Friday, 31 May 2013

Absolute filth...

Can you believe it's June tomorrow, I mean seriously! Time just seems to slip away, before you know it the Christmas cards will be in the shops again. About a fortnight ago I was supposed to start writing my new book, and of course, so far, no writing. I have got a lot of notes and scribbles that will form the basis of this book, but I can't help wondering if my goal of having it finished by the end of the year isn't a little ambitious without putting in some serious hours.
Inspiration strikes me at the oddest times and I have to make little notes through the day and then transfer them to my notebook, soon I should be transferring those notes to a Word document and then the real work starts.
It's strange, when I read back some of my stories (particularly 'Owned') it kinda surprises me how filthy it was, which makes me wonder actually if my recent writing hasn't been a little bit tame. Seeing as this new book is intended to be my first proper published/self-published/e-book/etc... I am determined to make it my filthiest writing to date.
I have yet to read a pure chastity book that makes truly gripping reading, and I think a novel length story needs more characters and more interaction between characters. My book will feature chastity, femdom, cuckolding... and probably some degree of humiliation/forced-bi/cum play. It won't feature any cross-dressing however, as that simply doesn't interest me, and while this is intended as a commercial venture, it is first and foremost about writing what I want to read. I have tried writing to a format (see my 'Unfinished Femdom Cave Book') and I found it really, really hard to dedicate myself to it enough. The problem as I see it was that, since Femdom Cave requested the story to be 'forced', I spent ages going around in circles trying to make that scenario convincing. Having since seen other examples of 'forced' story writing, I can see that maybe all that's necessary is for there to be some initial 'forcing' and then just get on with the story.
But I can't do that. My thing is I have to make my story believable, I can't stand stories where strong reluctance turns to wilfulness within a few sentences. Some people come up with great story ideas and then throw them away by rushing things. It's really disappointing.
When reading other people's work I usually find myself picking it apart, why would this person do that, why doesn't this person just do that... it's quite annoying really. It must be great to just read everything and take it at face value. I think it's the curse of the 'involved', as much as I love making music, I think I probably enjoyed listening to other people's music before I knew how it was done.
I'm reading a book at the moment actually, which is quite good, very good in parts actually, but there's still this nagging feeling in the background. Why did the guy not just cut the padlock off the chastity device if he really didn't want it on? I mean, it's really not that difficult. Ah well. Just as well I'm writing a novel since it will give me plenty of time to build the story and make it as realistic as possible. Oh yes, and I guarantee it will be absolute filth too.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

New videos...

8 new ruined orgasm videos added.
2 new other videos added.


I worked out last night that if Mistress sets a new record tomorrow with her 14th orgasm of the month then she will have had 27 during April and May, which funnily enough is exactly the same number she had during our first THREE months doing full time chastity in 2011!
So we'll be a whole month ahead after two months!
The funny thing is that it doesn't even really feel like we've been pushing it this month, there hasn't been a long run of consecutive nights that have pushed up the total, it's been more of a consistent flow.
I am very happy that Mistress is allowing me to go down on her so regularly, I actually find myself feeling quite unhappy when circumstances prevent it. Mistress R and I are incredibly close and this experience has brought us even closer, but when we don't get to enjoy each other it soon leaves us both feeling a little bereft.
I wish I could be licking her gorgeous pussy right now...sometimes even twenty-four hours seems way too long.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Mistress R puts me at ease...

A lovely hard orgasm on my tongue for Mistress R tonight, followed by some wonderful teasing for me. My cock was a little slow to get hard but once it did it was solid, I think maybe all this stuff on my mind was weighing heavier than I realised.
Afterwards we discussed my recent posts and Mistress totally put my mind at rest. She said she understands how difficult it is to open up and tell her the stuff that I have, and it was good to be able to tell her that it worries me how she might think of me when I tell her these things. But she reassured me that she knows it's fantasy and it doesn't make her think badly of me or anything.
She asked me if I wanted her to stop saying the things that obviously triggered this insecurity and I assured her that I definitely don't, if anything I would like her to be more graphic...
Time for bed now I think.

Bonus foot worship

After our Femdom session on Sunday I mentioned to Mistress R that I wanted to buy her something special to celebrate our upcoming twentieth wedding anniversary. It was easy when we got to ten years because she was always drooling over a TAG Heuer watch in the jewellers window. She still has that watch and it's still immaculate but if there's one thing I've learned over the years it's that Mistress R and surprises don't always go hand in hand. So with no obvious present forthcoming I decided to give Mistress several months notice so that she could choose something herself.
And so it came to pass that late on Sunday evening I spent over half an hour worshipping her beautiful feet while she surfed the net for sparkly goodies. I'd love to be able to say that she had rang the bell or simply ordered me to do it, but no it was my suggestion. Still much work to be done then...

Further to yesterday,s post...

I guess I didn't really answer that question so well, did I?
Well the simple answer is, I worry because there is one person in this world whose opinion I genuinely care about. I want her to be happy and comfortable with everything, but I also want to be totally honest and open with her about what pushes my buttons so that she can use it to push those same buttons. It's obvious that those two desires are sometimes going to cause me a little stress... 

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

I guess the lady has a point...

M.J. said: Why do you worry so much, lots of people get turned on by things they 'shouldn't'. Would it bother you if you were Mistress R's dom and she fantasized about being forced to lick another woman's pussy that you had fucked? What's the difference?

I guess this lady has a point, and yet..
On the face of it, her argument is pretty sound, except that, rightly or wrongly, women with bisexual tendencies tend to be thought of as 'hot and greedy', whereas men with bisexual tendencies tend be thought of as 'indecisive gays'. Sorry for the gross generalisation and everything!
Not that I'm suggesting I have bi-sexual tendencies because I don't think I do. I like women, big time.
Actually I found a very interesting blog post which was kind of about this subject, which you can read HERE. The comments are particularly interesting I thought... one talks about 'sexualisation of ejaculation', which I kind of understand. I guess it's a bit like when someone develops a fetish about a shoe or something. The shoe in itself can be sexual without even being worn, or the shoe could still be sexually inspiring even if worn by a builder called Kevin...

Monday, 27 May 2013

Femdom session 27th May 2013...

