Friday, 31 January 2014

Onwards and upwards...

Wow, so January 2014 has been the busiest month on my blog EVER. As you can see from the graph above I had over 74,000 hits this month, which beat the previous record of 72,000 set way back in.... well I'm not too sure exactly. See, my blog started in April 2011 and as the more eagle eyed among you may have noticed, my blog thinks it started in 2009. Now there is a possible reason for this, and that is because of the way I use my blog I use old dates to post things that I don't want to show up on the first page and then link to them using pictures or text in proper posts. 
For example, I am currently posting new captions using dates in 2007 and then providing links to them through the caption menu. I don't think Google gets this, so I am not sure whether it has counted all the views from this month in this month, or whether it counts the views depending on the date of the post. But if that were the case I would have thought I would have much less views in January because I know damn well the reason I have such a high hit rate is because I have posted lots of captions this month.
I guess the best way to check this would be to note the total number of views and then check it against the graph in a month's time. But anyway, it's fair to say that I've had at least 74,100 views this month and that is pretty bloody fantastic whichever way you look at it!

I'm currently reading Stanley Jeffries book 'Karl's Year in Chastity' and enjoying it very much, more than 'The Chastity Game' I think. It's more straightforward in it's timeline and so it takes less getting your head around. Needless to say I will do a proper review when I have finished reading it. Actually Stanley has emailed me an update on his new book, so I'm looking forward to reading that. He also told me that Pink Flamingo are looking for Femdom books, what a pity I don't have something written to send them!

Very much looking forward to our Femdom session on Sunday. I was wondering if anyone here knows of any good shops in the UK for buying PVC type fetishwear. Mostly it seems to be sold through mailorder which is far from ideal as most of it seems to be so ill-fitting and randomly sized. We did hope that there would be a good selection available when we went to Erotica last year but there was very little available. I know of Harmony in London, but it isn't all that amazing really. Mistress R thinks her old PVC top that we really loved may have come from Ann Summers, but I have my doubts as to whether they will have anything like that now. I think that was in the good old days when Ann Summers in London was an actual proper sex shop rather than a glorified lingerie shop, with a back room full of bondage equipment and wank mags.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

A quick update...

It's Wednesday.... well actually Thursday already! Last night Mistress teased me really good and left me so hard and frustrated, it was just amazing. My poor cock was throbbing so hard when she'd finished. Tonight I got to make her cum, but there was no more teasing for me. Earlier we watched a really old film and then I had a bath, cos our fuse box is fucked now so we can't use the shower until next week - a real pain in the arse to be honest, so we didn't even get to bed until nearly eleven. I was very happy to make Mistress cum though, I wanted to do it last night but she was a bit too stressed with the electrical problems on top of the plumbing problems that we are still having. Never mind, we are going to the theatre tomorrow night to see a play, so that should be good.

Slimming World was a disaster this week, a four pound gain. But in all fairness I wasn't expecting to lose since the weekend was a bit of a dieting disaster. Mistress decided to make cupcakes and I smashed up my 1kg Lindt Santa, and we both had a really good go at it! Oh well, back on the diet now...

Our Femdom session is now scheduled for this coming Sunday, hopefully I will get to try the new vibrating butt plug. I'm rather looking forward to it. We ordered a new PVC top for Mistress R at the same time, but that went back because it didn't fit properly. I also found this on Amazon (of all places) but Mistress doesn't think it will fit properly, which is a shame.

I can see her point though, I bet it would fit better if it was a top and the legs were separate. I wonder how many models they had to try it on before they found one that it fitted perfectly? Still, I'd love to see Mistress R wearing that, without the pants, obviously!

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Another ten new captions for you...

Click HERE

Ten more new captions...

On a roll at the moment, here's another ten new ones for you! HERE!

New videos added...

I was cleaning out my email folders this morning and found a load of links to videos from about 2011, some of the links still work and I have added them to the video pages. Still no sign of the Maitress Madeline morning after cuckold one, I think it's lost forever...

Friday, 24 January 2014

Well I guess that proves me wrong then...

A while back Stanley Jeffries sent me his new book (so far as he had finished it) and asked for my opinion. I pointed out that I wasn't really sure it was possible for a man to shoot violently while trapped in a chastity cage, but this GIF rather suggests that I was wrong!

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The stealth ruined orgasm...

