she is starting to see it my way, which is great because there's nothing sexier than a sexy hot woman who knows she's sexy and hot and uses it to tease and frustrate her husband (that'll be me!).
Speaking of which, as you know, I adore Mistress R's sexy feet and one of the things I wanted to do this weekend was to buy her some really slutty shoes that show off her gorgeous feet and toes. This was actually Mistress R's idea initially (even better!!!) but I was all for it (of course!) and so we went in search of shoes that were suitably slutty but not impossible to walk in (Mistress R isn't big on massive heels). And of course where better to find them than a retail outlet?
Well, after several false starts (there's a lot of slutty shoes about but nearly all of them have six inch heels, and Mistress's tiny feet would barely touch the floor!) we came across some Carvelo's in Kurt Geiger and we both thought they were just perfect.

Mmm, so fucking hot!!!

These shoes have little zips at the back and Mistress R was struggling to get them off and we were giggling as she held her foot out and said 'Take them off!', well, frankly I was about ready to do just that and suck her toes right in the middle of the shop... fortunately sanity prevailed and we managed to purchase the shoes without further incident.

So Saturday arrived and after a shower and breakfast (slightly disappointing it must be said) we left the hotel and headed into Chester. It was okay, we walked around the city walls, a good 40 minute walk, and we went on a boat trip up the river (which was great), we also had some lovely locally produced Mint Choc Chip ice cream and then we looked at each other and said 'Time to go home'!
It was a couple of hours drive back which passed relatively quickly and it was nice to get home. After we had unpacked all our goodies (including a ton of Hotel Chocolat which is to be severely rationed and not gobbled!) I had to go do the shopping and then I did some cooking, washed the cars and then tried to post something to the blog, but was too tired.

Finally the day had arrived, Mistress R got her last pair of earrings (Swarovski crystals, which she loved) but first there was the small matter of our Femdom session. Of course, we had agreed that from now on she was under no obligation to let me cum in the sessions, and since I had had the most spectacular and wonderful orgasm just seven days ago I was hoping that she wouldn't allow me to cum, but I still had my doubts that she would go through with it.
The thing is we've been having these sessions for a long time now and every single time I have cum, and for the last few years at least, every single time I have been made to lick my cum off her hand, foot or breast, so to have a session finish without her letting me cum was a massive deal. But for some time now I had wanted her to deny me in the session, even if it was only once, that way it would introduce the possibility of denial in every session. In our very recent sessions she had said she might decide not to let me cum, and I loved that she said it, but deep down I knew it was a hollow threat.
The problem was that the sessions were in place long before the chastity thing, and so once it got to the point where I had gone from one session to the next without cumming (28 days) it was apparent that the sessions would become a stumbling block if Mistress R wanted to make me wait longer. For me, I wanted her to have complete control of my orgasms, and I wanted to remove the obligation for her to allow me to cum.
We discussed this recently after Mistress had read posts I had made on my blog, since she was unsure that what I was posting was what I actually genuinely felt, and once I had told her that it was indeed how I felt, that I genuinely wanted her to have complete and utter control over my orgasms she seemed much happier about it and that is how we came to this huge turning point...
The session began as always with me on my knees, waiting for her in the bedroom, blindfolded, with ankle and wrist cuffs in place and the wonderful Oxballs Cocksling (buy one, you won't be disappointed!) fitted around my cock and balls. Mistress entered and I felt her toenails scratching at my balls before she started talking to me about how she needed to punish me for failing to keep my hands off my cock. She said that even though I had only touched it twice, which was a great improvement, it couldn't be overlooked that one of those times was an outrageous flaunting of her rules, she also suggested that in future the length of time I spent touching my cock would be taken into account rather than merely the number of 'instances'.
She had me turn and lean over the bed and then she gave me ten lashes of the whip, each one I thanked her for and counted, even the ones where the tails curled around my hip slightly and caused me to wince. Then she started with the paddle, first the suede side and then the leather, harder and stingier every time. At the ninth I was really feeling it and barely got the words out, thankfully she stopped at eleven and I was told to kneel back down again.
Then she lay on the bed and told me to start worshipping her feet, which I love doing. I could hear her finger working it's way inside her pussy as I was sucking her toes and kissing her instep and then she allowed me to lick her finger clean before continuing with my task. I love it when she has me worship her feet, especially when she talks to me while I do it. This time was no exception as she related to me how my cock was her cock now, and that it was her's to play with, tease, suck, stroke, bite (oh yes!) or lock up if that was what pleased her... this had the effect of making my cock (shrivelled to nothing by the pain of the paddle just a few moments previously) absolutely rock hard, and made me hope that it wouldn't be too much longer until she touched it.
She told me to stop worshipping her feet and had me get on the bed, where she tied me spreadeagled on my back. Almost immediately she mounted my face and I licked her pussy, focussing on her clit which brought some appreciative groans from Mistress's throat as she leaned back to stroke my rock hard cock. After a while she got off and knelt beside me on the bed, stroking my cock before picking up the small cock whip. She gave my cock a nice whipping (interspersed with more stroking and face sitting), which was very intense but very hot all the same, and then she let go and the next thing I know she was pushing a smallish dildo into my ass, before whipping my cock some more.
Then she decided she wanted to fill my ass more, so she picked up the black rubber butt plug and lubed it up. She got it a fair way in, but with me on my back it was never going to get past the 'shoulders' and stay in, which was quite disappointing really. Frustrated, Mistress R gave up on that and grabbed her strap-on, plunging it into my ass in one thrust (I love it when she does things like that, even though it was a little uncomfortable, because out of session she would never do that and it reassures me that there is more potential natural dominance in Mistress R just waiting to be brought to the surface...). Then she attached clothes pegs to my nipples and sat on my face one more time before telling me that she was leaving me alone for a while and that when she came back I would be going down on her.
She left me alone for ten minutes or so and when she came back she finally took my blindfold off and I could see her gorgeous body at last. She had me remove the cocksling and then she lay down on the bed and told me to make her cum, while I blissfully lay on my front determined to give her the best pussy worship I could possibly manage. After about ten or fifteen minutes Mistress R bucked hard against me and I grabbed hold of her and worked her clit with my tongue until she finally pushed my head away, completely spent. I know it was good because for a moment she slipped out of character and said 'Thank you baby', which made me smile, but then it was back to business and she told me to lick her juices off the black PVC sheet and then she stood on the bed in front of me and had me lick all the pussy juice of her thighs and then told me to lick between her ass cheeks. She allowed me to tongue her ass for about a minute I guess, which was wonderful and much anticipated, before she told me to stop and then tied my wrists to the bed and told me to get my ass in the air.
I heard her pick up the strap-on again and secure it around her waist, then she lubed it and my ass nicely and got on the bed behind me. Soon she was inside me, fucking my ass and reaching around to stroke my half hard cock (sometimes the strap-on makes me hard sometimes it has the complete opposite effect) she fucked me for a few minutes and then pulled out and untied my wrists. She told me to turn over and then sat astride me, pushing the strap-on into my mouth (having removed the condom...) and telling me how hot I looked sucking her cock. Then she got off me and removed the strap-on and started stroking my cock again, she straddled my face and pressed her ass against my mouth again, I wanted to tongue it but I wasn't sure if I was allowed to or not... so I simply stuck out my tongue a little way between my lips and allowed her to press her asshole against it.
Finally she got off again and knelt beside me on bed, she looked so beautiful then, just beautiful, gently stroking my cock and here was the moment of truth... was she going to make me cum like every time before, or was she going to take full control of my orgasms? I was conflicted, of course I wanted to cum, but at the same time I wanted her to take that control and deny me. As I watched her she gave little away, but I noticed she kept glancing at the clock, watching the minutes and seconds of the hour tick down to nothing as she reminded me that I had to try harder not to touch my cock, and then.... she let my cock go.
"End of session," she said, obviously feeling slightly odd about the fact that I hadn't cum. I lay there for a moment while she fetched a glass of water and then afterwards we lay there enjoying each other's closeness.
Later she sought reassurance that I wasn't disappointed that I hadn't been allowed to cum, I wasn't disappointed, it just felt weird (actually one of the strangest things about it was not finishing the session with the taste of cum in my mouth)... but I was so happy because I made her cum so hard and because by not allowing me to cum she had broken through the last remaining barrier to her having complete control of my orgasms. It truly was a massive milestone moment and now the truth is I really don't have the foggiest idea when I will cum again, which feels absolutely wonderful. Finally Mistress R has 100% control of my orgasms, and I LOVE it.

