Tuesday, 26 February 2013

No limits....

Following Miss Christina's comment, Mistress and I discussed it and I now have no limit to the number of times I may ask to touch my cock. I think this is much better, the problem was that for the first week I didn't want to use it because it might be a month of denial, so I never got into the habit of asking, I think this was the principal flaw with the idea.
So now, I can ask as much as I want, but of course, there is no guarantee that I will be allowed to, Mistress R seems rather taken with the idea that she could impose conditions, so it will be interesting to see how that develops!
Every now and then I get a little sign that Mistress R is advancing a little bit, it's a slow process of course, and I am happy for her to develop at her own pace. But it is nice to see how she is integrating things, like using her ass to taunt me for example. In all honesty, although it seems quite slow (because I always want her to become more dominant of course) actually in two years Mistress R has come a long way I think, considering the reaction I got when I first posed the idea of 24/7 male chastity.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Miss Christina poses an excellent question...

Let me ask you, how does it feel to actually ASK her (if you can touch your cock)? I mean you have so rarely ever asked, doesn't it feel nice and humbling and controlled to ask her permission? Maybe even a little embarrassing?

It's actually an awful lot harder than you'd think. Or at least it is for me at any rate, I don't know why that is to be honest... sometimes I forget that I can ask, and mostly when I touch without permission it is because Mistress R is not available to ask (first thing in the morning when Mistress is already in her car on the way to work for instance), but even when I am hard and Mistress R is lying naked next to me (the two things not unconnected!) and it occurs to me to ask, I still find that I have to kind of steel myself to do it. I don't really understand why, it's just difficult. I guess it is embarrassing... I mean I lived forty odd years without asking for permission to touch my cock, so it's not 'normal' is it.  

This made me ask Mistress R just now how it makes her feel when I ask and she said she likes it because it makes her feel that she owns my cock and that I am cognisant of that, so maybe I should do it more often then!

I shall certainly endeavour to do so.

Femdom Session 24th February 2013...

Today's Femdom session nearly didn't happen. I woke up at 7:50am and shot downstairs to see what was wrong with our cat, who was howling like she was in her death throes. Since she is twenty one (and we believe has a tumour in her bladder) we are always kind of waiting for the day when she has to go to the vet for the final time. Luckily today was not that day, and seemingly the enormous commotion was because she'd eaten all her biscuits and she wanted to know what I intended to do about that!
I felt enormously tired, even though I get up daily at 7:10am, and headed back to bed, where I slept until eleven (which I never do). When we finally got out of bed, we had kind of missed our usual starting point for our session, which usually begins at 11 or thereabouts. I looked in the mirror, I looked extraordinarily pale. We ummed and aahed about when, or indeed if, we should have our session today. Should we do it tomorrow or next week? Finally we decided to just do it. We both felt less than 'mad for it', but as has been proved before, a few minutes is all it takes for the adrenaline to kick in.
So late this afternoon our session began, me with my blindfold, ankle/wrist restraints and the leather ball splitter I have talked about before all in place. Mistress entered and asked if I had any more cock touching to confess to, which I didn't. She was pleased but decided to administer about fifteen paddle smacks as a reminder. Then she pulled my face into her ass and as I breathed in her scent I felt my cock straining against the splitter which I had probably done up too tight if I'm honest. She told me that if I want to keep getting teased I need to remember to ask when I want to touch my cock.
Several minutes of lovely foot worship followed, while Mistress taunted me by describing the way she was touching and dildoing her pussy (which I of course couldn't see through my blindfold), punctuated by having me suck the dildo clean of her juices and getting it wet for her.
Eventually I was told to get on the bed and Mistress pushed a dildo into my ass and then had me lay on my back. She secured me at each corner of the bed and began using my tongue, I love it when she does that. She turned around and tormented me with her ass, telling me that I was not allowed to lick it, something she did over and over this session. I felt my cock straining against the ball splitter and eventually felt Mistress snap the front part open, leaving the strip of leather at the base of my cock and behind my balls intact and tight.
She sank down onto my cock several times and then lifted off and began slapping my cock, which was now extremely hard. This pattern continued a while, before more teasing with her gorgeous (but still hidden) ass pressed right in my face. Then she told me to close my eyes and she removed the blindfold. When she allowed me to open them she was standing over me, and as I looked up at her she lifted up the front panel of her PVC skirt to expose her beautiful pussy to me. I licked my lips and she sank onto my face again and then  turned around and sank down onto my cock again, offering me a very rare sight indeed, my cock disappearing into her pussy from behind.
Soon she started playing with my nipples as she stroked my cock while kneeling beside me, then she rode me again and continued to pull on them, which I really loved. Then she started talking about whether she might let me cum today and what conditions might be attached. She said she'd read in one of my stories about where a guy is allowed to cum but then has to endure being stroked for another thirty seconds, and maybe she should try that. She asked me if that was something I would like to try, I said yes, though I fear I wouldn't be able to take thirty seconds and I would definitely have to be tied down. She also asked if I would like to jerk myself off over her ass and then lick it clean, I said I would. She said maybe she would jerk me off and then wipe it on her ass, since that would be just as good. Then she left me alone for a while with clothes pegs on my nipples, the dildo still in my ass and the leather strip really pulling on my balls.
When she came back she had me remove the cock ring, she removed the pegs (she always has a twinkle in her eye when I wince I notice) and the dildo before having me go down on her. She was so ready for it after riding my cock and abusing me, and she came rather quicker than normal, and rather spectacularly too. :)
After cleaning her and the sheet I was tied down again and Mistress announced that I was to be relieved of my twenty eight day load, but that I would have to swallow it (of course). She wondered if I would rather be jerked off with her ass in my face or allowed to cum inside her, I assumed that meant she would allow me to lick her asshole as I came. She said the first would be my favourite and I agreed, however Mistress then told me that I wasn't allowed to look at her ass, even though it would be right up against my face and asked if I could be trusted to keep my eyes shut or if I should be blindfolded. I told her the blindfold would be safer, even though I was hoping my tongue would be buried in her ass anyway.
She allowed me about two seconds off ass licking in the end... so frustrating, and as she jerked my cock she described every little thing that she was doing, gradually bringing me closer and closer to coming. Then as soon as she started counting down from ten I could feel my orgasm approaching and as she jerked me hard I exploded over her hands.
As I lay panting she fed me the whole twenty eight day load from her fingers (it was extraordinarily creamy it seemed) before removing my blindfold and taunting me with her pussy and ass for a last time before ending the session. We agreed it had been a success and were both glad we had not postponed it.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Late night stroking...

Last night I remembered to ASK permission to touch my cock, just as we were about to go to sleep. Funny how your cock always gets hard when you're just about to fall asleep isn't it? Mistress R kindly allowed me to stroke it for two minutes and then teased me a little bit more before we went to sleep. Femdom session tomorrow, yippee!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Twenty four days and counting...

Another lovely teasing session and a really hard orgasm for Mistress R this evening, and some punishment for me too.... well I kinda caved in and stroked my cock this morning, so I got eleven stingy slaps with the whip before my teasing. Having Mistress ride my cock made it all worthwhile though... and when she eventually stopped she allowed me to lick her pussy a little while, as long as I promised to keep my hands off until Sunday. I was really throbbing by the end of my teasing I can tell you, it's 24 days now, it'll be 28 on Sunday, when our next Femdom session takes place.

Unfinished Femdom Cave Book Project - Part Four...

