Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Someone just asked me....

Regarding the poll, what if they had a threesome with a girl and another guy and the girl sucked them both off at the same time so that their cocks where rubbing together in her mouth! Well, I guess I would say that was 'kind of' a same sex experience, but that's all....

Poll finished...

So, 72% of the women who voted have deliberately ruined a partner's orgasm, while 56% of the men who voted have been on the receiving end of the same. A further 10% of men have 'sort of' had an orgasm ruined for them and the balance have neither given or received.

This weeks poll is to do with same-sex experiences, and when I say 'sexual experiences' I mean, you know, at least something more than a drunken snog... happy voting!

My cold is worse today, so fucking annoying!

Monday, 30 January 2012

A new blog you all need to check out...

Our dear friend Miss Christina has launched a brand new blog which mainly details her exploits with her new sub 'Jay'. It's a fascinating insight into Miss Christina's journey from online Mistress to real-life domme, so I heartily recommend you visit 'here' right now and bookmark the site for future use, because it's gonna be really good stuff! You can also access the blog from my blog roll and my links page (link will be added later today).

This sucks...

I've got a cold and it sucks. Tonight was supposed to be fun-time, but I don't see it happening now, bah! All the more annoying because Mistress R is getting closer and closer to her 100th orgasm since we started this and when she gets there I've got a little surprise for her... oh well, if it doesn't happen tonight and we go out on Thursday like we normally do, I guess it won't happen before Friday at the earliest, sigh...

Nice to see this here blog is still picking up new followers, nearly twenty more since the big split I think, which is very encouraging.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Just a few odds'n'ends...

I guess most of you will have read this already, but 'k' has finally got around to posting about last weekend's fun and games, and anyone with an interest in cuckolding won't want to miss this post (here).

Another orgasm for Mistress R last night and some teasing for me, nothing really noteworthy. Mistress R admitted later that she wasn't really in the mood and I picked up on that so I wasn't either really, still...

Our good friend Miss Christina is having a fun time this weekend, looking forward to hearing all about it when she gets time

Quite amazed by the poll results so far, especially that 70% of the women who voted have ruined one of their partners orgasms deliberately...

Friday, 27 January 2012

The pleasure of deferred pleasure...

In Good Hubby's latest post (here) he describes how his attitude to masturbation has changed over the last 30+ days. He has always been quite frank about how he uses masturbation to relieve stress and the fact that he would commonly jerk off three times a day. However, for his latest period of orgasm control he and NW agreed that all stimulation would come from her (GH and NW are not in a Femdom type relationship) and so he has not been touching his cock. Today he is stressed and he caught himself thinking about an orgasm as a means of relieving work stress, but as he says 'the concept of masturbating feels alien' to him now.
In some ways I can understand his sentiment. For me I wouldn't say masturbation has lost it's appeal, although it is undoubtedly inferior! My own relationship with masturbation has changed because I want Mistress R to have all the control I can possibly give her over my cock, partly because I love the thought of being controlled by her, but also because I know that if I refrain from stimulating myself when Mistress R does decide to touch me it will be all the sweeter.
It's hard to believe that Mistress R granted me the safety net of three 'chances' between each orgasm and after the first few months I've hardly used any of them. I think this is partly because of the way it was done. If, for instance I had been granted three chances per week or month, you can be sure I would have used them a lot more, but never knowing how long I would have to wait made me keep them in reserve, often until it was too late and Mistress R allowed me to cum, thus wasting those chances, and this pattern repeated over and over until I realised that actually it was much better to wait for Mistress R than to pleasure myself (even under her supervision).
Eventually I started to forget that I even had the option to ask for permission to touch, until I finally acknowledged to Mistress R what I had felt for some time, that I no longer really needed or wanted those 'chances'.
If you have read my write up on our Femdom session last weekend you will know that during that session Mistress R told me that she was reducing my chances to two between orgasms. She reminded me that she could take them away completely at any time if she wanted to, but that 'for now' she was going to reduce it to two chances.
Part of me thinks that I want her to take them away completely, and part of me thinks, but what if she does start pushing you to much longer periods of denial? But then part of me thinks, so what if she does? I still won't use them unless I absolutely have to... interestingly Mistress R compared my 'chances' to an 'emergency packet of cigarettes' held by someone else for someone who is trying to give up smoking. I can sort of see what she means... though I'd have to say I'd rather wait a few days for a really gooey chocolate cake than have a plain biscuit now (if you see what I mean).

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Locked Husband's latest blogpost...

Great post at Locked Husband's blog today. I can really appreciate what he means when he talks about how his wife's orgasms give him more 'emotional' satisfaction than his own and how he can be totally satisfied just by pleasuring her. I have felt this way for so long that I really can't remember it ever being any other way. Which is probably why I get more grumpy than Mistress R does when her cycle gets in the way of things...
I love, love, LOVE making Mistress R cum more than anything. I love being totally absorbed in her pleasure and if truth be told as much as I love feeling her cum against my tongue, it's also like a clock ticking away, because I know that within a minute or two I am going to be torn from the place that I love to be more than any other. Yes, Locked Husband, I totally get it.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Some very sound advice...

Can be found here on Giles English's site. If you are in the process of introducing kink into your relationship it would behove you to read it. Sure Mistress R is in charge now, but she didn't come up with the idea of male chastity, or even Femdom, and the overwhelming probability is that your wife won't either. At some point, as Sarah Jameson* is endlessly telling us all, if you want it, you are going to have to stick your head above the parapet and take a risk. I did and it worked out pretty damn great!

*I'm sure most of you know who Sarah is, I find myself constantly in awe of her creativity when it comes to her 'buy my book' emails. It seems that Sarah sees parallels to male chastity in almost everything. If Sarah sees two flies sitting on a jar, it somehow forms the basis of an email which compels you to buy her book (it's Winston Churchill's turn today). In fact I think it would be quite amusing if she would put a suggestion box on her site and pull them at random to form Dali-esque emails imploring you to purchase her book on the strength of some abstract story created from three dispirate elements such as a man up a ladder, a fried egg and a horse. Kind of a 'Ready, Steady, Buy my Book' kind of thing.** I bought it though, and if you want male chastity and you don't know how to go about it then maybe you should too. Look, she's got me at it now, aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!

**(I don't know if Ready Steady Cook exists outside of the UK, basically it's a cookery show where the participants have to make a meal out of some random items, like eels, a cabbage and some bacon).

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Mistress knows best...

I can't believe it's only two days since our session on Sunday, it already seems so long ago... and a number of weeks to wait until the next one. By rights it should be two since I had to wait six for this one, but I can't see Mistress R going for that, and three weeks will no doubt clash with her next period, damn you female reproductive cycle, damn you to hell! So four weeks then, in all probability. Sigh...
Still, at least tonight was pretty damn good!

