Saturday, 29 September 2012

A great way to start a week off work...

I was convinced nothing was going to happen today, time went so quickly and we had to leave for a family party at 5:15pm, yet when I got out of the shower at 3:45pm Mistress R suggested we could still go to bed. I was very surprised since I was sure Mistress R wouldn't want to be under pressure like that.... on the other hand, we have our week off this week, but Tuesday and Friday are non starters, and given that Mistress R prefers not to cum on consecutive days, if we did blow it off until tomorrow then we would be looking at a Sunday - Wednesday - Sunday situation, but if we did it today, then it would be a Saturday - Monday - Wednesday - Sunday situation. Much better, I'm sure you'd agree!
So I was more than pleased to lick my beautiful Mistress to another wonderful orgasm, even though I suspected my teasing would be put off until perhaps tomorrow. Well, that couldn't have been further from the truth... no, Mistress sucked my cock for a while, using her teeth to make me really hard, and then mounted my cock. As she slowly rode my rock hard shaft she peeled her bra down so that I could see her gorgeous breasts, but I didn't think for a moment she would let me cum.
Mistress R was obviously enjoying herself, sliding up and down my cock, and after a short period I was in control of my cock and starting to push my cock up inside her, meeting her downward strokes with upward thrusts of my hips. She was smiling as she looked down at me and told me that she wanted me to cum inside her, and after twenty seven days I wanted nothing more to do exactly that. Yet I was not really on edge, so I had to pump my hips harder into her, harder and faster until I erupted inside her,  for only the eighth time this year.
As she climbed off me I lay panting hard, waiting for her to mount my face and have me lick her pussy clean. She didn't, this time, but still, what a great way to start a week off work!

Wednesday, 26 September 2012


It occurred to me last night just as I was about to bring Mistress R to a rather excellent orgasm, that I haven't cum for 24 days.... my record is 42 days and my birthday is 20 days away, could this be a coincidence? Well yes probably, but perhaps I am about to set a new record... I certainly wasn't allowed to cum last night, but I came pretty close I can tell you.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Not your decision...

As I mentioned earlier, this afternoon brought my first chance for several days to go down on my beautiful Mistress and I'm pleased to report that it was fantastic. When Mistress climbed on the bed she pulled me between her legs and we kissed as she stroked my cock. I was soon rock hard once again and she used her free hand to play with my balls for a while before pushing me down between her legs.
My cock felt like it was going to explode and the sweet scent of her gorgeous pussy damn near pushed me right over the edge. Fortunately I managed to calm down after the first couple of minutes and focussed on my main priority, which of course was making sure Mistress R had a great orgasm.
After a couple minutes Mistress reached down, pushed my head away and adjusted the angle of her hips before pushing my head back down again. Now of course I was slightly disappointed that I wasn't doing it quite the way Mistress wanted it, but that was far outweighed by my happiness with the fact that Mistress is confident enough to show me where I was going wrong, and even more the way she did it which was just soooooooooooooooo fucking hot!
Having been put right I eventually brought Mistress to a very intense orgasm which made me enormously happy and left me feeling very content and satisfied. Given the lovely teasing I received yesterday I wasn't sure whether to expect too much, but Mistress was obviously in the mood to play with me some more and soon had my cock hard again. No sooner had she got me hard than she was climbing over me and pushing herself down onto my aching cock.
God she felt so tight, it was all I could to stop myself from cumming right away. Fortunately Mistress pulled my cock out and rubbed it against her pussy lips, coating it with some extra lubrication before forcing herself down on my cock once again. She looked stunning riding my cock and I was finding it quite difficult to resist coming, more than once I thought about asking her to remove her bra so that I could see her beautiful breasts, but I was a little worried that might be just too much for me so I decided against it.
Eventually my edge subsided a little and I started to relax, though I was never truly 'comfortable'...
As Mistress bent down to kiss me I ran my hands up her arms and without even thinking about it hooked my fingers into her bra straps, pulling them down her arms as she pulled herself back up.
Mistress merely flicked the straps back onto her shoulders before reminding me that that was 'Not my decision' and then reached behind her back to give my balls a couple of firmish slaps and then a few seconds of clawing with her long nails. Not long after that she lifted herself off me and lay down beside me, pulling the sheet over us both and ignoring my throbbing cock completely. I waited for a few moments to see if she might curl her slender fingers around my cock again, but when it became clear that she had no intention of doing so I turned to face her and held her close for several minutes as my poor aching cock pulsed against her silky smooth leg.
As much as I loved my teasing yesterday (which was awesome) and Mistress teasing and riding my cock today (also awesome) nothing could compare to the absolute pleasure of feeling Mistress cumming hard after a break of five days, she tasted so good and I just can't wait to do it again!