As you probably know, since I posted about it not more than a couple of days ago, my last orgasm was kind of ruined but not ruined enough to be classed as a ruined orgasm. There was a definite refractory period that you don't get with a proper ruined orgasm, and yet... four days on and this evening I was surprisingly desperate to cum. Granted there were some mitigating factors, for example, having lost three pounds this week (total to date: 33.5lbs) and losing half a pound of new weight I was permitted to choose a treat.
Despite having been allowed the same treat a few days ago, but not at my choosing, it didn't take much thinking about to request being allowed to tongue Mistress R's gorgeous asshole again, so that will have increased the pressure for sure. And Mistress's exceptionally frustrating hand job certainly helped too of course... but I still think that semi-ruined orgasm was maybe more ruined than I thought. A stealth ruined orgasm if you will, since despite the definite but rather less pleasurable than it should have been climax, and the ensuing refractory period, it seems almost as if I was granted no relief whatsoever.
Perhaps Mistress R is better at this than she gives herself credit for? Because by the end of tonight's teasing I was humping the air in frustration, and feeling truly desperate to cum, far more desperate than a man who's only carrying a four day load should be at any rate. Needless to say, Mistress R enjoyed a lovely orgasm on my tongue all the same, taking her to a grand total of 340 since records began.
Still, thanks to Mistress Marie, there could be some possible relief on the horizon, Mistress R rather liked her suggestion that to get over her worries about ruining orgasms she should sometimes offer me the choice of whether to be ruined or left completely denied. Though whether that will actually offer any relief or whether it will just lead to more frustration is up for debate. Not that I'm complaining of course. Granted when I was humping the air and Mistress R's fingertips earlier this evening I was going crazy and wishing that I was just allowed to beg to be allowed to cum, at least then I would have some chance... maybe she would offer me some kind of deal or something? Probably not of course, but it would be nice to have that tiny sliver of hope.
Mind you, of course there's a part of me that much prefers to be kept denied, or wishes that Mistress R would ruin every orgasm she grants me, because as much as I desperately want to cum, I also want her to be mean to me and keep me in this state of constant frustration. I rather liked the comment left by an anonymous reader who suggested taking a week to repeatedly ruin me over and over so that Mistress could get used to doing it, in fact I liked that idea a lot!
Unfortunately, it's not for me to decide of course, Mistress R and Mistress R alone decides when, how and indeed if I am allowed to cum. And despite everything I may have written which suggests anything to the contrary, that's exactly how I like it. Sure I lay there fantasizing about exploding over just about every part of her gorgeous body, even though I know that anything other than cumming inside her or cumming by her hand is a rare treat indeed. I mean just check out my orgasm page, how long is it since I came in her mouth or on her feet? And how long was it since the last time?
But even tonight, even though I was riven with frustration, it was so hot that Mistress was unmoved, or more accurately I sensed it rather amused her to watch me writhe beneath her, so fucking desperate and so helpless to do anything about it. And that's why I'll probably wake up tomorrow morning, as I did this morning, with a rock hard, aching cock, leaking precum like there's no tomorrow. And I love it.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Something to celebrate...

To celebrate one and a half million hits on the blog's a rather splendid GIF!

Any time is a good time...