This morning I found a lovely card from Mistress R thanking her for making her weekend so amazing and her feel so spoiled and satisfied. I love her so much, and I'm already impatient to taste her pussy again and make her cum (who am I kidding, that started about two minutes after I finished licking the sheet clean yesterday).

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Hi everyone....

What a weekend it's been, Mistress R has been spoilt rotten and I am so happy right now. I'm really tired now though and I'm too tired to post, but tomorrow I will tell you everything that happened this weekend. I am off work tomorrow so I will have plenty of time to give you a really long post. Thank you for your patience!

I'm back...

No time to write just now come back later!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

I'll be away...

...until Saturday night, or maybe Sunday, depends. But I have left you some scheduled posts for the next couple of days. Looking forward to our Femdom session on Sunday morning, hopefully there'll be some juicy bits to write about!

Would you sign up...

Once again the magnificent Good Hubby has provided inspiration for me to write something for all of you lovely blogistas. In his very long indeed posts yesterday, our friend GH wrote that one of the things that had changed this time about the chastity play, was that he'd noticed how much easier to get and stay hard it was. He's not the only one. I too have noticed this, sure it's not absolutely 100% every single time, but then I'm still 4-5 stone overweight and in my forties so what do you expect?
But as I was typing my response to GH's post I suddenly thought, you know what, if there was a medical procedure where they could make your cock rock-hard whenever you wanted and you could last as long as you wanted, but the side-effect of this was that you could never experience a 'real' orgasm again (but you'd still get the lovely feelings you get when you are being denied) and there was no risk of complications, I reckon I'd sign up for that...
Or would I? That's a big thing to give up, to never, ever feel another real orgasm ever again... I guess it would depend how bad the situation was, if it was just like it is now, a little temperamental now and then, like a car that needs a bit of patience on the occasional cold morning, then maybe not.
What do you guys think?

Feeling quite grumpy today...

...despite the lingering memory of the lovely orgasm I enjoyed giving Mistress R last night, mainly because one of our smoke alarms started beeping at 5:30am because the battery was dying. Fucking great. And I never got back to sleep, so now I feel like crap. At least it meant I could get up and do my exercise before work, which is something I suppose.
The only really good thing about being awake early was getting to see Mistress R's beautiful nakedness as she got out of bed. She really is smoking hot (as Brett Michaels would say), this of course provided me with some massive morning wood (which made sleep even less likely to return) and which unfortunately led to transgression number two... only a short one this time mind, a couple of minutes tops (I can hear Miss Christina tutting loudly to herself and mentally popping a cum-cube from her freezer tray).
This is quite bad since I only came three days ago, but even the night before last I was thinking about using one of my three chances until I remembered that it was only 24hrs since I was allowed to cum! Mind you, since Mistress R surprised me by letting me cum earlier than expected I ended up only using one of my three in three weeks, so holding on to them isn't necessarily the best of plans!
I think I might have said last time that when you are allowed to cum, it makes you want to cum again... but I usually get through the first week pretty easy, so to slip up this early doesn't bode well for the next who knows how many days or weeks!


Was the busiest day here in a while, 2419 pageviews, the third best day ever in fact. Funny how about a week ago I was struggling for something to write...

Speaking of writing, I have Monday and Tuesday off work (alone, yes that's going to be tough on the no wanking and no stuffing my face front...) so I should be able to get some work done on my book, that hasn't been touched for about four weeks now. In fact I'm going to have to read the bloody thing to remember what was going on! Still, hopefully over those two days I can slam another 10,000 words down. Hopefully.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Well, I seem to be picking up followers at a goodly rate of late, ten more have joined in the last fortnight! Welcome to you all I hope you enjoy my blog and find plenty of good reading here!

Well, as you can imagine, I'm sitting here with Mistress R's taste and scent still on my tongue and in my nostrils... it was lovely and she came nice and hard. For me, she started with some very nice foot teasing and finished with a very intense blowjob... almost too intense the way she was pulling back my foreskin, and not a single stroke to speak of, just her tongue and lips on my cock head (and her teeth too, but I quite like that, hehehe).