Charlotte parked the SLK a little way up the street from Jo and Ian’s front door, she was shaking slightly as she looked at her watch, it was getting on for midnight. She slid out of the car into the night air, which was still quite warm and walked along the path to her destination. None of the front windows showed any signs of life and Charlotte cursed the lateness of the hour, the last thing she wanted to do was to wake her friends up, especially when they were going back to work in the morning.
She stood on the step outside the front door and fished in her bag for her key, which for some reason she still hadn’t thought to attach to her own key ring. Once found she slid it gently into the lock and turned the handle. She pushed the door slowly open, walked into the hall and closed it behind her. The hallway was dark but she could hear noises coming from the lounge, she couldn’t make them out at first, but something stopped her from calling out. Jo and Ian hadn’t expected her to come back tonight and Charlotte began to wonder if they were making the most of having their house back to themselves, it certainly sounded like it.
Charlotte froze as she realised that what she was hearing was unmistakably the sound of someone getting fucked, hard. Suddenly she forgot all about the evening she’d just had, about Martin, about the contract, and she crept towards the door to the lounge, her pussy already tingling at the thought of seeing her friends fucking.
As she approached the door, she suddenly felt guilty that she was about to spy on them and instead thought she should go straight to bed and leave them in peace. But then she heard an unfamiliar voice and, her interest piqued, resumed her previous trajectory.
When she got to the door she peered into the dimly lit room through the gap between the hinges and was shocked to see Jo on the floor on all fours. Behind her, at an angle to Charlotte, knelt a very well built black man, his hands gripped tightly onto Jo’s sides as he violently shafted her, his eyes closed and sweat dripping from his face. Jo was moaning and cursing at him, but clearly loving every second of it as she was ramming her body back against him trying to force his cock deeper into her slippery hole.
Charlotte was mesmerised at the sight, and before she knew what she was doing she had hitched her dress up at the front and was stroking her dripping wet pussy with her fingers. She didn’t have a perfect view as the chair behind the door was blocking some elements of the scene, but she could see enough to make her pussy throb and right now that was all she cared about.
Abruptly the man appeared to push Jo away and she slid forward before turning around to face him. Charlotte let out a gasp as she saw the man’s cock for the first time, it was longer than average, but not ridiculously so. No, it was the girth which had taken Charlotte’s breath away, she had literally never seen anything like it and she wondered how on earth Jo had managed to take it inside her. Charlotte instinctively put her hand to her mouth as Jo flicked a glance towards the door, but if she knew Charlotte was there Jo never let on to her friend.
Instead she concentrated on the huge cock in front of her face, forcing as much as she could into her waiting mouth, trying to ignore the pain in her jaw as his massive stalk pushed right to the back of her mouth. As his cock hit the entrance to her throat she made a gagging noise and pulled away, before wrapping her hand around his prick and licking and sucking on his heavy balls instead. She pumped him hard and then, looking down, she asked ‘Are you ready?’.
The black man grunted loudly as Jo pumped his meaty cock in her fist and grabbed first her hair and then his cock as he pulled her head so that she was in the perfect position to receive his load in her mouth.
“Give it to me Leon,” begged Jo. “Cum in my dirty fucking mouth.”
Leon’s face screwed up as he pumped harder still and Charlotte watched in awe as several huge strings of creamy spunk erupted into Jo’s mouth, before Leon pulled her head forward and used her lips to pump out the rest of his load. Jo looked exhausted when the slowly softening cock was pulled from her face and Charlotte was confused when Jo again looked down. Charlotte stood on tip toes trying to see over the chair that was blocking her view and was amazed to realise that Ian was lying on his back, on the floor underneath his wife. Charlotte could only see from the top of his nose to his stomach and as she watched she slowly realised what was about to happen.
Jo reached forward and used her fingers to hold Ian’s head steady. She pressed on his cheeks until he reluctantly opened his mouth and then stuck her tongue out, allowing the whole of Leon’s thick load to slowly drip into her husband’s waiting mouth. Then she pushed his mouth closed and smiled down at him lovingly.
“Swallow it.”
A few seconds later she pressed on his cheeks again and checked that he had followed her instructions, before lying down on top of him and kissing him deeply, their tongues meshing together as they re-established their connection.
Sensing that his job here was done, and that he was now somewhat surplus to requirements, Leon backed away slightly and looked around as if looking for his coat. Charlotte watched as he picked up a T-shirt and pulled it over his huge shoulders. He must have been 6’4” and looked as if he might carry cows for a living. His cock had wilted now but it still looked bigger than Martin’s, and Charlotte wished she had the guts to go in there, get it hard again and let him fuck her too.
Instead, realising that she was in danger of being discovered she pulled her skirt down and backed away quietly, before carefully mounting the stairs in darkness. Once at the top of the stairs she heard Leon walking through the dimly lit hallway and letting himself out. Charlotte dipped into her bedroom and quickly got undressed, sliding between the sheets as quietly as possible, hoping that Jo and Ian didn’t hear the mattress creak.
She had been laying there for less than a couple of minutes, her fingers lazily strumming her clit as she replayed what she had just seen in her mind, when she heard the bedroom door open. Charlotte froze and the next thing she knew she felt Jo’s warm body sliding into the bed beside her. Jo spooned against her from behind and Charlotte felt her friend’s hand snaking under her arm and down between her legs. She gasped softly as Jo’s fingers replaced her own and began a soft, slightly irregular rhythm on her pussy.
“I know you watched us,” breathed Jo, the scent of Leon’s cum heavy on her breath.
Charlotte gulped loudly, “I’m sorry,” she whispered genuinely.
“Don’t be,” replied Jo. “It turned you on didn’t it?”
“Y…yes,” stammered Charlotte slightly.
“I bet you’ve never seen a cock like that before have you?”
“No,” groaned Charlotte, her cunt responding to her friend’s expert caress.
Jo bit lightly into her shoulder and then slid down the bed, leaving a trail of kisses down Charlotte’s back, before playfully biting her friend’s bottom. Instinctively Charlotte turned onto her back and within seconds Jo had manoeuvred herself between Charlotte’s thighs.
“Ian’s not the only one who knows how to eat pussy,” she said.
Charlotte started to protest, strangely uncomfortable at the thought of another woman eating her pussy. But her resistance soon faded as Jo’s warm wet tongue massaged the slick folds of her dripping wet cunt.
“Oh God,” murmured Charlotte, pushing her mound up and towards Jo’s eager mouth.
In her mind she replayed the scene she had witnessed downstairs, only instead of Jo, now it was her that was sucking Leon’s impressive cock, choking on its huge girth, pulling away and sucking his enormous balls and then begging him for his cum. Jo certainly did know how to eat pussy and Charlotte was so turned on that it was never going to take long for her to climax.
Charlotte pictured the big black cock spurting it’s copious load into her open, waiting mouth, before she pushed forward, taking him into her wide open mouth and sucking every last drop from his throbbing length.
Jo had two fingers inside her friend now and she knew she was on the brink of coming, she ramped up the intensity of her movements and felt the tell-tale signs of muscle spasms in the tops of her legs as she moved closer and closer to a massive orgasm.
Charlotte felt like she could almost taste the cum in her mouth, and her body was starting to tremble slightly as Jo’s expert ministrations threatened to push her right over the edge. All that was needed was one tiny trigger and she would go off like a firework.
In her fantasy vision Charlotte imagined Leon’s stalk pulling back and her head dropping down, his cum already spilling from her slightly open lips and dripping onto Martin’s face.
That was it. Charlotte spasmed massively as the thought of her husband’s complete subjugation pushed her firmly over the cliff. Jo struggled gamely to hang on to her friend as she bucked wildly against her eager tongue, until eventually, too sensitive for any more, Charlotte literally begged her to stop.
Jo lay still for a moment, staring down at the beautiful sight of her friend’s cleanly shaved cunt, and then slowly kissed her way up her body until they were face to face. They looked into each other’s eyes for a moment, allowing the slight awkwardness to fade, before Jo kissed Charlotte firmly on the lips and gently flicked her tongue against the younger woman’s. Charlotte could taste her own juices mixed with Leon’s cum and again wondered what it would feel like to be penetrated by such a huge cock.
When Jo pulled away, Charlotte wasn’t sure what she should say. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to return the favour or not, but she found herself offering to do so anyway. Jo smiled sweetly, but declined her offer. While she would have loved to feel Charlotte’s sweet tongue on her pussy, she was just too sore, and besides Ian had already eaten her to two orgasms that night already.
The two women cuddled together, their breathing perfectly synchronized. They were both too exhausted to discuss Charlotte’s evening with Martin and so they just lay there until they gradually drifted off to sleep.
*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
Charlotte woke with a start, she turned her head to the side but Jo was no longer beside her. She turned back and glanced at the clock on the bedside table, it was 5:10am.
“Fuck…” whispered Charlotte to herself and then fell back to sleep.
When she woke again, it was the harsh shrill of the alarm that disturbed her peaceful slumber. Charlotte groaned and slammed her hand down on the top of the clock, sending it cascading across the carpet and under the radiator where it continued to beep incessantly. Charlotte hauled herself out of bed and silenced the small plastic irritant, before placing it back in its rightful place.
When she arrived downstairs she found Ian in the kitchen making scrambled eggs.
“You want some?” He enquired cheerfully.
“Er, no... thanks,” said Charlotte as she tilted the water filter into a tall glass.
Ian shrugged and made a face that seemed to say ‘more for me then’.
“Ian,” Charlotte enquired cautiously as she carried her drink to the table in the middle of the kitchen.
Ian turned around and Charlotte gazed at his face wondering if he knew what she had seen last night, and if he knew that his wife had made her cum…
“Erm, is Charlotte…”
“Nah, she’s gone, ages ago, early meeting or something… so what happened with you last night?”
Charlotte looked startled and then realised that he was enquiring about her rendezvous with her husband.
“Well, I’m here, so obviously not a complete success. Sorry, I do appreciate you putting up with me being here.”
“No problem at all,” replied Ian as he spooned the finished eggs onto his toast and carried the plate to the table where Charlotte was sitting.
“Do you want to talk about it?”
“Maybe later… I’ve got to get to work too.”
Ian nodded and Charlotte found herself staring at him as he munched his way through the eggs and toast, the image of Jo spitting Leon’s cum into his mouth flashing through her mind. Suddenly she felt very odd and quickly got to her feet, stumbling slightly and almost dropping her glass of water.
Ian looked up, a look of concern washing across his face.
“Are you okay?”
“Yeah, just a bit… gotta rush!”
Ian watched her retreat from the kitchen and shook his head slightly before returning his attention to the remains of his breakfast.
*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
