Saturday, 31 August 2013

Femdom Session - 31st August 2013

Postponed from last weekend, we finally got our Femdom session in before the end of the month and it was totally fantastic! Given the amount of things that have gone wrong this month I'm amazed that Mistress has had eleven orgasms, but also very happy about it at the same time. Hopefully next month things will run a lot more smoothly...
As usual Mistress started the session with a little whipping to remind me of my position, no paddle though I presume since I had no illegal touching to confess to. After that I was permitted to worship Mistress's beautiful feet (though I couldn't see them as I was blindfolded), which I did very enthusiastically, while she toyed with her favourite glass dildo. I continued worshipping her feet for some time, occasionally being allowed to suck and lick her dildo clean, which made my cock swell in the Oxballs Cocksling.
Eventually Mistress had me on the bed, tied down as usual and then the teasing really started. She sat on my face and I licked her gorgeous pussy, then she stroked my cock while pressing her ass against my face, taunting me with her delicious ass, which she knows I long to lick.
For once Mistress didn't tease me too long before she allowed me to lick her asshole, which was wonderful... and then she was sitting on my face again and removing my blindfold, allowing me to see my beautiful Mistress for the first time. She was wearing a leather skirt and a black bra, and her key pendant of course, and she looked wonderful.
She teased, slapped and sucked my cock for a while, allowing me to lick her ass and pussy a little more before announcing that I needed to have something up my ass. She pushed a small dildo up my ass and left it there while she continued teasing me a little more. Then she put clothes pegs on my nipples and left me tied to the bed for about ten minutes.
When she returned she was wearing the RodeoH pants with the dildo attached and she jumped straight onto the bed, pushed the dildo into my mouth and told me to suck it. Then she pulled the clothes pegs off, untied me and told me to turn over. She reached down and pulled the small dildo out of my ass and the next thing I knew I was on my hands and knees, waiting for Mistress to guide her strap-on into my ass.
Mistress told me after the session that the RodeoH pants are brilliant, so simple, with no stupid belts and buckles and messing about, just slide them on and go! I have to say Mistress looked so fucking sexy wearing them too. They seem very solid, especially since I had to modify a silicon cock to fit and I made sure it was a very tight fit. She certainly seemed able to fuck me a lot better than she ever did with our old strap-on harness. I would say that was £30 well spent.
It was pretty intense, being butt-fucked... I always find it's one of those things which I crave, but which I find a little hard to take, but yet I'm always reluctant for it to end. Mistress didn't fuck me for too long, actually I was concerned that it might push me close to the edge like it did last time, especially since it's now four weeks since I expelled any cum - even though I had a (dry) orgasm last weekend, but it didn't.
After this Mistress pulled out and discarded the condom before hopping on the bed in front of me and having me suck her cock while it was still warm. I love sucking her cock after it's fucked me and greedily tried to swallow as much of it as possible to show my gratitude.
Then Mistress slipped the RodeoH pants and told me to remove the Oxballs, then she lay on her back and spread her legs and told me it was time to worship her beautiful pussy. Needless to say she was really wet and my fingers slipped into her easily as my tongue went to work. She tasted lovely and I was so happy when she came nice and hard, leaving a nice amount of pussy juice on the PVC sheet for me to lick up.
Before I was allowed to lick that up Mistress stood on the bed in front of me and had me lick all the juices of her ass and the backs of her thighs. It wasn't quite dripping down to her calves like it has some months, but there was still quite a bit and I really enjoyed cleaning her silky smooth skin with my tongue.
After this Mistress had me lay down again and she started stroking me again, leading me to wonder if she was going to drain my balls and feed me my cum. But no, after getting me nice and hard she gave me just a few strokes and told me the session was over. I wasn't disappointed, I love that Mistress has gotten to the point where she doesn't feel like she needs to allow me to cum if she doesn't want to, and besides, making her cum was more than enough satisfaction for me.
Afterwards we lay on the bed together totally satisfied and feeling really good and really close, and both really happy that we had gone through with the session despite all my aches and pains and everything. It was well worth the wait and I am so glad the RodeoH's were a success.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Tenth weigh-in...

