Friday, 30 March 2012

Possibly the final orgasm of the year...

Mistress R's final orgasm of our first chastity year that is... which I've been looking forward to all day, and it surely was lovely, and followed by even more teasing for me, including Mistress R riding and slapping my cock... I really thought she was going to let me cum, inside her, I was actually kind of surprised when she got off of me. I don't know why...
Mistress R asked me how many times I had cum in our first year of chastity, I replied 'twenty-three'.
"Hmm," she said. "About twice a month, and would you rather cum more or less next year?"
I paused for a moment, before admitting that I would rather cum less... and then added that whatever she decided would be wonderful. Because after all, it's not up to me. Indeed as she was riding my cock I told my beautiful Mistress that I wanted her to control my cock forever, that every orgasm I have for the rest of my life I want to be a gift from her. I meant it too.
She teased me wonderfully, until I was nearly as hard and desperate as last night (nearly but not quite, last night was VERY intense), I particularly loved it when she climbed off of me and then stroked my cock a few times before having me lick her fingers clean, commenting on how much I love the taste of her pussy and my cock, which I certainly did! She continued a while longer and then suddenly she said "...but you're not going to cum today."
And that was how my first year in chastity ended.
Unless something else happens tomorrow?


It's just occurred to me that if I hadn't already used the voucher that Mistress R so kindly gave me, then last night would have been the perfect time to use it. Or would it? Would I have felt so helpless and desperate if I was able to ask to cum? I doubt it somehow...

For some reason I can't post a comment...

So I'm posting this here in repsonse to Subserviant Husband's last comment on the post below...

Once I turn over I am generally okay, apart from the initial moments... I find it incredibly difficult to let go though, I just want to stay like that, holding her as my cock throbs against her gorgeous ass, it's indescribable, absolute pleasure and absolute torment all rolled up into one. Mindblowing! As I lay there I whispered to Mistress R that I want her to control my orgasms forever, what I didn't say, though I was thinking it, was 'even if you never let me cum again'. Really scary, but if I felt like I did last night... I dunno, maybe I would.

Now I'm beginning to wonder if I was dreaming that I woke up and was kissing Mistress R's breasts.... I doubt it though cos I hardly ever dream about sex (much to my disgust!).

Absolutely throbbing...

In the early hours of the morning (about 1AM) I awoke to hear Mistress R getting into bed, I had been there about an hour and as usual had read some stuff before drifting off to sleep, which meant of course that I had a huge throbbing twelve day hard-on as soon as I woke up. As Mistress R climbed into bed I put my arm under her and pulled her to me, desperately hoping she wouldn't just kiss me good night and tell me to go to sleep.
My luck was in (all the ladies love chocolate cake after all!) and she reached straight for my balls, giving them a gentle squeeze before trailing her fingers up the length of my iron-hard cock. Within seconds of the first contact I was desperate to cum and Mistress R purring in my ear that 'She loves it when my cock is so hard' wasn't helping at all.
She teased me for about five minutes I would say, alternating between soft, teasing strokes, firm strokes, ball slapping and gentle squeezing, and by the end I would have done just about anything to cum. I was mentally imagining the taste of my cum as I licked her fingers clean and I was literally panting in desperation.
But no, Mistress R let go of my aching shaft and told me I would have to wait until tomorrow night for the rest of my teasing. We kissed and spooned, my cock literally throbbing against her gorgeous, gorgeous ass as I kissed her shoulders, I was so close to cumming then it was unreal and I so wanted to slide down her body and bury my tongue in her delicious, tight asshole.
Eventually Mistress R told me I should try and get some sleep and I turned over, my cock throbbing against the sheets like an unexploded bomb. I fell to sleep fairly quickly, but I woke up again about an hour later, from a dream where I was kissing and fondling Mistress R's breasts, to find that I wasn't dreaming at all...I was doing just that, and still sporting an impressively hard cock too!
Finally, sleep returned and I woke up this morning, rather early, eager to get to work and get on with the day so that I can get home and give Mistress R her final orgasm of this, our first year of male chastity!

Thursday, 29 March 2012

A little premature maybe...

