Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Thirty pounds down...

A rather pleasant surprise tonight, after last weeks rather depressing half-pound weight loss, tonight I pulled four pounds!!! Which takes me well over two stone (28lbs) and means I got my shopping vouchers from Mistress R and more importantly, some time soon I'm going to be cumming all over her ass!
That means I've dropped from 250lbs to 220lbs, in about 20 weeks... which I guess is 1.5lbs a week.
I was hoping for two, which would have been enough. But somehow today I just got kind of optimistic and I feel kinda thinner, even so I wasn't expecting to lose four pounds... that's what I lost the first two weeks I started at the club!
Needless to say Mistress R was ecstatic when I got home, and I got 'Slimmer of the Week' too, which was hard fought because no end of people lost 3.5lbs this week! Hopefully I can get to 2.1/2stone (35lbs) before Christmas, that should be perfectly doable.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Femdom Session 23rd November 2013...

It's a little over an hour since our session finished and despite having eaten lunch I can still taste Mistress's delicious pussy. Even more amazing since I had to swallow 29 days of cum as well, but more on that later.
Mistress had me wear the rubber cockring instead of the Oxballs this time and Mistress also decided that since she couldn't punish me for touching my cock without permission she was instead going to 'punish' me for touching her without permission. (Ye Gads, where will this end!) At least it was only the whip and not the paddle, but that being said, it seemed an usually robust whipping!
Thankfully it didn't last too long and then Mistress had me worshipping her beautiful feet while she toyed herself with her glass dildo, I wasn't blindfolded and managed to sneak one look without being caught. Meanwhile Mistress was teasing me about whether I'd be allowed to cum or not, and if so where and how...
When she'd had enough of that she tied me down on the bed and stood over me, fucking herself with the dildo and then having me suck it clean for her. Then she sat on my face and had me lick her gorgeous pussy. She tasted wonderful and very 'silky', I take this to usually indicate that Mistress is very turned on.
Mistress teased and punished my cock as she flaunted her pussy and ass in my face, before briefly sinking down onto my cock and allowing me an inch or so of entry. It was very frustrating, but fortunately she did allow me to slide fully inside her for a few seconds later on. She also spent a couple of minutes teasing my cock and around my ass with a small vibrator, which was pretty good actually, especially around my ass - definitely wishing we'd bought that vibrating butt plug at Erotica now!
It wasn't then long before my ass was filled and my nipples were pegged and I was left to stew in my own juice for a little while. When Mistress returned she had removed the PVC skirt she had worn earlier, but retained the black bra. She removed the dildo from my ass and the pegs from my nipples before allowing me up to remove my cock ring.
Then she stood on the bed in front of me and pulled me head between her legs and moaned as I started to lick her pussy. She pushed me away and then lay down in front of me, she looked absolutely gorgeous and I couldn't resist kissing her beautiful smooth thighs on the way up to begin worshipping her.
This 'silkiness' I mentioned earlier is always a good sign, and I could just tell that Mistress was going to cum really well. Right from the start there were little signs, just little muscle spasms that told me she was really wound up, and sure enough when she came Mistress came really hard, pulling my head down between her legs as she bucked against me. After she had finished I felt so content and happy, I love it when Mistress cums like that, it is so rewarding. Mistress stood on the bed and had me lick her clean and then as I licked her juices off the PVC sheet she reached between my legs and stroked my cock.
She tied me down again and then she started teasing me with her ass again, she made me beg for her asshole and then allowed me to tongue it as she stroked my cock. Earlier in the session she had mentioned something about me having a choice to make and I assumed that it would be a choice between cumming or being allowed to lick her ass. So I was confused now, since I was already being allowed to lick her ass.
Then came the question, she asked me if I wanted to cum like this, licking her ass while she pumped my cock, or did I want to cum inside her. Mistress allowed me only seconds to think before demanding an answer one way or another, warning that if I didn't chose I wouldn't be cumming at all.
In the heat of the moment, and with Mistress's gorgeous ass right in front of my face I chose to continue as we were, even though I had been fantasising about cumming inside Mistress's pussy all week. I had already decided that I would chose licking Mistress's ass over being allowed to cum, and this just threw me.
Needless to say, after 29 days I came incredibly hard and I can't help wondering if the smooth as silk walls of Mistress's pussy teasing the cum from my cock might not have been a better choice for my poor, tender cock... but as it was Mistress pumped me hard and fast until I covered her fingers in cum, cum which was then fed to me (and there seemed an awful lot of it - hardly surprisingly!).
I have to confess to a slight pang of regret at not choosing to fill Mistress's pussy, but the grass is always greener and if she will insist on asking these questions while her pussy and ass are right in front of my face... what can I do?

