Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Not again...

I've got another bloody cold... it doesn't seem like five minutes since I just got rid of the last one! What an almighty pain in the arse. Ah well, I guess I'll just have to ride it out and hope it's gone by the weekend.

At least I managed to give Mistress R a lovely orgasm before it really took hold, though I wasn't really up for anything myself. Pleasing Mistress R was enough for me anyway, especially since she came so hard and well.

Monday, 27 February 2012

The dangers of cuckolding....

I can't help thinking this was inevitable.

Oh yeah, I forgot...

When I said there was nothing sexual going on this weekend, that wasn't strictly true. Sunday afternoon I was feeling pretty crap so I went to bed for a bit. I couldn't sleep even though I was feeling really tired so I picked up the book that was on the bedside table and started reading. Can't remember the name of the story but it's one of the ones on the Literotica tab, about a guy who's wife is stretching her pussy with huge dildos...
Eventually I put the book down and went to sleep, and when I woke up I was so fucking hard and horny it was unbelievable. I'm afraid I reached down and started to rub my cock through my boxers, just one finger up and down for several minutes, it was absolute heaven but also absolute torture. I was sure I must be leaking though in the end I wasn't... surely this would have been an opportune moment to use my voucher? But no, it didn't really enter my head.
I guess I will have to confess to Mistress R my indiscretion later...

Good weekend...

Albeit nothing going on sexually. Went to see Rammstein, which was pretty spectacular to say the least! Apart from that it was shopping, gardening, exercising, putting new strings on my guitar... watching a programme about the Japanese nucelar accident. All good, but no sex. I think that will be rectified tonight though, Mistress R has already hinted that she would like an orgasm today and even though I'm feeling pretty lousy actually, I will never turn down the chance to worship her gorgeous pussy! Needless to say my voucher remains unused, and I really don't see that I will use it...but maybe if Mistress leaves me long enough I will, maybe that's the idea?

Friday, 24 February 2012

Catch up...

Hi well I'm sure (I hope) you've all noticed that I haven't been posting much lately... I've been in a bit of a grumpy mood lately because of work and truth be told, this is probably a good time to tell you all that in future my blog will probably be a bit less regularly posted to. See over the last year I've had plenty of free time during the day to post and this is coming to an end soon, so you'll probably find my blog gets written two or three times a week rather than every single day.
Nothing much to say at the moment other than that this week Mistress R has had two lovely orgasms (this evening's was a very nice one indeed!) and I have enjoyed a couple of helpings of teasing too. My orgasm voucher is still sitting on my bedside table unused, I must confess it did enter my mind as Mistress was delightfully sucking my cock earlier to request an orgasm, but I resisted the temptation.
I was most pleased with my work this evening pleasuring Mistress R, nothing fills me with happiness like having her bucking like crazy against my tongue, and this week I really needed some of that, so that was wonderfully timely.
Off to bed now...

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Literally don't know what to say to this...

An email I received today:

hi from a fan,

help me fulfill some side-line fetish please? Basically, some emasculating pose of you peeing sitting down on the toilet, girly clothes (?), bowlegged, toes pointing inward, squirming, bent over etc. Bonus points if you can do it in a chastity device that appears to force this on you. Double bonus points if femdom connotations/signs "please put toilet seat down" or "do not pee on the seat!" etc.  Could be fun?
Thank you, any effort is appreciated <3

Saturday, 18 February 2012

This morning's session...

