Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Thy mighty contract...

Would anyone care to suggest anything for Mistress and I's upcoming contract discussion?

Monday, 24 February 2014

Voucher claimed...

You may remember that Mistress R gave me a voucher for Valentine's Day which allowed me to ask to be allowed to cum, but was limited to the end of February...well, that has been on my mind today, because February is of course ticking rapidly away! My dilemma though was this...
On the one hand I felt I should use it, because it was a gift from Mistress R, but on the other hand I was starting to enjoy that feeling of denial, having just made it past three weeks. Over the last few months I seem to have been allowed to cum once every one to two weeks, with the occasional four week stretch, but nothing longer or remotely near my record (42 days in both the Summers of 2012 and 2013).
In the end though matters rather overtook any reluctance I may have had, after licking Mistress to orgasm tonight, she had me kneel between her legs and teased my cock with her hands while we kissed, before stroking the tip against her pussy and then slowly guiding me in. Mistress was still wet and silky as my cock slid inside her, and we slowly made love as I mulled over my dilemma. She kept smiling at me, almost like she was waiting for me to ask permission to cum, almost as if she knew it was only a matter of time.
So it was a little odd that she seemed almost surprised when I did finally ask permission to cum. But instead of letting me continue, she decided she wanted me to be able to see her ass I pumped my cum inside her, so she turned onto her side and told me to enjoy it, because as she told me 'I don't know when I'll be allowed to cum inside her like that again'.
It was impossible to continue for long, the sight of her gorgeous asshole and my cock sliding into her beautiful pink pussy meant that my twenty three day load was soon rising and as I started to pump her harder I knew it was going to be all over very soon. In the event it was so intense that almost as soon as I started coming I had to stay still inside her, which was kind of frustrating actually... but still. I managed a few more strokes as my cock started to soften and then we lay down to talk and bask in the afterglow.
Once again I was kinda waiting for her to tell me to lick her pussy clean, but she didn't. Then when she sat up to get out bed she commented that she could feel my cum running out of her, and I told her that she shouldn't let it go to waste. She opened her legs and I moved between them to lick her pussy a little while before she pushed me away and left me lying on the bed with the taste of our combined juices on my lips.

Some movement on the contract front it seems, Mistress is not opposed to the idea and so we will be drawing something up in the near future!

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Ten new captions...

Ten new captions for you HERE

Eric's back...

Eric has finally returned, so why not visit his BLOG to find out what we've all been missing?

February has largely sucked...

February has rather sucked so far. True there were some good bits, but overall it's sucked. You only have to look at the stats to see that Mistress and I haven't been enjoying ourselves as much as we usually do. Five orgasms for Mistress R in over three weeks is pretty disastrous, and we are in grave danger of equalling our worst month ever (7) with only five days remaining.
Last Saturday I went to a concert with a friend who was on the verge of getting ill. By Monday night I was ill and I spent most of Tuesday in bed or asleep on the sofa. The expected cold never really developed beyond a slight sniffle and an intermittent cough, but it has left me very tired indeed. Even yesterday I went back to bed during the day and slept a couple of hours, which I never usually do.
I still haven't been feeling brilliant today, but I was determined to taste Mistress's beautiful pussy and bring to an end her eight day wait. It was a lovely orgasm and Mistress seemed a lot more relaxed after it too. I was unsure about whether I wanted any teasing since I wasn't too sure whether I would get hard (erections have been few and far between since last Monday I have to say!), but as we lay together afterwards my cock was suddenly very hard and Mistress stroked me, albeit not quite with her usual enthusiasm, but it still felt really good!
Mistress and I don't deal with disruption very well and a lack of sex always leaves us feeling a bit 'distant', so this month has sucked even more because we haven't really been rubbing along like we usually do, hopefully this coming week we can do something about that. I'm also hoping for good things on the scale on Tuesday night, maybe new weight, maybe even a certificate! But then I've thought that before and been disappointed, so we'll see.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

An answer to Jim's comment...