Friday, 22 November 2013

Has your Mistress ever pissed on you...

A perfectly reasonable question I suppose, from an Anonymous reader...

The answer is no, and it's not something that's likely to happen either. Mistress R is definitely not into the idea and I have no strong feelings about it either way. I do remember there was a story I read on Literotica which was a Femdom cuckolding story and there was a really hot bit in it which was related to the subject. Of course I can't find it right now, but the gist of it was that the wife had the husband lick her pussy clean after she had pee'd and she said something like...

"We are so far beyond this, next time I'm just going to piss in your mouth."

Considering I really don't have any watersport fantasies, I can only assume it was the dominant tone of the dialogue which did it for me.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Begging to be inside her...

Last night I finally begged Mistress to allow me inside her gorgeous pussy. She seemed a little surprised at first, after all I haven't been allowed to ask for about the last thirty months...
After a few seconds thought she told me she would allow it, but only briefly. Then as she climbed on top of me and grabbed my cock she told me she was just going to allow me a taste of what I might be allowed in Saturday's Femdom session.
She slowly inserted the tip of my cock inside her and then stopped, just holding me there. Instinctively I started to push up, but each time I did Mistress lifted herself in unison with my movement, keeping just the tip inside her...it was so frustrating  but super HOT at the same time.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

UK Porn Filters...

So, those of you outside the UK will probably not be aware of this but here in Blighty our esteemed leader Mr Cameron has announced that he has got the internet service providers to agree to implement an opt-in porn filter on our internet system. What this means is that everyone in the UK will receive a letter sometime in the next 18 months (I think) which will give the billpayer the option to opt 'in' to being able to access porn. If the billpayer does not opt in then your account will be filtered and porn will be blocked on your server.
I'm sure this is well intentioned... it's being sold on the idea that we should be protecting our children from seeing porn, and on the face of it you can't really argue because it's undeniable that children can access some pretty bad stuff on the internet these days. Yes their parents should implement filters on their PCs, but the kids aren't stupid, they'll probably find a way to turn them off and what about on their iPhones, tablets, etc, etc, etc?
Where I work we tend to have the radio on and today on Radio 2 there was a phone in about this very subject, or rather the 'difficult' conversation that's going to have to happen when this letter arrives on the nation's collective doormat. Their take on it was something like this:
The letter arrives and the 'wife' wants to keep the filters on (curiously there was no mention of children in this argument) because she doesn't want to watch porn and the 'husband' says he doesn't watch porn... this then leads to the husband protesting on the grounds of freedom of speech/expression or whatever and eventually having to confess that actually he wants the filters off because he does indeed watch porn.
Now, leaving aside what this says about the state of their relationship, I can see that this scenario will not be uncommon amongst the wider vanilla community. But interestingly, the feature threw up many more scenarios and unexpected problems with this scheme.
Firstly, the presenter was surprised to find a lot of women calling in saying that they are watching porn and they don't want their husbands to find out. Then there was a woman who called up to say that she lives with her mother (she's 23 and with housing the way it is in the UK there is a lot of people living at home well into the twenties these days) and she wants to be able to view porn and her Mother does not want to opt-in.
Then there was a scenario where several couples living in a large shared house with one internet provider would have to agree one way or the other, and what about people who rent... what if their internet service is provided by the landlord?
It really does seem that this is set to stimulate an awful lot of arguments and to my mind, with severely limited success. Humans are incredibly curious and inventive, and if you try to take something away from us you will find people will go to incredible lengths to beat the system, you only have to look at prohibition to see that. I can well imagine the most Googled phrase on the internet being 'how can I beat the internet porn filters?', and of course if you look hard enough you will find the answer.
The other thing that crossed my mind is that even a semi-luddite such as myself has worked out how to use an app to download content from the internet, and in particular 'You-tube' and similar sites to be able to watch later with no internet connection. Surely the kids will soon establish just who's parents house has the filter free internet and they will all be regularly visiting with their tablets to stock up on porn for viewing later at home? I know that's what I would have done when I was a kid, as it was in my day I made friends with a guy on the market and he loaned my VHS tapes in return for minding his stall for a few hours every Saturday.
The other thing that crossed my mind was that surely, this will provide a welcome boost for the hard hit Porn DVD companies, because you can bet your bottom dollar that the 'husbands/wives' who lose their internet porn will soon be looking for alternative ways to feed their need. So if anyone knows how to set up a webstore... now's probably the time to do it!