Mistress and I are going out for a meal with friends tonight, which will no doubt conclude sometime after 2am, followed by a thirty minute drive home... so there's no way in hell that tomorrow morning would be a good time for doing anything remotely taxing (especially for Mistress R since I don't drink). With that in mind we decided to move our Femdom session to this morning...
After I had prepared the room, I was instructed to wait for Mistress on my knees at the foot of the bed with the Oxballs Cocksling and my ankle/wrist cuffs in place. No blindfold this time, which was unusual, although I know enough to keep my eyes down at the start of the session anyway.
Mistress question me about my 'touching' while she used her foot to play with my cock, and I confessed to two very minor infractions (basically just a hard squeeze, no stroking or edging) and Mistress told me she was very pleased with me but felt that I needed a few maintenance strokes with the whip anyway, just to keep me focussed. I had eleven quite stingy strokes with the whip and by the time she'd finished my erection had subsided significantly.
Mistress then moved onto the bed and had me begin worshipping her feet as she lay back using her fingers to play with her pussy. I managed to keep my eyes down for quite a while but just after I started on her second foot I sneaked a glance up which Mistress R immediately noticed and chastised me for.
"Keep your eyes and your mind on the job in hand," she ordered.
I worshipped her beautiful feet for a good while longer before she leaned forward and allowed me to suck on her finger for a second, telling me how lucky I was to get my first taste of her beautiful pussy. It tasted lovely and she told me she knew how desperate I was to lick her pussy, and that I needn't worry, I would definitely be doing that in the session, but that whether I got to taste her ass would depend on how much I pleased her.
I continued worshipping her second foot until she decided that she'd had enough and then had me lay down on my back on the bed. She secured my wrists and ankles and then mounted my face. As I licked her soaking wet pussy I felt my cock begin to stiffen inside the cocksling once again and then Mistress R lifted off my face and knelt beside me. She reached over and plucked the blindfold from the bedside table and quickly fitted it, but not before I had a good look at her. She was wearing a split leather skirt and a cupless leather bra and she looked magnificent.
No sooner had she done this than she was back on my face ordering me to lick her beautiful pussy. She rode back and forward on my face, my tongue sliding from her clit almost to her asshole. I love it when she does that and my cock was rock hard again now. Mistress R moved down and started to rub the head of my cock against her wet pussy lips, telling me how she could just spend the whole time rubbing 'her' cock against her pussy if she wanted to. She told me how she loved using my cock like a dildo, for her pleasure, and she told me she knew that I loved it too. Then she sank down on my cock and rode me, before lifting off and grabbing her glass dildo and pushing it into my mouth. She told me how she controlled my cock just as completely as this glass dildo and after having me get it wet for her she started fucking herself with it and then had me clean it for her.
Then she knelt beside me again and reminded me over and over how much better her touching me feels than touching myself ever could. This continued for some time, as she alternated between riding my face, my cock and slapping, whipping and stroking my cock. All the time she told me over and over how my cock was her cock and how much I loved that she controlled it. It was awesome, as the longer she went on the more I could hear she was really getting into what she was saying, I really, really wish I had a tape of what went on for those five or ten minutes, it was amazing!
Eventually Mistress R decided that that was enough and she untied me and instructed me to turn over. She had me remove the cocksling and then re-secured my wrists to the corners of the bed leaving me with my head pressed down and my ass up in the air. Mistress R lubed up a dildo and I soon felt it pressed into my ass. Then she used a vibrator on my balls for a short while before pulling out and re-inserting the dildo. She then left it inside me while she fitted the strap-on.
As I heard her adjusting the straps she said what a pity it was that I couldn't see her with her 'cock' in place, but that I might be allowed to see it soon. Then she pulled the dildo out of my ass and got on the bed behind me. Within a few seconds the strap-on was inside me and Mistress R started gently fucking my ass. It felt great, my only concern (as usual) was that the pressure on my prostate might make me cum, but that's a bit unlikely since as far as I know it takes over ten minutes of prostate massage to achieve this.
Slightly disappointingly, Mistress R fucked me for what seemed like only a minute or so and then pulled out. She untied me once more and then turned me over and secured me at all four corners once more before kneeling beside me and pulling my blindfold off. Now I could see her and she looked amazing. Her skirt had been discarded and Mistress R was just wearing the leather cupless bra and the strap-on and she looked hot, hot, hot!
She straddled me again and pressed the strap-on into my mouth, it tasted mildly of the recently discarded condom, but it was so hot sucking her 'cock' and looking up at her as she played with her gorgeous breasts (I must admit I still slightly prefer sucking her strap-on on my knees though).
After this Mistress discarded the strap-on and attached clothes pegs to my nipples before teasing me by standing at the side of the bed and running her hands over her body. As I gazed longingly at her my hard cock twitched which made Mistress R smile, and then she left me alone for a few minutes, but not before promising that when she came back I would be allowed to worship her pussy and make her cum.
When Mistress returned she removed the clothes pegs and untied me and had me kneel at the end of the bed while she lay back in front of me on some pillows. She looked absolutely gorgeous, her legs spread to reveal her beautiful pussy which she idly stroked as she told me what she wanted me to do.
I sank down between her silky smooth thighs (so fucking hot!) and gently started to kiss her pussy. It was immediately obvious that Mistress R was really, really turned on and her slick pussy tasted absolutely wonderful. God I love eating pussy more than anything, it is so fucking wonderful to be so close to Mistress R and bring her such pleasure with my tongue. A while later Mistress R came hard, a real humdinger it was and no mistake, I was so happy right then I can't even tell you.
As soon as she had recovered Mistress R stood on the bed and had me lick all the pussy juice off her body and then off my fingers and the black PVC sheet. I swallowed it all greedily, I can never get enough of her taste, I just love it.
Finally she had me lie on my back and started stroking my cock again, telling me she wanted it rock hard. As she did so she pushed her ass against my face but told me not to use my tongue until she told me I could. My cock was rock hard now and she pushed her ass in my face again and told me that I was allowed to tongue her ass. I stuck out my tongue and gently licked around Mistress's gorgeous asshole and as I did I felt my balls start to churn. Fortunately Mistress R lifted off, though she continued jerking my cock fairly hard and told me that since I had pleased her so well in the session she was going to allow me to cum now. She sink back down onto my tongue and her hand stepped it up slightly as I started to tongue her ass. It was so hot doing that as she jerked my cock and then she told me that I had to cum before she counted down from ten. I think I started cumming at eight, but Mistress continued counting down as she drained me completely.
When I opened my eyes I saw Mistress rubbing her cum covered fingers on her left breast before offering it to my mouth, which was lovely if not quite the same as shooting my cum on them 'properly'. After that she had me lick her fingers clean, it seems like ages since I did that, it must be several months I'm sure.
Afterwards as we cuddled on the bed Mistress and I clarified the position on what I am and am not allowed to do as far as initiating things with her. At first she couldn't quite see my point but after I explained myself better she saw what the problem was and the simple answer was 'if I'm not sure then I should ask'. Dunno quite why I didn't think of that myself, but there you go!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Soooooo good...

Mistress R and I had a little time together this evening, it started with me kneeling between her legs while she lay back on some pillows. We kissed and she reached down between us and started stroking my rock hard cock. We kissed some more and then she started rubbing my cock against her pussy again, making me even harder. After a while she pushed me back a little and started using her wet fingertips to tease the head of my cock, for my part I used my hands to caress her thighs, getting as close as I dare to her pussy as I dare without actually touching it (since I'm still not sure if I'm allowed to do that without permission...).
I was really throbbing and Mistress R was giving me her supercute smile again... and then she said 'I want you to go down on me now!'. Well, I didn't need telling twice and quickly slid down her body and lay flat on the mattress. It was mildly uncomfortable as my cock was rock solid, and it took quite a while to calm down. However I managed to keep my mind on the task in hand and Mistress R had a really lovely, really hard orgasm, and she tasted wonderful too!
After this we lay down together and Mistress R got my cock back up to full-mast before telling me that she wanted me inside her and on top! I was soon between her legs and Mistress guided my hard cock inside her. Once inside I lifted Mistress R's legs up over my shoulders so that I could get deep inside her. It felt awesome and Mistress's face was a picture as I fucked her. As soon as I entered her the first thing she said was 'Don't cum!', and when I found a rhythm and started fucking her harder she repeated her warning. But I was totally in control and nowhere near coming. She let me fuck her for a while enjoying the sensations of having me inside her, fucking her, her face showing me just how much she was loving the feeling of having my rock hard cock inside her again.
It was fantastic, it really was amazing. But after a while Mistress R pushed me back again and sat up in front of me. She reached down and started stroking my slippery, wet cock, pointing out how my cock was now coated in her juices. Then she offered each of her fingers in turn so that I could lick her pussy juice off of them.
Despite the cramp I had encountered right near the end of our penetration I was still quite hard (albeit not as hard as before it struck - I never mentioned this to Mistress R and she didn't notice) but Mistress made it quite clear that I had had my fun for the night. As she kissed me, my cock started to swell more and more and I was soon thinking about begging her to continue, but in the end I decided against it.
I love it when everything is on Mistress R's terms, which is why I'm still not sure that I will actually use her voucher. I guess if she still has the choice to refuse it then it is still on her terms, but... I dunno. I hope that she would not be offended if I decided not to use the voucher, since I still appreciate the gesture, it's just that I would prefer for her to decide when it is time for me to cum.
Tonight was amazing anyway, and will probably be the last action for us until our session on Saturday.