A couple of days ago this comment was left on my blog:

I'm curious to know some things. Do you feel that you are where you thought you'd be nearly three years down the road? Your blog is called a chastity and femdom blog, yet you aren't actually in proper chastity and there isn't really that much femdom on your blog either. I'm wondering if you thought things would be a lot more advanced by now? I do like your blog and your stories are great any more coming up? Thanks, Jim

Firstly I'll address the last part. Hopefully there will be more stories Jim, if I can stop procrastinating and get on with them! As to your other questions, well...

Do I feel that I am where I thought I would be now, three years ago?

To be honest, I had no idea where this would lead...it never really occurred to me that we could still be doing this without any breaks three years later. It still kind of surprises me now, mainly because Mistress R wasn't exactly what you'd call enthusiastic about it to start with. So in all honesty I can't really answer that...

Your blog is called a chastity and Femdom blog. yet you aren't actually in proper chastity and there isn't really that much Femdom on your blog either.

I presume that by 'proper' chastity, you mean I'm not locked up in a device. And you're right I'm not, but Mistress still decides when I cum so as far as I'm concerned that is chastity all the same. I have given control of my orgasms to someone else, and while it's true that there's nothing physically stopping me cheating, you might be surprised how much harder it is than you'd think to break that promise.
To be honest, while the idea of being locked up really appeals, the reality seems so much hassle. I know there are these very expensive, very comfortable, made to measure steel products, but it seems to me that you have to really, really want to go down that route. And I wouldn't for one second try to argue that the honour system is just the same, because even I can see that it is isn't. Occasionally I might read a post somewhere else (maybe Denying Thumper) and feel a slight pang of jealousy that I'm not really getting the full blown experience, but at the same time I consider myself lucky to have had and continue to have the experience that I am having. 
Without a doubt, being physically prevented from experiencing pleasure and knowing that your key-holder literally holds the key to your cock must be something quite incredible, and if Mistress ever came around to the idea then I would be more than happy to try it, but I just don't think it's likely and I can't quite see the point in resenting it. I can understand why it would be extremely erotic for both partners, it must be an amazing rush for a woman to have the key to her lover's cock around her neck, knowing that he is horny and desperate to feel the slightest touch on his cock, but at the same time I have severe doubts about comfort and practicality. In any case, while I can see what you are saying, the fact remains that I haven't cum without Mistress's permission for nearly three years, how is that not proper chastity?
I will concede that there isn't a massive amount of Femdom on my blog. This is is one area where things haven't perhaps developed as I might have liked them to.

I'm wondering if you thought things would be a lot more advanced by now?

Again I didn't really think that far ahead. On the face of it though, if you look at last month's Femdom session and one from three years ago, they haven't changed all that much. But then we'd been doing those sessions for nearly ten years before I started the blog so we'd already worked out a lot of what worked for us and what didn't. I do sometimes wish our sessions were longer though because so many times they seem to be over before Mistress has done half the things I'd like her to do, it does frustrate me that sometimes I can go several months between using a particular toy. 
Mistress might counter that by saying that I can request any toy when I lose new weight, and that's a good point... but then it's not really the same because I will tend to chose 'nice' things, like worshipping her ass, or having her use the glass butt plug on me or letting me watch her play with her glass dildo. That's not the same as her deciding to whip me, paddle me or strap-on me simply because she wants to (and the last part of that sentence is the important part). 
I had hoped by now that we might be at a point where Mistress would feel comfortable initiating random acts of Femdom between sessions, there has been some very occasional foot worship and there has been a fair amount of ass worship (which I love, although strangely now I don't really see it as a particularly Femdom thing because I really love doing it) but very little else. But then Mistress is not a 'random' kind of person, she likes to plan and to know exactly what she's doing, which is why the fixed sessions work well for her. 
Perhaps it would behove me, now that I am getting back on track with my weight loss, to try and chose more 'Femdom' toys to play with between sessions, like the cock whip, paddle or crop. Maybe it would help her to get used to using those items away from the adrenalin rush of the structured session and lead to more 'random' Femdom in the future?

Sunday, 16 February 2014

A contract would be good...

