Saturday, 30 June 2012


Sorry I haven't blogged this week, but there's not been much to tell. Mistress's period arrived on Tuesday so I have not had the pleasure of making her cum since last weekend, my stress level at work has gone through the roof and added to that our cat had to be taken to the vets (and I really thought she was going to be have to be put to sleep), which upset me a lot. We've had her for 18 years and she was 2 when we had her, so she's doing very well indeed (most cats live 16 years or so), but that really doesn't count for anything when you think she might be about to die. Fortunately, whatever was wrong with her seems to have resolved itself (the vet thinks she might have had some kind of seizure a bit like a small stroke) and the vet has given her some injections to help her with some other health issues and she's much, much better now. 
This morning Mistress R teased my cock for a while and told me that she's thinking about having me wear some kind of pendant, a bit like the ring that 'HerKnight' wears to represent my submission and chastity. Mistress also commented on how steel-hard my cock was, which is always nice to hear!
Our Femdom session is supposed to take place tomorrow, but we are both a bit exhausted at the moment, so we'll see.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Keep the questions coming...

I see there's a few questions been left on the site for Mistress R already and I've got a few emails too. Keep the questions for Mistress R coming, I'll save them all up and do one big article, probably next weekend.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Questions for Mistress R?

I'm wondering if any of you have any questions you would like to ask Mistress R? I'm assuming that if you had questions for me then you would already have asked, but if not feel free. You can email me or leave them in the comments if you prefer....

Another orgasm for Mistress R this afternoon and some top notch teasing for me, including having Mistress R ride my cock again! Without her bra! :) One of the benefits of my weight loss is that now that my stomach is somewhat diminished it is a lot easier to look down and watch my cock sliding in and out of Mistress R's gorgeous pussy. It's very hot of course, but also I have to be a little careful, the first time I looked down I felt like I was going to explode inside her, fortunately I managed to get myself under control for the rest of the time... I really appreciated the view of Mistress's gorgeous naked breasts and hard nipples too, very hot!
This was followed by some very nice cock and ball slapping and further teasing at Mistress's hand, which left me very hard and throbbing indeed. Can't believe it's only been nine days since I came. It seems a lot longer than that....
Pleased that Mistress R has cum nine times already this month, her record is eleven, so maybe that could be beaten - though I'm thinking her period must be on it's way soon. Hopefully it won't interfere with our Femdom session next weekend, but if it does, it does. Can't be helped.

After Mistress called a halt, she expressed her happiness with our situation and said that she feels so comfortable with the whole thing now, and how normal it seems that she can't understand why everyone doesn't do it. She jokingly suggested we should start some sort of campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of male chastity, it's just a pity something so beneficial is so hard to explain and grasp.
Perhaps if it were then there would be no need for articles like the one I read in Mistress R's trashy magazine, reporting that since the European Football Championships started, 'cheating' websites like 'Illicit Affairs' have reported a 70% increase in traffic. I allowed myself a small chuckle, since I'm not a football fan, but on reflection I can't condone that behaviour from either sex. Yes, if you neglect your wife/girlfriend (for the sake of 'the beautiful game' or for any other reason) then you are indeed an idiot, but I can't conclude from that they deserve everything they get.
'He was watching the football' does not seem to me a reasonable justification for an extra-marital affair. I guess in most cases the problem is more deep seated, and this is probably just the straw which broke the camel's back....

Hmm I feel another poll coming on, your national team is playing and your wife offers you the chance to be unlocked and possibly even the chance to cum inside her after weeks or months of waiting, do you watch the football live, record the football, or forget he football altogether?

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Morning teasing... (YES!)