A little point I forgot to mention earlier...

When I was discussing GoodHubby's blog earlier one of the things I forgot to mention when talking about his quandry over giving over control completely to his wife, was the fact that on his blog he mentions that their sex-life hasn't always been as undoubtedly 'rampant' as it is at the moment. Indeed there was a year when they only had sex 5 times (IIRC).
Fortunately for me and Mistress R our sex life has been far more linear in it's frequency, but then we have never had kids disrupting things for us. Still, taking that into account I can fully appreciate why he might be a lot more frightened of taking that plunge than I would be.
As I said earlier, it will be very interesting to see how this pans out, because things are plainly moving phenomonally quickly in GH & NW's household!

The magic twelve, and self-denial...

Isn't it funny, I once (and not even that long ago actually) wrote a story about a guy who was told he would be getting twelve orgasms in a year (you can read it here if you haven't already), at the time it seemed not that many, but now I would be quite content to have one orgasm a month (or less, if that's what Mistress wanted...).

Good Hubby made another comment yesterday about 'self-denial', and I must say I completely agree with his point of view. If I wasn't being denied by Mistress R I don't think I would indulge myself in much self-denial, I would just go back to cumming all the time. Without her to control me there would be no fun in it really, I mean, I'd probably edge myself over and over, tease myself with it, but I know I'd come in the end. It's just not the same...

The poll so far...

Quite interesting that of the women who've tried anal sex, the votes are split half and half, perhaps not so surprising that 75% of the men who've voted like to get fucked in the ass, given the nature of this site...

I will want to use your tongue later...

This morning Mistress R kissed me goodbye and then told me in no uncertain terms "I will want to use your tongue later".

Okay, actually she didn't say it like that at all (more's the pity...) but that's what I heard, after it had passed through my sub-filter... still, however she said it, I'm excited knowing that I'm going to be going down on her later. I love making Mistress R cum more than anything in the world and I never get tired of eating her delicious pussy. I even came up with a new tongue stroke last time, I like to keep it interesting for her because I don't want her to get bored of using my tongue... mmm, the next eight hours are going to drag!

(Incidentally, what is really great about this is that on Friday we will be in a Hotel (and you know what that means, right...) and on Sunday it's our session, so I didn't necessarily think that Mistress R would want attention tonight, looks like July could be a new record month for Mistress R!)

Learning to love it...

Another excellent post on Good Hubby's blog today, and something which really resonated with me...

"My chastity fantasy has two parts.  One part is for the control to be hers, no matter her decision. The other part is that, at some point, I be subjected to lengthy denial, that we get to a point where I am truly asking her to allow me to cum, because I don’t want to hold back anymore, and she tells me that she wants me to wait. That if the decision is truly hers, then I cannot have an orgasm..."

This is so on the money, and I so get where he's coming from here. Because it's one thing for someone to deny you when they know that's what you want, it's quite another for them to deny you for their own pleasure. But as Good Hubby explains further it seems that his wife NW is moving towards just that...

"...that wasn’t going to happen as long as the control/denial wasn’t a facet that she was invested in. But here we have her openly stating that she was enjoying it. So, I prodded further. In essence, she has not allowed herself to become invested in the idea. She was afraid that she would really get into it and that the control would become the expected norm, for her, but that I might end it at any time. What then? She would have primed and re-wired herself to have complete control over my orgasms, only to have the rug yanked from beneath her feet.  And, believe it or not, what this really tied back into was masturbation. Her fear that I would, at some point, burn out on this and revert back to old ways. When things were not so intense. And she would find herself left hanging.
She wants the control. She wants to deny me. She has bought into it!"

Which means that GoodHubby is now faced with a somewhat difficult choice, does he freely give over complete control, knowing that his wife is ready to deny him for her own pleasure rather than his own? Or, what... I don't know what the alternative is, as he hasn't really made this clear. Now of course, my initial reaction is of course YES YES YES! Because for me that sounds like perfection. But Mr Good Hubby is by his own admission a colossal wanker* (4 times a day on average, pre-chastity), and he deems a week without coming quite a long time, so it's different for him. And reading his blog I'm not so sure that he's really ready for that kind of control. It'll certainly be interesting to see what happens from here on.

As far as Mistress R goes, I don't think she's got to the stage of denying me solely for her pleasure yet, but I hope that one day she will. Like Good Hubby I would love to get to the stage where I was truly desperate to cum but she still said no, because it pleased her to keep me in denial. Do you know what, just typing that has made my cock so fucking hard...

*Some jokes just never get old.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

What is confusing...

Reading back my own posts, what does confuse me a little, is quite why I am happy to give Mistress R control of my orgasms? For her to decide, when and how and even 'if'... surely after nearly four months without even a break, I should be starting to have second thoughts, or feeling the tiniest regret or resentment, shouldn't I?
But I'm not. Not at all. I have never been happier, and I have absolutely no desire whatsoever to have control of my orgasms back. Oh sure, I fucked up the other night and stroked my cock without permission, but I never for a second thought about actually making myself cum. Well, I mean I thought about it, but I was never, EVER going to do it!
Maybe one day this will change, but right now I very much doubt it. This feels very 'right', which in itself is a strange thing to say I suppose... but that's just the way it is. I love it, and I love my Mistress more than ever, so why would I want to go back to the old way?
Fortunately Mistress is getting more and more comfortable with the situation too, which is fantastic, because let's not forget, it really didn't start well, and she seems to be loving the way things are now too. But then let us not forget, not only has male chastity given her an even more attentive and loving husband than ever before, not only has it given her complete control of our sex lives, but it has also provided a turning point in her husband's long lasting struggle with his weight.
Okay, so the dream of being 'locked' hasn't happened, and probably won't happen now, but you know what, I don't really care anymore.

A change of mindset...

