Wednesday, 30 October 2013

And one more makes eleven...

Last night Mistress decided that she wanted some more pussy worship, which resulted in another lovely orgasm for her. That means, despite the barren first half of October, in the end she came eleven times...just the same as September and August! 
Also she came eight times in the last eleven days which has got to be a new record for us!
After Mistress came she allowed me to gently stroke her asshole with my fingertip while she verbally and physically teased me until I was about ready to burst. Femdom session planned for Sunday, I can't wait!

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Big mistake...

Not last week, the week before, Mistress and I were off work so I decided that I would book a week of from Slimming World (we are allowed six 'holidays' a year), in my infinite wisdom I had a plan, which went like this:
I'm off work for a week, it's my birthday, we're going here there and everywhere and I'm going to put on weight, no doubt. And that was before I decided to start baking... then my brilliant mind followed it up with the idea that, going back the next week was a waste of time and money since I was bound to have put on, what was the point of paying £4.95 to be told I'd put on ?lbs. No, instead I would book two weeks off and the second week I would make sure I lost all the weight I put on in the first week.
It all sounded perfectly plausible at the time of course.... however, as the weigh-in inevitably approached it was clear that I hadn't lost all the weight I'd put on, or anything close to it really. And so it was with considerable trepidation that I attended the meeting this evening. You may remember that I had lost 27lbs (a tantalising 1lb short of my two stone reward...) before my week off, and as I mounted the scale this evening I was fully expecting a gain of 6lbs, putting my right back to 1.5stones lost. Worse than that I was worried that it may even be more, since our bathroom scales and the fancy digital ones they have don't seem to correlate in any conceivably accurate fashion. What if it was 7lbs or even 8lbs???
In the event I had actually gained 5lbs, which while not being in any way positive, is not as bad as it could have been. Which means my reward is now 6lbs away. Which, I think, if I am 100% focussed and by the book, is achievable within the next two weeks. Three at the most. And that still leaves another 4-5 weeks before Christmas to potentially lose another half stone.
Missing the meetings was a really, really, really terrible idea and I won't be doing that again in a hurry. Indeed, if at all possible I will be attending even when I am on holiday in future.

On a brighter note, after a disastrous start to October, Mistress R and I turned things around and last night Mistress enjoyed her tenth orgasm of the month. I knew we could make double figures if we tried hard enough, I am very happy about that. Tomorrow I am off to see a few bands with a friend, so hopefully we can start November with a bang on Thursday!

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Ass worship is so fucking HOT!

This afternoon was just fantastic, obviously after our day out in London yesterday Mistress and I didn't get around to having any 'fun' last night... we were beat, all we wanted was to shower, watch TV and go to bed. So today we made up for it...
It started like the last few times really, me laying on my side gently teasing Mistress's gorgeous inner thighs while we kissed until she pushed me down between her legs. I must have been doing something right because when Mistress's orgasm hit it seemed to last a really long time, she certainly seemed extremely satisfied anyway.
After she recovered she had me lie on my back and she started stroking me until I was rock hard. Almost immediately she slapped my cock and balls a couple of times and then caught me off guard a bit with an very firm ball slap while my cock was in her mouth! She continued stroking, slapping and sucking my throbbing cock for a while and then she started using her teeth on the head which was really intense and verging on painful, but so hot!
She continued teasing me as I reached around her and squeezed her ass, dreaming about plunging my tongue into her delicious asshole as she continued to jerk my cock hard. I told her how bad I wanted to lick her ass and she said...
"Well, you still have a reward owed to you. Maybe you should choose that."
I told her I definitely wanted to choose that, to which she replied...
"Do you want it now or do you want to wait?"
I told her I wanted it right now and she manoeuvred herself on top of me, giving me a good look at her pink little rosebud and making my cock throb even harder. She made me beg for it each of the three times she allowed me to worship her ass, and I fucking loved every last second of it.
Each time Mistress lifted her ass away from my mouth she looked so happy and sexy, I don't know how my cock didn't explode in her hand.
The third time I pushed my tongue as deep as I could and it felt and tasted so good, I absolutely love worshipping my Mistress's beautiful ass, it really cannot be emphasised enough just how much I fucking adore it! I just want it to go on and on, I just cannot get enough of it.
Then Mistress turned around but continued stroking my aching pole. And started telling me how badly she wants me to get to my two-stone goal, telling me how badly she wants me to get my reward, and all the time she was stroking, stroking, stroking...
She told me over and over to think about how it's going to feel to jerk my cock until I shoot my cum all over her gorgeous ass, how it's going to look and how it's going to taste as I use my tongue to clean up every last drop of my cum off her ass. Over and over, until I was about ready to agree to anything she wanted just so I could do exactly that. I want so bad to lick my cum off her beautiful asshole, I know it's going to be even better than licking it over her gorgeous breasts.
But in the meantime, making her cum so well today and then getting to worship her delicious asshole was just a spectacularly good end to the weekend. Roll on next weekend and our Femdom session!