Mistress R and I went out for dinner with friends last night (during which Mistress quite often stroked my cock through my jeans) and got home in the early hours of the morning. Typically although I was tired I read a little before I went to sleep, while Mistress R stayed downstairs to drink some water etc... When she came to bed I was dozing a little and cuddled up to her, my hard cock grazing her thigh. She reached round and grabbed my cock and rubbed the head against her ass several times before pushing herself back against me. Wedged together my cock was throbbing like crazy and I could probably have cum if I'd wanted to. As it was we drifted off to sleep.
I awoke a couple of hours later, to find my cock still quite hard and still pressed against Mistress R's gorgeous ass. My arm was underneath MR's head and feeling a little numb so I reluctantly  extricated myself and went back to sleep.
If there's one thing I wish there was more of in our lives it's morning sex, or at least cuddling/teasing. Problem is, Mistress R gets up at 6:20am every weekday so there's not much chance there and quite often one or both of us are doing something on Saturday morning, so it just never seems to happen.
This morning though was quite different. Mistress R peeled down the covers and said 'Look, no bra'. My cock was hard in about three seconds flat. She then told me that a lot of women wear bra's in bed all the time for support, I told her that I'm glad she wasn't one of them.
Soon we were kissing and before long Mistress R was stroking my cock, it felt so damned good to caress her beautiful body as she teased me.
Mistress then commented on my post where I said that I thought it would be nice to cum while I was inside her and she was scratching my balls, I said that I also think it would be nice to cum while she was slapping my balls too. I could probably think of a lot of other interesting ways to cum (please feel free to make suggestions in the comments, I'm sure you can think of plenty more that I might not come up with on my own).
I wondered if Mistress might straddle my face and have me lick her for a while before sinking down on my throbbing cock, but she didn't... she did give it a few nice slaps and then tease the head with her fingers and nails though. In fact there was a few little periods of cockslapping this morning which I really, really love, and some brief leg and foot worship too, but the best thing about this morning was being able to spend time with Mistress where she was completely naked, with no bra and not pulling the covers over herself.
Despite still being considerably overweight, I have never been particularly self-conscious about my body and being naked in front of Mistress R. But Mistress is (like a lot of women it seems) very self critical, which is hard for me to understand when she is so utterly gorgeous and sexy. So I really, really loved and appreciated the way she was lying around on the bed this morning, allowing me the pleasure of seeing her as nature intended, she really did look absolutely stunning, I just wish I could have taken some photographs...
I'm sure Mistress R could tell by the diamond-cutting hardness of my cock exactly how good she looked to me, but I made sure to tell her too. I just hope I don't have to wait too long to get another morning like that!
Hopefully later on or tomorrow Mistress will want me to add another figure to her orgasm count. As we creep ever closer to 150 I'm reminded of the poll I ran earlier in the year asking how many times you guys thought Mistress would let me cum in our second year of chastity. I can't remember the outcome off the top of my head, but it certainly seems likely that it might be less than twenty the way things are going.
Which is more than fine by me, I love being left hard and throbbing and the way Mistress made me ache last night and this morning was just absolutely wonderful. I love her so much, I just wish she would see herself the way I see her, because she really is gorgeous.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

That damned bra...

I don't know if it's deliberate or not, but just lately every time Mistress R and I go to bed she seems to keep her bra on, which of course prevents me from seeing her gorgeous breasts. Last night, after an elusive but ultimately satisfying orgasm for Mistress R, she started stroking my cock until I was rock hard and then started sucking on my cock. It felt fantastic of course, and even better when she straddled my body and sank down onto me. It felt soooo good to be inside her again, especially now, with only six days having passed since my last orgasm, and so not having to worry about a hair trigger.(That's kinda weird don't you think... that last sentence, it's only been six days so I don't have to worry about cumming to early. I'm sure that before chastity if I'd have not cum for six days I would have been worried! I guess chastity does train the guy to restrain himself somewhat!).
As I looked up at her riding my cock, my first thought was of course to wonder if she was going to let me cum inside her and lick her clean. But I quickly dismissed that idea, since I just didn't feel like it was going to happen quite this soon. As I continued looking up at her I really wanted her to take her bra off and after a while I said to her... "Please let me see your gorgeous tits Mistress."
She smiled down at me and slowly started to undo her bra before peeling down the straps on both sides, until she was holding the bra in place with her hands.
"Ask me again," she said, obviously enjoying her little power trip.
I begged her and was rewarded with the beautiful sight of her total nakedness. She looked so fucking amazing from where I was laying, I've always considered myself more a leg and ass man, but the way Mistress has been hiding her upper-assets has made me crave them. She continued riding my cock as I reached up and massaged her breasts, then she reached behind her back and started alternating between hands, scratching my balls with her nails between every up and down stroke. It felt wonderful and I'm sure that would be a really really cool way to cum!
No such luck for me of course, and after a while Mistress R dismounted and lay down beside me, positioning herself higher up on the pillows so that I could suck on her left nipple while she gave my throbbing cock a few lovely slaps. After that I asked if I could please taste her beautiful pussy again and so she straddled my face and allowed me to lick her for a little while, I love it when she does that.
My only disappointment was that things didn't go on longer (naturally), that's the only thing about giving up control, if you have normal sex then you can (at least) try and make it last as long as you want it to. Still, that's all part of the deal isn't it, and I still love being controlled far too much to want to go back to a vanilla sex life.
Later Mistress commented on how much she loved how hard my cock was, that was nice to hear.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Back in the saddle...