Hello Wembley indeed...

Last night Mistress R and I were on the couch together, watching Michael McIntyre's second live DVD for about the fiftieth time (still funny) when she decided to unzip my flies and open my jeans. She rubbed my cock for a while through my boxers before reaching under the waistband and pulling my cock out. She must have teased me for ten minutes or so, gently rubbing her fingers up and down, licking the fingers of her other hand and circling the tip before another session of gentle pumping and stroking. I was hard as hell throughout, and when she'd had enough she sat up and gave my cock four or five nice stingy slaps as a parting shot. It must have taken about five minutes before my cock softened again....
Hopefully I will be able to give Mistress R an orgasm this afternoon, as she tells me her period had just about finished!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

16 days and counting...

Wow, only two days since our most recent Femdom session and tonight I was treated to some more fantastic teasing, but not before I was allowed to lick Mistress R to another lovely orgasm! :)
Mistress R had me lay on my back and sucked, slapped and bit me until I was absolutely throbbing and until a single bead of pre-cum leaked out of my aching cock. I love watching her suck my cock, especially when my cock is so amazingly hard and red, and I really, really love kissing her afterwards. I love the taste of my cock on her lips it is so fucking HOT! Needless to say by the end I was gasping for breath and so desperate to cum... it was absolute heaven! Also, needless to say, Mistress R didn't give me permission to cum, so I'll start tomorrow with seventeen days of cum filling my balls, and still no idea when I may be allowed to shoot...

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Femdom Session 16th September 2012...