On closer inspection...

The voucher that Mistress R kindly gave me last night, may not be quite what it seems. What it actually says is 'Rob may request one orgasm between 14.2.2012 and 14.5.2012', it doesn't say that my request is guaranteed to result in that request being granted. I asked Mistress R about this and all she would say was that she was very careful about the wording on the voucher.
Hmm. I see.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

An unexpected development...

Well, despite a whole lot of stress for me, our meal worked out great (the kitchen is COVERED in gold edible spray mind you!) and Mistress was very happy with my efforts. What surprised me though was that when I opened my Valentine's Card I found a voucher allowing me to ask for one orgasm between today and  14.05.2012. I certainly wasn't expecting that!
I doubt I will use it before the 1st of April, simply because I would like to be able to say that I've gone a whole year with only Mistress R deciding when I get to cum, indeed I may not use it at all... crazy as that sounds, and if I do I think it's most likely to be fairly close after one that Mistress R allows me.
It's kind of weird having that option again, after so long having to wait for Mistress R to decide, but it's only a one off, in honour of our 20th Valentine's Day together, so it's not to be used or squandered lightly!

Mmmmmmmm, exquisite...

A lovely orgasm for Mistress R last night, and some pretty intense teasing for me too. Mistress R had me going nuts as she was kind of 'palming' me but with just a fingertip, surprisingly intense it was too. She looked totally content to tease me and hardly bothered stroking me at all, just squeezing, slapping and the aforementioned fingertip torment... left me unbelievably hard and throbbing (considering it's only been six days), it must have taken me a good five minutes to really calm down!
Tonight is Valentine's Day of course, so I will be cooking Mistress R a meal. For the last eight or so years I've been putting the 'number' of Valentine's days into the meal, so for 'twelve' I cut a '12' out of a red pepper and put it on her side salad, and last year I stencilled 'nineteen' onto her desert plate in cocoa powder. I've just been to the shops seeking inspiration and discovered a can of edible gold spray! Brilliant. This year I can stencil her plate and hopefully it will stick (unlike cocoa powder) and look cool too.

Monday, 13 February 2012


Mistress R has told me that tonight there will be pussy worship - yes! I'm looking forward to that, and some teasing of course... it's funny, every so often I think about my situation, particularly when I'm relatively close to my most recent orgasm, and think, it's not going to happen again tonight, it's only been six days (or whatever). And then I remember that, despite the fact that I haven't had more than two orgasms in a month since last April, Mistress R still has the power to have me cum every night if that's what pleases her.
Am I going to cum tonight though?
Very, very doubtful.
Mistress R has the power to let me cum every night, but she shows no sign whatsoever of doing so. Personally I think she's enjoying leaving me frustrated far too much! Which is fine by me of course.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

A little more teasing...

Mistress R is currently out of action, not for much longer I don't think since she said that we should be able to get two orgasms in this week (for her) before she has a rest before Saturday (our next Femdom session - that seems to have come around jolly quick huh?). I am assuming that she means two orgasms on alternate days, although she successfully managed to have a pretty amazing orgasm the day after her previous one last week, so who knows?
Mistress R delivered on the promised teasing yesterday, and it was very nice indeed. You may remember a while back I mentioned how nice it is having your cock and balls rubbed through your jeans, well that's exactly what happened yesterday. It took a while for me to warm up but by the end I was very hard and aching for her to touch me properly. Which she didn't of course.... but that just made it all the better (in hindsight at least, hahaha).
The chastity blogosphere seems to have unnervingly quiet over the last 24hrs, where is everybody?

Saturday, 11 February 2012

BOOK REVIEW: Best Bondage Erotica 2012...

I am not familiar with this series of books, but I do own a couple of books edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel and they aree both pretty good, so I approached this with some optimism. It certainly starts out well with a very hot story written by Shoshanna Evers about a woman dabbling in some self-bondage with a twist, that being that she has frozen the keys to her handcuffs in a block of ice and in the process left herself unable to remove the vibrator that is secured inside her. 34 minutes of enforced orgasms later she finally manages to get free, only to chastise herself for 'cheating' and plotting ways to make her predicament more difficult the next time.
Former 'Forum Magazine' editor Elizabeth Coldwell's 'A Night at the Opera' on the other hand, is disappointing. The overly pretentious background to the story is distracting and the ending is a little cheesy, which is a shame really because I have read her work before and been impressed. 
No such trouble for  Lucy Felthouse, who's 'Trophy Boyfriend' entertains well, or Salome Wild, who's 'The Spider and the Fly' overcomes it's slightly far-fetched storyline by virtue of being well written and by giving the characters some depth before the action even starts, something which is often overlooked in a short story.
Andrea Dale's 'Darlene's Dilemma' puts me off right from the start by featuring an ageing 'rockstar' character. I know I may be in the minority, but to me, fiction should first and foremost be believable. If I can't get behind it, if I can't believe in it, then I really find it hard to care. Of course in fiction the writers tend to give their characters flawless bodies, huge cocks, etc etc and while these can grate at times they are relatively easy to overlook, but any story which features the 'rockstar' or similar, the playboy with his own private island or anything so completely alien that I find it hard to relate or care is off to a bad start, and so it is with 'Darlene's Dilemma'.
Much better is A.R. Shannon's 'Snow White', a nice spanking story which could actually have done with a few more pages to really make the most of itself. 
Elise Hepner's contribution doesn't really press any of my buttons and loses points for it's cliched references to Manalos and Jimmy Choos, I mean really when one woman is dominating another and making her worship her heels, who cares what make they are really? I know that might sound petty, but it's a bit like the 'ageing rockstar' thing, it just hampers the story unnecessarily in my eyes.
Thankfully Kay Jaybee comes to the rescue with the excellent 'The Cupboard Under the Stairs', which is one of the few stories in this book that got my full attention.
Overall this is a pretty good compilation of stories, and with any book of this type there's always going to be some better than others, or perhaps one's which appeal to you more than others. It's a good way to find new authors who you can follow as they (hopefully) progress to writing longer stories and novels.