Back to work today after our week off, so Mistress and I are both feeling a little done in. Nevertheless, we made time for some pussy worship and teasing, which brought Mistress R another orgasm and left me throbbing and aching. Feels so good to be back in that place again. I love it when Mistress makes me so hard and denies me, I particularly loved that she slapped my balls again without waiting for me to ask, and she slapped my cock quite a few times too... right before she ended my teasing she was kissing me as I arched my back towards her, desperate for any kind of continued friction.
"One more," she said, before bringing her hand down on my aching cock one last time. I love how it stings when she does that, it makes my cock even harder too!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

I finally saw a Kindle...

Yesterday I finally saw a Kindle in real life. I was quite surprised how the screen really didn't look like a screen at all, I think that's rather clever. I've always wondered about that part of it because as someone who uses a computer a lot the last thing I'd want is to read books via something that looks like another screen. But it looks more like flat paper, which is very clever I think.
What has this to do with chastity you may ask, well, nothing directly. But it makes the idea of getting one more appealing to me, and once I have one I'm far more likely to start writing and publishing my own Kindle books. At the moment though I'm still spending my spare-spare time trying to master my Fruit Loop music programming.

The size issue...

Walking around Reading yesterday it struck me how many black guys there were with white women, but not one black girl with a white guy. Now, given the nature of this blog (and particularly my other blog) it's easy to conclude the reasons for that. But is that it? Really?

On a related subject, I've been meaning to post this for some time, but it needs very delicate handling so as not to make me sound like an insecure, whiny little bitch! So here goes...

I'm re-reading Suzanne Portnoy's book 'The Butcher, The Baker, The Candlestick Maker', which details her exploits in the world of casual sex. It's a very entertaining book, and near the start she talks about a black guy she had sex with who sounded like your typical cuckold fantasy bull: 9" cock, six pack etc etc...

The thing is, I've seen more than enough interracial porn to know that guys with really huge cocks... well, how can I put this... despite the fact that they are shagging women who are really used to only fucking larger than average cocks for their job, it's very rare that you see one take it balls deep. Indeed, a lot of time, even these 'professionals' spend the whole time with one hand pressed against the guys stomach trying to keep him a couple of inches 'out'. See that must piss you off, don't you think? I mean what's the point of being huge if your lady friend finds it uncomfortable?
It's obviously not just me either, since I distinctly remember an episode of Seymour Butts' reality show where he designed a sort of foam ring, for guys with this exact problem, so that they could wear it at the base of their penis to stop them pushing in too far.
As I said, I'm probably inviting a flurry of comments belittling my own 'stature' and assuming that this whole post is all about making me feel better about myself. It's really not. I am extremely average, I know that. Do I wish I had another couple of inches? Of course I fucking do, I'm not an idiot! But if my Fairy Godmother granted me a cocksize wish, I would probably settle for 8" with a proportional increase in thickness to go with that.
What I'm saying is, sure, the guy with the HUGE cock gets the satisfaction of the gasp of surprise when the woman grabs his cock for the first time, but if he can't fuck her without constantly trying not to hurt her, I'm not so sure that sounds all that great to me. Also, it's got to reduce the chances of anal doesn't it?
Anyway, look on the bright side, in Portnoy's book she talks about a guy who looks like Antonio Banderas, but who had a three inch cock that she couldn't even feel in her arse. Now, if you were given the option to flip a coin and either end up with a massive wanger or a tiddler, would you risk it or would you just stick with what you've already got? I know what I would do.
Hmm, that sounds like a good subject for a poll!