A lesson well and truly learned...

I am a habitual weigher, I suspect most people who are dieting find it difficult to stay off the scales and I am no different. I have found that my bathroom scales and the scales at Slimming World tend to have some differences, but this week really has taken the biscuit. On Saturday morning my scales were telling me I had lost a pound, but I knew I was going out to dinner that night and so wouldn't be sticking to the regime. By Monday morning I had seemingly transformed my one pound loss into a two pound gain and I was royally pissed off. It doesn't matter what I ate on Saturday night, there is no way on earth I could gain three pounds from one meal out.
So I've spent the last couple of days stressed out and irritated, not least when this morning my scales again assured me that I was still two pounds heavier than last week. Naturally I wasn't expecting to be smiling come weighing time this evening, and yet somehow when I stood on the SW scales I registered a 1/2lb loss.
I damned near skipped out of there tonight, despite the fact that half a pound really wasn't a fair result for the effort put in (sixty minutes on the treadmill, sixty minutes walking, thirty minutes on the stationary bike and half an hour of free weights over the weekend alone!). So looking at it that way you could say that it wasn't entirely negative, but in truth it was because I've spent the last two days feeling utterly irate and that is the last thing you need when you are trying to stick to a diet.
So as I skipped back to my car, chuckling to myself (as you do) I decided those fucking scales need to go. The second I got home I took them out to the garage and that should be enough to keep me off them since I always weigh first thing in the morning and no way will I be going out to the garage to weigh.
So now I am just two pounds away from my two stone target, so maybe, just maybe I could have a really good week next week and walk out of the meeting with my next certificate (and all the extra goodies that leads to!), God knows it's been long enough coming.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Is John Ricke's ass broken?

John Ricke poses an interesting (if not entirely literal) question on his BLOG today: 'Is my ass broken?' I must admit it was the rather intriguing title that piqued my interest, but actually what he's really asking is why he doesn't 'enjoy' anal play as much as he thinks he ought to.
My own rather limited experience with pegging and butt plugs etc has been mixed. I can kind of see what he says about butt plugs, I actually find the glass nobbly kind much more enjoyable than the tapered rubber type, since I prefer the 'stimulation' of the shape rather than the 'fullness' of the other type.
As for pegging, well occasionally it's physically pleasurable, often it's just very intense...not painful, but too intense to be 'pleasurable' as such. Actually I still remember the best pegging I ever had, and it was one time when we had just got our previous harness and we decided to try it out outside of a session. I don't know whether it was the angle or what but it just felt exquisite and I really didn't want it to stop.
Mostly though I enjoy pegging because it makes me feel very submissive, I just accept it in the same way that I accept being whipped and paddled even though I don't actually 'like' pain. Like many things involved in Femdom it's more of a 'need' than a 'want' sometimes, a craving. Like I don't really 'like' the taste of cum, but that doesn't stop me craving being made to lick it up from wherever Mistress decides.
So I guess the answer is, not necessarily... some people derive great pleasure from the physical sensation of being penetrated, some derive satisfaction from the psychological side effects, and if you don't get off on either of these or you don't derive some satisfaction from pleasing your Mistress by taking your pegging, then there's probably not much point in bothering.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

A brief taste of heaven...

