Sunday, 30 October 2011

27 day cream pie...

So, this afternoon my twenty seven days of chastity came to a fairly abrupt (but wonderful) end. Mistress R had me go down on her, after clawing at my cock for a while as we kissed. As ever I was blissfully happy to be back in my favourite place, between her gorgeous silky thighs, breathing in her beautiful scent. I love it, more than anything.
Twenty or so minutes later Mistress R was bucking hard as I licked her clit and alternated between rubbing her G-spot and churning three fingers into her soaking wet pussy. It is always a wonderful, wonderful feeling when she cums hard, it makes me feel so satisfied that I hardly need anything for myself...
Of course, that's not to say that I don't enjoy it if Mistress R decides to give me some attention!
And today she stroked me for a while and then told me to put on my rubber cock ring, a sure sign that she has penetration (with me on top) on her mind. However, once she sucked me until I was hard and throbbing she decided she wanted to be on top, at least to start with, and straddled me, taking my cock deep inside her hot, wet pussy.
Having her on top I always find is much easier to resist cumming, which is particularly important if you haven't cum for a while, and I hadn't cum since the 3rd of October! She rode my cock in bursts, taking care not to stimulate me too hard for too long, but then she got off and lay on her back and told me she wanted me to cum inside her on top.
I wasn't 100% sure whether she just meant she wanted me to 'be' inside her 'on top', or whether she actually meant she wanted me to cum inside her, on top! I know it sounds pretty clear, but I wasn't really expecting to be allowed to cum since I was just one day off equalling my record...
Then she said it again, 'I want you to cum inside me'.
Well, frankly, the stupid record can go fuck itself. I've been really wanting to cum for a good week now, and now she was offering me the chance to be on top, to cum inside her and to fuck her hard! Realising her intent I plunged my cock into her and she told me to do it 'hard'.
Well, I did it about as hard as I damn well could and of course, holding back was not an option! So I pounded her hot, wet pussy and filled it with twenty seven days of cum, before she told me to get on my back and straddled my face. I didn't need to be told twice of course and I obediently licked her pussy clean, swallowing the cum that dripped out of her (not really as much as I expected, but I guess it was pounded pretty deep, well, six inches deep anyway... hahaha).
God it felt good!
But I know that some of you might be wondering, am I disappointed that I missed out on equalling my record by one day?
No, I'm really not.
Not in the slightest.
In fact I really couldn't care less.
All that matters to me is that it was Mistress R's choice and she wanted me to cum inside her and I did. And I loved every second of it.
This was, is and always will be about Mistress R's pleasure and her controlling my orgasms for her pleasure. The most important thing is, she could break my record if she wanted to, she could break it by a day, or a week or a month, or longer... and maybe she will, one day, when it suits her.
Not me.
And that's just how it should be.
In fact I think it's kind of cool that she took me all this way and then let me cum anyway. The obvious thing to do would have been to at least wait until Tuesday.
But no, Mistress R wanted me to cum today, so that's what happened... just as it should be. Which means that as of right now, Mistress R has had 68 orgasms to my 15, a ratio of just over 4.5 to 1!
What a wonderful Mistress she is.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Good night, bad morning...

Last night was lovely. I finally got to worship Mistress R's beautiful pussy and gave her a really hard orgasm (her first since our Femdom session last Saturday) and this was followed by some wonderful teasing for me, made all the better by the fact that I now haven't cum since the 3rd of October, 25 days ago. And so I find myself in that inevitable chastity quandry, I really want to cum, but at the same time I really don't. Because it seems to take so long to get to this point where the frustration really starts to build and every finger-light touch of Mistress R's hand feels like absolute bliss, and I don't want to give up that feeling, but at the same time, when she was stroking and slapping my cock last night I wanted to hear her tell me that now was the moment she wanted to see me cum. At one point she even moved so that I was convinced she was going to have me spray my load onto her gorgeous breasts, but no... not today.

So last night was utter bliss, but this morning sucked balls. I lost a pound from last week, but I'd lost three yesterday. Why does my weight go UP on the one day it fucking matters? Sure I still lost a pound, but it's the same pound I'd lost 6 weeks ago. Three pounds would have meant I'd lost 2lbs of NEW weight, and that is why I'm so pissed off today.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Not too much going on...

A bit of a lull at the moment, since Mistress R has her period. I did get some nice teasing on Tuesday night, but it was fairly brief. Hopefully tomorrow Mistress R will be ready to be worshipped again, fingers crossed! It definitely looks like I'll be breaking my record now, only 4 more days to go to equal my previous best of 28 days. Which also means October will be another single orgasm month...

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Here you will find my new blog 'Rob's Rants' where I will be venting my spleen as and when the need arises, I will add it to my blog roll at the bottom of the page so you can see when there is a new post to view.

How much must caning hurt...

As those of you who have read my post about Saturday will know, Mistress R gave me a good few whacks with the paddle for my illegal touching transgressions. But while they did sting while they were being received, almost immediately the pain diminished and by many people's standard the blows would have been described as fairly gentle.
I would not have decribed them as gentle, but them I am not into pain, but the fact that the pain, or perhaps lets call it merely 'discomfort' is so short lived got me thinking about the kind of beating that would hurt for days, I'm thinking specifically of caning here.
Now I have zero intention of subjecting myself to anything like that, absolutely zero... I don't mind being denied orgasm for long periods but pain of that magnitude is just not something that does anything for me, and I just can't imagine how much being caned would hurt. In fact the more I think about it I reckon that the paddling I recieved on Saturday was maybe 15-20% of the pain a cane would cause....
Let's be honest, I don't understand why anyone would want to endure that, I don't care if you tell me that suffering for your lover proves your undying adoration or any of that, I personally don't understand it. I'm not criticising anyone, I just don't understand it, in the same way that probably a lot of men would never understand why I would want to give control of my orgasms to Mistress R.
But there's plenty of people out there who do like being caned, albeit from what I've read about it, 'real life' caning has little to do with 'erotic novel' caning, since that generally is waaaaaaaaaaaaay over the top and would be unbearable to just about anyone...

Sunday, 23 October 2011

The 'cum licking' poll...

The poll is now closed (three times as many votes as the lost poll!), and the results are as follows...

The most popular place that you chose to lick your cum from was your Mistress's breasts (40%, including me!), then it was her feet (22%, my second choice too), her boots was the next most popular choice (10%), with hands and stomach just edging out legs by one percent (5% and 4% respectively). The floor was unsurprisingly the least favourite place, but even so three people out of the 154 voters chose it (guess those 2% really know their place huh!) and 'other' garnered 12%. Since I never included the possibility of cumming ON rather than IN your Mistress's pussy and ass, I presume that they are responsible for the 'other' votes...

Saturday, 22 October 2011

The cock 'she' owns...

This weekend was already shaping up pretty good for me, I lost three pounds this morning (ok it's the same 3lbs I've been losing for the last month, but week I will be losing new weight for sure!) and yesterday I picked up my new laptop and my Fruity Loops music software! On top of that, this morning we planned the Femdom session which was delayed from last week! Oh, and I almost forgot, last night I asked Mistress for permission to touch my cock (for only the second time this cycle) since I had a hunch that she was going to let me cum today.
She allowed me three minutes of stroking as she lay next to me, occasionally making comments and speculating as to whether by asking only twice up to now I was about to waste one chance, or whether I had just left myself one chance to last much longer? As she spoke to me she again referred to me as 'slave' and I to her as 'Mistress'...
Earlier that evening another small development, Mistress R asked me to mark on the calendar when my last orgasm was, so that she could keep track of how long I'd been waiting without having to ask me. She then added, not that it really matters one way or the other, but it's useful to know...