Here's a good example... sure, it would be cool to flop something like that out, but think about it... if my cock really was as big as Mistress R's arm there's no way she would even want it inside her, she couldn't even cope with that slightly larger glass dildo she bought! Plus I can't help wondering how much blood you need to keep something like that hard...

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Good to be back on top again, once in a while...

Kind of in a rush now, but Mistress R just let me cum again, just as she said she might. After I licked her to orgasm she had me kneel between her legs so that I could look at her pussy while she stroked my cock until it was hard. She teased the head with her fingertips and gave it a couple of slaps before gently stroking it between her lips. Soon she told me to push it in and hold still... she started squeezing it with her pussy muscles and fucking me in effect. I couldn't take this for long without joining in and before long I was fucking Mistress R's tight pussy deep and hard. She told me to keep going until I cum inside her (she actually said 'if you want to'!), which I did, and it felt fucking great to cum that way again after so long.
Afterwards we talked about how we both still want that sometimes, and it would have been impossible for me to do that last week. This is why Mistress R will probably never want me to go months, because sometimes she wants me to fuck her hard, and I simply can't do it when I'm long term denied. I could barely take her on top last week don't forget!
Well that's equalled my shortest period of chastity (5 days)... I wonder if I'll get to cum again before the end of the month? With our next session on the 1st July I suspect not.

This photograph was posted on a music forum that I frequent, thought some of you might appreciate it. Never heard of the photographer, I will have to check him out, I love this sort of fetish photography.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Enjoying my desperation...

A nice orgasm for Mistress R this evening, followed by some very hot teasing for me, including some very nice ball slapping (which she made me beg for - nice touch!). Can't honestly say the need to cum had abated all that much... in fact hardly at all if I'm honest, still that's kind of cool in a way, I hate waiting for that need to return. After she slapped my balls for the second time and told me that was the last time for today she started jerking my cock quickly, leading me to believe that she was going to let me cum... yeah right. She was looking right into my eyes, enjoying my desperation no doubt... or possibly weighing up whether she should let me cum now like she hinted at. But no, in the end it was a nice satisfying orgasm for her and not for me. Just as it should be.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

A few little bits n bobs...

Still on a high from yesterday's session... Mistress and I have been in very good spirits today and very... playful. We went for a nice walk this morning and Mistress R said to me that she can't believe we've only been 'doing' male chastity for just over a year, she said it feels like we've been doing it forever! She went on to say how brilliant it is, and how she never would have believed it could be this good. Well that's the sad thing isn't it? It is hard to understand, especially for the woman. But it is amazing and it really does work, at least it does for us.

Mistress told me that she'll probably let me cum a little more often now before she sets me off on another record attempt. What exactly that means is anyone's guess, I don't suppose I shall cum again this week, but as our next session is scheduled for just under three weeks time, maybe I'll get to cum before then?

It really bemuses me, I haven't made a single post to the other blog since the 1st of June, and yet it still averages 50% more pageviews than this blog! I mean WTF?

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Femdom Session - 9th June 2012

Finally, our much delayed session took place this morning, two weeks late and six weeks since the last one (also the scene of my last orgasm!). After the other night I was a little concerned that I would explode prematurely, so I was pleased that Mistress decided that I should wear the old rubber cock ring and not the Oxballs Cocksling, as I fear this might have been too much for me.
At the appointed hour I waited on my knees by the bed and soon Mistress R entered. All I had on was the rubber cockring and my ankle and wrist cuffs, Mistress had not told me to wear my blindfold this time. I kept my head down and felt my cock swell a little as I took in the sight of Mistress R's beautiful red painted toe-nails.
As she stood in front of me, using one of her feet to stroke my cock she asked me if I had any further transgressions to report, other than the one I had already admitted to and I told her that I hadn't. She said she was very impressed that I could go six weeks and only touch my cock once. So impressed that she said I only needed a few strokes of the whip to remind me that even once wasn't quite perfect.
Mistress had me move onto all fours and gave me five lashes with the cat, the first caught me unawares and fell straight between my legs, catching me square in the balls. I winced a little, although it wasn't as sharp as last time. The rest of the strokes were completed and Mistress had me kneel up. She bent down stroked my cock for a few seconds until it was quite hard and then told me to face the bed.
She climbed onto the bed and immediately turned away to reach for her glass dildo, treating me to the gorgeous sight of her ass and the backs of her thighs as her leather skirt lifted up. She was also wearing that cupless bra that I posted a photo of a few sessions back, which looks amazing on her.