Sometimes before a Femdom session I get a bit nervous, I know Mistress R does too. Today I was definitely a bit nervous. For one thing I cut it a bit fine getting ready, and was literally lowering my blindfold as Mistress was opening the bedroom door, for another, well...
Mistress has always enjoyed having me write notes for her which she reads before a session. We have found these to be invaluable as a way of communicating about stuff that isn't always the easiest to discuss and mostly for me to let Mistress know what I really liked about our last session and to pass on ideas I've had and... well for me to let her know how amazing she is really!
So anyway, there was a bit I had written after last month's session about how I love licking her juices off her dildo, especially when she teases me about making me suck them off another man's cock. In the next sentence I said about how much I love it when she goes down on me and then kisses me so that I can taste my cock on her breath. Both of these things are true and Mistress knows both of them well by now... and yet seeing them written down next to each like that made me feel strangely anxious. I don't know why...
Anyway, Mistress had instructed me to wear the leather ball splitter toy that I wore a couple of months ago, which is okay, except that if you don't stay hard the whole time it has a tendency to fall off. I can only speculate that my aforementioned nerves were getting the best of me because my cock was very reluctant to get hard even when Mistress had me on my knees worshipping her beautiful feet (something I'd been waiting all flipping month for!). In hindsight I really wish I had been wearing the stupendously brilliant Oxballs Cocksling... but alas I wasn't.
The only time I got properly hard was when she had me suck and clean her dildo after she had been using it on herself and teased me about it. As I said in my notes, this never seems to fail to get a reaction, and today was no excpeption. Unfortunately, if the ball splitter thing isn't on properly it kind of acts a bit like a chastity belt and you tend to swell up behind it and push it forward. The problem is, when your cock deflates it then simply drops off the end. This is not nearly as cool as wearing a rubber cock ring and having it split open because you are so hard that it can't take the strain (which has happened a few times in our sessions).
(Oh yes, before I forget, Mistress didn't forget about the towel incident, she dished out eleven smacks with the paddle at the start of the session... Ouch!)
Mistress had me remove the rest of the cock ring and secured me to the bed on my back. She stroked and slapped my cock but it still wasn't anywhere near as hard as either of us would have liked it. She mounted my face and had me lick her pussy (which helped quite a bit) and told me she needed my cock much harder so she could use it properly. She turned around and started teasing me with her ass (which always gets results) and then she whipped my cock with her little cock whip. Mmm, I must admit I do like having my cock whipped...
Then Mistress decided to push a small dildo into my ass, which was nice. But then she decided that since it had gone in so easy she needed to replace it with my (rarely used) buttplug. Unfortunately, experience tells me that it is almost impossible to insert when I'm lying on my back with my legs tied at the foot of the bed and I told her it would be better if I was on all fours. Mistress didn't want to untie me though and after some more unsuccessful pushing decided instead to insert my glass butt plug, which is like four balls with a ring on the top.
This felt really nice, much better than the normal dildo and Mistress made it even better by teasing me about having a real cock up my ass as she stroked the dildo in and out, allowing the ridges to really stimulate my ass. Then she stood over me and removed her PVC skirt before attaching clothes pegs to my nipples and leaving me alone for a while.
When she returned she removed the pegs, a little smile playing around her lips as I winced with the brief flash of pain when each was released. Then she sank down onto my face and I licked her pussy greedily, she was so ready and within seconds she had released me from the bed and had me down between her spread legs.
Mistress looked incredible with her leather corset top on and nothing else except her key pendant that she wears for every session these days. I was sooooooooooo happy to be going down on her and really, finally starting to relax into the session, which I had rather struggled to do so far. The real turning point was the huge orgasm that Mistress enjoyed a little while later, it was just wonderful to witness her cumming so hard. I would trade ten of my orgasms to make her cum like that every time. She looked so beautiful in the afterglow and after a few moments allowed me to gently lick her pussy clean.
Now Mistress stood up and bent over in front of me, before telling me to lick all the pussy juices off her skin. I gladly licked them all up before licking first my fingers and then the PVC sheet clean and then Mistress tied me down on my back again. Now she started teasing me about how much I love her ass and how much I would love to get my cock inside her ass. She wondered aloud what I would be willing to trade for the chance to fuck her there while she stroked my cock. Thankfully my cock had finally decided that it was ready to join in properly and was rock hard. Mistress allowed me four or five brief periods of ass worship as she stroked me hard. Mistress knows how much I love tonguing her gorgeous asshole and this really was absolutely delicious!
I never really thought that she was going to let me cum today, and indeed Mistress told me that she thinks she has been far too generous of late. I agree, it's been a year since I went 42 days and I haven't been anywhere near that in the meantime, so I'm hoping that this will signal a long period of denial for me in the near future.
Mistress knelt beside me and stroked my cock a few times more before giving my balls a nice slap to signal the end of the session. I couldn't believe it was over, it seemed like five minutes not an hour. Thankfully Mistress agreed and suggested that we might have a mini-session between now and our next scheduled session. I'm looking forward to that already! And to hopefully breaking Mistress R's record before the end of the week. :)

What are your long term goals...?

Someone emailed me a few days ago, asking that very question. Great question I thought! But not so easy to answer... (but then the best questions never are, are they?).
See, the truth is I don't really know where this will lead us. I know some other blogs, the writer is very upfront about what they hope to achieve, this can be wildly fantastical (living a life of 24/7/365 slavery) to stop you in your tracks reality (having another man's - usually black - baby).
Well obviously the second one is not for me and the first one sounds a little too restrictive somehow, as much as the fantasy might sound good.
My number one priority in this is my Mistress's happiness. Of course the odd thing about all this is that in order to get on this track I had to make her temporarily uncomfortable, which I didn't enjoy, but I trusted in my belief that the long term benefits would outweigh the temporary effects. Thankfully I was right, but if this arrangement of ours was making Mistress unhappy for any reason then she would only have to say so and I would be more than happy to change it or even stop it altogether if that's what she deemed necessary.
So, in actual fact my number one long term goal is my Mistress's happiness.
Beyond that, what I would really like is for my Mistress to also have absolute confidence in herself, and in particular how hot and sexy she is. It's not like Mistress is cripplingly insecure, but the majority of women judge themselves way too harshly, much more harshly than any decent man would (though of course there's always pricks who seek to undermine a woman's confidence to defend against their own insecurity).
I think Mistress's confidence has definitely grown over the last two years, and I love to see it. So I guess my second long term goal has to be to ensure Mistress has an unshakeable confidence in her sexiness and desirability. This is why it is such a big thing for me to want her to feel like she can call on me at a moment's notice to worship her feet or any other part of her. I would love it if in another few years she was so confident that the Femdom sessions became almost redundant because she would feel able to slip into that personality whenever she wanted.
I can't think of anything sexier than a woman who has absolute confidence in herself, who knows that her husband would literally drop everything to worship her pussy, feet or any other part of her, or that she could use him in any way she wanted at a moment's notice. Actually, in the book that I am planning at the moment I will be putting a great emphasis on this sort of thing and the effect it has on the character's partner.
I also realise that I have to play my part in this too, and that if Mistress does take the risk I will comply immediately. My compliance will surely then have a positive effect on her future confidence and make her more likely to do it again and so on.
Lets say Mistress R came down the stairs right now, naked except for a strap-on (OMG!), honestly I would be on my knees faster than she could say 'suck it'. Because I know that she would be a little nervous about doing it out of the blue like that and if I hesitated or made her feel uncomfortable in any way then it would totally backfire and I would never want that to happen.
As for my final log term goal, well... in an ideal world I would still really like for my Mistress to have proper control of my cock. But I know that may be one goal that never comes to fruition and of the three that is the one that bothers me the least.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

The smallest thing can give you a big boost...

As I've said before on this blog, sometimes when you are in this kind of relationship it feels like you are on the up and sometimes it feels like you are just on the level. I don't mean that to sound negative at all, what I mean is as a submissive you always want to feel like you are being pushed a little bit and even a couple of weeks or so without something to cling onto as 'progress' can feel like forever. 
Of course, any relationship can only move at a speed that both are comfortable with and in this situation (as I have said over and over again) you have to be patient. Chances are if you're reading this blog you are probably a sexually submissive male and if I asked you honestly what you really wanted your answer would be worlds away from where you are now or from where you could possibly ever hope to start off in a relationship. What I'm saying is, fantasies are fantasies, some are attainable, some are not. Even the ones that are, probably won't happen overnight.
A while back Mistress R acknowledged that she understood that our relationship has to 'progress', in fact she brought it up, which pleased me no end. And every time she does something new it really gives me a boost. Sometimes this can be a massively significant event, like ruining an orgasm for the first time. But often it's not, often it's quite a small thing, it could even be something as small as a tone of voice, it may not even be something that she's totally consciously aware of, but these little things push my buttons and make me want more, more, more, more, more (like Billy Idol said).
Last night Mistress had a lovely orgasm on my tongue, she seemed to be on the edge for a long time, I could feel her muscles tensing. It was really hot to know that she was right on the cusp of cumming, that I was giving her so much pleasure, but also there's that trepidation... what if I can't push her over the edge? Well, fortunately Mistress definitely went over the edge and she bucked hard as she came, which as you can imagine put a huge smile on my face. Orgasms come in different shapes and sizes, but somehow you know when you've done a good job (or not!).
I love kissing Mistress's smooth thighs after she's cum, I love breathing in her scent too, even though my mouth is coated in her juices I still love to breathe in her scent, it is totally intoxicating. There is almost nothing better than being pushed down between her legs and catching that first breath of her wonderful pussy. I absolutely adore it. 
Anyway, I'm getting off track here... but what a beautiful diversion!
So... after her orgasm, Mistress started kissing me while she stroked my cock until it was nice and hard. She asked me if I had touched my cock without permission and I told her I hadn't. The truth is, it's not so much that I don't want to get punished for it, or even that I want to please her (though that definitely is part of it), it's just that actually the last time I did, it was kinda disappointing. I've come to realise that she's right, it really can never be as good as having her touch it. Even touching it myself under her supervision is so much better than touching it 'illegally', though obviously still nothing like as good as having her do it. Maybe I really am learning something here? Perhaps subconsciously the fact that I do want to please her is making me feel guilty about masturbating without permission and therefore rendering it unsatisfying?
She then disclosed that it didn't matter too much since she already had a reason to punish me on Monday. Apparently one day this week I forgot to leave her bath towels out for her. Some of you may remember that I started doing this some time ago, occasionally I even fold them into swans (and elephants). This wasn't something she requested of me, but I like doing things like this for her, even though I have no desire to be a sort of 'service-maid'. It's just a little something I can do to show her that I cherish her and that I want her to feel special.
After letting me know this she started teasing my cock a lot more, stroking, slapping... and a lot of intense sucking. Then she moved back up the bed and stroked me as we kissed. I love kissing her after she has sucked my cock, it's just unbelievably fucking hot. Suddenly she let go of my cock mid-stroke and said 'That's it for today.'
I arched my back towards her as I kissed her, silently imploring her to keep stroking, slapping, anything...
'And don't ask me for any more teasing tonight... do you understand?" She said in a firm voice.
And there you go, buttons totally pushed... my cock throbbed against her stomach, I was almost trembling with lust for her.
Eventually, after a few minutes I calmed down and my cock stopped throbbing. But I was left with the absolutely joyous feeling of being 'on the up' once again and absolutely loving it.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Asking permission...