This book is available to buy from Eden Fantasys who can of course also provide you with a wide range of adult toys, lingerie and other goodies, and if you click the book cover at the top of the page it will take you directly to the page where you can purchase it.


Good morning...

Lost 3lbs this morning, albeit, it's 3 of the 7lbs I put on over the previous week and half before this last week. So nothing to get too excited over! On the other hand, Mistress R gave me some lovely teasing last night, which certainly was. 
We went to bed quite late and Mistress R said that she would tease me tomorrow, since she hadn't done the last couple of days. We spooned for a while and predictably my cock became hard against her ass and after a while Mistress reached back and started softly stroking and teasing me. It felt fantastic, I love it when she touches me really softly (hard is good too, obviously!) it makes me rock hard but leaves me more frustrated than ever, which is probably why I woke up with the mother of all morning woods and had to abandon my plans for a lie in lest I cave in to the temptation to stroke it. 
Ah well, it was worth it, I can assure you. At least now I can make the most of my weekend!

Friday, 10 February 2012

I've just thought...

If Sarah's sold 173 copies of her downoad/book at the 'heavily discounted' price of £19, thats £3000+ overnight, with overheads of.... next to nothing. Holy fucking fuck! Maybe I will write a book after all! You lot will buy it won't you?


I always love getting emails from people who read my blog and will always respond with my honest thoughts if sought. You can ask me anything really (within reason) and I will always try to give you an honest answer. If I think the email is interesting enough I will also post about it here, but I won't reveal your email address or even your first name without asking you first if it's okay. So feel free to email me whenever you like!

Now I've had a few emails recently that I thought I would share with you and answer at the same time.

Q: Do you like CFNM (Clothed Female Naked Male) stuff?
A: I can't say that I've gone out of my way to find it, but yes it's cool. I vaguely remember being in this position once and it definitely added something to it, it can't help but make you very conscious of your nakedness which is weird for me because I am naturally quite unbothered, despite being overweight and all. I would certainly do it again, though on the other hand, why would I want Mistress R to keep her clothes on???

Q: How do you not touch/cum for long periods when you are not locked?
A: Not cumming isn't that hard for me, not touching is a struggle and a half. I guess I want Mistress R to control my orgasms so making myself cum is cheating and negates the point of doing this. Not touching is a different matter. It is fucking hard not to touch your cock when it is throbbing first thing in the morning, or last thing at night or when I'm reading something horny, or whenever. I don't really know how I managed it, but I would be amazed if I didn't slip up sooner or later. Mistress R actually offered to relax the rule but I told her I didn't want to, simply because if I keep my hands off then when she decides to touch it is so much more intense.

Q: Are you going to buy Sarah Jamesson's new book '69 Ways to Please a Woman Without Fucking Her?' and are you thinking about publishing your own 'guide'?
A: I bought Sarah's first book/download and while I haven't really read it more than once or used it that much I do think it would be useful to someone who was at the beginning of their journey and wanted to take the first steps. I was quite interested in the new book/download until I saw the rather high price and the words 'chocolate body paint'... still, fair play to her, she has a lot of fans and plenty of people have already bought it so good for her. I can't really comment on the product since I haven't seen it, but like I said, the first one was good. How different it will be from all the millions of other 'How to Please Your Woman in Bed' type books that are out there is open to debate, perhaps if anyone here has bought it they would like to share their thoughts?
I don't anticipate writing anything like that myself, although if enough people waved their cash under my nose I might be tempted!

Q: Do you think your life with Mistress R will ever go back to how it was before?
A: No idea. Maybe it will, maybe it won't. Can I imagine never having another wank my whole life, not really! Who knows? As long as we are both happy as we are I can't really see a reason to change it.

That subject again...

A very good post here at 'Thoughts of a Submissive Cuckhubby' about his feelings about interracial/cuckolding. Well worth a read (go 'here').