Mistress and I hit the bed about 8pm, and once again we started out with me on top, holding myself up on my arms and knees as we kissed and she stroked my cock, which got hard in two seconds flat I might add! Soon she was rubbing the head of my cock against her pussy and giving me that super cute smile that makes me fucking ache for her. She is so beautiful, and she is even more beautiful when she smiles like that.
I continued to kiss her and pushed my hips forward to increase the pressure slightly on her pussy, what I really wanted to do was to just push my cock inside her and explode! But of course this is not allowed, and besides Mistress R would probably appreciate a little 'preparation' shall we say. This is not easily achieved when you are holding yourself up on your arms...
After a while Mistress R pushed me back onto my knees and continued to stroke my throbbing cock. I wanted to touch her pussy so bad, but since I am not allowed to instigate penetration (one of her rules remember) I could do little more than massage her thighs and hope.
"Lick your fingers," she said.
I did as she instructed immediately, could she be about to let me inside her?
"Put them inside me," she ordered as she continued to stroke my cock.
I gently slide a finger inside her and Mistress R groaned (is there a more wonderful sound in the world than that?). She pulled me back on top of her and fed my cock into her pussy, she probably wasn't really quite wet enough yet, but Mistress has always loved the feeling of my cock entering her the first time and she eased me into her tight pussy and soon I was kissing her again as my cock slid in and out of her gorgeous slit.
We continued like this for a couple of minutes, me relishing the still relatively rare feeling of being allowed on top, my cock hard (no cock ring) and completely under control. But I wanted to be deeper inside her and so I pulled her back towards me and lifted her legs up and supported them on my shoulders. I kissed up the insides of her beautifully smooth legs and kissed her feet as I continued to fuck her.
As this wonderful moment continued I realised that I was starting to get close, Mistress R noticed that I was starting to slow down and obviously realised what was happening. She looked up at me between her legs and simply said "Don't cum!".
I continued for a short while longer, slowly sliding my cock in and out of her, enjoying every last second of being inside her, knowing that she wouldn't allow me to continue for much longer in case I pushed myself too far. As much as I love having her control my cock and orgasms, these moments are the hardest (but also the best in a way of course). Having to obey her instruction to back off when every fibre of your body is telling you to slam your cock into her and fill her with cum.... it's not easy. But it is so worth it, I love Mistress R's control so much, I don't think anyone who has never experienced that kind of control can ever really understand.
She pushed me back onto my knees once again and let her legs fall back down either side of me. She reached forward and used both her hands to stroke my cock a little more. It felt wonderful. Being out of her now, I had backed away from the edge, but was still very, very hard and desperate. Then she lifted her right hand to my face and had me lick her fingers, they were covered in her pussy juice but smelt and tasted very strongly of my cock too...
"Now it's time for some pussy worship," she said, and I slide back down the bed into position, my throbbing cock pressing against the mattress as I sank my face into her beautiful pussy. She smelled and tasted delicious and I enjoyed every last second (as I always do), finally bringing her to a fairly hard orgasm.
Afterwards we lay together in bed and she gave my balls a playful fondle before leaving them alone and pulling her hands out from under the sheets. I was a little disappointed (obviously) but since I had been granted some wonderful penetration I could hardly complain, could I. We lay for a while, warm and cosy together, my cock getting harder and harder and harder as I wallowed in the memories of what we had just done together.
I made a remark about how hard my cock was and she reached under the covers and stroked it a little more, it felt soooooooooooo good. She continued for a short time until I whispered to her... "Please squeeze my balls Mistress."
She obliged, three times, each a little harder than the last, her very long nails digging into me at the same time. I wanted it harder, much harder, but even so it made my cock throb even more and Mistress R told me "That better be it for tonight."
I guess Mistress knows best...

Two awesome GIF's over at 'Q' and 'k's' place...

Two pretty awesome ruined orgasm GIF's over at 'iHonorHer' right now, posted in my honour no less!!! Along with this very cool comment from the man himself about his feelings towards them.

"When Q takes the time to tease, and get me off with just the friction from Her thumb or one finger... It's so fucking hot and maddening at the same time! And the 'ruined' orgasm that results from this treatment... and being fed my cum from off my belly by Her fingers... it's so fun... frustrating... humiliating... erotic...
And the looks She gives... and the little comments She makes while doing this... Oh man... as frustrating as it can be sometimes... i so love Q being in control of my orgasms!"

Click 'here' to visit 'iHonorHer' and see the GIF's!

Monday, 23 January 2012

New poll...

Okay this week I want to know if you (men) have ever had a partner deliberately ruin one of your orgasms, and (women) have you ever deliberately ruined a partner's orgasm? I've added a 'Kind of...' option for those of you who aren't quite decided or who want to plead some mitigating circumstance (do share it with us via the comments box below).
As I have explained on here before I believe, I haven't yet had the pleasure of a deliberate ruined orgasm, but early on in my sex life I had a few non-deliberate (I can't really call them 'accidental') ones, mostly thanks to an indifferent girlfriend who wasn't keen on getting cum on her hands and my being too embarrassed to finish myself off properly. Who knows, maybe that's where all this started... it would certainly explain why I continued seeing a girl for three years who I really didn't have much in common with, or actually like quite a lot of the time... orgasm denial was her deadliest weapon and she didn't even know it!

An oversight, to say the least...

How in the hell I managed it I don't know, but in my post yesterday (about our Femdom session) I missed out a rather important part of the story! I've corrected my horrendous oversight now, but if you've already read that post and just want to know what I left out, then I have added it below...

She lifted off me and turned around, stroking my hard, slippery cock as I stared up at her gorgeous ass and stretched pussy. She sank down on my face and then pushed her ass into my face again and told me that now I was allowed to lick her asshole. I didn't hesitate for a second and soon felt the tip of my tongue pressed against her puckered hole. Mistress R started pushing back against my tongue as she stroked me, that was incredibly hot to feel her fucking her ass with my tongue, really quite something! She allowed me to continue worshipping her beautiful asshole a little while longer and then lifted herself away again and knelt beside me...

Results of the polls...

So this week's polls have come to a natural conclusion once again, and the results are as follows:

I asked, 'Have you ever had a one-night stand'. Well, 13% of women and 7% of men have had lots of them, 17% of women and 21% of men have had a few, 26% of women and 33% of men have had one or two and 44% of women and 39% of men haven't had one (including me).

At least I don't feel quite such a loser now (joke).

- - -

Anonymous, thanks for your comment, yes that photo really is Mistress R. As you rightly said I am a lucky sonofabitch!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Our first session of 2012, at last...

Six long weeks, that's how long it's been since our last Femdom session. But today, finally, it happened, and was it ever worth the wait!
As per almost usual it seems these days, right before the session I felt a little unwell, actually I had a huge throbbing... headache. I rarely get headaches, so for one to strike right before our long delayed session is just typical. I took two painkillers and as usual, as soon as the session started I forgot all about it.
Mistress R had instructed me to wait on my knees for her, with my blindfold, wrist and ankle cuffs and the Oxballs Cocksling all in place. She entered the room and greeted me, her foot rubbing against my captured  balls right from the start.
"So," she said. "I understand that you have no transgressions to confess this time, is that correct?"
I confirmed that to be true and she told me that she was very happy with me, but added that she still thought I needed a few slaps to 'remind' me who was in control. She told me to move onto all fours and as I did so she collected her whip from one of the bedside tables.
I received eleven strokes, each of which I counted and thanked her for as I know she likes me to do. By the fourth stroke my cock was hard, rather unusual since normally whipping has the opposite effect on me. Upon completion Mistress R had me kneel up again and she bent down to tease my cock with her nails. Trapped inside the Oxballs Cocksling my cock was absolutely rigid as Mistress leaned close to my ear and whispered again that she was very pleased with me for keeping my hands off my cock.
"It isn't even really your cock any more though is it?" She said. "Who does your cock belong to slave?"
"You Mistress."
"And your balls?"
"You Mistress."
"And your ass?"
"You Mistress."
"And your mouth?"
"You Mistress."
"Good, now turn and face the bed."
I turned to face the bed as Mistress climbed onto it and after a few seconds I felt her foot against my chest. She ordered me to worship her foot and I was more than happy to oblige. I have been waiting to properly worship her feet for six long weeks and I loved every last second of it. Mistress R has the most beautiful feet I only wish I could have seen them as well as taste them, but the blindfold was to remain in place. I love worshipping her feet, but I particularly love sucking her toes, especially her big toes, I love swirling my tongue around them as I suck them, it's so damn hot...
When Mistress R was satisfied that both her feet had been suitably worshipped, she ordered me on to the bed and restrained me, spread-eagled on my back. Immediately she straddled my face and told me to lick her pussy and my cock which had deflated a little in the meantime was rock-hard once again. I adore licking Mistress's pussy and I truly love having her sitting on my face.
She rose up off of my face and told me to beg her to take my blindfold off so that I could see her. I did as she asked and she told me to close my eyes. She removed the blindfold and told me I could open my eyes. My cock pulsed as I looked up at her, she was wearing my favourite of her Femdom outfits a black PVC zip-up top with open cups and straps around her breasts, she looked AMAZING.