Going in to this session I was not in the right mindset at all, for a start I hadn't written my notes for Mistress R from the previous session so I ended up rushing them on the morning of the session, and on top of that Mistress R left me instructions to wear a leather cock-ring which I haven't worn for months, probably couldn't get on last time because my balls don't hang low enough and when I picked it up I couldn't even work out how it was supposed to fit. All this was not getting me into a nice relaxed frame of mind which would allow me to slip easily into sub-space, in fact right before the session started I was seriously thinking about not doing it because I thought it was going to be a complete and utter disaster. Thankfully, when the session started (with me now wearing the more usual rubber cock ring instead of the bloody useless leather one) things took a dramatic turn for the better!
As soon as she came into the room Mistress R stood in front of me, lifted her foot and had me kiss it. As soon as I bent forward to kiss her foot it was like a switch was thrown and I was right where I needed to be, it was quite amazing. My cock immediately hardened without even being touched and after a couple of minutes of foot worship Mistress R fetched her little cock whip and started beating my cock until it was even harder than before. Then she had me on my hands and knees and disciplined me for a few very minor touching infractions with eleven strokes of the whip (number five caught my balls between my legs you'll be pleased to hear!) and then the foot worship really started.
Mistress climbed onto the bed and I was instructed to worship her beautiful feet with my mouth and to keep my eyes down while I was doing it. I could hear Mistress using first her fingers and then her favourite glass dildo, and inbetween kissing her feet and sucking her toes I was allowed to taste Mistress's beautiful pussy from her fingers and then the dildo. My cock remained completely rigid the whole time and this was only assisted by Mistress's musings as to what she might do for the rest of the session.
Perhaps, she wondered, she might have me worship her feet, then her pussy, then her feet and then if I was really good, maybe her ass... and inbetween times, maybe she wouldn't even touch my cock once. She asked me how I would feel about that, I told her that if that was what would please her then that would be all that mattered. Of course that's not really what I 'want', but it totally turns me on to think that she might do that one day. I love the way Mistress keeps dropping things like that in each session, letting me know that she's at least thinking about being ever more evil... needless to say my cock was throbbing just thinking about being allowed to worship her delicious asshole.
Eventually Mistress called a halt and had me up on the bed, tied at each corner while she sat on my face, my cock ignored but looking and feeling huge. I eagerly licked her gorgeous pussy and then she knelt beside me, telling me that maybe she would just give me some short but very intense teasing... she dug her nails into my cock and started jerking me before straddling my face again and having me lick her some more.
Mistress then blindfolded me and set about slapping and whipping my cock and balls some more before climbing back on my face for a third time. Hurting my cock was obviously really starting to turn her on as this time she was dripping wet. I licked and swallowed her beautiful pussy juices and then she slid down me and impaled herself on my cock. It felt so good to be inside her, but it lasted barely half a minute before she was off again. Next she was fucking herself with her dildo again and then she turned round and started taunting me, telling me that she was peeling her ass cheeks apart and that if I wasn't blindfolded I would be able to see her gorgeous pink hole.
As I groaned in frustration she slowly stroked my granite hard cock and sank down so that her asshole was pressed right against my lips. She did this several times, torturing me with the heat and scent of her gorgeous ass as she mused aloud on what I might have to give up for the opportunity to taste her tight hole. Maybe another three weeks before I cum, four if she took the blindfold off...
Then Mistress decided I needed something up my ass, she quickly lubed up and inserted the smallest of our dildos then set about teasing my cock with a small vibrator. It felt amazing when she pressed it between my ass and balls, and on some parts of my cock, but on the head I could hardly feel it.
Soon she removed the dildo and told me I needed something bigger, this confused me a little and I started to get a little nervous that she was going to fuck me with the bigger spare dildo from our strap-on, thankfully she didn't (cos it's too fucking big for me!) and what I initially thought she'd done was pressed the tip of her favourite glass dildo into me. This wasn't all that crazy an idea as Mistress R once fucked me with it when she got confused holding her glass dildo in one hand and a glass butt plug in the other - it felt nice too! After the session I established that she'd actually used that same glass butt plug on me this time, I'm not sure how far she pressed it in, but it only really felt like a couple of inches... a shame as she was stroking my cock at the same time and I wanted much more, it felt fucking brilliant, I can certainly see why being strap-on'd and jerked off at the same time would be nice.
All too soon, Mistress withdrew the glass plug and attached clothes pegs to my nipples (bloody useless, definitely going to get some proper nipple clips) before leaving me alone, tied down with my cock throbbing as I waited for her to return so that I could lick her pussy and make her cum.
When she returned she straddled and stood over me before taking off my blindfold, at first she told me to keep my eyes closed and then when she allowed me to open them I looked up at her naked except for a leather corset type-thing which hid her beautiful breasts from view. She removed the pegs and told me to remove my cock ring, a bead of pre-cum trickling from the tip of my cock as I did so. Then she lay back on the bed and told me to make her cum.
Mistress was still very wet and she smelled gorgeous, but I resisted the temptation to dive in and kissed all around her beautiful pussy before slowly starting to lick her wet, slippery lips. I love licking pussy, I really do, I honestly wish I could lick Mistress R's pussy every single night, and more than that I love making her cum really hard. After a while I was a little unsure where Mistress R was in relation to her orgasm, when suddenly she bucked hard and I scrambled forward to lick her clit as she came. Mistress bucked several times and eventually I ended up laying flat on the bed, my eyes just inches from Mistress R's beautiful, wet pussy. I love looking at Mistress's pussy when she has just cum, I think it is absolutely gorgeous. Mistress commented on my adoration before standing on the bed in front of me and having me up on my knees licking every trace off pussy juice from her thighs, front and back (I love it when she does that!).
After that she had me lick the sheet and my fingers clean and then re-tied me on my back. She stood over me again and bent down to stroke my cock, which was once again rock hard (even without the cock ring). She told me that I had a decision to make... that I could either chose an unspecified period of hard stroking and stimulation which she made clear may or may not be long enough to make me cum, or I could worship her ass. But if I chose to worship her ass, she would not tease me any more today.
Without hesitation I chose to worship her gorgeous asshole, I love licking her ass and it is very rare that I am allowed to lick it out of our sessions, so any chance I get, I take it! Mistress R seemed a little amused that I would chose to lick her ass, even if it meant missing out on a chance to cum. Even as she lowered her ass to my face she still couldn't resist gently tracing her fingertip along my aching cock as I strained to bend my neck so that I could lick her asshole.
I loved it, but the position was all wrong and my head eventually sank back onto the pillow in frustration. Mistress R asked if I'd had enough, and I explained that I just couldn't reach and she moved back to accommodate me. She allowed me a little more time to worship her ass, though of course it's never ever enough (especially when half of the time was really uncomfortable), and all too soon she climbed off and knelt beside me once more. She grabbed my cock at the base and then used her other hand to slap it hard six or seven times, she said it was a little 'bonus' for me. Well, everyone likes a little bonus don't they? I certainly did. :)
The session ended then and unusually I snapped right out of my subspace as quick as I had snapped into it. Which I really didn't like. Usually after a session I feel really mellow and content for at least half an hour as I gradually ease myself back into reality, but today it really fact it was not unlike being turned out of a pub by a surly bouncer bang on closing time when you've just bought a drink!
A shame because the session was absolutely fantastic and it was certainly no reflection on Mistress R who excelled herself in the verbal department yet again. It was just weird... at least I made Mistress cum and after the session she told me it had been really fantastic for her, which made me feel a lot better.
On the upside we have decided that we will be having our next session in just three weeks time, since if you're not careful every time you move the session back a week eventually you miss out on one. I can't wait for that, I wonder if I will get to cum between now and then... I certainly wouldn't bet on it!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Ball slapping heaven...

