Saturday, 30 April 2011

Saturday afternoon...

While our neighbours were taking down the bunting and watching over their pesky, noisy children, Mistress and I retired to the bedroom where I was permitted to taste her beautiful pussy and make her cum nice and hard. This put me in an excellent mood of course, but it was only the start. I wasn't expecting anything more than some teasing but soon Mistress had me in her mouth and before I knew it she was on top of me riding my cock. Of course it was 'only' six days ago that I was last allowed inside her, but it still felt pretty heavenly to me as her still-wet pussy slapped against my balls. I concentrated on resisting the urge to cum, but Mistress had other ideas and told me that she wanted me to cum inside her. Her words flipped the switch in my head and before long I was pumping six days of cum into her gorgeous, tight pussy. But that still wasn't the end of it as Mistress quickly moved up the bed and had me lick her clean, which I absolutely love doing and it must be at least a couple of months since I've had the pleasure.
Sometime afterwards Mistress R was looking over my shoulder as I sat at the computer and was laughing at my 'Rob's Most Recent Orgasm' sidebar. I told her I thought she had been rather generous with her orgasms of late, even though she has had nine to my four. Still, as I said before, I gave her control of my orgasms and it's not up to me. Maybe sometime soon I'll be in the middle of a long period of chastity wondering how I could ever have said that! Oh, I do hope so...

BOOK REVIEW: Subtext by Kate Marley.

A few weeks ago I promised to write some book reviews, and so here is my review of Kate Marley's 'Subtext'.
The book is actually about a female submissive and her experiences with male (and female) dominants, as such it doesn't really ring my bell as far as turning me on goes, but it was still an interesting book. Kate's writing is very honest and open and you can't help but feel for her when things go wrong. I did find some of the descriptions of her beatings a little hard to read in places, I know that if that's what she wants then that's up to her and all that, but being the way I am the thought of beating a woman like that is slightly unpleasant to me. A long time ago, before we started the whole Femdom thing, I tied Mistress R's hands to the bedposts with a view to fucking her like that, but I couldn't do it. It just felt completely wrong to me, women are to be worshipped and pleasured, not beaten or used. But I digress...
I would still recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in D/s, as it's quite a fascinating insight into how a very submissive human being's mind works and how she struggles to balance her desire for submission with her own slightly petulant nature. There is also a very interesting part of the book where she tells how she hates the word 'slut', but she then goes out of her way to buy a paddle with the word 'slut' cut out of it, so that her Master can mark her with it (because she knows it will please him). It's just one aspect of a book which does a good job of trying to explain to some degree the mindset of a submissive and her conflicting thoughts and emotions.

'Subtext' is published by Xcite books.

Exciting news...

Over the past few days I have been contacted by a couple of people who are looking for me to work with them. Firstly I was contacted by Eden Fantasies who are sending me a glass G-Spot stimulator to review. I must admit I was wary at first as I was not willing to accept freebies if I had to toe the line regarding my thoughts on the product. But Kayla has assured me they only want honest and fair feedback and as such I will be reviewing the product sometime in the next few weeks.
Secondly and even more interesting to me, I have been contacted by Femdom Cave with a view to writing a novel for them. This is very exciting to me, even though I will have to alter my style of writing a little to accommodate their requirements, as my long term aim is to be a published author, and this can only be a good stepping stone to that goal. Femdom Cave specialise in non-willing Femdom, which I've never tried writing before, but I'm sure it won't be too difficult to adapt. One of the criticisms I get all the time on Literotica is that my longer stories always end up going too far and the love element of the relationship is lost, so if I can just start a story at that point I'm sure it will work out.
Femdom Cave has free book downloads available if you join their site, go here.

Friday, 29 April 2011

'The Next Step' is up on Literotica...

2706 people have read it so far, 30 votes and a very respectable 4.43 / 5!

Very Hot... HarryHaversackers 
Hot story. My cock was straining to straighten itself out while I was reading, but my chastity device is doing its job too well. I'm hoping for an orgasm in just a few days - after eight weeks of denial.

The Oxballs Cocksling arrives...

So last night I received the Oxballs Cocksling that I ordered the other day (excellent service from 'Master U' I must say!). Well I opened the packet and the first thing that struck me was how big it looked in my hand, I was actually a little concerned that it was going to be too big to do anything. The next thing that struck me was how soft and pliable it is, because when I was looking at their other (hexagonal-shaped) ballstretchers I was thinking how uncomfortable they looked, but now I know how squidgy the material is I might get one of them too.
Now, my principal reason for buying the Oxballs Cocksling is that I've been trying to get a ballstretcher that will fit me for ages. I've previously bought a leather one that wasn't even that wide, but I still couldn't get it on, my nuts are just too tight (and fairly large actually... although how can I really know this?). The Cocksling is both a cockring and a ballstretcher and as soon as I put it on it was quite apparent that my nuts were being stretched (although if you hang lower I don't know if it would be as noticeable).
Turns out the Cocksling wasn't too big at all (phew!) and it was very comfortable to wear and made my cock pretty damn hard without the eventual discomfort you get from a narrow O-ring material type cockring. I showed Mistress R how it looked and she gave me a couple of gentle strokes before having me go down on her. After about fifteen minutes my balls were starting to feel really stretched and as soon as I had given Mistress her orgasm I was quite pleased to get it off. But that's no reflection on the product, it really is excellent and I shall be using it regularly now until my balls are properly stretched.
Mistress then teased me nicely and briefly agreed to be rougher with my cock when I asked her to (without letting me cum). Which of course made this morning very difficult... I actually ended up laying on my hands for five minutes just to prevent any accidents. So that's four whole days and no infractions to record, I can hardly believe it myself! Still a long way to go though...

Thursday, 28 April 2011

The attraction of mean girls...

Time and again I am struck by the same message when I look around other people’s chastity blogs: we all want our women to be mean.
We may want every other aspect of our lives to be filled with love and contentment, but when it comes to chastity and our orgasms we don’t want kindness, we don’t want pity and we definitely don’t want fairness. We want you to enjoy all the orgasms you can get, because when you come we are filled with happiness, and the only thing that makes it even better is when you stroke, suck or ride our cocks to the brink of orgasm and then deny us.
I guess the attraction of ‘mean’ girls is symptomatic of the stages most couples go through once they start experimenting with male chastity. I confess I can’t speak with total authority on this matter, but I’ve read enough to know that most women do not become heartless denial-Goddesses overnight! (Cue collective sigh from everyone reading this post...).
Of course not, they love you, they worry about you, they think they are doing something ‘wrong’ because it goes against everything they’ve been brought up to believe. How many times have I read ‘I want to be denied for longer, but my wife will never continue past a couple of weeks’, or something similar?
And so the fantasy of the mean girl becomes stronger and stronger. Look at the women I use in my captions, they don’t have to be clad in leather, it’s that look that tells you all you need to know: 'I won’t feel guilty and let you cum early', 'I won’t take pity on you even if you beg' or 'I don’t care how much it aches, my pleasure comes first… and since you asked, I’m going to make you wait a few days longer, just because I can.'
The appeal of the mean girl for most of us lies not in a secret wish to be abused and treated like dirt (though doubtless some do go for that kind of thing), but in our appreciation of their strength of character, their resolve to give you exactly what you asked for and more, to be merciless and strict, to be unphased by your begging and whining (assuming you are allowed that luxury), and to use your cock and tongue for their own pleasure without guilt or remorse.

