Friday, 26 December 2014


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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Positive feedback...

Just noticed the rating for my latest story on Literotica has gone up to 4.70 out of 5.00, that's by far the best score for any of my stories to date!
Mistress R finally read it last night and she said it was very good too. Positive feedback like this definitely helps inspire me to put pen to paper (or more accurately fingers to keys) more often.
I'm also rather keen to rejig the blog to put more emphasis on my stories, but that needs a bit of time to spare. Maybe I'll be able to do something at the weekend?

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Teasing, Mistress Marie and the sad death of H.R.Giger...

Another lovely orgasm for Mistress R tonight, followed by some wonderful teasing for me, which again left me throbbing and eager for release, but to no avail of course... Mistress stroked me really fast a couple of times and I so wanted to cum, or for her to stroke me just over the edge, and it was so frustrating when she slowed down and then left my cock twitching in the air, gently trailing her fingertips up and down my aching cock. She also seems to be getting a lot more comfortable playing with my balls, which I really love. Indeed when she applies just the right stimulation to my balls it makes my cock really, really hard. I know Mistress has always been a bit worried about hurting me, but since she's got used to the idea of slapping my balls I guess this has helped her get used to the idea. :)


It's Mistress Marie's birthday today, I'm sure you all visit her blog anyway, but if you don't then you can find it HERE. There you can see which special panties David has decided to wear for his Mistress today, and read the birthday message he left for her earlier today. It's a shame they couldn't spend her birthday together but I'm sure they will make up for it when they next get together! Why not pay Mistress Marie a visit and wish her Happy Birthday anyway, I'm sure she will appreciate it.


I was rather shocked to hear of the sudden death of the amazing artist H.R.GIGER today. He is most well known for his contributions to the excellent 1979 Sci-fi/Horror film 'Alien', for which he designed the 'Alien' along with all the 'Alien' scenery.

Giger is second only to Salvador Dali in my estimation, and his (often fetishistic) art made a huge impression on me when I was a teenager, initially through 'Alien' and also the cover of Celtic Frost's 1985 album 'To Mega Therion'.

Among other things, Giger had a unique way of using genitalia in his artwork, and it gained him some notoriety when the US Punk band Dead Kennedy's included a poster of his painting 'Penis Landscape' in with their 'Frankenchrist' album. I believe there was even a court case which accused the Dead Kennedy's of distributing pornography to minors.

Admittedly Giger's artwork is not for everyone, indeed many find it repulsive in the extreme, which only made it more suitable for a film like Alien I suppose.

I only recently discovered there is a HR Giger museum in Gruyeres, which is south of Lake Zurich, Switzerland. This is rather annoying as I visited Zurich a few years ago and would loved to have seen it, especially as the museum also contains artworks by Salvador Dali.

Apparently Giger died as a result of injuries sustained from a fall down some stairs, he was 74.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Mistress R threw me a bone...

Well, something good did indeed happen tonight... Mistress had a lovely orgasm on my tongue and then had me worship her feet for a while. Only then did she decide to stroke and tease my cock, but it was worth waiting for right enough! Mistress is becoming so good at knowing when to speed up and slow down without any direction from me, I don't know how she knows really. It was a wonderful teasing session, though I didn't think for a moment that I would be allowed to cum. As she sucked and stroked my aching cock and I gently stroked her asshole with my fingertip, I couldn't help but remember when she allowed me to cum on her asshole and lick it clean, I really hope I get to do that again someday.
As my teasing grew to a close I begged Mistress to allow me to worship her ass, and she permitted me just a few seconds, maybe fifteen, with my tongue pressed against her ass while she stroked my cock firmly. I really did not want it to end, but Mistress said that was all I was getting and so I held her tight, kissing and licking her breasts and grinding my cock against her stomach as I groaned in horniness and wonderful frustration.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

My 'enormous' bulge...