- - -

Been discussing the subject of cuckolding recently with someone which made me think about posting (again) on the subject. I know that it is not for me, I am just not wired to accept that, and while it would be nominally preferable to being cheated on, in reality I'm sure either would be disastrous. But that doesn't mean that reading stories about the subject don't make me hard. This I'm sure is not uncommon among lots of people, it's no different from, say, a woman enjoying reading stories where the female character is 'forced' to do something she doesn't want to, it doesn't mean that she would want it to happen in real life, or even enjoy it if it did.
I'm only really making this comparison to justify (to myself perhaps) my thoughts on this subject.
Furthermore, I think it's true to say that 'cuckolding' for me as a fantasy is very precisely defined, it is not something that I generally think about with regard to (the real life) Mistress R.
Now, of course you could point to my story 'Owned' (for one) as a contradiction to this statement, but for me, although I write in the first person, and as an extension (or perhaps more accurately 'gross-exaggeration')  of my own experiences, the dividing line for me is clear, this is fiction that I am writing, it is somehow abstract, it is based on the 'character' of Mistress R, but it is not actually her, just as the male character is not actually me.
Am I making sense yet? Forgive me but I feel compelled to ramble on a while longer.
Quite why I feel the need to go over this again and again on here is not quite clear, but I do think that over time it has helped me rationalise my thoughts in this matter and make me understand that it is okay to fantasize about something which very specifically would not be acceptable to me in real life.
The twist in the tail of course is that when we are in a session and Mistress R makes me suck her dildo or strap-on and talks to me about having me suck another guys cock that's been inside her, it makes my cock so hard and has been known to send me deeper into subspace than almost anything else. Now logically, if everything I said was correct, this should not happen. But it does... (damn you logic!).
I think there are many reasons for this, not least a shared understanding that this is 'pretend' and 'safe'. Also I think there is a huge difference between the fantasy of cuckolding (as I imagine it) and the reality. If I were to describe my perfect cuckolding fantasy it would not involve sitting at home alone, knowing that my wife was out with someone else, it would be three of us together in a room, together. In fact it would be essentially a three way encounter, but with my own involvement essentially dictated by her. Is that even really cuckolding? Is it just a one-sided Femdom threesome? Well I guess it is technically cuckolding, but it's a very specific type.
Also, the main elements of the fantasy which would appeal to me would be some 'forced cock worship' and cleaning the woman afterwards. Essentially the other male is irrelevant, he is just a 'cock', a human dildo for the woman to use for her pleasure and for my humiliation. There is no concept of the woman having any kind of 'relationship' with him, other than fucking, because that would be too 'threatening'. Which is why I can understand why people who want to have any kind of threesome often use a prostitute of some kind, because the danger of 'feelings' becoming involved is greatly reduced (not that I'm recommending unprotected sex with a prostitute or anyone else for that matter you understand!).
Which brings us to one of the biggest problems with the transition from fantasy to reality. Never have I come across a cuckolding story where safe sex is practiced, or if it is, the condom full of cum usually ends up dumped in the cuckold's mouth, one way or another. A lot of cuckolding fantasies are interlinked with 'cum eating' fantasies and in this day and age that's really not a great idea is it? I mean I understand why that is, I'm sure cuckolding stories where everything's done in accordance with safe-sex practices would be about as popular as porn films with condoms in them (ie: not very!), and I certainly wouldn't think to write such a story, how fucking dull would that be! But still...
In reality I would imagine cuckolding (for most people) is probably not a good idea. For some I'm sure it's fine, in Q&k's case they progressed from 'swinging' so I can see that would probably mean that they had a lot more idea of what they were getting themselves into, but interestingly (as you'll see if you read k's comment on the post I linked to on Cuckhubby's site above) Q still has not let K see her 'in action' with another man yet. I can understand the logic, in that she doesn't think he's 'ready' for it, but to me that is totally at odds with my thoughts as detailed above... but then I'm more than sure that Q knows what's best for them, and you only have to read one of their blogs to realise that their unconventional relationship works extremely well for them. Indeed it was not long ago that I felt compelled to defend their lifestyle on their blog from comments left by someone who plainly couldn't comprehend that someone else could exist with a different set of values than their own and yet still have a strong and loving relationship, which they obviously do.
This is one subject you (well 'I' at any rate) really could talk in circles all day and still never come to a satisfactory conclusion isn't it? This isn't the first time I've broached it and I'm sure it won't be the last either, because it's perversely and endlessly intriguing how something which I find fairly abhorrent in reality can also be very arousing in fantasy! I guess the truth is that reading (and writing) cuckold fiction and Mistress 'talking' about making me do things in a session isn't hurting anyone, and sticking to that is the best way to ensure that things stay that way (not that there was any question about that in the first place!!!).

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Great post...

Great post on Miss Christina's blog today about her first experience of having her ass worshipped, sounds like she fucking loved it, and then some!

Clear as Mud II...

Miss Christina said: Did she actually clarify anything for you? Does she mind you coming up to her and just kissing her passionately? Or does she want to be the one to initiate all contact? Are you allowed to just touch her pussy without asking?

No, as I said the conversation merely reinforced to me that she is happy with the way things are and that as long as I am also then we are good. But to be honest I still don't know exactly what I can and can't do. I think perhaps this is partly because Mistress R isn't all that dominant. For example, I'm not entirely convinced that if Mistress R was teasing me by rubbing my cock against her pussy and I just decided 'fuck it' and pushed into her, I'm not 100% convinced she would stop me. This hasn't arisen of course, because I want her to be in control and I am a good slave, but still... 
This doesn't really matter, because I want her to be in control and I don't want to do anything which creates a problem with that. Perhaps she feels that she knows that I wouldn't do that, so she doesn't feel the need to make sure I know that it's not allowed? Kind of like that first time I asked her to let me cum, just because I wanted her to tell me that I couldn't, and she said 'So you want me to release you from chastity and let you cum, is that what you want?'.
In one sentence she put me in my place, and I've never asked her again since.
Part of me would like to know exactly what is allowed and what isn't, but I don't think she'd be able to give me a straight answer off the top of her head, and I'm not entirely sure I want her to start thinking about it and making rules for me. Because I might wish she hadn't.
I would certainly not accept any rule against kissing her whenever I want, that is too much.
As far as touching her pussy is concerned.... I think it's fair to say that what started out as not being allowed to initiate 'penetration' has evolved into not being allowed to initiate 'sex' really, kind of.
Again 'clear as mud', hahaha.

Can anyone help?

Had an email this morning from someone who read something that I wrote somewhere, though not necessarily on this site, possibly a comment on someone else's site. I do remember writing something like this and I think it was on this blog, however the search function on this site is pretty bloody useless and I've not found it yet (though I am still looking), if in the meantime anyone remembers the post, please get in touch, thanks!

"I am looking for a blog(post) that I read the other day and I think you wrote it. I really want my wife to read it. It was about how beautiful women are and how they really don't realize it. They hold themselves up to high standards that is unfair to them. I am not sure exactly what it said, but I know it was written to make women feel beautiful. It might have been a response you had on another blog?. If you could help me out I would really appreciate it, thank you."

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Clear as mud...

