Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Teasing, Mistress Marie and the sad death of H.R.Giger...

Another lovely orgasm for Mistress R tonight, followed by some wonderful teasing for me, which again left me throbbing and eager for release, but to no avail of course... Mistress stroked me really fast a couple of times and I so wanted to cum, or for her to stroke me just over the edge, and it was so frustrating when she slowed down and then left my cock twitching in the air, gently trailing her fingertips up and down my aching cock. She also seems to be getting a lot more comfortable playing with my balls, which I really love. Indeed when she applies just the right stimulation to my balls it makes my cock really, really hard. I know Mistress has always been a bit worried about hurting me, but since she's got used to the idea of slapping my balls I guess this has helped her get used to the idea. :)


It's Mistress Marie's birthday today, I'm sure you all visit her blog anyway, but if you don't then you can find it HERE. There you can see which special panties David has decided to wear for his Mistress today, and read the birthday message he left for her earlier today. It's a shame they couldn't spend her birthday together but I'm sure they will make up for it when they next get together! Why not pay Mistress Marie a visit and wish her Happy Birthday anyway, I'm sure she will appreciate it.


I was rather shocked to hear of the sudden death of the amazing artist H.R.GIGER today. He is most well known for his contributions to the excellent 1979 Sci-fi/Horror film 'Alien', for which he designed the 'Alien' along with all the 'Alien' scenery.

Giger is second only to Salvador Dali in my estimation, and his (often fetishistic) art made a huge impression on me when I was a teenager, initially through 'Alien' and also the cover of Celtic Frost's 1985 album 'To Mega Therion'.

Among other things, Giger had a unique way of using genitalia in his artwork, and it gained him some notoriety when the US Punk band Dead Kennedy's included a poster of his painting 'Penis Landscape' in with their 'Frankenchrist' album. I believe there was even a court case which accused the Dead Kennedy's of distributing pornography to minors.

Admittedly Giger's artwork is not for everyone, indeed many find it repulsive in the extreme, which only made it more suitable for a film like Alien I suppose.

I only recently discovered there is a HR Giger museum in Gruyeres, which is south of Lake Zurich, Switzerland. This is rather annoying as I visited Zurich a few years ago and would loved to have seen it, especially as the museum also contains artworks by Salvador Dali.

Apparently Giger died as a result of injuries sustained from a fall down some stairs, he was 74.

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