Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The 'science' of cuckolding...

The last few days I've been reading about cuckolding. Not that I have any intention of trying to persuade Mistress R down that path! No, this is purely from the viewpoint of curiosity and partly non-specific research. Much as I would like to write a chastity book, I find the subject a little bit limited, so if I was to write a proper novel length book (and I know I said I was going to before...) it would have to incorporate more than just chastity.
So what I've actually been reading has been more in the line of 'How to' be a Bull (not that that's likely either!), and it's quite fascinating stuff. There's quite a 'science' to all this really, how it's essential to break the 'sexual attraction' bond between the husband and wife but without breaking the 'love' bond. Reading it, it all made a lot of sense and the instructions on how to slowly manipulate the situation to the Bull's advantage were at once intriguing and almost alarming in their deviousness and intelligence.
It certainly made me think that potentially these studies could provide some very solid and valuable insight for a truly compelling and realistic cuckolding story.
As some of you will know, I like my stories to be as down to earth and believable as possible. Not for me the 'alien mind control' stories or the 'vamp-wolf' nonsense that continues to receive the highest of marks on Literotica (is it just me?), similarly books where the main characters are rich enough to own an island/castle/etc make me sigh loudly.
I hope my characters come across as believable and it follows that I truly appreciate stories where the author tries to progress things in a realistic manner, or at least in a not completely ludicrous manner.
It has not gone unsaid on this blog before that I do struggle to reconcile my sexual response to these stories, with my rational response. I am simply not capable of compartmentalising love and sex in the way that a cuckold must be able to, or at least people who swing... I honestly don't think I could have sex with a woman I didn't care about, nor could I stand to let the person I care about more than any other have 'just sex' with someone else. I see this as a good thing, actually. Because of this I think Mistress R and I do make a lot of effort to keep our sex lives alive, where others of our age might not.
Regardless, it cannot be denied that well written cuckold stories are a source of much 'wood' for me, even some which are perhaps a bit 'nasty'. This STORY for example, has lost it's potency somewhat now (after repeated readings) but the first ten or so times it was guaranteed to have my cock throbbing like hell. It's quite unpleasant in some ways, but I know from when I first posted this that I'm not the only one who found it particularly affecting, especially the scene in the car.
This STORY is quite different, a lot more of a consensual husband and wife enjoying the shared experience kind of deal, and a flipping masterpiece as well! It's so annoying that this guy has written so little, he has real talent.
This STORY is one of the oldest cuckold stories that I've enjoyed many, many times and illustrates what I was talking about. The ending is quite a lot more extreme than the beginning, but the transition is smooth and relatively believable, albeit with a little hiccup here and there (the money thing is a little weak, but yeah...). The Nikki character is great right from the start, her absolute confidence is the backbone of the story really, lord knows how many times I've read that one.
So yeah, I like cuckold stories, I don't really understand it, but does it matter? Probably not. Sometimes it bothers me, but mostly I just accept it now. From a writing point of view it's a very rich mine of possibilities and emotional interest, and it does fit extremely well with the chastity element. So yeah, I can well imagine writing a proper long cuckold story, utilising all that I have read about of late, in the process hopefully constructing something which is entertaining and horny, but also very believable and smoothly executed. As ever it's just a matter of finding the time.

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