Mistress R in my favourite outfit.

Mistress R reached over to the bedside table and grabbed her favourite glass dildo. She told me to suck it and get it wet for her, because it was going where I wanted to go. I dutifully sucked her glass cock for her and then she told me to watch as she fucked herself with it (like I was going to look anywhere else?). The dildo made a wonderful noise as she slid it in and out of her wet pussy and soon it was back in my mouth and I was cleaning it up for her, only for her to stuff it right back into her glistening hole.
I could feel myself moving my hips, wanting to be inside of her, desperately wanting to feel her gorgeous pussy wrapped around my cock, enclosing it in her warmth... so frustrating. She put the dildo down and straddled my face again, moving back and forth as I held my tongue out, dragging herself almost to the point where my tongue would graze her asshole, but never quite far enough. She knows all about my lust for her ass and soon she had turned around on me, pushing her ass into my face, right up against my nose so that I could smell her ass as she played with my cock.
"No licking until I give you permission, remember!"
I didn't need to be told, but I loved the way she said it. I love when she talks to me like that, I love how confident she always is in our sessions, it so hot!
She moved off me again and turned round finally lowering herself onto my aching cock. She smiled at me as she sank right down on my cock, it felt heavenly and we both groaned softly as we enjoyed the ultimate feeling of closeness. She got off and back on my cock a couple more times in the next few minutes, and then knelt beside me stroking my cock, all the time reminding me that she was in control of my cock and that she can make me wait as long as it pleases her to let me cum.
"You love that I control your cock don't you?"
I confirmed that I did love it and then she said that she thought it was time I had something up my ass.
She took the regular dildo from the bedside table and squirted lube on my ass, but not before commenting on how I was lifting up off the bed, obviously eager for it. She slowly slid the dildo inside me, it felt great, and told me to put my legs down and make sure I 'kept it inside'.
At this point she decided to remove the Cocksling, not the easiest of tasks it seems, but I enjoyed the way she tugged roughly at my balls in the process of getting it off. She got off the bed and moved around to the other side where the clothes pegs were, but first she picked something else up and then I felt her smear toothpaste all over the head of my cock. Then came the clothes pegs, one on each nipple as normal, and then she left me alone.
She returned about five minutes later and smiled at me as she came back in the room. She told me to lift up my legs so that she could remove the dildo, which I had completely forgotten about as it happens! It came out so smooth and easy and felt so comfortable that I really, really hoped she might decide to use her strap-on me today, but it was not to be. I toyed with the idea of asking her if she would please fuck me, but decided that it wasn't a good idea.
Besides, after she had wiped the toothpaste off my cock and removed the clothes pegs she told me that now she was ready to let me make her cum. Yes! She untied me from the bed and told me to kneel up at the end of the bed. She placed another pillow on the bed and then stood on the bed in front of me. She pulled my head into her pussy and I licked her a couple of times, savouring her beautiful taste and scent before she moved down onto the bed and lay back in front of me, she had removed the PVC skirt that she had been wearing before and she looked just gorgeous.
Her toes teased my cock for a couple of seconds as she told me that now she wanted to cum.
"I'm sure I don't need to tell you to do your best, because I know you will."
I moved between her legs and started gently licking her beautiful pussy, savouring every second of being there. I love doing this so much, I am a total pussy fanatic.
Gradually I added one finger, then two, then (just) three, before massaging Mistress R's G-spot and working her clit with my tongue. I was rewarded with a nice orgasm for Mistress R, although the usual copious amounts of pussy juice were noticeable only by their absence. Nevertheless I greedily licked the sheet and Mistress R clean before she had me over on my back again and secured once more.
She rubbed my cock against her nipples and then straddled my face until I was fully hard once again and then sank down one more time on my cock, smiling down at me as I watched her through half-closed eyes.
She lifted off me and turned around, stroking my hard, slippery cock as I stared up at her gorgeous ass and stretched pussy. She sank down on my face and then pushed her ass into my face again and told me that now I was allowed to lick her asshole. I didn't hesitate for a second and soon felt the tip of my tongue pressed against her puckered hole. Mistress R started pushing back against my tongue as she stroked me, that was incredibly hot to feel her fucking her ass with my tongue, really quite something! She allowed me to continue worshipping her beautiful asshole a little while longer and then lifted herself away again and knelt beside me.
It being only a week since I came, I didn't anticipate being (or really want to be) allowed to cum today. As she stroked and teased my cock though I began to wonder if perhaps, maybe, possibly she might be planning to ruin an orgasm today, not least because earlier she had said something about 'stopping right at the last moment'...
But no, instead she told me again how happy she was that I had managed to keep my hands off my cock and also that I hadn't used any of my 'three chances'. She reminded me that I could still use them, although she preferred it if I didn't, but then she reminded me that she could take them away at any time she pleased. She continued, saying that she wasn't going to do that... yet, but that instead of three chances between orgasms she was reducing it to two.
I wasn't expecting that!
She started to pump my cock harder and faster but just as I was starting to get close to being close she slowed down again and told me that she wasn't going to let me cum today. She stroked me and teased me a little more as I pumped my hips in frustration, and then she told me that the session was over.

After the session we lay together for a while, holding each other close. I felt completely content, like I only ever do after making her cum, and completely subbed out like I only ever do after our Femdom sessions. But even as we lay there in utter bliss my mind was already moving forward, anticipating a couple of days hence, longing to be back between Mistress R's beautiful thighs, kissing and licking her sweet pussy and feeling her cum against my tongue. As far as pussy worship goes I really am insatiable, no wonder I get grumpy if I have to wait more than two days. If only Mistress R was a little more demanding... ah well, what's a complete pussy-slut to do?

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Femdom session tomorrow...

Long delayed, and looking forward to it very much! This afternoon Mistress R teased me through my jeans as we lay on the couch. If you've never tried it you wouldn't believe how stimulating it is, especially when she was stroking my balls and the tip of my cock. I hope she gets into the habit of doing this more often, it's really rather fantastic!

Needless to say there will be a lengthy post tomorrow following the session, and I'm looking forward to reading the post 'k' has promised us about 'Q's' adventures last night!

An amazing picture...

Truly awesome Femdom photos are a rare beast, but this photo is pretty damn spectacular, smoking doesn't do a lot for me, but the rest of it certainly does! I found it on 'FemdomProper' and you can visit this excellent site by either clicking the photo or visiting my links page.

Friday, 20 January 2012

The only downside...