Check this out...

You guys know how much I rate the Oxballs Cocksling, well Thumper has written a review of the Oxballs 'Dude' Sheath which sounds pretty damn cool if you ask me, you can read all about it on his blog HERE. I must admit the idea of really stretching Mistress R's pussy out with that once in a while really appeals to me!

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Some random 'sex facts' from the Erotica programme...

1. A third of all divorce filings in 2011 contained the word 'Facebook'.
Just one more reason to avoid it like the plague.

2. The largest penis on record is 9.5 inches flacid and 13.5 inches erect, owner claims it is more of a curse than a blessing.
I bet it is, I really wouldn't know.

3. For 75% of men, ejaculation occurs within three minutes of penetration.

4. Ithyphallophobia is a morbid fear of seeing, thinking about or having an erect penis.
Seriously? Are they making this shit up?

5. A woman once had sex with 919 men in a single day.
And not one of them gave her their real phone number.

6. There are about 1000 recognised euphemisms for 'vagina' in the English language.
I can manage about ten, maybe...?

7. Having sex when you are ill can reduce fever due to the sweat produced.
That's one to keep on stand-by.

8. The founder of lost his girlfriend to a man she met on
Well that's just funny.

9. In Jamaica an erotic dance called 'daggering' was banned from TV after causing broken penises.
Eh, what???

10. At an annual masturbatathon in Japan a man broke the record for continually masturbating. He managed 9 hours and 57 minutes.
So close, could he not just manage another three minutes?

Erotica 2013...

I have literally, literally just got home from London and Erotica 2013. I thought I would get down my thoughts while they are still fresh in the memory, and while Mistress R gets a shower. Of course, the thought of Mistress R dripping wet is bound to a be a huge distraction but I will do my best!
First impressions of the new venue (Tobacco Dock) were quite good, it's a very cool building with vaulted ceilings in the lower floor. It did seem a little cramped in some of the individual 'shops', something which was not a problem in Olympia because it was more set up like a trade show with 'stands'. I would say the lower ceilings and less spacious surroundings did create more of an atmosphere though and no sooner had we walked in than we looked to the right and there was a woman with her tits out getting a photograph taken as she stood against a wall.

The first shop we went in was Bondura and we were tempted by a vibrating butt plug, but after some deliberation I decided that since we already have more than one butt plug, and we have a small vibrator we could probably achieve the same effect that way. I do find the glass products to be far superior and so I'm trying to get away from the crappy, rubber stuff if possible. It shouldn't be too difficult to attach the small vibe to the ring on the end of my glass butt plug I don't think, maybe we'll try that out soon.
I have to say, predictable though it may be, there were rather too many places selling corsets, burlesque outfittery and those shit masks that are on the cover of 50 Shades of Grey (possibly). In fact there was really only one place selling the kind of PVC stuff that Mistress was looking for and sadly there was nothing that really tickled her fancy so we left empty handed on that score.


There was a Spearmint Rhino lounge in one corner, which we entered and discovered a very bored and rather unsexy looking blonde going through her very uninspired looking moves on the pole while two 'official' photographers took pictures of her arse (which had Spearmint Rhino rather unsubtly written on it, well actually not her arse, obviously... rather her bikini bottoms). Elsewhere there were two or three other rather less than animated 'S/R' girls sitting on a motorbike. I have to say, I have never really been remotely tempted by the allure of a pole-dancing club, I just think it's so... fake and cynical, I suppose. Plus, these girls were just not sexy to me in the slightest. Yes they were slim and they had the big hair and all that, but being sexy is way more than that and this after all is supposed to be their job! I don't know, I would be interested to know if any of you have ever been to one of these clubs, what was it like?
At 3:00pm we managed to grab a seat in front of the Erotica Stage, ready for... you guessed it 'Natural Born Thrillers'. Which, basically is two very hunky guys and one guy who looks a bit like Lee Mack. No really.