Last night Mistress R and I went out for a meal, after which we watched some TV and about eleven I was so tired I had to go to bed. Mistress R stayed up for another hour or so drinking wine and reading and then came to bed. As often happens, I woke up just as she was getting into bed and pulled her close to me, in these situations I never know whether I will get a quick kiss goodnight or something more... It was obviously my lucky night as Mistress reached for my cock almost immediately and soon had me hard as a rock.
What I really love about these late night teasing sessions is that when Mistress R has had a few glasses of wine she really gets into it and is a little less inhibited about 'hurting' me. And so it proved as she used her long nails, really digging them into my throbbing cock (just remembering it is making me hard now!), I won't pretend it doesn't hurt, because it does, but I love it anyway.
But not as much as the ball slapping. Most of the time Mistress is quite gentle and perhaps a little hesitant about it, and that's good in as much as I only really like it when I'm REALLY turned on, but last night I was turned on to the max, so I was loving it big time! And Mistress R didn't disappoint as she gradually slapped my balls harder and harder as I arched myself towards her, willing her to keep going.
It really did feel absolutely amazing, and I was getting closer and closer to cumming when Mistress suddenly stopped. It was only then that I realised quite how close to cumming I really was. I lay there holding her, breathing heavily and desperately trying to calm down... I really was teetering on the edge of cumming and the slightest further touch would have pushed me over the edge for sure.
With that in mind I was grateful that Mistress elected not to push me any further, but at the same time... I can't tell you how much I desperately wanted her to keep slapping my balls, exactly because I know it would have pushed me over the edge. Ruined or not, I wanted to cum so badly, I wanted her to keep slapping my balls until I felt that release, I'm sure it would have been immensely frustrating and left me unsatisfied, but at the same time I know it would have been completely mindblowing too.
I can't wait for tomorrow's session, I soooooooo want to make my beautiful Mistress cum and I hope she shows me no mercy in whatever she decides for me. I am such a lucky, lucky sub!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Granite hard...