I've been thinking for some time that it would be useful for Mistress and I to have some kind of written contract. It may seem a little strange to go that route now, after nearly three years... but I do find it difficult to remember every detail and Mistress doesn't seem to always remember the rules she makes exactly either. Sometimes I think the only person who does know our rules to the letter is Mistress Marie!
I think I shall talk to Mistress R and see if I can't get a written agreement drafted, maybe it would help inspire her to think of some more rules for me too. I don't think there are that many rules really, but when Mistress instigates a new rule I often forget it has been changed or set up. I know that...

  • I am not allowed to touch my cock without permission.
  • Obviously I am not allowed to make myself cum.
  • I may ask Mistress if I can touch my cock, and she may either give me permission to do so or will touch my cock herself.
  • I am not allowed to ask Mistress for permission to cum.
  • Initially I wasn't allowed to request penetration, but Mistress did relax this rule recently, albeit she said that if I used it too often she may rescind it, I can't remember if I have asked her yet or not. I try not too, since I want it to be her decision.
  • Mistress can instigate teasing, penetration or any form of body worship whenever she pleases. She can also order me to tease myself for her amusement at any time. 
  • Mistress can allow me to orgasm, deny me or ruin me as she sees fit.

There must be more than that, I think I need to sit down with her and get a definitive list!


One thing I forgot to mention in yesterday's post, was the voucher that Mistress gave me (among other things... including an art book by the astonishingly talented Laurie Lipton) which entitles me to ask to cum once before the end of February. It doesn't actually say whether she will let me or not mind you, it just says I can ask, so I presume that if I ask it will be granted? I guess it also doesn't say that she won't ruin it either...
Anyway, I was pretty much on the verge of using it yesterday. The first half of February has been pretty poor on the sex front, but we are determined to make up for lost time in the second half and so yesterday afternoon we went to bed for some fun. Mistress had a wonderful orgasm on my tongue and then had me lay down as she stroked my throbbing cock. Since on Thursday I had told her how badly I wanted to be allowed to worship her ass, she asked me if I wanted to use my final outstanding weight loss 'treat'... (which just shows you how uneventful the first half of Feb has been). I told her I did and soon she was straddling my head and my tongue was buried in her asshole as she pumped my cock hard. Then she switched around and sank down on my cock and.... did I mention she was completely naked for a change, so I could see her beautiful breasts as she rode my cock. This all went on for some time, until I was just about to ask if I could cum inside her... although she might still have got off me and jerked my cock with her hand so who knows...
But instead she went back to pumping my cock while I tongued her asshole, until I told her I was getting close.
She said, "We'd better stop then... do you want one more taste of my ass?"
I told her I did and she said, "Are you sure you can do it without cumming?"
I told her I could and she sank down on my face again and gently teased my cock as I pressed my tongue into her tight hole.
So, my voucher is still in play... and only thirteen days left to use it, maybe it will get used sooner rather than later?

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Valentine's Day...

This post really isn't meant to be all about me bleating about how awesome I am, honestly! Last night was Valentine's Day here in the UK (don't know about everywhere else in the world???) and as has become traditional in this house, Mistress and I stay in and enjoy an evening together. We've never actually gone out on Valentine's Day to eat, because all you ever hear is how the restaurants are overcrowded and the quality goes out of the window in a frenzy of cash grabbing, heart shaped balloons and rose-selling buffoons... or worse still, violin playing buffoons! No, we stay home, I cook and we have exactly what we want, how we want, with the music we like in the background.
It amazes me how short-sighted men are. You don't need to be a Michelin starred chef to impress, all you need to do is make an effort. Frankly any effort is likely to be appreciated, because seemingly so many men make non at all, the bar is looooooooooooooooooow. Step over it and be hailed a king. Easy.
Mistress R was blown away by my starter, but really it's toast cut into hearts with four different heart shaped cookie cutters, a bit of chopped salad for decoration and some pate shaped with a melon-balling tool. It's hardly Raymond Blanc is it? This teamed with a chilled bottle of Nobilo, followed by a shop-bought chicken dish (with home made parmentier potatos) and finished with a home made warm brownie, Haagen Dasz vanilla ice cream and a chocolate heart caramel filled chocolate on the plate for decoration left her totally satisfied and feeling very loved.
Okay, there was some jewellery between courses which helped as well... but that's a given!
I hope that most of the men who read my blog 'get it', after all, most of you are probably into the idea of making your partner feel happy and loved, since that's a part of this whole lifestyle isn't it? Contrast that with the guy who I work with, he's a really nice guy but... fuck me he has no idea. I imparted some of my ideas to him yesterday on the way home from work and I hope he followed them up, because... well, Mistress and I were celebrating our 22nd Valentine's Day and he and his wife are on maybe their fourth. If you don't make the effort at that early stage then what does that suggest the future's going to be like?
I know they have new kids and everything, but he was shocked that she bought him a card for fuck's sake! I just don't know how people can be so.... well, I can't even think of the words. Words indeed fail me. I just want to shake them. Marriage isn't a walk in the park, Mistress and I had a rough patch (though it's a long time ago now), you need to nurture it, you need to make the other person feel wanted and loved, especially if you have children (which we don't). I know that makes it all the harder, but come on... make an effort!