Get it wet for me...
Before she had me start worshipping her feet Mistress presented her glass dildo to me and told me to get it wet for her. I sucked it into my mouth and then licked all over it, making sure to leave as much saliva behind as I could.
Then she told me that I should start worshipping her feet, and I could feel my cock starting to throb a little. I absolutely love worshipping Mistress R's feet and she knows it all too well. As I sucked the toes of her right foot she began telling me how amazing the glass dildo felt rubbing against her pussy lips, and what a shame it was that I couldn't see it because I was concentrating on worshipping her foot.
Pretty soon she had the dildo inside her and I could hear the dildo sliding in and out of her pussy, she sounded so wet already and I so wanted to see it. Before long she presented her dildo to my mouth and told me to take my first taste of her beautiful pussy. I eagerly lapped and sucked on the glass cock and all too soon she took it away again and I continued worshipping her right foot.
She had me clean her dildo again a few minutes later and then switched feet so that I could start all over again.
She had me clean her dildo once again and then gave me permission to look up and watch as she fucked herself with the glass cock. It was an incredible sight, and one which made my cock ache all the more when Mistress R said...
"I know you wish that your poor hard cock was inside me right now... but at the same time there's a part of you that likes being denied, isn't there?"
I groaned that there was and watched intently as she continued to slide the glass cock in and out of her gorgeous pussy. I love watching Mistress fuck herself with her dildo, especially when she's laying back on the bed that I'm kneeling submissively at the end of. It was a beautiful sight and one that I could never get tired of.
She had me worship her foot a little more as she continued to verbally tease me (sadly I can't remember what exactly was said, but I know that by the time she pulled her foot away I was all but moaning into her pretty toes).

Just a little more punishment...
Mistress has me climb onto the bed after she had got off it and told me to position myself on all fours. She told me that I had slumped off my knees while worshipping her feet and I should be punished for that. Another five or six strokes of the cat followed, before she had me lay on my back and secured my wrists and ankles to the bed.
No sooner had she done that than she grabbed my cock and started to stroke it, but only for a few seconds, then she was climbing over me and easing herself onto my face. She told me to stick my tongue out and as I tasted her pussy properly for the first time my cock went from semi-hard to rock solid in about three seconds flat.
"You love when I ride your face like this, don't you?" She said. "You love it when I grind my pussy against your face and make you lick me...."
Mistress was really wet and she tasted absolutely wonderful, I would have been quite happy to spend the remainder of the hour with her riding my face, I absolutely love it, I love how overwhelming it is, I wish it happened a lot more often than once a month.

She looked so beautiful today...
Mistress stood up, still astride me and reached down for my now steel-hard cock. She looked so beautiful today, especially when she sank down and rubbed my cock against her slippery lips. I actually felt a little less on edge today than I did the other night, so I could actually enjoy having her ride my cock a lot more without having to worry quite so much about blowing my top without permission.
After a little while she knelt beside me and started stroking my cock, I wanted to close my eyes and surrender to the sensation but I didn't want to stop looking at her, so I forced myself to keep my eyes open as she teased me.
"I don't need to remind you who owns this cock..... these balls.... this ass.... and most importantly of all, who gets to decide when and if you get to cum, do I?"
"No Mistress."
"Good.... and you still love that I get to decide don't you?"
"Yes Mistress."
"So if I decide that you have to wait until tomorrow, or the next day or next week, or whenever... you'll still be happy with that won't you?"
I told her I would, after a little gulp of air...
She smiled beautifully at me before mounting my face once again and allowing me to taste her beautiful pussy once more. This time she reached back and stroked my cock as she ground herself against my tongue and nose, filling my airways with her gorgeous scent and taste.
Again she moved down my body and rubbed my cock against her slippery pussy before sinking herself onto it again, before kneeling beside me again and slapping my cock a few times. Then she reached over to the bedside table and retrieved the small cock whip and began applying it to my cock and balls.