You may have noticed there has been a bit of a lull here lately, that has been in part because of a decorating project that I have undertaken and which is now (almost) completed... well it should have been completed last night, but there was an unfortunate mishap which means it will drag on until the weekend. Ah well, never mind, it will look great in a few days!
So tonight has been our first real opportunity for a few days and it did not disappoint. Mistress had a lovely orgasm and then she set about making my cock throb and ache with her fingers and mouth. It's been twenty days since I was allowed to cum and Mistress really hasn't shown any sign of being about to let me cum yet.
At one point I told her how badly I wanted to lick her gorgeous ass and Mistress allowed me to do so, albeit I had to keep my eyes closed. As she lowered her ass over my face she told me that if she let me do it, it might mean that she extends my release date, was I willing to take the risk? I told her I was and plunged my tongue into her asshole as she jerked my cock hard. It was heavenly, but all too brief... I really hope I get to do that again soon.
My cock was ludicrously hard tonight, Mistress commented on it once again, saying how much she loves seeing it so hard and red and desperate for her touch. Oh yes!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Edging ever closer...

According to my bathroom scales I've done it, but yet I haven't done it. Weigh in tonight and I lost a further pound, which means I am still 2.5lbs away from my two stone (28lb) target. I don't understand how when I was 1lb away last time I weighed 217lbs on my scales, but now that I'm back down to 2.5lbs away from my target I weigh 216lbs! It's very, very annoying, to say the least. Surely to goodness I will get there next week, because I'm beginning to wonder if Mistress is going to let me cum again before she lets me cum all over her ass...

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Princess Leia...

Word is there's going to be a new Star Wars film in 2015, and they are bringing back all the old gang... probably a bit late, maybe they should have made the sequels before the prequels, no? (Actually maybe they should have not bothered with the prequels at all). Harrison Ford is hardly going to be up for running around a new Death Star with (a now slightly portly) Carrie Fischer thrown over his shoulder is he?
But what has this to do with Femdom or Chastity I hear you ask?
Well nothing really, except that it's kind of accepted that every man of my age is forever enraptured by the image of Carrie in her famous gold bikini, except... I was never that struck somehow. Princess Leia in chains at the foot of Jabba the Hut wasn't really pushing my buttons as much as it probably should have. Perhaps this should have been an early sign of my future proclivities?
No, aside from the fact that the third film was pretty shit (Ewoks....seriously!) I much preferred Princess Leia in the first two films, well mainly the first one except her hair was so much better in the second one.

Beautiful, aloof and with dominance oozing from every pore, tell me you wouldn't like to see her in a leather basque or something similar, preferably holding a whip and sporting a strap-on. Princess Leia wasn't even scared of Darth Vader, she'd spit in his face rather than tell him the location of the rebel base... she'd probably have rubbed Deep Heat on his balls for fun if 'Star Wars' hadn't been aimed at children.
I'm not for one minute suggesting that Princess Leia 'turned' me submissive, but it's interesting to speculate where I might have encountered dominant female personalities early on. I think there was something particularly appealing about her condescending tone as well, if I remember. And the way her lipstick made her lips stick together ever so slightly when she spoke...
It's probably for the best that Luke turned out to be her brother, no way was Leia going to be satisfied with that whiny little bitch. I would lay odds that within months she would have cucked him with Han Solo, probably sat on his face afterwards too... 

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Femdom Session 6th November 2013...