Charlotte opened the front door and walked into her friends’ house, finding no one home she made her way upstairs and climbed into the shower. As she washed her slender body she thought back to the night before when she had spied on Jo sucking Leon’s big cock, she dropped her hand between her legs and started to softly stroke her pussy, soon leaning against the wall to keep herself upright. She remembered the way Jo’s mouth stretched to take the thick shaft inside and found herself getting closer and closer to cumming. Then she remembered how she held her breath as Leon pumped his hips and emptied his big, heavy balls into Jo’s eager mouth, and finally how Jo had drained him dry, forced Ian’s mouth open and then parted her lips to allow the thick, sticky cream to drop into his mouth. That single image pushed her right over the edge and as she shuddered through her orgasm Charlotte collapsed to the floor, her knees up by her head as the hot water cascaded over her, plastering her hair to her face.
When Charlotte emerged from the bathroom she almost walked straight into Jo.
“Oh, er, hi,” started Charlotte struggling to look her friend directly in the face.
Sensing her awkwardness, Jo decided to put her straight at ease and moved closer and kissed her hard on the lips. Charlotte resisted for a second or so and then relaxed completely, kissing her friend back and moaning softly. When Jo finally released her, Charlotte felt like she might collapse again and clung onto her friend’s arm.
“Okay?” Asked Jo warmly.
“Umm, I think so…. I don’t really know.”
“You’ll be okay, Ian’s making dinner… I need a shower, I’ll be down in a minute.”
“Right…of course, he’s a great guy isn’t he?”
“Ian? Oh yes, I was lucky there…”
Suddenly Jo pointed her finger at her friend accusingly.
“He’s mine though, so keep your hands off!”
Charlotte looked horrified that Jo would think she wanted to steal her husband, but before Charlotte could even protest her innocence, Jo had dissolved into hysterics.
“God, your face!” She snorted.
Charlotte began to laugh too, and suddenly she felt a little better. Jo leaned across her and gave her one more gentle kiss on the lips and then disappeared into the bathroom.
*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
Charlotte found Ian in the kitchen as she expected, but decided to leave him in peace and instead went and sat in the lounge, watching a mindless quiz show as she waited for Jo to join her.
The quiz show finished just as Charlotte heard Jo descending the stairs and within a few moments she was sitting on the sofa next to her, holding her hand as they began to quietly discuss the events of the previous evening.
Charlotte told Jo how she had shown Martin the contract they had written and how he had completely flipped out, he had told her to forget it, there was no way he was signing it, and that was when she had reminded him of his predicament and left him to stew in his own juice.
Jo listened intently, nodding in all the appropriate places and generally holding the demeanour of a wise old bird. When Charlotte finished her tale, Jo squeezed her hand and reminded her that she held all the cards, that there was no way Martin would choose any other course, and that she just had to have a little patience. Charlotte smiled, but didn’t look particularly confident.
There was a moment’s silence, before Charlotte enquired about what she had seen the night before.
“Ah, Leon…” began Jo. “I wondered when you would bring that up. Well, it’s, erm… he’s an old friend, and every so often he’s in the area and we hook up.”
Charlotte grunted. “What, that’s it…”
“Well, yeah… it doesn’t happen very often, he lives quite a way away and, well… what can I tell you, you saw his cock right?”
“Yes it was huge.”
“Yeah, it is pretty huge… I couldn’t cope with that all the time, I’m still sore now, but once in a while I like to get really fucked and Leon has the equipment.”
“And Ian’s okay with it?”
Jo smiled and called out her husband’s name. Ian came through from the kitchen and stood in front of the two women.
“How’s dinner coming along?”
“Oh fine, should be about half an hour.”
“Can you leave it for a while?”
“Yes, nothing to do at the moment.”
“Good, get on your knees.”
Ian sank to his knees without a second thought and Jo lifted her leg and her shoe dangled from her toe. Martin reached out and removed the shoe and began kissing his wife’s foot eagerly. Jo watched carefully as Ian kissed the entire surface of her soft, delicate foot and then began sucking each toe, his tongue swirling around them as he did so.
“Charlotte wants to know if you are okay with me getting fucked by Leon?”
Ian stopped sucking her toes momentarily, the realisation that Charlotte had come back to the house earlier than he’d thought filling him with dread. What had she seen?
“Yes Mistress,” answered Ian as he recommenced his foot worship.
“You liked it when I spat his cum into your mouth didn’t you?”
Ian’s face reddened significantly, his embarrassment growing steadily.
“Yes Mistress.”
“Did you know that Charlotte saw me do that?”
“No Mistress,” Ian’s voice was fragile and cracked a little as he responded.
“So now she knows what a dirty little cumslut you really are. Don’t worry though, she didn’t see you sucking his cock and getting him hard so that he could fuck me…”
Charlotte felt herself getting warmer (and wetter) by the second, part of her feeling sorry for Ian, but part of her enjoying his complete humiliation and wishing it was her own husband kneeling on the floor before them.
Jo turned to her friend and continued talking as if Ian was nothing more than a servant.
“Men are so stupid about bi-sex, women love sucking cock so why shouldn’t they? I know he loves feeling Leon’s big cock in his mouth but he still needs me to ‘force’ him do it… just as well we don’t need a gun to our heads to please each other, huh?”
Jo looked down at her husband, who had suddenly lifted his gaze up at the two of them.
“She tastes delicious, doesn’t she Ian?”
Ian answered in the affirmative and Jo smiled broadly at him.
“I thought so, I bet you could taste her on my lips this morning.”
Ian tried to think back to this morning as Jo started fucking his mouth with her foot.
“That’s right Ian, after you swallowed Leon’s spunk I went to check on Charlotte and made her cum with my tongue, and when I came back to bed you were fast asleep…”
Ian grunted around his wife’s foot.
“What a shame you were asleep, I might even have let you cum then, of course I tried to wake you, but you were dead to the world…”
Ian moaned in frustration.
“Still, I think you deserve a treat, seeing as you were such a good slave yesterday…”
Ian’s eyes brightened and then Jo gave him the order to stand and strip off.
“Well, what are you waiting for,” asked Jo impatiently, knowing full well why Ian was hesitating.
Ian got to his feet and slowly peeled off his shirt, exposing his nicely toned chest.
“That’s it, show us what you’ve got,” sniggered Jo.
Charlotte felt her temperature rising once more as Ian uncovered his torso, she had no idea where Jo was going with this but she was more than ready to find out.
Ian hooked his hands into the sides of his trousers and peeled them down his legs, pulling his socks off at the same time. He straightened up, now naked save for the tight black boxer shorts which bulged impressively at the front.
Jo signalled for him to move closer and she reached out and squeezed his package, smiling at Charlotte as she did so. Then she hooked her forefinger into the waistband of Ian’s boxers and pulled them down over the front of the chastity device he was wearing.
Charlotte let out a loud gasp as she realised that Ian’s impressive bulge was actually a steel tube, which fitted tightly over his penis and was secured by a small padlock.
“Oh my God,” she whispered. Now she realised what Jo had meant when she had said that Charlotte wouldn’t have been able to do anything for him even if she’d wanted to.
She looked up at Ian, who was looking a little nervous and embarrassed to say the least, and then her gaze fell back to his crotch as Jo peeled his shorts down his legs and then began squeezing Ian’s full-looking balls. Ian started to groan as his cock hardened inside the tube as much as it could and then Jo was reaching into her top and pulling out a thin chain with a key on the end of it. She leaned forward and gently pushed the key into the slot on the underside of the padlock before looking up at her husband and smiling.
“You want out?” She smiled sweetly.
“Oh, yes Mistress… please let me out.”
Jo turned the key a little and Charlotte heard the mechanism click. Jo then expertly slid the cage and the base ring off of her husband’s rapidly swelling cock, before grabbing his cock harshly and pulling him down onto the sofa between the two women.
“Listen to me very carefully,” she said. “You can either have a ruined orgasm and then go back in the belt, or… you can just go back in the belt. Which is it to be?”
Ian could tell from the way his wife had said it that she wanted to ruin his orgasm in front of Charlotte and he realised that this was part of her ‘training’. He steeled himself to answer, knowing that allowing her to ruin his orgasm would provide him some small relief but that in the end it would only increase his frustration and need for a real orgasm.
“Please ruin my orgasm Mistress,” he finally managed to beg.
Jo smiled and pushed him back against the back of the sofa, his cock rock hard in her hand. She looked at her friend and began pumping Ian’s cock hard, bringing an almost constant groan from his throat.
“You were such a good little slut for me yesterday, but you can’t earn an orgasm from me, it has to be because I want to give it to you, you know that don’t you?”
“Yes Mistress,” croaked Ian as he felt his orgasm beginning to build deep in his balls.
“Watch carefully,” Jo instructed Charlotte as she stroked her husband’s throbbing stalk. “You have to get it just right or you might inadvertently allow him some pleasure, and that would never do.”
Ian groaned again, his wife’s cruel words turning him on almost as much as the touch of her slender fingers on his cock. He’d never quite worked out why her being mean and cruel to him turned him on so much, all he knew was that all the greatest orgasms he’d ever experienced had been when Jo was being particularly mean to him and treating him cruelly.
Suddenly he felt Jo’s hand let go of his aching cock and then return in the form of three very hard slaps which made her moan loudly and arch his back as his cock throbbed all the more insistently. Jo smiled, remembering the time she had slapped his cock until he had cum for her, but today was not the day for that. She gripped his cock and began a firm rhythmic pump until Ian’s body started to tense, then she let go for a couple of seconds and then gave it another two or three pumps. She repeated this several times until Ian was squirming on the edge of his orgasm, finally she gave it a few more pumps and then used her finger to tease the underside of his cock until she saw the first drops of cum appear in his cockslit.
Jo pulled her hand away and watched fascinated as ever as Ian’s cum erupted in a steady stream from the tip of his cock, sliding down the underside of his length and pooling at the base of his cock. Ian groaned in frustration and thrust his cock into the air, he wanted to grab it finish himself off but he knew that would not be a wise move on his part. Instead he resigned himself to his fate and satisfied himself that this would at least give him a temporary respite, even though he knew that within a few hours he would be feeling hornier than ever.
Charlotte was transfixed at the power her friend exhibited over her husband, she also couldn’t believe the amount of cum that had dribbled out of his cock, and how his cock was still hard even after the flow stopped.
Jo looked up at Charlotte and smiled, before grasping her husband’s shaft and milking the last few drops of cum from his meat. Then she chuckled to herself and began stroking his cock once more, using the cum on his shaft as lubricant until she ruined his second orgasm, producing another impressive stream of cum which pooled on top of the first load.
Jo calmly scooped the lot up in her fingers and pushed them into Ian’s mouth ordering him to swallow it, and then giving his still hard cock another slap.
“That was amazing,” whispered Charlotte.
Jo smiled at her and then gave her husband’s balls a hard squeeze.
“Yes it was, but now I think we need to let him go finish making dinner!”

