Saturday, 3 May 2014

Analyzing my Literotica results...

My recent story 'Daniel Strokes for His Mistress' has now been on Literotica over a week and nearly 6,000 people have read it. It now has a rating of 4.62/5 which is the highest of any of my stories on Lit I think, or certainly any since I started submitting stories as Robert_Anthony rather than Malibuman. I'm quite surprised how few people have actually read it compared to my other stories, I mean you have to assume that you'll get the bulk of your hits when it's at the top of the list.
I think the reason for this is that I posted it in the Fetish section, which is probably not the most popular section. I think maybe that's why the rating is high, because I posted it in a section where the most people would be likely to appreciate it, the downside being that less people read it and there's no amusing 'outraged' comments to laugh at.
It will be interesting to see, over time, how my score develops and how many more people find and read it. I have generally found in the past that my score starts really high and then falls, probably butchered by one star votes from the aforementioned 'outraged' readers, before slowly climbing back to the low 4's (I think you need a 4.5 to get a 'hot' rating, which this story still has at the moment).

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