No, not me! I don't have that problem thank you very much. No... as you may or may not know, we are getting very close to our first chastity anniversary and this afternoon (after I had been to the dentist and had my wallet emptied for a root canal!) I presented Mistress R with a lovely chocolate cake which I decorated to celebrate our first year with me as her 'chastity slave'.
I managed to get some time last night to make the cake while Mistress R was out at her friend's house, and I was planning on saving it until the weekend (I even found a good place to hide it), but I am hopeless at waiting, I always get too excited about giving her things, I'm just the same when I buy her presents for birthdays and Christmas... so I caved in and presented it to her today. We both had a bit and it was pretty damn scrummy I must say. As we tucked in Mistress R proposed a toast 'To another year, even better than the last one'. Amen to that!
I'm hopeful that Mistress R will get one more orgasm in before the end of 'Chastity Year', but I fear the four required to take Mistress R up to the ten a month average is now a lost cause, ah well, better luck next year. 

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

As our first year draws ever nearer to a close...

Mistress R enjoys her 116th orgasm, which means, with the best will in the world, she's not quite going to make it to the 120 that I'd hoped for (i.e.- ten per month on average), but with me still on 23 (and seriously unlikely to get another this side of April), at least she's still had more than five for every one of mine. If you would have suggested that at the start of this I would never have believed it, or that we'd still be doing this now, without even a break!!!
Mistress R's pussy smelled and tasted so good tonight, but before I even got that far she rubbed the tip of my cock against her pussy until I was groaning a little and then pushed me down between her legs, the smile on her face telling me just how much she loves to make me ache for her. Mmmmmmm....
Afterwards Mistress R gave me some lovely teasing, she barely stroked my cock until near the end, she just played her fingertips along the shaft and over the head, and squeezed my balls as we kissed. I wanted to ask her to squeeze harder but every time a kiss ended she'd moved onto gently teasing my cock and I didn't want to distract her. It felt so good... and then towards the end of my teasing session she gave me a few short bursts of firm strokes, just enough to make sure I was really desperate.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Please don't take this the wrong way guys and gals...

I really appreciate when people take the time to email me and leave comments, I really do like to hear from people, but it seems at the moment that a lot of people are jumping to a lot of conclusions about my relationship with Mistress R, possibly because they haven't read the blog far enough back or whatever...

Just to reiterate, Mistress R and I are not in any kind of 24/7 D/s relationship, except that Mistress R decides when, how and if I get to cum, and when/if I am allowed inside her. Once a month we have a 'Femdom Session', which is very fulfilling to us, but to some readers would probably be considered quite tame by their own standards.
Also, despite the picture at the top of the blog, I am not in any kind of device, that picture is Mistress R and I do own a CB-3000 but we do not use it currently.
Neither of us want an FLR, outside the bedroom we are equals and extremely happily married, and neither of us have the slightest inclination towards feminisation.
Also, though the idea of cuckolding is arousing (and confusingly so at that) and Mistress R does tease me with it sometimes, it's not something that either of us are ever likely to want to live out.
I do not judge anyone if they want to live their lives a different way, but please understand all this before you jump to any conclusions about me/us.

Robert Anthony.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Femdom session...