Which was entertaining in itself, as he seemed to treat the whole thing as a giant piss-take. I got the impression that he was the 'boss' and perhaps he's getting close to packing it in, cos he looks a little bit older than the other two, certainly old enough to know better anyway. Bless him. It was rather amateurish (a bit like last time actually, lots of awkward pauses in the music etc etc) but pretty funny though, and once again Mistress R did manage to have an 'encounter' with a half naked stripper (not the one who looked like Lee Mack unfortunately), though this time she didn't have to rub oil all over his chest...he just kind of well... gyrated on her lap, though I think she was mainly concerned with him not getting baby oil on her Radley handbag.
After the show Mistress and I headed back into the throng and Mistress tried on the aforementioned PVC tops, and then we kind of realised that we'd seen pretty much everything we wanted to see. Which was fortunate as the Torture Garden show was about to start back on the main stage. Unfortunately we didn't manage to get there in time to bag a seat, but it wasn't too bad standing around the back, we could still see very well. I have to say, I've seen quite a few Torture Garden shows over the years (at various Eroticas) and when I saw the keyboard on stage and clapped eyes on the hosts (Eastend Cabaret) I was not particularly inspired, but...I was wrong. They were genuinely funny, especially the shorter girl who played the keyboard.


After that there was Miss Poly Rae (quite good striptease/burlesque...and I don't put 'good' and 'burlesque' in the same sentence lightly, believe me), Marnie Scarlet (weird latex person...not entirely sure whether it's a woman or a man...probably a man), Chrisalys (a weird oversized Pierrot doll who fired staples into his arm and then rubbed the blood onto a teddy bear, no I'm not making this up), and finally a Japanese lady called Yusura who had a very impressive full back tattoo and who was a kind of Geisha stripper with added wax play.


Oh yes and there was Beatrix Von Bourbon (a Britain's Got Talent semi-finalist apparently), who was the worst of all the burlesque dancers I've seen yet, indeed I spent the whole performance trying to figure out who the music was by that she was using. I still don't know... it's very bleepy. At first I thought it was Depeche Mode but it wasn't. Definitely not. I know all Depeche Mode's stuff, but I feel like I should know who it was anyway... maybe it's Craig Armstrong?
After that we rushed downstairs to catch a rope bondage workshop. I've read about these sorts of things before and people always say that until you see it being done you don't really 'get it'. Well, I'm prepared to agree with that, although it's really not the fact that it looks amazing or anything, although plenty of people think it does. To me what was most striking about it was the effect it had on the girl being tied up. She looked totally blissed out, indeed the demonstrator called it 'rope space', which having experienced deep sub-space a few times I can totally relate to.
So that was it then, my experience of Erotica 2013. Though I may sound rather scathing, it was quite enjoyable overall, it's just a pity there wasn't a wider selection of clothing for sale. Never mind, it was a fun day. It was worth it just to see the hilarious male strippers.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Totally intense and just fantastic...