Take one last look...
Abruptly Mistress got off the bed and moved round to the other side to retrieve my blindfold. Then she stood over me and told me to take one last look at her beautiful pussy. As I drank in the sight of her wet slit she used her fingers to open it slightly, before leaning forward and covering my eyes with the red rubber blindfold.
My cock was still hard and lay flat against my stomach, which Mistress told me she was very happy to see was diminishing. She told me she was very proud of me for working so hard on my weight, and for only touching my cock once in all that time... she stroked my cock softly and told me that she was very impressed with how hard I was too.
Then she told me she was leaving me alone for a little while and told me that when she returned I would be worshipping her pussy and making her cum. I thought she was walking away but then I felt her applying clothes pegs to both my nipples, and then she was gone.

Long and hard...
A while later, probably ten minutes I guess, she returned and removed the blindfold. She had removed her leather skirt and was now naked except for her cupless bra and key pendant. She looked absolutely stunning and I couldn't wait to make her cum. She straddled my face again and had me lick her pussy for a few moments causing my cock to ratchet up to full hardness again and then she climbed off and released my wrists and ankles and told me to sit up and remove my cock ring. That took a few moments as you might imagine!
Once done Mistress told me to worship her pussy and I eagerly sank down between her silky thighs and gently started to lick her, before slowly adding a couple of fingers to the mix. I was in heaven eating her gorgeous pussy, and when she came it was the hardest and longest for a good while I think! I was super happy, and Mistress seemed very satisfied indeed!
She ordered me to lick her juices off the PVC sheet and then stood on the bed so that I could lick her clean before ordering me onto my back and securing me to the bed once again.

Daring me to lick it without permission...
Mistress straddled me once more, this time facing my feet and offering me the luscious sight of her pussy and ass. She began stroking me and soon she moved down so that her ass was right in front of my face, daring me to lick it without permission. I wanted to so badly, but I waited, instead I breathed in the wonderful musk of her ass as I felt my cock get harder and harder and harder. Mistress tormented me like this a couple of times before moving down and straddling my cock once more, sinking down onto it as I watched her riding me. I couldn't watch for long, it was too much, so I looked at the ceiling instead and tried to focus on anything but the sight of Mistress's gorgeous ass bouncing up and down on my cock.
Then her ass was up by my face again and she told me that I had permission to lick her tight little bud. I eased my tongue between her cheeks and tasted her wonderful ass as she stroked my cock even harder, how the fuck was I not coming, it was truly a feat of superhuman endurance and no doubt about it.
After a while she lifted herself up once more and mused on what forty two days of cum would look like, but then just to throw me off a little she added... "or fifty....or whatever."

The first huge spurt flew off to the left...
Then she told me that she had decided that she was going to allow me to cum, but only if I could cum before she counted to ten. She sank down on my face again and I started to lick her asshole once more, my mind utterly conflicted. Oh yes I wanted to cum, but at the same time there was a part of me that wanted to fight against it. The counting began and Mistress was pumping my cock hard, by five I still wasn't cumming, my conflicted mind continued to debate with itself but then my cock started to panic and as Mistress reached ten the first huge spurt of cum leapt from my cock and disappeared off to the left of where I was laying, as Mistress's hand came back up another rope flew off to right and I started to convulse violently beneath her touch.
It was an amazing sensation, much better than my last orgasm, intense, but not so intense as to be uncomfortable, it was just a HUGE orgasm, which left me panting for about a minute after Mistress had fed me three globs of cum from her fingers, which still left another large splodge on my stomach.
I just can't wait to do it again, thank god it's only going to be three weeks this time!

Just incredible...

I finally got to cum after 42 days, it felt absolutely incredible... full Femdom session report to follow!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

40 days straight....