Mistress and I have been away this weekend, in a small town in the South of England called Winchester. We stayed in a nice, old hotel which was perhaps a little over-priced but was very pleasant all the same. Before I continue this I should explain that Mistress R is punctual to the point of... why leave enough time when you can leave fifteen minutes early to be on the safe side, you know... I mean I'm punctual, I will be on time every time, but Mistress R is on a whole other level.
Anyway, Mistress had had her shower and I was reading a book, and I knew I had to have a shower and get ready to go out, but that really doesn't take all that long. So Mistress came and sat on the the bed and put her feet next to me, which obviously meant she wanted me to worship them. So, I was kissing them and my cock was just getting harder and harder and harder! I thought, I really need to ask her if I can touch my cock, because I really need to touch it right now. But I thought, you know, I'm supposed to be worshipping her feet, the correct thing to do is to wait until she tells me to stop and then ask if I can touch myself.
Usually when these things happen, the moment passes and my cock isn't quite so desperate for attention, but in this instance it was still rock hard when she pulled her feet away. But before I could get the words out she damn near jumped off the bed and said 'I'm just going to use the bathroom before you have your shower', leaving me in a very uncomfortable position, with my cock throbbing away...
When she came back I casually brought my 'enormous' bulge to her attention and she briefly stroked my balls (my balls that is NOT my cock, not even a little bit...!) through my boxer shorts, vaguely promising some proper teasing later that night, because 'we haven't got time right now'. Gallingly, after showering and getting ready I then had to kill time by reading my book again, because it was far too early to make the five minute walk to the restaurant!
The Restaurant (The Old Vine) was cracking I have to say, Mistress and I often swap puddings half way these days, it's great because the second half of a pudding is never as good really, and you get to try two instead of one. Well, it wasn't a case of 'thought I'd died and gone to Heaven' so much as 'Thought I was going to die.. I could literally feel my arteries closing'. Two of the best puddings in living memory, but both rich as hell, I knew there wasn't going to be the remotest chance of any more teasing after these. And so it proved, after an evening of rich food and alcohol we retired to the room, to sleep.
It's been a busy day today as well, but hopefully something good will happen tomorrow.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The 'science' of cuckolding...

The last few days I've been reading about cuckolding. Not that I have any intention of trying to persuade Mistress R down that path! No, this is purely from the viewpoint of curiosity and partly non-specific research. Much as I would like to write a chastity book, I find the subject a little bit limited, so if I was to write a proper novel length book (and I know I said I was going to before...) it would have to incorporate more than just chastity.
So what I've actually been reading has been more in the line of 'How to' be a Bull (not that that's likely either!), and it's quite fascinating stuff. There's quite a 'science' to all this really, how it's essential to break the 'sexual attraction' bond between the husband and wife but without breaking the 'love' bond. Reading it, it all made a lot of sense and the instructions on how to slowly manipulate the situation to the Bull's advantage were at once intriguing and almost alarming in their deviousness and intelligence.
It certainly made me think that potentially these studies could provide some very solid and valuable insight for a truly compelling and realistic cuckolding story.
As some of you will know, I like my stories to be as down to earth and believable as possible. Not for me the 'alien mind control' stories or the 'vamp-wolf' nonsense that continues to receive the highest of marks on Literotica (is it just me?), similarly books where the main characters are rich enough to own an island/castle/etc make me sigh loudly.
I hope my characters come across as believable and it follows that I truly appreciate stories where the author tries to progress things in a realistic manner, or at least in a not completely ludicrous manner.
It has not gone unsaid on this blog before that I do struggle to reconcile my sexual response to these stories, with my rational response. I am simply not capable of compartmentalising love and sex in the way that a cuckold must be able to, or at least people who swing... I honestly don't think I could have sex with a woman I didn't care about, nor could I stand to let the person I care about more than any other have 'just sex' with someone else. I see this as a good thing, actually. Because of this I think Mistress R and I do make a lot of effort to keep our sex lives alive, where others of our age might not.
Regardless, it cannot be denied that well written cuckold stories are a source of much 'wood' for me, even some which are perhaps a bit 'nasty'. This STORY for example, has lost it's potency somewhat now (after repeated readings) but the first ten or so times it was guaranteed to have my cock throbbing like hell. It's quite unpleasant in some ways, but I know from when I first posted this that I'm not the only one who found it particularly affecting, especially the scene in the car.
This STORY is quite different, a lot more of a consensual husband and wife enjoying the shared experience kind of deal, and a flipping masterpiece as well! It's so annoying that this guy has written so little, he has real talent.
This STORY is one of the oldest cuckold stories that I've enjoyed many, many times and illustrates what I was talking about. The ending is quite a lot more extreme than the beginning, but the transition is smooth and relatively believable, albeit with a little hiccup here and there (the money thing is a little weak, but yeah...). The Nikki character is great right from the start, her absolute confidence is the backbone of the story really, lord knows how many times I've read that one.
So yeah, I like cuckold stories, I don't really understand it, but does it matter? Probably not. Sometimes it bothers me, but mostly I just accept it now. From a writing point of view it's a very rich mine of possibilities and emotional interest, and it does fit extremely well with the chastity element. So yeah, I can well imagine writing a proper long cuckold story, utilising all that I have read about of late, in the process hopefully constructing something which is entertaining and horny, but also very believable and smoothly executed. As ever it's just a matter of finding the time.