One week later than it should have been of course, but neither of us really wanted to combine it with my Father's birthday or Mother's day.... too much stress, so it was delayed a week - very wise! And it was supposed to occur later this afternoon, but Mistress R and I came to the conclusion that maybe earlier would be better than later, and so come 11:40am I was on my knees waiting for Mistress R to come into the bedroom, my ankle and wrist cuffs in place and the Oxballs Cocksling pulling my balls away from my body.
Mistress R opened the door and inspected me, immediately finding a piece of towel fluff between my cheeks she opened her account with nine strokes with the whip for my tardiness (I always forget how much those first few strokes sting), adding a further fifteen once she had established that I had touched my cock three times in the last five weeks (since our last session). Between several of these she paused and used her hand to stroke my ass and balls which was a very nice contrast to the stinging cat.
My punishment completed, Mistress R had me turn and face the bed and then lay on the mattress and offered  her feet to my mouth. She told me to keep my eyes only on her feet and not to try and sneak a peek at her pussy. I did as instructed, worshipping her beautiful feet as best as I possibly could, eventually I heard Mistress R's fingers working her pussy and a small sigh escape her lips. This triggered my cock to harden, the Cocksling making it happen quicker than you'd expect given that I wasn't being touched. She leaned forward and told me to lick her fingers clean.... Mmmmmmmmmmm, you can't beat that first taste of pussy... Mistress R lay back again and told me that she'd been kind enough to trim her pussy for me, so that I could see it better, hearing that made my cock harder still, I love it when her pussy hair is really trimmed short, I just love looking at her gorgeous pussy!
Eventually Mistress was satisfied with the foot worship I had provided and she told me to get onto the bed on my back. She restrained me at all four corners using the cuffs and quickly straddled my face, allowing me to lick her for a short time before she reached for her favourite glass dildo. She pushed it deep into my mouth and told me to get it wet for her pussy. Then she slid the dildo easily inside her soaking wet pussy and started to fuck herself with the deeply-ridged, glass cock before returning it to my mouth and having me lick and suck it clean, teasing me with a scenario that always makes my cock rock hard...
"Maybe one day it'll be a real cock, and you'll have to suck it and tease it until it's rock hard for my pussy. And then afterwards you'll have to lick it clean, just like you're cleaning this dildo... and after that you'll have to clean me too, of whatever's inside me..... you just love the taste of pussy don't you?"
Mistress discarded the dildo and reached for my rock hard cock and slid her pussy down over it, telling me how lucky I was to be allowed inside her like this, and telling me how she knew how much I loved that she was using my cock just like a dildo, solely for her pleasure.
It felt so good to be inside her, but after a minute or so Mistress lifted herself off and knelt beside me. She grasped my cock and started slapping it, before slapping my balls a couple of times (quite a different experience when they are trapped in the cocksling, it made me flinch, even though I loved it really...) and then a few more slaps to my cock. It was so fucking hard. Then she straddled me again and rode my cock for a while longer before kneeling beside me again and slapping my cock some more.
Abruptly she stopped the slapping and started softly stroking, licking and sucking my aching cock, before using her nails on the length of my shaft. Then she started tugging at the Oxballs Cocksling, trying to remove it, she eventually got it off... I was glad when it was over though there was no lasting discomfort.
Usually when I have a cock ring removed it seems harder to get back to full hardness, but with the Cocksling it was no problem, just one more reason why I thoroughly recommend it.
Then Mistress pushed a dildo into my ass and then straddled me once again, pushing her gorgeous ass in my face and teasing me that even though her beautiful little asshole was right up against my mouth I wasn't allowed to lick it until she said so... if she said so! My cock was absolutely throbbing now and Mistress slid down me and impaled herself on it once again and this was the first time I thought I might cum without permission if I wasn't careful. She rode my cock to her satisfaction and then dismounted once more. Although I wanted more, in a way it was a relief that she stopped when she did because I was getting very close indeed! Having her riding me, facing away from me reminded me that it's been at least a year since I fucked Mistress R from behind...
Mistress attached clothes pegs to my nipples and then left me to stew for ten minutes or so, telling me that when she came back I would be allowed to lick her pussy until she came. The clothes pegs were pretty painful for the first three minutes or so, but thereafter settled to more of a dull ache. When Mistress returned she plucked them off, causing another few seconds of intense pain (she always, always smiles when she does that, most disturbing - hahaha!) and then lay back on the bed and told me to worship her pussy until she came.
Her pussy looked so damned good, I love it when she lies on the bed with her gorgeous, smooth legs spread open for me... so fucking hot! Mistress R's thighs are particularly gorgeous and I always love to kiss them before I move on to her pussy. But since Mistress R was already very turned on I didn't want to keep her waiting too long and soon (very eagerly) got to it, absolutely loving the taste of Mistress R's wonderful pussy. It took a little while longer than I anticipated to bring her to her climax, but since I would be happy to do that all day it was no concern of mine. When she came it seemed quite brief, but Mistress seemed satisfied and she had me lick my fingers and the PVC sheet clean of all her juices (and there was lots, yummy!).
She had me lie back on my back again and straddled me once again, pushing her ass into my face and telling me I had pleased her and as a reward I would be allowed to worship her delicious asshole. Mistress R knows only too well how much I love to do this and earlier in the session had teased me about how much time I spent thinking about doing it (probably quite a lot).
I relished the chance to taste her gorgeous ass and as I did she stroked my cock until it was throbbing hard once more. Then, she climbed off of me and told me that that was it for today. It seemed a rather abrupt ending, but when I looked at the clock I saw that we had gone well past our Femdom hour...
Of course I didn't expect to be allowed to cum during this session, and indeed I very much doubt whether I will be allowed to cum before next month. Early in the session Mistress R remarked that we were nearly at the end of our first year in chastity, and asked me if I have any regrets. I have none at all, I still believe this was the best thing we've ever done. Since we started Mistress has had a 100% success rate on the orgasm front, and all my erectile problems are hopefully now a thing of the past. On top of that, I believe this has made us even closer than we were before and I just really don't have a single bad thing to say about it. I love being under Mistress R's control, and I absolutely adore making her cum. And now that Mistress R is well over the guilt of leaving me hanging, and we've moved to the point where she lets me cum less than I would perhaps choose (which is exactly how it's supposed to be!) so I'm usually in the position of hoping to cum rather than hoping that she doesn't let me cum (like in the very early days), it's all working pretty damned perfectly.