Anyway back to this morning's session... Mistress instructed me to wait for her wearing my ankle and wrist restraints as usual and also the leather cock harness that I reviewed the other week. Now in my review I said that it was pretty good, and it is, but... the only thing is that if you lose your erection it falls off. Simple as that. Knowing that Mistress R was going to be punishing me for my transgressions (6 this month) it became obvious to me that it wasn't going to last much further than the first smack of the paddle, and so it proved to be.
Mistress opened the door to the bedroom to find me waiting on my knees as usual, she used her toe to pull down the boxer shorts she had instructed me to wear to reveal the cock harness and then told me to get on all fours. She picked up her whip and gave me six lashes with that before asking me how many times I had touched my cock over the last five weeks.
I told her that I had failed her six times and she gave me twelve strokes with the paddle and then told me to kneel up and face the bed. She also told me that that was not the end of my punishment. Then she allowed me to worship her beautiful feet, which I did, perhaps a bit too eagerly and after a couple of minutes I managed to slow myself down and start to relax. Before turning to face the bed I had slipped the cock harness back over my cock but by the time she pulled her feet away the stupid thing had fallen off again.
I guess you're wondering why I wasn't hard by now, especially since I hadn't cum in nineteen days? Well, I dunno, but often in our sessions it takes a while for me to relax, and I still get nervous about the sessions even though we've been doing them for a long time. This session I felt quite relaxed after a few minutes but my cock took a while to join in...
Seeing that the cock harness had fallen off a second time, Mistress R told me to take it off altogether. She then had me on my hands and knees on the bed where she administered another twelve strokes of the paddle,  with the leather side this time I'm sure cos it stung a lot more, after which she tied me spread-eagled on my back. Then she climbed on top of me and straddled my face, ordering me to stick my tongue out and lick her pussy (funnily enough it's not something I've ever needed a lot of encouragement to do!).
After the session Mistress told me she hadn't really relaxed herself until she was kneeling by the side of me on the bed, and this was where it started getting good. For the next ten or so minutes Mistress jerked, scratched  and slapped my cock (and occasionally my balls too) as she reminded me over and over that no matter what I did myself it could never, ever be as good as when she touched it. This (finally) woke my cock up properly and she coated it in some lube as she stroked and slapped it, telling me that if I couldn't keep my hands off 'the cock she owns' then perhaps she would deny me access to her pussy.
Then she picked up her glass dildo and had me suck on it and get it wet for her, before sliding it into her beautiful pussy. I watched through half closed eyes as the glass cock disappeared inside her and then opened my mouth to lick it clean for her as she said that 'You wouldn't like it if you weren't allowed in my pussy would you? Especially as if you couldn't satisfy my needs then we'd have to find another cock to please me'.
Honestly I don't think I've ever seen Mistress R playing her role with as much enthusiasm as she did today, she seemed genuinely to want to 'train' me to stop touching 'the cock she owns' and to instil in me the thought that it is not mine to play with any more!
I so wish we had made an audio recording of this session, because Mistress R was absolutely magnificent, as I said to her after the session was over, I could have made a transcript and posted it straight onto Literotica! She seemed so confident, and again, I feel like she is really, genuinely taking control and not just playing along for my benefit any more. And that is a wonderful, wonderful feeling.
As if to make her point Mistress R sank down on my cock to remind me what I might be losing out on if I didn't stop touching my cock when I wasn't supposed to. She was so into it now, taunting me that no matter how I touched it myself, deep down I knew that it never felt like her beautiful pussy does. She did this a couple of times and then decided that I needed something up my ass. She lubed up a small dildo and pushed it into my ass and than straddled me one more time, sinking down on my cock as the dildo filled my asshole, again reminding me that my cock was her property and not for my own amusement.
Eventually Mistress R decided I needed a little break so she blindfolded me and left me alone for about ten minutes with the dildo up my ass and clothes pegs on my nipples. When she returned she pulled the clothes pegs off and the blindfold and then sat astride my face once more and told me to lick her pussy. She was so wet, I don't know what she was doing or thinking about while I was alone, but it was obviously getting her hot!
Then she untied me and told me to kneel up so that she could lay on the bed. She told me that she was now going to allow me to worship her pussy and that she knew I would make a good job of it (because I always do), but that if she wasn't completely satisfied, the she would punish me for that too! I don't generally need encouragement to worship her pussy, and cunnilingus is one area where I have no real insecurities but it was still nice when she came hard (and unusually vocally actually!).
Satisfied, Mistress R stood on the bed and had me lick all the pussy juice off her thighs and ass, but did not allow me to tongue her ass this time. Then she had me lick clean all her juices from the PVC sheet she had been laying on before telling me to get on my hands and knees again.
I wondered for a moment if she might be about to use the strap-on on me, but no it was another nine hard, stingy paddle slaps with further warnings about touching myself in future, before she turned me onto my back once again. This is was it, I thought. Now she would let me cum...
But no, she jerked, scratched and slapped my cock and balls a little more and then pressed her asshole against my face, taunting me that I wasn't allowed to lick it because I couldn't keep my hands to myself, then she turned around and sank her soaking wet pussy down onto my cock one more time, before getting off and kneeling at the side of me again, reminding me yet again that 'the cock that she owns' is not for me to play with and that I should ask HER permission when I want to touch my cock.
She further reminded me that asking permission wouldn't necessarily mean it would be granted, she might let me touch it, she might stroke it for me, she might slap it, scratch it and cause me pain if that's what amused her, or she might just say no, and that would be the end of it.
It started to dawn on me about now that she wasn't going to let me cum, and indeed within a few seconds she declared the end of the session, with my nineteen day load fully intact. Not that I was complaining, it had been a SUPERB session and I was so happy with how it had gone and the way she had spoken to me and acted. I can't remember her ever being so into it, it just seems like every month she is moving further into the mindset that this really is all about her and what she wants, which is exactly how it should be as far as I'm concerned.
It's weird, every month I think she's getting more into it, and then sometimes it's like there's such a marked progression, that I know she really is moving forward and really is taking control for herself, and that makes me unbelievably happy and so proud of her. I love that she no longer worries about leaving me without an orgasm, I love that she genuinely seems to want to get my touching under control and I just love how she spoke to me in the session today, like I said, I just wish we had made a recording of it because it was out of this world and I would have loved to have listened to it back.
Perhaps if I asked her, Mistress R might claim that really she's just saying the things she knows I want to hear, but for the life of me I can't believe she could be that convincing if there wasn't more to it than that. She really was awesome today and I felt absolutely on top of the world when the session ended.
Of course, I wouldn't have minded licking my cum off of her breasts (like the majority of you who have voted in the latest poll), but since I was being punished I doubt that would have been on the cards even if she had let me cum. No it's looking more and more to me like Mistress R is planning to break my 28 day record, the only question is, by how much?

Welcome to all my new followers...

We seem to have gained about six new followers over the last week or so, after a long time without any. Thanks for joining, I hope you enjoy my blog and please feel free to comment on anything you read or see.

Thursday, 20 October 2011


So I watched that 'Making Chastity Permanent' video, and I have to say I thought it was pretty stupid. If someone never wants to enjoy an orgasm again, I can understand that, because staying in that trippy headspace indefinitely would be pretty amazing, but I cannot for the life of me understand why someone would want to be locked up permanently. Both of these things are currently described as 'Permanent Chastity' yet they are not at all the same.
It seems to me that there are several different types of 'chastity'. There's the kind that Mistress R and I practice, where she gets to decide when I cum. There's they type Harry Haversackers has where he and his wife decide together (not in a D/s relationship) and there's the locked 'Sissy' kind of chastity where the cock is locked to de-masculinize the 'Sissy'. There's probably more as well... in fact doubtless there are many more types of chastity out there all falling under the same banner.
I thought the definition of chastity was that you didn't 'orgasm', whereas 'celibacy' means you don't have sex at all, so quite what you call it when you epoxy yourself into a chastity belt I don't know?


Ooooh yes...

Another lovely orgasm for Mistress R last night, and some really hot teasing for me too. I suspect Mistress R will let me cum on Saturday in our Femdom session, but who knows... maybe not. If she does that will be 19 days, still a long way short of my 28 day record... but that's okay. It's up to her after all.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

I don't want to get into all this again...

But Mistress R read my thoughts on 'Permanent Denial' and she agreed with me. She said, half the fun of it is having the control to make me cum (or not) whenever she feels like it, and if you take that away, what's the point?
She was also well chuffed with what I wrote about Monday night.
I wonder what she'll make of Miss Christina's suggestions when I show them to her later? I suspect she'll say that denying me being inside her would impact on her too since if she wants me inside her and I'm being punished then she can't have what she wants (well she could of course)...
I guess we'll see.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

And back to that 'permanent denial' thing...

Yesterday, was it only yesterday? Maybe it was Sunday... anway, recently I posted about the amount of people I read about who are aspiring to 'Permanent Denial' and as usual I put up some fairly forthright views and then felt like I'd been a bit harsh later.

Harry Haversackers left this comment under the original post:

Of course it's the idea that gets us going. In a few posts, Rob, you've mentioned that the fantasy of being cuckolded is a strong one for you, but you know that it isn't likely to happen*. The same applies with permanent chastity. It's a fantasy that some of us have, but if we're truthful with ourselves, we know it is just that.

(*I think you'll find I said I couldn't handle it, regardless of whether it was likely to happen or not!)

Okay, hands up, he's got a point. I don't quite know why that particular fantasy sparked me off so much, and I apologise if anyone thought I was being a surly git. Of course a huge portion of what we are doing is 'in our heads', and so what does it matter if someone dreams of never being allowed to cum again? Of course it doesn't. Even so, often it still strikes me as being similar to someone jogging to the shops and then deciding they want to run a marathon. No, actually, it's more like someone jogging to the shops and then deciding that they want to run from New York to Los Angeles.
Doubtless a lot of you follow Sarah Jameson's blog and will be aware of her thoughts on 'permanent denial' and the recent developments which have led to her starting to think seriously about signing that part of her and John's chastity contract. For those who haven't, the short version is that her husband John is nearing the end of his year of chastity after which Sarah will decide whether to return to shorter periods, another long period, or possibly even permanent orgasm denial. To this end they have purchased a strap-on for him to use on her since while he might be able to manage some penetration without exploding, it's hardly likely to last very long or to be particularly vigorous...
I can't imagine what it would be like to use a strap-on on Mistress R, it's not something I would have ever really thought about, it's always seemed like something that would only arise due to old age, or illness, or something. I guess you would get used to it, and it's got to be better than not having sex at all... and if your wife enjoys penetration but she wants to keep you chaste for long periods then it makes sense, I guess once you got used to it it would be quite fun to be able to last and last and last and give your wife as many orgasms as she could take, assuming she can cum through penetration of course...
Still, Sarah seems to be enjoying it A LOT at present, so fair play to her... and John is happy getting teased every single night by the sound of it (who wouldn't be!), so that's great for them, at least for now at any rate.
I think my main concern with permanent denial is simply that in any relationship there will be times when your libido's aren't in sync and permanent denial gives no scope for manouvre. What if your wife loses interest in teasing you for whatever reason? I can't believe that anyone who is aiming for permanent denial will not be wearing a chastity device, and if you've taken it that far, probably a very expensive metal device at that. A device to which you presumably do not have a key.
Ah you might say, but we have a contract, and Mistress is obliged to tease me at least twice a week for 20 minutes.
You see that word 'obliged', that's your problem, right there. And how long do you think that's going to wash, really? You standing there pointing to your contract, is that any way to conduct an intimate relationship? Let's say your wife/Mistress feels obliged to honour her part of the deal, just how good is that teasing actually going to be? And are you going to enjoy it, knowing that she really can't be bothered with it? I certainly couldn't. It would be utterly miserable.
And how long is that going to continue before she just gives your key and tells you she's had enough?
I'm not saying that permanent denial isn't a hot fantasy (for some people more than others) but I think it's important to keep your feet on the ground and realise that for 'most' people it's probably best kept as a fantasy, perhaps even more so than cuckolding.
As for Sarah, well she's smarter than your average cat, and she has made it perfectly clear that while she might decide to implement the part of their chastity agreement that allows her to keep John in permanent denial, if one day she decides she wants him to cum, then that's exactly what will happen.
Got to love a woman who knows her own mind, don't ya?

I'm in a great mood today...

I'm still totally buzzing from last night's denial and feeling unusually 'up' for a work day! I would love to do something really special for Mistress R tonight, like take her out somewhere to thank her properly for last night, but as it is we have tickets to see a band. I'm sure it'll be good, but it's not exactly what I had in mind...
Oh well, I can't really afford the calories anyway, which reminds me, those of you who check out my weightloss blog (if any of you are still bothering) will find that it is shortly to be revamped as I intend to focus on losing at least another stone between now and Christmas.
Our good friend Miss Christina is inspiring me with her dedication and Mistress R is demanding some significant results from me by the time the Christmas choccies come out too, so I'd better do it, or she says I will be free to jerk myself off as much as I like, and that's not going to make me a happy bunny at all.
Sounds kinda backwards that, doesn't it.... still.