Tuesday, 19 February 2013


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So you want your wife to cuckold you...

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Unfinished Femdom Cave Book Project - Part Three...

Charlotte’s phone rang for the third time that evening, this time she picked it up.
“You sound…different.”
“What do you want Martin?”
“I…” having made so many calls and not getting an answer Martin was a little thrown when he heard her voice.
“I miss you,” he said finally.
“I miss you too,” she said matter of factly, trying to maintain her poise. “Or at least I miss the man I thought you were.”
There was a difficult pause.
“So what Martin?”
“So, can we meet?”
“What for?”
“So, well, you know, I want to see you, I want to apologise for what I did and…”
“I see,” said Charlotte firmly. “It’s not going to change anything you know Martin.”
Martin fell silent, then after a long pause he said…
“So what’s going to happen now.”
“That’s very much up to you Martin.”
“I will see you on Sunday evening at eight for dinner, we will discuss my terms then.”
“Ah, okay…”
“And Martin…”
“Yes Charl…”
“Don’t disappoint me.”
Charlotte hung up without another word and turned to see the proud smile of her friend, Jo who was sitting right there beside her.
“Perfect,” she said.
Charlotte didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, hearing Martin’s voice had been a difficult thing to deal with and she was more than a little surprised that she managed to keep her composure and deliver her lines with such confidence.
“Great,” said Jo. “So we’ve got nearly forty eight hours to get you ready!”
*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
Later that night, Jo and Ian were lying in bed together, him still buzzing from bringing both of his Mistresses to orgasm, her still buzzing from both the pleasure of her own climaxes and the satisfaction of watching Charlotte’s gradual transformation into a dominant female.
“I think someone deserves a little attention,” announced Jo, sliding down the bed and slipping the key on her necklace into the padlock which secured Ian’s chastity device. Ian moaned softly as he felt the tube being pulled away and his cock quickly sprang to life, becoming hard as steel in seconds. Then he felt the retaining ring being removed and Jo’s soft, wet lips caressing the tip of his cock.
The evening having been what it was, Ian wasn’t able to enjoy the feeling of his wife’s wonderful tongue for too long before he realised that his orgasm was becoming dangerously imminent. He conveyed this information to Jo, but instead of releasing her grip on his cock she merely shifted herself so that she was between his legs and holding his cock upright with just her forefinger and thumb, began to flick the sensitive spot at the underside of the head with her tongue.
Ian realised what was about to happen and begged her to let him cum properly.
“Do you think it’s appropriate that you should be allowed to enjoy your orgasm when you still have the taste of another woman in your mouth and her scent in your nostrils?”
She didn’t have to say any more, Ian understood that for Jo this was about reclaiming her property and reminding him that she alone controlled his cock. She was happy to help Charlotte and for Ian to enjoy serving her, but at the end of the day it was her who decided if, when and how her husband was allowed to cum.
Ian fought gallantly against the impending discharge, wanting the sensation of his wife’s expert tongue to continue as long as possible, but he was inevitably fighting a losing battle. A couple of minutes passed before Ian grunted deeply and Jo pulled her head back and smiled to herself as she watched his cum ooze out of his cock and flow down the topside of his straining prick, forming a pool on his pulsing stomach. Ian moaned in frustration as his cock twitched, desperate for her fingers to pump him and give him the full orgasm he craved so badly.
But Jo was not about to change her mind. She watched intently until she was satisfied that Ian’s window for pleasure had passed and then gently licked the clean underside of his still hard cock. She loved ruining his orgasms, not only because it gave her a sense of power but because she loved the fact that his cock was still usable afterwards.
She gripped his shaft firmly in her fingers and within thirty seconds it was absolutely rock hard once more. She moved up his body and straddled him, her slick pussy lips trapping his cock between their bodies as she gently slid backwards and forwards, coating the underside of his aching tool with her juices.
“Do you want to be allowed inside me?” she asked quietly.
“Yes….please Mistress.”
“You know what you have to do then don’t you?”
“Yes Mistress.”
Jo scooped the cum from Ian’s stomach up on the end of her fingers and offered it to his mouth, without a moment of hesitation he sucked and licked her fingers clean and swallowed his cum, he was used to it now, though in the beginning he had found it difficult.
“Good,” whispered Jo as she rose up and reached for his cock. “You have pleased me, and now you will get your reward.”
Ian moaned in frustration as Jo expertly teased his cock with her pussy, rubbing the sensitive head against her silky smooth lips and then pulling away and using her fingers to coat his desperate, throbbing cock with her juices. After several minutes of this treatment, Jo relented and held his cock upright, her pussy positioned right over his straining shaft.
“Who controls your cock?”
“You do Mistress.”
“Who decides if, when and how you get to cum?”
“You do Mistress.”
“You love me don’t you, you worship me like no other woman alive don’t you?”
“Yes Mistress, please…”
“Please what?”
“Please let me cum inside you.”
As soon as the words left his lips Ian knew he had overstepped the mark. It was one thing for him to beg to be allowed inside her pussy, though even that was generally frowned upon, but to ask for permission to cum inside her was pushing his luck beyond Jo’s limits. She immediately let go of his cock and it sprang back against his stomach.
“Seems like someone has forgotten his place tonight,” she said enigmatically. “And I so wanted to feel your thick, hard cock inside me.”
Ian winced at his foolish mistake, but it was too late, he’d blown his chance and he knew it only too well.
“Looks like I’ll have to make do with something else.”
She slid off him and grabbed a soft velvet pouch from her nightstand. She upended it and extracted from it a clear glass dildo, heavily ridged and with a blue streak spiralling down the centre. Ian cursed under his breath, bringing a smile to his wife’s face.
“Get it wet for me,” she said, offering the tip of the dildo to Ian’s mouth.
He quickly opened his mouth and serviced as much of the dildo as he could with his tongue, leaving it coated with his saliva when she pulled it out.
“This could have been your poor desperate cock,” she reminded him as she straddled him, this time facing away and balancing the dildo on his chest with her hand before slowly sinking down onto it.
Ian’s jaw trembled slightly as he watched the beautiful sight of his wife’s pussy stretching around the slippery fake cock, why couldn’t he have kept his mouth shut, then it would have been his poor denied cock sliding into her hot, wet hole instead of the envied glass toy.
As she sank down all the way onto the dildo, Ian felt his wife’s fingertip gently stroking the underside of his cock, teasing him mercilessly as he was treated to the sight of her delicious asshole just inches from his face. As if that wasn’t bad enough Jo reached back between her legs and used her fingertip to tease her puckered hole before offering it to her husband to suck. She knew how much he lusted after her ass and this second-hand taste was sure to frustrate him more than denying him completely.
Once Ian had sucked the taste of her ass off her fingertip Jo grabbed the base of the dildo and slowly slid it out of her sodden cunt. Ian watched intently, fully expecting to be offered the dildo and to be allowed to taste his Mistress’s juices once more this evening, but it was not to be.
Instead Jo pulled herself upright and once again balanced the dildo on her husband’s lightly haired chest. Ian watched in helpless awe as his wife used one hand to pull her cheeks apart and directed the slippery, pussy juice coated glass cock to the entrance of her ass. Jo grunted as she felt the dildo push it’s way inside her and slowly eased herself down on the length of it until the base was pressed firmly against her cheeks. Then she leaned forward again and ran her tongue along the length of Ian’s poor neglected meat, while Ian stared up at the amazing sight above him.
After just a few seconds of this Jo turned herself around and presented her dripping wet cunt to his mouth.
“Lick me,” she ordered, sliding her slippery hole against Ian’s eager tongue.
Ian couldn’t quite believe what was happening, Jo wasn’t keen on anal at the best of times, although she wasn’t opposed to fucking his ass with a strap-on now and then, yet here she was with a dildo buried deep in her ass and riding his face for all she was worth. Ian looked up at her and saw her smiling down at him between her gorgeous tits.
“It’s so long since I allowed you inside my ass isn’t it, I bet you can hardly even remember what it felt like can you?”
Ian ground his tongue firmly against her aching clit, closing his eyes as he tried to remember that last time, so long ago.
“Who knows, maybe one day I’ll feel generous enough to let you slide your poor hard cock into my tight, warm ass again. Maybe I’ll wait until you’re right on the edge and then let you slam it into me, pumping your hot cum inside me, before I…”
Jo didn’t get any further as her orgasm peaked right then and she cried out, mashing her pussy against Ian’s tongue and chin as she bucked violently against his face. Exhausted she collapsed on top of him, kissing the top of his head and telling him over and over again how much she loved him. Eventually she slid down his body until her pussy was pressing down onto his cock, pressing it into his stomach, the glass dildo still buried deep in her ass.
“That was amazing,” she said. “And I’d love to let you inside me, but you know I can’t don’t you?”
“Yes Mistress.”
“Not after what you did. But still… you have been so helpful this week that I am going to allow you to cum.”
“Oh God, thank you Mistress…”
Jo grasped his semi-hard cock and within three or four strokes he was rock hard once more, anticipating his much needed release. Jo pushed her hand down between her legs for a moment and pushed a couple of fingers inside herself, coating them with her juices and then smearing them on Ian cock to help lubricate it.
“But you have to be quick, you only get fifty strokes, and you’ve already had six.”
Ian groaned realising that the longer her took to cum the greater the risk of her letting go just as he was coming.
“Are you ready?”
“Yes Mistress, please make me cum…”
Jo started counting as she grasped Ian’s cock once more and began a firm rhythm pump, increasing the tempo and intensity slightly with each stroke until at thirty-nine Ian bucked his hips and moaned loudly as his cum started to erupt from his aching stalk. True to her word Jo gave him eleven more strokes, allowing Ian to enjoy the majority of his orgasm before opening her hand and letting his cock continue to twitch and pump in thin air.
Ian would have loved a few more strokes, but he remembered all too well the time she had given him a target of hundred strokes and he had started to shoot at sixty five. Needless to say she continued to stroke his cock hard until he physically had to pull her hand away as he became far too sensitive. The paddling that followed had made it difficult for him to sit comfortably for a few days afterwards.