Last thing Friday night I asked Mistress if I could stroke my cock before we went to sleep. She allowed me to stroke for two minutes and then told me to stop, by the time I'd finished my cock was throbbing pretty bad. It had only been two weeks since I'd been allowed to cum in the most glorious fashion, but it seemed a lot longer somehow and I really wanted to shoot.
Yesterday we went to bed in the afternoon and Mistress had a lovely orgasm on my tongue, afterwards she started stroking me as we kissed and soon I was gently teasing her gorgeous asshole with my fingertip. It's been weeks since I had worshipped her ass and I really wanted it bad. I asked her if I could please worship her ass and she made me beg a couple of times for it (I love it when she does that, so fucking hot!). Then she said that she would allow it, but... in return I would not be allowed to ask to touch my cock until next Sunday when our Femdom session is due.
Frankly I was prepared to do a lot more than that for the chance to lick her beautiful ass, so there wasn't much thinking required before I agreed. She then made me spell out exactly what I had agreed to as she continued stroking me aching cock, before straddling me and standing over me and giving me a perfect view of what I wanted. She lowered herself down onto my face and I greedily tongued her ass, it tasted so fucking good and my cock was really throbbing as she continued stroking me. She let me tongue her ass a couple of times and then moved down my body and slid her pussy down onto my cock.
I was really, really struggling now. As much as I wanted to look down at her ass bouncing on my cock, I knew I would explode inside her in a second, so I screwed my eyes (and my fists) up and fought against the agonizing pleasure she was inflicting on my cock. After a while she rose off me and lay down next to me again, still stroking my cock. Then she starting slapping my cock and balls, pretty hard. I was still fighting the urge to cum, and this wasn't helping much.
She asked me how long it had been since I had been allowed to cum and I told her it had been exactly fourteen days, she started stroking me faster and told me she wanted me to cum for her. It was super intense, as I started to relax and felt the pressure building more and more as I worked towards orgasm I thought my cum would literally hit the ceiling. But as I got closer and closer, Mistress's grip became looser and looser until my cum barely dribbled out. After the first few spurts Mistress suddenly gripped me harder and stroked me faster...I can't say it was ruined because I definitely had that post-orgasm refractory feeling, in fact even this morning I didn't exactly feel raring to go like I usually am. But even so, it was about as close to ruined as you could get without actually being ruined!
I'm not exactly sure whether Mistress was trying to ruin it and messed it up or whether she couldn't decide either way, but either way it was still really hot and intense and she made me swallow my cum afterwards too. And while my cock wasn't exactly throbbing this morning, I couldn't keep my hands of her this morning as we lay in bed together talking about (among other things) our meal out with our friends last night.
One of the things we discussed was the new Jillian Michaels exercise DVD Mistress got the other day, Mistress is in really good shape and when she got out of bed I was struck by how totally hot her body is (well, it's not like I didn't notice the afternoon before, but you know what I mean). I really wanted to eat Mistress's pussy again this morning but she wasn't in the mood, she said 'maybe later' though so there's still a chance, and if not then tomorrow will be just as good I guess. Any time is a good time as far as I'm concerned.

A quick update on my own weight loss, I lost another half-pound this last Tuesday...which is a bit frustrating, but you know, it's still going the right way. I'll be happier and more relaxed about it once the Christmas weight has gone again, still another 2.5lbs of that to go. And finally, before I go, I got a hell of a spike in my stats yesterday, it's been a long time since I had 3000 hits in a day, you guys really love those captions huh?

Mistress has just read this post and said she couldn't decide whether to ruin it or not, she stills feels a bit mean ruining orgasms apparently... 

Yet another bunch of captions for you...

The fourth and final batch of captions this week, click HERE

How about another ten captions...

Click HERE for another ten captions...if you like that sort of thing.

BOOK REVIEW: The Chastity Game by Stanley Jeffries...

Following my recent interview with Stanley for this blog, Pink Flamingo kindly sent me review copies of the two books I haven't yet read of Stanley's, this one and 'Karl's Year in Chastity'. I believe 'The Chastity Game' is Stanley's first book (though that could be wrong) but it's quite evident that his style was very much fully formed from the start. Like his other books this one occasionally teeters on the brink of 'nastiness', although in this case it's more of a one-off headfuck than anything. Stanley seems able to trick you into suspending your logical thoughts as you get sucked into the story, so that when a helpless Gemma thinks she is about to brutally tortured, you kind of buy it...well I did anyway.
At the heart of the story is a three way relationship, Greg and Gemma are deeply in love but Gemma is more interested in sex with women than men. She likes having sex with Greg because she likes making him happy, but she gets off on having sex with women. Enter Tori, an older woman with an interesting past, who starts out straight but eventually succumbs to Gemma's charms. But Tori also rather fancies Greg which leads to a complicated relationship in which Greg submits to both women in one way or another. Tori is shocked that Gemma keeps Greg under lock and key, but she soon finds her own ways to torment him, including a game of blindfolded chess where every lost piece results in a punishing shock to his balls.
On top of all this there are also further complications in the forms of Zoe and Angela, a reformed Goth and a wealthy rich-bitch. Zoe allows herself to be dominated by Angela for money, which repulses Gemma, especially when she falls into a trap laid by the devious and quick witted Angela, to which Zoe is a willing accomplice.
As ever Stanley's books are immensely readable, his relentless detail eventually winning you over into suspending disbelief where some authors might fare less well. But as I have said before, and Stanley knows my views on this, the first third of the book is rather light on sex. It's a good story, a very enjoyable read, but no one is going to be masturbating until well into this book. But then it's always a challenge to write a story about chastity and get a lot of sex into it.

You can buy Stanley's books from Amazon UK, Amazon.US and Pink Flamingo. Sadly The Chastity Game is only available as an e-book, not a proper book.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Water water everywhere...