Monday, 17 October 2011

I sense a change in Mistress R, and I like it...

I printed out some of blog entries for Mistress R to read earlier this evening, including the one about when we were in the hotel at the weekend. She didn't comment on it at the time, although she did comment on some of the other posts, including the one about how to get a chastity/femdom relationship, she totally agreed about not pestering your woman and allowing her to pull back if she wants too...
But anyway, that's not what this post is about.
Mistress and I went to bed about 8pm and she quickly had my cock throbbing hard as we kissed, me on top of her with my legs either side of her hips. She stroked my cock firmly as we kissed and then pushed me back so that she could open her legs for me. I wondered what was going to happen next, but any thoughts of penetration were quickly forgotten as she gently pushed me down between her legs and I started to kiss first her stomach, then her inner thighs and finally her delicious pussy.
After another lovely orgasm for Mistress R I licked my fingers clean of her juices and then she told me to put my rubber cock ring on. I complied with her wishes immediately and she stroked me quickly to full hardness as she said, 'Did you enjoy your permitted touching session last night slave?'
I told her that I did and then as she clawed my balls (a little harder than before - yes!) she told me that she wanted me to put my cock inside her. It was heaven, she was so wet after having cum and I slid into her so easily... Mistress R was obviously enjoying having me inside her too, but after a couple of minutes I was starting to struggle a little not to cum, especially when Mistress R was reminding me that I wasn't allowed to. I slowed down just to give myself a chance to back off a little and she said 'Is it time for you to stop, is it...?', I tried to ignore her but the way she said it just made me want to cum even more, and then she said it again in that same tone of voice, a voice I don't think I've ever heard before, just thinking about it is giving me chills.
It's so hard to explain what it was about her voice that was so fucking HOT. It wasn't a put on 'Domme' voice, it wasn't in the slightest bit harsh or 'dominant', it was just like she was saying, 'Okay, I've let you have a little taste of what you wanted, but now you need to stop, because I decide how much pussy you get and I don't want you risking cumming without permission'.
After the second time she said it she then pushed me back and smiled at me, almost like she'd read my earlier post and now she'd shown me that that's just not how it is anymore. It took me a good few minutes to calm down enough to get the cock ring off and for all that time we just lay in each others arms, my cock pulsing against her leg, almost on the edge... it was so fucking amazing I can't even tell you. I felt completely and utterly 'hers' and I fucking loved it.
Maybe I'm over-dramatizing but I just sensed this change in Mistress R somehow, she doesn't usually use the word 'slave' much out of our official Femdom sessions, but she said it two or three times last night and the way she talked to me when I was inside her, it was just too good...
Sometimes in this lifestyle you can seem to stick at a certain point for a while and then out of the blue, you feel like you made a little jump to a slightly higher level and it makes you feel sooooo good. That's what this felt like to me. It really feels as if Mistress R is getting used to this now, enjoying it like I always hoped she would and is really starting to assert herself.
I love her more every single day.


Who the fuck voted to lick their cum off the floor?

Last night...

Just after midnight, Mistress and I were snuggling under the duvet, and my cock started to get very hard indeed. Finally I remembered that I could ask her if I was allowed to touch my cock! I know that sounds stupid, but usually the need only arises when she is already asleep or has left already (gotten out of bed before me - she starts work earlier than I do), which is why I have 5 infractions on my sidebar - can't wait to be punished for those on Sunday... NOT!
So anyway, I can't even remember the last time I asked permission to do this (I am allowed to ask three times between cums remember, but since I never know how long that's going to be I always seem to end up saving them too long and wasting them) and I'd forgotten how much better it is to touch your cock with permission than without, and to do it with her there, so it feels like she's part of it.
It's still not as good as her doing it, obviously! But it was still pretty nice, especially when she asked me 'are you enjoying that slave?', and reminded me not to make myself cum. Soooooooooooo hot.
Hopefully tonight it will be Mistress R's fingers that are teasing me after I've given her another lovely orgasm, oh I do hope so. I really do!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Lots of votes...

Wow, so there's been nearly as many votes in this poll in the last twelve hours as there was in the old poll in a week. Obviously a more interesting poll, thanks then to 'Whichisnice', who suggested this one.

New poll...

Let's assume your Mistress has finally allowed you to release those weeks of frustration, if you were allowed to choose where to lick up your pool of cum from, where would it be? No, she's not feeling generous enough to let you cum in her pussy or her ass, so they are not in the poll, it's feet, legs, breasts, stomach, hands, boots, or if you are particularly odd, the floor.

I voted breasts, but it was a fairly narrow choice over feet...

Go vote!

A big thumbs down for fake tits...

80% of you who voted don't like fake tits. I heartily agree with you all.

This permanent denial obsession...

It seems everywhere I look, people are blogging about permanent denial. It sounds hot right enough, but it seems to me that some people might be getting carried away. Some of these people haven't gone more than a month without cumming and now they are thinking of giving up their orgasms forever?
For the record, if anyone's interested, I would love to be denied longer, maybe even a few months, and once I'd done that maybe half a year or maybe even a year at some point in the future, but there's no way I'm ready for permanent denial. I wouldn't even think about that until I'd gone at least 6 months or a year and knew what that was going to feel like.
Sorry if that makes me sound boring, and yes I understand the appeal of being always in that wonderful, trippy state with no orgasms to temporarily mess it up. But I also haven't yet been denied long enough to forget what a 28 day in the making orgasm feels like. So yes, if Mistress R decided to make me wait 2 or 3 months, I would be happy to go along with that, because I'm sure a 60 or 90 day in the making orgasm would have to be pretty spectacular too, but I would have to think long and hard before agreeing to permanent orgasm denial.
Besides, I think going permanent would require a chastity device for sure, as I refuse to believe any man could have that much willpower, and that would be a big step for us. In fact I'm not sure where the line would be, because there will come a point where willpower is simply not enough and I don't know where that is, it could be three months, six months, I have no idea. Besides, part of what I love about chastity is the fact that Mistress R gets to decide when I cum, and permanent denial would take that away from her. Having her make me wait for however long she wants, even if it was a LOOOOOONG time, is still not the same as knowing that it's NEVER.
And surely that will impact on the male's attitude towards his 'keyholder', as it is she gets to decide when you experience the greatest pleasure and that helps define your attitude towards her, but taking that away must  weaken her 'power', or am I missing something?

So, obviously we've been away...

Mistress R kindly took me away to a hotel for a night for my birthday, which was great, and you know what hotels usually mean right? Well, no actually, not this time... but that's jumping the gun a little.
Thursday night saw me worshipping Mistress's pussy again and giving her another lovely, hard orgasm.  Afterwards we were both quite tired and she asked me if I would mind if we left my teasing until Friday night, I of course did not object, although obviously I do kinda wish she would just tell me rather than asking if it's okay, but, you know... that's a minor quibble.
So Friday night, very late Friday night... no wait actually, once again I'm jumping ahead a little, because after several hours of walking around Windsor Castle we finally arrived at our hotel (which was really, really nice) and Mistress R and I were laying on the bed watching a little TV before getting ready for dinner. She was just wearing a T-shirt and her underwear and so I was, you know know, a little distracted by her legs... so I started kissing them a little and gradually worked my way down to her feet, and since she didn't object I spent a lovely ten minutes or so worshipping her poor, tired feet.
Eventually she pulled them away and got off the bed, remarking that she would have thought I would have wanted to wait for her to have a shower... umm, no not really, For one thing, once she'd had a shower then she would have been getting ready for dinner and probably wouldn't have wanted me to do it, and I loved it anyway. Carpe diem and all that... once again ladies, you don't have to be squeeky clean to be appealing to us, it just adds to the whole submissive feeling we get, so relax and enjoy!
Anyway, so later on, after a superb steak, just as we were about to go to sleep Mistress finally decided it was time for some teasing. I expected it to be fairly short and sweet and it was, but it was also quite intense. My cock was really, really hard and in a couple of minute's I was getting quite worked up, a little too worked up perhaps... since when Mistress announced that that was it until Sunday's session I moved to her and started to push her onto her back, wanting to fuck her and cum inside her...
But of course, that is NOT what we agreed and almost as soon as I started to initiate that I caught myself, stopped and instead held her close as we kissed, my cock throbbing between us as she pressed her pubis against me several times, squeezing my cock against my body in the process and then once again telling me that it was finished for the night.
I don't really know if she quite realised what was going through my head at that moment, but if she did I'm glad she didn't weaken. If she wanted me inside her she would have told me so, that's what we agreed. I'm not allowed to ask to be inside her never mind pushing her down on the bed and 'taking' her... and if she had 'let' me do that (which is not the same as her 'wanting' me to do that) then it could have really messed things up...
I woke up the next morning, hard, horny and happy that Mistress R was still in control and that I hadn't actually stepped outside the rules we agreed to when we started this. I also felt very proud of Mistress R for staying in charge and keeping me under control, even though she'd had a few glasses of wine (which always used to be a precursor to a 2am blowjob, hahaha).

So now I expect you're waiting for the report on our femdom session which was supposed to happen today? Well, the long and short of it is that it didn't happen. And it will now be taking place next Saturday or Sunday.
I'm currently on day thirteen of my current chastity period so if I make it to the session without Mistress R deciding that she wants me to cum that will be nineteen or twenty days... still quite a way short of my record.
Maybe she'll let me cum then and then make me wait until Christmas?

Saturday, 15 October 2011

REVIEW: Mistress Extreme by Alex Jordaine...