Friday, 23 March 2012

More detailed orgasm page...

I don't know if many of you have noticed but I added a new tab about a week ago, which gives more details about each of my 23 orgasms so far... click here

Busy week...

It's been a busy week, with little time for blogging I'm afraid. But tomorrow will be our Femdom session, so look out for a nice write up on that over the weekend.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Cock in a box...

I like the look of these, although for me personally the price is a little steep for the amount of use it would get, and being outside the US I'm sure the shipping would be horrendous, still you might fancy one if you've got the cash!

Monday, 19 March 2012


Another orgasm for Mistress R tonight, she came very hard against my tongue and I held her in place as long as I could until she wriggled away only to thrust her pussy forward again about half a second later, eager for more, this happened a couple of times before she'd had enough and then I was allowed to kiss her feet while I gazed at her gorgeous, wet pussy for a minute or two.
Some nice teasing for me, no slapping or hard stroking, just gentle teasing strokes, fingertip teasing to my cockhead and the most wonderfully painful nails-tugging-at my-balls yet!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Getting this blog back on it's feet...

Well after something of a dry spell, this blog seems to be getting back on it's feet and I'm posting more frequently. With yesterday's red-hot sex still on my mind, I went to bed just after midnight, followed about half an hour later by my gorgeous Mistress. I knew she wouldn't be interested in teasing me much, if at all, having allowed me to cum just a few hours previously, but she still pressed her lovely ass back into my surprisingly hard cock a few times, making it just that little bit harder to turn over and go to sleep.
Before I did Mistress R rolled onto her front slightly and I kissed all over her back, sliding down the bed slowly as I went so that I could also kiss her beautiful ass cheeks. I so, so wanted to ask permission to worship her delicious ass, but I knew she was tired so I (very) reluctantly kissed my way back up her back and then kissed her goodnight.

I got an email this morning from someone who wants me to review one of his (Kindle) books, and he provided a link to the stories he has up for sale on Amazon. I never knew you could buy such filth on Amazon! Nothing 'coy' about these titles, 'Big Black Cock Junkie: A Breeding Sex Story' for instance. I definitely need to look into this, I never realised there was such an opportunity to sell my stories, although at present I have no idea how to go about it.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Totally unexpected...