So that's the fantasy... and sometimes it can seem that your reality is a million miles away from where you would like it to be and that patience is no guarantee of success. But without patience and good communication you're screwed before you even begin. So remember, have patience, communicate honestly, show your appreciation in whatever way you think she would like best. Don't get grumpy when she expresses doubts, reassure her that you love her and that male chastity will improve your relationship and for God's sake don't let her surf the net for information without you there to filter out the crap.
That's all you can do really, not every woman is going to be willing to play this game and ultimately that may lead to a difficult choice, depending on how badly you want it. I would just say, don't fall into the trap of thinking chastity is more important than the relationship as a whole. I've been very lucky in having a wife who has agreed to be my 'keyholder' (what do you call a keyholder when there's no key?) but I wouldn't give up my marriage for the sake of what is essentially a game.

Incidentally, if you Google ‘mean girls’ you mainly get pictures of Lindsay Lohan. Now there’s someone you wouldn’t trust with a key. One man who might and who certainly knows what I’m talking about is ptathuk, and you can find his caption blog here

Shit happens...

This has been a great week for my blog, my pageview count has skyrocketed since Keyheld have added me to their aggregate site (check out the link further down the page for lots of top quality chastity themed sites), but privately it has not been so great really. The change in the weather has left me feeling a bit crappy and Mistress and I were supposed to have some fun last night, but it didn't happen...bloody contact lenses!
Ah well, Mistress had promised me some teasing tonight and hopefully tomorrow morning I will be adding to Mistress R's orgasm tally (but not my own, obviously). Perhaps when I show her Miss Christina's post she will be inspired to make me wait until our next Femdom session. Well, a guy can hope can't he..?

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

5000 pageviews...

Wow, I can't believe it. 5000+ pageviews in less than four weeks. Half of them in the last two days (thanks again to Keyheld!). Wonder how long it'll take to get to 10,000?


Why is it so... hard?

Since my confession and subsequent punishment with the paddle (ouch!) during our last Femdom session on Sunday, I am determined to obey Mistress R’s instructions to resist touching my cock from now on. This is not at all easy for me. I mean it’s only been what, seventy two hours since I was allowed to cum and I’ve already had five throbbing erections which I’ve had to resist… I’m beginning to wish I had a chastity device just so that I didn’t have to employ so much willpower!
This morning I woke up and was in two minds about whether to get up early and go for a walk or not, but that decision was soon made for me as my cock twitched against the bed sheet, taunting me like a veritable serpent of Eden. Bah!
Still I guess I should be grateful, at least I’ve done my exercise for the day, and the two hours I spent blogging last night meant that I didn’t stuff my face while Mistress R was out visiting her mother. Wait a minute, I was alone in the house all evening and I didn’t touch my cock, what the hell is wrong with me?
Truth be told, the whole not touching thing is more ‘serious’ to me than it is to Mistress R (at the moment anyway), which makes it all the more strange how disappointed I felt in myself last month when I failed to obey her instructions. I guess that illustrates quite clearly just how deep my desire for submission and control runs.
Of course there’s also the knowledge that if I behave as I should, then when Mistress does decide to tease me, not only will I not have a guilty conscience impeding my performance, but I also know it will feel all the more satisfying and pleasurable as a result. Because as anyone in my position knows all too well, one stroke of Mistress’s hand is worth a thousand of my own.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Perhaps a bit of a recap is in order...