So this is the new book by Alex Jordaine, which follows the very enjoyable 'Naked for the Mistress', 'Mistress of Torment' and (the one I haven't read) 'Mistress Divine'. In it, the 'hero' David falls under the spell of Mistress Isabella, who abuses him as she sees fit, when she sees fit, and inbetween times he is not even allowed to try to contact her, at least to begin with...
I must admit, after the first two books I was expecting a lot from this and the truth is that it was a little disappointing. The first few chapters are a little tedious, with the endless waiting for her to contact him. I know the idea is to set the scene and all that, but I just thought it didn't really flow that well.
Later things improve but then I found it a little over the top, if I'm honest. There were brutal beatings in the other book but this one starts at such a high pitch and leaves itself no room for upping the tempo that by the end it's more like torture porn than BDSM, or maybe that's just my fairly vanilla view of it? I'm not into pain myself, but I think even GoodHubby would find this a little harsh. Personally it doesn't turn me on to read about people being beaten or caned until the are 'lacerated'. But I digress...
What I do applaud Alex for is his willingness to explore themes which most other authors will shy away from, you may remember my recent review of another book where all the women where brought into a circle of men and ordered to pleasure each other for 'educational purposes', but yet when it came to the men this was dismissed with a throwaway line that the women where shown 'videos' to educate them... talk about a massive fucking cop-out.
Okay I know that most of these books are probably read by men and bi/homosexual sex isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea, but when it comes to Femdom I'm sure it's a pretty common fantasy for the guy to be 'forced' to prove his devotion to his Mistress by doing something that he would find difficult /  unpleasant / possibly even abhorrent... and so it is with this book with David being forced to suck Isabella's dominant  husband's cock and later forced into many sexual situations with his own friend (and fellow submissive). 
There's also a pretty heavy gay scene (which I didn't particularly like myself, partly because gay sex without the Femdom element doesn't appeal to me, partly because some of it was quite brutal and partly because it was written in a thoroughly shit style, frankly...).
Ah yes, and we're back to my main beef with this book, everyone is stunningly good looking, with piercing eyes, and blah blah blah blah blah blah... no literally everyone. I know it's a fantasy, but, it doesn't help to suspend belief (at least for me) when everyone is so fucking gorgeous all the time. I would much prefer a little realism, sure Isabella needs to be something above the ordinary for David to fall so hard for her, but the fact that everybody else is so fabulous, just makes it harder for her to stand out, surely?
Anyway, that rather common failing aside, this is not a bad book, maybe a three out of five, but I would say the other two were four out of fives. However if you like your novels a bit fantastical and you appreciate brutal whippings, needle play and all that heavy stuff, then this might float your boat more than it does mine. Personally, I prefer a Mistress who dominates in a more cerebral manner, rather than simply battering the shit out of someone with a flogger...

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Something about this video...

Doubtless some of you will have watched this video already since it's been on my video links page for a few weeks now, but if you haven't you really should. I don't know really why this video appeals to me quite so much, it's nowhere near as hardcore as some of the others, it just has the right 'vibe'. It's not the cuckolding aspect of it I like either, it's just her dominant attitude and.... well, I dunno. I love it when she uses her feet to push his face into her ass, that is so hot.

Check it out for yourself here

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

More pussy worship....

Once again, lucky old me got to worship Mistress R's beautiful pussy last night, bringing her to her 62nd orgasm since we started this wonderful adventure. Afterwards Mistress R sucked my throbbing cock for some time, and it was of course, heavenly. No orgasm for me of course, just those wonderful feelings of control and denial! It's nine days since I last came so those lovely feelings of sexual tension are just starting to kick in for me once again, I hope Mistress doesn't let me cum too soon, but, as ever, it's not my decision, so I'll just have to wait and see.

I still kinda like the idea of being denied until Christmas, but maybe that's a little bit more than Mistress R is willing to go for just yet. Maybe another few weeks would be nice though...

Sunday will be our next Femdom session, all being well so I would imagine tomorrow will be the last pussy worship until then. Mistress likes a few days of denial herself up until our sessions, only a few though, not like me. Hehehe...
Ah well, if Mistress does decide that she wants me to cum on Sunday, maybe she'll allow me to lick my cum off her beautiful feet or her gorgeous breasts (shudder)...

Damn, I need a cold shower now.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Humiliation turns me on...

May I thoroughly recommend you all visit the excellent 'HumiliationTurnsMeOn' tumblr, it has provided several of the photos used in my captions lately and I have posted a permanent banner link to the site on my links page here.

Slaverik asked...

Slaverik left a comment yesterday asking how I got from fantasy to reality with Mistress R, and I know it's something that perhaps a lot of you would like to know, since probably a lot of you are still in the fantasy stage.
The truth is, there's no trick or magic bullet which is going to get you what you want. You have to ask for it, and be prepared to take the consequences, whatever they may be.

Let's think about this for a moment, let's imagine that the boot was on the other foot. Say one day Mistress R had come to me and said, I want you to beat me with a belt, I want you to thrash the shit out of me, I want you to beat my ass, my thighs even my tits until they are black and blue and even when I tell you I can't take it anymore I want you to keep on doing it, because it drives me crazy.

My first reaction would have been shock, because I would never have expected her to ask for this.
My second reaction would be fear of hurting her.
I don't know how many different feelings would have gone through my mind before I thought 'Yeah, that'll be really hot!'.

Okay, so that's an extreme example, but you can see what I'm saying. Quite apart from anything else, if you have never previously shown any inkling towards Femdom then she is going to be shocked and confused, and in her rush to rationalise what you are telling her she will almost certainly think that there is something wrong with her, that she isn't a good 'vanilla' lover and that's why you need to do this 'other' thing.  Now of course we know that's not it all, but she probably won't so I would suggest a more subtle approach.

(The other thing that you have to think about is that, if you are at the stage of being ready to ask for this, then you have probably overcome all your initial reactions long ago, you know the whole 'I shouldn't find this exciting but I do' thing... but SHE hasn't. As time goes on you become more relaxed with everything, for example a few years ago I would not have been able to really admit to myself (never mind anyone else) that the thought of being 'ordered' or 'forced' to suck another man's cock turned me on, but now I can and sometimes (usually when I am feeling particularly under Mistress R's spell) I feel that I genuinely would be willing to do so if it was asked of me, given the right circumstances).

I have often considered how would I go about getting to where I am now if I were not where I am now, and one of the things I think I would do would be to start doing things like rubbing her feet, which can then progress onto mild foot worship, and hopefully she will start to enjoy that and encourage it, which at least gives you an in, especially if she sees how much you enjoy it... then you can bring the subject up and at least she won't be quite so surprised.

I think aiming for a little at a time is perhaps a good strategy, baby steps gives her time to get comfortable with what you are asking for before you drop the next fantasy on her. Remember that old saying 'it's only kinky the first time', it's bang on the money that is. Trust me, there's always going to be more you want and you're never going to get it all in one go, and your more likely to get some of what you want and keep a happy wife if you let things move at a pace that suits her.

Perhaps you've read 'k's blog and fancy that lifestyle? Well, you have to face the fact that may never happen. Not every woman is going to be willing to go as far as 'Q', and even they are still moving in increments. For example, she cuckolds him, but until recently she has not allowed him to watch her with another man because she didn't think he was ready to handle it. He of course wants to see it, but he knows better than to force the issue (lest he gets his backside paddled!).

Again, extreme examples, but the same story.

You might look at my blog and think you want to live like me. I am extremely happy now, but of course I am always wishing for more from Mistress R. I would love her to be more demanding and crueler to me, but this will take time, and it will only happen if she becomes comfortable with the idea, and I accept that because our relationship and her happiness is worth more to me than any sex game.

And that, perhaps is the crux of the matter. Whenever I read a blog where people are living this wonderful lifestyle successfully, it is almost always apparent that the level of devotion between the couples is extremely high. Even in relationships where the husband is cuckolded it's still obvious that the husband is the one she loves, even the extraordinary circumstances that prevail on penny and Anne's blog 'I Have A Submissive Husband' it's plain that everything that's happening is born of love and that couples utter devotion to each other.

So perhaps a good first step to getting where you would like to be is to ask yourself honestly, is my marriage good enough to base this kind of lifestyle on? And if it isn't how can you start making sure that it is, before you go around chucking the big old spanner in the works that is the 'Honey, I'd really like to be your sub' conversation!


Bits and bobs...

Glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks fake breasts are horrible, it seems the overwhelming consensus of opinion is with me! Good stuff.

- - -

I've been meaning to point out for some time, because I know some people have got the wrong impression, that although there is some crossover between my stories and my real life, at the end of the day, they are stories. They may well be my fantasies and yes I would like some of them to come true to some extent (depending on the story!) but they are not factual accounts of my life with Mistress R.
Sometimes I look at my blog and think, you know, compared to some others out there, my life isn't all that 'readable'... but I'm not going to pretend it's something it's not.or exaggerate my own experiences to 'compete' with blogs whose authors are living more extreme lives.
Who knows, maybe one day Mistress R will push me so that my blog is one of the more 'readable' ones, but in the meantime I will do my best to entertain while keeping my integrity intact.

- - -

Completely frustrated with that 'Mistress Extreme' book I'm reading (full review to follow in due course), on the one hand I applaud the author's willingness to explore some very taboo subjects, but on the other it does occasionally fall dreadfully into cliche and, I don't even know what you call it... anyway, I'll keep it for when I write my review.

- - -

Thanks to everyone for the comments and emails I've been receiving lately they are very much appreciated, I especially enjoyed 'k's comment on the 'Don't Swallow' caption, most entertaining! Hahaha.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Time Limits 2, from Nemo's blog...

Just saw this excellent caption over at Nemo's blog, I think it would be a very hot game to play for Mistress to give me so many seconds or strokes to cum, with failure resulting in a long wait for another chance...

Click the picture to visit Nemo's 'Tease, Denial and CBT' blog.

New poll...

The strippers poll has finished and it was a pretty even result with 3/4 of men and women finding strippers 'sexy'. Quite a surprising result I have to say, still... on we go to this weeks poll. This time I want to know what you think of fake tits, do you love them or loathe them?

Let's not get into a moral debate about it, I'm merely asking you from an aesthetic standpoint. Personally I hate them. They never look right and as much as I can understand a woman maybe feeling that they don't feel sexy because they have small tits, I would pick a small titted woman over a fake titted woman every day of the week. Part of the problem perhaps is that the majority of fake breasts you see are on women who didn't need them in the first place and they are much too large. And I just hate the whole saucer in a sock thing too, horrible.

Just to be clear this poll isn't large vs small, this is fake vs real.