Just been reading GoodHubby's blog (here) where he is talking about the changes in his attitude to sex since he's started being denied. As he says, he no longer expects to be allowed to cum and sex is about his wife's pleasure and about the pleasure of being teased to the edge. I completely agree with what he says, I find that I take more pleasure from being controlled and teased than I did from being free to have sex, masturbate and cum whenever I wanted to, and on top of that when Mistress does allow me to cum, it is beyond anything I experienced pre-chastity. On the subject of improving my appreciation of Mistress R's pleasure, well I can't honestly say there's a massive difference, since I have long been massively pre-occupied with that anyway, but it certainly hasn't hindered it any and I guess the fact that Mistress controls when I am allowed to go down on her means that it's better for her because she's obviously choosing to 'use' my tongue when she is in the mood.
So all in all, despite the seeming contradiction, male chastity improves your sex life, FACT!


A thought just occurred to me, regarding Sunday's Femdom session... now that Mistress R has accepted that I am willing to give up my last remaining safety-net (the guarantee of coming in every monthly session) she has a great opportunity to shake up the formula, since it won't have to end with my orgasm. I think, if anything, removing my guarantee of release will only make our session all the better, and opens up all sorts of possibilities for games or challenges where Mistress R could make me earn my orgasm... or at least the 'chance' of an orgasm, because ultimately she still decides yes or no. It would be so hot for her to make me jump through hoops and 'win' my orgasm only for her to ruin it or simply change her mind...

(Another thing she could do would be to say something like, you have 30 seconds to cum and then she's going to let go. This would mean that I would have to try to get there really quickly, and if it took too long, I'd either miss my chance or risk her letting go just as I started to cum...)

Benefits of male chastity...

Harry Haversackers left a comment on the blog the other day, remarking on how couples out there who are doing male chastity and orgasm control are reaping the benefits in the general wellbeing and harmony of their relationships (or something to that effect). I am reminded of this as I sit here at work today, playing back in my mind over and over again the events of last night and looking forward to seeing my gorgeous wife when I get home tonight.
We've been married nearly twenty years and we've had a generally very good marriage. But since we started the chastity thing, I feel we are closer than ever, and I think it has gone a long way to restoring some of the 'passion' that has inevitably eroded away over the years. We learnt a long time ago the dangers of taking each other for granted, but even so, no long-term relationship is completely imune from the ravages of time.
So when I read blogs where a guy really wants to give control of his orgasms to his wife and she's not having any of it, I just wish there was some simple way that these women could see their potential future, of having a husband who is interested in them all over again, who will happily make them cum every night if they wish, who will worship their bodies, and will love them like they did when they first met (I mean who wouldn't go for that?).
Sadly, I do not have the answer, though I do think that a very positive first step would be if some magazine, say Cosmopolitan or a similar mainstream title could do a serious, positive article about the benefits to women of keeping their men chaste.

Commenting on the comments....

I've had a goodly amount of comments over the past couple of days regarding my naughtiness and last night's epic release, I thought I would answer some of them here. certainly are a lucky little submissive right now. What a wonderful way to cum. To let you cum inside her and then feed it to you that way. I love the thoughts of being in her is something I have been very much looking forward to.
I'm sure you'll get there eventually Miss Christina, and yes I did feel extremely lucky to get to do all that!
Harry Haversackers said...
I can certainly understand WOW! What a hot time you two had... I've found that an orgasm after a period of denial can be anything from disappointing to spectacular. Fortunately most are at the spectacular end of the range as you recently experienced.
I know what you mean Harry, sometimes if you really aren't ready to be allowed to cum it can be a little underwhelming, but last night I certainly wasn't mourning the loss of chastity!
The Naked Husband said...
There is just nothing like that first orgasm after a long period of denial.
Indeed, if you embrace it and want it, it's the most amazing feeling...
goodhubby said...
Wonderful! And on so many levels! And, yes, they are so intense. After just 8 days, I cramped from the force of my orgasm.
Thankfully I didn't, I get enough cramp day to day! But yes, it was VERY intense, and the cocksling made it even more so.
k said...
WOW indeed!!! Very hot i must say...i'm sharing this one with Q though i wouldn't be surprised if She has read it already!...i need to find out more about the "cocksling"...will have to do some reading... Oh's always great to be allowed to lick your own cum from your Wife's hot pussy is it not!
Yes indeed, I love licking my Mistress's cum filled pussy clean, it's super-hot! If you want to know more about the Oxballs Cocksling click on the 'ballstretcher' 'label' at the bottom of the sidebar, this will bring up my review and a picture. It's not cheap (for what is essentially a cockring) but it's worth every last penny!
Q said...
Ooh-la-la indeed Q. I hate to bring it up again, but when are one of you two going to tell us what happened?

 Miss Christina said...
Oh boy...well first the positive, you did quite well till now. But, I must admit if I was your Mistress I would punish you rather harshly...not because of the slip up with touching, but because of how long you sat there touching and edging. 30 minutes is an awfully long time to not regain control of your senses and stop the disobedience. Just think of all that pleasure that you took from her, without permission.
Not that you should get down about it, or take it to heart too much that you are not perfect, because no one wants a perfect submissive anyways. But I would say a 30 minute long edging session deserves a hefty punishment. It may have taken her weeks to give you that amount of edging, when she was ready for you to have it. But I must admit I find it quite amusing how horny you were and how hard it must have been to actually stop without cumming after all that.
Just remember, it is not supposed to be about your needs. You needed her to control you and your cock and orgasms, and after she accepted it becomes about her needs.But, as I said, do not get all down about yourself, you are not perfect, and she will teach you to keep your hands off I think.
I agree, though I must say I'm quite glad you are not my Mistress!

Miss Christina said...

MMMM...I can't wait till she makes you ruin one and eat it up.

Also she could make you do some cum cubes to enjoy at a later time. Perhaps have a few frozen and then when she is at her friends house for the evening or somewhere like that she could send you a text and tell you that you are to go get a cum cube out of the freezer, and as soon as you put it in your mouth you better start stroking, but if you are not on edge by the time all the cum has melted and been swallowed then you will be punished when she returns, and of course, better not fucking cum :)

Well...I would find that very hot. Just the fact that she can literally use you how she wishes, for her pleasure.

I'm afraid the 'cum cubes' idea got a massive 'WTF' thumbs down from Mistress R... phew!

Needless to say...