Anyway, on a lighter note, I thought this was pretty funny...

Saturday, 8 February 2014

A question from a reader...

Anonymous left a comment on my last post about our Femdom session:

Wow that was nice to read. I'm still hard imagining it. Do you enjoy eating your cum when she feeds it to you?

Well that's a tough question. As many of you will know, the idea of eating cum is very hot indeed... but after you've cum it's not quite the same. Even if you do it really quickly. If you browse my story menu you will find some stories on Literotica that I linked to which are about this very subject. I totally relate to the idea of wanting to do it and then changing your mind. Which is why it is so much better to have a wonderful Mistress who makes you do it. The best example of this is when I am allowed to cum inside my Mistress, if I am on top I always hesitate, partly waiting for her to order me to do it, partly now not so keen on the idea...or rather still keen on the idea, but now not so horny and slightly more self-conscious, but even then I still want to be made to do it. But if Mistress is on top and she just lifts herself off my cock and lowers herself onto my face, that is so much easier to handle, not least because I love having Mistress sitting on my face whether her pussy is full of cum or not.

Bizarrely, there are times when I crave the taste of cum. Last night Mistress teased me until I was quite ready to explode and I was so desperate to taste my cum right then. But it's not really the taste of cum I crave, it's submission. If I really 'enjoyed' the taste of cum then it wouldn't be submissive really would it? If cum tasted like Nutella I wouldn't have a second thought about doing it. Sometimes cum tastes okay, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it can make you feel a little bit nauseous if there's a lot of it.

Cum tastes so much better from a hot, wet pussy. Eating cum off of Mistress's fingers is much more difficult, if only because it's kind of 'humiliating'... what I mean by that is, if you are on your back with your Mistress's cum filled pussy suspended over your face it still feels like you are in the process of having 'sex' and the horniness of the situation is still present. Whereas if your Mistress is scooping cold cum off your stomach and telling you to open your mouth and lick them clean, well, there's no getting away from the fact that you are cleaning your own cum off your wife's fingers, because she is ordering you to. And that really is the difficult bit, because you can't help but wonder what she thinks of you in that moment, it really is quite hard, it makes you feel very emotionally vulnerable... but then that's the point isn't it?

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

BOOK REVIEW: Karl's Year in Chastity...