Tonight the unexpected happened, and it was incredible! Since Mistress and I are determined to make up for lost time this week, once again we headed for the bedroom around 8pm. I lay next to my beautiful Mistress and we started to kiss and I gently stroked her thighs and around her pussy. My cock was soon rock hard and Mistress reached down to grab it and stroke it. I licked my fingers and gently began teasing her slit and it wasn't long before she indicated that she wanted me down between her legs and licking her pussy.
I moved down the bed and once again tried to get comfortable laying on my throbbing cock. She tasted wonderful as always and I gently kissed and licked her pussy before adding my index finger and eventually bringing her to a lovely climax. As she recovered I gently kissed her inner thighs and breathed in her scent, but was unprepared for what happened next.
She reached down, pulled me up the bed and started stroking my cock as I leant over her to kiss her again. Was she going to let me slide into her slippery, wet pussy right now? I hadn't cum for twenty one days and the thought of being allowed inside her, maybe even to cum inside her made my cock really throb and ache.
After a short while she pulled me nearer and fed my cock into her hot, slippery hole. It felt absolutely amazing, the way that it only can when you are only allowed something sporadically, and perhaps crucially, at another's whim. I started to slide my cock in and out of Mistress, enjoying each and every stroke as if it was the last, but then as I started to stroke deeper and deeper I almost fell out. She told me to just hold it inside her for a minute, which I did... and then she started to push against me, indicating that she wanted me to thrust inside her again.
After a couple of minutes I was starting to get close and I told Mistress I couldn't take much more, she asked me if I wanted to cum inside her. Usually my answer would be 'if it pleases you Mistress', but in this instance I didn't want to give her that answer and I told her I did want to be allowed to cum inside her. She asked me how bad I wanted it, but before I could really follow through I felt myself getting really close and had to warn her again because if she had any intention of brinksmanship* then I was about to fail - big time!
She told me she was allowing me to cum and as I felt the edge building and growing ever closer she repeated her demand that I should tell her how bad I wanted it, more urgently this time. I felt my cock starting to strain and I have no idea what I actually said in that moment, I just remember my cock pumping over and over as I filled my gorgeous Mistress's pussy full of cum. It seemed to go on and on like it was never going to stop, truly one of the best orgasms I've had since we started this blog I'm sure.
After a short period of recovery and kissing Mistress intensely, and with no sign of her ordering me to clean her, I decided to move back down the bed and lick her pussy. I figured, Mistress Marie said I needed to take the incentive to worship her feet until it became normal for her to 'order' me to do it, so why should this be any different. It was lovely to lick her pussy of course, but surprisingly there wasn't a single drop of cum there for me to clean up. Once again I seem to have pumped it too damned deep, I really need to try and rectify this, but it's kind of difficult to think about that in the heat of the moment. Of course Mistress laying on her back wasn't prompting any cum to appear and she didn't seem inclined to sit on my face either. Even when she got up it was somewhat reluctant...
After a short while she moved my mouth away from her pussy and we lay together on the bed, holding each other as she told me about her day. I must admit it is a tiny bit disappointing that the last two times I've got to cum has been inside my gorgeous Mistress and neither has resulted in a proper cream pie, but really... the sex this evening was so fucking good, I really can't bring myself to be unhappy about that. Besides, hopefully it won't be too much longer before I get to spray my cum all over her wonderful ass and lick it clean.
In the meantime, it's amazing to realize just how amazing basic, vanilla, missionary position, PIV sex can be... at least when it's set against a backdrop of three weeks of chastity and teasing, and several orgasms for my beautiful Mistress. It seems obvious to me that you can have too much of a good thing, and this lifestyle has a wonderful way of charging even the most basic of lovemaking with some serious intensity. I am so glad my Mistress is totally on board with this now, I realy can't imagine ever going back to being a 'free' man again.

*Mistress hasn't done this in quite a while actually, when she first let me go on top she would stop me when I got close... I'm not sure if this is simply because she gets to a point where she wants me to cum inside her or what, but it's her decision so if she lets me edge inside her and then tells me to stop I will, just as I will gladly finish inside her if that's what she decides.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Four orgasms in five days, not for me...obviously!

Finally the text box is working again, so I've been able to reinstate the 'Most Recent Orgasms' box on the front page. It's been a good week so far, with four orgasms in five days for Mistress R and three lovely sessions of teasing for me. Mistress is really starting to get into slapping my balls and doing it without being asked, she's also started doing it a bit harder too. I've certainly felt a little ache now and again today, but I don't mind, it's a lovely reminder of last night's fun.

We are going to London on Saturday, it's Erotica again and we need to replace Mistress R's PVC top, which sadly lost it's shape a few months ago.