I can't ever remember planning a Femdom session for a work night, I know we've had them on weekdays before but I'm pretty sure they were during holidays or on Bank Holiday Mondays. Truth be told I don't think we'll be rushing to do it again... I'm not sure why but it isn't quite the same, we usually plan them for Sunday mornings because it's the most relaxing time to do it, plus you don't have to worry about the postman arriving at an inopportune moment, plus you've then got the post session chill out of a Sunday. That aside the session was successful, albeit it didn't quite end as we would have liked it to.
Having confessed to some cock touching earlier in October, Mistress took the opportunity to punish me with the whip and the paddle. I think she was pretty lenient actually, although I wouldn't have said so at the time, that paddle really smarts! After this she had me worshipping her feet for quite a while as she described to me how she was teasing her pussy with her glass dildo (I was blindfolded of course, so unable to see). I love worshipping her feet so much... they are gorgeous. She seemed to be enjoying it too.
Eventually she had me up on the bed on my back and almost immediately sat on my face and allowed me to worship her pussy for a short while. My cock had been fairly unresponsive up until now (even with the Oxballs in place), but this gave it a bit of a kickstart, then she turned around and stroked my cock while teasing me by pressing her ass against my face.
Mistress soon removed my blindfold to reveal her standing over me wearing her leather skirt and a leather open bra which showed off her beautiful breasts perfectly. She lifted her skirt to show me her pussy and then she sank down onto my face once again. She lifted up and I thought she might be going to slide down my body and impale herself on my cock, but instead she turned around and teased me with her ass again a few times before letting me lick it for about three seconds.
She continued working my cock, slapping it, stroking it hard and fast and using the little cock whip on it until it was very hard indeed. She bent over and took my cock into her mouth before moving up the bed and kissing me.
"You like tasting your cock on my tongue, don't you..."
I told her I do, and added that I would love to taste my cum on her tongue too. She said that maybe I should think about that for a while, and that maybe one day she would make that wish come true. Then she said that whatever, I love to taste my cum from any part of her... her feet, her pussy, her breasts and of course her ass...don't I?
After this she filled my ass with a dildo and pegged my nipples before leaving me alone for a short while. The Oxballs started to sting again a little bit, though not as bad as last time. I wish I knew why it was doing that all of a sudden.
She returned after only four or five minutes, and removed the dildo and replaced it with a glass butt plug. Then she offered the strap-on dildo to my mouth before sliding the RodeoH pants on. She removed the glass butt plug and released me from my bonds, before telling me to turn over and stick my ass in the air. I felt her move behind me and within seconds she was inside my ass.
It was very intense and she fucked me quite hard and fast, after a while she asked me if I could take any more or had I had enough. It didn't hurt but it was quite intense and made me feel very submissive as Mistress delighted in fucking me. I said I could take more, and Mistress continued fucking me a little while longer. Afterwards she told me that I had pleased her greatly, I assume she meant because I took more... but I'm not 100% sure.
Mistress had me turn back over and then knelt next to me on the bed, she asked me if I liked how she looked in the RodeoH pants, if I liked how she looked with a hard cock, I thought she looked fantastic. Mistress had me suck her strap-on very briefly, before she moved off the bed and peeled the RodeoH's off.
Then she had me kneel on the bed and she laid back before me with her legs spread, she reached forward and stroked my cock some more. Earlier in the session I had commented how much I love watching her touch herself, especially when she has me lick her fingers clean, and now she made a show of teasing her pussy with her slender fingers before offering them to me to lick clean.
Now it was time for me to worship her gorgeous pussy, and I slowly sank down between her legs and kissed her silky smooth thighs (I adore Mistress's thigh's they are fucking sensational, that's somewhere else I would love to lick my cum from, and I always make sure I spend a little time worshipping them before I move on to her pussy proper). At first everything seemed okay, but as time went on it became apparent that Mistress wasn't really engaging 100%, she was fidgeting with the buckle on her open bra (it was digging into her back a bit) and I felt like I wasn't at quite the right angle somehow, or that I wasn't doing it right.
Eventually Mistress did cum, and she said it was fantastic when it did happen, but it was a rather hard-won and stressful orgasm for her. As Mistress stood up and told me to lick her clean it became apparent just how much pussy juice there was all over her ass, down the backs of of her legs and all over the PVC sheet. I diligently licked up every single drop of juice that I could find, and it was totally delicious.
Having ensured that I had cleaned up every drop, Mistress had me lay on my back and started stroking my cock again, which was now not responding that well. Unfortunately I was still feeling like I had performed poorly for her and could not really concentrate fully on what she was doing. She got my cock reasonably hard and allowed me a very brief lick of her ass and then slapped my cock and told me the session was over. It was a bit of a shame it ended like that really because up until then it had been a great session, but at least Mistress did cum in the end, it would have been awful if she hadn't.
Like I said, it was an interesting experiment to try a session on a work-night, but I don't think we'll be rushing to do it again.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Getting closer...