A New Approach to an Old Problem (written October 2011)

Sadly this is only a work of fiction, maybe one day it will be real... I hope you all enjoy it. Robert Anthony.

It was one month to the day since my last orgasm when my wonderful Mistress called me into our bedroom. She was sitting on the edge of the bed in a black mini-dress, her feet visible only through the gaps in her sluttiest shoes. She looked amazing and she knew it. She pointed to the floor in front of her and I obediently knelt, lowering my head in a gesture of compliance and submission. I couldn’t take my eyes off her beautiful feet and wished that I could worship them, but I knew I must be patient.

Her first words were delivered with little discernible emotion.

“Have you touched your cock since I last punished you slave?”

I shifted uneasily on my knees, my cock already starting to grow a little inside my jeans.

“Yes Mistress.”

She sighed loudly, slightly exasperated by my lack of self-control.

“I thought we agreed that MY cock is no longer yours to play with slave?”

“We did Mistress, I am sorry…”

“And yet still you touch it.”

“Yes Mistress.”

My head hung a little lower, the knowledge that I had yet again failed to fully live up to Mistress’s expectations weighing heavily on my shoulders.

“How many times?”

“Three Mistress.”

“I see… and how many times have I touched it this month slave?”

I wasn’t expecting this question and had to quickly calculate the number from memory.

“Eleven, I think, Mistress.”

“Eleven… that sounds quite generous, doesn’t it?”

“Yes Mistress, very generous.”

“And yet you still can’t keep your grubby little hands off of it, can you?”

“No Mistress.”

Mistress smoothed her hands down her thighs before continuing.

“I tire of punishing you for the same infraction, over and over… in fact I'm starting to wonder if you enjoy  being punished for your behaviour, since you seem to make so little effort to avoid it."

I started to protest, but she held up a hand to silence me.

"No, this time I’m going to try something different, something you will find much less appealing.”

I shifted nervously on my knees once more which brought a firm rebuke from my Mistress.

“Keep still! Unless you want me to paddle your arse anyway.”

“Yes Mistress, I mean no Mistress... I am sorry Mistress.”

Mistress smirked at my obvious confusion.

“Good. I take it that you can at least assure me that you did not push yourself too far and allow yourself to enjoy an orgasm at any time?”

“Yes Mistress, I assure you, I would never do that.”

“Good slave, that pleases me greatly, but still I am determined to stop you touching what is no longer yours to touch.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“You say you have touched my cock three times this past month, well then, I shall not touch it for three weeks. That should teach you a lesson. And if that does not work then I shall have to think of something even more drastic and draconian to influence your behaviour.”

Three weeks! I couldn’t believe it, but it was true enough that Mistress had told me time and again not to touch my cock and I had never managed to comply fully with her instructions, so I couldn’t really argue.

“Rest assured slave, if you cannot learn to control your actions I may have to take matters further and invest in something which will physically prevent you from playing with MY cock. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress.”

She leaned forward now and lifted my head so that she could look me in the eyes.

“I know the idea of being locked up appeals to you slave, but I’m sure you would soon come to regret it. Just imagine the pain and frustration you would suffer as you ate my pussy night after night, trapped in your chastity belt, those little spikes digging into your engorged cock as you licked me to orgasm…”

She reached down and squeezed my throbbing cock through my jeans, noting how hard I was getting.

“…that turns you on doesn’t it, the thought of suffering at my hands?”

“Yes Mistress.”

She stared directly into my eyes, as if trying to read my innermost thoughts.

“I don’t care if the thought of it turns you on,” she whispered. “If I decide it is necessary to implement the use of a chastity belt, be assured that you will not enjoy it as much as you think you will. I will make damn sure of that.”

I felt my chin tremble slightly as she sat back up

“Begin,” she said leaning back on the bed slightly and lifting her right foot up just a few inches away from my face.

I leaned forward and supported her foot in my hands, my cock throbbing even harder as I began to kiss her patent leather shoes.

“That’s it, worship my shoes like a good slave, a slave who knows his place…”

Her words spurred me on to worship her feet even more enthusiastically, hoping that soon she would shed her footwear and allow me to indulge myself with the taste of her bare skin. But as the minutes ticked by Mistress showed no sign of doing so, indeed she seemed to be in no hurry to bring this part of the session to any sort of conclusion.

After a while I glanced upwards to see that Mistress had rucked her mini dress up around her waist, exposing her beautiful thighs, and if that wasn't an erotic enough sight for a man who hadn't cum for thirty days, I also  noticed that she was idly stroking her pussy through her black lingerie.

“Keep your eyes down slave,” she barked, slightly annoyed by my unauthorised peeking.

“Yes Mistress,” I gabbled between breaths, doubling my efforts to make her shoes feel thoroughly worshipped.

Abruptly she pulled her foot away and instructed me to bend down and worship the other shoe on the floor. I bent forward and began to do as instructed and I felt her rest her other foot on my back and lay back flat on the bed.

I must have stayed like that for a good ten minutes, kissing and licking the warm, shiny leather until Mistress groaned loudly and her foot shot upwards almost kicking me in the face. Once her foot had fallen back to the floor I resumed my duties as Mistress recovered from a powerful self-induced orgasm.

Finally she sat up and told me to stop and kneel up. I complied immediately, my back somewhat stiff from the awkward position I had been holding, but not as stiff as my aching cock. A month without relief had left me desperate to be allowed to cum and I would do almost anything Mistress wanted if she would just permit me that release, however depraved.

I kept my head bowed, the luscious scent of her pussy was in the air now and desperate as I was I would have gladly traded my much needed orgasm for the chance to taste her. Almost sensing what I was thinking I heard her sucking her own juices from her fingers before she leaned forward once more and planted a single delicate kiss on my lips.

“My pussy tastes so good slave, don’t you wish you could taste it properly?”

“Yes Mistress,” I said, visibly shuddering as I spoke the words.

“That’s a pity,” she said. “If you hadn’t played with my cock I would probably have let you eat me for as long as you wanted, but of course…” she tailed off leaving the sentence unfinished.

I cursed myself silently for my lack of control. Almost as if she could read my mind Mistress let out a small but evil laugh at my obvious distress.

“You want to taste me so badly don’t you slave?”

“Yes Mistress,” I sighed, the ache in my voice more than apparent.

“Not today slave.”

I must have looked absolutely heartbroken because Mistress quickly added that I should not worry as she would need my tongue soon enough. It was the first sign of compassion she had shown today.

“Stand up,” she ordered.

I rose to my feet clumsily, my legs stiff after such a long time on my knees. I stood up straight, my hands clasped behind my back as I knew she liked me to present myself. She reached forward and lifted the front of my dark blue T-shirt, felt underneath for my belt and quickly unbuckled it. Then she unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down to my knees. Beneath the hem of my T-shirt my black cotton boxers bulged as my cock finally had the room to reach it’s full height.

Mistress stood up and smoothed her mini-dress down, the material clinging to her gorgeous, full breasts. She stepped closer and kissed me full on the lips, the taste of her pussy was overwhelming and I felt my cock pulse violently. She continued to kiss me, her tongue snaking into my mouth, offering me more of that addictive taste as she gently circled the tip of my cock with her finger tip.

Then she grasped the hem of my T-shirt and lifted it over my head, exposing my upper half. I would loved to have taken the initiative and lifted her mini-dress off over her shoulders too, but knew it was not my place to do so.

“Just think,” she said reaching inside my boxer shorts and squeezing my cock rhythmically. “This is what you’ll be missing for the next three weeks… think about that next time you are tempted to touch your cock without permission.”

I groaned loudly, a mixture of pleasure and absolute frustration, the thought of being denied her touch for so long was absolute torture and she knew it.

“I’m sure the time will pass quickly,” she whispered. “And you’ll still be allowed to worship me, that should make it easier for you, shouldn’t it?”

“Yes Mistress’ I croaked, not entirely convinced.

“Are you going to touch my cock without permission again?”

“No Mistress, never.”

"Really slave?"

"Yes Mistress, I promise you."

“Good, I knew this would be more effective than the paddle.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“You’d take just about anything I could give you now, wouldn’t you, rather than wait three weeks to feel my fingers or my pussy on your cock?”

“Yes Mistress,” I groaned.

“What if I said you could fuck me right now, in return for six strokes of the cane?”

I hesitated a while as she gently manipulated my throbbing cock, a few drops of pre-cum dripping from the tip and soaking into the front of my boxers. As much as I wanted to be inside her and to cum hard within the tight wet warmth of her beautiful cunt, I wasn’t sure I could handle that level of pain for the privilege. Eventually I gave the only answer I felt I could give in the circumstances.

“If it pleases you Mistress.”

Sensing my reluctance, Mistress backed away and sat back down on the edge of the bed. She lifted her foot and pressed the sole against my crotch. The pressure was intensely pleasurable, but also dangerously stimulating.

“No slave,” she spat. “It doesn’t. I have no intention of letting you cum inside me today, you do not deserve such pleasure until you can learn to obey my instructions. Of course... I could cane you anyway, just for fun...”

I hoped she wouldn't and was relieved when she added, "...but perhaps it would be better saved for a day when you actually need it."

I thanked her profusely, I am no pain slut and the cane is something I always strive to avoid at all costs.

I felt Mistress’s foot fall away and the pressure on my crotch subside, just in time as I was leaking more pre-cum onto the cotton boxers that were protruding from my groin. Mistress leaned forward once more and hooked her fingers into the waistband of my boxers, sliding them slowly down until my throbbing, erect stalk sprang loose and hung in the air just a few inches from her mouth. She moved forward as if in slow motion until she was just millimetres away from taking me between her parted lips and then looked up at me and breathed heavily onto my twitching cock.

She pulled back, smiling wickedly and then reached for my balls. She curled her fingers behind my sack and circled the top with her finger and thumb. Her other fingers closed around the package and she began to squeeze my overflowing balls, a little harder every time. It was heavenly, but I was so close to cumming now it was becoming impossible to hold back, but I knew that I must for fear of repercussions.