I guess she has had it quite a few years now, must have seen a fair few sessions... probably ten years since we bought it. It was always a favourite of mine and I was sorry to see it go. I really hope we can find a suitable replacement.
According to the website the new venue has a 'fully working dungeon with demonstrations', which sounds promising. I always thought that Erotica lacked a certain something. For one thing there was no atmosphere because the venue was ridiculously inappropriate, a huge hall with a glass roof capable of hosting show jumping... does that really sound like a nice intimate place? Hardly. It sounds like the new place is a lot more suitable, I guess we'll see in a couple of days.
The new venue is on the outskirts of London at the newly refurbished Tobacco Dock, let's hope the train service is better than the one to Olympia which was always completely hopeless and unreliable. There are shows every hour alternating between Torture Garden and a collection of Dream Boy types.... which is usually pretty amusing. I remember a couple of years ago Mistress R had me sitting in the front row with her and there was this black guy who looked like 'Blade' doing his thing, and he had her rubbing oil onto his six pack right in front of me. At least he didn't ask me to do it!
Another funny memory was there was this show on the main stage and there was a mixture of guys and girls dancing and stripping, and there was this one guy who was absolutely shit, he was out of time with everyone else and he couldn't rip his trousers of when he was supposed to. So come the end of the show and you're really wondering what this guy was doing up there, cos he was a bit rubbish. Next minute he rips what little clothing he still had on off and his cock is just standing out straight in front of him about a foot!
Talk about a show-stopper! I was scared... hahaha.

Back on the diet after our week off, think I've lost a couple of pounds so far, I reckon I put on five or six so still a little way to go, but I don't have to weigh in until next Tuesday, and I've still got a treat in hand. Gotta get to that two stone reward though, really need it soon.... the mere thought of jerking off over Mistress R's ass and licking it up is enough to drive me crazy. When I finally get there I know it's going to be awesome!

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

New Milovana tease...

Today I have submitted a new tease at Milovana, if you would like to view it you can do so by clicking HERE.

Currently it has a score of 3.9/5 and getting on for 20,000 views!

Sunday, 20 October 2013

More lovely pussy worship and teasing...

More wonderful teasing for me tonight and a slightly strange orgasm for Mistress R. She kind of go there... and then nothing happened... and then it hit, really intense! Afterwards Mistress stroked and slapped my cock and balls and then rode me for a while, grinding herself down on my throbbing cock while I played with her gorgeous breasts. I would love to see those breasts covered in cum again, mmmmmm....
After a while Mistress rose up off my cock and lay next to me, kissing me hard while she continued stroking and slapping my cock and balls. Several times I got so close to warning her that I was close, but each time she just slowed down and pulled me back, it was incredible. Gradually Mistress started to scale back the stimulation, which was massively frustrating in itself. It's one thing to be left throbbing and aching, but even more frustrating to feel your cock start to soften simply because your Mistress isn't giving it what it needs to stay hard. All the same I love that she decides how much pleasure I get and having her totally control my cock like that really shows me who's in charge (I'd still rather be left throbbing though).
So that's two in a row, and I still have a treat from two weeks ago that I haven't claimed yet!

Getting back to normal...

Yesterday, after another six day wait I finally got to worship Mistress R's beautiful pussy again. It was so good feeling her cum on my tongue, I missed it so fucking much. Immediately I felt so much happier, I really do not function well if I am not able to worship my Mistress, I just feel kind of down until I can make her cum again. It really sucks.
After I made her cum Mistress teased me wonderfully and I begged her to slap my balls. She did, several times. She hit them maybe five times in a row about three times...  it felt fantastic, just the right hardness, i.e- just a little harder than I could have done it. :)
Mistress pumped my cock pretty hard and several times I thought I was getting close but she slowed down each time and kept me just the right side of exploding. I was really wondering if she was trying to make me cum just so she could ruin it...I don't know, but she was definitely pumping me hard.
My cock was unbelievably hard when I was going down on her, it was actually quite uncomfortable laying on it! Not that I'm complaining of course!
Needless to say Mistress ultimately didn't let me cum, she left me throbbing hard and looked extremely happy to do so, she slapped my cock pretty good too.
Neither of us is happy that she's only cum four times in twenty days, Mistress was looking at the calendar yesterday and said she reckoned another ten were possible. I think that's optimistic, but I'm more than happy to try, I reckon we could at least save the month and get into double figures. The second I had made her cum I just wanted to start over, so I'm more than happy to push for a good result.
Maybe we can beat our previous record of five consecutive days in a row, that would be pretty cool.

