Friday, 31 August 2012

Mmmm. Delicious...

When I got home today Mistress R was in a very good mood, not only had she baked some delicious cookies, she had also been for a very long run and was very proud of herself (and rightly so). I discovered later that that wasn't all she'd been up to, she'd also trimmed her gorgeous pussy for me and it really did look absolutely beautiful as I sank between her legs, my cock absolutely throbbing hard from when she'd been squeezing it just a few moments before.
Mistress tasted and smelt delicious and I loved every single second that it took to bring her to her eleventh orgasm of August (her best number since April). Afterwards Mistress told me to get on my knees as she wanted to punish me for my second infraction of the week... the first three or four hits with the paddle were nothing to get upset about, but then Mistress R started to swing her arm a little harder and the stinging quickly increased in potency! The last one was particularly sharp, and I certainly didn't enjoy it much, but then I'm not supposed to am I?
After this Mistress R started to play with my cock, and once again for some reason I found it a little hard to recapture that truly throbbing hardness I had felt when she first touched it at the start of the evening's fun, but nevertheless it slowly hardened to a reasonable degree and Mistress started to bite and slap my cock which helped quite a bit, as did the single long awaited slap to the balls she administered... oh yes!
Suddenly Mistress was on her knees beside me and then she was straddling me and feeding my cock into her silky, wet hole. It felt fantastic to be inside her and she looked so beautiful as she rode me. I really wanted to ask her to take her bra off, but since I'd already been punished this evening I decided that I really didn't deserve it and decided not to even ask.
Mistress asked for an update on how many days I was up to and I told her thirteen so far, she didn't make any further comment but I didn't really expect her to let me cum, and I was right. After a few minutes riding my cock she lay back down beside me and used a single finger to tease my pussy juice coated cock until she decided that I'd had enough.
I asked her if I could please taste her pussy again, she pondered my question for a moment, and then straddled my head for a few seconds as I pushed my tongue as deep into her slippery pussy as I possibly could. Like always, she tasted absolutely amazing, I wish she would have stayed there for a lot longer, but... well it's not for me to decide is it?
Miss Christina mentioned my second infringement in an email and asked me if the thought of being allowed to worship Mistress R's ass isn't motivating me. I definitely wouldn't say that at all, Mistress R's ass is very motivating indeed! It's just that when I wake up and my cock is aching and hard I tend not to have my full powers of reasoning available to me, so it's more of an 'after the fact' regret, than a reasoned decision. I just have to hope that Mistress R doesn't use it as a reason not to let me worship her gorgeous asshole next Sunday.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Mistress R's period having finished, tonight was my first chance to make her cum since last Wednesday (no wonder I felt a little distant from her over the weekend). At first we lay together on the bed, kissing as I stroked up and down the insides of her silky smooth thighs. She told me to lick my finger, I did as she said and started gently teasing her pussy with it until I couldn't wait any more and moved down the bed and between her legs to taste her gorgeous pussy. I loved every second of it, and I felt so happy when Mistress finally bucked against my tongue as she had a lovely orgasm.
Then it was my turn, and almost before Mistress had got started on teasing me I told her that I had a confession to make. She pulled away slightly and told me to spit it out. I told her that I had touched my cock for a few seconds this morning... that I had woken up hard after she had briefly teased me late last night when we went to bed. I told her that it was only a few seconds, she told me she would think about my punishment but in the meantime I should enjoy what was to follow.
Mistress R then gave me an amazing blowjob, punctuated with some lovely cock slapping. My cock felt harder than it had in weeks and I was really hoping she might climb on top of me and slip my cock into her gorgeous, tight wet pussy. Sadly she had other ideas and after teasing me beautifully and then kissing me deliciously while my cock strained against my stomach, she told me to get up on my knees and bend over. She pulled her whip out of the bedside drawer and gave me eleven lashes for my indiscretion. My cock softened as she punished me, but as soon as I lay back down with her it began to harden once more. Though I hoped she might tease me further Mistress decided that I had had enough for tonight. I guess I was lucky I was treated so leniently given my confession...

Monday, 27 August 2012

The 'list'...