I haven't been sleeping at all well this past week and last night I was literally nodding off in front of the TV. However, as soon as I got into bed I started to feel horny and watching my beautiful, naked  Mistress get into bed I was soon hard and awake.
I asked her if I could touch my throbbing cock and she said I could for two minutes but that I wasn't allowed to edge... and I definitely wasn't allowed to cum!
I turned onto my back and used my right hand to firmly stroke my cock for a while, but suddenly Mistress told me to stop and teased me with her nails for a few seconds, then told me to start again. She told me that this was to remind me how much better it was when she touches my cock. After another thirty seconds or so Mistress teased me again and then told me to stroke myself once more.
Soon she was counting down the remaining time and when she got to nought she checked that I had stopped before kissing me goodnight.
I curled up behind her, feeling my aching cock throb against her gorgeous ass and told her I couldn't wait to make her cum again. That should be tonight all being well. Then it'll be Monday in our next Femdom session. If we can squeeze two more in next week we'll set a new record  of 14 orgasms for Mistress R in one month.

Hitting the nail on the head...

I think in Wednesday's post I really hit the nail on the head, almost by accident, when I said '...what I really, really want is for her to enjoy doing it to me...'. Sometimes it takes time for Mistress to 'learn' to enjoy doing something that is new to her, so sometimes we have to be patient.
For instance, these days Mistress always seems to be remarkably wet after she's used the paddle or whip on me, and that makes it worth it to me, because as I've said before the pain itself doesn't turn me on. Which isn't to say that there aren't some aspects of it that I enjoy. I love the fact that by whipping or paddling my ass she is asserting her authority over me, I love being submissive to her... but what I really love about it is that she so obviously enjoys doing it.
I guess then the psychologist's question would be why do you crave things being done to you that you don't necessarily 'enjoy' as such, and that your Mistress had to 'learn' to enjoy doing to you? When you put it like that, I guess it's easy to see why non-pervs think people like us are a bit odd. Oh well, their loss, hahaha...

Thursday, 23 May 2013

A great (but slightly difficult) question...

Had an interesting question by email this morning, asking 'Does your lifestyle make you feel less secure in your marriage?'

Wow, what a difficult question... I've just written two or three hundred words or so and deleted them because I'm not sure about my answer. The truth is, on one hand the increase in intimacy and trust one needs to place in one's partner when opening yourself up to this kind of lifestyle forms a stronger bond than most vanilla couples can hope to achieve. Mistress R and I have always been extremely close, but surrendering my orgasms to her full-time has made us even closer.
On the other hand, as my recent post will confirm, sometimes it's all too easy to get yourself in a pickle worrying about things. These concerns are difficult to ignore, especially when people ask you questions about things like how your wife views you since you became her 'chastity slave' etc, etc...
As I posted recently, it's not always so easy to completely forget the programming we are subjected to growing up (particularly about how the strong, dominant male is most attractive to the female) and sometimes it boils to the surface and leaves me feeling somewhat insecure.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The beautiful Mistress, the chaste husband and the ruined orgasm...

Once upon a time there was a beautiful Mistress who kept her husband in chastity and controlled his cock and orgasms, but who didn't like the idea of ruining his orgasms. She couldn't see the point of it, truth be told, if she wanted to let him cum then he would cum and if she didn't well... she didn't. Time wasn't really an issue since the husband rarely went longer than a month without a full orgasm so there really was no actual 'need' to do it...
But of course, the husband kind of wanted her to do it, not because he particularly wanted to endure the frustration so much (although that did kind of appeal to him in a twisted hard to explain kind of way) so much as he just wanted her control of his cock to be complete (or as complete as it can be without a chastity device), in fact what he really wanted was for her to actively enjoy doing it to him, kinda like she enjoys whipping him and paddling his ass among other things, even though he doesn't really enjoy the pain.
The husband was reluctant to pester too much because he loves his Mistress very much and didn't want her to feel that he was pressurising her into doing something that she wasn't comfortable with. But as luck would have it the husband had an ally, an evil pixie who regularly left comments on the husband's blog asking when the beautiful Mistress would start ruining his orgasms and didn't she realise how much fun it was once she got started?
And then a few weeks ago it finally happened, the beautiful Mistress finally took the plunge and deliberately ruined one of her husband's orgasms. He could see that she wasn't entirely sure about it, but her demeanour was positive and she talked about needing practice to get it perfect. Then a few weeks later she did it again, this time she seemed a little less uncertain about it, in fact she looked like she might have even enjoyed it a little bit.

Fast forward to tonight and after enjoying a nice orgasm on her husband's tongue, the beautiful Mistress had him kneel between her legs as she lay back on the bed. She toyed with his cock to start with, her pretty toes rubbing up and down as he gazed, transfixed by the sight of her gorgeous pussy, the pussy that he could still taste on his lips and tongue. He told her how much he adores her feet and the Mistress offered her left foot to his mouth, after a minute or so of sucking her pretty toes his cock was much harder than before and she told him to move closer.
As he moved between her legs she grabbed his cock and rubbed the tip against her soaking wet pussy, it looked and felt amazing and within seconds she had pulled him inside her. The husband couldn't believe his luck, being on top was usually a rare treat and this was the second time in a week... but the question remained, would she let him fuck her hard and cum inside her? And if he did would she have him lick her pussy clean afterwards?
The husband started to stroke harder and deeper, mindful that he couldn't cum without permission, but determined to leave his wife feeling properly fucked all the same. He continued to slowly increase the pace, his balls slapping against her ass as his cock plunged in and out of her sopping wet hole. After a little while it felt too good though and he had to disconnect somewhat (mentally) to stop himself from pushing too far...
Perhaps sensing this, the beautiful Mistress whispered to him not to forget that he had to tell her when he was close, reminding him that he wasn't allowed to cum of his own volition. And before long he was reluctantly doing just that...
The Mistress pushed him back onto his knees and started stroking his cock, reminding him that he needed to tell her when he was really close. Every time he got close the Mistress would stop stroking and start teasing his cock until it was twitching, she gave him permission to cum but he couldn't quite push himself over the edge and so eventually the Mistress would start stroking again. This happened three or four times until finally the Mistress kept stroking until she was sure that he wouldn't fail again.
The husband was sure by now that his orgasm was destined to be ruined, but as he looked down he wondered if perhaps she planned to allow his cock to drip onto her gorgeous thigh, if he had to lick his cum up he would willingly lick it from her silky smooth skin, but maybe she intended to have him cum on the sheet instead?
For the last time the husband warned his beautiful Mistress that he was getting really close and this time the Mistress kept stroking until she was certain of a result. The husband groaned as she released her grip and merely played her fingers along the top of his shaft, watching as the cum oozed frustratingly from the tip of his cock and onto the sheet.
And as the husband looked up at his beautiful Mistress, the frustration of his ruined orgasm was somehow sweetly tempered by the look of mildly evil amusement on her face... and as his cock twitched it's last futile throb, he hoped that he would see that gorgeous look many, many, many times again in the future.