Later in the evening it was quite warm and I noticed that Mistress had taken her socks off, actually I had been massaging her feet while she lay on the sofa earlier...hoping that she might tell me to worship her beautiful feet or ring the bell . I was just about to go to bed and I decided that I had to seize the initiative and so I lay down on the floor in front of her and started to kiss her gorgeous, soft instep. She said she had been about to ring the bell...
Mistress responded very well to my foot worship, she was much more involved than normal, usually she just relaxes while I do what I think, but this time she was much more pro-active about which foot she wanted worshipping and where. I loved it, anything which makes her more dominant is good in my book. Eventually she relaxed and when I looked up I saw her laying back on the sofa with her eyes closed looking like she was loving every second of it, that made me feel so happy. Mistress R really does have sensationally beautiful feet, I absolutely love to kiss and worship them.

It's the last day of our holiday today, back to reality tomorrow... which is good for my weight at least. I reckon I've put on about four pounds this week. But now I have about 8 days until I have to face the scales, and I'm really hoping I can take those four pounds off and another one and get my two stone certificate. I really want my two stone reward now, you remember Mistress said that she would let me cum on her ass and lick it all off... so ready for that!

Friday, 18 October 2013

An interesting email...

From a reader who will remain anonymous...

"I watched one of the videos you posted, I wasn't sure what it would be to start with, then it became apparent that it was targeted at 'sissies' so I felt quite comfortable that I could watch it without any concern and be detached from it's purpose. The head fuck was that as the video progressed and I saw the hot girls kissing and tonguing cum between their mouths I just wanted to join in! Or seeing a pretty girl's face covered in spunk I found myself wanting to lick the screen."

Let the viewer beware indeed!

Monday, 14 October 2013


Last night I finally got to make Mistress R cum again, and it felt wonderful. Afterwards she teased me really well and I was so hard and desperate to cum, I was totally craving the taste and told her how much I love licking my cum off her body. Didn't get me anywhere though, she left me totally denied and aching... my cock was incredibly hard, felt so fucking good though.
Not sure if it's a new record or not, but that was nine days for Mistress without an orgasm. Not good. Three orgasms in fourteen days, and she hasn't had her period yet this month.... double figures is looking unlikely, but not impossible.

A fair few new videos added last night and this morning, a couple of special ones for those of you who are also craving cum.... :)   HERE  and  HERE

Saturday, 12 October 2013


It's been a week... a whole week since Mistress R and I both came after a lovely, hard, me on top fuck. Since then, nothing. I've been ill and now I'm starting to come out the other side Mistress R is getting ill. Life just pisses on you like that sometimes I guess. But still... a week, isn't really that long, it just seems a long time when you are used to having sex two, three, four times a week. This happened last year around the same time and we still managed to set a new record for the year overall, so really... annoying as it is, this really isn't the end of the world.
I hope Mistress R's cold doesn't get too bad, she doesn't seem to get them as bad as I do, probably because she's so fit. We've got quite a busy week ahead anyway, so let's hope it doesn't interfere with our plans. Mistress seems to think that her period may not be too far off either, so this week could conceivably turn into two, which would be pretty unusual for us, but well... like I said, we just have to take it on the chin.
The only thing worse than no sex, is bad sex. This is something that we've learned over the last few years. Especially if you're the kind of person like us who dwell on things too much. Like when I had ED problems before, I could have had no problems for a month and then one bad experience and until the next time it was okay all I could think about was 'what if it won't work', and of course that kind of pressure is the LAST thing you need in that situation.
Most times, a little tiredness is quickly overcome, or even feeling a little unwell... but if you feel crap, then trying to force yourself into it (for us at least) is really not a recipe for success. So we'll wait and see how things go. We have a lunch out tomorrow and then a whole day and evening out on Monday so maybe Tuesday there's a possibility, albeit we are going to be extremely tired no doubt, I don't see us getting home until the early hours after a three hour drive.
If nothing else, trying to look on the brightside, a period of abstinence usually makes Mistress cum really hard, so if it does end up being two weeks I can't wait to feel her bucking like crazy at the end of it!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Very quick update...