...I'm feeling pretty damn chipper this morning, save for the lack of sleep (yet again). Last night was truly a wonderful (and totally unexpected) way to end my latest period of chastity. There I was thinking I was going to get paddled for my naughtiness and I end up having the hardest, longest, most amazing orgasm I can ever remember (not that I'm thinking for a minute that my indescretion will not go unpunished come Sunday).
As several of you comment-leavers have said, there's nothing like an orgasm after an extended period of denial, and if it was solely up to me, I reckon about one orgasm a month is a nice figure. But of course it isn't up to me, and I am still looking forward to being denied longer, maybe an orgasm after two months will be twice as nice?
So where does that leave us, with regard to Sunday's session? The answer of course is that I really don't know. Mistress R has seemingly totally embraced the idea that my orgasms are 100% in her hands and that she doesn't have to take account of the session, or anything else for that matter. The rules are simple, if she wants me to cum, I will cum, if she doesn't, then I won't. If she does want me to cum, then she decides when, how and whether I have to swallow it afterwards. And that's pretty much all there is to it.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Just WOW...

So as I said earlier, I was really looking forward to going down on Mistress R tonight, but I didn't expect much more in return than some teasing...
Mistress R got onto the bed and lay on her back and I started to kiss her, my cock swelling between her legs, she pushed me back and then opened her legs and we kissed some more, my cock twitching against her hot pussy, then she reached down and made me even harder by actively rubbing the head of my cock between her lips, I started to push forward slightly and she seemed to be allowing me inside her, but then she stopped me and reminded me that 'her pleasure came first', but that she might allow me inside her once I'd made her cum.
I slid down her body and buried myself between her gorgeous, silky thighs and began pleasuring her with my tongue and fingers, my hard cock pressing into the mattress. Gradually my cock softened as I brought Mistress closer and closer to orgasm, until finally she spasmed several times and came very hard against my tongue. It was wonderful to feel her come so viciously, I absolutely love it when she comes really hard like that.
I reluctantly pulled away from her sensitive pussy, and was about to lay down on the bed when Mistress told me to put the Oxballs Cocksling on. I quickly fitted it and after about a minute of fondling and some gentle ball-squeezing my cock was rock hard. Mistress quickly mounted me and was soon riding my cock in fast and hard bursts, and I was finding it surprisingly easy to keep control of my cock (although one time just as she slowed down I felt the very beginnings of an edge approaching).
To my utter surprise she then told me that she wanted me to cum, to shoot my load inside her and after 23 days I didn't need to be told twice.Well, it was absolutely fucking amazing, there's no other way to describe it. Not only was I inside her, but feeling my cock pump 23 days of cum into her warm, wet, slippery pussy was just Heaven, and the cocksling seemed to extend the feeling so much, it felt like I was coming for about 15-20 seconds! Un-fucking-believable!!!
And if that wasn't awesome enough, after kissing me very passionately for a little while, Mistress R lifted herself up and planted her cum filled cunt right over my mouth, inviting me to lick her gorgeous pussy clean. Oh God but it was amazing, I think I'll be grinning like an idiot for the rest of the week now!

Poll is now closed, bu there's a new one...

Okay so, it seems that 74% of you firmly believe that July is going to be the first orgasm free month of my life since, about 1982... that's pretty one-sided. We shall see.

So I decided to add a new poll (one for the men and one for the women) to get your views on anal sex. Do you love it, hate it, have you never tried it, or do you only do it for your lover / Mistress? I must say I do like being fucked with a strap-on, but sometimes it's less comfortable than others, if you get the angle right it's really nice, and sometimes I'm sure I could cum from being fucked... I haven't really been strap-on'd since we started the longer chastity periods and I think that would be even more likely now. Mistress R tends to use a dildo or a butt plug on me in our Femdom sessions, but for me there's nothing like the feeling of actually being fucked and feeling her pushing it into you...

New video...

I don't know if any of you have watched that new video I added to the video page, but that is a lot more fun to watch than to experience I'm sure. Of course with videos it's always difficult to tell exactly how hard the ballbusting really is, but it certainly doesn't look too phoney to me. At least she lets him cum at the end, but it would have been better if she had ruined it... don't you think?

Oh deary me...

Some of you may have already noticed that my transgression counter has been used for the first time... well, what can I say, it was late at night (Saturday night, or Sunday morning to be precise), Mistress R was asleep, I was still remembering the lovely teasing blowjob she gave me, and well, I er 'dropped the ball' so to speak. No cumming of course (Heaven forbid!), just lots and lots of edging... over about 30 minutes. I guess I'll have to pay for it sooner or later, but three weeks is a long time to go without an edge, and I really needed it!

Looking forward to some pussy worship tonight, and adding to Mistress R's orgasm total of course... who knows, maybe I'll get one too, now that Mistress knows for sure that there's no wrong time and whenever she chooses is always the 'right' time. Or maybe not. Maybe she wants to make sure I'm nice and twitchy for our Femdom session on Sunday... hehehe.

Don't forget this Sunday is International Femdom Day, I have a couple of surprises in store for Mistress R... and now that we know there's a Hotel Chocolat where we are going on Saturday, we'll certainly be spending some cash in there (Caramel Cheesecake chocolates for the win!). Sweets for my sweet indeed.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

New video added...

Chloe Chanel Ballbusting Queen, added to the Videos page.

Following up on the last post...

So last night as I posted, Mistress R and I discussed the whole 'Femdom session' issue, with regards to the fact that the sessions have always resulted in an orgasm for me and how that was creating an issue now that I had hit the 28 days barrier, and how could Mistress make me wait longer because the sessions would get in the way.
Mistress was seeking reassurance that I was indeed happy to let go of that last 'safety-net' and put my orgasms completely in her hands. This is great, but it does throw up a couple of other things which may need further clarification.
During our discussion Mistress asked me if she should leave some kind of build up period, kind of like we used to do in the early days, a three or four day stint of chastity before the session. Having thought about this I don't think this is particularly necessary, I was going to say that she should not let me cum the day before the session, but there's no good reason for that, and since she now fully understands that she can let me cum whenever she likes, there's nothing to stop her having me cum two days in a row if that's what she chooses.
As far as I am concerned there simply is no right or wrong time, there is only when she decides, and if she later decides it was the wrong time, well it's not the end of the world is it.
The other thing that occurred to me this morning was that since the 30th of April I have cum three times, twice in the session and once inside her (which sadly didn't result in a cream pie for me). I know I have said this before, repeatedly, but now it's even more important since I am just as likely to cum out of a session than in one.
Every time I came in session for the last year or so, Mistress has had me lick my cum off her hands, feet or breasts (licking your cum off your Mistress's breasts is fucking hot let me tell you!) and I want her to be 100% confident that EVERY time I am allowed to cum, whenever that may be, she can make me swallow it if she wants to. As far as I am concerned I have 100% accepted that every chance to cum is potentially going to lead to me cleaning it up with my tongue, and I am totally fine with it. And if I have been allowed to cum inside her, then I am more than fine with it, I am positively eager to clean her pussy with my tongue.
I can't think of anything which demonstrates my submission to Mistress R more effectively than swallowing my own cum, and one day I hope she will have me swallow the proceeds of a ruined orgasm, thereby underlining her complete and utter control of my cock and orgasms...

