Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Sixth weigh-in...

After last weeks slightly disappointing result (1/2lb) I was somewhat apprehensive about tonight's weigh-in. As it turns out that was unnecessary, another 4lbs shed this week, I missed out on slimmer of the week by 1lb and slimmer of the month by 1/2lb, gutted! That's 18lbs gone in 6 weeks (3lb a week in fact). But there's still plenty to go at, I've not had one person yet comment that I look thinner...
Of course this means that I get to choose another treat, but I haven't had last weeks treat yet or my first milestone treat either. Which is nobody's fault, I have had backache and an upset stomach these last few days, but at least I managed to make Mistress cum last night, which was very enjoyable for us both.
Mistress hasn't actually asked me about this weeks treat yet, but between you and I it will probably be ass worship.

Sunday, 28 July 2013


This last week has been a bit rubbish really... as Mistress and I both despise the warm weather we've been 'enjoying' neither of us has been in the best of moods, added to that I felt a bit dizzy last week (something that comes and goes now and then) and the fact that Mistress unexpectedly started her period on Friday and, well, the whole thing has been a bit of a washout on the sex front. Apparently there is one more warm spell at the end of this week and then the temperature is going to start dropping, it can't come soon enough as far as I'm concerned.
At least Saturday night was hot. Well what would have been hot, after the week we had was HOT!
Following a family party on Saturday evening I went to bed pretty much as soon as we got home, but Mistress stayed up for a couple of hours and then came to bed in the early hours, I was awake and rock hard and as she got into bed I cuddled her and she immediately grabbed my cock and started stroking and teasing me for about ten-fifteen minutes.
We kissed passionately throughout and felt reconnected, it was wonderful. Mistress and I are a very close couple, but these days when we (briefly really compared to a lot of couples) stop having physical contact we do seem to drift apart a bit, which we both hate, but both seem hopeless at addressing.
Needless to say, I haven't had last week's treat yet (I chose the parachute) nor my first milestone weight-loss reward, and it's weigh-day again tomorrow! I'm expecting a good week this week, maybe three pounds. My belly is noticeably shrinking and I've already got into quite a few T-shirts that I've had knocking around for ages... well, years in fact!
According to my scales I now weigh 15St 13lbs (223lbs) from a starting weight of 16St 4lbs (242lbs), but I'll have to wait until tomorrow to get the true picture. In the meantime, hopefully Mistress R will be enjoying a nice hard cum tonight, and tomorrow and probably Wednesday too, although we might be out for dinner that night, celebrating the Femdom day we postponed last week because it was too damned hot to go out.
Femdom Day doesn't seem to have caught on at all, even when you Google it most of the results are from two years ago. I think that's a bit of a shame really, but Mistress and I will continue to celebrate it nonetheless. I like to think of it as her 'official' birthday, a bit like the Queen.

She looks happy...

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Fifth weigh-in...

Fifth weigh-in tonight and I managed just half a pound. Which is a bit shitty after losing 4,4,2.5 and 3lbs, but still, it does mean that I hit my first stone which is something to be pleased about. It also means that I get to choose a treat again and I should be in line for my first milestone reward.
As of right now I don't know what treat I'm going to choose, my first choice was for Mistress R to stand on my cock. She hasn't done this for many, many years, and last time we did it we had a blanket box at the end of the bed for her to stand on, and the bed had an iron end for her to hold onto while she did it. I particularly liked it when she wore fishnet stockings when she did this by the way...
But now we have neither of those things and I'm not entirely sure of a safe and stable way of doing it, which is a bit annoying to say the least. So it looks like I'm going to have to choose something else instead.
I'm not sure what my milestone treat is either, before Saturday I actually thought it might have been cumming on Mistress R's feet, seeing as I had been waiting for years to do that... so I don't know. I hope it's something suitably excellent anyway, though I'm slightly concerned that Mistress doesn't seem to have a plan at the moment...
I guess I'm a bit bummed out tonight. Not only did I not lose as much weight as I'd hoped, but due to the weather we've decided to postpone our celebration of Femdom Day (which is supposed to be tomorrow). I was hoping to take Mistress out for dinner, but it's just too hot here at the moment for us to enjoy it, so maybe we will do it next week instead. I don't suppose it really matters as such, it's not like an actual birthday or something, but still, it's a little bit irritating, and it's just one more irritation in a day full of them. Not least of which was that at work the air-con packed up and left us all feeling knackered and drained in 85% humidity... mid afternoon I was actually tipping water over myself to try and cool down.
Oh well, maybe tomorrow will be a better day.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Hot night...