Today was not a day I was looking forward to particularly, it is my Father's birthday today and as it's Mother's Day tomorrow Mistress R and I were taking my parents out for lunch. But actually it was okay, the food was very good and we arrived home feeling less stressed than we thought we would. After a little rest Mistress R and I set about the garden, attacking a completely out of control hedge and bundling all the waste into bags to take to the tip tomorrow on the way to Mistress R's mother's for lunch.
We both had showers and then decamped to the bedroom, where Mistress R enjoyed another pretty awesome orgasm (at least it seemed that way from were I was watching, right between her legs) right up against my tireless tongue. As soon as she had finished cumming, Mistress R handed me my cock ring (not the Oxballs cocksling, the standard rubber one) and told me to put it on. This was unexpected, but I wasn't about to argue, since I presumed that this meant that Mistress R wanted me to  penetrate her and be on top!
As I knelt up on the bed Mistress R lubed my cock and slapped it several times to make it nice and hard, and with the cock-ring on it really was rock hard and veiny like you wouldn't believe.
Mistress R layed back on the pillows and beckoned me to cum forward between her spread legs, her pussy still pink and wet and oh-so inviting. But before I could even enter her, I got a really bad cramp in my leg and had to lay down next to her. We continued kissing, as the cramp faded and then Mistress slapped my cock a couple more times and I told her I was okay now.
Thanks to the cock-ring my cock survived the pain of the cramp intact and Mistress R quickly fed the first inch inside her. I lifted her legs up and kissed her feet as I slid the whole length of my cock deep inside her, it felt fucking wonderful to do that. After all, you can count the number of times I've been allowed to thrust into Mistress R like that this year on the fingers of one hand! Knowing that it was only a few days since I'd cum I wasn't expecting to be allowed to cum again, but I was determined to give Mistress R a good fucking, and since it wasn't that long since I had cum I was pretty secure that I would be able to do so.
I started plunging my cock deep into Mistress R's pussy, trying to enjoy the beautiful, slippery, silky wetness of her gorgeous pussy, without getting so carried away that I would lose control and erupt inside her. I wouldn't say it was 'easy', but it wasn't too difficult, and as I continued to increase the pace Mistress R got more and more turned on being fucked by her husband's rock hard cock. I was loving it too and seeing her get so turned on made it even better for me.
Then, after several minutes, she looked up at me and asked me if I wanted to use my voucher. I didn't answer, but I was thinking it over in my mind, starting to weaken. She asked me again, I still didn't answer, I just kept pounding away at her wonderful pussy and now it was starting to get tough. I wasn't even close to the edge, but the thought of turning down the chance to cum like this was too much, after a few more seconds I caved and asked her if could cum.
Almost before I had finished asking her she said yes and told me to cum inside her, I increased the pace, fucking her even harder than before until finally, for only the second time in a whole year (the last time was the end of October) I was pumping my cum inside her while dictating the pace, pumping as hard as I could, determined to give her every last drop of my cum.
Finally I stopped, but realising my cock was still hard I gave her a few more thrusts before finally pulling out. She told me to lay down and I collapsed onto my back, expecting her to straddle my face and have me clean her pussy. The fact that she'd told me to lay down made me think that was what she intended, but she made no move to straddle me, perhaps she changed her mind, or perhaps she'd never intended to do that, I don't know.
It really was utterly mindblowing, and I for one have no regrets about using my voucher. I loved the way she asked me as I was pumping into her slippery pussy, knowing full well how hard it would be for me to resist. I really felt like 'she' was in control, even though technically 'I' decided to use my voucher, which is perfect really.
Afterwards I told Mistress R that we had just set a new record, for the shortest time between orgasms! Five days, where the previous record was six (set back in April 2011). That's one record I thought would stand for as long as we continued to do this, but Mistress R has always said that she can deny me or she can make me cum again and again if it's what pleases her, and that is exactly how I want it to be, all about her and whatever she decides she wants on any given day.
So now I'm back to where I 'should' be, unable to ask for permission to cum, until Mistress R decides to grant me another voucher (if she ever does), what a wonderful feeling it is to have such a perfect Mistress. This day really has turned out better than I ever could have expected!

I'm going to leave the poll running a while I think, just to see what people think, even though it's something of a moot point now.

Friday, 16 March 2012

New poll, my little dilemma...

So as regular readers will know, on Valentine's Day Mistress R gave me a voucher which allows me to ask to cum once (before May 14th). The wording does not specify whether Mistress R will grant that request, although I suspect she would. My dilemma stems really from the fact that I would rather Mistress R decide when I am allowed to cum, since it has worked very well up until now. However, as Miss Christina so rightly pointed out, if I don't use it how likely is it that Mistress R will give me another voucher? And if this is going to continue indefinitely, might I not wish I had a voucher in the future?
It's a tricky one. The easy thing to do of course is to just use the voucher, enjoy the cum... but I don't know, it feels like cheating somehow. I feel that by not using the voucher I would be reinforcing Mistress R's belief that I am happy for her to decide, and by using the voucher I would perhaps be putting a doubt in her mind.
I have already told her that if I decided not to use it would not be because I didn't appreciate the gift, and she accepted that and said it was okay to use it or not use it. So I guess I'm looking for some input from you my loyal readers, comments would be much appreciated and I have also added a poll for those of you who just want to give a yes/no answer.

Thursday, 15 March 2012


Mistress R just enjoyed her 111th orgasm since we started this, and boy was it a good one! Afterwards she teased me good, with cock slapping, balls slapping, fast stroking and her hot, wet mouth. But no orgasm of course, though right at the end, right after she kissed me and told me that that was my lot, she did ask if I wanted to use my voucher. I declined, even though my cock was rock hard and absolutely throbbing... crazy as it sounds I would just rather wait for her to decide she wants it to happen.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

For the eighth and probably last time...