I just had an interesting and (kind of) informative chat with Mistress R... I gave her my post to read and afterwards she made comment on the parts about what I was and what I wasn't allowed to do (I presume particularly about the part where she was stroking my cock and I said I wanted to lick my fingers and touch her pussy but wasn't sure if I was allowed to). It wasn't so much clarifying the situation, it was more that if I was unhappy about it we could discuss it. I assured her that I wasn't unhappy about it, just a little confused sometimes, a bit unsure, and more than anything worried that I might be leaving too much up to her. Long in the past, Mistress R has sometimes commented a little negatively on my passivity, which is not surprising in the light of more recent events is it?
I guess this is different though, whereas before in a purely vanilla relationship she felt my passivity signalled a lack of interest in her, now in this situation she knows how much I adore and want her, and as such she can see the benefits of calling the shots and being the one in control. I can't help thinking that if we had gone down this route earlier it would have been all the better for both of us, still, better late than never.
Still, that previous experience remains with me and of course from time to time I worry that she might think I'm being too passive. After all, when we started this it was my orgasms she was supposed to be controlling, not 'everything', nor did I think she would want to control 'everything', indeed she had previously told me many times that she did not want a 24/7 kind of lifestyle. So you can see where my concern (not to mention confusion) arises...
And yet, it was she who decided that I couldn't ask to be allowed to cum, it was she who decided that I couldn't ask for penetration, these rules were made as conditions of accepting control of my cock and orgasms, and to me, it was inevitable that this would lead to increased sexual passivity on my part.
So I am still a little confused, not least because sometimes she will allow me to initiate certain things, or rather will not stop me, but it would seem that my earlier assumption is correct, i.e.: if she wants me to touch her pussy she will tell me so.
I just don't ever want to have a conversation where she accuses me of not being into her enough because I don't 'grab her and fuck her over the kitchen table' or something (sorry to go all Literotica on you there dear readers, fact is we don't even have a kitchen table!), and I don't think I quite have the confidence in our respective roles as yet to feel totally relaxed about it.
Still, the conversation we had earlier was the perfect opportunity for her to air anything she wanted to and all she really offered was 'if you're not happy with it then we can discuss it' from which I can only assume that she is happy with it exactly as it is?
Clear as mud.
Any comments would be more than welcomed folks!

Just what I needed....

The last two nights I have been allowed to worship Mistress R's beautiful pussy and make her cum, I can't remember the last time that's happened two nights on the trot (I suppose if I could be bothered I could check since all her orgasms from the last nine months are recorded on the blog, but I'm pretty sure it hasn't!). Monday night was lovely, but for one reason or another didn't give me the satisfaction that I was really searching for. Yes, Mistress R came and I was teased very nicely, but I still didn't feel that special something between us that seemed to have gone astray over the last week or so.
Indeed, as she came to the end of her teasing I whispered to her that 'I really wanted to worship her ass', she didn't hear me and asked me to repeat myself. Apparently she still didn't hear me, and decided to ignore me (not that if she had there's any guarantee she would have let me...) and that just about summed it up, it was just one of those days when things won't work out the way you want them to.

Despite this I duly presented Mistress R with a card and some earrings to celebrate her 100th orgasm as my full time chastity Mistress, even though we weren't connecting as well as I would like right then I still wanted her to know how much I appreciated the last nine months and how much I adore her and love making her cum!

Last night was a whole different ball game. Right from the start it felt 'right' and from the moment Mistress R grabbed my rock solid cock and started stroking it I somehow knew that this was going to be really, really good! I was on my knees between her legs, kissing her and she was stroking my cock, pulling herself forward until the tip of my cock was gently brushing against her pussy. She teased me like this for a little while and then pushed me back a little, before her licking her fingers and using the tips to tease the tip of my (very hard and very red) cockhead. I'm always a little uncertain what I am supposed to do in this situation. I want to lick my own fingers and use them to stroke her pussy, but I never quite know whether I am allowed to do that... I assume not, but I don't really know, so as usual I am left there awaiting instruction, presuming that if she wanted me to do that she would tell me, or more likely use her own fingers on herself. In the event she did neither, instead she smiled that super-cute heart-melting smile she seems to save only for these occasions and asked me a question.
"Do you want to be inside me?"
"Yes!" I groaned.
She smiled even more.
"Maybe I'll let you inside me..........................after you've made me cum."
She pushed me back and I slid down between her legs, my cock absolutely throbbing against the mattress. Seriously, I think I could quite easily have cum just from breathing in her delicious scent, and my cock continued to throb and ache as I started kissing and gently licking her beautiful pussy. Mistress R was into it right away too, pushing her hips up to meet my tongue and letting out little groans and contented sighs as I used my hands to massage her legs and ass.
Fortunately my cock slowly calmed down as I concentrated on Mistress R's pleasure. Soon I moved my arms inside her thighs and started to use my fingers alongside my tongue to stimulate her. As she became wetter I was able to use more fingers to stimulate her and I alternated between stimulating her G-spot, the base of her pussy and all around the inside of her slit. I loved every second of it and gradually I built up the intensity until Mistress R finally bucked against my tongue as she came hard.
This was what I wanted, this was what I had been craving for the past week or more, feeling Mistress R cum hard. There may be no such thing as a 'bad' orgasm, but you know inside when you've really satisfied your partner, and this made me feel so content I can't even tell you. Even before chastity, I have always derived so much pleasure from Mistress R's orgasms, that failing her to any degree has always left me feeling quite depressed. Which is stupid really because I'm not an idiot and I know that women's orgasms are far more complex than ours and if it's not as good as you hoped it would be then there's a fair chance that it might not actually be anything to do with you, but still... I can't help but feel culpable, and equally elated when it goes really well!
Fortunately, 99% of the time Mistress achieves orgasm fairly easily, and a lot of the time she cums pretty hard, especially in recent months, I don't know whether that actually has anything to do with her becoming relaxed and used to the idea of me being in chastity and under her control, but I don't think it's hurt either... especially as she now knows she has a nice hard cock to play with anytime she wants (which wasn't always the case before).
Speaking of which, it wasn't too long before Mistress R had me hard again, although it always seems to take a little longer than the first time, I don't know quite why that is, but it happens quite often. Maybe cocks are like old computers, if you ignore them they go to sleep and then when you try and wake them up they pretend they can't hear you or that they are too busy doing something else now, which they wouldn't have started if only they'd known you were going to want them again, hahaha.
Anyway, as I was saying, having finally given Mistress R what a I considered to be a proper orgasm I was totally relaxed and in the right headspace to really enjoy my treat. I couldn't resist the urge to thrust upwards into her for long though and as we got into a rhythm I started to wonder if Mistress R might be about to grant me permission to cum. I was actually very much in control, despite my upwards thrusting and I could have continued quite happily for as long as she desired, but when I heard her say 'I want you to cum inside me...' the switch was thrown and I was racing headlong for the finish line. Seconds later I felt my orgasm start as I continued to to pump up into Mistress's beautiful, tight pussy.
It was unbelievably intense, and I let out a fair few expletives as I exploded inside her. The second I finished I reached up and pulled her down on top of me, kissing her and holding her tight as my cock continued to ooze cum into her hot, wet pussy. It was soooooo good.
Even as I lay there, I wondered (hoped, would be more accurate) that Mistress R would plant her delicious cum-filled pussy on my mouth and order me to lick it clean, but sadly no, she looked a little indecisive (or perhaps more likely not really thinking about it at all...) and then slid off me and we lay together for a while, enjoying the warmth of each other's body. We chatted for a while about this and that, but all the time my thoughts kept returning to the load of cum inside her.
Finally when she started making noises about getting up I decided that I had to grasp the nettle or regret it later (when you only get to cum inside your wife on average about once every six or seven weeks, you have to do these things!). I held her close and whispered in her ear...
"I want to lick your pussy clean."
I realise now of course that I should have said "Please may I lick your beautiful pussy clean Mistress?", but I don't think she particularly noticed...
Mistress R smiled at me and straddled me, before moving up so that her pussy was right over my face. I manoeuvred her slightly so that she was right over my mouth and then pushed my tongue inside her and a stream of cum and pussy juice dripped into my mouth. I swallowed it all and licked Mistress's beautiful pussy clean and then she raised herself off me, leaving me flat on my back and contented as I could possibly be.
Yes indeed, last night was just what I needed!