I've been meaning to make a blogpost for some time about, well... you know how we're all 'supposed' to have this list in our head, of the 'famous' women we find most attractive? Well, whenever this subject comes up I always struggle with it, because I really don't have a list at all. There's been certain women I've found attractive over the years, but in a lot of cases they've 'worn off', either that or maybe my tastes have changed?
I definitely prefer brunettes to blondes, and I also like red hair, not bright red, but brown hair that has been tinted red... and yet at one time both Meg Ryan and German singer Doro Pesch would have been high on the list (that I don't have) and they are both blond.
I do tend to avoid the obvious though, that's for sure. If I watch TV or a movie it will usually be a side character who I find attractive, not the obvious 'sexy' lead. In Twin Peaks it was Madchen Amick, in Cruel Intentions it was neither Reese Witherspoon or Sarah Michelle Geller but Selma Blair, in Two and a Half Men it was Melanie Lynskey (Rose).
Which brings me to Megan Fox.
Much like Liv Tyler, I simply don't get the appeal. I watched 'Jennifer's Body' last night... which was quite a good comedy-horror flick, definitely different, but much like every photo of her I've ever seen she spends the whole movie basking in her own 'hotness'. Yeah, to be fair, the part she was playing was kinda dependent on that, so it was either good acting or perhaps excellent casting...
I dunno, she's supposed to be the hottest women in the world or something and yet she does absolutely zip for me.
I guess what I'm really getting at, and (many of you will already know this I'm sure) is that for me at least, personality is way more attractive than mere looks. Give me a 'plain' looking woman with a sense of humour and a dominant sexual streak over a self-obsessed stick insect with glossy hair and a face full of make up any day.
And yes, being sexually confident is really hot, but to me being sexually confident isn't about walking around 'knowing' that everyone wants to fuck you, it's about knowing that your husband/boyfriend/slave will drop what they are doing to worship your feet, pussy, ass, whatever...  if you ask/tell them to, and not being afraid to ask for what you want when you want it.
I read somewhere once that it's not perfection which makes someone attractive, but their flaws. This has always stuck in my head ever since and I firmly believe it to be true. I think in the particular case of Megan Fox the fact is that she is so 'perfect' she looks completely void. I think this is the thing with plastic surgery, it takes away the 'humanity' which is probably why I don't really go for the whole Hollywood actress fantasy.

I mean, could her face be any less expressive? And those big collagen lips are fucking horrible too. Just stop messing around with yourself for heaven's sake. Haven't you seen those pics of Pamela Anderson before she had surgery, didn't she look a million times better?
Anyway. For the sake of argument I suppose I should at least try and post some pictures of women who I think are hotter than Megan, if only so you guys can criticise them and my taste, so here goes...

Naomi Watts - yes, a blond Hollywood Actress... though I think she's actually Australian.

Audrey Tautou - French actress most famous for her role in Amelie.

Davina McCall - can be irritating, but still very attractive and (I suspect) uninhibited.

Melanie Lynskey - Rose in Two and a Half Men.

Selma Blair - another Hollywood actress, unusually prone to dodgy hairstyles (seriously check out google images!), but still...

Saturday, 25 August 2012

More on the subject of books and 'that' book...

It's obvious I guess that with the success of 'that' book publishers were going to rush re-release copies of other books of a vaguely similar bent. That said, I was surprised to walk into a branch of WHSmith this morning and see a copy of a book I actually own (Haven of Obedience) sitting there at number 18 in the bestsellers chart. Of course, the cover has been redesigned to mirror the look of the '50 Shades' books, along with all the others... but unless someone has rewritten it (which I very much doubt) then it rather surprises me that it is being sold right there... I remember not too long ago if those books were available in the high street they were on a shelf on their own presumably high up away from kids.
Now I haven't read 'that' book, but I did flick though it and from what has been said about it, while it's subject may be 'racey' the language used to portray it is rather... euphemistic. As I recall, 'Haven of Obedience' while fitting the Sub Female / Male Dominant criteria the 50 Shades reader is probably looking for, doesn't quite fit into that 'porn but not really' category, it's just flat out porn.
Indeed, checking out the reviews on Amazon I'm not entirely surprised to see a couple of bad reviews criticising the lack of story and the book's focus on the sex. It is after all, a sex book...
It will be interesting to see how this continues to play out, will all the 50 Shades readers seek out harder and harder material? Will the high street respond by becoming even less bothered about the contents of the books they sell, even though they continue to put magazines like Loaded on the top shelf? It's quite amusing and interesting to see how this will go... I foresee a time in the not too distant future when someone will pick up one of these re-branded books and be appalled by it, and then the fun will really start.
As it is, Mistress R told me this morning that some book groups are planning to burn copies of 50 Shades, not because of the 'racey' nature, but simply because of the dreadful standard of writing contained therein...

*Mistress R tells me that actually the book groups are planning to burn it because it promotes violence against women, it was actually the journalist writing about it who said it should be burned because it's so badly written.

A milestone...

Just noticed this blog has cracked the 750,000 pageviews barrier!

Mmmm, teeth...

Mistress R's period has now arrived, but not before I managed to give her another orgasm on Wednesday. Afterwards she teased me, and gave me some delicious biting too, which made me very hard indeed.
It's a holiday weekend here in England, so as you can imagine it's raining... unfortunately I'm not feeling very motivated to do anything of late. Can't seem to get into my Fruit Looping or writing erotic stories, my weight loss has stalled despite a week of low calorie intake and double exercise... I can't even get motivated to write here (or make captions for over there), as you've probably noticed.
Oh well. Perhaps I'm heading for a mid-life crisis?

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


I'm happy to report that last night I was allowed to worship Mistress R's gorgeous pussy once again and this time she had a lovely orgasm, not a desperate one like on Friday... that made me very happy indeed. Maybe tomorrow (if her period hasn't started) I will get the chance to give her another! I do hope so...

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Sunday morning teasing...