I am quite pleased, to say the least. Ten weeks of consecutive weight loss, another 1.5lbs tonight making a grand total of 23.5lbs. And only 1.5lbs to go until I've lost 10% of my starting weight and only 4.5lbs more to hit the two stone mark... and my second major treat as well!
Seeing as I haven't been able to partake of last week's treat yet it's a bit pointless thinking about this one, I was going to chose ass worship, but since I want to wait until my cock is fully functional again, I might as well just keep it in reserve.
My cock seems to be responding to the E45 lotion, I have applied it about 5 times today and it does seem to be making a good difference. I'm reluctant to jump the gun and make it sore again, I'd rather wait until Mistress can abuse it as she sees fit. Even though I did wake up rock hard this morning, albeit my foreskin was not retracted... my balls felt like they were on the verge of exploding as well, hardly surprising after my strange, virtually 'dry' orgasm the other day.
We are planning to have our Femdom session this weekend, albeit that rather depends on the state of my cock... but hopefully we will be able to proceed. In any case, in a short while I shall be licking Mistress R's beautiful pussy and hopefully adding to her total of nine orgasms so far this month. If we do have our Femdom session it will be on Saturday so I envision a total of eleven for August which is pretty amazing considering how up and down things have been this month.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Liberal applications of E45...

My foreskin is still sore, but liberal application of E45 lotion seems to be helping. At least a sore cock doesn't prevent me from licking my beautiful Mistress's pussy to orgasm, which is exactly what I did about fifteen minutes ago. My cock was hard, without discomfort but I think patience is the best option in this particular case. I thoroughly enjoyed Mistress's orgasm anyway, as I always do. Mistress has things to do on Wednesday and Thursday so we are already planning another pussy worship session tomorrow.
Incredibly, Mistress has had ten orgasms this month, which considering what a shitty month it has been, well it's not bad to be honest!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Ten new captions uploaded...

You can find them HERE or access through the captions menu.


Finally went to bed at 3:40AM and woke up next to Mistress R at 9:30AM. We cuddled a bit and she soon felt my cock pressing against her and started to gently stroke it. I begged her to stroke me harder and Mistress obliged, soon she got up on her knees and started stroking me hard, seeing her gorgeous, naked body right there pushed me closer and closer to the edge and after a couple of minutes I had to warn her that I was getting close.
"Do you want to cum?" She asked.
I replied that I only wanted to cum if she wanted me to, to which she responded that she did. She continued stroking me hard and shortly after I had a very intense orgasm and my cock jerked out of Mistress R's hard two or three times. Oddly I expelled almost no cum, I'm not sure whether Mistress was going to feed me my load or not, but in the event there was barely anything to feed me anyway, which is weird. But then I've had orgasms where I've cum quickly in succession and produced loads of cum, it doesn't really seem to follow that a long wait produces a big load, still after three weeks you'd think there'd be something to show for it!
We settled down again, cuddling and talking for quite a while, I asked Mistress if she would like me to go down on her, but she said she would rather wait until later.

Craving cum...

It's been three weeks since I came and I am totally craving the taste of cum, pictures like this only make me want it more...

...of course, part of me wants Mistress to make me wait until I am going crazy, but part of me really, really wants to lick my cum up and swallow it from wherever she decides.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Ups and Downs...

Apologies for the lack of decent posts of late, things just haven't been going my way of late. As you you may have noticed, most unusually we had a nine day period with nothing going on... this was largely because last weekend we were supposed to have our Femdom session, but that didn't happen, and then Mistress came on unexpectedly... on top of all that I seem to be going from one thing to another of late, I had a very painful knee, an infected nut, a sore cock and some sort of throat thing, none of which has really helped matters.
At least last night I got to taste Mistress R's beautiful pussy and made her cum, albeit when she tried to tease my cock it was still sore and after a couple of minutes of not much really happening I told her to forget it. Tomorrow I am hopeful of another orgasm for Mistress R and some teasing for me, with a cock ring if necessary! If all goes well I may be getting my treat from last Tuesday too... but I'm not pinning my hopes on that.