Well, would you look at that, a week has passed without a single post! How did that happen? Well... I'm afraid there hasn't been too much to post about this past few days. Mistress has been on her period since Sunday, there was talk of teasing yesterday but by the time we got to bed we were both too tired and this evening.... well, this even was far more dramatic.
I think we started watching a film around about 8pm, thinking we'd get to bed about 10:30pm or something. But Mistress insisted she could hear a dripping noise. Soon I could hear it too and after turning everything off we realised that the dripping noise was indeed coming from the lounge ceiling. On investigating the airing cupboard we found the hot water tank was leaking from both the inlet and outlet valves.
There then followed much commotion, ringing a relative for advice while Mistress contacted our insurance company to dispatch an emergency plumber, running taps, turning off water supplies etc etc. The plumber left about 11:30pm... the film remains half watched and needless to say I didn't get any teasing. We also now have a slight bulge in our downstairs ceiling which is presumably going to require some attention...

And now some positive news, I notice Angelique has started posting on her blog again, which is nice to see. You can visit her blog HERE

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Poundage, Pink Flamingos and a Throbbing Cock...

January has started well for us, with Mistress having already enjoyed four orgasms, one every other day in fact! I can't quite believe it's only been four days since I was allowed to cum... actually when Mistress was teasing me earlier I was trying to remember when I was allowed to cum, I knew it was this year but somehow I couldn't quite believe it, what with it only being the 8th today. Having just re-read my previous post I simply cannot comprehend that that was only four days ago, I just can't! Who knows how long it's going to be until Mistress allows me to cum like that again...?
Ludicrously, in light of that fact, I almost thought Mistress was going to ruin me tonight. I haven't had a ruined orgasm since September and she got me so close tonight but no, not this time. She teased me really good tonight, that's for damn sure, and left me throbbing like hell. Probably going to be using the new vibrating butt plug next time, I'm looking forward to that, while also being a little worried that it's going to be hard to stay in control! And thinking forward to our next session, I can see trouble ahead if she leaves me alone with that thing vibrating in my ass for five or ten minutes. It has seven settings, some of which are worse than others admittedly, but some of them are pretty brutal.

On the weight front, I gained 3.5lbs over Christmas, and my first week back I lost 0.5lbs, which means I need to lose another 3lbs to get back to where I was, and a further 2lbs to get to my 2.1/2 stone certificate (that's 35lbs to our American readers).  I'm not too downhearted, it's been a very long time since I've started a year under 16 stone, probably eight or more, so while it is a little frustrating, the general trend is down, and that is the important thing. Mistress has promised to take me away somewhere when I get to three stone (42lbs) and of course, there'll be some special deviant treat for me at that juncture too! Don't know what yet, but it could be being allowed to cum in Mistress's mouth and then kissing her. Maybe? I don't really know. But it's a possibility. Perhaps a slim possibility...or not.

I decided to contact Pink Flamingo and tell them about my review of Stanley Jeffries book, I thought they might want to post a link on their website or something. I'm not sure if they have or not, but a very nice lady there offered to send me e-copies of the two books that I haven't got of Stanley's for review. After a lot of trial and error (and patience on her part, it must be said) I eventually managed to get something which works on my Nexus 7. It seems if you aren't downloading direct from Amazon, Kindle is about as user friendly as a very unfriendly thing. PDF files are pretty useless because they aren't adjustable for font sizes and the other sort didn't work in anything. Eventually I found the holy grail in epub files, which actually loaded themselves into the Google Books reader on my Nexus and seem to be working just fine. I'm about 10% into 'The Chastity Game' so far and finding it hard to put down.

While I was talking to the lady at Pink Flamingo I also enquired about the protocol for submitting a book for publication, and this has rather inspired me to get writing again. I made a lot of notes early last year for a novel I never started and I will be revisiting that shortly in an effort to start work on something suitable. Unlike Femdom Cave, Pink Flamingo require their Chastity/Femdom scenarios to be consensual, which suits me much better. I really didn't like trying to force a 'Forced Femdom/Chastity' story, because I felt like I had to tie myself in knots justifying it every step of the way and making sure there weren't any holes in the plot. Probably unnecessarily as it turned out, having seen some other examples the justification lasted all of two pages before the plots were left to drift off into the completely ridiculous.

Oh, I almost forgot, after I made Mistress cum, she let me worship her feet for a little while too. That was lovely.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

My first orgasm of 2014...