Unlike some people, for example my beloved Mistress R, reading to me is not a compulsion. I basically read while I eat and before I go to sleep (if Mistress isn't in bed with me). So it impresses me yet again that another of Stanley Jeffries' books has had me flicking my Nexus on to read a page or two during a slow period at work. I don't know what it is about this guy's writing, but it's incredibly readable. Not only that but I'd have to say that I enjoyed it even more than the book I reviewed a few weeks back (The Chastity Game) which I believe Stanley claimed to be his best work!
Karl's Year in Chastity centres largely around three characters, Karl (obviously), his ex-wife Freya and of course the jewel in the crown, the beautiful Asha. I like how Stanley creates characters from different backgrounds, in this case Asha has Indian heritage while Karl and Freya are Danish. It adds a subtle exotic flavour without being over the top. It also means that Karl and Freya can converse in Danish without Asha being able to understand them of course.
I don't really want to say too much about the plot, because half the fun is finding out where the story goes. There's plenty of twists but the story is presented in a traditional linear format which makes it very easy to follow, especially if you read it piecemeal. It's never really occurred to me before but books which jump around the timeline are probably fine if you read them in great chunks, but for people like me, I much prefer the linear format.
One of my usual (but few) negative comments about Stanley's work is the lack of actual sex scenes in the book, there's usually plenty of friction and build up, but little in the way of action (so to speak). Well that's one thing I can't level at this book as it is brimming with 'action', and Stanley does a very good job of instigating action especially considering his lead man's cock is pretty much locked up for the duration.
There's plenty of electro play, whipping and lesbian sex though (hopefully that's not too big a spoiler) and Stanley keeps the book on the right side of nasty (unlike some of his books), here everything is above board and with emphasis on the consensual nature of all concerned.
If you haven't read any of Stanley's books I would definitely recommend starting with this one.

You can buy Karl's Year in Chastity from AMAZON.COM, AMAZON.UK, PINK FLAMINGO  

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Femdom Session - 2nd February 2014...

Today's session got off to a slightly uncomfortable start as I had to confess to a couple of instances of illegal touching/, which I had indulged in earlier this week after Mistress had gotten up (she gets up about an hour before I do, but gets home 1.1/2-2 hours before I do too). As you can imagine, having gone four weeks without a truly satisfying orgasm (my last one was very much borderline ruined) in recent days my cock has been rock hard in the morning, leaking pre-cum and desperate for attention. Having not been sleeping well lately hasn't helped since when Mistress gets up I can't seem to get back to sleep and so of course I am ill prepared to fight the temptation to touch my cock.
Mistress decided to give me fifteen strokes of the cat, straight off the bat. That isn't too many more than normal, but for some reason they stung a lot more. Number five in particular stung as the whip found it's way between my legs and caught my balls a treat. I winced my way through my punishment (Mistress later asked if I was hamming it up, seriously!) and was rather relieved when it was over, though Mistress didn't seem to think she'd hit me any harder than usual... hmm.
Soon I had forgotten about the pain as the Oxballs Cocksling tightened around my swelling cock. Mistress had me worshipping her feet while she lay on the bed, clad in a PVC top and skirt with only straps around her gorgeous breasts (I love that top). I could hear her dildo inside her pussy making a gorgeous noise but concentrated on worshipping her beautiful feet until I was ordered to lick her glass dildo clean for her.
After I had worshipped her other foot equally well, she had me lick and suck her dildo a second time before ordering me on to the bed on my back. She tied me to the bed and quickly sank down onto my face. She tasted wonderful, but after a few seconds she stood up and started fucking herself again. Then she was back on my face again, ordering me to push my tongue inside her, which I tried to do but she kept grinding her clit against my tongue instead.
By now my cock was rock hard and I was hoping she would slid down onto it, but sadly not. Instead she grabbed my cock and started pumping it hard, her nails digging in as she explained that she thought my cock needed to be properly punished for my misdemeanours, little did I know how true that would be by the end of the session!
Mistress abused my cock for some time, digging her nails into it and also scraping them across my tightly constricted balls. The thing is the Oxballs holds you very tight so there is very little movement in the skin, I imagine it's a bit like being circumcised, I believe circumcised men need to use lube to masturbate. Well there wasn't any lube, and there was plenty of Mistress's very long nails. On the upside I think it's the lube that reacts with the Oxballs and causes the stinging, of which there was none this time, so.... swings and roundabouts.
Mistress now decided to blindfold me and then she told me it was time for me to have something up my ass. I was expecting the new butt plug, but when I felt the cold tip of the lube coated glass dildo I was quite happy, because it feels great. It feels even better when Mistress fucks me with it while stroking my cock and that's exactly what she did next.
I was really enjoying that part of the session and wished it could have continued on longer, but alas no. Soon I felt the new vibrating butt plug being pushed into my asshole, and after deciding on a setting and attaching a couple of clothes pegs to my nipples (stronger ones than last time, because they were pointless) she left me to stew for a while.
The right clothes peg hurt more than the left one, maybe it wasn't pushed on as far, but I could definitely feel them this time. The butt plug wasn't as strong as I expected, but the thing is the vibrations acted as a reminder that it was there. Often when Mistress leaves me tied up with a butt plug inside me I almost forget about it until she takes it out, no chance of that here. At least I didn't have to worry about it causing an unauthorised eruption!
When Mistress returned she removed the pegs without a second's warning (ouch!) and then the blindfold and then untied me and told me to remove the Oxballs. I moved out of the way and she lay down on the bed and spread her legs, exposing her delicious pussy to me as she stroked my cock with her toenails. Her skirt was gone but she was still wearing the PVC top, she always looks so gorgeous like that.
I bent and laid down between her silky smooth thighs and began eating her pussy, she tasted so good and after a while her muscles tightened and tightened until she finally bucked and came hard under my tongue. I love nothing more than feeling that and it was so hot to watch as she stood up on the bed with her juices literally running down the backs of her legs as she snapped her fingers and pointed to the beads that were down by her calves already.
I greedily lapped them up before turning my attention to the soaking wet PVC sheet. There was so much pussy juice, it was wonderful. As I lapped at the sheet Mistress reached under me and started pumping my cock again. Then she ordered me onto my back and tied me down once more before standing over me, teasing me with her pussy and ass. She lowered herself down onto me and stroked me cock as I begged to lick her asshole. She gave permission and she continued pumping my cock as I tongued her tight hole. She gave me a second chance to tongue her ass before telling me that she was going to allow me to cum today, providing I could cum before she counted to ten.
Strangely, although my cock was really hard I felt a long way from the edge, a really long way.... and frankly I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to make it. Mistress was pumping my cock really hard and counting very slowly it seemed to me, she obviously wanted me to cum because each number came slower than the last one. Around about five I felt something click into place, but it wasn't until nine that I got to the edge and then erupted violently.
It was brutal, it just seemed to keep coming, like as if I'd cum once and then another one followed straight on, and all the while Mistress was pumping me so hard... it was as near as I've cum to post-orgasm torment, and being tied down all I could do was buck beneath her as she pumped out an unfeasibly large amount of cum which she then fed to me and I swallowed down. Afterwards my poor cock looked as if it had been thoroughly 'tenderized', with little nail marks all down the left side and the skin swollen and red. Not that I'm complaining you understand!