- - -

As an aside, one thing I've noticed recently is that Mistress R seems to be slowly getting used to squeezing my balls, she's still a little tentative, but then that's probably a good thing since it's better to build it up rather than go in all guns blazing (unless you're Good Hubby of course, then you start with punching and work up to the baseball bat - hahaha), actually at the moment most of the sensation comes from her nails since they are so long that they dig into my skin way before her fingers apply any real pressure (perhaps it would be easier for her if I was wearing the Oxballs cocksling or any other cock-ring type product that keeps the balls together and away from the body).

- - -

The other cool thing was that an hour and a half later when we went back to bed properly (ie- to sleep) my cock was so hard, like cock-ring hard! Now, whether it would have stayed that way if Mistress R had wanted to use it is debatable, but with a cock ring it would probably have been good for a couple of hours at least, hahaha!

Monday, 6 February 2012

Just so you know...

Jellybean said: I guess I'm wondering why she didn't just have you clean up in the kitchen while she sat on the couch and relaxed? She could have come in a few minutes later and watched as your cock 'bobbed' around while you were finishing.

Jellybean is a pretty new follower of my site and I am pleased to have him/her, especially since he/she has made the effort to leave a comment! But after reading this I thought that it might be prudent for a little recap, a little clarification, because I realise that not everyone has read all of my blog and some people might jump to conclusions and misapprehensions.
Firstly, I am not locked in any kind of device, our chastity play is completely done on the honour system. This has been completely sufficient so far (if only I could apply the same level of commitment to my weight loss - hahaha). Yes that picture at the top of the blog is Mistress R, and that key does fit a padlock, but that padlock does not fit the CB3000 that I have and that has only been on my cock for about 15 minutes.
Second, I am not Mistress's domestic slave, so her 'having me clean up in the kitchen' is not really the way things work around here. Which is not to say that if Mistress R wanted me to do the dishes I could not be quite easily persuaded, asking nicely would probably be sufficient (assuming that I hadn't decided to do them myself first of course), but failing that I should think rubbing my cock through my jeans for a short while would probably do it (although the first week after an orgasm might require something a little more hands on). I have no doubt that if Mistress R decided she wanted to, she could persuade me to do all sorts of things for her, especially after the twenty day threshold has been crossed... but at the moment, we are not in that kind of relationship.
Thirdly, as much as it may be a hot fantasy for me and many other people, there will probably never be any cuckolding in our marriage. Nor do I want there to be. That said, if Mistress R felt that she wanted to have sex with someone else and she was open and honest about it I would much prefer that to her cheating on me. I have no idea how I would handle it, badly probably, but who knows... cheating, on the other hand, would almost certainly be the end of our marriage.
What else? Well, really outside of the fact that Mistress R gets to decide when I get to cum and when my cock gets played with, we really are quite shockingly normal. Apart from our monthly Femdom session of course, but even that is probably fairly tame by a lot of people's standards. 

Now that I've got that out of the way, it's looking very likely that today will see Mistress R's 100th orgasm since we started this journey (kind of cool that it's coinciding with our Queen's 60th Jubilee!) which is cause for some small celebration I think. Perhaps once she's had her 100th Mistress R will perhaps grant me my 20th, since that will maintain the minimum five to one ratio that we've been riding for a little while now. Then again, maybe not. Over the past few months Mistress R has really seemed to become comfortable with her role as 'The Keeper of Orgasms' in fact the frequency of my orgasms is rarely discussed nowadays, it is just accepted that this is how it is and when she decides that she wants me to cum, that's what happens. She no longer seems to need reassurance that I am okay with it either, and seems to love how I ache for her when she teases me.
The only thing that I still find difficult is that I am not allowed to ask to be allowed to cum or for penetration. I mean I haven't been allowed to do either for nearly a year, and I still struggle with it. Partly because I want both of these things most of the time, and partly because I want her to know how much I want both of these things most of the time!
I still don't know what possessed Mistress R to lay down those rules really early on, but she has shown not the slightest inclination towards relaxing them. I guess she knows right enough, without me telling her, how could she not? When she's stroking my throbbing cock until it leaks pre-cum can there really be any doubt in her mind that I desperately want to cum? When I bring her to orgasm with my fingers and mouth can there really be any doubt in her mind that I want to slide my aching cock into her velvet soft, slippery-wet pussy? Of course not... she knows exactly what she does to me every single day. And she also knows that I LOVE it.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Poll is finished...