As you will see from the box on the right, tonight Mistress R has chalked up her 140th orgasm since April 2011. In addition, Mistress R has now denied me for forty days straight and achieved a new record of thirteen orgasms since my last release!!!
Today has been quite stressful at work, and tomorrow is going to be even worse... so it was lovely to be able to relax between Mistress R's beautifully smooth legs and lick her to a nice orgasm. Afterwards she allowed me to linger a while, which I really loved... it's not really possible to appreciate the gorgeous sight of Mistress's pink, wet pussy while you are actually in the process of worshipping it, and I made sure to thank her for allowing me a few moments to mentally capture that image to keep me going for a few more days.
Eventually, however I found myself back on the pillow, with Mistress R stroking my cock to full hardness. It didn't take long at all, and as I looked down to see her take my cock in her mouth it looked about ready to burst! 
Mistress didn't suck my cock for long before she gestured for me to move into the middle of the bed so that she could straddle me. It seems ages since I was inside her gorgeous pussy, so I really wanted it... but at the same time I was more than aware that, forty days in, it was going to be 'challenging'. And so it proved. Yes it felt wonderful, but it wasn't long before Mistress realised that I was struggling not to cum and dismounted. She kissed me and gently stroked my cock a little more once I had had a few moments to calm down, but soon declared that she thought I'd better not have any more teasing tonight...
It's kind of frustrating that it's becoming so difficult to hold back, since I would much rather Mistress R got to choose when to allow me to cum rather than my cock (potentially) making that decision for her. At least she seemed amused rather than frustrated by my struggle...
Of course this is a record for us and I wouldn't be too surprised if Mistress R allowed me to cum fairly soon anyway (although I have assured her that I will be happy with whatever she decides, even if that means I have to wait a while longer). But thinking ahead I would like for us to be able to go for as long as Mistress R decides, and like I said yesterday, maybe an abandoned (or ruined)  orgasm would alleviate the edginess without destroying the underlying need and ache?

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A wonderful evening...

With the decorating finally done, last night Mistress R and I finally managed to get some quality time together. When I walked into the bedroom she was already laying in bed waiting for me. I lay down beside her on my side and we started to kiss as I smoothed my hands over her stomach and along her silky thighs. We continued to kiss as I moved closer and closer to her pussy, my cock hardening as she asked me how many days it was now since I had cum.
"Thirty eight, Mistress." I answered.
She indicated that I was going to make forty at least and then reached down and started to stroke my rock hard cock. I licked my fingers and started to gently tease her pussy as she stroked me and very soon she let go of my cock and told me it was time to eat her pussy and make her cum.
I eagerly took my position between her smooth thighs and breathed in her delicious scent for the first time in several days. My cock was uncomfortably hard and I had to adjust it's position before I began kissing gently around Mistress's nicely trimmed pussy.
She tasted as wonderful as ever, and I was in Heaven as I licked her sweet pussy. Rather suddenly, with barely any warning she bucked hard as she came and I reached up and held onto her hips to try to keep her relatively still so that I didn't loose contact with her clit. She pulled away and then almost immediately pushed her delicious pussy back against my tongue until finally it got too much and she told me to stop. I looked up at her and saw her beaming back at me, obviously a very satisfied Mistress indeed.
As much as I love making Mistress cum, I always rue the fact that it's over. I would love to lay there for a lot longer gently kissing her inner thighs and luxuriating in the view of Mistress's pink, wet slit... but Mistress doesn't seem to feel the same and all too soon I was back with my head on the pillow.
The upside of this of course is that having made her cum, it's my turn for some attention. Mistress leaned over me and kissed me as she started to gently tease my cock. She used her palm quite a lot last night, more of an actual 'stroking' motion (as in stroking a dog or cat) which felt wonderful, especially when she extended the movement to include my balls. She kept this up for a while as we kissed and then she took hold of the base of my cock with one hand and started slapping the upper half with the other (I love that this description makes it sound like my cock is huge, we won't mention that Mistress R has very small hands... haha).
Then she started with the stroking motion again, before more slapping, this time my cock and balls. She gave me one soft slap to the balls and then sensing that I was enjoying it, a second, harder one (this was repeated a few moments later). It felt wonderful. Then she moved down the bed and started sucking my throbbing cock, this was about when I was starting to get a bit twitchy. She took her head away and then grabbed my cock more firmly and gave it a few good pumps, then she started to speed up a little and within a few seconds I started to get a little worried.
I warned her that I was getting too close and she let go of my cock and moved back up the bed to kiss me. I could taste my cock on her tongue and despite myself I pushed my hips up, desperate for a little more teasing... but there was to be no more.
It seems phenomenally unlikely that I will be allowed to cum before next Saturday's session, if then... so at the very least I'm pretty sure my record is going to increase from 35 days to 42, if not more. Mistress R doesn't seem to be showing any sign of being remotely concerned about denying me further, in fact she seemed very pleased that I had warned her that I needed her to stop. I am very happy about this, since despite the fact that I do want to cum, I am very much still craving denial and I would be quite happy for her to continue... my only concern is that sooner or later it will get to the point where I can't take too much teasing without cumming, perhaps in this case a ruined orgasm would be the way to keep going?