Thursday night was a good night around here, Mistress R got me rock hard by rubbing my cock against her pussy, before having me lay down between her legs to make her cum. You women don't realise how uncomfortable it is to lay on a rock hard cock... but it was so worth it, Mistress came really well and I felt really happy.
Afterwards she surprised me by whipping out the glass butt plug and reminding me that she owed me a treat. Soon I was rock hard again as she sucked and teased me, while slowly introducing the well lubed plug to my ass. It always feels a little uncomfortable to start with, but after a few minutes it felt amazing, especially when Mistress fucked my ass as she stroked and sucked my aching cock.
It's always the same with anal toys, at first they are uncomfortable and then just as you really start to enjoy the sensation your Mistress decides you've had enough. I begged for the plug to be put back in and Mistress allowed me another minute or two, it felt soooooo good. But all too soon Mistress pulled it out again, and left me with a good slap to the balls for good measure.
Afterwards Mistress and I discussed the frequency of her orgasms and how after two pretty low months (nine apiece in November and December) we could try and beat her record of fourteen in January. Well, we're off to a good start at least, today Mistress had her second orgasm of the year, and it was truly top drawer stuff. From where I was laying it was definitely one of the absolute best in recent memory and after she had recovered Mistress had me move up between her legs and she guided me inside her.
Damn that felt good. Being on top and inside my Mistress's beautiful, slippery pussy... not only that but I was totally in control of my trigger too! I fucked Mistress solidly for a while but just as I started to speed up Mistress stopped me and turned on to her side, I don't know why but the different angle suddenly made it more intense and I had to tell Mistress that I was getting close. At this point she hadn't let on as to whether she was allowing me to cum or not, I'm not even sure she had remembered that I needed to ask at this point actually... !
Mistress responded to my warning by grabbing the headboard with both hands and telling me to fuck her hard and fill her with cum, and that's exactly what I did. Afterwards I was waiting to see if she would tell me to clean her, half thinking about instigating myself but really wanting her to tell me to do it. Just as I was thinking it wasn't going to happen she grabbed my arm and pulled me down between her legs and I licked her clean. There wasn't a lot of cum to be honest (at least not where I could reach with my tongue) but Mistress seemed to be enjoying the attention on her clit anyway. Later she commented on how much cum was dripping out of her, I guess it had been eleven days...

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Interview with Stanley Jeffries (Marcus Andrews)...

Earlier this year I received an email from a reader who invited me to check out the writings of a friend of his. Truth be told I wasn't exactly… umm, enthused… since most of the things I have been sent to review (particularly e-books... there's a reason some of these things can't get published properly, said the bitter and twisted would-be author...) have been less than entirely brilliant.

This, thankfully, was a different story. In fact I damn near did my eyes in trying to read the PDF on my Nexus 7 (damned tiny writing!) such was my eagerness to read on. The book (or rather books) in question was the 'Journey Into Chastity' trilogy and a finer tale of twisted fucked-up-ness you would be hard pushed to locate.

Having almost blinded myself reading the blessed thing, I reported back to the reader that I thought the book was fantastic and he put me in touch with the author 'Stanley Jeffries'. Stanley then kindly sent me the paperback version of the 'Journey Into Chastity' trilogy (if only I'd had that instead of that effing PDF file!) along with another book (The Slow Seduction of Claire MacDonald) which he had written under another name 'Marcus Andrews'. So I guess my first question is why did you write the books under different names?

SJ: Good question, because you would think an author would want to build as much recognition of his or her work as possible.  But it was publisher, Pink Flamingo, who suggested that I keep the Stanley Jeffries name for FemDom stories, and use a different name for MaleDom.  Apparently readers of erotic fiction like to be clear about exactly what they’ll be getting, which made sense to me. I’m an equal opportunity pervert, so I’m turned on by both genres.

RA: I'd like to start with the book you wrote under the name ‘Marcus Andrews’ if I could, mainly because it's fresher in my mind (I've literally just finished it). It's written in an interesting way, with two stories being told alternately and eventually joining up (though I must admit that bit confused me a little...until you straightened it out for me), what made you decide to tell it like that and did you find it easy to write like that? Did you write all of one story first or did you write it pretty much as the book goes?

SJ: I’d written an earlier story, The Chastity Game (FemDom), as an even more complex intertwining of timelines and viewpoints.  I still think The Chastity Game is the best story I’ve written, and so the Slow Seduction I think I wanted to try to recapture that mechanism. But it can be hard to do…you need to keep a lot of stuff straight in your head – and as you pointed out it doesn’t always come over as easy to understand!