Saturday, 16 July 2011

My treat, and a little talk...

Mistress R has been a bit crotchety today, what with one thing and another, but thankfully this evening she has had a glass of wine and relaxed a bit and quite unexpectedly she came over to me on the sofa and told me she wanted my shorts off. Well, I wasn't going to wait to be asked a second time! So for the next few minutes I had the wonderful pleasure of watching her suck my cock very nicely, and then stroking it hard and fast and then back to sucking and finally some soft touching and some awesome kissing, I really, really love kissing her when she's been sucking my cock, I love to taste it on her and today it seemed unusually strong, which made it super-hot!
I didn't edge. It surprises me how well I can control my cock even after 21 days without cumming, but I think trying to edge would be very dangerous and my principal concern is that I would cum without permission and until I know that Mistress R is willing to ruin my orgasm if I do that, I won't even try. I was very happy with how hard I was though, and how hard I stayed for a while after she finished too, all this healthy eating and exercise must be starting to pay off!
Following this, and when I had put my shorts back on, Mistress R told me she wanted to ask me something about the chastity thing. One of the things that was bothering her was the fact that our Femdom session is coming up next Sunday, and although I had written about this she wanted to check that I was sure I was okay with not being allowed to cum, if that's what she decided.
See, for those of you who haven't been following the blog since the beginning, we've been having these Femdom sessions for ten years and every single one of them has resulted in an orgasm for me (and all but one or two for her too). So I knew that sooner or later, as Mistress got comfortable with the idea of longer periods of chastity, this would become a point of conflict, because last time I went 28 days and to go any longer would mean either moving the session or me not getting to cum.
Well I told her that the most important thing to me is that she decides when I get to cum, and I also said that I didn't want to change the monthly sessions, and that I was indeed fine with the idea of not being allowed to cum in the session, if that's what she wanted.
To me, though I love being made to wait a long time, I don't necessarily want to just wait two more days longer each time, because it becomes predictable. I can't imagine embarking on a year of chastity, not because of the waiting, but I think what would suck would be knowing that you weren't going to cum for a year. I'd much rather every time I was teased I thought there was a chance. Like tonight, it's been 21 days, and the Femdom session is a week away, and because waiting until next Sunday would be quite predictable, I had this idea that she would let me cum tonight, so all the time she was sucking my cock so wonderfully I kept waiting for her to tell me that she wanted me to cum. But she never did...
But the knowledge that she could have is part of what makes it so hot. Knowing that all she had to do was say to me that she wanted me to cum, right now, and I would have emptied my balls into her warm, wet mouth, or over her gorgeous tits, or over my own stomach... whichever she chose. Once you take away the possibility I think it loses something, which is why the times when we planned chastity periods to finish on the days of the sessions weren't ideal, but I knew they were necessary stepping stones to get where we are now.
So, yes, the answer to the question was 'Yes, I am fine about not being allowed to cum in the session', because I do want to be pushed to wait longer than 28 days (as and when she decides to), but what I really want more than anything is for her to have the freedom to choose. I don't want her to feel that there being a session means she 'has' to let me cum, I don't want anything to take that control away from her, or impinge on it in any way.
As I said to her, she can make me cum every night for a week if she wants to, and then make me wait six or seven weeks if that's what she wants to do. All that matters to me is that she's happy, and she's making the decision on whether I get to cum or not. I mean of course it's nice to beat my record, but we don't have to break it every time, if I go a week then a month, then two days, then another week, then two months, then three days, then a week, then three days on the trot, then another two months, then three months, then four days.... that's fine with me, as long as she's happy and she's making the decision.
After our talk she was a lot happier and a lot more relaxed, so it's pretty clear that she was thinking about pushing me past 28 days but she was concerned that even though I had written on my blog that I was okay with it, she was still unsure that I really was. But now she knows I am definitely okay with it and that I do want to gradually be pushed longer, but she doesn't have to do it every time. Because after all, that just takes control away from her too, because if she wants to have me cum for her after a week and she knows that she's 'supposed' to be making me wait at least a couple of days longer than last time, well, that really isn't her being in total control of my cock like I wanted is it?
I'm really glad she asked me about this because I knew this problem would arise sooner or later and now that we've discussed it, Mistress knows that she has complete control over when I cum, which is far more important than beating records as far as I'm concerned. Plus it means that I really don't have a clue when I'm going to be allowed to cum now, but suddenly it looks like the two thirds of you who have voted that you don't think Mistress R is going to let me cum this month might be right!
The question is now, if not July, will it even be August?
Like most of you out there, although I want it to be entirely her decision, I can't help hoping that she will continue to develop her cruel side and make me wait and wait and wait, while teasing me mercilessly and enjoying my tongue whenever she wants it, I would also love for her to tease me right to the edge and then let go just as my cock starts to spurt, leaving me totally frustrated and completely in awe of her and the power that she has over me now....

Friday, 15 July 2011


I've moved the information from the box on the right (number of orgasms, longest wait etc) into the orgasms tabbed page. Not least because the stupid formatting was going haywire and the box had about 10 blank lines in it... it looks neater now anyway.