This weeks poll is closed and as I suspected, more ladies than gentleman confessed to a sexual encounter with someone of the same sex. 35% of women against 23% of men in fact, with a further 10% of ladies (and 7%) of men admitting to something more than kissing having gone on. Which left 55% of women and 70% of men completely innocent of any same sex shenanigans! (I'm one of the seventy percent by the way).


Mistress R has told me that I will have to wait until tomorrow to worship her beautiful pussy again, which is as disappointing as it is expected....

Mistress R and I were sitting on the sofa a few minutes ago when she decided it was time to close the curtains and pull down the blind (we have a roller blind behind the curtains in our lounge). She got up off the sofa and then kneeled on it to reach the pull for the blind. I was therefore treated to the glorious site of Mistress R's gorgeous ass clad in tight denim and was of course compelled to touch it.
Mistress R was struggling to reach the blind pull and eventually gave up. She moved closer and then straddled me, giggling a little as she reached over me for the pull. She briefly kissed me as I tried to arch my groin up to meet hers. I don't 'know' if she realised how hard she made me by doing this (hard enough to make me feel dizzy as it happens!) but she made no attempt to acknowledge the effect on me if she did.
Then she declared that she was going to do the washing up, and I followed her into the kitchen welcoming the distraction of helping her with the dishes rather than sitting alone on the sofa as my cock slowly throbbed and ached.
Do you guys think Mistress R actually realises the effect she has on me, or do you think she likes to get me hard and then ignore it on purpose? Not that it really matters either way I suppose... although I do kind of hope it's the latter.

So it's snowed here overnight....

Quite a few inches of snow, but it's melting already... good, we have to get to work tomorrow! Still not feeling great, my cold has gone but I am still lethargic as hell. Mistress R 'persuaded' me to do 30 mins on the treadmill, which hasn't made me feel any better, but hasn't made me feel any worse either to be fair. Hoping for some more pussy worship later, but I have a feeling it won't happen until tomorrow.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

On the eighth day...

Finally, after eight long days, I got to taste Mistress R's beautiful pussy and make her cum. It was wonderful, even though I felt slightly out of practice! It never fails to amaze me how quickly that feeling creeps up on me, but hopefully this next week will see me have plenty of opportunity to get my finger right back on the pulse. I don't think it was the 'best' orgasm Mistress has ever had, or anything like, but it was enough to make us feel close again and that's the most important thing. I loved it anyway.
Afterwards Mistress R had me hard as a rock in seconds and teased me wonderfully with some more lovely ball squeezing (with added nails-in-flesh action!) and stroking, it felt sooooooooooooo good! Afterwards Mistress R asked me how long it had been since I'd come.
"Twenty days," I said.
"Hmmm... but about five of those don't really count do they, because you haven't been feeling like anything."
"I don't know about that," I said.
"Does it feel like twenty days?"
I didn't really know to be honest. What does twenty days feel like against fifteen days? Depends on your mood and all sorts of things...
"I don't care anyway," she said, which made my cock harden again.
I was't expecting that response, but damn was it hot to hear her say that!

And so that was that. Orgasm number 99 for Mistress R since April 1st 2011, and with my cold finally on it's way out of the door, the promise of much more pussy worship to come. I can't wait!

Last night....

My cold is getting better at last, and late last night when we went to bed Mistress R decided I was well enough to start teasing again. It felt wonderful, especially when she was squeezing my balls.... today is day 20 for me and Mistress R is definitely, definitely, definitely going to get some attention today. She's waited eight flipping days, which is outrageous! The thought of tasting her beautiful pussy is definitely helping me put how crappy I still feel to the back of my mind!

Friday, 3 February 2012

New webtease...

I was really bored this afternoon, so I made a new webtease for Milovana, you can find it 'here' if you are interested. 2000+ views and an average score of 4.1/5 so far. Can't be bad.

Day 19...

Feeling a little better, but then only for short periods... bah! Supposed to be going out for dinner tonight too. Well, at least it's nearly the weekend and I can have a lie in tomorrow before it starts snowing (heavy snow forecast for tomorrow, we shall see...).

I notice that Good Hubby is calling a halt to his experiment, well, fair play, if it's gone beyond fun then what's the point? Chastity is supposed to enhance your sex life, not put a damper on it, so if you need to reset, then fair enough.

Can anyone recommend any good sites for finding free stories? Literotica is okay of course, but a bit lame sometimes, and most of the other sites I've found seem to have ten stories of about 200 words each! There must be another site a bit like Literotica out there somewhere, doesn't there? Please leave a comment or email me, thanks!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Still got my cold...

Spectacularly fed up of this now. Worst of all Mistress R has been neglected for 6 days now, which is just appalling... and very depressing for me. I pointed this out to Mistress R this morning and she said that I had been neglected too, but this is not such a big issue for me since in my current state I am not exactly horny, even though I did wake up hard this morning, I'm certainly not feeling like I've been in chastity for eighteen days. Oh well, roll on the weekend, maybe things will improve and I'll actually have something to blog about! Can't believe Mistress R still hasn't hit her orgasm centenary!

Just a reminder, if you haven't already, to check out Miss Christina's great new blog (see my blog roll at the bottom of the sidebar).

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Now that January is over...

Well, I still have my cold, and that sucks. I'm mainlining Lemsip, but truth be told it's doing precisely nothing. Well of course, that may not be true because I don't know how much worse I might feel if I stopped taking it, but you get my point.
I noticed that during the early part of the month that the chastity blogging community was a bit inactive, and indeed my page views for January are well down on December (although my caption blog seems to have flourished regardless!). Of course I have no previous year data to compare with since my blog only started last April so I don't know if this is a seasonal thing or whether my blog is just on the slide...
Well, whatever. I guess aside from the wonderful Femdom Session Mistress R and I had a couple of weeks ago,  January has been a pretty joyless time, what with the dieting and generally feeling crap. So I guess my blog hasn't exactly been the best of reads this last month. Hopefully this will improve just as soon as this cold decides to piss off and leave me alone.
I'm still writing the cuckolding/BBC story that a reader requested from me, I was hoping to finish it on Sunday night but I felt so rubbish that I never did it. Hopefully I will get somewhere with it this weekend. In the meantime don't forget to check out Miss Christina's new blog, which is certainly going great so far!