RA: I was quite taken aback when I first received the book, by the harshness of some of it, I guess I should have expected it to be quite harsh given what happens in the 'Journey Into Chastity' trilogy, I think what did it was I flicked it open at a page where one of the main female characters was having her head held under water... I guess it was partly that the character was female that made me feel a little uneasy, though I must say the scene bothered me less when I read it as part of the whole story. 

SJ: Guilty as charged.  There’s definitely some strong stuff in those two stories you’ve read. But actually some of my other stories aren’t as extreme.  Karl’s Year in Chastity, and The Chastity Game are both more balanced. By the way, I think one of the reasons you might find some scenes to be extreme is that I try to create storylines that could actually happen. I actually don’t read a lot of erotic fiction myself because I tend to find that authors need to create alternate realities.  Like some parallel universe where women are totally dominant, and men are sent to “re-education camps” to be trained as submissive slaves.  Of course there’s a place for that kind of thing, but when those scenes become extreme we’re not as shocked because we know it’s a fantasy.

RA: In all seriousness, I hate those kind of books…

SJ: In the Slow Seduction book, the hero is a young guy (I think he’s twenty four) called Tony.  He gets involved with his mother’s best friend, Rebecca, and initially she wants to dominate him.  But he wants none of that, and turns the tables on her in quite an extreme way.  In the Rebecca timeline, Tony sometimes does extreme things to her, but she keeps coming back for more.  The other thing is that I tried to explore the fact that characters can’t be nice all the time.  Sometimes they make mistakes, or do things they regret.  The head under the water scene is one of those…and it’s at a point where Tony knows that his time with Rebecca is coming to an end.  As you say, hopefully the scene makes sense in context.

The alternating chapters tell the other half of the story – which is where Tony meets Claire and falls in love with her.  That part of the story is far more gentle…because Tony takes a young and innocent girl and introduces her to his lifestyle.

RA: In the book the main male character instigates some pretty harsh punishments on various females, but he also displays immense common sense and concern for sane practices, for example he is outraged when one of the women is caned to the point where she could potentially have been left scarred for life. Do you think it's important to try and instil a sense of responsibility in the reader who might one day want to try his hand at administering erotic punishments?

SJ: Very much so.  This is partly to do with the fact I mentioned just now – that my stories are set in a “real world”.  We all have to remember that BDSM has to be Safe, Sane and Consensual. Obviously as writers we don’t want to go all “preachy”, but I think if it fits into the story then why not throw in some advice at the same time? If you think about it there’s a lot of quite extreme stuff on the web these days.  Studios like Mood Pictures (for MaleDom), or Cruel Amazons (for FemDom) show material that’s not just incredibly extreme, but could also be illegal under the UK’s new definitions of extreme pornography. If people use those movies as some kind of guide for their own S&M activities then that would be a huge mistake.  It’s one thing to use those images for sexual arousal, but a totally different thing when you come to put it into practice. So maybe a bit of social responsibility in erotic fiction is a good thing.

RA: Both the books I've read of yours feature electro-torture quite heavily, is that something you've had a lot of experience with?

SJ: A fair bit – most of it on the receiving end, and all of it extremely mild.  My favorite toy is the Tazapper.  The thing I love about it is that it’s totally safe.  It’s a battery-powered device that generates a static electric zap – a bit like touching a door handle if you’ve walked across a synthetic carpet, except a lot more powerful. There’s no intensity dial on a Tazapper – it’s just all the same level of zap each time.  So the way you control the pain is by choosing the location of the zap (nipples are my favorite), and the rate of zapping.  If you combine it with the helplessness of bondage it can be pretty intense.   It’s really easy to control a scene like that with the usual safe words (“mercy” = “that’s my limit”, and “red” = “stop and talk properly”).

I’d like to try other electrical stuff, but the BDSM-style electro equipment can be pretty expensive.  I’ve seen electric dog collars used in various ways – the most extreme being when they’d wrapped around a submissive male’s scrotum. Again – that kind of activity looks fun in the porn movies, but you need to be so careful with the power levels. Obviously pain has to play a part, but at the end of the day it’s also supposed to be safe, and fun for both parties.  So right now we stick to the trusty Tazapper.

RA: Are your characters based on people you know or are they purely products of your imagination?

SJ: It’s a mixture, actually.  If you use people you know then it saves a lot of time because you don’t have to build a detailed character profile. In the first part of Journey I based the characters on a girl I was engaged to, and it’s very, very, VERY loosely based on some real stuff that happened.  It was way less interesting in real life!