It was my weigh day again today, and I thought I'd lost 3-3.5lbs (according to my scales) but in the end I only lost 2.5lbs. Which is half of what I put on over my holiday. So I'm still 3.5lbs away from my two stone target and the awesome treat that awaits courtesy of Mistress R. I'm hopeful of achieving that next week, but even if I don't I am at least pretty sure that I should be able to lose 3.5lbs over the next two weeks. After that it's a case of trying to lose another half-stone (7lbs) before Christmas really. At least our meetings are continuing right through the Christmas period so there won't be any 'weeks-off' and I'll be getting weighed on the 23rd and 30th of December, which should help keep me on track through that most difficult of times.
Last night Mistress enjoyed a rather unusual orgasm, in that it seemed to stop and start several times. She seemed to enjoy it though, I know I enjoyed getting her there. :) Afterwards Mistress teased my cock and after she had finished and my cock had softened a little I noticed a couple of drops of pre-cum glistening on the end of my poor denied meat. We have our next Femdom session scheduled for tomorrow night. I'm hoping for some ass-worship (of course), maybe some RodeoH action... and I guess whatever else Mistress decides she wants from me. Bound to be some foot worship (which I love doing), and obviously I will be tasting Mistress's gorgeous pussy again.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Reading and Writing...

You may or may not remember that I reviewed (and very much enjoyed) a trilogy of books called 'Journey Into Chastity' by Stanley Jeffries (HERE). Well a few days ago, Mr Jeffries contacted me and asked me if I would read through the unfinished manuscript for his next book, which I was more than happy to do (really, flattery will get you everywhere!). It is nowhere near finished, but there's definitely the bones of a good read there and I am looking forward to reading the finished article when it's done.

I'm currently reading another book by the same author (though it was published under the name Marcus Andrews) called 'The Slow Seduction of Claire McDonald', admittedly I'm not too far into it yet, but so far it's proving a good bedtime read. Having flicked through the book when I received it, I suspect it will become a little more 'challenging', as did 'Journey Into Chastity', but we'll see.
If nothing else, reading someone else's unfinished manuscript (and being asked to offer my opinion on it) certainly lit the spark inside me that needs to be creative, and I'm starting to think about returning to the book that I was plotting and hoping to have ready for Christmas.
No one actually believed that did they? I thought not...neither did I. Whether that actually comes to pass it remains to be seen, I should probably try writing a shorter story for Mistress R first.

Today was supposed to be our Femdom session, but I woke up with some very uncomfortable 'pre-cramp' type pains in my legs today, like when you know you're about to get cramp and you start moving your legs about and jump out of bed to try and stave it off, even though you know it's not going to work, and really all day the muscles in my legs have been aching. The thought of being tied up and cramping really does not appeal to me very much, so we have decided to reschedule for Wednesday. Hopefully we will initiate Mistress R's November orgasm count tomorrow night.

Just uploaded my next tease...

Just uploaded my next tease on the Milovana site. You can view it HERE

Saturday, 2 November 2013

A turn up for the books...

In the end October finished up with twelve orgasms for Mistress R, which was a real turn up for the books. That meant in the last thirteen days she came nine times... which is unheard of! 
Last night I went to bed before Mistress and when she came to bed I woke up as usual with the hardest, closest hard-on... when she got into bed I cuddled her and my cock felt like it would literally explode merely from pressing against her skin. It's our Femdom session tomorrow, I hope I've calmed down by then or it could be over rather quickly!!

Here's a very good caption for you...