Another orgasm for Mistress R last night, followed by another fantastic bought of teasing for me, which left my cock like granite! As awesome as it is, it does frustrate me that sometimes my cock is hard enough to crack nuts with and sometimes it's much less so... what makes it even harder to understand is that the last two times I've been completely exhausted, which logic suggests should impair my hardness, not improve it! Ah well, I guess I should just be grateful that for the moment at least I have the cock of a twenty year old!

Sauteed swan washed down with liquid gold...

Someone emailed me and asked me if I had read Sarah Jameson's free chastity story yesterday and if so what did I think of it?
Well, the truth is I did download it when it was free and I also downloaded a Kindle Reader app thingy so I could read it. The thing is, as soon as I opened the file I was put off by the Russian names and the whole 'billionaire' thing, so I only read the first two pages. With that in mind it would be a bit unfair to praise or criticise.
I guess Sarah is hoping some of the 50 Shades magic might rub off on her latest venture, and so I guess in that light you might agree that pitching the story in the realms of the fantastically wealthy is a good move. To me it's just a big turn off, reminds me of all those Black Lace books where everyone lives on a personal island, eating sauteed swan and drinking liquid gold. I know a lot of people want escapism and from a writers point of view it's an easy way to explain why no one needs to worry about going to work or any of those other mundane day to day things... but I just find it a little, um.... lame.
That said the people who have read it seem to like it, so maybe I should try again. Anyone else read it?

Monday, 10 September 2012

So unbelievably hard...

Originally, our Femdom session should have taken place yesterday... but since we went out very late on Friday night and then got invited to a lesbian barn dance party (no, really... I'm not making it up!) on Saturday night, both of us came to realise that it just really wasn't going to happen. So we decided that we would move it to next weekend instead, when we have a pretty much free weekend.
In the meantime, Mistress R's last orgasm was last Wednesday, we went out on Thursday and Friday nights, then a very busy weekend meant that we never got around to anything again until this evening (and I never got my promised teasing on Thursday either... just saying!).
To be honest, I was more than a little tired. I have some nice bags under my eyes, but I simply didn't want to wait until tomorrow, not least because we'll be out on Thursday again so if we do it tonight, there's a chance for Wednesday, but if not then we'll probably be waiting for the weekend again, and I'm really not crazy about the idea of another four or five days of nothing happening.
Anyway, to cut a long story short, we hit the sack earlier tonight and as we kissed, Mistress R stroked my cock until it was REALLY good and hard before pushing me down between her legs. I guess fifteen or twenty minutes later Mistress bucked hard and before long I was laying next to her as she stroked my cock once more.
I seemed to stay hard for quite a while when I was going down on Mistress R, maybe for the first five minutes or so, and even when it began to soften it didn't feel like completely flaccid, and so when Mistress started stroking me it didn't take long at all to get back to full hardness, and believe me, it was VERY hard indeed.
Mistress started sucking on my cock as I watched, it looked amazing seeing my throbbing, hard, red cock disappearing into Mistress R's mouth... I just couldn't get over how solid it looked and felt. Mistress continued sucking and then started slapping my cock, adding one really nice slap to the balls for good measure.
Then she got up on her knees and straddled me, grabbing my cock and sliding it into her wet pussy as she sank down on me. It felt so good to feel so hard and to be inside her. I had zero fear of going soft, it was just incredible how hard I felt... such a great feeling!
Mistress rode my cock for a while, peeling her bra down so that I could caress her gorgeous breasts as she used my cock. Near the end Mistress reached down and started playing with my nipples as she slid up and down my cock, it was really hot and another fresh twist to boot!
As I lay there looking up at my beautiful Mistress I told her that I wished I could cum on her gorgeous  breasts. Mistress smiled and slid off my cock, before reminding me that it 'could happen, but only when she decided'. Then she added that maybe as a treat I might get the chance to chose sometime, which makes me wonder if she's planning to give me another voucher for our wedding anniversary next month...?
She stroked and slapped some more until my cock was aching and just incredibly hard, and then she told me that was all I was getting. I immediately rolled onto my side and grabbed her to me, feeling my cock grazing the skin of her stomach. I begged her for just a little more and was treated to a further minute or so of absolutely wonderful teasing.
Wow, such a great night, and we still have our session to look forward to. I can't wait!