It's been very hot and humid today (80% in my office!) and Mistress and I are beat, but earlier she thought she might be verging on her next period so she decided that I needed to eat her pussy quick! It was hot in every sense of the word and she had a really lovely orgasm before stroking my cock once again. It seemed really intense tonight, and when she stopped I begged her for more. She told me I could have three slaps or five strokes and then that really was it. I opted for the five strokes... my cock was throbbing, but she had her mind mind up.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Exhuasted but happy...

Having read my write up on the Femdom session, Mistress R told me she had no idea what video I was talking about, which is quite cool if you think about it. It certainly wasn't as dismissive as the video, but I still liked that she did it...
These sessions are always quite exhausting, in a good way I mean... I loved how hard Mistress came, and finally getting to cum on her beautiful feet was out of this world. Roll on Tuesday, I have an idea for a treat!

Femdom Session - 20th July 2013...

Mistress R and I are going for dinner tonight with a couple of long time friends, this meant that planning a Femdom session for this Sunday morning was a non-starter because there's no knowing how late we'll be up and how much alcohol might be consumed. And because experience has taught us not to delay our sessions if at all possible, we decided to move it forward a day and start this morning instead. Thankfully we have a temporary respite from the hot weather, but it was still warm enough in our bedroom this morning.
On Thursday night I finally got to order the RodeoH pants from LoveHoney, but annoyingly, the email informed us that our parcel would be delivered on Saturday morning. The last thing you really want midway through a Femdom session is for the postman to be knocking on the door because your parcel won't go through the letterbox. Thinking ahead, we put a sign on the door asking the postman to put our parcel in the recycling bin, fortunately it didn't come to that as I shall explain later.
So at 10:15am I was ready and waiting on my knees on the floor, with my blindfold on, along with my Oxballs Cocksling and my wrist and ankle cuffs. Mistress entered and used her foot to tease my cock and balls a little before reaching down and stroking me until I was fully hard. Then she fetched her whip from the bedside table before having me get down on all fours. She inspected me and 'found' a piece of fluff that required punishment... she told me that even though I had been very good and kept my hands off my cock as per her instructions she still thought it best to remind me. Thirteen strokes of the whip followed, the worst of them across the back of my thighs, very stingy indeed. But at least I didn't have to endure the paddle.
Mistress had me back on my knees and turned me to face the bed, then she grabbed my cock and started stroking me with her nails dug into my cock, it was painful and wonderful all at the same time.
She then had me worship her feet for a while, while she played with her pussy and eventually her glass dildo. As usual she had me get it wet for her and I took it as deep into my mouth as I could for her. After worshipping her feet and cleaning the dildo she tied me down on the bed on my back and straddled my face. She tasted delicious and I was loving having her on top of me like that. She turned around and stroked my cock as she teased me about how her ass was right over my face and if only I didn't have the blindfold on I would be able to see it. She started lowering her ass onto my face, allowing me to breathe in her scent, my cock was rock hard of course, I cannot resist her ass, even though I had tongued it just a few days before.
She asked me if I would rather she take the blindfold off, or allowed me to lick her asshole. I told her I would rather lick her ass, even if it meant having to keep the blindfold on and after some further teasing she allowed me to do just that for two short periods.  
Then she knelt beside me and started stroking, slapping and teasing my cock. She also gave my balls a hefty wack (much more intense when trapped in the cocksling) before lubing up my cock and stroking it hard. Then she straddled me and let my cock just a couple of inches inside her before moving off again. Then she lubed up a dildo and pushed it into my ass and had me put my legs flat to keep it in. She stroked my cock some more and gave my balls a very unexpected slap which made me jump a little bit. Then she attached the clothes pegs to my nipples and left me alone for about ten minutes.
When she came back my cock was still hard, but she paid it no attention, she pulled the clothes pegs off first and then straddled my face, she was soaking wet and slippery, so delicious! I always wonder what she's been reading to get her so wet... I always leave her some Femdom books to read so it could be that, it intrigues me to know what triggers her juices to flow so freely and whether those stories might inspire her in some way in the future...
She removed the blindfold and let me gaze up at her, naked except for her bra and key pendant. She looked gorgeous, as always and I could not wait to start licking her beautiful pussy. She untied me then and told me to remove the cocksling, before laying back on the bed and ordering me to go down on her. It was absolute bliss eating her pussy, and she had a huge orgasm which made me so unbelievably happy. If the session would have ended then I would have been more than happy, but Mistress had other ideas. She placed her foot on my shoulder and gently pushed me back (coincidence, or did I mention that before... I think I did, it was in a very hot video I saw - THIS ONE at 1:15)
Luckily, about two minutes before Mistress came we heard our post falling through the letterbox (including the RodeoH pants, yes!) and therefore we were able to continue uninterrupted. If the postman had knocked on the door then that would have been a real pain in the butt, thankfully it was a potential crisis averted!
After she had me lick my fingers, the sheet and her skin clean of all her juices she had me kneel up on the bed and sat cross-legged in front of me. She grabbed my cock and started to stroke me hard, occasionally shifting on the bed and sticking her foot out underneath my cock. I started to hope that she was actually going to let me cum on her beautiful feet for the first time in ages.
She continued stroking hard and fast until I had to warn her that I was getting close, I still wasn't sure what she was going to do, I actually thought she was going to ruin it, I just really wasn't sure. She stroked harder and faster and told me to cum on her feet. A few seconds later my cock deposited three large globs of cum on her right foot and then she stroked the head of my cock on her left foot too. Then she lifted her feet to my mouth and I licked both of them clean. Finally she squeezed the last dregs out of my cock and fed it to me from her fingers.
The RodeoH pants look great too, can't wait to try them out!