Woke up rock hard this morning, surprising after a very late night... Mistress R noticed (since I slept on top of the sheets due to the hot weather) and spent a good while teasing me, first with her fingers and then with her toes and legs. It really was absolutely wonderful and put me in fantastic mood to start the day... at least until she insisted on going for a (very hot) walk. I couldn't help notice how playful she was about it, and how much she seemed to be enjoying teasing me. I love this, I wish we'd started this years ago.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

50 Shades documentary...

Mistress R and I watched a documentary we recorded about the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon this afternoon. As I said before, I haven't read it and have no intention of doing so. The author is rather endearing actually, sounds like so far she's taking all the success and money in her stride and not trying to present herself as anything she's not. Good luck to her, I hope she enjoys every penny and why shouldn't she.
It was interesting to get a wider perspective on it, and nice to see a proper BDSM couple interviewed and treated respectfully instead of being held up as 'real life freakoids' who really do this weird stuff! They seem genuinely happy in what they are doing and quite brave really to go on TV and expose themselves to ridicule from idiots. Of course there were also pieces from a male and female professional Domme, thankfully kept to a minimum.
 From what was said I'm still massively confused since the books seemingly simultaneously present massively perverted acts like anal fisting, while at the same time omit any 'scary' words. Is there really no 'cock, cunt or cum' in the books at all?
See this is what I don't get really, on the one hand it's described as Mills and Boon with cuffs and on the other it's portrayed as 'rape fantasies' for yummy-mummies.
Actually what really amazed me was the section on the effect it has had on sex toy sales at Ann Summers, 800% in some places. I can't help wondering though, how many people have bought nipple clamps tried them once and thought, 'Nope, not doing that again!'

I've read on another blog what a sack of shit this documentary is, but it is quite entertaining, so here's a link, you can make up your own minds.

Three times in a week....

I don't know what it is at the moment, I think it's mostly the weather... not that it's overly hot, but it's so stuffy here, and it means that neither I nor Mistress R are sleeping that well. That combined with my job changing and becoming much more intense perhaps, has left me somewhat exhausted of late. Last night I looked in the mirror and I had these awful bags under my eyes, I looked absolutely fucked to be honest...
But I was still eager to bring Mistress R to orgasm, my only reluctance was that feeling so crappy my cock wouldn't respond as I would like it to afterwards. Mistress R interpreted this as me being indifferent about going down on her, which was not the case at all. With her period looming on the horizon the last thing either of us wanted was to postpone it and miss the chance, and so Mistress R and I retired to the bedroom last night to enjoy her gorgeous pussy.
As soon as I got into the bedroom Mistress R passed me the Oxballs Cocksling and told me she wanted me to wear it while going down on her. This was a great idea and my cock swelled nicely, and made me a lot more relaxed about my concerns. Mistress R rather struggled to cum, but eventually did...
Realising that neither of us were really 'feeling it' like we should we decided to knock it on the head for the night, after all since Mistress R's potential period wouldn't curtail her teasing me, there was no rush to engage in that particular practice immediately.
Another night of shitty sleep, waking up at four in the morning, the air in the room as stuffy as hell... I contemplated going downstairs and sleeping by an open window but eventually fell to sleep, only to endure the weird dream I've talked about on here before. Woke at half seven feeling like crap, but something was about to change that. Rather unexpectedly I felt Mistress R's hand reach beneath the covers and start stroking my morning wood! She continued this for a little while, while facing away from me and then eventually turned over and pushed the duvet back to display her gorgeous breasts to me.
"No bra in the way now," she said.
It felt so good, problem was it felt so good my eyes kept wanting to close and I wanted to keep them open!
Mistress R continued stroking for a while and then turned to her bedside drawer, I heard the ID-Lube bottle being opened and wondered what was going on. She turned back to me and rubbed the lube all over my cock and balls and then straddled me. I looked down and saw that my cock was wonderfully  hard (still having limited sensation, usual with tiredness), and then watched as Mistress R slid it into her tight pussy. I hadn't even touched her below the waist, yet the lube allowed me to slide in without much trouble. Of course Mistress R's pussy felt even tighter than usual, and I soon felt like I wanted to cum inside her.
She looked amazing this morning, so beautiful and just damn fit! I reached up and held her beautiful breasts as she rode my cock harder and harder. I managed to get to the point where I had deferred my orgasm, after all I wasn't expecting her to let me cum for the third time in a week, but then again, if not she was pumping my cock awfully hard...
She told me she wanted me to cum inside her and began slamming herself down on my cock. I was surprised and having only just got myself to the point where I felt confident I could continue without cumming I then had to switch back. This took a little while, but I eventually managed it and I erupted inside Mistress R as she continued to ride my cock hard.
It felt fantastic to cum inside her again so soon, it really, really sucked the other night to have cramp as I came, and I really regretted rushing it because I was worrying that my cock might let me down. This made up for all that, and after I finished cumming inside her Mistress R moved up the bed and had me lick her gorgeous pussy clean, which made me very happy indeed.
A great start to the weekend and yet another good reason why Mistress R likes the flexibility of having 100% control over when I get to cum. I asked Mistress if she wanted me to go down on her again afterwards, but she didn't want me to, I just hope I can give her another, better orgasm before her period arrives.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A new record, only not quite as I might have hoped...