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Returning to vanilla...

I know we still haven't answered the last set of questions yet... one of these days it'll get done, but I got an email yesterday from somebody with a question which I thought I would answer right now.

"Hi Rob, I have read quite a substantial chunk of your blog and every so often you talk about having a break from chastity or the possibility of stopping altogether. I was just wondering how it would be possible to return to a normal sex life after this experience, especially now that it's been made pretty obvious to you that Mistress R isn't that bothered about penetrative sex?"

Okay, well... I don't think that's entirely correct, I think Mistress R does enjoy penetrative sex, she just doesn't want it three times a week. That aside, this question does raise an issue that many people don't consider when trying to initiate a chastity-type lifestyle, being so focussed on starting I imagine very few even think about what will happen if they then stop eventually, and I must admit I am as guilty as anyone.
The truth is I don't know... I must say that I have gotten used to having less penetrative sex, and actually, having it less often makes it all the more exciting when it does happen, so I guess... if we stopped this then, maybe we'd still have less penetrative sex.
Even if we did stop this, I would still be naturally submissive, that wouldn't change... so I'm probably not going to start 'demanding' penetrative sex. This is a great question by the way...
On the face of it, thinking about it, I don't think it would be that difficult to go back to being allowed to initiate penetration, or being allowed to cum when I wanted to. After all, what we're doing now is the 'weird' way, going back would be reverting to our natural instincts if you like, it's got to be easier than starting a chastity lifestyle.
I guess the thing is, Mistress R has said she cannot see why she would ever want to go back, she gets whatever she wants whenever she wants so where's her incentive to go back? So the point is, will I ever want to go back? Will I someday wake up and think, fuck this I want to control when I come and when I get to be inside my wife?
The truth is, no man really gets to decide when he gets to be inside his wife... even if he thinks he does, he might initiate and receive the appropriate signals to proceed, but really unless he is in a relationship where the woman is submissive and has given prior agreement to be 'taken' at his whim, then he's still 'asking' not 'telling'. Of course I don't even get to ask... I guess the area where this would fall down would be if Mistress R lost interest in sex, but as it is right now this is not a problem.
I have thought about this before actually and that is the most likely thing which would scupper the chastity game, it's one thing to be teased and left hanging but if Mistress R should lose interest in sex then I think I would want my right to masturbate back. I'm sure I could get used to wanking again pretty easily, hahaha...

Wednesday, 5 September 2012


You may remember the other day I posted that Mistress R's first climax of September was not really the kind of orgasm I was hoping for for her, especially after the lovely teasing and blowjob I got at the weekend. Well I'm happy to report that tonight I think I managed to give her an orgasm that was closer to what I had in mind... oh yes, it was good. When it's good, you just know... just as when it's not really as good as it could be, you know too (even if they tell you it was great).
Anyway, with that, Mistress and I have now had 200 orgasms between us since we started this adventure back in April 2011. 84% of those orgasms have been enjoyed by my beautiful Mistress, leaving me with a somewhat generous (some might say) 16%. I certainly have no complaints, I certainly think I've had 'enough' orgasms and they've been pretty intense too, never mind the positive effect being denied seems to have on my 'hardness' (most of the time).
I certainly felt damned hard a little earlier tonight, when Mistress was stroking my rock hard cock while I teased her pussy with my fingertips before going down on her. It was lovely to engage in some mutual teasing, especially knowing that only one of us would be coming... hehehe. Mistress was delighted to see her pussy juice dripping off my chin after she'd cum, she said it looked so hot - I wish I could have seen it... at least I got to taste it and it was delicious as always!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Pole dancing...