This week I have been feeling a bit grumpy, a bit irritable, a bit meh... I can't help but wonder if it isn't somehow connected to the orgasm that Mistress R allowed me on Sunday night. I'm sure Good Hubby* (among others) has commented on his blog before that he doesn't feel as 'connected' to his wife in the days following release, and I must admit I have noticed a similar thing before. I think what has made it worse this time is that my release coincided with Mistress R's period and so there was no sexual closeness until Wednesday, or certainly no pussy worship, which is the one thing that always lifts my mood. But even that has limitations especially as now I have to wait until Sunday...
I'm sure there's more to it than that though, I've been feeling unsettled all week, I think it's partly the January blues... or perhaps particularly the same old it's fucking January again and I'm still fucking fat blues! Still, at least I have lost six pounds since New Year so it's going the right way. All I can do is keep plugging away and hope that it works this time.
Also, not that this has anything to do with chastity or anything at all really, but... I have had this dream over the past few years, which returns every so often and it is fucking terrifying. At one point I even thought about trying to write it down and make a book out of it, but I've forgotten a lot of it... it's like I'm living in this big house, that's much bigger inside than it looks outside (don't ask me how), I mean it's like a mansion, and we only live in part of it. At one side of the house there's a stairway (and this part is a dream that I've had for a long, long time) and at the top of the stairway there's a gap that I can only just fit through, it's really horrible and claustrophobic.
Anyway, I've had several variations of this dream but basically through this gap (I think) there's this really massive, long corridor with all these rooms of them and it's kind of run down, cold and kind of 'forgotten' and I always think 'why don't we use this part of the house'? And then I start renovating it and.... well actually I don't remember too much, except that there's this really horrible atmosphere and then over time the dream has progressed to where one time I spend the night in one of the rooms and all this weird shit happens (I don't remember what exactly but my skin is going cold just typing this, believe me...) until I run out of there scared out of my wits.
So anyway. That was 'fun' to share.....

Oh yeah, anyway, the point was, that this morning at 6am I could feel this dream, or actually a new variation of it, starting and I was almost close to just getting up early because I didn't want to have this horrible dream again, so that didn't exactly start the day well today.

*(Not so sure that it was Good Hubby now I come to think of it...)

I wanted to comment on the postings on 'k' and 'Q's' blog today, but I don't really know what to say. If you haven't been to their blog today, tonight 'Q' will be out with her lover (Dominick) while 'k' waits for her at home. I don't know how he copes with it, but all that matters is that it works for them and I shall certainly look forward to reading about it over the weekend (hopefully), especially after Q's brilliant post yesterday (here).

Thursday, 19 January 2012

I need my fix...

Finally last night I got to worship Mistress R's beautiful pussy again and gave her orgasm number 95! We started out with me on top, holding myself up on my arms as Mistress teased my cock and made me nice and hard as we kissed. Then she started rubbing the tip against her pussy and I could feel myself pushing forward, wanting to feel the tip press against her, but when I did this she would push me away a little bit.
I opened my eyes to see Mistress R wearing the cutest smile ever as she used her fingertips to tease me more, until I felt myself pushing forward again. Eventually she released my cock completely and placed both of her hands on my chest and pushed me down between her legs.
You all know how much I love going down on Mistress R by now, but it's always a little more special when I haven't been able to do it for a few days and my cock was absolutely throbbing against the mattress as I breathed in the scent of her gorgeous pussy. I love that smell sooooo much, the only thing better is the taste!
After Mistress R had a nice hard orgasm we lay on the bed together and she started teasing my cock again. She soon had me hard and told me that that was the last time I would get to go down on her until Sunday (our delayed session), which made me just a little bit sad. Still... I'm sure Sunday is going to be fantastic.
Mistress stroked and teased my cock wonderfully, with a couple of slaps thrown in for good measure, including one to my balls (which felt like it might have been an accident but was still lovely). I didn't for a moment think that she was going to let me cum, and I was of course right, I mean it's only been four days.
After a few minutes she told me that that was my lot and we cuddled for a while, my aching cock pressing against her as she remarked that I seem to get more irritable then she does when she's on her period and I can't go down on her. Well, yeah. I need my fix! Nothing makes me feel happier or closer to Mistress R than feeling her cumming on my tongue...and when I can't, I do miss it. Even if it is only for a few days.
It's just a little bit annoying that we've come off one short break and now we are starting another leading up to the session. Still I guess I shouldn't complain. How many guys my age get to have sex three times a week anyways, hahaha...

Monday, 16 January 2012

Great caption spotted at Nemo's place...

If there's one thing we love it's a sexual dilemma, and that's a great one... click the pic to visit Nemo's blog. Damn, that would have made a great poll question!

New poll is up...

Okay, so this weeks poll isn't connected to chastity (how many chastity related polls can you actually think of that I haven't already done?), instead this time I'm taking inspiration from Good Hubby's comments yesterday. So what I want to know is have you ever had a one night stand?
I haven't, but I don't honestly regret that. For as long as I can remember I was always looking for a girlfriend, not a fuck. I think perhaps I figured out even at an early age that I wanted to do it more than once (haha) so a girlfriend seemed the best option. Plus I think I also somehow must've known that a lot of girls won't let you eat pussy on a one-night stand...
Anyway, I'm reliably informed (by Mistress R) that one night stands aren't all they are cracked-up to be (well, what else is she gonna say, "They're great, you should try it sometime?" I think not), and I tend to believe that for me at least they wouldn't be. I don't know why but I've never been one for sowing oats, so to speak, and having committed to Mistress R at quite an early age I've never been remotely tempted to stray.
So all being well, I'll probably never have a one night stand. Perhaps if you have you'd like to share your experiences (good or bad) in the comments box below? After you've voted of course, in the usual place.

The day after...

Well, I dunno about where you are but it's cold and frosty here in the UK today. Still, I have the memory of Mistress R's spectacular blowjob last night to keep a smile on my face (and my hands off my cock!). I still feel quite 'drained' and there wasn't much in the way of morning wood to resist this morning, which is strange because there was certainly massive evening-wood (or more accurately early hours of the morning wood) last night when I went to bed, which was quite surprise... still, I'll probably have a day or two to recover before Mistress R starts really teasing me again so I'm sure I'll be back to full strength by then.
I'm still a little bothered that Mistress R could feel so unsure about my feelings after being given such a wonderful orgasm, but I guess I spent the best part of a year convincing her that this (control and denial) is what I want so I guess it's understandable. I just hate the thought of her worrying about it when it was so totally awesome!
As I've said on here several times, I have no real interest in permanent denial, or even really long term denial (as in months and months or years), I still love to be allowed to cum now and again, and judging from last night Mistress R loves it too! But there's no getting around the fact that last night wouldn't have been nearly as intense if it wasn't for the twenty days of denial which preceded it.
Oh well, I guess we are still slowly learning and growing into this lifestyle and I'm sure as time goes by Mistress R will become more relaxed and sure in her own mind about everything, all I can really do is reassure her in the meantime.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

When you least expect it...

I've been sitting on the computer upstairs for a couple of hours now, while Mistress R watches 'Dancing on Ice'. During the half hour 'voting' break near the end, she came upstairs and told me to turn my chair around. I thought she was going to sit on my lap or something, but much to my surprise she told me she wanted my jeans down. I quickly complied with her wish and before you know it she was on her knees in front of me sucking my cock!
I really wasn't expecting this at all, and soon I was fighting back the urge to cum. Mistress R didn't exactly make it easy for me either, licking my balls while looking up at me, stroking and then stopping, keeping me right where she wanted me until she decided to either stop or...
After a while she let my cock slip out of her mouth and asked me if I'd managed to keep my hands off my cock. I told her I had, although for how much longer I really don't know. She said this was my reward for following instructions and reminded me that touching my cock myself could NEVER feel this good. I had to agree.
She started slapping my cock, about half a dozen times, leaving my cock even harder than it had been before and then she started stroking it faster, at which point I knew she was pushing me towards the edge. I managed to keep control, but was getting to the point where I was going to have to tell her I was close, when she asked me if I thought I deserved a treat for being good for her. I was trying to form the words to tell her that it wasn't up to me, but before I could get them out, she told me that she wanted me to cum for her.
She clamped her mouth around my cock and started jerking me even faster until the inevitable happened and I spasmed hard as I shot twenty days of cum straight down her throat. It seemed to go on and on, and left me completely wiped out.
Of course if I was 'writing' this right now then Mistress R would have held my cum in her mouth and French kissed me, but she didn't... she said it tasted quite nice (as in- not unpleasant) but I still think she'd rather it didn't hang about in her mouth any longer than necessary, which is fair enough I guess.
Afterwards we kissed and cuddled as my cock dripped onto the floor and she reminded me that that was a treat for me for behaving myself. Well, I must say, it's certainly given me one hell of an incentive to keep following instructions!!!
The only thing which bothered me slightly was that afterwards Mistress R sought reassurance several times that I wasn't 'disappointed' that I'd been allowed to cum. I feel bad that she's worried about that, because there's no need whatsoever, especially when she's granted me such a wonderful orgasm. Sure I crave denial, but the end goal of that denial is to make the orgasm (when it finally comes) spectacular, and it certainly was SPECTACULAR!
Now I'm more impatient than ever to make her cum again... roll on Wednesday.