He opened his eyes to see his wife leaning over him, her gorgeous breasts spattered with streaks of white, creamy spunk and as she leaned closer he submissively stuck out his tongue and began to lick her skin clean. He couldn’t actually remember the last time he’d been allowed to cum and not been made to eat it, it was just normal now, expected. He looked up at her as he licked a string of cum from her nipple, she was beaming down at him, her smile wide, her eyes twinkling, satisfied that she was still the one in absolute control.
 *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
Saturday and Sunday were busy for Charlotte and Jo. They finalised and wrote up the contract, spent hours talking through Charlotte’s concerns and roleplaying in preparation for the meeting with Martin and made sure that everything was in place to give Charlotte the maximum self-confidence before she came face-to-face with her husband. Jo knew all too well that this was of the utmost importance, her greatest worry was that seeing Martin would overwhelm her and she would revert to ‘old’ Charlotte, Jo was determined that this shouldn’t happen and decided to make a physical change to Charlotte to signify to her and also to Martin that she was not the same woman who came to the house just over a week ago.
So, on Sunday morning, just after lunch Jo took Charlotte’s hand and led her to the bedroom. Charlotte was a little nervous as there had been no sexual activity between the three of them since Ian had eaten her pussy so beautifully, and Charlotte half wondered if Jo was about to seduce her. When they entered the bedroom they found Ian waiting for them. Jo smiled at him and Ian sat in the chair while the two women sat on the edge of the bed.
“What’s going on?” asked Charlotte in a soft voice.
“We’re going to give you an ace up the sleeve,” said Jo. “Something which will make Martin powerless to resist you.”
Charlotte looked at her friend a little oddly.
“Trust me,” said Jo.
*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
Charlotte got out of the shower and stood in front of the full length mirror, Jo had certainly been right about Ian’s skills with a razor, her pussy was now completely hair free and without a single nick or scrape. She couldn’t help running her fingers over her beautiful bald mound and softly stroking her naked lips. Perhaps Jo was right, perhaps this was an ace up her sleeve, after all Martin had often dropped hints that he would love to see her completely shaved and now she had done it. What’s more, Charlotte felt like this was something symbolic, something that marked the change in her, something that represented ‘new’ Charlotte… at least that’s what Jo had told her as she lay on the bed as Ian carefully and expertly scraped away every last wisp of hair from between her legs.
Charlotte reached into the bathroom cabinet and opened the bottle of baby oil, pouring it generously into her palm and then rubbing it carefully into her freshly shaven skin. Jo had told her that if she wanted to keep it looking it’s best she would need to shave every other day and keep the skin well moisturised and Charlotte was determined to do just that.
The longer she looked in the mirror, the more confident she became that Martin wasn’t going to know what had hit him. She looked at her watch, which she had left on the windowsill. It was just after six, just under two hours before she was supposed to be at home. Home, it seemed like forever since she’d walked out, but it was only really nine days. She was desperate to see Martin, even though she hated him for what he’d done to their marriage, she still loved him and she couldn’t wait to see how he’d respond to her, but at the same time she was scared stiff. She knew that she held all the cards in this scenario, but still it wasn’t easy to go through with what she and Jo had talked about and planned.
What if he flatly refused, then her only option was divorce. Otherwise things would just go back to how they were, and whatever else she was unsure about, she knew she didn’t want that. Not now. Jo and Ian had opened her eyes to a different life and one way or another Charlotte was determined to take that life for herself, it was Martin’s choice if he wanted to come along for the ride or not.
No, the genie was out of the bottle and Martin would either live with her, on his knees, or without her, for good.
*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Charlotte arrived home just after eight, she parked on the drive and looked across at Martin’s BMW. She was feeling more than a little nervous now and took a deep breath as she checked her make-up in the mirror. Satisfied that her make-up was good to go, Charlotte looked across at the front door, the front door she must have walked up to a thousand times, but this time was oh so different. She looked at her watch, then the door, then the mirror again, it was no good, she needed some moral support. She plucked her phone from her bag and dialled Jo’s number. Jo picked up on the first ring, she must’ve been almost waiting for her to call.
“Hi,” said Charlotte.
“You okay?” answered Jo.
“I don’t know… I’m kind of nervous.”
“No,” barked Jo. “You cannot be nervous, it won’t work if you show weakness, think about what he’s done to you Charlotte, he cheated on you, he fucked another woman behind your back and fathered a child… right now he doesn’t deserve you, he’s got to earn your respect and that’s going to take a long time, remember, we’ve talked all this through over and over…”
“Yes, I know,” Charlotte sighed heavily. “It’s just… difficult.”
“If you can’t go through with it then come back here.”
“But he’s made dinner…”
“So what? Better to come back here and go back when you’re ready.”
“No, it’s okay, you’re right, I’ve got to do this right now.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, positive.”
“Good girl, and remember… no mercy!”
“Ok, speak to you later.”
Charlotte clicked the phone off and dropped it back into her expensive leather handbag. Catching sight of her emergency cigarettes she decided that was exactly what she needed to take the edge off. One couldn’t hurt after all.
Charlotte turned the key in her ignition and depressed the button to roll down the window of her SLK. She took deep lungfuls of nicotine and blew them out into the warm evening air. By the time she got to the filter Charlotte was feeling much more in control and ready for what she knew she had to do.
She dropped her lighter into her bag, and flicked the cigarette butt out of the window. It was now or never. She checked her watch again, it was nearly 8:15pm. She pulled the key out of the ignition and opened the door. After locking her car she walked up the drive to the house and stood on the doorstep. For a second she thought about knocking, and then realising what a ridiculous notion that was, unlocked the door and marched into the house.
Martin appeared from the kitchen looking very timid and sheepish, her eyes narrowed when she saw him for the first time. Oh she wanted to run to him and kiss him alright, but there was no way on God’s earth she was going to throw in the towel that easily.
“Hello Martin,” she said, a little stiffly.
“Hi Charl,” he said smiling nervously. “You look gorgeous.”
It was just what Charlotte needed to hear, she smiled coolly at him and puffed out her chest a little.
“Smells good, what are we having?”
“Err, well, I wanted to make it special so I’ve made a warm pigeon Scotch egg with garlic mayonnaise, followed by fillet steak with Parmentier potatoes and salad, with Crème Caramel for dessert.”
“Very good,” smiled Charlotte, well, he was certainly trying. “I trust you’ve made the Crème Caramel yourself?”
“Yes , of course…”
Martin was a very good cook, which was one of the things that Charlotte loved about him when they first met, but over the years he had become lazy about cooking for her, so it was good to see that he had made a special effort.
“Would you like a drink?” asked Martin, tentatively.
“Yes please, just club soda on ice.”
Charlotte wanted a glass of wine so badly, but she knew above all else she had to keep a clear head and her wits about her. There would plenty of time for wine once she had sorted their lives out. And if things went the way she wanted them to, Martin would be the one serving it, every time.
“Oh,” said Martin.
“I… thought you’d probably want a Chablis, there a very good one in the fridge.”
“Thank you Martin, but not at the moment, just a club soda.”
“Okay,” said Martin, scooting off to the kitchen to make the drink for his wife.
He returned a couple of minutes later with a tall glass, half filled with ice, soda and a thin slice of lemon.
“I didn’t ask for lemon Martin,” she said as she eyed the glass with mild disdain.
“Oh, sorry, I thought…”
Martin stood there for a moment, still holding out the glass until it became painfully obvious that Charlotte had no intention whatsoever of taking it. Her confidence was returning now and all that she and Jo had discussed was falling into place.
“I’ll, sort it out then…”
“Good,” said Charlotte. She had to force herself not to say ‘thank you’ or something similar, Martin had to learn his place in this new arrangement and it might as well start right now.
“Okay…”, he looked at her slightly oddly and then turned and headed for the kitchen, returning once more a few seconds later.
He offered her the glass once more.
“Is that a fresh glass or did you just fish the lemon out?”
“You heard me.”
“Oh, err, well…”
Charlotte raised an eyebrow just a tiny bit, leaving Martin in no doubt that he better get his act together if he wanted any chance of winning her back.
“Yes, sorry, I’ll get a fresh one.”
Charlotte smiled to herself as she heard Martin opening another soda and pouring it into the glass. When he returned he walked up to her and offered her the glass once more, she took it without a word and the pair of them stood in silence for a few seconds until Martin said, “Okay?”
“Well, I’m sure it would taste better if I wasn’t standing in the hall.”
Martin looked confused for a second and then ushered Charlotte through to the dining room. Charlotte had to work hard to maintain her composure as Martin had absolutely excelled himself in here, there were tealights everywhere and the table was laid beautifully with a floral centrepiece, a freshly ironed tablecloth, more candles and all their best cutlery.
“Well, I told you not to disappoint me, and you haven’t, yet.”
Martin couldn’t quite believe this was the same woman who had stormed out of his life just seven days ago. Something about her had definitely changed.
Martin moved forward to pull out a chair and Charlotte smiled and stood directly in front of the other chair. Martin shuffled round and pulled the other chair out for her and she allowed him to seat her.
Martin excused himself and Charlotte was left alone for a few minutes. She smiled to herself as she surveyed her surroundings and realised how much effort Martin had gone to for her. That was a good start, though she wasn’t about to give him any awards. He had a long way to go this evening, and she was sure it wasn’t all going to go as smoothly as this.
As expected, Martin’s dinner was exemplary, and it made Charlotte realise just how much things had slipped before she had left last week. Between the starter and the main Martin surprised Charlotte with a beautiful glass of Champagne sorbet, which he knew she loved and Charlotte felt herself starting to let down her guard.
They didn’t talk all that much during the meal, it was almost as if they had both decided to wait until afterwards to talk things over, as such the conversation lacked substance, leaving them both to ponder what was to come.
After the Crème Caramel was finished, Martin made them both a coffee and they adjourned to the lounge to start their conversation in earnest. Martin sat on the sofa, hoping that Charlotte would sit down next to him, but she pointedly walked past him and chose to sit in a chair, which faced him at a slight angle.
