Monday, 5 May 2014

100% Not Ruined...

This morning Mistress and I went for a walk around the village where we live, on the way back Mistress suggested that we should have pussy worship sooner rather than later as she is expecting her period soon. So it came to be that this morning at about 11AM I was lying face down on our bed with my face between Mistress R's silky smooth thighs, eating her delicious pussy. She had quite a strong orgasm (it seemed to me) and then signalled for me to move up the bed and kneel between her open legs.
Mistress stroked my cock until it was nice and hard and then started rubbing it against her pussy. I started to push forward but Mistress stopped my by gripping my cock firmly, she would dictate the pace, at least for the moment. She allowed me to slide in a little more and then hotched closer to me as I lifted her legs up, kissing her feet as they passed my mouth. I gently pressed in further and Mistress pushed me back again, dropping her legs around my sides and pulling me on top of her.
"How does it feel?" She asked as I felt my cock sliding in and out of her at my pace.
What can one say, 'Amazing' hardly covers the sensation of being allowed to penetrate your Mistress's pussy after weeks if not months, and yet that was the word I used.
All too quickly Mistress wanted to turn onto her side, side that I could see her ass as I fucked her. This is particularly evil because while I love to see her ass, she knows damn well that being able to see her ass makes me want to cum! So even while seemingly gifting me the view of her ass, she was effectively shortening how long this was likely to last.
Try as I might to resist looking, it was not a battle I was ever going to win, and Mistress moaned her encouragement as I started to pound her pussy harder and faster, again shortening the time until that inevitable moment.
"I'm getting close," I said, hoping for permission to continue, but one can never be 100% sure.
"Good, I want you to cum inside me, fuck me hard until you cum inside my pussy."
Those may not have been her exact words but that was the gist of it. And that's exactly what I did.
I collapsed over her as I shot my cum hard inside her and after a few moments to recover Mistress told me to lay on my back and she quickly sat on my face, allowing me the pleasure of licking her beautiful pussy clean.
Fuck the seaside, Bank Holiday's don't get much better than that!

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