Friday, 19 July 2013

Tasting her ass again...

Wednesday night, Mistress was obviously tired and feeling the effects of lack of sleep due to the hot weather, but despite that she had me go down on her and she had a nice orgasm. After that she stroked me until I was hard before mounting me and riding my cock for a little while. Then she knelt beside me and stroked and slapped my cock before straddling my face and teasing me with her gorgeous ass.
She continued to stroke my throbbing cock and then finally allowed me to worship her asshole with my tongue. I loved it, but Mistress still only allowed me four brief periods of ass worship, I would love to tongue her ass for much, much longer.
Unfortunately, I noticed that near the end of the session Mistress's contact lens was really bothering her and she had to go to the bathroom quickly to take it out. Even then her eye was still hurting and consequently we missed out on the post-sex chill-out.
Tomorrow we are intending to have our Femdom session early in the morning, before it gets hot. The only potential problem being that Love Honey tell me they have despatched our RodeOh strap-on pants so it could be that the postman knocks on the door as I am being paddled, or worst of all as Mistress is about to cum...

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Fourth Weigh-In...

My fourth weigh-in at Slimming World tonight, and I was definitely sceptical. I was sure I'd lost something but I expected a pound, maybe 1.5, 2 at the absolute best. I was actually really shocked when the woman said I had lost another three. Actually it took me a moment to realise that she hadn't made a mistake, but no definitely another three pounds gone, making 13.5 in four weeks.
Which of course means that I get to choose a treat, and though I did think about it long and hard and narrowed it down to three possibilities, when it actually came to it I gave in to the inevitable and told Mistress that I want to be allowed to worship her gorgeous ass again.
Next week should be interesting, since I only have to lose half a pound to hit the first stone, meaning Mistress is obliged to give me some kind of extra-special treat. I'm looking forward to finding out what that will be, though I doubt it will involve me licking my cum off her ass... I think Mistress will be keeping that in reserve for the third or fourth stone lost.
Oh well, I guess slaves should appreciate whatever treats they are given.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Feeling 'right' again...