Monday, 20 May 2013


Another orgasm for Mistress R tonight, followed by some lovely teasing for me... and then Mistress R rode my cock for a while as I begged her to take her bra off. She took it off and then I begged to suck on her beautiful, hard nipples... she let me. Then she rode my cock a little while longer, slapping my balls and using her nails to torment my nipples, and then when she decided that she'd had enough she lay beside me and stroked my cock just a little bit more... before leaving me hard, aching and groaning with frustration.


Free book on iTunes...

The splendidly talented Alex Jordaine contacted me the other day to let me know that iTunes are giving one of his books away free between 20th May and the 2nd of June, so I thought I would pass this good news on, after all, everyone loves free stuff - right?
When I asked Alex which of his books he thought was his best a few weeks ago, he said (after a little prodding) 'Mistress of Torment', so if you like quality Femdom fiction I suggest you get off to iTunes now and get yourself a quality freebie!

Please note: This download will only work on an Apple mobile device, sorry if I misled you. Bang goes my chance of getting it for free too!

Saturday, 18 May 2013

We made it...

Mistress R finally hit the big 2-5-0 earlier today. It was one of her more elusive orgasms to be honest, but Mistress assured me it was worth waiting for in the end. But out of Mistress's frustration came an awesome moment...
Sometimes when Mistress is finding it difficult to cum it's because she is too wet and can't get the friction she needs, when this happens she sometimes asks me to use my fingers on her clit for a while instead of my tongue, and then has me switch back to my tongue once she gets back in the groove. So tonight, when it became obvious that Mistress was struggling a little bit I briefly took it upon myself to utilise my fingers for a while, but Mistress had other ideas. The cool thing was that rather than address me verbally, Mistress simply grabbed the back of my head and pulled it right back down between her legs again, almost growling 'No' at me in the process!
Now obviously I would prefer my Mistress to enjoy a smooth road to her orgasm, but I must admit it was pretty damn cool to catch a small glimpse of the dominant within that I am gradually trying to coax out of my beautiful wife... and at least when she did cum it was nice and hard. If I could just find a way to tap into that 'strict domme' personality that I know Mistress has deep inside her, then I would be a very happy man indeed.
Afterwards she teased my cock and gave me some lovely cock and ball slapping, plus some really amazing and intense cocksucking, gently using her teeth to torment me until I was really, really desperate to cum. Of course I'm not allowed to ask to be allowed to cum (if I was, I would have, believe me), but I did tell Mistress that I really wanted to (technically not the same thing!). She seemed somewhat amused and pointed out that I only got to cum a couple of days ago, so no dice there then...
Since this was her 250th orgasm since we went 24/7 with the male chastity thing (and the blog, no less), I gave her a card and some earrings to celebrate, along with some super hard-to-get chocolate that she absolutely loves, the earrings went down well, the chocolate even better and the frustrations of getting to that 250th orgasm were all but forgotten.

Mistress R's favourite chocolate in the world ever!

Since it was Mistress's 250th orgasm, I guess it's worth pointing out that Mistress has cum every 3.1 days, which is actually a slight downward trend considering that Mistress's first 125 orgasms took only 387 days to achieve (3.09 days), but looking at the current trends suggests the next 125 will come much sooner than either of those landmarks. I mean it's only the 18th of May and we're already up to 8 this month, maybe the new record we set just last month will have a very short shelf-life, let's hope so!

New buttons...

The new buttons in the right side bar will eventually replace all the tabs at the top of the page, and hopefully be more 'hand-held device' friendly. Having a Nexus 7 myself I know this blog isn't the easiest to get around. I know the lettering on the buttons is a bit too much at the moment, when I get a chance I will reduce the text to make it less in your face when you are viewing on a laptop or normal screen. This afternoon I have more important things to attend to... more later.

The poll....

The poll is pissing me off now. Yesterday there were ten votes, then seven, then ten, now there's nine! I've never had a poll with so few votes... Get your act together Google!

Friday, 17 May 2013

Insecurities (part two)...

So I'm sure my earlier post probably left some of you scratching your heads a bit since my point was somewhat badly related. It comes back to something which has troubled me in the past and which I don't spend too much time thinking about these days, but which reared it's head again following last night's events. That being, as men we are brought up to believe that to fulfil a woman sexually we must be powerful, dominant, somewhat aggressive even. Women want to be fucked for hours and left spent...
We may bat this aside, dismiss it as nonsense... but even the most enlightened man can still fall into the trap of doubting himself.
Just look at the whole cuckold fantasy thing (fantasy probably being the operative word of course), the bull is the one who fucks her all night and leaves her exhausted while the inferior cuckold husband jerks off (assuming he's not locked in chastity of course). The male instinct is to compete with other men, to be perceived as sexually superior, and this does not sit well with most of us in the real world.
Imagine then, the man who gets to live his sexually submissive fantasy life... (that's me, okay) ...who surrenders his 'right' to orgasm, to penetrative sex, to even touch his own cock without permission. How does he reconcile this with years of programming, telling him that a real man, the man all women really want to be with is the powerful, dominant, sexually aggressive Alpha Male? Is it any wonder that doubts creep in now and again?
Mistress read my earlier post and asked me if I was worried. She yet again reassured me that she does not feel this way, that she feels that she has absolutely the best of all worlds, that she can have exactly what she wants when she wants it (and doesn't have to endure 'macho male pussy pounding' (my words, not hers) when she doesn't want it at all).
She said that just as we men are conditioned to believe that we must be 'Alpha Males', women are brought up to believe that all men are only interested in their own pleasure, that they just want to get on top, fuck until they cum and then go to sleep. This, as I'm sure the people who read my blog know, is not the case, and so it follows that our own conditioning is somewhat wide of the mark also.
Mistress R further said that, truth be told, if you got a group of women together and asked them straight-up, with no bullshit, what they actually want in bed, an awful lot of them would be a lot more interested in oral and non-penetrative stimulation than being 'fucked to exhaustion', despite media insistence to the contrary.
As I said, this doesn't worry me as much as it used to, but I still get doubts occasionally. I can see, logically, that Mistress R is right, she can take whatever she wants from me, whenever she wants it, sometimes that is penetrative sex, but most often it isn't... I guess it's just hard to shake off those years of conditioning which persuade us that we 'know' what women want, when we probably don't at all.
Men who enter this kind of lifestyle will doubtless encounter problems along the way and need reassurance from their partner from time to time, because to live this way is to go against what society has convinced us it means to be 'a man'. It's a shame that society doesn't teach us that to be a real man one should ensure that our partner's needs are properly taken care of, that we should seek to make them feel loved above all else and that their orgasm is of far greater importance than our own.
To live this way is not always easy, but the rewards are beyond anything I could ever hope for from a purely vanilla relationship and I sincerely hope I will never again be in one of those.