If I meet certain people, sometimes there’s just something about them that makes me want to use them as characters. For the character of Gemma in The Chastity Game I used Rachel Riley, who is a hostess on a UK TV game show called Countdown.  She’s utterly gorgeous, but she has this “girl next door” quality to her that I find enchanting.  As she’s as smart as fuck too!

There’s a UK comedian called Jimmy Carr.  Some of you reading this will know that he’s done a few spoof shows “8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown”, and he’s worked with Rachel Riley on those shows.  On his latest stand-up comedy DVD he says this…“As some of you will know, I’ve had the chance to work with Rachel Riley recently, and I’m often asked if she’s as pretty in real life as she seems on TV.  Let me put it like this…I would crawl naked across broken glass to suck the cock of the last guy who fucked her.”

One of the things I always have to do when I’m developing characters is to “fall in love” with my main female character. In Journey into Chastity I had four female characters: Laura, Christine, Angie, and Louise.  Laura and Christine were based on girls I’d known (Laura was my ex-fiancee).  Angie was invented, but Louise sprang out of a TV weather girl called Lisa Burke.  Lisa is a Cambridge graduate in Natural Sciences (First Class Honors), and she’d lyrically beautiful.  But she has an even more beautiful voice.  I remember listening to her do a weather forecast and just melting as she spoke.

Lisa Burke

Obviously the trilogy was a very long story, but at various stages I had to evolve my own personal feelings for them.  It’s one of the things I really like about the creative process.

RA: Going back to the 'Journey Into Chastity' trilogy, I obviously read it pretty much all in one go, but it was written as three separate books, what was the timescale of the creative process for that?

SJ: Flipping ages!  Each book is over a hundred thousand words.  I’m guessing it took at least a couple of years. As you know from reading it, there’s a humongous plot swing in Book Three, and because I’d published Book One already it took a lot of work to make sure I didn’t go off the rails and become inconsistent.

RA: Again there are two really rather nasty scenes in that book, one involving electro-torture and the other involving a blunted woodworking tool. Are you fucked up in the head or what?

SJ: You nailed it, yes!  I really should be locked up.  Preferably in a special chastity hospital where the nurses all dress in black leather and…wait a second…don’t get me started! The thing is that the male character in the Journey trilogy, John, is a serious masochist.  And the two girls who dominate him sort of get a bit carried away.  In some ways it highlights one of the issues of a BDSM relationship, because we do get really excited when we’re in the scene.  The endorphins start flowing, and we can take all sorts of pain. Then the next morning we wake up and think “what the fuck did I do?”. But you’re right…some of the stuff was pretty extreme.  People seem to like it though...

RA: I must say, despite my own better judgement I continued reading enthusiastically... that tells me something about your writing skills, wouldn't you agree?

SJ: Now I’m blushing. But I think as a reader sometimes you have to plough through some painful bits of a book to make progress on the plot. Equally as an author there are times I think “for goodness’ sake I’m really not enjoying writing this bit, but I need the story to move from one place to another, and this is the only way I can do it”. I remember reading Lord of the Rings as a kid, and there were a lot of bits of those books that were hard going.  But you come out at the end really enjoying it.

RA: Does writing that kind of extreme scene get your own juices flowing, or are you just trying to shock the reader? 

SJ: I get very turned on when I’m writing, absolutely. It’s interesting you ask if I’m trying to shock the reader.  I never really thought about that.  In fact, come to think of it I’m not sure I really consider the reader when I’m writing – how fucked up is that?

RA: Did you encounter any problems with your publisher regarding the severity of the content of the book or were they pretty relaxed about it all?

SJ: Things have changed a lot now that the religious right have got so much power in the US.  In the real world I work for a US company and those poor sods have got to be so careful in their day to day work. I was lucky that most of my books sneaked in before the latest series of bans by Amazon.  But I was a bit surprised when Fiona at Pink Flamingo told me that the Slow Seduction book wouldn’t be able to go on their main site – and it’d have to be listed on a more extreme site. In a way that was a wake up call for me, because I’m honestly not trying to write extreme stuff.  I’m quite a nice chap really…honestly!

RA: I know you are working on a new book and you are trying to make it a bit less extreme, how's that going so far?