Mistress brought her other hand up and started to claw at my cock with her long painted nails, the pain was exquisite and I had to warn her that if she continued I would not be able to hold back. Mistress looked up at me, and after a few more seconds of squeezing and scratching she let go, just as I started to feel myself tipping over the edge. Thankfully, somehow, my cum stalled in it’s tracks. It felt as though my cock was now primed full of cum and the slightest touch on any part of my throbbing length or balls would be enough to cause it to explode from the tip. I could almost feel it, hovering an inch from the end of my urethra, and I wondered how long I could reasonably hope to keep it there.

Mistress studied me from her position on the bed, watched as my cock throbbed and bobbed in the air, desperate for that one last stroke which would truly signal the end of my chastity period. She must have known just from looking at me that my situation was desperate and she looked as if she was enjoying every second of it.

“Don’t you dare cum without permission slave,” she warned, a hint of menace in her voice.

I somehow managed to hold back, using every trick I could think of to maintain control for those vital last few seconds.

She sat in silence for a short while, enjoying my internal struggle to obey her, before finally showing pity and ordering me to kneel once again.

I sank to my knees, the impending orgasm receding slightly as the seconds ticked by, but still my cock felt like it was full of cum and ready to explode at any second.

She reached out and squeezed my left nipple, feeling it harden under her touch. She squeezed it harder, and harder again before moving over to the other one, eventually leaving both of them tender and bullet hard.

“Three weeks slave, three long weeks without my touch… how will you cope with that?”

“I don’t know Mistress,” came my honest answer.

“Well, there’s one thing slave, you’d better not touch MY cock without permission, otherwise I will just roll that three weeks over, and I’ll keep rolling it over until I know MY cock has felt no pleasure for a whole three weeks, do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“You’d better.”

She stared at me for at least a couple of minutes, her hard nipples clearly visible through the clingy material of her mini-dress.

“That being said… you have given me some lovely orgasms this last month and I wouldn’t want you to think that your efforts aren’t appreciated…”

“Thank you Mistress.” Her approval meant more to me than she could possibly imagine.

“Appreciated, but expected nonetheless slave!”

“Of course Mistress.”

She dragged her nails down my body, across both nipples, down across my stomach and either side of my twitching cock to the middle of my thighs, the pain was absolute heaven.

“As such, I have decided that you will be allowed to cum today slave.”

“Thank you Mistress,” I gasped, realising that I had been holding my breath and genuinely relieved that the pressure she had built up inside me would be granted release today.

“The only question is where…”

I looked up at her hopefully as she lifted the hem of her mini-dress to expose her black lacy panties.

“I already said not today,” she snarled, dropping the hem and smiling at my visible disappointment.

I lowered my gaze once more, not wishing to annoy her or jeopardize any other avenues which might currently remain open.

“I know where you’d like to cum,” she said. “And I might let you if you beg nicely enough.”

I raised my head slightly and looked up at her, unsure as to which part of her she was referring to. I was pretty sure it was either her breasts or her feet, but I knew that it was more likely to be her feet and if I begged to cum on her breasts and she meant her feet she might not allow me to cum at all. After a few seconds of deliberation I decided to play safe.

“My wonderful Mistress… may I please be permitted to cum on your beautiful feet?”

“Perhaps…” she said enigmatically. “Or, perhaps you might choose an alternative.”

I looked at her a little dumbly, confused by this new development.

“It’s up to you of course, I know you love my feet and I’m sure you would love to spray your load all over them, but…”

She paused for a moment watching me as I pictured her cum covered feet in my mind’s eye.

“…let’s not be too hasty. As it stands, you are about to begin three long weeks of complete denial… what if there was a way you could reduce that, would you be interested?”

I let the thought permeate my brain and a warning light flashed inside my head, what if she was going to offer the cane as an alternative?

“I’m not sure Mistress,” I answered cautiously.

Mistress raised an eyebrow.

“Well slave, it’s your choice, should I at least give you your options?”

“Yes…please Mistress.”

“Very well slave, you may cum on my feet, but if you do then you will wait the full three weeks as previously decided. Alternatively, you may cum on my shoes, in which case your period of denial will be reduced to two weeks, or you can cum in your own hand, in which case you will only have to endure a single week. Lastly, you can choose to forego your orgasm altogether, in which case your punishment will be annulled completely."

Mistress paused for a moment, allowing my choices to sink in before adding.

"And of course I don’t need to tell you slave, that wherever you choose to cum, if you choose to cum, you will be licking up your mess for me…”

“Yes Mistress, of course Mistress.”

The last part was no big deal for me as I had long since become accustomed to the taste of my own cum and would gladly swallow it for my Mistress at any time, indeed I could not remember the last time she had allowed me to cum without the proviso that I would swallow my cum for her.


I realised that perhaps twenty seconds had passed since Mistress had finished laying out my options and I was no nearer to making a decision. I knew that foregoing my orgasm completely was not an option, since I was still hovering perilously close to climax. Cumming in my hand would mean only seven days of waiting, but wouldn’t be nearly as satisfactory as licking my cum from Mistress’s beautiful feet, but the thought of waiting three long weeks was just too much.

“I’m waiting slave, decide quickly or I will decide for you.”

Spurred into action by Mistress’s threat I quickly made my choice and blurted out my decision.

“Shoes Mistress... please may I be allowed to cum on your shoes…”

Mistress smiled wickedly.

“Good slave, I’m pleased with your choice… I would have been disappointed if you’d taken too easy an option, so then, perhaps I could tempt you to make another decision for me?”

I looked into Mistress’s beautiful dark eyes and wondered what evil twist she had in store for me now.

“Ruin it for me and I’ll halve your punishment.”

Oh God no, she couldn’t do that, not now… but it would bring her touch that much closer, and it was clear from her voice that she wanted it, as such anything else would be putting my own pleasure before hers, and that was a novices’ error that would be bound to lead to some kind of punishment further down the line.
I swallowed hard and bowed my head.

“I will ruin it for you Mistress.”

Mistress shifted restlessly on the bed and I was sure that my absolute submission was making her pussy very wet indeed, perhaps there would be a chance for me to taste her after all.

“Good slave,” she purred as she lifted her foot up to my chest. “Take my shoes off.”

Once again I looked at her dumbly, and then the penny dropped, she had tricked me. I thought I had agreed to lick my cum off her shoes while they were still on her feet, but in actual fact…

As the realisation began to dawn on me Mistress couldn’t help but let out a giggle at my foolishness. She had set a trap and I had walked right into it and now I would have to completely humiliate myself in front of her.
I reached up and obediently unbuckled the strap at the back of Mistress’s heel, gazing longingly at Mistress’s adorable toes and the other parts of her feet that were plainly visible in the gaps between the patent leather strips that made up the shoes in question. How could I have been so stupid?

I removed the shoe and Mistress offered her other foot, her hand already moving between her legs as she reveled in her utter dominance over me. I removed the second shoe and placed them together on the floor in front of me, my cock still achingly hard and throbbing above them.

Mistress opened her legs now and blatantly pushed her fingers inside her sodden panties, masturbating freely as she watched me do her bidding. Her shoulder length hair hung back from her head as she leaned back, watching me through half closed eyes as she brought herself closer and closer to another orgasm.

“Do it,” she hissed mercilessly.

I reached down and curled my fingers around my poor throbbing cock, it responded immediately and within a dozen strokes I felt the tell-tale signs of orgasm approaching. I held back for as long as I could, determined to extract the maximum possible pleasure from my ruined orgasm, but not daring to overstep the mark for fear of further punishment.  

Mistress moaned as she felt her own orgasm approach and I joined in as I  felt the first rope of cum erupt half-heartedly from my throbbing stalk. I had obediently taken my hand away a few seconds previously and now could only watch and clench my muscles desperately as I tried in vain to garner some pleasure from the orgasm that she had robbed me of.

I looked up to see her still watching me, her eyes narrow slits as she masturbated furiously, her fingers moving frantically inside her panties until with a sharp cry she bucked wildly, falling back onto the bed as she thrashed her way through a massively intense orgasm. It was probably the most erotic thing I had ever witnessed in my life.

I looked down at my still twitching, still rock-hard, unsatisfied cock and the cum covered shoes laying on the carpet below. Mistress lay flat out on the bed, breathing heavily, her face flushed, she wasn’t watching me now, but I knew what I had to do, what I must always do when I am allowed release, ruined or not. I picked up the right shoe, lifted it to my mouth and eagerly began cleaning up my cum...

Sunday, 9 October 2011

New story on the way...

As part of my effort to get back into writing my novel, I have written a short (3,800 word) story this evening. However it needs checking through and fine tuning before I post it and it's now 00:45 here in the UK. I shall endeavour to get the story posted tomorrow and I hope you will all enjoy it!

Sunday morning...

Following our exhausting day out on Friday, I was hopeful of some pussy worship yesterday, but it was not to be... however this morning more than made up for that. At around 10:30am I was kneeling on the bed waiting for Mistress R to finish her shower. When she came in she lay back on the pillows I had arranged for her and immediately started rubbing my cock with her feet. I was soon hard and revelling in the attention, I love it when she uses her feet on me like that, it is soooo hot.
Eventually she parted her legs, giving me a wonderful view of her gorgeous pussy and I leaned forward until I was supporting myself on my arms, my cock brushing gently against her slit as I kissed her gently. After a while I moved down her body and sucked her nipples in turn until they were both hard and then I felt her push me down further until I was laying face down on the bed with my arms outside her beautiful, silky smooth thighs.
I began gently kissing around the tops of her thighs and just above her pussy and then placed my hand flat on her mound and gently pushed back, which made Mistress R arch her back a little and angle her pussy upwards. I pressed my face between her legs and deeply inhaled her delicious scent several times, before gently starting to kiss and lick her. Soon she was becoming relaxed and aroused and I moved my arms inside her thighs, opening her to the attention of my willing tongue and fingers.
She tasted incredible. Mistress always tastes lovely, but sometimes she tastes particularly nice and this was one of those days. I absolutely revelled in her scent and taste and was rewarded after a while with what I can only describe as a 'top drawer' orgasm for my beautiful Mistress. I, of course, was utterly content that I had brought her such obvious pleasure.
We settled down on the bed and Mistress decided to play with my cock some more, first using her fingers to get me hard and then pushing me onto my back and sucking my rock-hard cock beautifully, bringing little gasps and groans from my throat.
Eventually she stopped and pulled the covers over me and I thought we were done, but then she reverted back to her fingers, using them to tease maybe the top inch and a half of my throbbing cock, which was absolutely mindblowing and caused me to get surprisingly close to the edge, if never quite on it. This exquisite sensation was interspersed with some gentle ball squeezing, which seemed to get a little harder each time. This was fantastic too and is definitely something I would like her to do a lot more of, although... if I'm 100% honest, every time she did it I wanted it a lot harder.
Eventually Mistress R decided I had had enough for one day and withdrew her arm from beneath the covers, leaving me breathing heavily, extremely turned on, wonderfully frustrated, and feeling completely, utterly and hopelessly under her spell. I adore my beautiful Mistress and moments like these only serve to make those feelings even more intense. Nothing makes me feel more in love with my wonderful wife than having her cum hard against my tongue and then tease me until I am left literally aching for her.
What a wonderful Sunday morning.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

REVIEW: The Vanilla Dominatrix by Giles English...