Last night was absolutely wonderful (see earlier post for details), the strange thing is that being allowed to penetrate my beautiful Mistress 'properly' (as in the way the vast majority of 'normal' people do) does tend to bring certain elements of insecurity to the surface.
It's hard to explain since to most people it would sound bizarre, but vanilla, man-on-top sex is now the exception rather than the norm, and that brings a whole lot of strange thoughts. I could almost liken it to the first time a guy allows his wife to touch his ass, the whole 'will she think I'm turning gay' thing (my first girlfriend did, actually).
I realise that comparison makes no sense to anyone else, I'm sure...but I know what I mean even if nobody else does.
Then again, I've been here before, several times and I know the best thing to do is to let Mistress decide what she wants from me. Nobody really talks about this part of power exchange very much, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who worries about not fulfilling my obligations as written in the book of vanilla sex. As stupid as that sounds...
My one reassurance is that right back at the start Mistress had me agree that I was not allowed to initiate penetration, so in all honesty I'm pretty powerless to do anything about it, and Mistress and I have discussed this several times over the past couple of years and the outcome has always been the same. 
After all, Mistress decided last night that she wanted me inside her and she very much dictated how it was going to happen. I have no reason to believe that Mistress is dissatisfied or unhappy in any way with our ongoing arrangement and I am blissfully happy, it just goes to show what I've known for a long time - I worry too much. But I worry because I love her so much and I want her to be as happy as I am.

The poll is't working properly...

I'm a little bit bemused about my poll, votes seem to be disappearing... as far as I am aware you can change your vote but you can't un-vote, so it must be a technical problem.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Next stop 250...

Tonight was pretty wonderful. Mistress and I wound up in bed again around 8:30pm and she had me kneel between her legs as she lay back on the pillows. She was wearing a loose gown and as we kissed she reached down and started stroking my cock. Then she reached down a little further and closed her slender fingers around my balls, digging her very long nails into my skin (nice!) and causing my cock to get suddenly really hard.
She spent some time stroking my cock, licking her fingers every now and then teasing the tip before rubbing them up and down the shaft, occasionally teasing my meat against her beautiful pussy, while I gazed down between her legs, hoping...
Eventually Mistress told me it was time for me to worship her pussy and pushed me down between her legs. I gladly moved down the bed as I am always eager to taste Mistress's delicious pussy and a while later enjoyed the wonderful sensation of her bucking against my tongue once again, before licking my fingers clean.
I thought that was it for the night but Mistress had other plans. She told me to get up on my knees again and then told me to put on my rubber cock ring. As I fitted the black ring over my cock and balls Mistress said, "All the time you were going down on me... I was laying here without a bra on."
She then opened her gown and revealed her beautiful naked breasts, before reaching down and starting to stroke me again. My cock was soon rock-hard and she pulled me closer to her, spreading her legs wider as she pushed the tip of my cock between her lips. It felt wonderful to slide my cock inside her again, even though it was only a few days since I last had the pleasure of doing so.
I lifted Mistress R's legs up onto my shoulders and eased into a nice easy rhythm, watching my cock disappear and reappear in and out of Mistress's delicious pussy. It's funny, I've always enjoyed watching my cock as it slides in and out of my beautiful wife, I think most men probably feel the same (in before someone else says 'I'd enjoy watching my cock slide in and out of your wife too'...), but when you live as I do and these things are but rare treats, you really learn to appreciate them all the more.
I watched Mistress squeezing her naked breasts and found myself wondering if I would be allowed to cum today and how much harder could I manage to fuck my gorgeous Mistress without pushing myself too close to the edge and risking a possible crisis.
I let her legs slide back down and leaned forward into the missionary position, once the 'norm', now of course an exotic treat, how things change. I kissed Mistress as I started to grind a little harder into her and she told me she wanted me to cum inside her. As usual, no sooner had the words left her mouth than I was ramping up the pace and intensity and before long I felt my balls contract against the cock-ring and my cum start to explode inside her. It seemed to go on and on, and it felt so good to be on top, to feel in control, to fuck my wife like any normal husband would and to shoot my cum inside her silky smooth pussy... but of course that feeling was just an illusion allowed only for a wonderful but brief moment, courtesy of Mistress R's generosity.
No sooner had I finished pumping my cum inside her, Mistress told me to lie on my back and quickly discarded the robe she had been wearing throughout. She straddled my face and I stared up at her gorgeous hard, pink nipples and perfectly naked breasts as I willingly tongued her cum filled pussy. There didn't seem to be that much cum actually... I think I must have planted it pretty deep inside her, but I loved that with that simple act she both re-asserted her authority and also satisfied my recurring desire to be made to eat my own cum.

So that brings an end to my latest period of chastity. Eighteen days this time... it's been a pretty awesome week: four orgasms for Mistress in the last seven days, not to mention two chances for me to be on top, a brief period of ass worship and I got to cum inside her and I got a cream pie... How lucky am I?????
Of course I am already wondering when Mistress will allow me to cum and when she will next decide to make me wait into the thirties and forties again, or maybe even longer? Only Mistress knows and I wouldn't have it any other way. It was lovely to have that fleeting feeling of control, but ceding it once more as I lapped at her cum filled pussy made me feel utterly content and completely satisfied. My cock belongs to Mistress R now and forever and knowing that makes me feel sooo happy.


Been receiving some nice emails this week complimenting the changes that I've made to the blog, thanks for those, always nice to receive feedback as any blogger will tell you. I have much more work to do to get the blog exactly how I want it, so expect to see some changes over the next few days and possibly weeks. As ever, the changes I have in mind are quite time consuming, but if you've looked at the new caption menu page I hope you'll agree that the time is well spent. Also the new 'Caption' and 'Video' buttons I've added on the right hand side-bar are indicative of future developments (although they aren't quite right yet, so expect more refinements and additions there).
One of the emails I received today was from the excellent Femdom author Alex Jordaine, and if you visit my blog on Monday I will tell you how you can get hold of a free e-book copy of 'Mistress of Torment'. That's the only one I haven't got as it happens, so that's a bit of luck!

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

15 seconds of perfection...

Tonight was a little different to last night, but still great. Mistress and I went to bed about 8:30pm and as I knelt between her open thighs we kissed, Mistress reached down and stroked my cock a little and then let go. For my part I arched my back until the tip of my cock was just brushing against her lovely pussy, it was really, really hard. But any hopes of a repeat of last night were dashed when she pushed me down between her legs and for the second night in a row I panted into her gorgeous pussy as my cock threatened to explode against the sheets.
Fortunately it didn't and after I brought Mistress to her orgasm she lay on her side next to me and we kissed as she stroked my cock until it was hard again. This was when I told her that I had been remembering last night as I drove home from work and that my cock had been so fucking hard as I thought about sliding my cock in and out of her perfect pussy.
Mistress said she hoped I hadn't touched my cock without permission, and I confessed to rubbing it through my jeans but nothing more. She gave my cock a few slaps, but seemed satisfied that I hadn't gone any further than that.
I now had my hand on her beautiful ass as she sucked my cock, and I told her how my cock had gotten even harder as I had moved on to thinking about how badly I wanted to lick her ass. She asked me if I really wanted to lick it and I told her I did. She pulled a sort of 'couldn't care less face' as she knelt beside me stroking my cock, while presenting her gorgeous pussy for me to look at once again (the accursed bra was much in evidence though of course). My cock felt so hard, but I was nowhere near edging.
Mistress told me to close my eyes and then straddled my face, pressing her ass right against my face. I misheard her and thought she said I could lick her asshole, but the second I did she pulled away. "I said you are not allowed to lick it," she said. "But I am going to tease you with it."
My tongue stayed firmly in my mouth as I breathed in her musky scent, not wishing to jeapordise any further chance for any kind of ass worship. Eventually she allowed me to open my eyes so I could see her wonderful ass, I so wanted to plunge my tongue into it as she continued stroking my cock. But all too soon she lifted off and went back to stroking and sucking my cock while I squeezed and gently stroked her gorgeous ass.
I told her how much I love her ass and begged her to let me lick it. She asked me if I thought I deserved to be allowed to lick it, which I obviously didn't seeing as I kinda did touch my cock a little tiny bit... but rather than being negative and saying 'no' I opted for the more positive 'Whatever pleases you Mistress'.
Mistress played with my cock a little more and then said, "You can either lick my ass for a very brief time... or I will tease you cock for another minute."
She let go of my cock and I lay there going back and forth, but knowing that there was only ever going to be one answer. I adore Mistress's ass and I've given up orgasms before for the chance to worship it, but still my cock was craving more attention.
"Decide quickly or you won't get either."
I opted for the former, of course... and Mistress straddled my face again and I had the most wonderful fifteen seconds or so with my tongue pressed into her ass before she pulled away and lay down next to me again. She gave my cock a couple more slaps and then told me that was it for the night.