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Good news and bad news...

The good news is that the decorating is 95% done now, the bad news is:

a) I have made such an outstanding job of it that it makes the rest of the house look like it needs decorating.
b) I tried some of my too-small clothes on yesterday and even though I've now lost nineteen pounds in just over six weeks, most of them are still too small.
c) Mistress R and I agreed that we should wait until Saturday for our Femdom session (because I am knackered and ache everywhere) but on the upside, our next session will take place three weeks after instead of four (unless she has another random period).

In response to my last post I had some nice comments from Dr Blasphemy, Harry Haversackers and subservient-husband, thanks for your input guys... and yes I agree, I don't think I am desperate enough yet. Mainly because I just haven't been thinking about sex and cumming enough the last few days. It's been a long hard slog and I find it's easier not to think about anything too much and just concentrate on the job in hand and the music in the background.
But normality is about to be restored, just a few more bits of painting and re-cleaning and re-varnishing to do and then it's over.... I'm sure the weight of 38 days is about to return with a vengeance once I start to relax again, and hopefully it won't be more than a few hours until I get to taste Mistress R's sweet pussy again.

Had a brief email this morning from someone who tells me they love my blog and that their life is mirroring mine to some extent, also that they've just been 'padlocked' for the first time and is loving it. The idea of a chastity device is still somewhat fascinating to me, but somehow I don't really see it ever happening for me. Mistress R is not at all keen on the idea and I too have many reservations about the practicality of such a device. Also, I've already proven that I can refrain from coming for long periods without needing a device, although I can well imagine that the physical barrier of not even being able to touch your cock at all would be a massive headfuck all of it's own.
Still, I still have my black CB-3000 in a drawer, it will be interesting to see if it fits any better when I hit my target weight, because last time I tried it it looked as if I had a cricket ball down my trousers!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

36 days and counting...

So, today it's thirty six days since my last orgasm, every new day now is a new record of course, what a pity I've spent twelve hours today wallpapering.... what a job this has turned out to be, we should have paid the guy £400 to do it for us! Still... painting tomorrow and then it's the Femdom session on Tuesday (finally), which will be 38 days of course. I'm presuming Mistress R is going to let me cum, but... there is a chance that she won't. Well there's more than a chance I guess, it could go either way, I guess I'll just have to wait and see.
Can't say that I'm feeling excessively horny just now, too flipping tired to be honest! Mind you, I bet all this work has shed me some weight, I must have been up and down the stairs at least a hundred times in the last two days. I've noticed a distinct lessening of my gut too this last few days, think I'll have to try on some of my too-small clothes tomorrow.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

I'm fucked...

Thirteen hours of wallpapering.... minus maybe 45 mins for lunch and dinner. I'm fucked. Mistress R read Miss Christina's email.... and had an evil cackle. I really hope there's no mention of stinging nettles in that email or I'll be on the next plane to Miss Christina's house to sort her out!
Well I would if I didn't hate flying...

Friday, 1 June 2012

A new record in the offing...

Mistress R and I decided to move our session back to Monday or Tuesday, I have a good couple of days of wallpapering to do this weekend and if we have our session and she lets me cum I will be too mellow to motivate myself to get up and do it. So this evening we had a little tease and denial and a very hard orgasm for Mistress R. Which means... even if Mistress R does let me cum on Monday that would be a new record of 37 days.
And of course, May did turn out to be my first ever orgasm free calendar month too!

Cuckolding story..

Some of you might appreciate this piece of creative writing I found on Literotica...