Some of you may be shocked to see that I have been allowed to cum again, and in the process set a new record for the shortest gap between orgasms! However, there was one small spanner in the works...
After I ate Mistress R to orgasm I was feeling quite hot, and quite tired and I wasn't at all sure that I was going to be up for anything at all. To my surprise Mistress R said she wanted me to show her how I touch my cock... this was rather unexpected to say the least, and far more unusual than you might suspect. From the start we seem to have skipped the mutual masturbation stage of courtship and never really revisited it.
Still I was happy to follow Mistress R's orders and as I felt my cock slowly getting hard I watched as Mistress R slid her finger into her soaking wet pussy and periodically rubbed her juices onto the tip of my cock. As I said the other day, I love watching Mistress R touch herself, it is so HOT! After a few minutes Mistress R got up on her knees and allowed me to play with her pussy as she took over stroking and slapping my cock.
Being tired and with my nerve damage I really couldn't feel my cock that much, it dulls the sensations quite a bit, which is why I love it when Mistress slaps my cock as it cuts through the 'fuzziness'. Mistress told me to get up on my knees and I watched as she lay back and pulled me between her legs.
This was a little daunting to say the least, since being on top without a cock ring and with limited sensation can be a recipe for failure at the best of times, but I managed to stay hard and started to push into Mistress R's beautiful wet pussy.
Mistress encouraged me to keep going and to fuck her until I came. This was great of course and my cock stayed nice and hard, but what I hadn't anticipated was the massive cramp in my left leg just as I started to cum. I moved my leg back and forth throughout, trying to alleviate the discomfort, and by the time it finally dissipated I had effectively 'missed' my orgasm completely! An accidentally ruined orgasm by anyone's standards I should say.
So, while it was lovely to make Mistress R cum and fantastic to be allowed on top of her, the ending wasn't quite as I might have hoped. I really don't feel like I've even cum, it's rather bizarre to tell you the truth... neither the satisfaction of a proper orgasm or the frustration of a deliberately ruined one, what a bummer!
Still, on reflection, it's a lot less shit than having a floppy cock, I'll tell you that for nothing!

Monday, 13 August 2012

The bell finally ringeth...

Finally got to hear the sound I've been waiting for for about a fortnight, Mistress R rang her foot worship bell just after ten and then had me kissing her feet for a little over ten minutes. I think maybe her feet were feeling cold, since she seemed to be enjoying it and I was more than happy to continue. I guess I've been a bit silly really, just because Mistress has a bell, that doesn't mean I can't still offer to worship her feet. Much as I would prefer her to 'demand' my attention, I'd probably get better results that way, at least for now...

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Femdom Session 12th August 2012...