Temporary links...

I've just added a couple of temporary links in the side bar for the Video and Caption Menus. These can be found just below the Femdom Sessions image. I will replace these with proper image/links when I have time.

Monday, 13 May 2013

A rare and wonderful feeling...

So this last weekend was a little bit stressy and didn't really go as Mistress and I planned... hence Mistress still hasn't quite got to the big 250! But at least tonight we edged her one more closer and if you look at the box to your right you will see that she's now had exactly two hundred orgasms more than I have since Aprill 2011. Wow!!!
Actually tonight was pretty wonderful. After dinner we sat on the sofa together and I gave Mistress's gorgeous feet a good rub, not as good as worshipping them with my lips and tongue admittedly, but it's turned cold again here in Blighty. I just hope we didn't miss our chance to use that damned service bell that sits there taunting me day in day out... hmm.
Aaaaannnnyway, so Mistress gave me a hot sexy kiss on the sofa and then we adjourned to the bedroom. I lagged behind a little while Mistress got comfortable and then I slipped into bed beside her and started kissing her while rubbing my hands up and down her beautiful, silky thighs. Within a minute my cock was hard and Mistress started rubbing it with her leg a while before reaching down and firmly stroking my meat.
It felt fantastic to feel her fingers wrapped around my aching cock and I licked my fingers and started to tease her pussy as she continued to stroke me. We stayed like this a little while and then she lifted her knees up and I made to move down between her legs, I was about to bury my head between her thighs when she told me, "I want you to put your cock in me first...".
This was a pleasant surprise to say the least, I can't even remember exactly when the last time Mistress let me on top, but I'm sure it was several months ago. I moved between her legs and Mistress grabbed my cock and guided me into her wet pussy. It felt fucking a-mazing to feel her silky pussy around my cock like that, and to be able to dictate the pace instead of having her riding me.
I was kind of in that 'confident I can hold back, but not that confident because actually the last time I came it was April' kinda place... and after a fairly short time I settled into a rhythm which was slowly increasing in pace. I was pretty sure that Mistress was going to tell me to fuck her hard and cum inside her, especially since she was so obviously enjoying the feeling of my cock inside her again. I gradually increased the pace, enjoying the rare sensation of my cock sliding in and out of her divine pussy at my will, but instead of the expected order to fuck her hard and cum inside her, Mistress placed her hand on my chest and told me to stop. She pushed me back until my cock slipped out of her soaking pussy and she used her fingers to stroke me some more as I looked down at her beautiful pink pussy.
She pulled me back inside for a few more strokes and then stopped me altogether, before ordering me down between her legs. My cock was throbbing and I was moaning into her pussy as I started to lick her cock tainted lips. Wow that was soooooooo hot, I could have quite easily shot my load onto the sheet if I hadn't kept myself in check.
A while later Mistress arched her back as my tongue brought her to orgasm and straight after I greedily devoured the copious juices that covered my fingers, she tasted absolutely heavenly tonight, and hopefully... we'll be doing something like this again tomorrow. It would be really nice to get Mistress R's total up to 250 by the weekend, don't you think?

New poll...

So now that I'm getting a decent amount of hits again, I thought it would be interesting to re-run a poll I did a long, long time ago so that I can find out a little more about my readers. To that end, I would like to know if you are in chastity, if you are a keyholder, if you are in a device or on the honour system. If you are a cuckold or want to be cuckolded, if you are a cuckoldress or if you don't wish to go there. Are you in a Femdom relationship (to any degree, lets not be pedantic about it), do you wish you were, are you a domme or a sub? Sure I must have left something out, but I can't do everything... voting takes place in the right hand column, thanks!

It was a hell of a lot of work, but I think it was worth it...

So, to all intents and purposes Robert Anthony's Caption Blog is no more. When I created that blog it made total sense, because I was constantly creating new captions and they were starting to outnumber the 'proper' posts detailing my life with Mistress R and my other ramblings. So the idea came to me to separate the two parts into dedicated blogs and although it seemed like a good idea at the time it soon dawned on me that instead of one great blog... I now had two good blogs and I kind wished that I hadn't done it (whatever I might have said at the time).
Since the turn of the year I've really not been so interested in making new captions, and so the other blog has become kind of stagnant, save for the videos I've been linking to. Despite this the numbers remained ridiculously high for a blog that really wasn't getting any fresh posts, I mean up until the end it was averaging 1500 hits a day, while this blog was sometimes sinking as low as 800. Truth be told it started to piss me off a little bit. I was putting all my work into this blog and the other blog was getting all the hits!
So, I decided something had to be done. Now that I wasn't creating new captions very often I couldn't really see the point of keeping the two blogs separate, so I decided that I would restore the blog back almost to the way it was in the beginning. So initially I was going to just import the posts from that blog back into this one which would have been a relatively quick job, but meant that all the captions would be hard to find and would be ages back in the blog history.
So I decided instead to do it properly and invested several hours, and I'm talking probably ten or twelve in all, to save each individual caption to a folder on my desktop, sort them into themes and then repost them in batches on this blog (but dated 2010 so that they wouldn't appear on the front pages). I will very soon be putting some better links on the right hand side of the blog to make access better, but I need a little free time to do that properly (please continue using the links in yesterday's posts for the moment).
So anyway, I'm really pleased with how it's turned out and hopefully the people who visit this blog looking for captions and videos will also read my stories and my blog posts, at least it's somewhat more likely now that everything is on the same blog. And judging by the stats chart below my efforts were certainly not wasted, I can't remember the last time I had a 3000 hit day.

So anyway, I will be making some more captions in the future and they will appear on the caption menu page with the others. When I post new captions they will be in sets and I will make a post on the main page alerting people that they are there. Videos will be added as I find them, but may not be flagged, so keep checking the video pages.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Videos moved from Caption blog...

All the videos that were on the Caption Blog are now on this blog, click HERE for the menu.

Captions are back, better than ever...

As I said the other day, changes are afoot to restore this blog to it's former glory... only better! To that end, the captions are back. But because I know they are not for everybody and because I don't want the pages swamped with captions, they have been hidden within the blog. So if you want to view them you will need to click HERE to visit the caption menu. The captions are now in themed sets, so they should be much easier to navigate. I will be adding a 'caption' access button along with other updates in  the coming days.

P.S. I've checked as best I can but if you find any problems please let me know, thanks.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

One Million Pageviews...

I knew it was coming (obviously) but still, 1,000,000 pageviews is pretty amazing, in fact given that my second (actually far more popular) blog has already got 800,000, if I hadn't split them apart then I would be getting close to 2,000,000 already. Ah well... changes are afoot in that department so watch this space, I have some big plans which are going to take a lot of effort to complete, but I think in the end it will be worth it.
Thanks to everyone who follows my blog(s) and special thanks to everyone who has emailed me or left a comment, particularly Mistress Marie, Harry Haversackers, Whichisnice, Q&k (please come back), not to mention Tom Allen (at Keyheld) who more than anyone is responsible for the success of this blog.
Hopefully over the coming years I will have much more to blog about, as Mistress R and I move deeper and deeper into this new life of ours, who knows maybe one day I too will be blogging about how long Mistress has had me locked up. Harry suggested the Mature Metal Jailbird the other day and the internet seems to agree that it is a very good device. I must admit, though I have my doubts it will ever come about, just looking at it kinda makes me wish it would.

I also hope that as time moves on I will have more Femdom fun to write about too, this is supposed to be a 'Chastity & Femdom' blog after all and the chastity element seems to be getting all the glory. But since my blog is 100% genuine, it can only reflect real life, which means that for that to happen I need to persuade Mistress R to give me something to write about. Here's hoping that the next million hits brings plenty of whipping, spanking, CBT, foot, body and ass worship, nipple play, butt plug and strap-on action to keep you all entertained!