Martin hid his displeasure as best he could and after a few moments of awkwardness launched into his speech. It was as predictable as it was pathetic, and only served to fire up Charlotte’s anger all over again. Whilst she had sat at the dinner table, eating Martin’s delicious food and struggling to get a grip on her inner dominant self, now he was spoon-feeding her everything she needed to work him over.
Finally, after about fifteen minutes of whining and excuse making, during which Charlotte had not said one word, Martin finished his lengthy ‘apology’ with the phrase ‘Please can you forgive me?’
Charlotte felt herself fuming inside, but she would not give him the satisfaction of seeing her riled. She placed her empty glass on the table and leaned forward.
“Martin,” she said, authoritatively.
“Yes Charl,” God she hated that nickname.
“Come here.”
Martin stood up from the sofa and slowly moved across the carpet to where his wife sat in her chair.
“Kneel down there,” she said.
Martin looked at her quizzically, but Charlotte didn’t repeat herself, she merely pointed to the floor a couple of feet back from where her legs were. Martin slowly sank to his knees, unsure what was about to happen, but not knowing what else to do. Once there he realised that he could see right up Charlotte’s short red dress. He felt his cock slowly starting to harden as he realised just how much he wanted her.
Charlotte looked down at him and smiled when she recognized the obvious lust in his eyes.
“Do you like what you see?”
“Yes, of course…”
“Is that all?”
Martin furrowed his brow, unsure of quite what Charlotte was getting at. He looked again and Charlotte slowly parted her thighs, revealing to him that what he thought was a pair of light coloured underwear was actually her bare, shaved skin.
“Oh my God,” croaked Martin breathlessly, his cock quickly hardening until it was almost painful.
He looked up at her and she half laughed at his reaction.
“I’m not the same woman that left here last Friday Martin, I don’t know if you will be able to cope with the new Charlotte.”
“Charl, I…”
Charlotte held up her hand to stop him.
“Martin, don’t ever call me Charl again, I hate it, I always have.”
Martin looked dumbly at his beautiful, newly assertive wife. She really had changed.
“Now, what were you going to say?”
“I, I can’t believe you’ve shaved your…”
“My pussy Martin, yes, just today as a matter of fact, it’s lovely and smooth. Maybe one day you’ll get to feel it around your cock again, you’d like that wouldn’t you?”
Martin could hardly speak, his cock was throbbing so hard inside his trousers.
“Yes, Mistress.”
There, she’d said it. Martin looked away then back at her beautiful glistening pussy. Charlotte slowly took hold of the hem of her dress and carefully pulled it up, her toned thighs spreading as she did so, offering him a perfect view of her completely hairless slit. She slid her hand over it and held it there, blocking his view.
“Say it.”
“You know what.”
“Or have you seen enough?”
“No, I…”
“Then say it.”
Charlotte looked down at Martin with a steady glare, daring him to disobey her. Martin swallowed hard, several times before summoning the words from deep in his throat.
“Yes… Mistress.”
“Good,” said Charlotte. “Now ask me nicely to remove my hand so that you can see my pussy.”
“Please remove your hand so that I can see your pussy…” said Martin, rather parrot fashion.
Charlotte closed her legs and removed her hand before sliding down her dress to cover herself up once again.
“Not good enough Martin.”
Martin looked slightly angry now, what the hell was she playing at teasing him like this? And what the hell was he doing kneeling on the floor, he wasn’t anybody’s slave or servant. Abruptly he rose to his feet and returned to his seat on the sofa opposite. He took a long swig of wine and then placed the empty glass on the table next to him.
“I told you Martin, I’m not the same woman who left here last week, and I’m certainly not the woman you married…”
“Really, well who are you then?” His tone was belligerent, challenging.
“I’m the woman you need to learn to worship Martin.”
Martin nearly choked on his tongue.
“Yes, worship.”
“But nothing. I’ve got you over a barrel and you know it. Or would you like a nice messy divorce? Perhaps you’d like to phone your father now and tell him he’s got a seven year old granddaughter he’s never met, and oh yes, just in case you’d forgotten she’s ‘black’.”
Martin stammered at her forthrightness.
“Well, I… I…”
Charlotte stared at him, wondering what he’d look like naked, with his cock encased in a steel chastity device, begging her to allow him to cum.
 “Or you could come over here and try again…”
Martin’s eyes glanced down between Charlotte’s parted legs once more, he couldn’t believe she had shaved her pussy, after all the times he’d asked her too, she had to go and do it now.
“Come on, we both know you want to. Give in Martin. Give in and learn to worship me…”
Martin sat rigid, unsure of what to do, his eyes flicking between Charlotte’s face and her alluring, smooth cunt. His cock was hard again and he cursed it for betraying him.
“I know you cock is hard Martin. Don’t try and pretend it isn’t.”
Martin felt his face flush, what the hell was happening here? Before he really knew what he was doing he found himself back on his knees at her feet, staring lustfully at her slippery wet pussy lips. Charlotte lifted her dress once more, spreading her thighs wider until her knees rested on the arms of the chair, and then placed her hand over her hot, wet hole once more.
“Please remove your hand so that I can see your pussy…” he begged.
“Better, but you forgot something…”
“Please remove your hand so that I can see your pussy, Mistress.”
“Very good, see you do know what you’re supposed to do really don’t you?”
“Yes Mistress.”
Charlotte slowly lifted her hand away, revealing once more her glistening pussy.
“Do you like it shaved?”
“You know I do, I asked you enough….”
Charlotte gave him a stern look.
“Yes Mistress, sorry Mistress.”
Charlotte allowed her fingers to gently tease her pussy lips, her knees pressing harder against the arms of the chair as she opened her legs wider. Martin was completely hypnotized, he had never seen his wife do anything like this before. His cock throbbed desperately in his pants and he started to rub it though his trousers.
“Stop that!” ordered Charlotte. “I did not give you permission to touch your cock.”
Martin looked at her dumbfounded.
“Unless you want me to stop, or course?”
Martin shook his head stupidly and removed his hand from his crotch.
“This is how it’s going to be in future Martin, can you handle it or shall we just announce our divorce  right now? I’m sure your father will understand.”
Charlotte smiled sweetly at her husband, the brief flash of fear in his eyes only serving to build her confidence. She wished Jo was here to see this, she would be so proud of her. The feeling of dominance she was experiencing right now brought a fresh rush to her pussy and she pushed her middle finger between her lips coating it with her juices. She held it out to Martin and he obediently sucked it clean. Strange, she thought, how the only way he ever used to go down on her was if he was getting a blowjob in return. Well that was going to change.
“You’d better get used to that taste Martin, because in future whenever I want you to go down on me, you’re going to be ready and willing, do you understand?”
Martin was so confused by what was happening that he nodded his agreement. He wasn’t really taking this in, or taking it particularly seriously. Sure Charlotte was pissed with him, and now she was blowing hot air to make him work to get back in her good books. He’d play along for a while and then everything would go back to normal. Yeah, he’d buy her flowers a bit more often and eventually everything would be forgiven and forgotten.
“Yes Mistress,” he said, unable to stop a smile creeping around his lips.
It seemed to Martin he’d hit the jackpot, Charlotte had left a week ago, as a fairly unremarkable woman, and had returned sans her pubic hair, wanting to play sex games.
“Wipe that smile off your face,” said Charlotte firmly. “You have no idea what you have got yourself into.”
Saying that she reached forward and grabbed the back of his head, pulling him into her lap and commanding him to lick her slippery cunt. Martin’s tongue was out in a flash, jabbing inexpertly at Charlotte’s wet slit, the taste and scent filling his nostrils, his cock throbbing to be released from his trousers.
Initially Charlotte revelled in the feel of Martin’s tongue lashing her pussy, but after a minute or two she became deeply dissatisfied, and started to long for Ian’s exemplary technique. She allowed him to continue for a few more seconds and then used her hand to push his head away. Martin knelt there gasping for breath and looking confused.
“That was hopeless,” she said. “You are going to have to learn to do a lot better than that.”
Martin was taken aback by her harsh words and was too stunned by her criticism to find the words to adequately defend himself. But even as he tried to formulate a comeback, his brain was short-circuited by the sight of his wife openly masturbating in front of him. His jaw fell open as Charlotte’s fingers expertly manipulated her wet, slippery clit and she started to moan softly as she brought herself closer to her orgasm.
“Touch your cock,” she breathed, her eyes like slits as she revelled in the exquisite pleasure of her own touch. “But don’t you dare cum.”
Martin unzipped his fly and pulled his hard, aching cock out through the gap. He stroked it softly, aware that anything more than that could result in an accident, and he didn’t want to piss her off right now.
Charlotte’s breathing began to quicken and the muscles around her midriff started to make tiny contractions, signifying the imminence of her release. She moaned again and threw her head back as she started to convulse violently on the chair, her legs straightening out as the spasms of her orgasm wracked her slender, toned body.
As he watched, Martin teetered on the edge of his own climax and was just about to give in to it when Charlotte opened her eyes and ordered him to let go of his cock. Martin ignored her order and she said it again, much firmer this time. Martin slowed his pace but still did not relinquish his grasp on his cock, leaving Charlotte no option but to slap his hand away.
He looked down at his pulsating cock, expecting her to grab it and finish him off but she merely sank back into the chair and stared at him malevolently. Something had definitely changed about Charlotte, both of them now realised.
“I need a drink,” announced Charlotte, completely oblivious to Martin’s situation.
“But what Martin, why should I allow you to cum when you failed so miserably to get me off?”
Martin stared at her angrily.
“I told you Martin, things are going to be different around here and you’d better get used to it.”
He opened his mouth to speak, but was cut short by Charlotte’s challenging expression.
“Something you want to say to me Martin?”
Martin struggled with his tongue.
“Good, now put your cock away, you look ridiculous like that.”
Martin wanted to say that she didn’t look much better, with her dress still bunched up around her waist, but he felt powerless to do so. He forced his engorged meat back into his trousers and, not knowing what else to do, picked up her glass from the table and went to get her a refill.
When he returned he found Charlotte sitting self-assuredly in her chair, waiting for him. On the coffee table he saw an A4 envelope and eyed it suspiciously, assuming it was some kind of legal document which sought to secure Charlotte the maximum financial recompense should Martin step out of line again. He was on the right track, but never in a million years would he have guessed what it really contained. 