Polls are closed...

So the latest poll is closed, and the results are pretty overwhelming to say the least. 47% of men and women who voted claim that male chastity has 'greatly improved' their relationship, and a further 43% of men and 38% of women claim that it has 'improved' it. This leaves only a meagre 7% of men and 15% of women who say that male chastity has had no effect whatsoever on their relationship and just 3% of men who claim that male chastity has actually 'greatly worsened' their relationship. No one voted for just 'worsened'.
I'd still be very interested to hear from those 3% if they would care to email me or leave a comment?
So, overall, that means that 90% of men and 85% of women who voted think that male chastity has had a very positive effect on their relationship. Got to be good!

The ever quotable Good Hubby...

Over at Good Hubby's blog, our man is musing on his desire for ass worship (and even goes so far as to point out my earlier post as inspiration, what a nice chap he is...) and wonders aloud just why he finds it so appealing. More than that he actually describes it as a 'litmus test' of sorts, and I quote...

"When I see a very attractive woman, I can gauge my opinion of her, physically, by whether or not I could see myself tongue deep in her ass..."

He goes on...

"If I am willing to put my mouth and tongue to work on a woman's ass then she is clearly in tier one with respect to my attraction. Don't we all have that scale? 'Yes I would let this woman give me a blowjob, but nothing more'. Followed by 'I would have intercourse with her but I'm not putting my mouth on her'. Then 'Yep, I'd go down on her'... When you get to 'I want to tongue fuck her ass and I don't care if she's showered." Well from there, where do you go? If my tongue goes there, you are not just attractive but you are on fire, either that or my want has driven me to absolute depravity."

Can't say that I've ever had a 'scale' myself, and if I did it would probably start with giving oral, cos that's just how I am. Still I can see what he's getting at (read the rest of Good Hubby's post 'here') even if I don't exactly agree with him. As to why I love worshipping Mistress R's ass, well... obviously the fact that it's 'taboo' is something to do with it, but also I love the taste of it and really, how much more intimate can you get with someone than licking their ass? Of course it also feeds my submissive needs as well as (I feel) showing my utter devotion to my beautiful Mistress. Of course the fact that Mistress R only comparatively rarely allows me to do it only makes me want it all the more... which is a shame, because I would dearly love to spend a lot more time worshipping her gorgeous ass.

Bursting at bedtime...

So, not for the first time on a Saturday night, I retired to bed at about 11:30pm, while Mistress R stayed up drinking wine and reading her book. When I got to bed I picked up the the home-made book on my bedside table, consisting of stories I had printed out from Literotica. The story I was reading last night is called 'Teased and Denied' by Big House Lover and you can read it 'here'. I read this for maybe half an hour and then turned out the light.
At around 1:30pm I heard Mistress R coming to bed and I turned over and and hugged her, running my hands over her back and down her ass and the backs of her thighs as my cock quickly got rock-solid hard against her stomach. It was perfect, blissful torture. I wanted her to touch it so fucking bad, but at the same time I knew that if she did it would be just seconds before I had to warn her off, I felt like I was going to explode!
We stayed like this for quite a while, my cock just throbbing away... as I fantasized that she had me lay on my back and told me that she would run her finger gently up and down my cock twenty times, and that if I really was as close as I claimed I would be able (and allowed) to cum. But no matter what happened, all she would do would be to gently stroke my cock twenty times with just one finger. So, if I didn't start to cum until the last cycle, then it would just have to be completely ruined...
As you can probably imagine, this just made me even harder, and I desperately wanted to slide down her body and taste her pussy, I would have willingly begged to worship her pussy and ass, even just to kiss them a while....
I was brought back to reality as she kissed me goodnight and turned over and I snuggled closer, spooning her with my impossibly hard cock pressed against her ass. This was even worse and I heard myself let out a small groan as I imagined my beautiful Mistress lying on her side while I held her ass cheeks open and tongued her puckered hole, my cock leaking precum as she continued to deny it stimulation...
Finally I realised that I had to pull away from her now or just the sensation of my cock pressed against her might just push me over the edge. I turned over and tried to go to sleep, fighting the urge to curl my fingers around my pulsing cock. I just about managed it although as I drifted off I felt my finger brush against it and was quite shocked at how hard it still felt.
I can't believe that I haven't touched my cock for five weeks now, it's getting harder and harder to resist, especially when Mistress R is making me ache so badly, just by being so fucking sexy. Damn, this would be so much easier if my wife was ugly, hahaha. Now that our Femdom session has been put back until next weekend, I really wonder if I am going to be able to last another week without caving in to temptation.
I'm also convinced that not touching my cock myself is making it much more intense when Mistress R decides to touch it. We're only on day 20 right now, but on Friday night she left me a quivering wreck and even commented to me yesterday how desperate I was... what I find completely awesome about that is that I know that a year ago, or maybe even less than that, she would have seen how desperate I was and finished me off, but not now...
Time and again I've read comments on blogs like that, where the woman starts out hesitant and unsure, having to fight against her natural urge to please her lover (in the accepted manner) and I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say that that feeling you get when you no longer have to worry that she's going to give in just because she can see how much you need... want it, is a wonderful, wonderful thing.
I'm also becoming more and more convinced that actually, for me, day twenty isn't nearly as big a deal as eighteen orgasms in nine months. Since we've had no breaks since we started, and no close groupings of orgasms to really put me back to square one, I am sure there is a definite cumulative effect. But either way I'm loving it, and hard as it is when my cock is throbbing and aching for orgasm, like almost all of you who have voted in my poll so far, despite the initial 'weirdness' and the whole getting your wife on board thing, I can think of almost nothing negative to say about my experience of male chastity so far...

Friday, 13 January 2012

A change of plan...

Mistress R announced earlier that her period may be on the way a week early, so the Femdom session looks like it's going to be put back until next weekend. On the upside, Mistress R had me worship her beautiful pussy tonight and then treated me to some very lovely teasing, which left me positively aching to cum. Indeed, when my cock finally softened and I got out of bed I noticed a single bead of pre-cum dripping down the head of my cock, needless to say I scooped it up on my finger and licked it clean...

The psychology of submission...