I realise that I never wrote about my last treat, which was to watch Mistress using her glass dildo on herself, or the one before that, which was for Mistress to sit on my face during my teasing. To be honest I wasn't really in the mood for writing, the facesitting treat really didn't go that well, it was extremely frustrating as Mistress kept sitting too far down near my chest rather than on my face and each time I moved down the bed to get in a better place she seemed to move further away, to be honest I wasn't in the best of moods in the first place and by the end I was just completely irritated and the last thing I wanted to do was write about it.
I love it when Mistress sits on my face in the sessions, but somehow this just didn't work... I don't really understand why, it really annoyed me because I love having her right on top of me and grinding her pussy against my tongue and face, I don't know whether it was because she had already cum, whereas in our session she hasn't, or what, but it was not good and I will probably not be choosing that again in a hurry.

Watching her use the dildo on herself on the other hand was great, I love watching her pleasuring herself with it and licking it clean for her, I know she loves that dildo and I am doing what I can to try and encourage her to use it more often. Strangely, for some reason Mistress was surprised when she saw her regular glass dildo on the bedside table and she said 'Oh, I thought you meant the other one....'. This was something of a surprise since 'the other one' has languished unused in the drawer ever since we bought it and tried it once.
What happened was, one time we were buying something off a sex toy site and Mistress said that she wanted another, bigger glass dildo. So she chose this one, which has big round ends, is curved in the middle and I believe has nobbles all over it. The first time she tried it she declared it was too big and uncomfortable and since then it has been in a drawer in the box. So I was rather surprised that she thought that was what I meant, and even more surprised that she seemed happy to try it again. I do think that Mistress would find it a lot more comfortable if she used it after she had cum and she was really, really wet... I intend to chose that one soon enough, I would love to watch that dildo sliding in and out of her beautiful pussy.
Oh yes, one thing that was really nice was when Mistress was using her regular glass dildo on herself, she sat over my face and I was able to lick her pussy as she was fucking herself, that was really hot and made my cock throb quite a bit (as you can probably imagine).

So it's 2AM here in the UK, and here I am writing my blog. The reason for that is I was so tired earlier that I went to bed and didn't get up for four hours, so now of course I can't get to sleep. Typical.
Mistress and I went out for a meal this evening at our new favourite place, it was a fantastic meal though I'm not sure my slimming club lady would agree, Mistress and I intentionally ordered different desserts and swapped over halfway... the chocolate cheesecake was immense, and the sticky toffee pudding was sensational, but so sickly, I don't actually think I could have eaten it all.
Mistress looked amazing. I don't know what it is but over the last year or so she really seems to have blossomed. Every time we go out she looks fantastic, she's finally embraced heels and open toes and now regularly wears clingy dresses that show off her fantastic figure. As ever this is a double edged sword, on the one hand I feel immensely proud of her and proud to be out with her, on the other I feel kind of depressed about it because even though I have lost 22lbs now, I am still way overweight. I realise that being the fat guy with the hot wife is better than being the fat guy with the ugly wife, but still, I don't want to be the fat guy at all and I do feel kind of intimidated by the fact that more often than not that Mistress R is the hottest woman in the room and I am not really holding up my end as yet... I did manage to wear a nice new shirt tonight though, which has been in my wardrobe for quite a few months now, so at least that's something.