I have so many new visitors to my blog in the last 24 hours, thanks to Tom and Dev at Keyheld, I thought it might be an idea to have a bit of a recap as to how I got into this position...
Mistress R and I met in the early 90's when we were both in our early twenties. We were pretty much inseparable from the start and married quite quickly. After several years I somehow managed to pluck up the courage to suggest Femdom, I don't really remember too much about the conversation other than it was a bit uncomfortable... I do remember that Mistress thought that meant I wanted her to sleep with other men (an easy misconception I suppose). Thankfully we cleared all that up and slowly embarked on a very gentle Femdom course.
For reasons I won't go into here we stopped after a while and then started up again around the turn of the century. This time we went much further, with a strap-on, butt plugs, etc. This continued for the next ten years give or take, getting better all the time, but still remaining firmly a once a month treat. I would quite happily have made it a larger part of our sex life but Mistress was adamant that it should remain as it was as she didn't want our sexlife to become only Femdom. Fair enough, I knew a lot of men would kill for one hour of Femdom a month, so I counted myself very lucky.
I have been writing stories for Literotica for several years now and have been reading stories from that site for even longer. One story which I have always enjoyed and returned to time and again is 'Terri's Teasing Torment's'. It's quite a tame story really, but I think it's the perfect introduction to chastity play.
Anyway, over the last year or so, I gradually became more and more intrigued by the idea of male chastity. I discovered Sarah Jameson's excellent blog ( and read and absorbed the whole thing. I also bought a CB-3000, as the idea of being locked fascinated me. However I found it very unsuitable and not at all user-friendly, mainly because I couldn't get it on and when I did (sort of) it stuck out a mile and I couldn't possibly have worn it under clothes.
Despite this disappointment, the idea of male chastity and the idea of becoming more controlled by my beautiful wife / Mistress  appealed greatly to me (one thing which appealed to me was simply the removal of performance anxiety which I have suffered with a fair amount) and one day I tried to get my wife interested in the idea. To say she was not keen would be an understatement, of epic proportions. In fact she was quite upset about the whole thing and seeing her reaction I did the only thing I thought I could do, I dropped it and tried to forget about it.
About a fortnight afterwards my wife brought the subject up again, which massively surprised me, I don't know why she did that, perhaps she could tell that it was still on my mind and she thought if she didn't resolve the issue one way or another then it would fester inside me and make me resent her.
Regardless we talked it over and I tried to convince her of all the positives it would bring to the relationship. I must have been at least partly successful as she agreed to impose a chastity period leading up to our monthly Femdom sessions. In truth this wasn't too difficult as we already left 3-4 days before the sessions to make sure that I was feeling somewhat horny before we started. Over the course of three or four months she extended the period from four days to twelve, and once she realised that it wasn't actually that big an issue and that I wasn't a gibbering wreck she became a little more comfortable with the idea. Of course during this time I was more than happy to provide her with as much oral servitude as she could wish for and once or twice we had penetrative sex without me cumming.
In truth for those first few months I wasn't getting exactly what I wanted, as the teasing was nowhere near as intense as I would have liked it, but I was determined to stick it out. That's the thing with male-chastity, you've got to be prepared to play the long game. I doubt many women are going to get it exactly how you want it straight away and though it may be frustrating (and not in a fun way) you must allow it to move at her pace or you risk blowing the whole thing.
Finally last month after our Femdom session, Mistress R agreed to put me back on 'stop' and I spent my first month under her control. I was allowed to cum once about four days later and then was kept waiting for a further twelve days before I was allowed to cum again. After that I had to wait for our next Femdom session to cum again, which was also the first time I was allowed inside her since before the previous Femdom session.
I was delighted when Mistress R agreed to continue the game following our latest Femdom session and am now once again under her control, with no idea when I will be allowed to cum again. This is still a work in progress, as I would like my orgasms to become less frequent and I am also trying to convince Mistress R that she does not have to allow me to cum during our Femdom sessions. That said, I have given Mistress R total control of my cock and orgasms and therefore it is up to her when I am allowed to cum, and as such if she wants me to cum every night then that is what will happen (who knows, maybe she will decide to do that at some point just to underline that it is she who decides and not I).
We are still refining the process and this last week we discussed certain points that have come up over the past month and it has been decided that I am now not allowed to ask for anything from my Mistress. She controls my cock and she decides when it is touched, when it is allowed to cum and when it is allowed inside her gorgeous pussy. I am totally happy with this. I am allowed to offer her oral service and foot worship, and if I feel that I am getting too horny and that I am going to disobey her and touch my cock without permission  then I am permitted to ask her permission to do so. This hasn't occurred as yet, but she has made it clear to me that in this situation she may allow me to touch it myself, she may allow me to touch it under her supervision, she may touch it herself, or she may simply refuse permission altogether.
As I say, this is still a developing situation, but so far it seems to be going very well for both of us. I can certainly say that my cock is much harder and reliable than it was before and Mistress seems to have become more comfortable with the whole thing and perhaps because of her natural character is quite enjoying being in control and deciding when she wants my cock inside her and when she wants to see me cum.
I must admit the thought of being properly locked still appeals enormously to me, there's something about the thought of Mistress having my key around her neck that turns me to jelly, but for the moment I am more than happy to enjoy my current situation without worrying about that too much. As it is I have no real problem with fighting off the desire to make myself cum (although I have only gone a maximum of nineteen days), but trying not to touch my cock when it is rock hard and aching for attention is proving somewhat more of a challenge. However, I am endeavouring to apply myself to the task and have managed a guilt free sixty hours since my last permitted orgasm so far. Perhaps Mistress R's instruction that I must write down any infractions has focussed my mind sufficiently to make it to the next session without a blemish on my report card... only time will tell, and there's always a danger that Mistress will deliberately ignore me nearer the time and make it impossible for me to resist just so she can paddle my backside once again.
I am certainly looking forward to my next teasing session, whenever that may be, especially since Mistress has  recently realised that I can take quite a lot of hard stroking without losing control. But then again, maybe Mistress will only decide to use the gentlest of touches to tease me, perhaps to force me to beg her to stroke me harder (I am allowed to ask, once the teasing begins, but with no guarantees...), I can only wait patiently and hope.
You know, I still love the Femdom sessions and I especially love the way it brings out Mistress R's confidence and sexual exuberance, but being under her control 24/7 (even without a chastity device) really is absolutely amazing. I'm sure it's not for everyone, but for me it's absolute Heaven.


Well, somehow we didn't get around to taking the photographs I talked about, but we should be doing them next  weekend instead. It needs a bit of forethought really, because (for example) if Mistress wears socks all morning they will leave marks on her legs which will show up in the pictures, which will be even more obvious if we are getting them printed 2' x 3'. Well, as soon as we do them I shall let you all see the results.

Monday, 25 April 2011

My blog has been added to 'Keyheld'...

'Keyheld' is a site where you can find lots of quality chastity sites, my blog has been added today and I've already had 80+ visitors, so many thanks for that and welcome! If you would like to find some more great chastity sites you can find them at:

I've added a sidebar link which is now working - thanks Tom!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

The most amazing morning...

Mistress R and I decided to have our monthly femdom session very early this morning, and it was truly amazing. I was finally allowed inside her beautiful pussy and it felt fucking mindblowing after a whole month without! I don't know whether it was because of the past month (her first being fully in control), but Mistress was so into it and she really made it one to remember. At one point she was alternating between riding my cock hard, sitting on my face and some very rough stroking (nails too) all while I had a dildo pushed in my ass... how the hell I managed not to cum I will never know! And when she did finally allow me to cum (after she had cum of course), she made me clean up every last drop of it, which seemed a hell of a lot, even for eleven days.
More importantly, I am finally satisfied that Mistress is comfortable in her new role, and happy to continue the chastity game. I cannot tell you how pleased I am about that! During the session I also confessed to Mistress that I had touched my cock quite a few times during the month when I wasn't supposed to, which earned me a whipping (not too bad), and a few strokes of the paddle (ouch!). Now I have been told that if I feel the need to touch my cock I must ask permission (maximum of three times between orgasms), albeit permission is not guaranteed and there may be conditions attached. Also if I do touch my cock without permission I must make notes of when and how many times so that I may be punished for my mistakes accordingly. We also straightened out some other points which mean that I am not allowed to beg to be allowed to cum, or to be allowed inside her. I just have to wait until she decides.
Well needless to say, I'm back in chastity again now and with no idea when I will be allowed to cum again. I hope it's a really long wait this time...

Friday, 22 April 2011

The Next Step (written April 2011)

Matt sat on the edge of the bed looking down at the steel tube which encased his cock. He'd waited so long for this moment, but still he was tremendously nervous. As he looked down he caught sight of his face, reflected in the highly polished surface of the chastity device. Could he really go through with this? He steeled himself and pushed the small padlock through the locking holes and snapped it shut. His breathing was heavy as he dressed quickly, determined to get this part over with quickly before he backed out of it once again.

He walked down the stairs, the two small keys pressed firmly into his palm. About half way down the stairs he panicked. What was he doing? What was he thinking? What would she think? He paused on the stairs, his mind in turmoil as he debated whether to retreat back upstairs, but now it was too late, she was calling him.


He froze like a deer in headlights, squeezing the keys tighter and tighter until they left an imprint in his palm.


Matt slowly took the last few steps to the bottom of the stairs to see his gorgeous wife Suzanne standing there holding out a jar.

"Can you open this for me please?" 

Matt looked at her stupidly. They had been married for six years now, but he still found her absolutely stunning and couldn‘t believe he had been so lucky as to marry a woman like her.

"Oh, yes, of course."