Not been feeling well the past few days, took one Night Nurse tablet last night and it totally zonked me for today. Got weighed tonight and lost another 2.5lbs though, which is 2lbs of new weight so I get to choose a treat! Obviously that's not going to get used for a few days I don't think. Need one more pound to lost two stone and get the vouchers and my second milestone treat. Only thing is the next couple of weeks are going to be tough, it's my birthday and we are off work and going to all sorts of places which means eating out...
Plus when I go back it's going to be nearly November and my jeans weigh a lot more than my shorts!

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Update on the Ratio of Mistress R's orgasms to mine graph...

Sorry for the shitty looking graph, the website I usually use is down because it's run by the US Government!

Friday, 4 October 2013

A new record...

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, it's been a busy one... first of all Tuesday was my weigh-day and I was pleased to have lost 2lbs, which means that I am now only 1/2lb off my lowest weight again (having gained 2.5lbs on my week off). October is a bit of a problem, it's my birthday soon and we have another week off too, so I'm kind of thinking that if I can get to the end of the month while maintaining the weight I've already lost, then I have a couple of months to kick ass before Christmas.
We had some fun on Tuesday, Mistress had a nice orgasm while I was rather tired and so didn't enjoy my teasing quite as much as I should have, since mostly I was trying to concentrate on staying hard. Wednesday was our 20th wedding anniversary so we went out for dinner after which I got a really sore throat which meant I didn't get much quality sleep, therefore last night I wasn't feeling great or have much energy really. So we didn't do anything last night really apart from watch 'Potiche' which is a really good French film starring Catherine Deneuve and Gerard Depardieu.
I still wasn't feeling 100% this evening, but I was determined not to let another day pass by without an orgasm for Mistress R, so we went to bed about 8:00. Mistress lay back on the pillows while I was in my usual waiting position, kneeling at the end of the bed. She bid me to move forward and I straddled her right leg as I kissed her, gently stroking her silky smooth thighs as she stroked my cock until it was rock hard. As we continued to kiss I gently pushed a finger into her pussy and found her very wet and ready, maybe tonight I would get to go on top and perhaps maybe, possibly cum inside her???
Eventually she pushed me back so that I was between her legs, with my cock still really hard and hopeful... but even though I thought I might be about to get a treat, she wasn't having any of it and used her foot to push me back until it became clear that I was not getting anything more until she'd cum.
So I sank down onto the mattress and tried to ignore the fact that my cock was extremely hard and squashed under me. It took Mistress quite a long while to cum, in fact she seemed to be teetering on the edge for ages, but she did say afterwards that when she did finally go over it was great, so that's okay!
After she came Mistress pulled me up between her legs and stroked my cock briefly before feeding me into her slippery, wet pussy. It felt amazing and I gently started to stroke in and out of her, enjoying every last second of this infrequent experience. After a while Mistress told me to hold still and proceeded to wriggle under me until she was on her side, a position we used to love and use a lot back when I still got to be on top regularly.
I particularly love this position because it means I can see my cock sliding into Mistress R's beautiful pussy and see Mistress's gorgeous ass at the same time. Mistress knows all too well how much I love this position (and why) and teased me about it as I was sliding in and out of her. This position is also really good for getting a really good rhythm going and soon Mistress had my cock deep inside her and I was fucking her fairly hard.
She told me she wanted me to cum inside her, and for once I didn't take that cue to instantly explode...instead I took the opportunity to really enjoy myself and pounded her pussy as hard and long as I could before erupting inside her. It had been 28 days since my last orgasm, and 90 since the last time I had been allowed to cum inside her, and it felt fucking incredible. Afterwards Mistress stood on the bed so that I could lick her pussy, but there was almost no cum to swallow, I think it was just too deep inside her!
Incredible to think that I went just shy of thirteen weeks without cumming inside her, the previous record was just over ten... I guess this is inevitable though, if I'm going to be allowed fewer orgasms then most likely fewer of the ones I do get will be inside Mistress's delicious pussy... and if the first six months are anything to go by this year will see quite a reduction in orgasms from last.

Blogger seems to be playing up again, I can't edit the Recent Orgasms box at the moment so it still says 301 for Mistress R, when actually it's now 303 and 55 for me, not 54.