Slimming World has been a good move so far, 22lbs in nine weeks is not bad at all really, and this has easily been the most successful dieting I have done in the last twenty years. We had a minor local celebrity visiting our group last week and he gave a refreshing perspective. He's lost nine stones (126lbs) in the last eleven months, which is incredible. He's still twenty stone (280lbs) but what I found interesting was his comments about before he started. He said he never considered himself to be massively overweight even though he was 400lbs, and he was shocked to discover that his friend (who he considered the fatter one because he was always out of breath) was much lighter than him.
I found this interesting because now that I have lost a bit of weight people are starting to comment and say things like 'You must feel so much better'. Well, no... I don't feel any different. I didn't feel massively unhappy or huge when I started, I did feel a bit crap when I went up to 18st (252lbs) last year, but even at 17st 4lbs I felt fine.
The thing is, I suggested an analogy to Mistress R yesterday... if you wore a rucksack every day and every day you put one more marble in it, you would get used to it and barely even notice. But if you put the rucksack on full of marbles, obviously you would notice it and be uncomfortable. I put my weight on over a period of several years so obviously it wasn't like I woke up fat one day, it was gradual... why didn't I address the problem when I was fifteen or sixteen stone? I don't know. I wish I had, but I didn't, and that was partly because I didn't feel that fat.
I think when I get down to where I want to be there has to be some monitoring to stop this situation arising again, and that's one good thing about Slimming World... when you reach your goal you stop paying, but you have to still go and get weighed every week and if you go more than so much above or below your goal weight you have to start paying again. I think that's a brilliant idea, because it's obvious that people like me need that kind of safeguard to protect us from our own negligence.

Anyway, let's hope that things get back to normal again sooner rather than later, it would be nice to be able to share some new hot experiences with you guys. On Thursday night I did try and instigate some foot-worship after I removed Mistress's heels after we'd been out, but after about a minute Mistress stopped me and went off to get changed, and when she came back I noticed she had put socks on and obviously wasn't in the mood so I left it. Unfortunately that's what the last few weeks seem to have been like here...

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Great post...

May I urge you all to read THIS great post over at 'Thoughts of a Sub Cuck Hubby's blog...

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Ninth weigh-in...

Two more pounds lost, making 22lbs in total in nine weeks. Can't be bad. Have chosen my glass butt plug this week, looking forward to that. Some of you may have noticed that our orgasm counter hasn't moved since the 14th of August. Well, unfortunately that's 100% accurate. And Mistress is on her period now, which arrived extremely suddenly and unexpectedly on Monday, which sucks... a week for us these days feels like a long, long time.
At least we managed to get seven orgasms on the board for Mistress R before things went to pot, so we should still manage a reasonable number this month, maybe even double figures. I certainly hope so. Then next month we should see Mistress hitting the 300 mark, that should be a cause for celebration indeed!

Monday, 19 August 2013

Everyone loves to see a guy getting kicked in the balls...

Lots of comments and emails about the video I posted on Sunday, thanks for that folks! It is mildly disturbing to find oneself aroused by such a video, but perhaps it is something that is seeded in one's youth... an early interaction with the more forceful (or dominant) members of the opposite sex might be getting kicked or kneed in the balls or seeing a classmate done likewise, maybe without even knowing it at the time this places a thought in our young heads that maybe not all girls are sweet and nice and maybe it's those girls we are most attracted too...
Most people commented that it was a shame the ball kicking in the video didn't last longer, which I agree is a pity... but on the other hand you have to wonder if the poor guy hadn't had enough? I think one of those would have been enough for me, and yet even knowing that I still find the video very hot. Her comedy breast implants almost ruined it mind you, but that aside she is quite attractive and obviously a body builder of some sort.
After the ball kicking I must admit I found the rest of the video a little dull, but judging by the reaction it's reassuring to know that I'm not the only one who found it an exciting watch!

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Nice video...

Despite the horrible fake tits, there's something very hot about this video, or at least the first couple of minutes. I think it's the amusement on her face and nonchalant way she kicks him in the balls.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Mistress Severity by Alex Jordaine...