I've never been a fan of pole dancing to be honest, I don't find it remotely sexy... but this is different, this is an incredible display of athleticism which even I can appreciate. I just don't even understand how she does some of this stuff, she must be unbelievably strong!

Monday, 3 September 2012

Hmm, close but no cigar...

Finally Mistress R had her orgasm this evening, it was good, but not the orgasm I was hoping for for her... you know sometimes when it seems like all the things that usually feel right just don't quite seem to, it was kind of like that. Still, Mistress R came and she said it was lovely so I really should stop worrying I guess, it's just that yesterday was so amazing I really hoped it would be, you know... magnificent!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Expect the unexpected...

Sadly, for one reason or another, Mistress R and I never quite managed to make it to bed today and so Mistress R still hasn't had her first orgasm of the month. However, rather unexpectedly, I was given a huge treat a couple of hours ago...
I was sitting on the sofa talking to Mistress R, when she suddenly came over to me and got down on her knees in front of me. She started tugging at my shorts and before long she was sucking and stroking my cock as it slowly hardened. Mistress R proceeded to give me a spectacular blow job, really teasing me with her tongue and making me really hard using her long nails and her teeth.
As things progressed I was mindful that any second she would most likely stop and tell me to pull my shorts back up, but in the meantime I was enjoying every single second of it. What I wasn't expecting was for Mistress R to slowly pull my cock out of her mouth and say "Do you know what I want?".
I looked down at her through half open eyes, hoping she was about to say that she wanted to see me cum, but not really sure that I was going to be that lucky... after all our next Femdom session is only seven days away.
"I want to feel you cum in my mouth... is that something you'd like too?"
I moaned in agreement and Mistress R began pumping my cock, her lips pressed over the tip of my cock as I slowly advanced towards orgasm. She pumped harder and faster until suddenly I crossed the line of no return and I spasmed violently into Mistress R's mouth as she continued jerking me hard. It was really intense, unexpected and just fantastic. As I opened my eyes I saw Mistress R leaning forward and licking some cum off the tip of my cock, which I don't believe I have ever seen her do before....! Then she got up, leant over me and kissed me. She had swallowed my cum, but there was a very faint taste of it on her lips still, even so I definitely felt one step closer to fulfilling that particular fantasy.
Wow, I have been so, so lucky this weekend... absolutely incredible teasing yesterday and now this! I really have to make sure Mistress R has the best possible orgasm tomorrow...

Saturday, 1 September 2012

September starts with a bang...

Finally got a good sleep last night and didn't wake up until about 9:20am. As soon as I woke up I felt Mistress R's hand on my arm and turned over to see her smiling at me. As I lay there she pulled herself closer to me and I felt my cock start to stiffen beneath the sheets, as I felt myself getting harder I started to think about asking permission to touch my cock. I must have debated for a couple of minutes, I really don't know why... but in the end it didn't matter as I felt Mistress R's hand sliding against my skin and reaching for my shaft.
Mistress R then began lightly stroking and teasing my cock, making me even harder. It was unbelievably good, and I never wanted it to end. At one point she stopped and we held each other, my cock pressing against her stomach. I couldn't help but rub my cock against her and Mistress R pushed herself towards me, making me harder still.
Then she went back to the light stroking and ball squeezing, while I lay there moaning in a mixture of frustration and complete happiness. I really wanted to cum this morning, but Mistress R calls the shots and cumming for me was not on the agenda today. Eventually she stopped touching my cock and told me that that was all I was getting for now, I kissed her over and over and as I lay next to her I stroked every part of her gorgeous, sexy body. My cock stayed hard for ages, even though Mistress R paid it no more attention. It must have been a good five minutes until it actually faded away... it felt so good, indeed it wasn't until I got out of bed that I noticed the precum that had been trapped in my rock hard cock had escaped and was coating the tip.
What a completely awesome start to September that was, I really hope I get to show Mistress R how much I appreciate my teasing tomorrow by giving her a lovely orgasm!