I had an interesting email conversation with someone (who wishes to remain anonymous) the other day. I asked them if they had noticed, as I had, that the tone of my captions was slowly becoming 'nastier' (for want of a better word), the dominant female character more heartless, selfish and in some cases contemptuous of their sub male (indeed, only yesterday 'Throne' left this comment on my latest caption: "Her contemptuous tone and ridiculing attitude are perfect. I wonder how low she could drive her husband?").
He replied that he had noticed the change and furthermore pondered aloud... "I wonder whether you could influence somebody's sexual interests just by posting different captions?". He went on to elaborate, "As an experiment, if you took an average guy who liked normal porn - white female / white male - and asked him to look at just one website for a year, which contained just one caption and one story which increased slightly in  strength every day, so little as to be almost unnoticeable, but over the course of the 365 days had progressed to feel blown cuckoldry, big black cocks and creampies, I wonder if Mr Average would have been converted?". I'm guessing, unless Mr Average has a very rigid mind, or is particularly racist (in this example) that he would be.
I commented to my friend that some stories and to a much lesser extent captions (in my opinion, I just don't think they last long enough to have the same effect) can have an unusually intense effect on me. I'm sure we all have our favourite stories after all, the ones that somehow just hit all the right notes every time. I don't think it's necessarily that they are written by the best authors, and another person might find them wholly unremarkable, it's just that for whatever reason they somehow manage to trigger all your 'horny buttons'.
This can seem strange or possibly even a little troubling if the story in question falls outside your comfort zone. Perhaps your favourite story involves some really intense and heavy S&M, or perhaps a same-sex element which you are not entirely comfortable with, and yet it sets you off like a Roman Candle whether you like it or not...
Some of you may remember that a while back I painstakingly retyped a story that I had read in a copy of Forum magazine called 'Feeling Cucky' (click 'here' to read this story). This is perhaps the perfect example of what I'm talking about. On the face of it, it's not a very 'nice' story and flies in the face of everything I want and believe in. And yet until just recently I could not read this story without getting hard and feeling almost nauseously horny.
There have been other stories in the past that have had a similar effect, though none quite so dramatic.
I mentioned this story to my friend and he hadn't seen it so I pointed him towards it and after reading it he commented, "Just read it and I know exactly what you mean, love it and hate it at the same time, there's something really horny about Linda, the cruel bitch." He went on to pinpoint a part of the story that I also found particularly intense... "It's the part in the car when she touches his cock and teases him, it's at that point when she knows she holds all the power."
Now as long time readers of my blog will know, the fact that this story has/had such an strong effect on me (repeated reading has diminished the effect somewhat) was more than a little troubling to me as it does indeed fall way outside my own comfort zone, but nevertheless I can't deny that I went back to read it again and again.
So what is it about this story that particular gets me? Well, obviously that's a hard one to answer, but one thing I did come up with is the element of believability. Okay, so anyone who's read the story might think that's a rather strange argument to try and make, but bear with me. When I say believability, I think the thing that sets this story apart is that it's nicely circumvents it's biggest obvious stumbling block, namely how do you turn the wife from being loving and shy into a completely heartless slut and make it believable? You can't. Right, so instead the author doesn't even try to do this. He pushes the wife (Marie) into the background and makes the story centre around the relationship between the main character (Mike) and Linda (the bad influence). As a story telling device it's brilliant!
If you read the story, Marie never undergoes any kind of dramatic (and unbelievable) character change, other than she becomes a slut, but in a sex story that's quite easy to go along with, much easier than a personality change to slip by your audience. Linda is a heartless bitch right from the start too, so there's no leap of faith to be made there and Mike's submissive side gradually and naturally increases as the story develops. The only slightly weak link in the chain is Linda's dominant boyfriend 'Luke' but for the most part his character is represented only through Linda's words and so this is not such an issue.
It's Linda who teases him about his inadequacies as a lover, who tells him that her boyfriend is going to fuck his wife whether he likes it or not, who sends him video clips of Marie worshipping Luke's cock... Marie's part in the whole story is almost peripheral, in fact she's hardly even granted any dialogue, only her soft moans of 'Eat it, eat it all' when Mike goes down on her after she has been on a date with 'Luke' stick in the mind...
All of which is very interesting of course, but which still doesn't answer the question of why does it have such a strong effect on me? Unfortunately, that's something I haven't yet figured out.

Great post...

Great post over at 'Nuts4Belle' today, I particularly liked this part and I'm sure this will be the part of Belle's post that Jnuts will appreciate the most!

"I seem to be coming into the role that Jnuts is hoping for a little more. Last night I had absolutely no problem riding him to orgasm, getting up, putting clothes back on and falling asleep. I felt no guilt, and did not feel the need to ask him if he was okay with it. It is what it is, and it is what he wants," - Belle

You can read the rest of the post 'here'.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Busy week...

So I'm sure some of you have noticed (well I hope someone's noticed!) that I haven't exactly been posting that much this week, this is partly because I've been working hard in the day and just haven't had as much time as usual in the evenings. So I thought I would at least try to post something today, I don't want anyone thinking I'm giving up on the blog!

Firstly, thank you to all the people who have already voted in the two polls this week, if you haven't done so yet I would appreciate your participation and you can find the polls in the right hand column. This weeks question regards how male chastity has affected your relationship, there's one poll for men and one for women of course, so please take the time to have a look.
It's heartening to see that the vast majority of you feel that male chastity has had a positive influence on your relationship, but the two votes that have been made in the 'Greatly Worsened' column have piqued my interest somewhat and I would be very interested and I would really love it if the people who voted in that column would like to email me or leave a comment as to why they voted this way.

As you can see from the sidebar, Mistress R had a lovely orgasm on Tuesday night, and I got some very enjoyable teasing too, including some extremely nice penetration (her on top of course), but no orgasm. Not that I was really expecting one, we're on day seventeen now of course and our femdom session is pencilled in for next Sunday (which will be day twenty), that's still a long way short of my recent thirty five day stint, so there's no reason at all to expect an orgasm then, but it's possible. Then again, it's possible any night of any week, it's all at Mistress R's whim, just like it has been for over nine months now.
I was hoping for some pussy worship tonight, but Mistress R decided that she wanted to wait until Sunday, which means that after five days of waiting she should have a pretty intense orgasm! I certainly hope so. 

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Monday, 9 January 2012

New poll...

So, the new poll is up. And this week what I want to know is how you feel male chastity has affected your relationship (there are separate polls for men and women by the way). We often hear that male chastity is the panacea for all ills and to be honest my gut feeling is that that's probably a lot of claptrap. If your bloke is an arsehole locking him in a CB3000 isn't going to change that. But if he's a basically sound man who needs a little help focussing his attention on you, then that's much more likely to be successful, and if he's completely in love with you and wants you to have control of his orgasms because he wants all his pleasure to be found in you then you've hit the jackpot.
Luckily for Mistress R she falls squarely into the last category, as such I can't honestly say that male chastity has 'greatly improved' our relationship, because there wasn't that much wrong with it in the first place. I could say however that it has greatly improved our sex-life, since I no longer have to worry about getting and staying hard like I used to and Mistress R now gets exactly what she wants, when she wants, which in turn makes me happy. As such, I would recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone who showed the slightest interest. I could quite happily live like this indefinitely.

This weeks poll...

This weeks poll was all about ass worship (male on female ass worship more specifically) and whether it rang your bell or not. It came as no great surprise that 71% of men who voted absolutely loved worshipping their wife's (I'm using wife because I can't be bothered to type all the possible variables every time) ass, and I'm certainly one of them! A further thirteen percent are also quite keen, making very nearly 7/8 of all men polled!
A further 6% are slightly less enthused, but still enjoy from time to time, while another 6% were not so keen, leaving only 4% who really didn't want to know.
On the other side of the coin, 58% of women polled really love having their man tonguing their ass, and a further 17% are also pretty keen, which again means that 3/4 of all women polled are pretty into it. A further 17% were a little less eager, another 4% not so keen and just 4% seriously not into it at all.
Thanks for voting I will put up a new poll just as soon as something pops into my (currently empty) head.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Oooooh yes...