When I slipped into the Oxballs Cocksling this morning, I couldn't help but notice how massive my balls looked. I mean I know it's all bollocks, the whole huge load = huge balls thing, but with 38 days of cum trapped in my nuts they sure looked big to me! Despite the proximity to a new record I have been wanting to cum for about a week now, I mean records are all very well, but this isn't about records, this is about me and Mistress R and her allowing me to cum when it pleases her. And knowing that I was close to a new record made me nervous that Mistress R would make me wait until Friday just so I could break the record... I don't know why I thought that exactly since Mistress R is also of the same opinion that this really isn't about setting records. But anyway...
Regular readers will know my cock has been playing up a little bit lately, so I was glad of the Oxballs Cocksling, although in the end I needn't have worried too much. Mistress R entered the room and immediately had me on my hands and knees, questioning me as to whether I had obeyed her instructions this month. I told her I had but she still decided to whip me a few times, well... we both knew that my not touching was far more to do with whether she would allow me to lick her ass than avoiding the whip anyway.
I was not told to blindfold myself at the start of the session for once, and after my whipping Mistress retrieved her favourite glass dildo from the bedside table and before she even got on the bed she had me suck and lick it for her. Then she was on the bed and telling me to begin worshipping her right foot, as I did I glanced up to see her laying back, propped up on her left elbow rubbing her pussy with her right index finger, I only got to see this for a few seconds before she told me to keep my eyes down and on her feet. I love her feet, they are so beautiful and sexy (and freshly manicured too!) but I love watching her touch her pussy like that and I hate that I have to keep my eyes down... I guess she knows that all too well.
I continued to worship her foot until she thrust the dildo in my face again and has me lick and suck it and prepare it for her once more. As she started to ease it inside her pussy, Mistress again taunted me that it was her dildo and not my cock that was inside her, and a few minutes later she had me clean her juices off the glass cock.
She told me to switch feet and as I kissed and sucked her pretty painted toes she continued fucking herself with the glass dildo, musing on the load contained in my seemingly swollen balls.
"Thirty eight days of cum then slave... I bet you'd agree to lick that from anywhere I wanted if I let you cum wouldn't you?"
"Yes Mistress," I responded, desperately hoping that she would indeed let me cum.
"I bet you'd lick it off my ass wouldn't you, if I let you.... or my back or my stomach, maybe off my feet or my thighs, or even off my beautiful breasts?"
I told her that I would gladly lick it up from anywhere she wanted me to.
"Or maybe even off the sheet..."
I wasn't so keen on that, since I would much rather lick it off Mistress's skin, any part of Mistress would be better than the sheet, but I loved the fact that she considered it an option and in a twisted way I hope she will one day make me do that, because it would feel even more submissive that way since it will be less pleasurable for me and even more about her power and control...
My cock was hard inside the cocksling now as I continued worshipping Mistress's beautiful toes, my mind contemplating the possible outcome of the session, and where I might be made to lick up my cum from. She allowed me to continue a while longer before ordering me on to the bed and restraining me at each corner.
She mounted my face and I tasted her pussy properly for the first time, my cock immediately started to engorge once again as I thrust my tongue inside her and enjoyed her beautiful scent as it filled my nostrils. Mistress R lifted off and then reached down to grab my throbbing cock, she eased down on it and rode it for just a few seconds before lifting off and leaving me aching in frustration. She knelt at my  side and began stroking and slapping it, reminding me that she owns my cock and that she can do whatever she pleases with it.
She straddled my face again and groaned as I used my tongue to lap at her gorgeous pussy, she was getting wetter by the minute and soon she was hovering over my cock, rubbing the tip against her pussy and clit, all the while reminding me that essentially my cock is just a dildo for her pleasure and that any pleasure I might get from anything she chooses to do with it is a secondary consideration. 
Soon she was by my side again, this time she had the small cock whip and she gave my cock and balls a few swats with it before slapping my cock and balls with her hand.
She then blindfolded me before mounting my face again and now she was really soaking wet, I wish she would have just stayed right there all day but a moment later she was standing over me facing my feet explaining to me how she was peeling her ass cheeks apart right in front of me and that if I wasn't blindfolded I would be able to see her gorgeous asshole. Then she sank down on my face and pressed her ass right against my mouth and nose, taunting me with the fact that I wasn't allowed to lick her as without her permission. My cock throbbed and ached as she stroked it, and she told me I was so good for keeping my hands off my cock and that it made her very happy to hear. Then she said that maybe she might even let me touch my cock later in the session, under her supervision, and this, taken with her earlier comments was to fuel my mid-session fantasies.
After pushing a dildo up my ass and pegging my nipples, Mistress R left me to stew for a few minutes. My cock was ridiculously hard, I could just catch a glimpse of it through the edge of the blindfold and it looked as big and hard and red as I'd ever seen it, I almost wish Mistress R would have taken a photo of it, it really looked rather impressive!
As I lay there quietly, my mind was running wild... where would she let me cum, would she have me jerk myself off onto some part of her body, it's been so long (years) since I was allowed to do that... maybe she would permit me to cum on her gorgeous ass and lick it all off, and maybe then she would allow me to lick her asshole at the same time, or maybe she really was intending to make me jerk my cock onto the sheet after all? Maybe she might even order me to ruin my own long awaited orgasm.... I didn't even notice the dildo in my ass or the pegs on my nipples I was consumed by my thoughts until Mistress R returned and removed the dildo, the blindfold and pegs and then untied me and had me remove the Oxballs Cocksling (I was quite glad actually because my balls were starting to burn).
She told me to kneel on the bed and then peeled down her leather skirt to reveal her gorgeous pussy. She pulled my head forward and told me to breathe in her scent. I breathed deeply and couldn't wait to taste her and make her cum. Fortunately Mistress R then lay on the bed, gently flicking my cock with her foot, and then told me to eat her pussy until she came.
I always find it a little difficult to get started in our Femdom sessions because I'm more used to eating Mistress R's pussy from 'cold', but in the sessions she's already turned on and while I don't want to go too fast too quick I don't want to be too slow either. Nevertheless I obviously managed to find a happy medium and a while later Mistress R had a quite explosive orgasm which at once surprised and delighted me. Needless to say it delighted her too, and after a few moments she stood up in front of me on the bed and had me lick all the pussy juice from around her wet slit. I eagerly devoured every drop and she turned round and told me to lick her clean. I was excited to discover that the backs and insides of her legs and her ass were absolutely drenched in pussy juice, it was literally dripping down her legs to her calves, it was so fucking hot!
I licked every single drop I could find up before Mistress had me lie down once again and resecured me to the bed.
She stood over me and invited me to look at her beautiful 'just-cum' pussy, using her fingers to open it slightly, it looked so delicious, I just wanted to eat it some more. Then she told me that she was very pleased with me and also told me that she was going to be kind to me and not blindfold me again so that I could see her beautiful asshole as she stood over me. She started playing with my cock and to my relief it got nice and hard even without the Cocksling. She started teasing me with her ass again and then told me that she was so pleased with me she was going to allow me to lick it. I pressed my tongue against her hole and tasted the wonderful musk of her ass as she started pumping my cock harder and faster, she kept taking her ass away from my tongue and then letting me tongue it for just a few seconds at a time before telling me to just stick my tongue out and let her push against it.
She was just telling me that she was going to allow me to cum and that I would have to cum before she counted to ten when I realised that I was getting extremely close and no sooner had she started counting than I felt my body jerk and my cum start to spurt from my cock. It seemed to go on a long time, my body jerked and jerked as Mistress pumped my cock hard and fast, spraying my cum everywhere.
She relented and I collapsed back on the bed breathing hard, within seconds her fingers were at my mouth, feeding me my cum, then she turned her hand over and made me lick more cum off of it and then she scooped up another three portions from various parts of my body and the PVC sheet. I gladly swallowed it all before she stood over me one more time to show me her beautiful pussy and then called an end to the session. 