Last night was mighty fine... at about 8pm I went into the bedroom and prepared the bed for Mistress R and then knelt on the end of it. She came in a few minutes later and lay back on the pillows I had placed against the headboard and then she started to use her feet to rub my cock. I was quickly hard and she spent a few minutes teasing my cock with both her feet, using her toe nails to scratch my cock and behind my ballsack. Then abruptly she stopped and told me she wanted me to go down on her.
Well, you never have to ask me twice to do that, and soon I had my face buried between her gorgeous thighs kissing all around her pussy before gently starting to lick her. I was, as ever, in heaven and was rewarded a while later as Mistress R bucked hard against my tongue and eventually I knew to stop as she became too sensitive for me to continue.
We lay down on the bed after that and then Mistress R grabbed my cock again and soon had me hard. She gave me some lovely stroking and used her hand to push my balls upwards against my body which was very enjoyable. Once again I was completely under her control and loving every second of it, but when she decided to stop, I couldn't help but beg her to continue, even though I knew this would mean using up the first of my three chances.
She agreed to continue and told me that I could have three more minutes. I love the way she watches the clock when she's doing this, at first I found it a little offputting, but now I kind of like it... bizarre as it sounds, it's very hot to be given exquisite pleasure by someone who looks like they aren't fully engaged (I'm sure 'k' understands this), kind of like a Domme who uses a foot to tease a slave while she reads a book or something... I suppose it plays to the whole idea of her pleasure being very important, while mine, well, not so much...
So eventually my three minutes were up and Mistress's beautiful teasing fingers slid up to my chest leaving my cock twitching and throbbing and me breathing quite heavily. That moment when she lets go is both wonderful and awful. I love the fact that she decides to stop when it pleases her, but at the same time every cell of my body is screaming for her to carry on, not necessarily because I want to cum (although of course there is that!) but simply because I don't want the teasing to stop. Ever.

I've had an early weigh in this week (and next week too) and I've lost another 1.5lbs, so that means a treat for me! But probably not until tomorrow as we are going out to dinner tonight and will doubtless be too full (hence the early weigh in). What's really great is that I'm now getting near to the point where I will start losing 'new' weight, rather than losing the weight I've lost and put back on over and over again. So the next few weeks should see some noticeable improvements to my body shape and before long I will be able to start wearing the mountain (and it really is a mountain!) of clothes that are too small for me to wear (and always have been). I went to see a Swiss band called 'Samael' in 2004 and bought a tour shirt and I've never worn it, and there's probably 40-50 more shirts, T-shirts and tops that are brand new but too small, some even older than the Samael one. I think when I take my YSL shirt photo tomorrow I will maybe take a photo of all my too-small clothes too.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

The public at large, if only they knew...

I post on a music forum, and have for many years... there's a thread on there where they discuss porn and at one time or another I've let certain details slip about chastity play... (I was proud to be voted biggest pervert on the forum last Xmas) ...and my affinity for Femdom, which of course is all jolly fun to them. If I don't post for a few days, when I go back I see things like...

'Where's Rob?'
'He's probably tied up somewhere, getting assfucked and having his balls crushed by his Mistress....' 

Which, makes me laugh if I'm honest. And what it does do is show up the difference between the people who post on my blog and the people who post on that forum.
The other day I was cutting down a roller blind and I needed something to catch the bits with, so I picked up one of Mistress R's magazines, Reveal or Star or one of those celebrity mags, you know. And there was this article about this middle aged couple who started their own business selling sex-toys online.
Now aside from the obvious comedy value of getting the woman to pose for a picture in her glasses holding the biggest rubber cock they could find... I just thought, why is this even a story? They sell sex toys, so fucking what?
But out there, in vanilla land, it's something shocking, something to titter at... and it makes me realise that I, and you too (or you wouldn't be reading this) have a totally different take on this. Now I know that's pretty obvious, and you're probably thinking I'm just talking bollocks to get my post count up, but I think it's so easy for people like us to forget that we aren't quite 'normal' when it comes to how we are and how we think.
Which doesn't mean we are wrong, far from it, just that we're different. But I think what I'm trying to get at is that it's so easy to forget that, especially since the wonderful internet means we get to converse with like minded people every day, and when that rare opportunity arises to discuss chastity and femdom with those who are not 'on board' so to speak, it brings it home to you that they find it a) kind of funny, and b) rather incomprehensible.
I think the uninformed tend to take things at face value as well, so that if they see a video or a picture where someone is being dominated, they tend to believe that it hurts as much as it seems to. Now of course some people play at the harder end of the scale and like to feel genuine pain for the sake of it. But I certainly don't. And I should think there's an awful lot more people who are happy to have a stinging, pink bottom than a striped and bloody one. Just like there's probably a lot more men out there who enjoy having there balls squeezed but who don't want their bollocks crushed between a hard surface and a boot, than do.
But I think the uneducated just think we are all painsluts, and that's maybe why they think we're weird and they don't want to even contemplate it (although I read somewhere the other day that police who have to do house raids are coming across more and more bondage equipment, so perhaps things are changing, at least under the radar).
But on the whole, let's face it, I've read women's magazines in the past and when they talk about tips for spicing things up in the bedroom, they're still stuck on using feathers and fluffy handcuffs. Wouldn't it be so much better if these women could be presented with some honest and straightforward information about the benefits of Male Chastity.
Aah, if only they knew the power and satisfaction that's there for the taking!

The CB-3000....

Just reading Rooster's blog (here) and he was talking about the fact that his wife doesn't like the chastity device so much, because without it she knows it means he has to try harder to control himself, and because she likes to feel his erections pressing against her in bed, knowing how desperate he is.
Truth be told I haven't really thought about the device too much, I've just kind of got used to the fact that I have to do it through willpower. I think, in a way, knowing that I have it is almost enough in itself, in that if I didn't have one I would start wondering about it again... if that makes sense. Of course the idea still appeals to me, but being able to try a device on once in a while reminds me just how much hassle it is. Plus as difficult as it is not touching, I do love the feeling of just being hard, and not being able to be would be odd.
I'd still love to know that Mistress R had my key though.

The transgression counter....