Mistress R had orgasm number 92, right after my last post, and what's more she tasted absolutely delicious! In addition to that, I had another session of teasing, including some nice slapping (mostly to my cock but one very light slap to the balls too) and again I thought Mistress R might be on the verge of letting me cum, but no, just as I was becoming convinced she suddenly told me that that was it for today. It must have taken at least two or three minutes for my cock to soften even without any stimulation, how wonderfully frustrating...

So close...

Last night Mistress R and I had a lazy Saturday night, we watched a film called 'The Infidel' which was pretty funny actually and then we played a computer puzzle game I had bought her for Christmas for about two hours. Y'see it's not all whips, chains, dildos, edging and pussy worship here all the time, we do have a night off now and again, hahaha.
After this I went off and did something on the computer for a bit and then went to bed, Mistress R stayed up drinking wine and reading. I went to sleep just after 1am, and Mistress R came to bed about 2am. As I felt her getting into bed I woke up a little bit and the next thing you know I felt one of her long fingernails scratching my balls. I jerked away from her hand (too much too soon) and she gently teased around my groin area until my cock started to grow. Soon she had me in her hand and I was rock hard. I reached down and grabbed her lovely bottom as she teased me and then she pushed the covers back and moved down the bed to take my cock in her mouth. It felt sooooo good.
Funnily enough, Mistress R had expressed some surprise the other day at my claim that I had only been allowed to cum in her mouth once since April 2011, and as she sucked my cock I started to wonder whether I was about to get my second chance. Well, in a word, no. After a while she moved back up the bed and pulled the covers over us again, and for a second I thought that was it.
But no, she started kissing me and stroking my cock, ever closer to the edge. Once again I was determined not to cry enough too soon, but at times I was sailing rather close to the wind I think. Still I managed to maintain control and after a while Mistress R told me it was time to go to sleep. She let go of my cock and and I turned on to my side and held her close, kissing her passionately. Finally she turned over and I spooned her from behind, my poor desperate, aching, throbbing cock pressed against her gorgeous ass. Mistress R took great delight in pushing her ass back against me and for a moment I thought I might actually cum, but thankfully I managed to control myself. Next thing I knew I was waking up about half an hour later, still holding onto Mistress R, who was by now asleep.
As I type this Mistress R is in the shower, and soon I will be joining her in bed to worship her beautiful pussy once again and give her yet another lovely orgasm. I think it's pretty safe now to assume that she will reach a total of one hundred before I reach twenty, I hope so anyway, as I would love to preserve the 5:1 ratio if possible. Still, if Mistress R should decide to allow me several orgasms in a short space of time I don't suppose I'll be complaining, just as I don't suppose for a second that next time she takes me close to the edge I'll be thinking about our respective batting averages! It's just a bit of fun after all.
Anyway, I do believe I've just heard Mistress R turning the shower off, so I shall bid you farewell for now...

Saturday, 7 January 2012

No Femdom session today...

Unfortunately we have had to postpone our Femdom session until next weekend, however luckily for me there may well be some pussy worship (and presumably teasing) on the cards either today or tomorrow. We'll see...

Today is a bit tough on the diet front, but then it's the first weekend so it was bound to be. Maybe it's for the best that we have postponed our session until next weekend, because after an hour of pure indulgence like that it's kind of hard to be disciplined for the rest of the day! So far (okay it's only six days) I have adhered to my regime of one hour of exercise every day and an intake of 1600 calories (not much when you weigh what I do, and according to this calculator I should be eating twice that to maintain my weight). I'm sure I've lost a few pounds already, and if nothing else I certainly feel a lot better than I did a week ago.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

On top at last...

This evening was better than I could have possibly hoped for. Mistress R and I adjourned to the bedroom just after 8:30pm. I was kneeling on the bed when she came into the room and lay back on the bed. She reached for me and pulled me towards her, as I moved up the bed I found myself inbetween her legs with my cock slowly hardening as we kissed and brushing against her pussy. We continued kissing and my cock continued to harden until Mistress R reached down between us and started stroking it and brushing the tip against her lips. I don't know whether she was pulling me towards her or whether I was doing it off my own back, but I felt my cock pressing a little harder against her pussy and then I did feel her pulling me closer and it was obvious she wanted me inside her.
I pushed forward, a little concerned that she wouldn't be lubricated enough but not wanting to break the moment. I felt my cock push inside her a little way, perhaps an inch and then I felt her hands on my chest, pushing me back a little. I thought that was going to be it, but no, she continued rubbing the head of my aching cock against her pussy and then licked her fingers and rubbed them first on the head of my cock and then on her pussy. She pulled me closer once more and started rubbing my cock against her pussy again. I felt my cock start to enter her, but she was so tight I thought she was going to push me back again and I started to worry that I would lose my erection (on top without a cock ring is sometimes a little troublesome for me, especially if I get cramp in my legs), but no, I felt my cock start to push inside and Mistress's beautifully tight pussy gripped me firmly, massaging my cock and keeping me hard.
She allowed me to thrust gently into her for a couple of minutes as we kissed, both of us enjoying the (now) unusual sensation of me on top, fucking her. But even though I was on top, it was still abundantly clear that she was in control. And after a few minutes, she pushed me back again and then reached down to stroke my cock. She looked up at me and asked me if it felt good. It felt fucking amazing! She looked so hot right then, so sexy and in control and just so aware of how under her control I was, it was fantastic.
She pulled me closer again and allowed me to penetrate her one more time, I continued my gentle fucking motion, aware that I was starting to get a little close for comfort now and wondering how much longer she would allow me to continue. I didn't want to say that I was getting close unless it was really necessary as I didn't want to give her a reason/concern that we should stop earlier than she wanted me to, and, also I began to wonder if she was going to tell me she wanted me to cum inside her.
As it happened, she pushed me back once again and down between her legs. My cock throbbed as I moved down the bed and buried my face between her gorgeous thighs, inhaling her scent and breathing heavily as I started to worship her pussy, the pussy that I had just a few seconds before been inside...
She tasted delicious and I soon had two fingers inside her, stimulating her G-spot as I licked her clit. I adore eating her pussy and fairly soon she was nearing orgasm and I stimulated her clit a little harder and faster as I twisted my fingers inside her. Suddenly she was cumming and I slipped my fingers out of her and grabbed onto her so that I could maintain contact with her clit until she pushed my head away, and then pulled it back several times.
Finally she lay back on the pillows and presented her feet to me to worship. I willingly and adoringly started kissing her toes and instep, glancing upwards between her legs at her beautiful wet pussy, taking every opportunity to look at it and commit every last detail to memory. I love worshipping her feet and that's the one thing I am looking forward to about the summer, having her barefoot and ready for foot worship at any moment.
After a few minutes she sat up and told me to kneel up so that she could touch my cock with her feet. I was on my knees in a flash and Mistress R used her gorgeous red-painted toes to stroke and tease my cock and balls, that was absolute Heaven! Then she sat up a little more and licked her fingers again, before reaching for my cock and giving it a few more wonderful strokes.
"That's all the teasing for now," she said and we lay down on the bed together, her thoroughly satisfied and me thoroughly teased. What a wonderful evening!

End of discussion...

There will be no return of captions to this blog, I might very occasionally add in a photo, but for the most part this blog will remain as text moving forward. I've also removed the view counter from my blog because frankly it doesn't matter how many people read my blog, as long as the right people read it, I will also attempt to keep my eyes off the stats page, because it's too easy to get bothered by it when it doesn't tell you what you want to hear and you start second guessing your content. I want this blog to be a quality blog first and foremost so I will be putting more effort into the quality of my posting rather than trying to post every single day, thanks for your support.