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Some of you may be wondering...

About the foot worship bell, well, all I can tell you is that it's sitting about three feet away from my left arm right now and no, it still hasn't been rung. I have no idea why that is. Earlier I thought I might ring it and make a smart-arsed comment about checking to see if it was broken, but I decided against it. Sometimes it's very difficult not to get frustrated being a sub, especially if you feel like you're not being 'used' as much as you would like to be. But it's this 'pushing' which ultimately causes friction I guess, so I resolve to be patient instead.
Besides, it's our Femdom session tomorrow, and I'm sure I will be spending plenty of time (though never enough) worshipping Mistress R's beautiful feet, before moving on to worshipping other parts of her beautiful body. I won't be providing a transcript of the session, like last time, partly because I think it would be a little repetitive and partly because it took a hell of a long time to type it all out. I'm sure I'll write something though.

Still haven't got round to the final part of Mistress R's answers, let's hope it isn't too much longer...

Friday, 10 August 2012

Better today...

Today started much better. Mistress R doesn't work on Fridays so we actually get more than two minutes together in the morning. We were both awake a little before my alarm was set to go off and I was hard. Mistress lazily played with my cock and balls until my alarm went off and then told me I had to get up. I held her tight and kissed her neck as my cock throbbed against her... it felt so good to be properly hard again, I can't wait until Sunday.

Last night was cool too, Mistress R and I went to a local pub/restaurant in the next but one village. It was rather empty and we had plenty of seats to choose from. It's a really nice place but some of the seats are so uncomfortable, and the best ones were in a draught. So we moved a few times to some not particularly comfortable leather seats, but at least we weren't cold. As we were chatting away Mistress R rested her semi-slutty shoe on my knee and I couldn't help but stroke her foot. The place was kind of empty but the staff were still coming and going and I was conscious of how much I really wanted to take Mistress R's shoe off and worship her foot!
It was kind of a new experience, I guess... it's not like it was so outrageous or anything, but it was kind of exciting and Mistress R kept smiling at me as she watched me fidgeting with her foot, knowing full well that it was playing on my mind. I love that Mistress R has taken to wearing open toed sandals a lot more, I love to be able to see her gorgeous feet when we're out, it makes her even hotter than ever!

Day 36 today... will I still be in chastity come Monday morning? Well, yes I will... but will I be starting day 39 or day 1, that is the question!

Oh yes, and welcome to 'Und', who is my 150th follower!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

New poll...

I'm just re-reading Suzanne Portnoy's book 'The Butcher, The Baker, The Candlestick Maker' and there's a part where her sometime boyfriend lets her in on a secret, that being that for men, the biggest turn on is not 'skimpy' knickers, but no knickers. So I thought I'd test this theory in this weeks poll.

Last weeks.... well, fortnight's poll showed that two-thirds of you regularly get so turned on that you would do almost ANYTHING your wife-girlfriend-mistress-etc asked... I'm truly jealous of you. I rarely get that deep into sub-space, but I would love to get there a lot more.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Really really good, and really really sucky...

So it's day 34 for me and you would think that I would be horny as a rhinoceros dosed up on Spanish Fly, wouldn't you? Well, not so much... on the upside I gave Mistress R an orgasm tonight which she described as 'wonderful', and I would say from her reaction, it was even better than the last one, and that was pretty good. So that really was wonderful, for both of us. She tasted so good and I love it when she comes so hard, it makes me really happy... unfortunately my joy was a little short lived.
Because unfortunately, during our last couple of 'encounters' my cock really wasn't as hard as I would have liked it to be, albeit it got harder as we went on, and we did manage to have sex with it last time. But tonight it really wasn't great at all, which left me thoroughly pissed off.
The weird thing is that for the past few weeks it has been better than ever really, I woke up rock hard every morning and it would stay rock hard for as long as I wanted without even being touched. Yet suddenly it's gone on the blink again. I've been getting a lot of pain in my foot of late, and I'm feeling numb around my groin, but I would have thought a few early nights would have sorted that out (being tired makes the damaged nerves in my back play up which affect the signals from my leg and groin).
Like I said before, chastity can  help with ED but for me at least it's only 95% effective. To be fair, it's a long time since I've had this much of an issue... before the blog started I think, so that's not too bad, given my age and general condition. Still fucking pisses me off though...
Our Femdom session is scheduled for Sunday, so hopefully that will result in some improvement, otherwise I think it's going to be cock rings for a while, at least until this passes.