Last night I felt pretty 'off', even though my cold is now gone I still don't feel very good. Just run down and tired. So I went and lay down after dinner, see if I could get a nap since I've missed out on a lot of sleep over the last few days. Of course I couldn't get to sleep, so I read some porn to see if it would help. It didn't really, but it did make me want to make Mistress R cum all the more. I lay there for about an hour and a half, reading off and on, but mostly just chilling and trying not to stroke my cock.
Eventually I got up and Mistress R and I returned to the bedroom shortly afterwards, I was really looking forward to tasting Mistress again and making her cum, and the porn had made this need even more acute.
She tasted wonderful and she had a very long orgasm which made me really happy.
I still wasn't feeling brilliant, but at least now I had a happy heart. Mistress R soon had her hand around my cock, which was hard, but not as 'granite' as I would have liked. She stroked me a little while but quickly decided that she wanted my cock inside her. I moved to the middle of the bed and Mistress R straddled me, sliding herself down onto my cock. God it felt so good to be inside her again.
Before long she reached back and started slapping my balls and I had to really try hard not to shoot my twenty-three day load inside her, she was smiling down at me, seemingly enjoying watching me struggle.
"Do you want to cum?" She asked. "Is that something that you would like to be allowed to do?"
I was concentrating so hard on not just blowing my load inside her that my brain was struggling slightly with this simple question...
"Only if you want me to," I managed to reply, wondering if she was actually going to let me or if she was just messing with me.
I got my answer soon enough and she told me she wanted me to cum inside her. Which took a little longer than you might imagine, since by now I was so far into 'safe-mode' that opening the taps required some mental realignment. But soon I was spasming hard as I shot every last drop of cum deep into her beautiful, silky pussy.
No sooner had I finished, than Mistress R raised herself up a little and told me to slide down the bed. She straddled my face and I could see a drop of my white cum hanging from her open pussy. It looked so good and I greedily devoured every drop I could reach with my tongue before she eventually lay down beside me.
Later I filled in the stats page on this blog and realised that with my first year in chastity nearly over, that was only the eighth (and probably last, before year two starts) time that I have come inside her since April 2011. Which means I have been allowed to cum inside Mistress R just less than once every seven weeks. When I told Mistress R this statistic she simply asked if I regretted giving her control, which of course I don't.
I would never have believed that this would continue like this, I never gave it much thought at the time, perhaps because I didn't think it would get off the ground so I never really considered how I might feel a year down the line.
But now, that year is fast approaching and I can honestly say that I have no regrets. This has been so postive for our sex life and I have absolutely no intention of asking Mistress R to give up control even for a day. Which is why my orgasm-voucher still remains unused and probably will remain so. I did wonder if Mistress R was going to try and force me to use it by simply not letting me cum until I gave in, but it seems that wasn't her plan... or if it was she changed her mind. Still, there's a while left to run on it, May 14th I think, that's nearly two  months away, so she could still do that if she wanted.
I guess we'll have to wait and see. Now I just can't wait to make her cum again, I hope it's sooner rather than later!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

New Milovana links added...

Just found some old links I'd saved to some good Milovana teases, if you're into them. They're at the bottom of the Milovana tab page, there's about seven new ones I think. Incidentally, I came last in the race for Tease of the Month, I only got two votes (and I voted for myself!), the winner got eleven. Still, I got nominated... I think it would be kind of hard to win cos there's some guys there that are doing it all the time and they have their own little followings.

Mistress R reckons we'll be able to have some pussy worship tomorrow, I'm looking forward to that. We were away this last Friday, but there was no shenanigans to report. We had an exhausting day out shopping and then a magnificent (but colossal) meal at a gastro pub near Chester, we were a little concerned about going back there since in our experience restaurants rarely live up to the memory, but that one exceeded all expectations and we will certainly be going there again sometime (possibly October).
Unfortunately, the hotel we stayed in (just like last time) was like a sauna so you either can't sleep because you're too hot, or you can't sleep because the air con is on and noisy, so we didn't get much sleep on Friday night. Oh well, never mind, that aside it was great. That side, there was one disappointment. We went to the Hotel Chocolat in Chester and they had no 'Cashew Pralines'. I was non-plussed to say the least. The lady in there told me that they hadn't stopped making them, that they were very popular and they were just out of stock. She suggested I try the pecan ones instead. They were not at all the same.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Just in time...