Renowned author of BDSM/Femdom novels, Alex Jordaine has a new book coming out called 'Mistress Severity'. I haven't read it yet, though I do have a copy on my bookshelf for when I have the time (thanks Alex).
Alex was recently interviewed by the website 'Cara Sutra' which until recently I had never heard of, but which was apparently the winner of the ETO Best Sex Blog Award for 2013. I have no idea what 'ETO' is either to be honest...still, it's worth a look, so why not head over there and read for yourself what Alex has to say. Obviously I'm bound to wonder why I haven't actually taken it upon myself to interview people for my blog. Maybe I should... anyway, click HERE to visit 'Cara Sutra' and read about Alex and his new book!

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Eighth weigh-in...

Another half a pound, disappointing, but... that's 20lbs in 8 weeks, or 2.5lbs a week average. And last time I lost 1/2lb the next week I lost 4lbs, so next week could be a good result. Have chosen Mistress's glass dildo as my treat this week, looking forward to that, maybe tomorrow.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Removing blogs with ads...

I've just removed 'A Life of Submission' from my blog roll, and will remove any other blog which has those really annoying adverts on them where it keeps taking you away from the page every ten seconds. Hopefully Google will delete it anyway. I have never had any adverts on my blog and I intend to keep it that way.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

A wonderful feeling...

After a bit of a difficult and stressful week, Mistress and I got back on track tonight. We'd been out all day, but after dinner we made time for some pussy worship and Mistress had a really, really good orgasm. Then she set about teasing me until I was so desperate to cum... stroking me hard until I was just building up to an orgasm and then slowing right down, she is getting so good at that now, keeping me guessing, so damned frustrating! But of course I love it...
After several minutes of teasing my cock with her mouth her final act was to stroke me with featherlight strokes as she kissed me deeply, she knows that I really love kissing her when her mouth tastes of cock and I was absolutely throbbing, but to no avail. I was left hard and desperate, pulsing against her stomach as we held each other tight, completely connected and happy, a wonderful feeling...

Hot video...

Have to say, this is a pretty HOT video... (HERE)

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Seventh weigh-in...

This past week has been a bit of a chore, and I've been dreading going to Slimming World tonight because according to my scales I hadn't lost a damn thing. So convinced was I actually that I hadn't even given any thought to what I would choose as my treat this week! So I was very pleasantly surprised when I got on the scales and discovered a 1.5lb loss, which makes my total loss to date 19.5lbs (in seven weeks).
I had already decided not to stay for the whole meeting and rushed home to tell Mistress R the good news. A little while later we retired to the bedroom for an hour and she had another nice orgasm, followed by some lovely teasing for me. Mistress said I can tell her my choice of treat tomorrow.
If I can lose another 1.5lbs next week I will get my next certificate (for 1.1/2 stones lost).

Monday, 5 August 2013

The bell rings...

Just had a very pleasant surprise, completely out of the blue Mistress rang her foot worship bell and told me she wanted some foot worship before she went to bed. So I lay on the floor and gently kissed her feet and sucked her toes for about ten minutes, until she decided that she'd had enough.
I hope this is the start of a regular thing...!

Saturday, 3 August 2013

My first weight-loss reward...