Firstly I must apologise to Giles for the delay in writing this review, I received this several weeks ago and promptly forgot all about it, so my sincere apologies for that lapse Giles. Well of course now that I have read the book, I am in a position to give you some feedback.
It's actually quite hard for me to relate to this book in my position, in fact I would very much like Giles to write a follow up book about how someone who is in my position can move things further forward without risking ruining what he has already got. Now that would be a book I would want to read. I would love for Mistress R to be more demanding and to let her 'cruel' side out, but I really don't know how to achieve this and am fearful of losing the wonderful life I have got for myself trying, so Giles, there's a project for you.
But let's get back to Giles' current project for now...
This book is written from an almost academic standpoint, with references to ancient Greece in the early parts of the book and a scientific approach to the task at hand. Rest assured this book has a purpose and anyone purchasing in the hope of being titillated will be disappointed. This is written like a text book, which does make it a little dry for the casual reader, but if you are considering purchasing this book then you are probably not a casual reader.
Giles gets you to analyse your own circumstances and uses examples to show how you can 'manipulate' situations to get the things you want without crossing your wife/lover's boundaries. The word manipulate always carries negative connotations, but in this instance I don't see that it should. Manipulation is exactly what is being suggested, but if that has the positive outcome that is the aim of the book, and everyone is happy in the end, then I don't see the harm.
The truth is most women would probably baulk at the idea of male submission and chastity, until they try it, but how do you convince them if they flatly refuse to try it? What this book sets out to do is to suggest ways you can steer your relationship gradually the way you would like it to go. I still think there are a few jumps in assumption here and there, and the fact is all you can do is try and show your wife/lover the benefits to her of accepting your proposal, and seeing how it goes.
If she likes the way it goes then all well and good, and if not then you haven't really lost anything, you just know where you stand and based on that you have to make a decision on whether the relationship still works for you or not.
Personally I still prefer the direct approach, but then I would because it worked pretty well for me, and that approach is more suited to a relationship like mine and Mistress R's. However I can see that if you are in a relationship where your wife/lover is staunchly vanilla then this book could offer some pointers on how to go about bringing change through a slightly less orthodox approach. If nothing else I can see that perhaps it might make you think more about the relationship as it stands and how you might bring about the changes you want.
I'm still not sure that you're ever going to convince a truly vanilla partner that handcuffing you to a radiator overnight is 'normal', but then that doesn't really appeal to me anyway.
Actually my favourite parts of the book were the historical background pieces at the beginning. It was very interesting to read about the 'real' slaves in ancient Greece being used for their female owners sexual kicks, although the part about methods of sterilising slaves brought tears to my eyes (ouch!).

The Vanilla Dominatrix is available through Lulu for £9.99 here

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Another orgasm for Mistress R...

Got home from work feeling pretty crap tonight, but knowing that tomorrow Mistress R and I will be out all day and night I was determined not to pass up the chance to worship Mistress R's beautiful, sweet pussy. After dinner I spent an hour or so reading Giles English's book (nearly finished Giles, sorry for the delay - review will follow at the weekend all being well), and then went for a shower.
After this Mistress R and I retired to the bedroom and I luxuriated in the warmth of her gorgeous body, kissing for a while before sliding down between her silky smooth thighs and breathing in her wonderful scent. I am never happier than when I am here, gently kissing Mistress R's pussy and then slowly beginning to lick her, gradually introducing a finger and teasing her G-spot as I used my tongue to bring her off.
Oh how I love it when she cums, it is the greatest feeling in the world to feel her buck against me like that. But it is fleeting and all too short and it is always a slightly bittersweet moment as though I love to make her cum I never really want it to end.
At least now (hopefully) it will only be a couple of days until I get to worship her pussy again, maybe three... as I said the other day, I do get a little impatient if I haven't made her cum for a couple of days, it's much harder for me to wait for her pleasure than my own.
As for me, well, despite not feeling 100% Mistress R stroked and sucked and nibbled my cock for several minutes until it was rock hard (I was most surprised just how hard it was, actually) and the head looked a very angry red indeed, then she gave it a few gentle slaps and then simply left it bobbing in the air, desperate for more attention, as she concentrated on kissing me instead. She decided not to grant me further teasing, and of course I did not ask for more because it is for her to decide how much attention I deserve.
I was more than happy having been allowed to worship her beautiful pussy and being able to bring her to  orgasm, anything more was merely a bonus for me.... (albeit a very enjoyable bonus, of course!).
Mmmmmm, what a lovely way to spend an evening.

A particular craving...

Reading JNuts blog here, and he's talking about the fact that he's craving the taste of cum... which he admits he finds a bit odd, but I know what he means. Lately Mistress R has hardly fed me any cum, so the connection has been broken to an extent, but when I was mostly cumming only in our Femdom sessions and being fed my cum from her fingers I guess the connection between that taste and the pleasure of orgasm was established, so I guess it's not too much of a stretch to imagine that when you crave the taste of cum you're actually craving the orgasm...
Or maybe not...
I must confess since Mistress R starting feeding me my cum many years ago I now find it to be not unpleasant at all, and on occasion the thought has entered my head that I would like to taste it, orgasm or not. I guess like a lot of things for me, it's something I want to do because it's 'naughty'. An example of this would be that I don't really like the sensation of being whipped or paddled, I'm really not into pain, but I do like it because it makes me feel submissive and because it is Mistress R that is doing it to me.
For the same reason I love it when Mistress R makes me eat my cum, especially when she lets me lick it off of her body. That really is something special. In fact just the thought of being allowed to do that is making my cock hard right now so I'd better go and do something else before I'm tempted to touch it.... again!

Thinking about this further, there is I suppose a difference between craving the actual taste of cum, and craving being 'forced' to taste it... and it might not always be obvious which one of those is foremost in your mind.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Oh yes, the old poll...

60% of you were ready and willing to eat a cake baked with cum, 24% of you weren't so keen and 16% of you said it depended what sort of cake...

Well, cream, presumably!

Do you find it sexy...

Following on from my last post, I have to say that I agree with Mistress R, I've never been to an actual poledancing club, but I've seen pole dancing at Erotica and it did absolutely nothing for me. I really don't get the whole idea of paying to see that kind of thing... maybe because I don't drink, and I'm not remotely 'laddish'? I dunno. In my mind a woman is generally attractive or not attractive, if she's half naked hanging off a pole with bruises all down her legs it's probably not going to influence me that much. If I'm honest.
At least the Dream Boys are amusing (for a short period), partly because it's ritual humiliation of a fit bloke - hahaha. But the women, not so much... it's just seems very cynical and sad to me really. What do you guys think, have any of you been to strip clubs, what was your experience like, let's have some comments!

Also, I've done a new poll (cos the other one was only a fill in until something better came up really). The question is, do you find strippers sexy? And this is aimed at everyone, I was going to split it into men and women but then the women might find the pole dancers sexy, so it would all be a bit too... hmm, that's not going to work is it because the men might want to vote yes for the pole dancers but no for the Dream Boy types...
Fuck it, right two polls, Men- Do you find 'Female Strippers' sexy, and Women- do you find 'Male Strippers' sexy?
To the women who think the female strippers are sexy and the men who like the Dream Boys, sorry.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Having read my cuckolding post, Mistress R had a comment to make about the Dream Boy chappie. She said it wasn't so much that his chest being hard wasn't sexy, but that the whole trying too hard, sterile atmosphere meant that it wasn't, she said 'If I was dating a Dream Boy then I'm sure it would be sexy'...

Which is...... FINE!

Last night...

Last night was a lot of fun. Mistress R and I retired to the bedroom to take advantage of the slightly cooler weather. I was blissfully happy and content as I used my tongue on her and brought her to orgasm at last and expected little more than some stroking. Instead, Mistress R instructed me to fit the Oxballs Cocksling and then quickly lubed up my cock with ID Lube, before straddling me and impaling herself on my throbbing cock. I remembered then that Mistress R had read over my shoulder the post I made the other day about how much I wanted to cum inside her since it was July since I had been allowed to, and so I wasn't completely surprised when she told me that that was what she wanted me to do.
This time the Oxballs Cocksling seemed to work differently and rather than pushing me towards orgasm it seemed to be making it difficult to get there. But eventually the combination of Mistress R's hot, wet pussy and the thought of licking her beautiful pussy clean pushed me on and I spurted nine days of hot cum inside her. She continued squeezing my cock with her pussy muscles until she was satisfied I was empty and then she straddled my face and I greedily licked her clean.
I can't quite believe that I went 76 days without cumming inside Mistress R, and I can't help wondering how much longer she would have made me wait if she hadn't happened to have read that post of mine...
I must admit, I'm kind of hoping Mistress R will want to try and break my 28 days without cumming record soon, perhaps she will let me cum on my birthday and then make me wait until Christmas, though that's a lot more than 28 days... still.

A couple of hours later I was allowed to worship Mistress R's beautiful feet for about 25 minutes, lying on the floor while she sat on the sofa reading her book. I loved every second of it, Mistress R's feet are so beautiful and sexy. Sadly, though I can't wait for the colder weather to come, I know that soon Mistress R's feet will be covered up more and that is immensely disappointing. I dare say the slutty shoes will be AWOL for a few months too...

The cuckolding question...