SJ: It’s going really well.  I’ve written about 120,000 words – of course it doesn’t mean they’re “good words”, but it does tell me that I really need to stop creating more story and focus on making the story that’s already there better, and more consistent. It’s a FemDom story, and is told from the viewpoint of a Romanian woman who’s basically fallen on some tough times, and who needs to find a way to survive and help her family.  She’s twenty four…she’s beautiful, and smart.  I love writing strong female characters, and I also love creating dominant women who truly love the men they dominate.  Here’s the summary text I’ve written for the back page cover…

“People in difficult situations sometimes have to take drastic action, which was how business graduate, Alina Florian, found herself sitting with a group of other pretty young girls waiting in a sports hall in her home town of Bucharest for the chance to be interviewed as a candidate for a modeling agency.  She understood all too well what “modeling” might entail, but right now she was too desperate to be proud.
What she didn’t expect was the offer to become the wife, and full time Dominatrix, of English inventor and millionaire, Charles Waddington.  The deal she was offered was simple; five years of her life in exchange for financial security forever for Alina and her family.
Taking the biggest risk of her life, Alina decided to go through with the deal, and embarked not only in this rather strange marriage, but also on an MBA course in a prestigious English business school.
Alina’s life was certainly transformed beyond her expectations.  Still confused by the luxury her husband’s wealth could buy her, she begins to feel a strange attraction to her submissive slave.  She discovers a love of physical domination, including sexual tease and denial, and enforced male chastity.  Gradually her husband’s gentleness and devotion begins to win her over, despite the temptation she encounters from her new best friend, Rachel.  But Alina also has to deal with her own turbulent past, and confront personal demons in her quest for happiness.
In his latest FemDom novel, Stanley Jeffries explores the possibility that money really might be able to buy love…as long as that love is earned through total devotion and suffering. The story includes scenes of intense verbal and physical Female Domination, and a gradual escalation of that dominance within a loving, and highly consensual relationship.”

I actually don’t have a title for it yet, but “The Alina Story” as I call it at the moment, really is a love story. It’s also the first time I’ve deliberately sought feedback on the story as it developed – and you’ve been a massive help there, Rob. The problem is that, even if I finish it soon, it tends to take ages for it to be published.  Pink Flamingo has a big queue of stories, and I suppose they only have so much capacity to turn out the final finished books.

RA: I notice you have a couple more books listed on Amazon (Karl's Year in Chastity and The Chastity Game) are they available as paperbacks?

SJ: Interestingly both of these are a lot less extreme than either Journey or Slow Seduction. Karl’s Year in Chastity is available as a paperback, and I would have sent you a copy if I’d still got one.  Authors are sent five copies of their books for “promotional” purposes (we don’t get the ebooks, oddly enough).

RA: I’m sure you would, I guess I’ll just have to stump up for it myself! :)

 SJ: About a year ago I’d taken my last copy of Karl’s Year in Chastity to give to a pal of mine.  We were down in London in a bar, and the book was sitting on the bar between us.  There was a really cute Italian girl serving us, and she picked it up and asked about it.  So over the next hour or so she kept coming back over to talk to us for a couple of minutes each time, and I was explaining how she needed to lock her boyfriend in chastity to get him under control.  We kept the whole thing very, very polite and low key, and to our amazement the girl was really starting to get into the idea.  At first we just assumed she was being nice to get a tip, but she kept asking sensible questions and coming back over to read bits of the book between serving other people. It was the middle of the week, and the bar was in the City of London, so everybody had gone home by then and the bar was almost empty, so she had plenty of spare time. The next thing is that the girl brought her two female colleagues over, and she starts explaining to them how they could change their men for the better!  They weren’t quite as into the idea, needless to say...

RA: Their loss. 

SJ: If you haven’t been to a pub in London lately, they are almost always staffed by Eastern European immigrants (they used to be staffed by Australians, but that phase seems to have passed).  As I said, our girl was Italian – I know Italy’s not in Eastern Europe, but the other two girls were from Hungary.  They were all in their early twenties, and my mate was loving it (he’d recently split up with his wife). So instead of giving him the book, I gave it to the Italian girl – along with my email address, of course.  I wanted her to tell me if it worked on her boyfriend!  Sadly this is the real world, and she never sent me an email.

RA: C'est la vie…

SJ: The Chastity Game is only available as an e-book, I’m afraid.  At the time I wrote it, Pink Flamingo were overwhelmed with other manuscripts and so I asked if they just wanted to publish it as an ebook. I’ve got to agree with you – real books are still better!  And I’m particularly annoyed that The Chastity Game isn’t available as a real paperback because I think it’s my best story overall.  I’m hopelessly in love with the character of Gemma in that book (big sigh).

RA: Well Stanley, thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions and giving me some insight into your creative process, it's much appreciated and I very much look forward to reading your new book when it's ready for release!

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