You may remember that about ten days ago I hit my first stone lost, and you may also remember that Mistress R had told me that each major milestone in my weight loss journey would reap a reward. Well, this evening I finally got to enjoy that reward, and it was totally amazingly wonderful.
But first, of course, I got to revel in worshipping my beautiful Mistress's pussy. I have to say, this last week I am feeling back on top of my game when it comes to making Mistress cum with my tongue, the last four orgasms she has had have been intense and hard and extremely enjoyable for us both. This makes me happier than I can possibly explain, when I feel like this I feel... absolutely content. My Mistress's pleasure is paramount and I truly hate it when I feel like I am not performing as well as I know I can.
Mistress had already told me that she might be giving me my reward tonight so I should have guessed something was up when I found her on the bed completely naked, no bra.. not even a necklace. She looked absolutely gorgeous and I couldn't wait to taste her beautiful pussy. After a brief minute or two kissing she gently pushed me down between her legs and I kissed all over her silky smooth thighs before progressing to her pussy.
She tasted gorgoeus as always and even as I was licking her pussy I just knew I was getting it so right. After Mistress came I licked me fingers clean and lay down on the bed beside her and she leaned over me and grabbed my cock as we kissed. Once I was hard Mistress stroked and slapped for a while before straddling me and sinking down onto my rock-hard meat. It felt wonderful to be inside her and you can really tell the difference now I've lost some significant amount of weight.
I reached up and gently squeezed Mistress's lovely breasts and wondered if I might possibly get to cum over them this time, would that be my prize? Mistress continued riding my cock a little longer and then knelt beside me again teasing me about how lucky I was to be seeing her completely naked. I agreed and told her how amazing she would look naked with the slutty shoes she wore to the restaurant last night on. Mistress smiled and suggested I might like to chose that as one of normal weight loss treats. I might very well do just that!
Then she started stroking me harder and faster before telling me to get up on my knees. She lay back on the pillows and had me kneel between her open thighs. Almost immediately she made it clear that I wasn't about to penetrate her, but stayed with one hand stroking my cock while the other caressed her gorgeous breasts.
She told me that there was two parts to my reward, the first part was that she had decided to let me cum, and the second part was that she was going to give me permission to stroke my cock and shoot my cum all over her breasts. She pumped harder and asked me if I was close yet, I told her no, so she turned up the heat, stroking faster and harder while telling me I should be thinking about what it was going to feel like, look like and taste like. She reminded me that once I had sprayed her tits with my cum I was going to have to lick it all off like a good slave.
Finally I told her I was getting close and she quickly moved so that she was laying down with me kneeling at her side, stroking my cock hard and fast. My cock was like steel, I could not believe how hard it looked and felt and Mistress cupped her breasts with her hand as I stroked myself closer and closer to my first self-administered orgasm for at least twenty eight months!!!
I felt my balls start to pump and I shot the first huge squirt right across both breasts, I continued pumping and sprayed all over her hands and (mostly) over her left breast. It felt fucking incredible to make myself cum like that, and to see Mistress's gorgeous body covered in cum. I drained every last drop (and there was a hell of a lot believe me) from my cock and then Mistress had me lick her fingers clean before setting about cleaning the rest of her up with my tongue.
It actually tasted kind of sweet, I reckon there might be some truth in this thing about pineapple making your cum taste better you know! I willingly lapped it all up and thanked Mistress for giving me such a wonderful reward, it was only then she found some more cum dripping down her arm. She wiped that up herself, though I would have been quite happy to lick it off if she'd wanted me to.
It's been so long since I stroked myself to orgasm, and even longer since I got to cum on Mistress's breasts like that... I just, well... it was absolutely fucking incredible. I just hope that I can keep my hands off my cock now that I've been reminded just how good it can feel to stroke and cum like that!!!


Don't you find it frustrating when people just stop blogging? I don't understand it... I mean, the thing is you don't really know, there could be some genuine, possibly even tragic reason for it, and the worst thing is that unless you have been in direct contact you can't even get in touch to ask them about it, so you are reduced to leaving comments on their blog in the vain hope that they will read them.
Some blogs are more of a loss than others of course, the cessation of posting on Q & k's blog immediately springs to mind as a major disappointment, and recently both Eric M's excellent blog and the slightly dubious but always entertaining Submit to Black have suddenly stopped in their tracks without the slightest warning or explanation.
Who knows what has happened in these people's lives, possibly things more important than sharing their thoughts with thousands of anonymous readers... or in some cases maybe the well of inspiration simply ran dry? It's particularly perplexing when the person or persons involved have been regular comment leavers on your own blog as well, for a brief period Eric M was an almost daily comment leaver here and his blog was going great guns... and then nothing.
Of course not everyone has the time to post on a daily basis and that's perfectly understandable, this isn't a job after all, I just find it odd that someone would go to all the trouble to start a blog and then suddenly abandon it without a word.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Mmmmm, chocolate brownie...