We bloggers love to get questions from our readers, it gives us something to blog about! So thanks to 'whichisnice' who submitted this question:

"Do you think in your experience that guys who have an interest in tease and denial also have a shared interest in the cuckold fantasy? I would have thought the two cross over to an extent."

Well the short answer to that is of course 'yes'. But more interestingly, why is it that this fantasy is seemingly so prevalent, even with people like me who know full well that they are neither willing, nor actually capable of 'sharing' their wives?*

I think the first place to start is by analysing what it is about denial that we like. It's pretty obvious that there's a whole lot more to it than simply 'not cumming'. Not having an orgasm in and of itself is nothing to get particularly excited about, ask any unattached would-be-chastity-slave how much fun they are having… no, I think it’s pretty clear that what really pushes our buttons is ‘control’, and to a lesser extent the feeling of giving something valuable to our partners. I mean how much bigger a gift can you give to someone than your orgasms?

When people email me and when I read things on other blogs, it’s always the same themes over and over again:

‘I want her to decide when I get to cum, and I want that to be much less often than I would choose myself’.

'I want her to cum as often as she wants to and I want her to be confident enough to ask (or preferably order) me to give her pleasure in whatever way she wants, whenever she wants.'

‘I want her to be strong and resolute in denying me, I want her to push my limits, and through extended periods of denial and intense teasing I want her to make it extremely ‘hard’ for me’.

I’m sure that last one in particular strikes a chord with all of us.

So it’s pretty clear that there is some kind of power exchange going on, even if it isn’t necessarily dressed up in leather, wielding a whip and calling itself Femdom. Furthermore, it appears to me from my (admittedly limited) interaction with members of the chastity scene, that the men who gravitate towards this lifestyle are men who love their wives more deeply than most, and for whom their partner’s pleasure is of primary importance. Speaking for myself I know that as much as I love to cum, nothing compares to the indescribable bliss of feeling Mistress R cum against my tongue.

So given how much we crave our wives satisfaction, it’s not too difficult to see where the cuckold fantasy comes into the equation. After all, in our cuckold fantasies the other man will doubtless be every woman’s fantasy: muscular, tall, with endless stamina and of course an extremely thick 10” cock. I mean, no one is fantasizing about their wives having disappointing, orgasmless, over in three minutes sex with a man with a slender 5” cock, are they? Never mind that a lot of our wives cannot cum through penetration, in these cuckold fantasies that just gives even more scope for the ‘bull’ to be that much spectacular as he gives your wife multiple orgasms through the power of his colossal (and probably black) cock!

All this really is, is fantasizing about what you wish you could do for your wife… isn’t it? Most  men wish they were more well endowed, taller, more muscular and with endless stamina… don’t they, and you’re no different. But it’s not going to happen is it? Well there’s nothing stopping you getting fitter, but taller and more well endowed are pretty much out of the question, aren‘t they?

As long as you recognize this for what it is, then by all means fantasize away, I mean I’m not immune. If my fairy godmother appeared and granted me three wishes, a bigger cock, an impressive physique and enviable sexual prowess would be three of them, wait… what about the endless riches, damn only three, why only three? But what you shouldn’t do is start believing your own fantasy and feeling bad about yourself. Chances are that your wife would much rather have you in her bed, and if you really want to bring her ultimate pleasure, you’d be far better to eat properly, exercise a bit more and read a book on cunnilingus than handing her over to some 6’6” ‘brother’ with a huge slab of meat between his legs.

From my own experience I can tell you that Mistress R once bought a dildo that was slightly bigger than her regular one and she used it just once. In reality there certainly is such a thing as too big, and it’s not necessarily anything like the jump you probably think it is. Oh sure, that’s not the case for every woman, but if your wife has a 6” pussy and you have a 6” cock then you’re probably a good fit, it must be pretty hard on those guys who are unusually large who have to constantly worry about hurting the women they are with and who have to try and keep a couple of inches visible at all times or risk pounding the woman’s womb… (oh yes, my heart bleeds, haha).

Furthermore, when Mistress R and I attended Erotica last year, she made me sit in the front row to watch the Dream Boys (it was hilarious actually). There was a black guy doing his piece on the stage, he looked a little like ’Blade’, and of course that was his thing, long leather coat, shades etc… and fair play to him, he looked good. So at one point he moves towards us and starts getting the ladies in the front row to rub oil on his chest and all that kinda business, which kinda makes me laugh because I guess that would be the cuckold fantasists dream situation… well, probably not, it would probably be a little more ‘hardcore’ than that, but you know what I mean. So anyway, of course Mistress R was called upon to smooth oil across his six pack and chest and I was pissing myself laughing frankly, and not feeling remotely threatened whatsoever.

Mistress R actually surprised me somewhat, because she’s always had a thing for muscular  chaps like Schwarzenegger and yet she ‘claimed’ that his chest actually felt rather hard, unpleasant and not at all sexy… of course, she could just be conscious that my own chest is anything but hard and defined and as such she may just be allaying any insecurities I may have, but if she isn’t then that’s one more part of your fantasy that may not actually be all that you think it is. Indeed, it has often confused me when some women of my acquaintance have expressed repugnance at guys who are too muscular. Surely some mistake I thinks… well apparently not.

Anyway, it seems this post has gone on more than a little longer than really necessary and rambled off into all sorts of nonsense… but the point really is it’s okay to fantasize about being cuckolded, about seeing her receive ultimate pleasure from some ultimately fictional superhuman and taken to some mythical plateau of pleasure the likes of which mere mortals cannot really hope to achieve… as long as you remember that’s all it is. And that it might be your fantasy, but not necessarily your wife's.

Which isn’t of course to say that some people can’t make cuckolding work for them, because our good friends Q and k certainly do. But it is a dangerous game which is not to be entered into lightly and no mistake.

Actually, having written the majority of this piece it’s struck me that what I have written is really only half the story, because if you analyse the cuckolding captions on my site you will find that the majority have no ‘other’ male pictured in them and if they do it is generally because they are moving into the realm of the ‘forced-bi’ fantasy. For the most part these captions illustrate ‘dominant’ female behaviour and the cuckolding element is almost incidental, merely a tool for the taking of the dominant female’s behaviour to the next level, for example:

I’m sure for most of us the thrill of these captions is not so much the ‘cuckolding’ element, but the dominant attitude of the woman in these pictures.

Anyway, I’d love to ramble on about this some more, but I do have something else I want to talk about here…

Last night I was reading a blog called ‘I Have a Submissive Husband’, which is a blog I don’t read religiously because the husband (penny) is a cross-dresser and that isn’t really my thing. But that aside it has been an interesting read of late since the couple started visiting another guy for BDSM and cuckolding purposes. It’s a very long and complicated story, but the upshot of it all is that the ‘other’ guy is quite wealthy and the couple are in a lot of debt, and the wealthy guy has proposed offering the couple a loan at a ridiculously low interest rate if they agree to certain conditions (again too long and complex to repeat here, go check it out for yourself if you are interested) chief of which is that the wife must stay with him for a weekend every month and the husband must not penetrate her for a year.

There’s much more to it than that, but like I said, go read it yourself, it’s fascinating stuff…

Anyway, the point is, the husband (penny) is also expected to make visits to other people for a daily hire of $250 (IIRC) to be used and abused as they see fit, and the upshot of all this is that ‘penny’ is a little too keen on the whole idea, which has left his wife feeling a bit pissed off, actually. Because while she’s not averse to the idea of spending a weekend every month with her lover, she is annoyed at how easily ‘penny’ has agreed to this, as she says:

In closing I need to almost advertise the fact that penny has pissed me off to an extent by the way she has been so easy to fall into all of this. Not sure why it pisses me off so much perhaps I expected more of a fight. There is no doubting our love for each other but to have your husband (even if he is your bitch and sissy slave husband) be so ready to hand you over to another man for such long period does make you wonder. That in itself was why i decided to go with this and so I put on record to penny that if this is truly what you wish for then I will go with it. 
Yes the money thing is a winner but believe me honey this FIRST year will be a long one for you and when you start to get jealous about me going to my boyfriends for some rampant sex and you’re getting none of it then think on this last paragraph...still not too late to change your mind penny!!!!! 
But I know you won’t LOL. You so happy to be my sissy slave bitch and the thoughts of being a pimped slave to others is far more exciting than making love with me? Well you explain otherwise darling, if you can.
You see despite getting everything my own way, as I surely deserve from my sissy bitch,  there is still that part of me that thinks her loyalty is not as it should be as she has given in with such ease. You know I am almost deciding things here as I write about it and yes you’re going to get what you asked for miss penny and as soon as we can. I think we start from the weekend, if forms are concluded by than (and it appears we can sign things on Wednesday this week if we want,). 
I can’t for the life of me understand you penny regarding not being allowed to make love with me for at least a year, and what if after that I decide no for longer? No I am actually getting angry at this now, am I not worth holding onto? Well decided anyway and the only cocks near me will be those not part of little clit cock penny from now on. 
Yes decided and have to say it penny but fuck you sissy bitch, your going to be pimped and used as a money maker for the next year and no sympathy this end either.
I love penny with all my heart but can’t say no to this and her attitude has angered and decided me, or am I just looking for a reason and excuse? 

Okay, so it’s an unusual scenario, but the point remains, if you wish for your wife to be with someone else, what does that really say about your feelings for her? Anne certainly isn’t impressed and it sounds like ‘penny’ has dropped herself right in it. Not only that but Anne brings up another obvious but easily overlooked point:

Only concern, and it is a big one, is that we are committed to a long term relationship and restrictions and what if penny suddenly feels neglected and wants it to stop. Our relationship has been strengthened since we started this play and her cuckolding, but what if it becomes too much. What if I fall for my boyfriend and his lifestyle and end up wanting to leave penny. I can’t imagine that being the case but you hear of these things and what if we do fall in love? 


Well, anyway, I think that's enough posting for now, please feel free to comment, I don't profess to be an expert, just giving my opinion.... and of course, I never even mentioned the humiliation aspect.

Check out Anne and penny's website here:

*For the purposes of this piece we'll leave aside the whole issue of whether the wife actually wants to be shared, but it's worth noting that while you might fantasize about your wife being tag-teamed in the ghetto, by a trio of huge black dudes, it's probably not at the top of her list of fantasies!!!