Thursday, 9 May 2013

She's in Control...

Has anyone purchased this PDF/Book thing that Sarah Jameson is selling, and is it any good?

A question...

Anonymous left a comment today, which I thought I would answer here rather than... there.

We're a bit new to this, but I'm discovering that I miss not being able to orgasm with him inside me any more because he can't last long enough. If I ruin his orgasm every few days or so, that will clearly be frustrating for him (which is good) but will it mean he can last longer inside me without risk of cumming so that I get my orgasm?

Undoubtedly keeping your chap in a state of frustration isn't going to help him when it comes to lasting a long time once he's inside you. Will ruining his orgasms help? I suggest you try it and find out, some men will probably find it helps some may say not at all. I would suggest that you try going on top, because I find I can last pretty much indefinitely if Mistress is on top, but once I'm on top it's very difficult. 
Harry Haversackers has written at length about the use of numbing creams, where he is creamed and then washed (so that the cream doesn't desensitize his wife's pussy), and by all accounts the results are pretty spectacular. I haven't tried it so I can't really comment. You might want to have him wear a cock ring too, I always find they help because (and this might be utter nonsense...) it feels like the ring does some of the work and you don't have to be so aroused in your head to stay hard, and not being so aroused in the head means you probably won't cum too quick - hopefully.
Personally, this isn't a problem for me because Mistress R doesn't cum from penetration, which is actually kind of lucky for me because I love to eat pussy. I think most women in your position would probably say that what you lose in one part of the relationship you will more than gain in another, Mistress R certainly shows no signs of wishing to return to the vanilla side.
What you could try is having your partner enjoy a full orgasm and then when he's recovered (depending on his age and recovery speed - could be half an hour, later or the next day) then use him as he should be able to last before the frustration takes hold again. I realise this isn't tremendously helpful, but the truth of the matter is that people living this lifestyle probably enjoy more orgasms orally then vaginally, the pay off may be that once you get started that way and you have a frustrated eager pussy licker in the house you may forget about having him inside you when you cum. 
Besides, the chances of him not cumming with you spasming on his cock are probably pretty remote I would have thought...
Hope this helps a little bit, please let us know how you get on and if there's anything else I can help you with please get in touch, either through my email or through the blog comments. 

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Is it really only ten days...

I can still taste Mistress R's beautiful pussy as I'm typing this, I wish this taste was permanently in my mouth I really do, I love it more than anything. Mmmmmmm....
So Mistress and I have just got out of bed again, where I licked her beautiful pussy until she came on my tongue. Then she teased, slapped and sucked my cock until it was nice and hard, before straddling me and sinking down onto my cock. Oh, but first she made me beg her to take her bra off... it's so frustrating how she wears her bra to bed simply because she knows I want her to take it off, but that's all part of the game I suppose, and I'm quite happy to beg for such a beautiful reward.
Mistress peeled her bra off to reveal her wonderful breasts and hard, pink nipples. Mmmmmmmmm, so fucking gorgeous!
Soon she was riding my cock and reaching back to drag her nails across my balls, then leaning forward to let me suck on her glorious nipples... then when she'd had enough she settled down beside me and started teasing my throbbing, aching cock with her hand. I love the look Mistress gets on her face when she's doing this, it's hard to describe... aloof, superior, dominant... I LOVE IT.
Mistress called a halt and I begged her to let me taste her pussy one more time, she smiled to herself in that beautiful way she does when she senses my desperation, then straddled my face and allowed me ten or fifteen seconds to worship her beautiful pussy before she climbed off and finally called a halt.
I can't believe it's only been ten days since I was allowed to cum properly, albeit Mistress ruined my last orgasm a few days ago*... it feels so much longer. Of course part of me wants to be allowed to cum, but as always the other part of me wants to be denied and/or ruined for weeks on end until I'm truly, truly desperate.

*I love that I can say that now, it seems like I've been waiting forever for that to become part of this amazing, wonderful experience.

Well worth a read...

A real interesting post (HERE) on Subcuckhubby's blog. Refreshing to see someone write about something 'culturally difficult' to talk about with such honesty and openness...

Writhe, suffer, cry, beg...

For the most part I am very happy to be on the 'honour' system, the real life practicalities of being properly locked up are somewhat daunting and given my own brief experiences with the CB-3000 I really do wonder how anyone ever lives with it full time. Which makes me think that actually, the people who do live with it full time must really, really, really, really want to make it work.
Having made many captions myself (and to be honest being rather 'over them' nowadays) it's unusual for one to make any sort of impression on me, but this one for some reason gave me pause for thought and made me suddenly envious of those among us who are properly 'locked'.
Doubtless the reality can probably never live up to the fantasy, but I for one would love to writhe, suffer, cry and beg for my Mistress, wow what a headfuck!

You can visit captionsofchastity.tumblr by clicking HERE

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Any more questions...

Lovely pussy eating and teasing tonight, resulting in an orgasm for Mistress and an aching, throbbing cock for me. Just the way it should be!
I know we've said this before, but we are seriously planning to answer the final set of questions that were posed by you lovely readers about six months ago, so if you do have a question you'd like answered now would be a good time to get it on the list.

New long term project...

This will probably be my undoing, but it is my intention that by the end of the year I will have written a proper full length chastity-femdom-cuckold novel. It is my intention to either sell this through amazon on the Kindle, or to find a proper publisher to print it. Obviously being old I would prefer it to be the second option, since I would like to put it on my shelf next to my collection of erotic books. However, I'm not stupid and I realise that the first option is somewhat more likely. And that's okay.
Having decided this of course, my brain is awash with ideas and it's actually quite stressful trying to remember them all, indeed last night I was up until the early hours getting my thoughts down on paper and when I finished I must admit to feeling an enormous weight lifted off my shoulders, of course it only lasted until this morning when more twisted ideas began manifesting themselves in my perverted little head...hehehe.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Nice photo...

Pity it's a bit grainy, looks like a still from a video. I've tweaked it a bit to make it a bit better, you can find the original at

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Kali's teeth...

Mistress Marie has kindly facilitated me with a LINK to a spiked cock ring just like hers... I dunno, it looks a little more scary than hers, the spikes look sharper to me. And the price... it's a lot of money for something which may only ever get used the one time. But, I'd still like to know what it felt like...

Literotica feedback...

Three comments left on my Literotica page for my latest story this last week...

MistressMtoyou said: Liked it. Your orgasm denial stories are the best on this site and I always get a couple of new ideas from your work. Thanks.

Anonymous said: Not my favorite type of story but I liked it much better than most. It was between just them and there was strong control but not degradation. You packed a lot of psychological drama in with the action and without a lot of extraneous crap (figure stats, specific history, stupid plots devices like blackmail). I also like that it is clear HE wants this and has not been slowly manipulated to it. All in all, enjoyable.

Lord Gro said: Not my kink but...your writing is better than average, and I've been following your writing since well before your name changed. Not going to score this one, because I'm not really in the target audience, and I fear I'd score it lower than it deserves because it isn't really my type of story.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

A trip to London...

Mistress and I were in London today and we made a point of visiting the Harmony store on Oxford Street. Mistress tried on a new PVC top but she didn't like it and so we left almost empty handed. We picked up a bottle of ID Lube, we don't use lube very often, but that is really, really good stuff... maybe I can persuade Mistress to use it to tease my cock with a cock ring on, that would be very nice I'm sure.
One thing which made me smile was that as soon as we got down to the basement (where all the good stuff is - all the fluffy handcuffs and penis ice cube trays are on the street level) Mistress was looking to see if they had any cock rings with spikes on the inside! Sadly they didn't have any, I'm a little relieved but mostly disappointed...
I did notice a 5 piece set of butt plugs which went up to 2" diameter, but didn't purchase... perhaps if anyone from Harmony reads this they could send me a review sample? Go on, you know you want to!
Seeing all the glass dildo's made me want one to replace the crappy old dildo that we've had forever that is mostly the one we use in the Femdom sessions, I remember Mistress accidentally pushing her glass dildo up my ass once and it felt really nice. We did buy a glass anal toy but it falls out too easy, probably because we use too much lube actually, you only seem to need a small amount of lube with glass toys.
Mistress was unimpressed with the fleshlights, she looked very confused as she looked at them and then she saw the end and the penny dropped. I must admit they don't look good, but they are supposed to feel pretty good and their potential for teasing is quite obvious.
Hopefully we will go back to London soon, and definitely to Erotica in October.