He reached out to take the jar and then realised that he was still holding the keys to his chastity device. He quickly stuffed them into his pocket and opened the jar with relative ease. Suzanne kissed him on the cheek and took the jar back before returning to the kitchen. 

Matt watched her walk through the kitchen door and stood in the middle of the lounge feeling slightly foolish. He noticed he was trembling slightly, but worked up the courage to follow her into the kitchen.

He surveyed the worksurfaces and quickly realised that she was in the middle of cooking something.

"Are you busy?" he asked.

"Well yes, a little," she said.

"Oh, doesn't matter."

He turned to leave, but Suzanne sensed something was up and called him back.

"I know that look," she said mischievously. "What have you done?"

Matt couldn't help but smile to himself, he was prone to nervous laughter at the best of times.

"Umm, can I talk to you for a moment, in here?"

"Sure," she said, looking a little apprehensive as she followed him into the lounge.

"Sit down... please," said Matt.

Suzanne sat on the sofa and Matt sat down next to her.

"I....I have something to give you."

He fished in his pocket and retrieved the small key ring and two keys, he held them out to his wife saying "I….I would like you to have these."

Suzanne looked at the two small keys hanging from her husband's fingers. She instantly knew what they were for, but she was still more than a little surprised. She continued to stare at them as Matt twitched nervously next to her.

"Are they what I think they are?" she asked softly.

"Y...yes," he stammered.

She looked at him, a mixture of emotions bubbling over inside. 

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

He paused for a moment, concentrating his thoughts.

"Yes... I'm sure."

The silence hung heavily in the air as they looked at each other, Suzanne still not making any move for the keys.

"And you understand what this means?"


Suzanne arched an eyebrow slightly and Matt hastily corrected himself.

"Yes, Mistress."

Suzanne reached out and held her upturned palm under the keys. Matt let go and the two keys clinked together as they fell into her hand.

"Thank you," she said and leaned over to kiss him.

As they broke they kiss, Suzanne said two words; "Show me."

Matt understood immediately and stood up. He undid his button and pushed his trousers and boxers down in one movement, revealing the highly polished metal chastity device that encased his cock. Suzanne gasped as she saw the curved tube for the first time. She had only seen plastic chastity devices before, cheap-looking horrible things, but this was quite different. She reached out and traced her finger along the length of the tube and then moved down to softly massage Matt's balls, causing his cock to swell inside the tube.

"Mmmmm," purred Suzanne. "Is it comfortable?"

"Yes... I've worn it on and off for a month... I wanted to make sure that it was okay before 
I gave you the keys."

"I see... what's the longest you've had it on?"

“About three days."

"And it was okay?"

"It chaffed a little, but a little cream sorted it."

Suzanne smiled and bent her head closer to her husband's groin. He felt her breath on his balls and then her tongue flicking against them, coating them with her saliva. Matt's cock was quickly as hard as it could get inside the tight tube and he was soon groaning as she sucked his balls into her mouth, knowing full well what she was doing to him.

Matt looked down and saw that Suzanne had hitched up her thin red summer dress and was rubbing her pussy as she tormented him. The sight of his beautiful wife giving herself pleasure at the very moment that he had surrendered his own to her was almost too much for him. Abruptly Suzanne let go of him and leaned back on the sofa, spreading her legs and exposing her soaking wet knickers to him. Matt was on his knees in seconds, while Suzanne lay back further and lifted herself up so that he could peel away the wet cotton.

Matt tossed the damp panties to one side and then moved closer, drinking in the sight of his wife’s delicious pussy. He breathed deeply, inhaling her luscious scent and then bent closer, gently kissing the small patch of neatly trimmed hair above her slit.

Then, overcome with need he buried his face in her delicious pussy, expertly teasing her lips with his own, pulling on them gently while pressing his hand down softly on her mound. Suzanne was soon grinding her aching cunt against him, moving herself so that her clit was in line with her husband's mouth. Matt took the hint and gently started to use his tongue to stimulate the hood of her sensitive bud and then, almost before he had started, Suzanne's body spasmed wildly, taking him completely by surprise as she shuddered through a massive orgasm. Matt kept licking her, savouring every drop of her beautiful juice until Suzanne pushed his head away and begged him to stop. Matt looked up in total shock, he had never seen his wife cum so fast in his life! 

"Wow," breathed Suzanne, smiling down at him. "That was… amazing!"

Matt didn't know what to say, his eyes were irresistibly drawn back between her beautiful smooth legs to her gorgeous, wet, pussy and he couldn't resist leaning forward and gently mopping up her juices with his tongue, carefully avoiding her over-sensitive clit. Matt adored the taste of his wife's pussy and Suzanne was used to having him clean up her juices, his too for that matter… although given this latest turn of events it occurred to her that he might not be doing that again for a little while... 

After a short while Suzanne recovered and sat up, while Matt remained kneeling in front of her. She bent down and pushed the key into the small padlock and turned it until she heard a small click. Suzanne twisted the padlock open and slowly slid the curved metal bar out of the rings in the top of the chastity device. She sat up and put the padlock to one side and then bent down to remove the metal tube from Matt’s cock. The tube slid off fairly easily and within seconds Matt’s cock was pointing upwards and rock hard.

“Now,” said Suzanne. “Do you remember what I said to you when you asked me if I would be your keyholder?”

“Yes Mistress, you said that if I really wanted to wear a chastity device…that I would have to follow your rules to the letter.”

“And what were those rules slave?”

“I must give you total control of my cock… I must give you all the keys to the padlock… I must accept that you will only unlock me when you wish to play with my cock… I must accept that being unlocked does not necessarily mean that I will get to cum or even that you will touch me…”

“Go on.”

“I must always be ready to pleasure you Mistress….”


“If I am allowed to cum… I must lick it up from wherever it lands, Mistress.”

“Very good slave, although I think you have forgotten one...”

Matt looked quizickally at his wife and Mistress.

“You must accept that there may be long periods when you are not allowed to cum, and you must NEVER cum without permission.”

“Yes Mistress, sorry Mistress.”

“And you accept all these rules slave?”

"Yes Mistress."

“Good. Well it looks like it needs some attention, so why don’t you stroke it for me?”

“Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress…”

Matt reached down and curled his hand around his rock hard length, he slowly began to jerk his meat as his eyes were irresistibly drawn to the wet slippery flesh between his Mistress’s thighs. Suzanne leaned back and opened her legs to give him a better view of the beautiful slit he craved so much, her fingers sliding either side and squeezing her pink lips together before peeling them apart to show him just what he was giving up for her.

“Oh slave, what have you done… once you’re locked up only I will get to decide when your cock is released and only I will decide if it is to be allowed inside my beautiful pussy… and that might not be very often at all. Can you live with that slave, or would you rather just throw in the towel now and go back to a normal life.”

Matt looked at her, the tiniest hint of doubt lingering in his eyes.

“I only want what you want Mistress.”