As you may or may not have noticed, it hasn't (or has, depending on how you look at it) been terribly succesful. In as much as I haven't used it yet!
It's strange, but I find that writing things on a blog makes things easier to stick to, like my diet. Tedious as it is, writing down every single thing I eat and drink every day, makes it so much easier to stick to my calorie targets. But I have tried writing things down before but without success, I am at somewhat of a loss to explain why writing them down on a blog should make so much difference.
And so it has been with the Transgression Counter also. Not touching my cock was something I found incredibly difficult even though I knew I would be paddled for it, and yet simply knowing that I would have to confess to my blog seems to have done the trick. Bizarre.
That said I haven't been feeling massively horny lately, despite my chastity, but then I should expect next week to see the temperature rise a bit, the first two weeks are generally easier than the third and fourth. Also I've been quite tired of late, too many late nights and I actually overslept quite badly this morning too (fortunately I am working alone this week so I got away with it!).
That's assuming there is a third and fourth week of course, as who knows when Mistress R might decide to let me cum. There is certainly some fun for her on the cards tonight, but as for me, well I'll just have to wait and see. I can see from the poll results so far that you lot reckon I'm going to be waiting until August, but maybe that's just wishful thinking on your parts? Well, only one person in the whole world knows the answer to that... which is just the way it should be.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

New page added...

I've added a new tab at the top of the blog which takes you to an orgasm statistic page, this shows all the orgasms Mistress R and I have since April 1st 2011 (you'll notice on Mistress R's I've allowed for the numbers to go into the thousands, whereas mine only go to the hundreds...).
Looking at those numbers is quite, well... surprising I guess. I can't believe it's been nearly seven weeks since I was allowed to cum inside Mistress R. At least she let me inside her last week...
Also, I've just noticed the increasing disparity in the ratio between Mistress R's orgasms and my own.
2/1 in April, 5/1 in May and 9/1 in June...

Oh, and welcome to my two new followers, hope you enjoy the blog.

Some more little thoughts...

So, here I am again... nothing to report from last night, I did the stationary bike when I got home and then since Mistress R was badgering me about how I was going to fit in some excercise today (we are going to see the melodic punk band Bad Religion tonight) I decided to go for a 45min walk as well (so that's four lots of exercise in two days, way more than I agreed to I think you'll agree!).
So anyway after a shower and watching a TV programme, Mistress R went to bed and I did some other stuff on the computer (and managed to keep my hands off my cock too!). We're going out on Friday too, so hopefully tomorrow will be play-time... we'll see.

Finally, a new poll...

So I thought of a very simple poll, do you think Mistress R is going to let me cum this month, or will I be waiting until sometime in August... what d'ya think?
Just to clarify, I'm not asking whether you think she should or not, because you have about as much say as I do, which is none!
Voting takes place under the blue Keyheld banner as always.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A few thoughts...

Some of you may have noticed over the last couple of days that my frantic pace of posting has slowed somewhat, there are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, it had to happen sooner or later, and I have other things I'm trying to get started and done (not to mention the book that's stuck on 21,000 words for several weeks now). And secondly, the fact is, things are running rather smoothly now. Mistress R has pretty much settled into her new position and while this is great for me it certainly means I have less to fret about, talk about and analyse to death... so what's ultimately good for me is probably bad for the productivity of the blog.
Still, I'm happy to report that last night Mistress R had another lovely orgasm, which was preceeded by some lovely foot teasing and some deliciously stingy slaps. After I had made her cum I put the cocksling on again and asked Mistress R very nicely if I could taste her pussy again. She straddled my face and I plunged my tongue inside her, revelling in her wet pussy, then she moved so that she could reach back and rub my very hard cock (extra hard seeing as it was in the cocksling) which meant I could only reach her clit, still nice but I wanted to push my tongue deeper inside her and really taste her. After a while she decided that I'd had enough pleasure for one night and we got up and watched an old 'Yes, Prime Minister' on DVD.
So you see, she's found her place and so have I and so there's really not so much to talk about. Which isn't to say that I'm losing interest in the blog, not at all, and I certainly still hope to post most days, but probably not five times a day like it has been up until now. I will also try and intensify my caption production, and maybe even write some more short stories too.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Voting finishes....

Well, what can I say, thanks to everyone who voted in my polls (all 154 of you) that is by far the best response I have ever had (usually about 60 votes) for any of my polls. You can see the exact results in the 'Previous Polls' page, but I think the most interesting things to note are that 27% of all the women who voted reckon they can cum ten or more times in a day. That aside, the votes seem fairly evenly split, with 52% voting that they can cum between 1-5 times, and 48% claiming a hit rate of 6 or more.
Predictably the men's poll was somewhat more peaky, with 68% of the votes hitting the 1-4 option. But even so, 20% of voters reckon they could cum 5-7 times in a day, and 5% claim a fairly incredible ten or more! Perhaps unsurprisingly most popular of all was the '3' vote, which scored 28% of the total votes cast.
So once again thanks for voting and I'll be putting up a new poll for you just as soon as I can think of one!

Slapping, etc...

I must say I never expected 28% of the women who voted would be able to cum ten times or more... that really is quite surprising. I guess 39 people isn't really enough of a poll to be representative of the world as a whole though, especially as someone who's likely to be reading a blog like this is probably a lot more sexually adventurous and may just be the sort of person who would go out of their way to train themselves to be multi-orgasmic. I would be interested to know how many of you had to learn and how many are just wired up to cum easy...

So, anyway, you may remember that I mentioned some light slapping yesterday. Well Mistress R was a little bemused by it I'm sure, but I loved it. One of the reasons that I loved it was because as I have said before I had a back operation that left me with some nerve damage (particularly in my right foot, down my right leg and my groin area) this is seemingly permanent and when I am tired it makes it worse and I feel kind of numb. I can still feel, but it's a little 'removed' (as you can imagine this does not help trying to stay hard very much!) and the great thing about having my cock slapped is that it cuts through the numbness, and of course I like it because it feels submissive too... and because I just like seeing Mistress R do it, it's hot!
Like I mentioned yesterday, I loved it when she was using her foot to push on my balls. I agree totally with Goodhubby on this, that feet are more difficult to control, more clumsy and more likely to create a stronger pressure than intended. While I'm not sure I'd like to have my balls squeezed as hard as he does (basically as hard as his wife can manage!) I would love Mistress to be a little less... gentle, sometimes.

Speaking of Goodhubby, if you haven't been following his Orgasm Record Attempt, he managed to cum nine times yesterday. Which is quite impressive to say the least. That's two more than I've had in 3.5 months... wonder how he's feeling this morning?