After Friday's overheating and Saturday (and Sunday's) not terribly successful teasing, I was a little bit apprehensive about tonight. It seems that when our sex life takes a temporary dip we both get a bit edgy, it's silly really, twenty years together and one little hiccup still puts us both off our stride. Consequently I spent rather a lot of time today getting myself into a bit of a state worrying about whether my cock would perform when required, indeed I was all ready to suggest using a cock ring if it didn't go to plan...
Nothing puts me in a better mood than giving my beautiful Mistress a really good orgasm, I feel... well, it just makes me feel like things are 'right', and this is doubly true when things haven't gone to plan previously. Well Mistress certainly had a very nice orgasm tonight, which lifted a massive weight off my shoulders. Now all I had to do was get hard and stay hard and everything would be okay again.
I had barely got wood the whole weekend and had woken up soft three days in a row, never a good sign I find. But my cock had definitely shown signs of being awake when I first started kissing Mistress before she had me eat her pussy, so I was optimistic. However, I have known that scenario before... and it baffles me that I can be rock hard one minute and lifeless twenty minutes later.
Thankfully, I needn't have worried. As Mistress started to stroke my cock it gradually came to life and eventually filled out perfectly satisfactorily. She stroked and sucked my cock for some time before she started slapping me (only my cock today) and pumping me hard. I wondered if she was going to ruin an orgasm for me (as it's been over a month now) but she never got me even close to the edge, but I was so happy to be nice and hard I really didn't care too much about that.
I really needed this tonight, I was so fed up on Sunday, what with the weather and the dieting... speaking of which it's weigh day tomorrow. I'm planning to get weighed and then leave, the meeting room is going to be far too hot to sit around listening to people yabber on about what they've eaten. I'm pretty confident that I've lost weight which means that I need to choose a toy to play with this week.
It's a bit odd actually because this time, for the first time, it's leading up to our Femdom session on Saturday... and I'm mindful that I don't want to undermine or weaken the session. I mean I was thinking of asking to worship Mistress's beautiful ass, or to use the parachute again, but it would be far more interesting to see if Mistress chooses to utilise either of those in the session, and if she doesn't I can always choose those things next week (as long as I keep losing weight of course!).
I have an idea, but I think I need to clear it with Mistress R first. She said that I could either chose a toy or choose an activity, I think my idea is quite interesting and different which is what this game is supposed to achieve, so maybe it will end up being the way to go. We'll see tomorrow I guess.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Too damned hot...

This will probably sound ridiculous to those of you living in the warmer parts of Earth, but we are feeling the heat here in the UK at the moment. The high twenties / early thirties may not be that hot to some, but for us it is unusual and unpleasant. Because we don't have that much warm weather we don't tend to have air conditioning (though we have thought about it, believe me) and so most of this weekend has been spent sitting in front of a fan... moaning about the heat.
I did get to worship Mistress R's pussy on Friday night, but by the time she had cum I was completely overheated. Mistress said she would tease me on Saturday, and she did, although it wasn't terribly successful. I drank a ton of Pepsi Max yesterday as well which meant that I couldn't get to sleep and I woke really early this morning, so I'm kind of tired and a bit fed up really...
Nobody else seems to be posting much either so I can't even entertain myself by reading about other people's fun. There's plenty of things I'd like to be getting done, but all of them require a more agreeable temperature.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Later that evening..

Mistress had a lovely orgasm, and I got another really good teasing too. I was so fucking hard, Mistress even commented on it. :) No orgasm though, obviously.

Third weigh-in...

So last night was my third weigh-in at Slimming World, actually my fourth but I seem not to have counted the initial visit, so anyway... I lost another 2.5lbs (making 10.5lbs in total) and therefore qualified to choose something from the sex toy drawer again. I had been mulling over several ideas and I could quite happily have chosen the glass dildo again, but in the spirit of trying to keep this interesting I chose the cock whip instead.*
We were quite late to bed last night, and Mistress decided that she would wait until tonight for her pussy worship, but she wanted to tease me and whip my cock before we went to sleep...and so that's what happened. Mistress started off very soft with the whip, I had suggested that she could use it on my inner thighs but she only hit them very gently. In contrast she pulled my cock tight with one hand and hit the head repeatedly with the whip about six or seven times, that was intense but I really enjoyed it, I'd like her to use the whip a lot harder on my thighs next time though.
Needless to say I wasn't allowed to cum, instead I was left rock hard, with pre-cum dripping from my cock. Perfection.
In about 45 minutes I will be tasting my beautiful Mistress's gorgeous pussy again, I can't wait!

*I make no promises for next week when ass licking will be back on the menu!

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Or maybe not...


Seems it's only the bloggers who monetize their blogs on Blogger using adult advertising that have to be worried, though some people are saying Wordpress are deleting ALL porn blogs...

Read this...


Looks like I will have to be finding a new host sooner rather than later!

New captions...

There is a new set of captions available on the Captions menu... or click HERE

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Orgasm number 50...