Suzanne smiled as she watched his hand pumping his cock a little harder now.

“Don’t you cum without permission,” she warned.

“No Mistress,” replied Matt breathlessly as he stared longingly at Suzanne’s dripping wet cunt.

“If you cum without my permission your first stint in the tube will be one you’ll never forget!”

Suzanne lifted up her foot and pressed the instep against Matt’s balls.

“These are mine too,” she said sharply, before softly kicking his balls.

“Yes Mistress,” agreed Matt as his cock grew harder still.

“Right, I want to see you edge.”

Matt looked up into her eyes and breathed heavily as his hand moved faster on his cock.

“Don’t you dare cum without permission,” she reminded him tersely.

Matt pumped his cock hard until he felt the tell-tale signs of approaching orgasm.

“I’m there Mistress,” he gasped, loosening his grip on his straining cock.

Suzanne bent down and batted his hands away, before very softly stroking his throbbing, aching, desperate cock a few times, only stopping when she saw a clear drop of fluid appear at the tip of his cock. Suzanne dragged her finger across the tip of his cock, collecting the drop of pre-cum carefully and then watching intently as he obediently licked her finger clean.

“You’re going to be tasting that a lot,” she smirked. “A lot more than you’re going to be tasting your cum, that’s for sure.”

Matt gasped as his cock throbbed madly, threatening to erupt even without the benefit of direct stimulation. Suzanne looked down at his stalk pulsing madly and closed her legs.

“I think that’s enough for today, in future I will want at least two or three edges, but I think you are a little too excited today, and I don’t want any accidents.”

“No Mistress, thank you Mistress.”

Suzanne leaned forward as if to kiss him but instead pressed her mouth close to his ear and whispered, "Wouldn’t you just love to grab it, pump it and spray your cum all over my beautiful feet slave?”

“Oh God yes Mistress…”

“Even though you know that you would have to lick up and swallow every single drop of your cum?”

“Yes Mistress, please…”

Suzanne chuckled to herself softly.

“No slave, not today…not today."

Getting closer...

Well it's now nine days since I was allowed to cum, and two days until our monthly femdom session. I have never not been allowed to cum in our femdom sessions, but then we've never been in this position who knows? In my pre-session notes I will be reminding Mistress R that she doesn't have to let me cum if she doesn't want to. I'm not trying to sway her one way or the other, it's just that I only want her to let me if that's what she really wants to happen. I still think she will let me though...

But I kind of hope not.

Oxballs cocksling...

Today I have ordered an Oxballs Cocksling. I've been trying to find a decent ballstretcher for ages, I even bought a narrow leather one but my balls are so tight I couldn't even get that on (I know my balls are unusually 'high' because my doctor told me so). I tried and tried, but it just wouldn't do up. So then I found this company Oxballs who make high grade silicone toys and this product which works both as a cock ring and as a ball stretcher (perhaps not for some people, but probably ideal for me!). It wasn't cheap (£30) but it looks like a quality product and the reviews were excellent. If it works I shall be very happy as I also have a leather ball splitter that I can't really use because my balls pull out of it.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Of feet and keys...

I can’t remember exactly when I first realised I had a thing about women’s feet, but I know it was a long time ago. I also know it was at my first school, so it was definitely before I was eleven years old. Perhaps that was the first sign of a submissive nature coming to the surface, or perhaps it was just the novelty of seeing a part of a female that was usually covered up? Who knows. What I do know is that thirty years later I still find women’s feet very erotic, and lucky little sub that I am, I’m married to a woman who has incredibly sexy feet.
This weekend we are going to try and take some more photos for our bedroom, including some of Mistress’s gorgeous feet. I know I posted a very nice picture here before but sadly there isn’t enough spare ‘edge’ on that photo to make it into a canvas, and also we really should have ironed the sheet we were using as a background too. Well, we learn from our mistakes and at least this way I get to see Mistress R in her stripper shoes again, hehehe. Who knows, maybe Mistress will let me cum on her beautiful feet this time…
Another image I really want to capture is one of a key around Mistress R’s neck. I know we don’t actually have a chastity device (not yet anyway) but I still think it’s a really hot image and the symbolism of it is very significant.
So all being well (and with Mistress’s permission, of course) I will post the results for you next week.

Misconceptions of male chastity...

Where to start? Really... I could write a book. I was discussing male chastity on a non-sex forum the other day and a female poster there said, 'This sounds great, I get loads of oral and I don't have to do anything'. Umm, well, not really... it doesn't work like that. Male chastity may look from the outside as if it gives the woman carte blanche to be a selfish bitch, and confusingly it may even dress itself up to look like that's exactly what it is, but it really isn't. Sure there's plenty of blogs out there by guys who's primary goal is their keyholder / Mistress's pleasure (myself included), but how long are you really going to put up with being ignored / neglected completely?
Possibly the greatest misconception of male chastity, is that when a man tells his significant other that he wants her to control his orgasms and make him wait, she thinks he doesn't want to have sex, or any sexual contact. This is so far from the truth it's not even funny, I would think most men who entertain the idea of male chastity are hoping for more sexual contact not less. Now that sexual contact may come in the form of teasing hand jobs, unfinished blowjobs, all manner of CBT, hopefully lots of edging, penetrative sex (if you are lucky) and of course lots of oral (and orgasms) for the lady, but that’s not the same as ‘I get loads of oral and I don’t have to do anything’.
But as I’ve said before, that’s why communication is so important. Most women will be a little taken aback at first, you are after all turning their beliefs about male sexuality on it’s head, so you can’t really expect them to understand straight away. If the boot was on the other foot would you understand? Probably not.
In fact, it’s perhaps worth taking a moment to consider that very scenario. If I had no idea about this whole chastity-play thing and one day completely out of the blue my wife asked me to tease and deny her, I probably would have been confused and unsure, not least because seeing my wife cum is a massive buzz for me. But, if she did ask me to do it and I went along with it (which I would, because I adore my wife) and I saw that she was loving it and having the best orgasms of her whole life when I did allow her to cum, then I would soon alter my views.
I’ve read many a time that once a woman gets over her initial reaction to the idea of male chastity, she will quickly see the benefits and the positive effect it has on the relationship and be all for it, but it’s getting over that initial reaction that is the difficult bit. So when you do pluck up the courage to ask for what you want, make sure you know what you want to say, make sure you explain why you want to do it and make sure you explain the positive effects it will have on you, her and your relationship. I’m damn sure I never explained it as well as I could have, partly because I didn’t really know just how good and positive it was going to be. Fortunately for me I have an amazing wife who agreed to try male chastity and now seems quite happy that she did.
The other thing that you have to try and grasp is that… well, look, I’m a bloke (if not a blokey-bloke) and I’m pretty sure I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, I’m going to tell my wife/significant other that I want her to control my orgasms and then I’m going to be edged ten times a night, every night. Well, sorry to have to break it to you, but it’s unlikely. Assuming your wife/significant other agrees to play your game, initially she’s going to be unsure about what you really want, and from there to chastity-denial-bitch of your fantasies is a loooong journey… so don’t expect too much too soon. Just try and take it easy, don’t push too much, your partner will need reassurance and good communication to become comfortable in what is (lets be honest) a slightly unnatural role.
You might also wish to consider your own responses before getting too carried away. The longest I have gone without cumming is 19 days, and I was still in two minds whether I really wanted to cum or not and I could have quite happily continued on, but you might find that you reach your limit a lot sooner, especially if you have a naturally very high libido, are quite young, or if you spend all day reading Miss Christina’s excellent blog of femdom-chastity perviness (haha).
Of course the whole point of giving up control is that you know you will give in too easily and then regret it, but if by some miracle you did manage to persuade your partner to instantly become the chastity-denial-bitch of your dreams and only then you realise that actually a couple of weeks is absolutely your limit, well, you’ve only yourself to blame. I’m not immune to fantasy by any means and I wouldn’t deny for a single second that I would love to be kept waiting longer, but nor am I stupid enough to suggest going from 19 days to six months in one go. Unless Mistress wanted me to of course…