Monday, 18 February 2013

Unfinished Femdom Cave Book Project - Part Two...

Charlotte woke to the sound of birds singing, it was 4:30am. She dragged herself out of bed and closed the small window which had prevented the room from being too hot to sleep in and then collapsed back onto the bed. Even with the window open the room had still been hot and she drifted off to sleep once more, her naked body exposed to anyone who came in to the room.
She awoke with a start and grabbed for her watch on the bedside table. It was 9:15. She jumped off the bed before realising that she wasn’t at home and she didn’t need to go to work. She looked around her and suddenly remembered where she was, and why. She lay back down on the bed and curled into a ball, crying into her pillow as she thought once more about Martin and what he’d done to her and their marriage.
Around 10am Charlotte heard a soft knock on the door. She, pulled the sheet over herself and called out ‘Yes’ in a quiet voice. She was surprised to see Ian standing there in some rather trendy looking tracksuit bottoms. Again she couldn’t help but notice how prominent his cock looked pressed against the stretchy material.
“Er, just wondered if you wanted any breakfast?” enquired Ian.
“Oh, er, no… thank you, I’m not really hungry.”
“Got to keep your strength up,” he smiled. “Big day ahead.”
Charlotte looked slightly confused by his remark, and then began to wonder if some toast might go some way to combatting the hangover she was quickly realising she had.
“Could I just have some toast, please…”
“Of course,” said Ian. “I’ll bring it right up.”
Charlotte smiled as Ian closed the door behind him. Her friend really was a lucky cow, not only was Ian good looking, he seemingly had a big cock and he made breakfast in bed! After a few moments she again chastised herself for looking at Ian’s groin. He was her best friend’s husband and as such he was off-limits, forever. Going down that road would make her as bad as Martin, if not worse.
She lay silently for a few minutes her hand drifting between her legs and softly stroking her pussy as she imagined Ian’s huge cock sliding inside her, filling her up until she was completely impaled on his hard, fleshy rod.
She jumped when she heard the door handle move and Ian pushed the door open with the edge of the tray. He slowly walked across the room holding the tray firmly, desperately trying not to look at the uppermost curve of her breast which was just visible above the bedclothes.
“I… brought you some orange juice too, it’s good for hangovers.”
“Thanks,” smiled Charlotte.
“I didn’t know whether you wanted jam or marmalade so I brought a little of both.”
Charlotte looked at the tray where Ian had gone to the trouble of half-filling a couple of ramekins with orange and strawberry flavoured preserves.
“Oh you needn’t have gone to all that trouble,” purred Charlotte.
“No trouble,” said Ian matter of factly, “I do it for Jo all the time.”
“I’m impressed,” countered Charlotte. “She’s quite the lucky girl isn’t she?”
“No,” said Ian. “I’m the lucky one.”
He turned and went to leave, but Charlotte called his name and he stopped and turned back to look at her, but didn’t move back towards the bed.
“Ian, what do you think I should do?”
She knew full well that Jo would have told him everything as soon as they got to bed, Ian and Jo were inseparable almost to the point of being misanthropic, in fact apart from her and Martin she wasn’t even sure they had any other friends.
“I….think you should listen to Jo. I’m sure she’ll be able to give you some excellent advice.”
“Yes, but what do you think?”
“Well, I don’t really know Martin that well, I never fitted in with his football-pub mates so…”
“Yes but surely you must have an opinion.”
Ian thought about it for a moment, and then smiled warmly at his friend.
“I’d love to tell you what I think Charlotte, but I think you need to hear it from Jo first. Please don’t dismiss what she tells you out of hand.”
Charlotte gave him a slightly puzzled look.
“I mean it,” he said mysteriously. “It might seem odd at first, but believe me I’ve never been happier in my life.”
With that he turned and made for the door once more before Charlotte could think to press him further.
She watched the door close behind him and then looked down at the tray Ian had carefully placed across her lap. She realised that actually she was more than a little hungry and the tumbler of orange juice, served over ice with a slice of lime, looked very appealing.
After breakfast Charlotte dressed casually in jeans and a slightly fitted T-shirt. She always chose light colours for her top half as she believed it helped to make the most of what little she had up top. Charlotte had grown up a little self-conscious of her slender frame and at one time had contemplated a boob-job, until someone had talked her out of it. She tried to remember who it was, but it wouldn’t come to her… Ian’s name kept popping into her head but she wasn’t at all sure that it was him, was it?
She put it to the back of her mind and sat on the bed for a moment, collecting her thoughts. What was she going to do about Martin. Suddenly it occurred to her to check her phone. She reached into her handbag and turned it on to find nine messages, all of them bar one from Martin. She deleted them all without listening to them, and the one from her dentist reminding her of her appointment the next week. There was no point listening to anything Martin had to say was there, he’d done what he’d done, she knew he was sorry, end of story. The only thing to be decided was whether she wanted to stick it out with him, to forgive and move on, or did her future lie elsewhere, with someone else?
She tossed the phone onto the bed and got up. Ian had piqued her interest and she was really quite eager to hear what this great advice that Jo had to offer was all about…
*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
Ian set about mowing the lawn, his T-shirt discarded as he soaked up the sun’s rays. Not too far away on the patio Jo and Charlotte sat beneath a parasol, their cold drinks sweating condensation onto the round wooden table in front of them. Ian had fetched the drinks of course and for the first time Charlotte was starting to notice the way he behaved around his wife. It wasn’t that she bossed him about, it was subtler than that. It was almost as though he was always ready to facilitate her happiness, whether that was making breakfast or bringing her drinks, or whatever. She’d never really noticed before, but now that she had it struck her as quite strange. After all most men stop making that kind of effort after the first time they get their end away. Perhaps this Ian was more of a catch than even she had realised.
Jo took a deep swig of her cold lemonade, she needed to calm herself a little before she laid her cards on the table, and she really hoped that Charlotte would react favourably to what she was about to share with her and not freak out. Just as she was about to launch into her opening speech, Charlotte interrupted her.
“Ian said that you had some good advice for me?”
Jo opened her mouth and then closed it again. This wasn’t as easy as she had thought it was going to be.
“Well, I hope so.”
Charlotte plucked her glass from the table and lay back in her chair, her eyes closed behind her dark sunglasses.
“Let’s hear it then…”
Jo took another deep swig of her ice-cold lemonade.
“Well, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Ian and I, we… well, we’re not like most other couples…”
“You can say that again,” interjected Charlotte.
Jo paused until Charlotte apologised for butting in.
“Sorry, go on.”
“I mean we don’t live the way most other people do, our relationship is a little different…”
Jo faltered as she tried to find the best way to continue.
“Sexually I mean, not just sexually, but primarily…”
Charlotte sat up, intrigued to hear confessions of her close friends’ sex life.
“The thing is… Ian, well a long time ago, a while after we were married he came to me one day and told me that he loved me more than anything and that he wanted to be more to me than just a husband. He said he believed that marriage isn’t treated seriously enough anymore and he wanted to show me that he loved me so much more than he felt mere marriage conveyed…”
Charlotte felt herself wondering once again why Ian hadn’t come into her life instead of Jo’s, but was quickly shaken from her reverie as Jo’s revelations continued.
“He told me he wanted me to be his Mistress and that he wanted to be my submissive.”
Charlotte didn’t know what to say. She stared at her friends face for a few moments, unsure if she was quite believing of what she was being told. Eventually she managed to say something.
“You mean like… a ‘slave’?”
“Kind of… yes, although that word is somewhat open to misinterpretation.”
Charlotte looked over at Ian as he manhandled the mower back to the garage, his lightly tanned skin covered with a thin sheen of sweat.
“Are you shocked?”
“Well, a little I guess, I mean…”
Charlotte fell silent, she really didn’t know what to say.
“But you see the attraction?”
“You see the attraction?”
“Of Ian?”
“Well… yes, no, of having a submissive partner?”
“I’ve no idea, I mean…”
“You’ve seen how Ian is around me, he worships me, not in a pathetic needy way, but in a strong respectful way. I never wanted a pansy for a husband and that’s not what Ian is at all. But having a husband who wants to please you is not something I’d give up easily. In fact if anything happened to Ian, my next husband would have to be prepared to work hard to please me.”
Charlotte’s mouth fell open a little. She had never heard her friend talk like this and it was at once exciting and a little weird.
“You mean…”
“Yes, Charlotte, if I had to start over, I’d make sure my next husband was fully prepared to submit to me sexually.”
Charlotte could hardly believe her ears, while Jo leaned closer her voice dropping to little more than a whisper, for effect as much as anything.
“I decide when we have sex, I decide when he goes down on me, I decide when and IF he gets to cum…”
Jo was warming to her theme now and Charlotte could feel herself getting hotter and hotter and her pussy slowly getting wetter and wetter. She sat back, her voice still low but perfectly audible once more.
“Men are programmed to act in a certain way,” said Jo quietly. “They can’t help it, it’s just the way they are made. As soon as they cum they lose interest in pleasing you. It’s nature’s way. But it doesn’t have to be like that, and some men, like Ian, realise that by submitting to their wives they become better husbands. By willingly sacrificing their own release, they focus on their wives’ needs and instead take satisfaction from her pleasure .”
Charlotte could hardly believe what her friend was telling her, she looked over once more at Ian who was now using a rake in the far corner of the garden. She couldn’t imagine a man who looked like he did ‘sacrificing his release’ for Jo, it was preposterous.
“You’re not serious?”
Jo smiled, and took a moment to compose her thoughts.
“I don’t expect you to understand straight away, but I do want to help you and I want you to have the life I have.”
Charlotte looked at her friend in a new light. Ian and Jo didn’t earn a quarter of the money that she and Martin did, but their marriage was seemingly everything that theirs wasn’t. Close, intimate and built on a rock solid base of trust and devotion to each other.
“But, I don’t understand…”
“I know,” said Jo. “At first I didn’t understand either, until Ian explained it all to me. The first thing you have to understand is that chastity and celibacy are not the same thing. I still rub his cock, suck it, let him fuck me if he’s lucky… but only on my terms, and he only gets to cum when I say so.”
“Oh come on, no man’s going to put up with that.”
“You’d be surprised.”
“So what… you suck him, or whatever and then…”
“He tells me if he’s getting too close.”
“And then you stop?”
“Maybe, maybe not, depends how I feel.”
Charlotte looked completely flabbergasted.
“Sometimes I remind him he’s not allowed to cum and then carry on anyway…”
Charlotte felt a low groan forming in the back of her throat.
“The best is when you stop and let them cool down and then start again… over and over and over…”
The way Jo spoke about it all was so sexually charged, she was obviously loving sharing this secret she had shared so long and it was quite obvious that she adored having this power over her husband.
“I kept him like that for a whole evening once, I had him lay on the couch next to me and I stroked his cock just enough to keep him hard while I watched ‘Titanic’, he was delirious by the end.”
“Did you…” Charlotte cleared her throat. “Did you let him cum?”
“No. He’d only gone a week at that point, I made him wait another three before I allowed him to cum.”
Charlotte was suddenly aware of her clit rubbing gently against the cotton of her panties as she imagined Ian being taken to the edge of orgasm over and over again.
“You’ve no idea how it feels to have someone want you so much, to have that kind of power of them… I swear when I have him so desperate he’d do anything I asked of him.”
“Anything?” asked Charlotte.
“Anything,” confirmed Jo.
Charlotte felt her hand falling down between her legs and surreptitiously pressing against the seam of her jeans, trying to get some pressure on her clit.
“But surely… how do you know he doesn’t just, you know.”
Jo looked at her innocent friend and smiled.
“I have my methods.”
Charlotte suddenly felt a little overwhelmed.
“I think I need to, er… I’ll be back in a minute.”
Charlotte got up, nearly tipping over the wooden table and the parasol, before heading into the house and the downstairs toilet. Once inside she held the walls to stop her head spinning. Could this be true, all the things her friend was saying to her? Surely she knew them both better than this, didn’t she?
In seconds Charlotte had her jeans unbuttoned and thrust her fingers into her soaking wet panties, she found her clit and brought herself to a huge orgasm in a matter of seconds, she collapsed panting against the wall her fingers gently massaging her pussy as she slid down the wall onto her backside. She couldn’t ever remember coming so fast in her life.
After several minutes Charlotte returned to the patio to find that Ian had moved closer with his rake. She nervously retook her seat and smiled a little oddly at her friend’s bare chested husband, wondering if her cheeks were still flushed and whether Jo realised what she had just done in their downstairs toilet.
Jo smiled at her warmly.
“You remember yesterday you asked me how come Ian looks better than when we got married?”
“Yes,” murmured Charlotte, her eyes drawn against her will to his strong arms and firm chest.
“Well, I just gave him the right incentives.”
Charlotte again looked a little out of her depth.
“I didn’t make him do anything he didn’t want to, I just helped him to make the right choices for himself.”
Charlotte smiled nervously wondering if today was going to just keep getting weirder or would it at some point go back to being a normal August Saturday.
“You have the perfect opportunity, to get yourself the husband you always dreamed of. Why on earth would you pass up an opportunity like that?”
Jo smiled at her like the cat that got the cream and somewhere deep inside herself Charlotte felt just a small part of her that wanted to embrace what they were offering her, but she was still a little freaked out.
“I think I might need a drink… a proper drink!”
She reached into her bag for a cigarette, but Jo stopped her.
“Please don’t, I watched you struggle to give up so many times. Soon you won’t need them ever again.”
Jo turned and caught Ian’s eye, he came over smiling knowingly and asked if he could get them a refill. As he moved away from the table Charlotte again couldn’t help but notice the impressive way he filled his shorts. Slightly dizzy from all that had happened so far today she heard herself blurting out the question that was currently at the forefront of her mind.
“Is Ian really…big?”
Jo stifled a laugh, desperately trying not to make her friend feel uncomfortable.
“Erm, no, not especially.”
Jo pondered on the wisdom of revealing the true extent of Ian’s submission, but decided that it might be a little too much too soon, so she erred on the side of caution and left well alone.  
“Why do you ask?”
“Oh it’s just that, I dunno, he seems to fill his shorts rather well.”
Jo turned to watch Ian walking down the garden path and smiled.