On Thursday night I gave Mistress another very intense orgasm, they've all seemed to be really hard this week actually, which I love of course! After that I collected this weeks reward, Mistress played with my cock for a while before telling me to close my eyes and then straddled my face and allowed me to breathe in her scent. She stroked my very hard cock a while and then got off the bed to dim the lights in the room to their lowest setting.
Then she straddled me again and told me I could open  my eyes. It was so dim I couldn't really see too much of her ass, which I presume was the intention... but since I soon had my tongue buried in it I was happy enough. Mistress stroked me beautifully but stopped short of any kind of relief. However she did tell me that she has now decided what my first stone treat is going to be, so I'm looking forward to that.
Last night we declared our much delayed Femdom day and went out to a restaurant for the evening, we had a fantastic meal (not so great for the diet probably, but you have to give yourself a break sometime) the highlight for me being a chocolate brownie that was very nearly as good as the truly spectacular one's I made earlier in the year (before the diet, obviously), while Mistress R had a very minty Pimms and Gin & Tonic sorbet which I also tasted, most unusual and rather nice. At least I have a few more days before I have to face the scale.
When we came home I presented Mistress with some presents to open, some more of her favourite chocolates of course (that hard to get Lindt Strawberry Cheesecake) and a few pieces of jewellery. Mistress was delighted with everything and said she felt totally spoiled, which was the intention. Though it was Femdom Day, the nearest we got to anything Femdomy was me removing her slut-shoes when we got home. It's a shame I didn't think to offer to worship her feet (or that she didn't order me to do it) while she was opening her presents, that would have been lovely. I must admit I'm a little disappointed about that...

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Parachutes away...

Last night I finally got to enjoy my parachute treat from last week, but not before I had eaten Mistress R's gorgeous pussy to another spectacular orgasm. It might have taken every last day of July to get there, but in the end we got her to double figures yet again. It's a shame we didn't manage to get up to the twelves and thirteens of the last few months, but given the circumstances I think we did pretty damn well.
I fitted the parachute and then fixed it to the end of the bed, before laying down and feeling the tug on my balls as the lace tightened, pulling the parachute and my balls away from my body. At first it can be a little uncomfortable, especially as my earlier erection had subsided, allowing loose skin to make it's way into the folded leather, but once hard these problems subside and it's very enjoyable if quite intense.
Mistress stroked and teased my cock nicely, occasionally reaching into the parachute to use her nails on my balls, that felt pretty amazing I can tell you. Then, after about ten minutes or so she decided to straddle me and slipped my cock inside her. It felt so good to be inside her AND to have the parachute pulling on my balls...I'd love to find out what it felt like to cum with my balls pulled like that, I bet it would be really intense. Any hopes of finding out and filling Mistress's divine pussy with cum were quickly dashed. I felt the parachute pull tighter and tighter and then felt my balls pull through the parachute, WTF!
I don't even know how it happened, I'm sure I've never used the parachute on the tighter setting before, maybe I've lost a lot of weight around my balls? Unfazed, Mistress continued riding my cock and took a more hands on approach to stimulating my balls.
Eventually she climbed off and gave me some more fast strokes, which really, really, really made me want to cum... but every time I felt the beginnings of an orgasm she slowed her strokes down again.This frustration continued until finally Mistress offered me a choice between five squeezes, three strokes or a good hard slap.
I chose the squeezes, which were firmish, but I wanted them much, much harder.
So the parachute fell off, but even so it was a wonderful session. Mistress tasted wonderful and it was a joy to see her cum so hard twice in a row. It's been twelve days since I last came, and my balls are still feeling quite 'tugged' nearly 24 hours later. At least my stomach has settled down a bit now and my back is a lot better too.
After we finished Mistress asked if I had decided what my reward for this weeks weight-loss was going to be. As I hinted yesterday, I decided to ask for more ass worship. Maybe I will be getting that later tonight?