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Kissing rocks...

During the last few weeks, I’ve really rediscovered the pleasure of kissing. Last week in our hotel before I was allowed to cum, Mistress and I lounged on the sofa kissing passionately while she rubbed my rock-hard cock through my jeans. And last night, as Mistress teased me, we kissed constantly, which added to the feeling of ‘closeness’ and ‘connection’ that I’m feeling now I think.
See, the thing with sex is, it’s often quite difficult to kiss while you’re doing it. For one thing your heads might be nowhere near each other, you might be facing away from each other, or the movement might just make it awkward. But laying next to each other as Mistress stroked my cock it was just so easy and comfortable to kiss and enjoy the closeness and intimacy.
Personally I think that emotional connection can make all the difference between a good time and a great time too, as it really ramps up the intensity of the whole thing. I’ve also noticed that we’ve been kissing more this last few months than we did before we started this whole chastity thing, which I’m absolutely loving. Now I often get an overwhelming desire to kiss Mistress R, even if we’re just out walking through the fields or watching TV.
On a related point, I asked Mistress R the other day if she thought being under her control has made me more attentive, and she said she did, albeit she thought I was quite attentive anyway. Which is nice to hear even if I was pretty confident about that anyway, I have never wanted my Mistress to feel taken for granted, but one can always try harder.

What a difference a day makes...

On Monday night I was allowed to worship Mistress’s beautiful pussy, and while it was lovely and she did cum, it wasn’t quite the ‘bouncing-off-the-bed’ orgasm I’d hoped to give her. Subsequently she teased me, but it just wasn’t really happening… I guess we were both tired and I just wasn’t really able to relax and enjoy it. So much so, that yesterday I was feeling quite down about it and was even questioning whether the whole chastity thing was a huge mistake.
So last night I went to bed expecting nothing, only to find my gorgeous Mistress eager to tease me. Well, what a difference a day makes. I was SO hard, God it was amazing. She stroked me, lightly scratched me, sucked and nibbled the tip of my cock and then kissed me, allowing me to taste my cock on her tongue (I love that!). It was like all the doubt just fell away because I was in Chastity Heaven once more!
Consequently today I am on top of the world, once again secure in my belief that this is definitely the right thing for me (and crucially Mistress still seems to be loving it too), and eagerly looking forward to being allowed to give Mistress her sixth orgasm of the month tonight!
If you’ve read my previous posts you will know that I have been holding back on begging Mistress to let me cum, mainly because I don’t actually want her to and I was worried that she would give in too easily and then where would I be! But last night I decided to give it a try.
I tried to word my request a little ambiguously, saying “I really want to cum,” rather than “please let me cum,” hoping that Mistress would cackle wickedly and say something like “No! I get to decide not you!”… actually I don’t really know what I expected her to say, I just wanted her to deny me and remind me who was in control… and did she ever do that.
She let go of my cock, sat up and looked at me and said “Are you sure that’s what you want? You want me to let you cum and release you from chastity?”
Wow, talk about a slapdown. Of course I quickly responded in the negative, even as the tip of my cock was throbbing and brushing against my stomach. As much as my cock thought it wanted release, the thought of being released from chastity filled me with absolute horror!
Satisfied with my response, Mistress cuddled up to me then, but she didn’t touch my cock anymore, I don’t know if that’s because she thought I was too close to continue, or she was punishing me for asking, or maybe she’d just had enough anyway… Whatever the reason, I was left firmly in my place and blissfully happy.
As I lay there with Mistress cuddling me I felt so close to her and so content, I would have agreed to almost anything she would have asked of me. I love her controlling my cock and only being allowed to cum when she decides, it really is Heaven.
Hard to believe that just hours before I had been wondering whether the whole thing was a mistake, but I guess what we have to remember is that chastity isn’t a magic bullet, just like vanilla sex, sometimes it’s mindblowing and sometimes it’s just not happening (for whatever reason). Real life gets in the way, you’re tired, you’re stressed, you’re not in the mood, whatever… and you still have to make the effort. But when it’s good, it’s so good and so worth it.
Now I’m truly convinced that this is the best thing I have ever done, I have never felt so close to my gorgeous wife as I have this last few weeks and I’m sure that the longer it continues and the stricter her control becomes the better it’s going to get. I once read an article where a guy said that when he was locked in his chastity belt the most stunning woman in the world could dance around naked in front of him and he wouldn’t bat an eyelid, his only focus was his wife/keyholder. I haven’t actually been locked in a chastity belt myself (yet…), but I for one believe him.

Monday, 18 April 2011

New story (update).

I haven't forgotten about the new story I promised, I just somehow haven't had time to sort it out (not much of an excuse really considering I've just had a week off work!). Also, I've had some new thoughts about what I want to include in this story/series and I need to get it right, so unfortunately it might be a little while longer. Still, at least you'll read it here first, as I won't be submitting it to Literotica immediately.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

The heartless denial-bitch of my dreams...

I often show Mistress R my posts for this blog and so it was that earlier I showed her the one from Saturday, the one containing the phrase 'the heartless denial-bitch of my dreams'. I must say she burst out laughing, which is not exactly the desired response, but it's okay (I mean this is supposed to be fun after all), we're still finding our way with this whole thing and Mistress R is still getting to grips with her new 'power'.
Of course I would love Mistress R to torment me for weeks on end, taking me to the edge time and time again before finally allowing me to cum (and to perhaps lick my cum from her beautiful feet...), but I always knew that this would be a gradual move and so far I think it's going rather well. I never really dreamed that Mistress R would take complete control of my cock and orgasms so quickly (it's still less than 5 months since I first brought it up) especially after her initial rejection of the whole thing.
So while it's true that I haven't yet got the heartless denial-bitch of my dreams, I still consider myself a very lucky man indeed.