“He does doesn’t he.”
*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
After her initial disclosure Jo decided to change the subject a little, to give her friend a little time to absorb what she divulged. They spent the rest of the afternoon drinking and casually watching Ian tend to the garden, Jo only to aware that Charlotte must still be mulling over what she had told her.
When the sun started to dip down and the temperature got a little cold the two women moved inside to find Ian coming downstairs fresh from his shower. Jo called over to him and he came over, presuming their glasses needed refilling once more. Instead Jo flicked off her right shoe  and sat down on the chair nearest the patio doors.
“Worship my foot.”
The sentence caught both Ian and Charlotte off guard, even though he knew that it might come up at some point in the evening. He couldn’t help but cast a glance at Charlotte and quickly registered the look of surprise on her face. He looked back at Jo who smiled at him sweetly, albeit it with a faint air of impatience.
Ian quickly dropped to his knees and carefully took Jo’s beautifully manicured foot in his hands. He bent forward and started to kiss her foot lovingly, his eyes soon closing as he relaxed into his role and enjoyed the feeling of her soft skin on his lips. Charlotte stood rooted to the spot as she watched this incredibly intimate moment between her best friend and her adoring husband. Once again she felt herself starting to get a little wet as she wondered how it must feel to have another human being worship you like this.
“Sit down,” gestured Jo, smiling once again.
Ian spent the best part of five minutes lovingly worshipping Jo’s foot, kissing it all over and gently sucking her toes, before she kicked her other shoe off and offered that one to his mouth. Ian gently placed the other foot on the carpet and began the whole procedure with Jo’s other soft, smooth foot. The whole time Charlotte could not take her eyes off the pair of them, and she suddenly felt intensely jealous of Jo. How must it feel to be so adored, so worshipped… she thought once more of Martin and how he had treated her. She didn’t deserve to be treated the way he had treated her, she wanted something more for herself, she wanted what Jo had, but she hadn’t the first idea how to go about it.
Finally Jo decided enough was enough and called time on the foot worship.
“Thank you Mistress,” Ian whispered, just loud enough for Charlotte to hear.
Jo smiled at Ian and he disappeared off into the kitchen, wary of catching Charlotte’s eye as he walked past her on the way out of the room.
“I can’t believe he just did that,” whispered Charlotte, once Martin was out of the door.
Jo smiled and took another sip of her wine.
“I know, sometimes I can’t believe it either.”
*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
About an hour later Ian returned to the lounge to find the two women deep in conversation, he waited patiently until there was a pause and then related that their meal was prepared, if they would like to come through. Jo pulled herself up out of her chair and walked past Ian towards the hallway, Charlotte went to follow and then remembered her glass of wine, she turned back to see Ian dutifully lifting up both glasses in one hand and bringing the ice bucket and the bottle with the other. They shared an awkward smile and Charlotte offered to take the glasses, but Ian shook his head and motioned for her to lead the way. Charlotte felt a little strange, but eventually decided that if this was how it was then she’d better play along.
*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
Charlotte and Jo finished their meals and turned to Ian who was just finishing up his last potato.
“That was wonderful, thank you Ian,” said Charlotte.
“Yes Ian that really was a lovely meal.”
“Thank you Mistress, Charlotte,” he said a little self-consciously.
“Now,” said Jo pointing at Charlotte. “You come with me, Ian will put the dishes in the dishwasher and then join us shortly.”
She looked over her shoulder and smiled at Ian, wondering how he was coping with being outed this way.
The two women returned to the lounge and sat side by side on the sofa, whereupon Jo immediately turned to her friend and asked her if she would like Ian to worship her feet for her. Charlotte was more than a little hesitant at first, but by the time Ian came though he found Charlotte barefoot and ready for his attention.
He stood for a moment, hovering, waiting for Jo to instruct him.
“I think it would be nice for you to show Charlotte a little attention now,” she said idly pointing to Charlotte’s dainty feet.
Ian swallowed hard before looking at Charlotte for permission to kiss her bare feet. He’d often wondered what it would be like to kiss her tiny feet and now he was about to find out. Charlotte blushed, but nodded and Ian once again sank to his knees.
“Thank you Mistress Charlotte,” he said respectfully.
Charlotte felt a jolt of electricity spark through her as she heard those words for the first time, and then again when she felt Ian’s lips gently touch her instep. Why had Martin never kissed her feet like this she wondered as she watched her friend’s husband lavish her toes with attention, sucking them one by one into his mouth and using his tongue to massage them at the same time. Charlotte felt herself relaxing as he continued to worship her foot, God this felt amazing, but weird at the same time.
She’d always known of course, albeit in a very abstract way, that there were people out there who had this kind of relationship, but she never dreamed that someone like Ian could be submissive to Jo. Suddenly it was turning everything she thought she knew about masculinity and femininity on it’s head. Perhaps it was possible for a man to be masculine but still submit to his wife, but all that stuff about her controlling his orgasms, was that really true? Somehow she couldn’t quite bring herself to believe it, and yet… why would Jo lie, she was obviously taking a chance on Charlotte by exposing their secret life to her and so perhaps Charlotte just had to run with it and take what she said at face value.
She opened her eyes and looked down to watch Ian tenderly worshipping her foot and wondered how on earth Jo thought she was ever going to get Martin to agree to live like this? It was the most ridiculous thing she’d ever heard, and yet… if it was possible, then perhaps Charlotte would be able to accept his mistakes and continue to live as Martin’s wife… and Mistress.
Realising that Ian had spent quite a long time on her right foot, Charlotte somewhat clumsily offered her other foot for his attention. Ian thanked her again as he lowered her right foot to the floor and used his hands to support her left as he began his ministrations once more.
“Feels good, doesn’t it?” said Jo.
“Yes,” replied Charlotte, wishing she could press her finger against her clit once more, like she did earlier.
“How would you like it if Martin did this for you?”
Charlotte let out a small sigh.
“I wish…”
*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
“What have you got to lose?” asked Jo impatiently.
Charlotte looked at her as if she was insane. Sure it all sounded great last night after a day spent drinking wine in the sun, but now in the cold light of Sunday morning, with the Disprin still fizzing in the glass of water that Ian had kindly placed next to her on a small table, well, it all sounded just a little crazy.
Charlotte’s phone beeped for the second time that morning and Charlotte didn’t even bother to look to see who was calling before turning it off.
“He’s persistent, I’ll give him that,” she winced.
“He’s persistent now, he’ll be desperate by the end of the week,” noted Jo. “Just where you want him.”
Charlotte looked up at her friend and shook her head softly, this idea was crazy, there was no way Martin was ever going to agree to any of it.
“So what are you going to do, get a divorce, or are you just going to go back to him and pretend none of this ever happened?”
Charlotte looked as if she was about to burst into tears again and Jo put her arm around her shoulder.
“I’m sorry love, I didn’t mean to upset you… but this is a once in a lifetime chance you’ve got here, to make the man you love worship you. I know it’s not easy to understand and it will take a lot of work but we’ll help you, me and Ian can show you what you need to do to make it right again.
Charlotte looked at them through blurry eyes. What amazing friends they were, in every sense of the word.
“Okay,” said Charlotte. “What have I got to lose?”
*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
The next week was a whirlwind of activity as Jo instructed Charlotte in exactly how she should play her hand, fortunately Jo was on leave from work for that week and Charlotte called in sick for the first half of the week and managed to arrange a couple of days of holiday for the remainder. Ian had to work but played his part during the evenings.
By Friday Charlotte was feeling a lot more confident about her new role and had even surprised herself by how quickly she had transformed herself from a meek little girl into a demanding, dominant woman. Thursday night had been a massive turning point, after which she began to doubt that she could ever go back to her old self even if she’d wanted to.
Throughout the early part of the  week Jo had brought Ian more and more into the equation, firstly by telling Charlotte that she could ask for foot worship whenever she wanted, and prodding her into it when she seemed reluctant. This was all key to Jo’s plan to get Charlotte used to asking for what she wanted, she knew this would be one of the hardest things for Charlotte to get used to and she was determined to drum it into her during the time she had available.
While Ian worked, Charlotte and Jo discussed exactly what Charlotte wanted and how she was going to going about getting it. After some predictable reluctance from Charlotte, Jo convinced her of the absolute need for a contract. Charlotte couldn’t get her head round it to start with until Jo revealed  that she and Ian had one, and consented to let her see it. Once she had seen Jo and Ian’s contract Charlotte warmed to the idea and she and Jo spent many long hours perfecting the details, ready for when Charlotte felt ready to meet her estranged husband again.
But Thursday, that was the moment it really started to fall into place for Charlotte. The evening had started normally enough, but as the night wore on Jo decided to takes things a big step further. Charlotte was very comfortable with asking Ian for foot worship now and loved it when he tenderly attended to her petite feet. So relaxed was she becoming with this new way of doing things that now every time he sucked her toes and delicately kissed her instep she felt herself becoming wet and wanting more of Ian’s attention.
Sensing this, Jo took it upon herself to advance things dramatically. As she watched her devoted husband attend to her friend’s pretty feet for the umpteenth time that week she decided that now was the moment and led them both upstairs to the master bedroom. Jo told Charlotte to sit in the chair by the bed and then proceeded to strip and laid on the bed, her legs slightly parted.
Charlotte had had several glasses of wine that day and it was perhaps this which helped her cope with this sudden turn of events. She watched transfixed as Ian slid onto the bed, still fully clothed and moved between his wife’s legs. Charlotte noticed how Ian slowly kissed up the insides of her legs and then kissed all around her pussy for quite some time before he even went near her slit, clearly he was in his element and was quite happy for this to last as long as possible.
Eventually Jo started to buck her hips impatiently and used her hands to guide his head to where she wanted it to be. Charlotte watched in awe as Ian displayed his expert technique, using his fingers and tongue to devastating effect and bringing Jo to three shattering orgasms over the space of about forty minutes.
By the time Jo finally pushed her husband away Charlotte was dripping wet and was squeezing her thighs together as she watched, trying anything to get some friction on her clit. Jo sat up and kissed her husband deeply, tasting her own juices on his tongue before turning to Charlotte.
“Come here,” she said seductively.
Charlotte felt frozen to the spot, but something in the way Jo looked at her convinced her to move onto the bed. As she did so, Jo gently lifted her T-shirt to expose her small but beautiful tits causing a sigh of appreciation to escape both her and Ian’s lips.
Charlotte suddenly felt almost dizzy and overwhelmed by the need to touch herself, her pussy was screaming for attention and she offered no resistance when Jo laid her down and peeled her jeans off of her legs. Jo lay down next to Charlotte and gently rubbed her crotch through her damp white panties, causing her to groan loudly until Jo gently peeled them off.
Jo moved closer and whispered in Charlotte’s ear, “Tell him… order him to eat your pussy.”
Charlotte was reluctant but Jo insisted and after a couple of minutes Ian was rewarded with the words he wanted to hear. He carefully slid between Charlotte’s slender thighs and kissed them much as he had done for Jo just minutes before. As Charlotte relaxed Jo slid her hand up the woman’s T-shirt and gently teased her nipples while nuzzling her neck.
As Ian began lapping gently at Charlotte’s sodden slit, Jo kissed her shoulder and began telling her how one day she would have Martin trained just like Ian, how submissive men love to eat pussy and make their Mistress cum, and how, like Jo, once she had experienced the pleasure of being worshipped like this she would never want to go back to the old way.
Charlotte didn’t doubt it for a second. Ian’s technique was leagues ahead of Martin’s amateur and unenthusiastic attempts and as he slipped his second and third fingers out of her and twisted his index finger upwards to manipulate her G-spot she felt herself coming to her first climax. As she did so Jo took Charlotte’s right nipple into her mouth and sucked on it, her fingers gently squeezing her other breast at the same time.
Charlotte bucked wildly but Ian was ready for her and held her so that he didn’t lose contact with her clit until he had drawn her whole orgasm out of her, as she lay panting Ian lapped her juices eagerly from her thighs and watched for signs that she was ready for him to continue. For her part Charlotte was astonished by the force of her orgasm and that Ian was licking her juices from her skin, she had never encountered someone so obviously and so joyfully enamoured of the female scent.
After a few minutes Jo asked her if she wanted to go again and Charlotte confessed that she often found it difficult to cum twice in one evening. Eventually she decided to try again and she was quite shocked when Ian managed to bring her off again, even harder, in less than a quarter of an hour.
As they lay there, a thin sheen of sweat covering all their bodies, Charlotte had a sudden attack of guilt about what she’d done, not only regarding Martin, but also towards her friends. Yes Jo had been in the room with them and it hadn’t been illicit, but she still felt troubled that she had enjoyed that experience with her best friend’s husband. She started to cry once again and Ian and Jo cuddled her between them, restoring her confidence with kind words and gentle assurances.
Soon after, Charlotte felt a natural guilt towards Ian, he had given her such pleasure and she naturally wanted to give him something back in return. She confessed her feelings to Jo, slightly worried about how she would react, but Jo was fine.
“I understand, it’s natural, but I’m afraid if you want to live like I do, you have to learn to put that aside. I know it’s difficult but to start with you need to learn to be… well, selfish.”
Charlotte sighed heavily.
“I know, but I’m trying to make it easy for you. If you learn to be selfish to start with you can roll it back later, but if you give in to these feelings right from the start then this isn’t going to work.”
Charlotte nodded resignedly.
“Besides, you couldn’t do anything for him even if you wanted to.”
Charlotte looked defensive and began to protest.
“No… I wouldn’t… I mean, I don’t want to cause any…”
“No,” continued Jo. “What I mean is, you physically couldn’t do anything.”
Charlotte looked at her even more confused than before, but still Jo didn’t explain herself.