Monday, 6 August 2012

I love it...

Another lovely orgasm for Mistress R last night, after which she grabbed my cock and roughly dug her nails into it as she started to stroke me. Soon she mounted me and rode my cock while I worried about holding back 32 days of cum... Mistress was wearing a plain white bra but she did peel it down for a few seconds so that I could see her gorgeous breasts. Then she was back at my side stroking and teasing and musing on what I would be prepared to do to get my tongue in her ass. Then she gave me a close up of her asshole again as she played with my cock.... so hard!
Then she lay down next to me again and even pulled my hand down between her cheeks so that I could stroke her asshole, something I can't remember her ever doing before. It seems to me that Mistress R is really starting to allow her Femdom session persona to leak into our everyday sex, and I LOVE it!

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Another question for Mistress R...

Received this through the email...

"We have been practicing orgasm denial through the honour system for a little over a year. My main question has to do with initiation of intimacy that will lead to my wife's orgasms. She has of course given me free reign to initiate foot rubbing, back rubbing ect, but when it comes to initiating further intimacy that would lead to her orgasm I am not sure whether to sit back and wait for her to decide to take things to that level or should I give her the quick reminder that I am there ready to satisfy her. I typically transition a foot or back rub into more private areas just as a reminder that I am there for her if she would like, but those advances are often shot down. Would I be better served to just sit back and wait for her to make those moves since she knows that I am always ready and willing to go at all times anyway."

Mistress R says: It's difficult to know without more detail on your background and what you've agreed with your wife, but from what you've said I think you're doing the right thing waiting for her to initiate intimacy. As long as you're confident that she is happy to have the control and knows that she can ask for intimacy whenever she wants it. Maybe if you feel that the time since the last intimacy has been excessive or you're feeling disconnected from her then maybe that would be the time to communicate with her about it and tell her how you are feeling.

We know we still have some questions left to answer, hopefully they will be along soon...

Fifty Shades and the Philadelphia Incident...


Fifty Shades and the "Philadelphia Incident"
I'm not really sure if this is the best place to voice these opinions and concerns. And I'm not really sure if it's my place to be voicing them at all. This whole topic isn't easy for me to discuss (it's very personal) but I've never been very good at keeping my mouth shut when I think I have a point to make.
So - I've found over recent weeks two different hot topics that I've been paying attention to have apparently dovetailed.
I'm talking about the Fifty Shades of Grey series, an adapted Twilight- fan fiction which has been published and hit the New York Times bestsellers list, and what people in the BDSM have been calling the Philadelphia Incident.
To briefly bring those not familiar with either topic up to date: Fifty Shades of Grey is a story that deals with a young, naive virgin who enters into a domination and submission relationship with an older, powerful, controlling man. Eventually she manages to bring out his softer side and the two fall in love.
The 'Philadelphia Incident' concerns a younger, inexperienced female submissive who entered into a domination and submission relationship with a dominant older man. Her limits were violated and she was forced to enter into oral sex against her will. Some people in the BDSM community are calling this rape. Some people have suggested that the submissive woman consented. Others have criticised the submissive woman for not fully understanding what she was getting herself into. The young woman has now been run out of her home due to the criticism, publicity and notoriety she has faced.
Hopefully my point is already becoming clear.
In her novels E L James romanticizes the BDSM community, takes elements of 'play' out of context and dramatizes what many would consider to be extremely unsafe D/s practice. The female in the story enters into 'scenes' which she is unsure about, where limits have not been pre-discussed or agreed, and where she is abandoned post-scene on more than one occassion with no after-care or conversation about what had happened during the session.
The novel completely ignores elements of safe play that those familiar with the BDSM community would immediately recognize. RACK stands for Risk Aware Consensual Kink. SSC stands for Safe, Sane and Consensual. (Note the repeated word in both anagrams). This topic is completely ignored or glossed over in James' novels and, considering the reaction they have amassed, this is a concern.
Safe BDSM play can be amazing. I can say this as someone who has both dominated others and submitted to others in a range of situations. It is something that I rarely discuss other than with those in the community for fear of repercussions - BDSM is fairly misunderstood by the wider public. In the right circumstances, with the forethought, planning and discussion then there are still hundreds of ways a session can go wrong. I have been mid-session with someone who I love very much, in a safe place, when we are both fully aware of each others limits. And I panicked. And ended up vomiting into the toilet and crying into his chest. This was an isolated incident, and we weren't doing anything particularly risky at the time. But I still panicked. Fortunately my partner was fantastic at releasing me quickly and soothing me afterwards. Even with the best of intentions things can still go wrong.
Although I have not followed reaction to James' novel closely, one article I recently read criticising the BDSM elements of the story was met with comments from a reader expressing that the story is fantasy, not unlike the Harry Potter stories or Twilight, and not as a how-to guide of BDSM.
Firstly, thank God it isn't a how-to guide of BDSM because James clearly has little, if any experience of D/s relationships. Secondly, this point in particular scared me more than any other I read.
If one was to dress in a cloak and wand and pretend to be a wizard, short of poking an eye out there is a limited amount of danger that could occur.
If a young woman with no experience of BDSM was to make her way into the community and play with an older man when she herself was unaware of her own limits, very terrible things can happen, as demonstrated recently in Philadelphia. Comparing Fifty Shades to Harry Potter is simply ludicrous, on many levels. There are many different layers and elements to BDSM. starting at fluffy handcuffs and ending in blood, tears and rape. Someone pretending to be a wizard will not experience these things.
The second point made by the same commenter was that James never intended for the novel to be so popular, it was released for a very small audience only and she was surprised at the reaction it has received. I don't think this argument holds much weight either. I'm writing this article for the consumption of a very small audience too. I do not expect many people to read or react to it. Does that excuse me from factual accuracy? Not at all. If my article goes viral and thousands of people read it then I am still responsible for the words that I have put out there.
Finally I want to reiterate that a huge majority of people in the BDSM community recognise our vulnerability (BDSM is actually illegal in the United States - yes, illegal - I'm fortunate enough to live in the UK) and as such, instances as the 'Philadelphia Incident' are rare. Most people play by the rules of RACK. Most people are responsible for themselves, for their partners, and there is a strong sense of 'mentoring' to ensure that newbies to the community are watched and are able to learn from those with more experience. Despite all this, it's too easy for things to be taken just that one step too far with disastrous results.
I feel like it is my responsibility as one of the people who bridges the gap between the BDSM community and the Fifty Shades readership to speak out against the practices shown in the series.Please, please - if you are a single woman who has read these stories and wants to explore the topics contained therein, do everything you can to not follow in the footsteps of both E L James' characters and the young girl in Philadelphia. Take your time. Find someone you can trust. Be safe.
(Please feel free to re-blog, re-post, re-tweet, link, copy, plagiarize, do whatever the hell you want with the above. It would be nice if you credited it back to me but in truth, if you want to stick this somewhere else where it might be seen by more people, please, do it. I'm not precious. Spread the word.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Punishment for forgetfulness...