It's now or never...

I weighed myself this morning, chiefly because I am going on a diet and I want to know exactly where I stand. It wasn't a pleasant experience, but at least I know the score. I would like to lose 84lb's (currently I am 252lb's), and to this end I will shortly be trying a hypnotic technique that will hopefully put me off chocolate for good.
I said a few days ago that I had discussed with Mistress R the possibility of using chastity as a means to promote weight-loss, and that we had decided that we would not be doing that... all the same, I can't help feeling that her having control of my orgasms has to be a help as even if it's not directly connected, me looking better is bound to have an effect on how much she wants to 'play' with me.
People say you have to want to do it for yourself, but I don't see that really... it's much more compelling to do it for the one you love, and now that Mistress R has given me exactly what I asked of her, I feel more than ever that I want to show her how much I love her and appreciate what she is doing for me. I am also fairly sure that getting myself in shape is a good way to make her want me inside her too (even if she doesn't let me cum, I just want to feel that gorgeous silky pussy wrapped around my aching cock...).
It's four days since I've cum now, and I really don't see me being allowed to cum until next Sunday, which will be 11 days. And maybe, just maybe, not even then...

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Foot worship

I love worshipping my Mistress's beautiful feet, and she graciously allowed me to do so the other night. I loved every second of it, gently kissing her instep, softly sucking on her toes... it's such a wonderful way to show my Mistress how much I adore her, and she loves it too. Maybe I will go and see if she'll let me do it again right now!

More very late-night teasing...

Last night I went to bed about 12:30, Mistress stayed up drinking wine and reading and came to bed way after 2am. I was still half awake and she set about teasing me straight away, stroking my hard cock firmly and even rubbing the tip against her beautiful pussy at one point... how I didn't explode I'll never know (I know it's only been a couple of days, but the horniness seems to have returned much more quickly than I expected this time). She stopped a couple of times, letting me think it was over, before starting again. She giggled as she rubbed my cock against her pussy lips, which drove me completely nuts... I can't tell you how much I loved hearing her amusing herself by teasing me with what I can't have without her permission... It gives me hope that one day she'll be the 'heartless denial-bitch' of my dreams...
Every time she teases me like this I love her more, it was so amazing. But I still held back from begging her to let me cum, because I still worry that she'll give in and although I really did want to cum, deep down I know that I need to be denied and I only want it to happen when she decides she wants it to happen. Just like I know I have to wait for her to want me inside her, even though it's really hard to be patient for something like that... but still, when she does allow my cock inside her it will be all the better for knowing that it's because she has decided that she wants it.
Chastity isn't always easy, but when it's like this it's so worth it.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Feeling a little 'lighter'...

Well, as I kinda suspected, the hotel room swung it and Mistress R allowed me to cum yesterday, and very nice it was too! Fortunately she was ready to receive my attention today, so I got to eat her gorgeous pussy to a nice orgasm, it seems so long since I did that (about a week). So now Mistress has enjoyed four orgasms to my two since the start of the month, but I would imagine she'll be up to six or seven before I get to cum again... probably in our next Femdom session, but who knows?

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Chastity for the purpose of losing weight...

We discussed the possibility of utilising chastity as a mechanism for achieving weight-loss yesterday, but in the end neither of us really want to go down that route. Me because I want my orgasms to be completely at Mistress's whim, and her because she's worried that I won't lose any weight and I'll never cum again! No seriously, she actually said that (I know, I know, that's supposed to be MY problem - right!).
Anyway, she's got a point, my record is pretty dreadful. When we met in the early 90's I was fit as fuck, totally flat stomach (750-1000 situps a day!), weight training was just starting to pay off and then, well, it kind of went downhill... we were too busy having sex and being happy to worry about it and then about ten years ago we had a pretty rough time one way and another and I reverted to type and started comfort eating, just like when I was a teenager. On top of that I had an operation a few years ago which I've recovered from pretty well, but still left me less than 100% mobile.
But ultimately these things are all excuses really, we've been extremely happy for the last seven years (since we moved to our current house) and in the end, the truth of the matter is I'm a bit lazy and I like chocolate. A lot. And while it doesn't bother me all that much, except when I go clothes shopping (that really pisses me off - big time!), what I really hate, what makes me feel really terrible is that my beautiful Mistress married a pretty hot guy (even if I do say so myself), and now, well...take it from me, it's not good.
She doesn't seem to mind that much, and I can't see how we could love each other any more than we do now, but it would be nice for me sometimes to be able to accept a compliment from her without feeling like I don't deserve it, and it would also be nice to genuinely feel that she was proud of me and the way I look again (ah, those halcyon 'beating them off with a shitty stick' days).
Still, Summer's here and so it's time to try again. I'm planning to do a lot more exercise and a pretty drastic hypno-treatment to dissuade me from pigging the Cadbury's, and even if we aren't planning to use chastity in the most obvious way to assist my motivation, I have to tell myself that the more weight I lose, the better I look, the more fanciable I am, the more Mistress is likely to want to play with me.
At the very least, my increased fitness should increase my libido and make my chastity periods all the more difficult and torturous! Mmmm, just the way I like it...

11 Days and counting...

So I'm still wondering whether I'm going to cum sooner or later? I'm half way to the 22 day record I spoke of earlier on, but I'm still not sure it will come to that. We're going to be in a hotel tomorrow night and in the past that's often meant an increased likelihood of sex/cumming, but that was before the handover of power, now I just don't know. Still not the slightest sign of Mistress R wanting me inside her either, albeit at the moment she is 'out of action', so to speak. We're both ruing a lost opportunity last Sunday because we thought we had all this week to top up Mistress's orgasm count, but it seems Mother Nature had other ideas. Still, I'm hoping to worship Mistress's beautiful feet later, I just wish I could lick my cum off them at the same time..

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Trying not to touch...