While re-writing my profile, it suddenly occurred to me that I haven't cum by my own hand since April 2011. Right, I know what you're thinking... "Well, dur!". And yes, I agree, but the point is, all eighteen orgasms which Mistress R has granted me over the last nine months have either been inside her, by her hand or in her mouth (sadly, only once IIRC). Which means that I literally haven't made myself cum in all that time.
That is quite a freaky thing to think about really... I can't say I particularly miss it, simply because I would much rather all my orgasms were brought about by my beautiful Mistress. It feels a lot better to be touched by her than to touch myself, and the added element of control means that any orgasm she gives me is better than one I could give myself even if she had permitted it.
That said, I do recall one occasion, several years ago, when we were in a session and Mistress R had me kneel at the foot of the bed and cum on her gorgeous feet. I actually missed by a mile and half of it went up her shin as high as her knee (yeah, it was that good!), but that was a very memorable orgasm and one I wouldn't mind repeating (I loved licking all that cum of her legs and feet too!).
Still, perhaps Mistress prefers that I don't make myself cum, even with her permission. I must admit there is something rather delicious about knowing that every orgasm I've had over the past nine months has been a direct result of her (and only her) stimulation. Indeed, for me to give myself an orgasm, I would first have to seek her permission to touch my cock, since in the last Femdom session I did almost touch my cock without permission and Mistress noticed and sought assurance that I hadn't. Actually, between you and I, it would be quite a turn on if Mistress R told me that she would never let me make myself cum again...

New profile...

I have just spent rather a long time completely rewriting my profile page, it actually turned into something of a retrospective post rather than a simple 'profile', if any of you would like to read it you can do so by clicking on the 'Read my Profile' banner near the bottom of the page, clicking on the tab at the top of the page or by clicking 'here'.


I am writing again. About a month or two ago, one of our regular visitors asked me if I would a very specific story for them, which I agreed to do. I have finally started work on it, and said visitor is pleased with the first part (so that's good!). When it is finished I will let them read it first, but it will eventually find it's way here. Not giving too much away, but it's basically a story about a guy who fantasizes about seeing his wife getting fucked by a big black cock. It's not your basic cuckolding story though, there's more to it than that...


A bit of meddling on the blog today, or perhaps fettling would be a better description. I have removed the box link to the Milovana page, replaced the Keyheld banner with a sharper image, moved the blog archive to the  bottom of the page (does anyone actually use it?) and trimmed and moved my blog roll up to the sidebar. I may yet find more fettling to do!

A rather entertaining post...

A rather entertaining post over at Mistress 160's blog today. Poor Sol had been in chastity for three weeks only to be plunged into a game where he was challenged to cum six times in six hours! His balls look rather empty by the end, to say the least.... read all about it here.

In other news, after a consultation with Mistress R our Femdom session might be moved forward to Saturday. Usually Mistress R has her last orgasm on Thursday, which gives her a few days of anticipation (can hardly call it denial, can we ;)) before the session. But Mistress R is going to see her friend tomorrow night and will be having her last orgasm tonight, so it makes sense to move it forward otherwise it'll be four days between pussy worships and that's just too damn long! With everything else off the table (so to speak) for the whole of January, there's got to be something pleasurable I can do with my mouth!
Since I doubt I'll be cumming anyway, it doesn't really make any difference for me... how many days is it now anyway? Hmm, nine. So I guess cumming isn't completely out of the question then. We'll see.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

So, the general consensus seems to be...

No to the return of any captions, yes to illustrating some posts with pictures. I'm pleased actually, because the more I think about it the more I don't want captions here (even though the caption blog is getting more hits than this one now, at least the two blogs together are back up to 2,500-3,000 hits a day mark).

Thanks to everyone who's voted in the poll so far, it seems popular opinion is right behind me in regard to the joys of worshipping ass!

Hopefully, there will be some pussy worship and teasing later, but then that might be it until Sunday, cos it's Femdom time again. But then again, maybe I'll be able to persuade Mistress R to let me taste her on Friday... doubtful, but you can be sure I'll be trying!

Monday, 2 January 2012


Had an email today from someone who loves my blog, but says that since the captions went the blog is just text, text, text, text, text. I can see what they mean and I agree. Maybe I should include some captions, but only ones relating to chastity? What do you guys think?

I know it's pretty clear but...

Just to make sure, the Ladies poll is how do you feel about 'receiving' ass worship, not giving!

New poll...

New poll is up (usual place), and this week I want to know how you feel about ass worship, one poll for the men and one for the women, and thanks to Good Hubby for the inspiration!

I haven't cum since last year...

Well, Mistress R has just enjoyed her first orgasm of 2012, the first of many, many, many more to come too! I, on the other hand got to enjoy another lovely bout of teasing which left my cock throbbing against her once again, which means that (for the moment at least) I can say with all sincerity, that I haven't cum since last year! Which is not saying much since it's actually only seven days, but perhaps I will still be saying that in mid-February, or even late February, or well, who knows?
I've been in a funny mood these last few days, I'm impatient to get my teeth into the new year, to get back into a routine, and stop getting up and going to bed late (it does nothing for the complexion). I'm not desperate to go back to work as such, but I am looking forward to addressing my weight and that is best done in tandem with the routine that a working week brings.
It's so fucking frustrating starting yet another year in almost exactly the same position, but there's no one else to blame so there's only one thing to do. And having managed to learn to keep my hands off my cock pretty good now, I'm hopeful that I can apply the same level of determination to keeping my hands of off chocolate and other goodies.
I could spout on about being determined and this, that and the other, but then I always feel like that at the start of the year, so that doesn't really mean anything. Besides, actions speak louder than words and so it's time to stop talking and start doing something! Which is exactly what I intend to do, starting today.

Poll closed...

I asked how many times you thought Mistress R would allow me to cum in 2012, and 52% of you reckoned it would be less than ten! 24% thought between ten and fifteen, 16% of you said fifteen to twenty, 5% twenty to twenty five and just 3% more than twenty five...
My thoughts are that if we ignore April, it's been either one or two a month ever since, but, of course I would think that Mistress R will want to push it every so often and I definitely think there will be an orgasm free month at some point this year (I did go 35 days of course, but it straddled two months) so I think, if I had to bet on it I would say between ten and fifteen.
But, then again, Mistress R has always said that she might want me to cum several times in quick succession (although I'm yet to see any sign of this, it must be said) in which case I could well have long periods of denial but still have a higher overall score. I guess we'll just have to wait and see, won't we!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

So it's been a month...

Since the blog was split in two and from the pageviews it seems that about a third of my hits came from the captions. I'm quite happy about that actually, I thought it would be more.

Starting the way we mean to go on (almost)...

Last night was a very late one, I know we were still awake way past three, and heading for four. Consequently Mistress R and I feel 'wonderful' this morning... still, I woke up with an impressively solid morning wood and Mistress R very kindly teased me for a few minutes, it was the perfect start to the New Year. Well no, of course the perfect start to the New Year would have been laying on my front between Mistress R's gorgeous thighs bringing her to her first orgasm of 2012, before she edged me while having me tongue her beautiful ass. But, you know, I'm not complaining!
Mistress R looked so hot this morning, and I told her I was so happy that she owned my cock now. That made her smile and she said 'me too'. I think this year is going to be even better than last year, not least because hopefully Mistress R will be controlling me the whole year (we didn't start 24/7/365 until April last year), and that makes me feel so happy. Now, I just have to work on that 'meaner demeanour'...

Once again, Happy New Year to you all.