1000 Days of Chastity...

I remember sometime last year wondering when 1000 days of chastity would be reached, well... it was reached on the 26th December 2013, so I missed it. Which is a darned shame! I mentioned this to Mistress earlier and she said, since we are going out for dinner on Thursday we can belated celebrate it then. Sounds like a good idea to me. I wonder if she might consider wearing her key pendant that night... that would be nice. It might be a bit cold for slutty shoes, but we can live in hope!

As you may have noticed from my orgasm counter on the right, Mistress allowed me to cum this morning, which was super-intense to say the least! More on that later...

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Butt plug anxiety...

As I said before, our next Femdom session is scheduled for tomorrow, and there's one little thing making me a little bit nervous about it. I know it doesn't look very big, and it isn't, admittedly I haven't felt it inside me yet but I've held it and it feels like it packs quite a punch.

It's not that I'm worried about it as such, I'm just a little bit concerned that maybe it will cause me a problem. See, I haven't cum for two weeks now, and my last orgasm was... well, it was right on the verge of being ruined. So I kind of feel like I'm more on edge than I should be for just a two week wait. My cock certainly looks more desperate than that and every morning this week I've woken up ridiculously hard, and leaking pre-cum most mornings.
My slight concern is, if Mistress leaves me alone for five or ten minutes with this thing vibrating in my ass, is she going to cum back to find me with cum all over my stomach? I really don't know. Maybe it won't be as bad as I'm thinking, maybe it will be fine, but maybe not, I just don't know. The thing is, I'm liable to be more turned on than usual, what with the whole Femdom session and everything, so... I just don't know. I guess you'll have to check in tomorrow to find out!