Last night I was able to give Mistress R another orgasm, just in time as it happened since her period has started today. It was lovely of course, and I got a little more teasing and another quite hard slap to my balls too. It was a bit more painful since I wasn't as worked up, but I can't deny the effect it had on my cock and I was left absolutely throbbing yet again...

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Another late night session...

Mistress R is on holiday this week (I am not!) so she is slowly becoming nocturnal... hence last night she came to bed at 1am again and started teasing me, stroking me and tugging on my balls quite hard, before slapping my balls and cock again, leaving me absolutely throbbing hard and desperate to cum (18 days so far, feels longer!).
I could hear her giggling to herself as I moaned and pushed my aching cock towards her when she seemed to be pulling away, and finally she asked me if I wanted to use my voucher. Now the other day she told me that she had thought about asking me the night before, but decided it was too mean. She's obviously got over that now...
"You can use it if you want," she said. "It's okay, do you want to use it...?"
I was so fucking tempted, but after a couple of seconds I told her 'no', that I wanted it to be her decision. She kissed me one more time and turned over, I pulled close to her, spooning her while my cock throbbed against her gorgeous ass, bringing contented noises from her throat. Again I thought I could so easily just cum right now.
Eventually my cock softened and I realised that Mistress R had fallen asleep. I kissed her back a couple of times (while fighting the very real urge to kiss all the way down her back and to gently lick her asshole) and then turned over myself to sleep...
Tonight it must be pussy worship time!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Still got my cold, and Mistress R too. I've just realised also that I haven't put up a poll for about a month, gadzooks...!!!
Hopefully tomorrow there will be some pussy worship, but then again maybe not. I thought it was going to happen tonight and it didn't, so we'll just have to wait and see I guess.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Oh yes...

I've just got out of bed after giving Mistress R her first orgasm for nearly a week! It felt amazing to make her cum after so long, we both really needed it! She tasted absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait to do it again. Unfortunately Mistress R is now starting to get a cold, I hope hers doesn't get as bad as mine, I'm still feeling pretty shit if I'm honest...
No teasing for me today, because I already got mine last night and it was out of this world. I went to bed just after midnight and Mistress R followed about an hour later. I woke up and went to cuddle her and she started teasing me, stroking my hard cock with her delicate fingers before teasing the head and then digging her nails in and pulling gently on my balls. It was fantastic, especially after not being touched for a week!
This was a massive test of my resistance to using my voucher let me tell you, I was so close to giving in and I can't believe how long I managed to stay on the edge without cumming. For a long time I was so torn between asking Mistress R to stop because I was so close and wanting the teasing to continue, and perhaps because it was so late and everything I wasn't thinking quite as straight as I might have been and I really was living dangerously, even after Mistress R had finished teasing me I still felt like I could cum at any second, it was mindblowing.
As I lay there, Mistress R pushed back the covers and gently slapped my cock a few times and I knew I wanted it harder and I wanted her to slap my balls too. I asked her if she would please slap my balls and she pushed the covers back again and slapped my balls several times, harder than she had ever done before. Then she slapped my cock hard a few times before a few more slaps to my nuts. It felt fucking amazing, I know I could have cum just from that if she'd carried on a while, surely that would be the mother of all ruined orgasms....
It wasn't so hard that it hurt, but it was harder than Mistress R has ever slapped my balls before, and I think if I hadn't been so desperate and aching it would've been more than hard enough! But in that situation it just made my cock throb even harder, I fucking loved it and I hope Mistress R does that again soon.
I can't tell you how good it felt to smell and taste Mistress R's beautiful pussy again after so long, and making her cum really took the edge off the miserable feeling of having a shitty cold. Hopefully this week I will get to please her several more times and we can get back to a better frequency of orgasms for her and teasing for me.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Nominated again...

My Milovana tease 'Your Wife Takes Control' has been nominated for the February Tease of the Month vote. Currently I'm last out of five... oh well.

Vote here:

Still got my cold and getting very fed up now. At least we are going out for a meal tonight (for Mistress R's mother's birthday).