I'm not supposed to touch my cock when I'm in chastity, and since I'm now in chastity at all times, I guess I'm not supposed to touch my cock at all. Or at least not for 'pleasure'.
Now I don't know about anyone else, but I find not touching my cock a lot harder than resisting the urge to make myself cum (at least so far anyway). I also feel very guilty about it when I do do it, and it definitely does take something away from when Mistress decides to stroke my cock for me. So obviously I do want to be good, but sometimes it's so hard. Because sometimes it's SO HARD!
I find the mornings particularly difficult, especially the mornings after I've been teased and denied. Problem is Mistress R gets up early and I usually wake up too, even though I don't need to get up for at least another half an hour. Well, half an hour in a nice warm bed with a rock solid cock, it's not rocket science is it!
Anyway, the point is, I really want to be able to train myself not to touch my cock, because like I said, if I touch it then it takes away something from when Mistress R touches it, and I don't want that at all. Thing is, I always start with good intentions, but the horniness always seems to get to me in the end. I guess the obvious solution is a chastity device, but I've tried a CB-3000 and found it to be utterly useless. Seriously, I could barely get the largest back ring on and even completely flaccid I couldn't get my cock in the stupid thing. The thing is I am a 'grower' not a 'shower', and I'm pretty average. So I really can't understand how anyone gets these things on. Also I am not circumcised so I don't see how keeping clean is going to be very easy, I mean it wouldn't be so bad if your cock was just for sex, but I gotta pee just like everyone else.
I was massively disappointed when I tried the CB-3000 on, because I would dearly love for Mistress R to be my key-holder and for me to only be able to receive pleasure when she wanted to grant it. I know there's a lot of other chastity devices out there (I read somewhere that the 'Curve' is good for men with foreskins), but they cost a lot of money and most of them seem to me like they will stick out far too much under clothing.
However, it could be that my weight is an issue here too. I am a fair bit overweight, and I could imagine that if I lost a few stone maybe there would be more 'room' for a chastity device. It's certainly a motivating thought, though I don't think Mistress R is onboard with the idea, at least not yet. I've noticed that there are a few male chastity blogs around the net that seem to have some 'weight-loss' angle. I guess it makes sense, if you truly want to honour your Mistress then you should present yourself well for her. I even read somewhere about a guy who has to earn his release and orgasms through attaining higher and higher fitness levels and weight loss. I think that's a fantastic idea actually, maybe Mistress R will adopt this at some point, it's surely a win-win for both of us.
In the meantime I guess I'll just have to try and stay focussed on behaving myself and not touching my cock. Maybe I should get up that bit earlier and go for a walk or something, perhaps I'll try that when we go back to work next week. I don't mind walking, especially when I've got some good music on my iPod, Mnemic or something equally energetic.

New story...

Still no nearer to posting my new story I'm afraid. I guess I've spent most of my spare time this week getting this blog up and running, still I'm on holiday this week so hopefully I will find the time to sort it out.

It could go either way...

It's now eight days since I last came, and I still don't know when Mistress R will allow me to cum again. However, we do have a Femdom session scheduled for the 23rd of April and there is a very strong likelihood that I will be allowed to cum then. If that is the case and I do not get to cum before then it will mean a new record for me (22 days), otherwise I guess I will perhaps be allowed to cum soon so as to get a decent run up to the session. I guess I'll just have to wait and see!

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Still learning together.

This morning has seen a very positive turning point in our (still very new) situation. For the last two weeks, Mistress R has had total control of my cock (which in itself is fantastic, obviously...) but the only thing is that her teasing has been so gentle as to be frustrating, but not always frustrating in quite the right way...
This morning when we woke up Mistress decided to tease me some more, which was unexpected and lovely, but after a while I could feel my cock softening a little, as I needed something more. Perhaps sensing the change she stopped, whereupon I begged her to stroke my cock 'properly'. After a little discussion of what I meant by 'properly'... she very kindly obliged and for the first time since my last orgasm (last Friday night) I enjoyed the feel of her hand pumping my cock firmly. She didn't do it for too long, but it felt amazing.
Afterwards she actually said to me 'I didn't think you'd want me to do that', which just goes to show that it's all about communication. There I am praying for something stronger than gentle teasing (which is nice sometimes, just not all the time) and she doesn't even think I want her to do it!!!
The truth is, different times call for different things. A few weeks ago I was teased incredibly gently but spent about ten minutes teetering on the edge of having to ask her to stop. But I was MEGA-horny that night, so that was perfect for then...
The thing is, although I know it's all about communication it's just so easy to forget and assume the other person knows what you want or need. Now, having told them it's a different matter entirely whether or not they choose to indulge you or not, but that's okay, if Mistress knows that I want to be stroked hard, but she decides that I don't 'deserve' it, or she wants to remind me who calls the shots, or she just plain doesn't want to do it, that's okay. The whole point about giving up control is that you don't always get what you want isn't it? So if I beg my Mistress to stroke me harder and she says 'no', that's okay. But that's a whole different kettle of fish to me hoping she's going to do something that she doesn't even think I want her to do.
When you're immersed in your own chastity fantasy it's all too easy to forget that your partner doesn't know what you're thinking, they haven't read all the stories you have (probably), and for them your chastity isn't as big a part of their conscious as it is for you, especially when you're just starting out. So communicate, communicate, communicate! You know it makes sense.

Friday, 8 April 2011

You gotta love Nina Hartley

I'm reading Nina Hartley's book 'Guide to Total Sex' at the moment, which I thoroughly recommend. There's a lot of good advice and some very down to earth humour too. But above all Nina has a way of making people feel better about themselves, not least the bit I read last night where she discusses men losing their erections...

"The slightest 'wrong' thought that enters their heads and it can all go downhill very quickly... it happens a lot more often than you'd think (and I'm supposed to be a sex Goddess!!!)"

On behalf of men everywhere, thank you Nina! (Don't you wish she was your mum?).

While we're on the subject of Nina Hartley, here's a great clip I found on the internet:

Nina Hartley teaches you to eat pussy like a champ!

'Anonymous' comments now enabled

You can now leave comments on my blog even if you don't have a google account.
(On the comments page select Anonymous from the droplist.)

I wonder which will come first?

I was just checking out my stats and I'm wondering if I will get to cum again before my pageview count hits 1000? Maybe not the way it's going! I really can't believe how quickly they are mounting up (and yes I have ticked the box that turns off my own visits).

Thursday, 7 April 2011

So I cleared something up...

After another orgasm for my beautiful Mistress last night (and some light teasing and scratching for me), I finally asked a question about something that had been hanging unresolved for the past couple of weeks.
I basically offered to give her complete control of my cock and she took me up on the orgasm-control part of that straight away (lucky me!), what I wasn't sure of was whether or not I was still allowed to initiate sex / be inside her (not that I could ever be inside her without her consent, but you know what I mean).
Well, it seems that not only do I not know when I am going to be allowed to cum again, but I also don't know when I'm going to get to feel her gorgeous pussy on my cock again either!
Still, I offered total control so whatever she wants goes. I'm not complaining.
What I want more than anything in the world is for her to be happy and content, and if that means waiting until she wants me inside her, than that's what I'll do.
I love her so much, making her cum makes me happier than anything else anyway.

My Milovana Teases.

For those of you who are at liberty to touch yourself (unlike me), here are some links to some teases I made for Milovana last year. Hope you enjoy them!

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Book reviews.

I am planning to add some book reviews to my site soon. Among those I will be reviewing are 'Cuckold' by Amber Leigh, 'Naked for the Mistress' by Alex Jordaine, 'Mistress of Torment' by Alex Jordaine, 'Yes Ma'am' by Rachel Kramer Bussel and 'You Beat People Up for a Living, Don't You Mummy?' by Roy Turner.