I went to bed early last night feeling very tired, it was hot too, I slept on top of the covers until 5am then got under. I woke up just after 8am to feel my cock being stroked (nice!). Unusually I had woken up soft and after a minute or so I was hard and rolled onto my back to give Mistress better access to my cock. She leaned over my chest and started to stroke me properly, rubbing my cock against her naked breasts, then she started stroking me really hard and fast and I wondered if she was trying to make me spray over her gorgeous breasts... sadly not this time, she slowed down and knelt beside me, giving me a perfect view of her beautiful body.
She eventually straddled me and sank down onto my cock a little way, she was wet but so tight, too tight... she straddled my head and I licked her pussy a little bit and then she tried again. This time she got me all the way in, it was really intense but I was nowhere near coming. I watched as she rode my cock and started to thrust up to meet her, she didn't tell me to stop so I presumed it was okay. The way she was riding me I was pretty sure she was intending to let me cum, and slowly I felt my orgasm start to build. 
I wasn't near, but I was monitoring the situation and preparing to warn her that I was getting there when she told me to cum inside her. She rode me for maybe another half-minute before I felt my cock buck inside her. It felt great to cum inside her and when I was finished she lifted off and grabbed my cock and stroked it a little more before straddling my face and allowing me to lick her pussy.
I couldn't actually taste any cum, or very little and my cock only yielded a small amount when I came to clean myself up, so either it was really deep inside her or I had another one of those semi-dry orgasms that I seem to have from time to time. Strangely they only seem to happen when I'm inside my Mistress which is a bit odd.
But anyway, it was a great way to start the weekend and a great way to enjoy my fiftieth orgasm since we started counting. Incidentally, as a matter of interest that's one orgasm every 16.5 days for me, versus one every 3 days for Mistress R!
After I had cum I asked Mistress R if she wanted to cum, she decided to wait until later, so I'm looking forward to that!

Friday, 5 July 2013

Wednesday night...

Lately I am finding it hard to find time to post, even now I am grabbing a few minutes to post via my Nexus 7 (not the ideal way to post to a blog I assure you!).
So Wednesday night Mistress allowed me to worship her ass as promised. First I made her cum with my tongue of course and then she blindfolded me (wasn't expecting that) before straddling my head and lowering her ass onto my face. At first she didn't let me lick her, I just had to breathe in her gorgeous scent as she stroked my rock hard cock.
Actually I wasn't feeling all that great and I was originally thinking that once I'd made Mistress cum I would ask her to defer my treat until Friday, however, once the moment came I went with it and my cock responded perfectly.
Eventually Mistress gave me permission to tongue her ass and she allowed me three brief periods of ass worship before she mounted my cock and rode me while I squeezed her beautiful, naked breasts. Next she knelt next to me and then took my blindfold off but told me to keep my eyes closed. She straddled my head again and then let me open my eyes and tongue her one more time. I loved it, and my cock was absolutely throbbing, she knelt beside me again and I finally got to see her gorgeous breasts, she looked so hot. She carried on stroking and slapping my cock and I actually thought she was trying to ruin an orgasm but eventually she settled for just a couple of edges.
She lay down beside me and I begged her for a little more. She gave my cock about six slow but firm strokes and then told me that really was it.
It was wonderful and I'm kind of relieved that I'm not allowed to choose ass worship as next week's treat (assuming I lose weight of course) because I know I would find it very difficult to turn down.
Probably be choosing it the week after though...

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Second weigh-in...

Second weigh-in tonight, and once again I lost four pounds, making eight pounds in the first two weeks. I've been going back and forth all day on which toy/treat to choose, but in the end I couldn't pass up the chance to worship Mistress R's gorgeous ass for a second week running. Especially after the way she teased me last night, sucking my cock while telling me to imagine what it will look like when she finally allows me to jerk off over her ass and lick my cum off her asshole... you can understand that right?

Monday, 1 July 2013

Ratio of Mistress R's to Robert Anthony's orgasms...

This graph kind of speaks for itself. It shows the ratio of Mistress R's orgasms to mine over the last nine quarter year periods and I am really pleased with the results. Now that Mistress R is enjoying a lot more orgasms each month, even if she allows me to cum once or twice a month we could still maintain this kind of ratio and maybe even push it over into double figures. I know I said I wasn't going to focus on records anymore, but this is one that I still really want to beat, ideally by making Mistress cum more rather than me cumming less.