Friday, 3 May 2013

A response to Tim's comment...

Tim said:
That "conflict" has been one of the hardest things for me to explain to my wife as we get kinkier and kinkier. Not enjoying an act (ruined orgasm, spanking, etc) during the moment, but looking back and remembering it as very erotic as well as looking forward to the next act as erotic. It is that pain/frustration as enjoyable/not enjoyable that is amazing to me as a submissive.

Firstly Tim, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, all of us bloggers really appreciate when we get feedback like this, it stops us feeling like we are talking to the walls... especially when the comment is insightful and reinforces my own experiences...
Right now I don't think Mistress R quite 'gets' it as far as ruined orgasms go, but then there was probably a time she didn't understand why I would willingly submit to having clothes pegs on my nipples and you should see the glint in her eye now when she pulls them off and makes me flinch... she certainly didn't 'get' chastity when I first tried to introduce it, and every now and then I do ask her if she is still okay with living this way and she's quite convincing when she says she can't see any reason why she would ever want to go back to how it used to be.
So with that in mind I have every reason to think that given time, practice and familiarity Mistress will eventually come to really enjoy watching me suffer in this particular way for her, just as I can tell her attitude to paddling my ass has changed... when we bought the paddle I remember her saying to me "Are you sure you want that, I think it's going to hurt!", but now there's no disguising  the effect using it on me has on her pussy. 
Slapping my cock and balls was another thing that she used to be reluctant to do, but now it's a very regular and very enjoyable part of our sex life, she's still a little hesitant about slapping my balls, but that's probably not a bad thing.
I'm sure one day in the not too distant future Mistress will lull me into thinking that I'm going to be allowed to cum properly and then right at the last second she will snatch it away from me, maybe she'll simply let go of my cock at the last second or maybe if she's riding my cock she'll just lift herself off me at the crucial moment and let my poor cock pulse my cum onto my stomach...
I'm sure in that moment the frustration will be enormous and I'll probably question my own sanity, but at the end of the day, the thought of Mistress controlling every last orgasm I'll ever have and having her be the one to decide 'ruined' or 'pleasurable' every single time is just so overwhelmingly hot... well, it makes every frustrating pulse worth it.

Some thoughts about my second ruined orgasm...

It's kind of confusing, to want your Mistress to ruin your orgasm... I think the best way I can explain it is that it's a bit like being whipped or paddled, because in some ways it's not that I particularly enjoy it of itself, it's that I enjoy the fact that it is Mistress's choice for it to happen. I guess it's an extension of the chastity thing in that just as most men would never surrender their freedom to orgasm to their partner, even fewer men would willingly push themselves to the brink of orgasm (and just beyond) and then take their hand away...
Knowing that Mistress was intending to ruin my orgasm set up a real conflict in my head, even as I was willing myself to the edge I found myself also seemingly resisting, leaving my cock incredibly hard and throbbing with frustration. It was as intense as it was ultimately unsatisfying, and as I said yesterday I loved that Mistress did it again with no prompting from me, and judging from her comments afterwards she intends to keep trying until she really nails it!
:) :) :) :) :)
I said I wanted her to keep growing into her role and becoming meaner and this is exactly the kind of thing which allows her to display her growing control over me and I just love it. I might not have loved it at the precise second it happened, just as I wouldn't say I love it at the precise moment my arse is being paddled, but it's all part of the bigger picture and I love that Mistress is slowly embracing and (I hope) enjoying this lifestyle, even if sometimes it does seem a little bit strange.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Ruined again...

Tonight has been a bit hit and miss, Mistress and I are planning to do something at the weekend and I think we both knew we would have to get down to the crappiness of planning what we were going to do, and this was playing on our minds when we snuck off to bed earlier in the evening - because frankly I think we both knew that there was not going to be any fun to be had afterwards! How right we were.
Anyway, so... with that in mind, it's possibly not surprising that Mistress R's 243rd orgasm was a little reluctant to blossom into fruition... not that I object to spending more time between her gorgeous thighs of course, you know me by now, nowhere I'd rather be than tongue deep in Mistress's beautiful pussy! But at one point I really thought it was going to be a DNF (to use the motor racing vernacular)... and that is something I really can't abide since it inevitably makes me feel like I have failed even when Mistress reassures me that it is not my fault, plus of course while I crave frustration for myself the last thing I want is to leave my beautiful Mistress unsatisfied. Thankfully after a brief pause for breath, Mistress finally had a lovely cum, albeit it didn't leave me quite as blissed out as it usually does...
Prior to that Mistress toyed with my cock with her beautiful feet while I knelt at the end of the bed, she also gave me the very rare treat of watching her rub her pussy with her own fingers. I loved watching her do that, usually when she does that I am kissing her feet and forbidden to look up!
After Mistress came it was my turn for some teasing and (seemingly inevitably on this evening of meh) my cock was a little reluctant to get hard (though it had been fine earlier), I think I still felt a bit responsible for her earlier frustration to be honest...
Anyway, Mistress knelt beside me as she stroked my cock giving me a good view of her gorgeous body... save for the black bra which covered her lovely breasts. I asked her if she would please remove it, she said that maybe she would in a little while, depending on how badly I wanted it.
Then she bent over and started to suck my cock while I caressed her ass, I was sufficiently hard now, if not setting any records, and when she knelt back up she told me that I had to choose between having her remove her bra and allowing me to see her beautiful breasts, or would I rather she teased me with her ass?
I really wanted her to take her bra off, but I am a sucker for Mistress's ass... so after some deliberation I opted for the second choice. She had me close my eyes and then stood over me before lowering her ass onto my face. I wanted to lick her ass of course, but somehow I didn't want to ask in case she decided to stop teasing me altogether... or at least she might take her gorgeous ass away.
Mistress told me I could open my eyes after a while and took great delight in using her free hand to give me a better view of her pretty, pink asshole. So fucking lickable! Aaaaaaaaaaaaah. She was pumping my cock quite hard now and it seemed to me that she was trying to get me close, indeed after a few more hard pumps I told her I was getting close, she moved off me and knelt beside me, gently stroking my cock, I sensed that she was going to ruin my orgasm and yet I could feel the edge slipping away, so frustrating!
Mistress coaxed my cock closer and closer, alternating between firm and gentle strokes until I felt like I was going to explode... and then a jet of cum shot out of my cock and Mistress relinquished almost all stimulation, merely teasing my cock with her fingertips as the remaining cum flowed from my cock. It maybe wasn't a perfectly ruined orgasm but it was pretty damned frustrating one and even now my cock feels 'different'. Like usually if I am allowed to cum my cock spends the rest of the evening completely docile and feels completely spent, in fact barely 'feels' at all. Tonight my cock remains soft, but feels kinda 'throbby' for want of a better word... I guess this is what people say about a ruined orgasm being more frustrating than just being teased and denied, and I expect my morning wood tomorrow will be even harder and achey than normal.
Well I certainly hope so anyway.
After I'd finished 'cumming' (Mistress said it looked like I was in agony... which I wasn't of course, only an agony of frustration) Mistress had me lick up and swallow some of my cum from her hand. I loved that she ruined another orgasm and made me lick it up (something she only usually does in our Femdom sessions), I did worry that after my first ruined one it would be an age until she did it again, so this was a very welcome turn of events since I really want her to exploit every tool at her disposal to maximise her control over my cock and the pleasure it can bring (or withhold from) me.