Regular readers of my blog will know that I try to remember every morning to get Mistress R's towels out of the cupboard and fold them neatly so that when she gets home they are ready for her when she gets out of the shower. It's not something Mistress R asked me to do, I just started doing it, and I've been doing it for quite a while now. I don't remember every morning, but probably at least 85-90% of the time I do.
So tonight when I got home Mistress R mentioned that she hadn't found any towels ready for her when she got home and jokingly told me it wasn't good enough. About three hours later just after I had gone down on her and given her a lovely orgasm, she smiled down at me and told me that I had gone some way to redeeming myself for forgetting the towels.

Some towels, earlier today.

As I kissed the insides of her thighs I muttered that she should probably still punish me anyway... but didn't think any more about it. We lay on the bed together and Mistress started to stroke my cock, then decided I needed to be spanked. This is highly unusual (and most welcome) out of session and I was quickly on my knees while she retrieved the paddle from the bedside drawer.
After I had counted and thanked her for fifteen strokes I was permitted to lay down again and Mistress R began toying with my cock, but not before telling me that she had been planning to remove her bra for this teasing session, but had decided not to as a punishment for forgetting her towels.
I've been extremely tired this week and my cock hasn't been as iron hard as it has been of late, but this morning it was hard, if not the throbbing morning wood that I've now come to expect. The problem is for me that tiredness makes me feel numb down my leg, in my groin and in my right foot (a leftover from an operation) and numbness and hardness are not good bedfellows.
But it was reasonably hard tonight, and got a little harder as Mistress R teased me about my desire to worship her ass. She described in great detail how she might mount my face in the next session and slowly lower her ass until it was just a tiny distance from my mouth and then make me beg to lick it. She stroked and slapped my cock and then turned to me and asked me if I was given the choice between being allowed to cum or being allowed to worship her ass, which one would I choose.
I told her I would worship her ass.
Mistress R said that I hardly even hesitated so she knew that I must really want to worship her ass, and then said that we'd see how I felt in a few days.... she then went on to say that if I really pleased her I might not have to wait as long as the next session.
I watched as she sucked on my cock, which was pretty hard now, though still not as throbbing as I would like, and then she gave it a few more slaps before telling me that I was getting ten more strokes and that was it for tonight. Knowing that these were the last few made them extra torturous, especially as Mistress R didn't even flinch when I told her I'd not cum for 27 days now.
It was a lovely session, we've both been so tired this week that we haven't been gelling quite as we usually do so it was so nice to reconnect like that. Tomorrow we are going out together for a drink, we had a good routine of doing that on a Thursday night, but we let it slip a while and now we are getting it back on track. I think it's very important for us to get out of the house, away from the books, laptops, TV, etc etc and just talk for a few hours.
Anyway, I am very pleased that Mistress R decided to paddle me out of session, she certainly seemed to enjoy it! As far as I'm concerned I am quite happy for her to do any of our in-session things whenever she wants. Speaking of which, I haven't heard the ring of the bell yet, but when I do I can assure you you'll hear about it!